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Dec 2nd 2016 at 11:06:56 PM

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In the Empire of Wa, nestled dead center in an impenetrable valley's forest, is the small village of Onimori: a family where humans and youkai can coexist. For centuries, the residents of Onimori have welcomed strangers of all creeds with open arms, but not everything is peaceful in the village. To the north, the Tenjou daimyo threatens to annex the forest and strip Onimori's residents of their freedom in a bid for power. The imperial throne is collapsing under the weight of constant war. Wa is changing, and Onimori's peace may not last forever.

NEW: More information on Onimori here

Hi! I haven't tried to start an RP in about 6 years so I thought I'd give it another shot. I'm going for a succinct premise—so I don't scare away interest with lore dumps—but with some nuances I'll post about later/if there's interest.

In this RP, we're to play an odd bunch of misfits eking out a peaceful life in a village smack dab in the middle of conflict between several feudal rulers surrounding it.

Onimori is part of a small section of Wa, which represents a fantasy pseudo-Japan roughly around the Sengoku period where all myths are real. Onimori is de facto run by the Morinaka family, who have a history of welcoming humans, youkai, and hanyo alike when they have no other place to go.

The Tenjou clan holds the power in the north, and their anti-youkai ways have driven many to Onimori. In the south, the Tenjou's enemies, the Okasaki clan, make their move. The only way from one end to another is directly through Onimori, and that doesn't bode well for their peaceful way of life. How to handle this is up to you, but it's coming either way and sooner or later the problem will be impossible to ignore.

Character Sheet

  • Name:
  • Gender:
  • Age:
  • Race: Human, youkai, or hanyo (half-human, half-youkai). All are welcome in Onimori.
  • Appearance:
  • Skills & Equipment: Keep it balanced and limited—more can be learned later. Humans rely on strength and Onmyōdō, comprised of paper talismans (in this case protective wards + a form of Vancian Magic), divination, exorcism, and alchemy (potion making). Youkai use a chaotic style of freeform magic. Hanyo have limited access to both, though the two magic styles will tend to conflict. All share the concept of kotodama, which overlaps with every form of magic to some extent.
  • Personality:
  • Bio: Must include your character's reasons for being in Onimori. Apart from that, go nuts and fill Wa with detail!


  1. Yoshitsune Minamoto (Human), by HeroicSociopath
  2. Kusumo (Kodama), by Daydre
  3. Minamoto Risuka (Half-Kitsune), by Izshta
  4. Ryōma Nodoka (Wani), by DeceptivelyHonest
  5. Jugenmugosuri "Toko" Tokoronisumiya (Blue Oni), by Taco
  6. Onryo (Repentant Killer), by guyshane
  7. Heide (Red-headed Butcher), by TroyandHawk
  8. Eiko (Bakeneko), by FullMoon
  9. Kokatoru (Gashadokuro), by kagescorpionakki
  10. Hans Enig (Foreign Scholar), by Eachiunn
  11. Tojo Hibiki (Half-Tsuchigumo), by svenorzokarkoff
  12. Kazan (Half-Oni), by RomanianInquisitor
  13. Setsuko (Yuki-Kitsune), by SolusLupus
  14. Ryo (Tenome), by Aquatica1000
  15. Brother Daiki (Retired Exorcist), by KR_Vandal
  16. Rikana (Jorogumo), by TheHailStormer

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HeroicSociopath Mike Jones from Nebraska Relationship Status: Noddin' my head like yeah
Mike Jones
Dec 3rd 2016 at 12:26:07 AM

  • Name: Yoshitsune Minamoto
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 19
  • Race: Human
  • Appearance: Yoshitsune's a tall guy, and he's pretty built. He's covered in lean, efficient muscle, his body built for combat. He's got bright blue eyes, and he typically keeps his long, reddish-brown hair in a ponytail. He's got a scar on his left cheek. Whenever asked where it came from, he always tells a different story. A girl probably stabbed him... like this except he doesn't actually own a sword
  • Skills & Equipment:
    • Iron Immortal Technique: Yoshitsune has trained under the Iron Immortal training regimen. He's extremely durable: His flesh is like leather, and his bones are like iron. A blade will still cut him, but not nearly as deep as a normal person might be, and he has a dulled perception of pain as well.
    • Unfetter: The human body places limits upon it's use to prevent it's own destruction. Unfetter allows the user to remove these limits, either on their entire body or just a single limb. Without training in the Iron Immortal technique, this would result in the user severely injuring themselves.
    • Having conditioned his body, Yoshitsune can safely use this technique to double the strength his body has with no ill effects. He can further push himself to quadruple his physical strength, though this will cause massive strain on his muscles. He'll probably have to rest for a day or so to let his body heal, and overuse of this will seriously injure and possibly cripple him. So a punch at Unfetter x4 will definitely ruin your day, but Yoshitsune ain't gonna be using that arm for a while. In theory, he can octuple his strength, but doing so will probably lay him out for days at best, or kill him at worst.
    • Physical Fitness: Even without Unfetter, Yoshitsune is in very good shape. He's still just a human, but even without Unfetter or Iron Immortal, he's still a very strong human.
    • Giant Wooden Sword: Yoshitsune wields a massive eku. It's essentially a giant slab of wood with a handle carved out. His is finely lacquered. The weapon is about 6 feet tall, with about a foot and a half for the handle. It's about two hands wide, with beveled edges that mean getting hit with it hurts a lot. It has kotodama carved into the side. These bless the wood, rendering it stronger than steel, and completely fireproof. Due to this blessing, it can be used to block things like a dragon's breath or a bolt of lightning.
    • Handkerchief: It's very well made. He bought it on a whim one day.
    • Martial Arts Training: Yoshitsune has none! Like other members of the Fiend Ender line, he relies on brutal strength and sheer unpredictability. He can use his Eku to send enemies flying, but he's also perfectly comfortable dealing brutal punches and knees, or just using Unfetter to hurl whatever or whoever happens to make s good projectile at the time.
  • Personality: Yoshitsune is actually a fairly chill, laid-back kind of guy. He likes to eat steamed dumplings, look at lewd woodcut drawings, and train. He claims to dislike fighting and only do so to defend himself or others, but this might not be true. Loves the ladies and falls in love with every woman he meets. Often gets his butt kicked by women.
  • Bio: Yoshitsune is the eighth child of the Minamoto line. In ages past, his great-great-great-great-great-great grandmother defeated and sealed away the mighty snake demon, Orochi, inside of a magic box. Ever since, his family has guarded the shrine where the box is held. For generations, children of the Minamoto line trained in martial arts, and passed down the legendary zanbato the original Minamoto used, forged from a dragon's fang.
  • Yoshitsune spent most of his youth training under his grandmother in the Minamotomartial art style. He underwent the brutal Iron Immortal training regimen. It was created by martial artists who wanted to attain the immortality of the Yokai. The goal? To make its users unkillable. This is done by damaging the user's body, using alchemical techniques to make it so that when it heals, it's much stronger. Yoshitsune allowed himself to be beat with ropes, then sticks, then metal bars. Every fracture made his body stronger, allowing him to push his body harder without destroying himself. Why would he do it?
  • For the ladies. Girls dig martial arts. Yeah, the protecting the village thing is alright too, but honestly he was mostly just in it so he could attract women and maybe some really pretty dudes. His grandma wishes he would be a bit more serious, while his dad is very proud of him. Maybe this is why she hasn't seen fit to allow him to wield the Minamoto blade.

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Dec 3rd 2016 at 12:36:43 AM

Potion making, sorry. I'll make some clarifications in the character sheet descriptions.

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tricksterson Never Trust from Behind you with an icepick Relationship Status: Above such petty unnecessities
Never Trust
Dec 3rd 2016 at 6:20:27 AM

Definitely interested. Thinking of playing an oni but kitsunes, kappa and tengu are also racial possibilities.

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DeceptivelyHonest Creator of Destruction from Now watch as I fade once more into lonely irrele Relationship Status: Non-Canon
Creator of Destruction
Dec 3rd 2016 at 6:04:39 PM

So, I had no idea what a hanyō was until I read this. Are there any stories that mention them, or are they a relatively new facet of Japanese folklore? Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Oh, and are wani (which are really just ryū) allowed? They're probably not yōkai, but they aren't (necessarily) gods, either. And if not, I'll still sign up for this.

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Izshta The Flamebringer from Mor Ardain Relationship Status: They can't hide forever. We've got satellites.
The Flamebringer
Dec 3rd 2016 at 7:55:52 PM

Expressing interest here.

[up]Re: hanyō, I've never heard the term before, though people with yōkai parentage do show up in Japanese mythology, e.g. Abe no Seimei. Kitsune, in particular, come to mind with sexual (and marital, for that matter) relations with humans.

All are significantly abnormal in a normal world... All are significantly normal in an abnormal world.
Dec 3rd 2016 at 8:34:12 PM

@tricksterson: Sounds fine. I hope we don't get too many kitsune, since they're quite popular.

@Deceptively Honest: Hanyo is a hard word to source, but I liked it, so I used it. I can accept a wani, within reason. Will they be able to take human form (Haku, Spirited Away)?

DeceptivelyHonest Creator of Destruction from Now watch as I fade once more into lonely irrele Relationship Status: Non-Canon
Creator of Destruction
Dec 3rd 2016 at 9:40:41 PM

Yep, just like kitsune.

Although I was honestly trying to decide between a half-wani and a half-tenome.

Those who have no right to wish are quick to cause destruction.
Daydre That's just how it is on this bitch of an earth from the trash Relationship Status: Gone fishin'
That's just how it is on this bitch of an earth
Dec 4th 2016 at 12:55:15 AM

  • Name: Kusumo
  • Gender: ???, prefers to be referred to with she/her pronouns.
  • Age: Probably somewhere in the neighborhood of 500. She never really kept count.
  • Race: "Kodama? I don't know. I'm stuck with this tree and that's what matters."
  • Appearance: Maybe a little less mossy, Human-ish
  • Skills & Equipment:
    • Plant control: She can manipulate the growth and movement of plants. While still doable, it's harder for her to manipulate those not connected to or a part of her tree.
    • Curse: If you cut down her tree, a curse of bad luck will befall you. Hopefully this doesn't happen, though, since killing the tree will kill Kusumo.
    • Proxy: Given preparation and warning, she can transfer her consciousness to either a piece of her tree removed from the main body or something made with a piece of her tree. From there she can form a copy of herself that's less powerful, but able to move beyond Kusumo's normal boundaries. Destroying the object will dispel the copy and force Kusumo back to her main body.
    • Limited shapeshifting: Kusumo's humanoid form will always have a similar set of features, but she can adjust her appearance to look whatever age she desires. She can't manifest as anything but humanoid.
    • Seamstress: Over her life, Kusumo occupied a lot of her time sewing things to stave off boredom. As a result, she became very good. Sometimes on market days you can find a strange little girl with leaves in her hair selling oddly well-embroidered handkerchiefs, protected by the shade of that old camphor tree.
    • Uchiwa: Kusumo uses this fan to focus her abilities. Other than that it's a normal, albeit attractively colored fan Kusumo picked up somewhere.
    • Ofuda: A strange ofuda. Kusumo has no idea how to use it, but it gives her an odd sense of familiarity so she keeps it around.
  • Personality: Kusumo does what she wants. Most of the time that means sleeping and people watching (i.e. messing with people who come to look at her tree), though these days she's becoming more interested in her self preservation... Usually unmotivated, she tends to become much more intense when something actually convinces her to do something.
  • Bio: According to town records, there once was a powerful onryo that terrorized Onimori. It wreaked havoc upon the villagers- and though it killed none, it injured several and caused fear in the hearts of many. Eventually a local onmyouji was able to seal it within a camphor tree near the center of town, and that was that. Or so the story goes. For a few years after that, rumors circulated about how the onryo had been the vengeful spirit of the onmyouji's murdered apprentice. Or no, it was the jealousy of a woman whose partner had made off with another. Whatever was the case, any actual details about the story faded from popular consciousness over time.
  • Surprise surprise, the onryo was Kusumo. Or maybe she wasn't. Kusumo herself remembers none of this, having apparently woken up as a sentient tree spirit thing one day. She does have vague feelings of anger and betrayal when she tries to remember the past, but other than that there's nothing. Following the day she woke up, she just lived out her life the way she wanted- watching the people who walked by her tree because she had nothing better to do. And sleeping. Lots of sleeping. When there was nothing left to do, she'd read or sew. And so the cycle repeated for about 500 years until the present day.
  • Kusumo's main body can't move beyond the approximate borders of the town. Sure, she can make proxies- but these aren't permanent. In the event of an invasion, she'd be stuck in Onimori and left to the whims of the invaders. And that would be bad.

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Courage need not be remembered, for it is never forgotten.
Dec 4th 2016 at 4:19:38 AM


(Warning: My mere presence is like a Death Knell for every roleplay I go to)

tricksterson Never Trust from Behind you with an icepick Relationship Status: Above such petty unnecessities
Never Trust
Dec 4th 2016 at 11:45:37 AM

Think I'll go with oni.

Trump delenda est
kagescorpionakki Lamb and Wolf from Runeterra Relationship Status: Above such petty unnecessities
Lamb and Wolf
Dec 4th 2016 at 12:06:17 PM

Very interested.

I want to play a Gashadokuro, but I'm not sure how well a kaiju-sized skeleton would work out, given most characters are presumably closer to human sized. Maybe he could have size-changing magic?

Never one... Without the other.
Izshta The Flamebringer from Mor Ardain Relationship Status: They can't hide forever. We've got satellites.
The Flamebringer
Dec 4th 2016 at 3:45:22 PM

Voila. I... may have overdone it slightly.

  • Name: Minamoto Risuka
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 23
  • Race: Hanyō (mother kitsune, father human), if only technically. She looks completely human, and, as far as she knows, is.
  • Appearance: Grey eyes, black hair usually in a Tomboyish Ponytail, an outfit like Mai’s, but blue instead of red.
  • Skills:
    • Onmyōdō: Trained in it by a dragon, no less. Mostly good with paper seals, especially anything involving warding/sealing and lightning, mediocre at best at everything else.
      • Corollary: She’s partly deaf in her left ear because lighting is fucking loud.
    • Martial arts training: She has some. Mostly involving her staff.
    • Riding: She knows perfectly well how to ride a horse. Nobility and all.
  • Equipment:
    • Staff: She carries a staff of cherry wood, about 1.9m in length, carved with an intricate design of a dragon coiled around it.
    • She has a shikigami in the form of an intricate animate origami dragon.
    • Paper. And lots of it. Kinda need paper to make ofuda, after all.
    • Book: She carries a large book given to her by her mentor. What’s inside of it? She has absolutely no idea. Just that she should guard it with her life.
    • Daishō (Katana/Wakizashi): She is a samurai, after all.
  • Personality: Cold, distant, quiet, snarky, and introverted until you get to know her, at which point she just becomes quiet, snarky, and introverted.
  • Bio:
    “I call your name
    To maybe shield the flame
    Because the night is dark and long”

    -Stratovarius, Castles in the Sky
    Risuka was born to a family famed for producing powerful onmyōji. Her father, Sanetomo, defied that legacy, and chose to become a military man instead. He succeeded, and rose to generalship, becoming a staunch supporter of the Okasaki. He eventually married a kitsune, and Risuka was born. Her mother died shortly thereafter - protecting her father from an attempt on his life by a Tenjou assassin.
    Risuka grew up practically sisters with the daughter of one of her father’s friends - Kusanagi Suzuki. Risuka and Suzuki were constantly getting into trouble, either sneaking off, missing lessons, or some such thing. Risuka’s father wanted her to become a famous military officer like himself, but Risuka, enamored by tales of her ancestors’ magic, wanted nothing more than to become an onmyōji herself.
    This led to… tensions between Risuka and her father. It didn’t help matters when Risuka, aged around 13, discovered that she was attracted to Suzuki. And she reciprocated. Her father… did not approve, to say the least, when he found out. Yeah. They had a confrontation. It ended up with Risuka storming out of the house with only the clothes on her back, a sachel, some parchment, pens, and ink, a naginata, and a small bit of money. Her father let her go, fairly certain she’d come crawling back after she realized that life outside their mansion was rather difficult. Suzuki, for her part, went back home, and, though nobody said anything, was quietly ostracized by her family. Decorum and all that. All in all, the incident was swept under the rug. Normality was maintained.
    After Risuka had not returned for a week, her father became concerned. He set out to find her, along with a couple of his samurai. Suzuki came along too, fed up with the constant ostracization at home. Sanetomo had always been nicer to her than her own parents, as well. So there was that. If Risuka was fine, great. Unexpected, but great. If not, well, there would be hell to pay. After some asking around (and some money changing hands), he found that she had a room in an inn on the other side of the city.
    Risuka, meanwhile, had been making use of the local library. Doing research on onmyōdō, trying to teach herself how with texts by famous onmyōji, a disproportionate number of which were authored by people who shared her name. After discovering that her father was looking for her, she left a note saying she was alive and didn’t want to come home, payed a rather confused librarian a sizable sum for the likelihood she’d never return the books she had checked out, bought a horse, and set off for the next city over.
    Her father - incorrectly - assumed that this was some sort of note intended to throw of suspicion of kidnappers. It wasn’t the first time something like this had happened to him. Well, more accurately, it happened to his brother when they were young. Risuka - also incorrectly, assumed that her note would assuage her father. So, about halfway to the next major city, her father caught up to her, having pieced together from a number of clues that she’d be headed there, as the library was the largest in the empire. A very large group of bandits - Risuka and her father, to this day, maintain that they were sponsored by the Tenjou, one of the few things they agree on. When all was said and done, the bandits had been killed or fled, out of Sanetomo’s original escort of ten, two still lived, Risuka’s naginata had lost its head, and Suzuki had taken an arrow to the chest, which probably should have killed her faster than it had.
    With conspicuously good timing, a strange man showed up, and claimed he could heal Suzuki - at a price. Risuka agreed instantly. Her father was somewhat more hesitant. The man would heal Suzuki - but in return, Risuka and Suzuki would become apprentices of his, and learn the ways of the mystic arts. This was the opportunity Risuka had been longing for - an actual onmyōji who would teach her. Risuka’s father, with great trepidation, also agreed. The man spoke a few words and healed Suzuki, the wound closing as if it had never happened. Suzuki, for her part, when she woke up, was just glad to be alive.
    When Sanetomo returned home, he was dreading the explanation to his friends of what had happened to Suzuki. He was shocked when they didn’t even ask. As if they wanted to simply believe that she had never existed. He grew more distant from them, eventually cutting most ties with them.
    Meanwhile, with Risuka and Suzuki. Queue Training Montage. Turns out the old master was actually a dragon. So there’s that. After about a decade, the duo found themselves rather suddenly outside the door with it slammed into their face as a way of “you’re ready, now get out.” The pair shrugged, looked at each other, and set off for… Somewhere, ending up in Onimori. Risuka started writing letters to her father. Her father, to her surprise, wrote back, and indicated his… grudging tolerance and acceptance, if not like, of her relationship with Suzuki, and how Suzuki’s family had reacted. He also sent her daishō, a gesture to which Risuka was very confused. She'd left it at home for a reason. Suzuki was horrified, but not surprised. Risuka was both disgusted and surprised. After the initial shock wore off, things quickly became routine. Well, aside from the potentially-imminent invasion from Tenjou. And the potential for counter-invasion from the Okasaki.

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All are significantly abnormal in a normal world... All are significantly normal in an abnormal world.
Dec 4th 2016 at 8:33:44 PM

@kagescorpionakki: Hm. I want to accept a gashadokuro, but becoming kaiju-sized is potentially problematic for town-destroying reasons.

@Izshta: Looks good. Welcome!

DeceptivelyHonest Creator of Destruction from Now watch as I fade once more into lonely irrele Relationship Status: Non-Canon
Creator of Destruction
Dec 4th 2016 at 10:20:20 PM

  • Name: Ryōma Nodoka (竜馬 和)
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 20
  • Race: Hanyō (human mother, wani father).
  • Appearance:
    • Human Form: He stands at 178 cm and weighs roughly 70 kg, with jet black hair, ivory skin, and ruddy, dark brown eyes. There are scars all over his body that each tell a story about his childhood. He has a florid face ridden with scars and Perma-Stubble, which he usually allows to grow out for a while, and is complemented by thick eyebrows and eyelashes, in addition to (naturally) bright red lips. He has a wiry, muscular physique. He also has twisted back muscles—although he'd still be hanging his head, even if he didn't have this deformity. To sum it up, aside from his scars and his height, he bears a striking resemblance to Qrow—just with darker, straighter hair and better different clothes—and way less confidence. He usually wears a plain white tunic, a black fabric-and-cotton coat/jacket with a crimson interior, grey cotton pants, and black leather shoes.
    • Wani Form: Nodoka assumes the form of a 16-meter-long wani (crocodile), with bright red blood vessels under his skin that pulsate in accordance with his heartbeat and a coat of black fur around his head and down the back of his neck. This form requires an experience so traumatic that Nodoka'd give himself an aneurysm just wishing he could change it.
  • Skills & Equipment:
    • Knives: Nodoka owns two 30-cm honyaki (with 12-cm hilts and 18-cm blades).
    • Logic: He's good at seeing connections and making inferences, and understands advanced mathematics (for this day and age—things like the Pythagorean theorem, multiplication, and division) and the fact that things fall with rising speed.
    • Martial Arts: He was trained in martial arts by his half-brother and his father. He also has a knack for understanding his adversaries' intentions and using the situation's momentum, his own strength, and his surroundings to his advantage. Aside from that, he's merely cold, forceful, brutish, and deft—a maverick kind of thug with immense potential.
    • Physical Fitness: He's very well-built. He's capable of breaking most wooden chairs in a single attempt (by slamming them against stone and tile surfaces). He also has a monumental inferiority complex that drives him to do any physical task he's assigned with all of his effort.
    • Satchel: Nodoka carries a black, fabric bag that he usually keeps his 2 knives, 10 or so rocks, and a gourd of water in.
    • Sword: Nodoka owns an 84-cm tsurugi, which he dubbed "Yomi-no-Murakumo-no-Tsurugi," or the Sword of the Gathering Clouds of Yomi (Murakumo for short). His father bought it for him from their village's greatest blacksmith for his 20th birthday. Nodoka kept it—something his father considers an act of theft. He plans on someday having it magically modified to set everything it touches on fire and renaming it "Yomi-no-Inazuma-no-Tsurugi."
    • Venom: As a wani, Nodoka gains venomous fangs, produces venom at the rate of up to 1 liter per minute, and (with practice) develops the skill of spewing venom at a target up to 20 meters away.
  • Personality: He wants what's best for everyone, but understands that nothing in life goes the way people intend (if there's a chance for anything to go awry). He considers himself a brutish imbecile, because that's precisely what his father raised him to be. He believes that no one should have to suffer, whether they deserve it or not—but he should (naturally) be willing to suffer. Nodoka is thoroughly convinced that whatever someone is, has, or can do doesn't matter in the end. There are times when everything wrong in life convinces him that it'd be best if everyone perished. He loves everyone, and thinks it would be best if everyone felt despair regardless of life's vicissitudes; at least that way, life would be a bit fairer. He has a wonderful obsession for proving that life doesn't work in accordance with people's wishes (especially the self-serving, narcissists, and sociopaths).
  • Bio: Nodoka was born and raised on a hillside, next to a lake. His mother was the younger of two daughters conceived by an affluent couple who ran a clothing and textile business. Their older daughter married into nobility and moved to the city—despite having been in a relationship with someone else before. She was just so lucky as to experience a miscarriage—at least, so her parents (mendaciously) claimed. They were hoping their younger daughter would be satisfied staying at home and inheriting the family business. Naturally, she was a lonely, attention-seeking sex freak. She eventually found someone she thought she could be happy with. That man... was not Nodoka's father. To him, she was just a one-night stand. He immediately regretted it and ditched her the next morning to get his life back together. Her father was incensed. After giving birth and losing her inheritance, Nodoka's mother tumbled beyond the Despair Event Horizon. Meanwhile, her parents prepped her child to become the company heir. Held in contempt by her parents, at some point 4 or so years into the midst of this, Nodoka's mother fled to the lake by the hillside, with the intent of killing herself. When she reached the lake, she found a wani of sorts, who requested why she was carrying a bag of stones and a makeshift rope made of cloth. She answered that she was planning on killing herself, since she was lost, unwanted, and alone. The dragon introduced himself as a son of Ryūjin, and assumed a humble human form. He asked for her hand in marriage, to which she immediately obliged, driven by loneliness, envy, and desperation. Upon hearing about this, her parents took her firstborn son away and eventually had her sister adopt him. Her parents flew into a frenzied panic when their flagrant daughter left them to live with her husband, whom they deemed a hideous, beastly, immoral outsider. Nodoka's father was a narcissist, a compulsive liar, and a self-serving psychopath. All he ever wanted was an excuse to get in her garments, boast about it, and maybe have some kids. However, he wasn't lying about his heritage. He possessed immense power and influence, which made Nodoka's mother's life slightly less lonely, and therefore (marginally) tolerable. His father eventually bought a house next to that of his wife's parents, envious of the lovelier view, the proximity to the heavens, and the fresher air. Shortly thereafter, Nodoka's mother gave birth to him—and his two little sisters. His father felt nothing but disdain for him ever since the day he was born. He looked at his son, his human son, who shrank away from his gaze, and said, "Oh; he's weak. He's one of those people." It wasn't because Nodoka was born as a human; he had many human "friends." His father considered giving him the names Taira and Nodoka. He chose the more effeminate one, thinking it would suit him—and because he didn't want to make it obvious that he deigned his son mediocre. Nodoka was punished frequently for things his father considered him at fault for—often without any explanation as to why—and before he was even self-aware. Nodoka's immediate, basic feeling towards his father was one of hatred. No matter how sorry he was—no matter his intent—he'd always get punished. As a result, he often found himself hoping his father would die in a catastrophe and wither in Yomi forever—along with anyone else that deliberately made his life painful or difficult. He later found himself at fault for many of the things he blamed his enemies for—often out of cowardice and the desire for social approval. He eventually drew the conclusion that the only person he ever had a right to be upset at was himself. Despite this, his father still made his life borderline unbearable. He suspected that his father had two more children in the hopes of having a better male heir—and he was right. The favoritism was blatant. His father preferred the older of his little sisters, despite his youngest sibling's kindheartedness and innocence. His older little sister also actively sought to give her reasons to envy. His mother even told him of one point in time at which—while he was 1 year old (before his father even planned on spawning another male heir to try to supplant him)—his half-brother took his old bed (which Nodoka had used his entire life) and kicked him out of it—an action that would leave his back muscles permanently misshapen. He screamed and cried for hours, and his father either didn't care or felt delighted. His father made his life a constant reminder of his inferiority—as well as the fact that he was forever in his debt (like his mother—and his sisters). Whenever Nodoka started hoping he finally had the right to seek happiness, his father accused him of being sorry for himself, or "self-pitiful." As a result, Nodoka resolved that while it may have been self-hatred that drove him to try to be selfless (instead of honest love), it was certainly wiser to hate oneself than it was to hate others. When he finished going to school and decided to become a mercenary, his father went berserk over the fact that he no longer had to depend on him. He accused him of ruining his life, slapped him around (with pathetic results; all it did was reinforce Nodoka's belief that he could withstand any wound), and finally admitted that he both envied and feared him for "having an easy childhood" and being some kind of abomination to him. According to him, Nodoka had the potential to become what he would call "the next Yamata-no-Orochi." His father ran away, sold his home, and took his daughters with him, leaving his wife an embittered old divorcée, and his son a disinherited merc.

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Those who have no right to wish are quick to cause destruction.
TroyandHawk The Blinder from Back Home. Relationship Status: 700 wives and 300 concubines
The Blinder
Dec 5th 2016 at 12:08:47 AM

Mind if I make a chaotic evil stringy haired ghost girl?

Good to be back
Dec 5th 2016 at 1:26:57 AM

@Deceptively Honest: Looks fine. Accepted.

@Troy: Chaotic evil how?

DeceptivelyHonest Creator of Destruction from Now watch as I fade once more into lonely irrele Relationship Status: Non-Canon
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Dec 5th 2016 at 7:56:13 AM


I just want everyone else to know that they shouldn't have to worry about making their sign-ups as descriptive as mine, either.

Those who have no right to wish are quick to cause destruction.
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Dec 5th 2016 at 8:57:33 PM

Yo Nerf, is chi/ki alright given the setting?

-dramatic music ensues-
BluBeriPi done w ur shit
done w ur shit
Dec 5th 2016 at 9:12:52 PM

Ayyy I aint got no time but i'm still posting interest.

Dec 5th 2016 at 9:17:31 PM

@guyshane: Sure. And youkai should have youki, too.

Dec 5th 2016 at 9:29:13 PM

  • Name: Jugenmugosuri "Toko" Tokoronisumiya
  • Gender: F
  • Age: 30
  • Race: Oni
  • Appearance: Da bu dee da bu dy. Toko's actually on the shorter side of most Onis at only eight feet tall. She wears animal furs and constantly rattles with all the bone charms and trophies she carries on her all the time. When not out on the hunt, she likes to accessorize her ears, fingers, and horns with all sorts of rings and piercings.
  • Skills & Equipment:
    • Toko is a huntress, very capable of sneaking and tracking despite her size. In spite of being blue, with enough mud and grass and leaves she can camouflage her whole body without needing any of that magic bullshit.
    • While she's not a fan of the stereotypical kanabos Onis are depicted wielding, Toko is talented with a spear, and a custom-built bow as tall as herself that fires said spears.
    • Toko is a skilled craftswoman with her kills. Particularly a specialist with bone, sinew, leather, and other natural materials.
    • While she's not one of those super rowdy drunks like many onis, Toko has picked up a knack for drinking. Some of the only good memories of home involve brewing the special Jugenmugosurike sake, laced with all sorts of potent herbs and spices.
  • Personality: Toko believes that sentient beings like herself, humans, and all others that can string together enough words for her own satisfaction are the rightful heirs of the world. She draws a sort of line between all life on this world—anything that can string together an original sentence on one side, and everything else on the other. Everything on the other side of the line, and yeah, maybe some of the stuff on her side, is hers and anyone else's if they have the skill to get it themselves. She is willing to understand people like traders or artists who earn their shit through less direct methods than hers, but less readily than fellow shitkickers like herself. People who disagree with her, who practice any sort of preservation or stewardship of the wilds, are worthy of her disdain at best and her ire at worst. She is a fan of luxury, especially that that you make for yourself, and is willing to share—more because drunk people are a good time than out of some real sense of generosity.
  • Bio: Toko is an exile for violating ancient traditions. Or, in her own words, for not being a goddamn good-for-nothing tree-hugging wuss. Her home commune were some of the most blue of blue onis. They lived in harmony with nature, only taking as much as they needed and giving back in turn. Toko grew up among this and saw it differently. She saw the sick being neglected when they needed medicine, she saw yokais preying on her village because they knew they were weak, and she saw that people were dying because it was "their time." Toko didn't stand for it. She took up the arms of her people and left a parting gift in the form of a hundred and eight pounds of dead deer, cleaned and stripped and ready to eat, in the middle of the village. She arrived in Onimori a year ago and made her living as a huntress, trading what furs and meat she didn't use herself to buy a variety of jewelry and sakes.

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Dec 5th 2016 at 10:02:03 PM

@Taco: Looks good. Accepted.

I think I've worked out how to handle Onimori's masquerade. The local Inari shrine passes around paper talismans that can be used to take on a temporary illusory human form, even for youkai that can't normally assume human forms. Thoughts, anyone?

edited 5th Dec '16 10:02:13 PM by opnerf

Dec 5th 2016 at 10:09:57 PM

That'd be for when the Inquisitors or Exorcists or Ordinary Medicine Sellers come around asking questions, right? I think it'd be interesting if it was paper charms that had to be worn on the face so that complications could arise from them accidentally tearing or falling off.

Dec 5th 2016 at 10:11:30 PM

Exactly. And I like the idea of wearing the paper talismans over the face. It's illusory, too, so for example a really tall oni may appear to be a human standing inside a building but they're actually crouching under the ceiling.

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