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BaronGreen Everyday's great at your Junes from USA Relationship Status: Star-crossed
Everyday's great at your Junes
Feb 19th 2016 at 5:09:57 AM

Not at all. We just took off, though, so you either have to wait for us to land again, which shouldn't be too long, or have your character approach us somehow while we're in space.

But yeah, if you're interested, please, fill our a sheet. smile

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cake1 Welcome to the Literature club! from A parallel universe Relationship Status: TV Tropes ruined my love life
Welcome to the Literature club!
Feb 19th 2016 at 8:52:17 AM

Ok! I think I'll give it a try.

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Feb 19th 2016 at 1:09:49 PM

My second character

  • True name: Matthew Miers
  • Codename: 0221163 - "Young Haven"
  • Current alias: Rylan Banes
  • Age: 15
  • Race: Human, genetically modified.
  • Biology: Human in almost every way, his wounds heal up a little bit quicker, blood carries slightly more oxygen and of course is capable of psionics without implants or amplifiers. Maybe a little quicker and stronger than one might expect but it is nothing substantial.
    • Addendum: Large number of gene-mods, and DNA from 38 alien races used in his creation. The gene mods range from healing rate, to bone strength, to the composition of hemoglobin and of course his psionics. The full list is massive and controls nearly every aspect of his biology.
  • Homeworld: Terra
  • Physical Traits/Appearance: [1] A seemingly uninteresting kid for the most part. Standing at 5" 5' tall (167cm) he doesn't look particularly strongly built, pretty average in most ways. He has unkempt straight but a bit long black hair. The only somewhat unusual feature is his eyes which are a deep golden, like the gem citrine. Seemingly never in a cheerful mood and normally just dressed in a short, sleeved grey hoodie with a hair of decent sized headphones highlighted in yellow. Otherwise ignoring his bracelet his attire is uninteresting. Just usually a pair of dark jeans. Under careful examination the back of his neck has his code-number tattooed.
  • Occupation: Agent for "P.R.I.S.M"note  If asked however he will just say he ran away from home and has gotten by on odd jobs.
  • Equipment/Tools:
    • "Ren and Rin"; a pair of custom built, plasma-edged swords made for Matthew by PRISM powered and amplified by their wielders Psionic ability. They are styled like the following [2] the beams changing from blue to a golden yellow in Matthews hand as the psionic energy fills the blades and makes them incredibly sharper and deadlier.
    • His basic, cellphone like communicator. Not very fancy and a pretty old model. After-all he can just psionically message command and that is infinitely more secure. He has his headphones hooked up for basic music however.
    • Multiple changes of clothes and various other traveling essentials. Even a correctly fitted EVA suit for the few times he has needed to be outside a ship or space-station.[3] Also his wallet and credit chip linked to his PRISM account. (There is a lot of money in there that he is free to spend as he wishes for resources on the mission.)
    • A pair of specialist pistols and ammunition. Not particularly powerful but still incredibly useful when he cant necessarily get too close.
    • Also his Psi-kit, a large maybe briefcase sized box filled with a Psion Reader, packs of medicine (Mental Dampeners mostly, since his base level of Psionics is soo incredibly high that without them he can be a uncontrollable mess.) as well as various peices of equipment and tools for helping him practice and test his abilities without either obvious or destructive live runs.
    • By appearance, he doesn't seem to be carrying much of anything. Just a small over the shoulder satchel. He doesn't want to advertise the fact he has a entire agencies worth of budget to work with as a 15 year old. That might get suspicious.
  • Powers/Abilities:
    • Psionics: Matthew was genetically altered to have natural psionic abilities without a Psionic Amplifier from near birth, maybe starting to show around five years old and for his body to be accepting of PRISMs procedures. After years of rigorous training and "therapies" the abilities have more than developed to a high level with numerous applications but based on the initial findings and his results he could in theory grow to become a exceptionally powerful psionic agent with time, patience and a lot more practice. He can also contact PRISM through a implant given to him when he was young, located deep within the skull. It allows for a quantum link between his psiconics and PRISMs network. Usually used for exchanging information or contacting them, has been used feed a punishment directly to his head. He also gets some really weird dreams due to his psionics, others minds sometimes bleeding in or strange almost pre-cognition moments though they are unreliable and unclear making it currently mute but who knows how things could develop. As mentioned above he takes Mental dampeners which do weaken his powers but all of this is after that has been taken into account. His true level of ability is remarkably high, one of PRIS Ms most promising candidates if he learned to control the power fully, till then the drugs prevent any accidents like a previous uncontrolled PSI-Storm. This promsing level of power was high enough they decided to not even built a Psi-Amp for Matthew, for the reason it would make him even stronger if his powers got out of control.
      • Telepathy: Matthew can Telepathically communicate with up to a dozen other individuals in close proximity, he must be aware of the individuals presence and cannot fish or otherwise accidentally get information. Simply it allows him to establish a connection and send them messages and receive them back if the target chooses. They must share a common language for this to function. He rarely uses this as he would rather keep his powers secret but it certainly gets used through his implant back to PRISMs command.
      • Haven: Matthew can Psionicly displace objects into a essentially extra-dimensional space he just calls his Haven and cab store them away. He can only store away a object that he can comfortably carry.note  Primarily this is used to keep his belongings safe and hidden, such as his swords. At will with just by concentrating a little on the object he wants to retrieve he can summon it to either his hand or if it was otherwise stored on the body to that location. (A sword and scabbard to the belt for example.) He has also used this to change clothes or similar on the fly, displace the current outfit for a different one. The space can almost be described like a psionic mind palace, and it is a skill he wants to continue to develop. There is no hard limit on how many things can be stored just the size of the objects being stored.
      • Minor Telekinesis:' Still something which needs some training; Matthew can telekenetically lift small unattended objects and manipulate them at a distance. His ability here is weak however, partly from a lack of training and partly from being neurally limited by both his implant and the mind damping drugs. (PRISM decided him telekenetically whip-lashing someone during training was a little out of control) Still he could use it to pick up a drink across the room, manipulate a computer console he can see without touching it, retrieve a key from a desk or even unlock a old fashioned tumbler lock using it. Without the controls it could in theory be used in combat for reasons other than retrieving a dropped weapon. Possibly later evolving into levitation assuming he managed to get the control to not snap his own spine in the process.
    • Ambidextrous Swordsmanship: Matthew has received training and possesses quite the talent to fight with a sword in each hand. Quick, precise and despite his appearance stronger than most would expect. He excels at close range combat able to block and dodge most attack one on one; though his skill has also translated into other tasks where ambidexterity is useful, or just in the occasions he uses pistols instead of his swords. He still has room for improvement but regardless of that, he is still talented.
  • Background: Well most of it is classified but I can write the single and short version but ill let it more get explored in play. Genetically manipulated and given to PRISM as a very young child. Raised without knowledge of his true parents for his entire life and heavily trained in learning to focus his vast psionic potential. It was a long and painful process involving a variety of "training and obedience" methods. Enduring past the majority of applicants who end up dying from brain tumors or physical trauma. Matthew survived and became a agent at a young age abeit with many catastophic training accidents from his power being higher than anticipated. Trained as a spy and killer, blood has been spilt on his hands abet in secret. Currently he has been assigned to locate and monitor a Thomas Johnson, going by the alias "Jiko", their organisation G.R.A.H.A.M contacted PRISM for some aid on this devour. There has been no other designation if he should be captured or killed just that he needs to be put under surveillance.

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Feb 25th 2016 at 7:21:47 PM

My third character

Also sorry for double post

  • True name: Blake Banes
  • Codename: 0160745 - "Gatecrasher"
  • Current alias: None, quit using them ages ago after he started doing freelance work.
  • Age: 21
  • Race: Human, genetically modified.
  • Biology: Human in almost every way, his wounds heal up a little bit quicker, blood carries slightly more oxygen, slightly better vision in the dark and of course is capable of psionics without implants or amplifiers.
  • Homeworld: Terran Colony CN41
  • Physical Traits/Appearance: [1] Standing at the height of 5" 11' (180cm); Blake has a solid build with both deep red eyes and similar color hair ending in lighter orange tips. Generally dressed in a ripped white shirt with a under-layered red one. A small necklace on a piece of string always around his neck.
  • Occupation: Suppose to be an Agent for "P.R.I.S.M"note  however he has a habbit of doing a lot of freelance work.
  • Equipment/Tools: PSF-Damocles; a custom rigged and armed fighter craft, Psi-amp, tools for ship repair, weapons maintenance and for making and detonating explosives, grenades and various kinds of explosives, a pistol, assault rifle, grenade launcher, shotgun and even sniper rifle. (Not all carried with him at once.)) Plus clothes and a top-grade communicator, oh and a motorbike which is pretty much always stored in the back of his ship. He also has a bit of money though a lot less than Matthew has, mostly reserved and spent on ship and weapon repairs.
  • Powers/Abilities:
    • Psionics: Blake was also genetically altered similar to Matthew to have natural psionic abilities without a Psionic Amplifier abet a lot weaker; his only kicking in around his mid-teens. He got some similar procedures from PRISMs that Matthew got but his ended a lot earlier since his abilities were not showing and his maximum potential is quite weak. His power is nowhere near as strong but also far less unstable and destructive than Matthew; having less side effects as well. He doesn't require mental dampeners or the implant (Even though he was too old when powers finally developed to safely implant it anyway) to keep his powers under control. Despite his lack of strength it has been incorporated into his custom fighter; boosting the output and performance of the Damocles' control, power, weapons and shield systems. If he stronger he could in theory power the ship solely off his psionics though that is unlikely to happen.
      • Precognition: The first and only reliable way Blakes powers reliably manifested themselves was through unconscious precognition in dangerous situations. It is not something he actively controls more over than something that happen under the correct circumstance; allowing him to evade with great ease. Of-course there is a limit to how much he can physically dodge based on his natural speed but it does make him a difficult target in both a firefight or while piloting.
    • Engineering: Blake is an engineer and pilot, through and through. Capable of fixing up or jury rigging most kinds of weapons, ships and the similar with a decent amount of skill given the correct materials. He is especially fond of creating explosives and will even tinker with new designs for himself or his ship to use. Of which he is also a pretty decent pilot especially when in his own specially designed spaceship or similar small craft.
  • Background: Much like Matthews I will let this mostly come out in game but he was a similar subject to Matthew just the training and therapies to bring out Psionics didn't really stick as well till his mid-teens. As a result he was trained more in engineering and similar till the powers started to show themselves at which point he mostly stuck with it anyway. He has worked a significant portion of time as a Mercenary, while on other jobs or as a weapons dealer on the side. His loyalty to PRISM is not particularly great but he sticks with them mostly for the sweet boons of the top tech for his ride. He also spent quite a bit of time with Matthew when he was younger, the two of them having a bit of a brotherly relationship. He may also be wanted on several occasions for various crimes on different worlds, these charges have been paid for and cleared but still, it leaves him on thin ice a lot with PRISM.

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"After time adrift among open stars, along tides of light and through shoals of dust, I will return to where I began."
GhostElm Relationship Status: Faithful to 2D
Feb 26th 2016 at 11:34:54 AM

Everything looks good to me [tup]smile

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Feb 26th 2016 at 8:30:01 PM

Okay, here goes...

Name: Alex Balkis

Callsign: "Alpha 60"

Age: 22

Race: Human (male)

Homeworld: Galbani

Physical Traits/Appearance: Just under 6ft tall, rather thin. Tan, with brown hair and green eyes. Wears a blue jacket over a light-blue shirt and black pants. Has a "scouter-style" telecommunicator (Single lens over one eye, single earpiece).

Occupation: Freelance Pilot, specializes in combat missions, but does not restrict himself to those. Recently accepted a contract to get a cargo freighter through a blockade around [planet name here], which he will have just finished upon meeting the other characters.

Equipment/Tools: Aerospace Fighter "Starbreaker": 4 engines, dual front and rear railguns, energy shields. Designed for agility and speed over durability, and is highly maneuverable as a result. "Scouter" telecommunicator. Toolkit. Some credits. Compact maser (microwave laser, especially effective against water-containing targets) pistol and extra power cells for it. Small suitcase containing personal items.

Powers/Abilities: No special powers, but is a capable pilot of any size spacecraft and is capable of doing repair and maintenance effectively.

Background: Spacecraft and space travel have always been of interest of Alex Balkis, and he is enjoying what he does as a pilot. Since leaving Galbani a few years ago, he's run many missions in various craft, and even purchased his own space fighter, "Starbreaker." He does feel like freelance work, while entertaining, isn't really consistent, however, and he would like to join the crew of a ship for a longer period of time.

What do you think of what I have?

BaronGreen Everyday's great at your Junes from USA Relationship Status: Star-crossed
Everyday's great at your Junes
Feb 26th 2016 at 8:37:49 PM

Hey. I think what you've got is great, dude. I don't see any issues, so you're good to go whenever you want to hop on in. [tup]

Old habits die hard, especially when no one else lets them die either.
Feb 27th 2016 at 6:29:17 AM

Figure I'll probably be at the next landing or whatever, unless it'll be a while before that.

BaronGreen Everyday's great at your Junes from USA Relationship Status: Star-crossed
Everyday's great at your Junes
Feb 27th 2016 at 7:34:34 AM

I'll send you a PM when we do, though I don't think it'll be too much longer.

Also, updated the OP, the template specifically. You guys can add those in whenever you get the chance. And if you need to exclude any of those for narrative reasons, that's understandable.

Old habits die hard, especially when no one else lets them die either.
BaronGreen Everyday's great at your Junes from USA Relationship Status: Star-crossed
Everyday's great at your Junes
Feb 27th 2016 at 8:06:53 AM

Third character up.

  • Name: Elliamos Alexander Asimov, aka Amos

  • Age: 19

  • Gender: Male

  • Race: Mekhari/Human hybrid

  • Homeworld: Kelvar

  • Physical Traits/Appearance: Is about 5'11" and 185 lbs. He has blonde hair, short in the front, and down to his neck in the back and light stubble on his chin, amber/orange eyes, and pale yellow skin. He's rather on the lean side, but has a bit of physical definition, wears a green engineer's jumpsuit, orange neckerchief, a pair of modified goggles and work boots. His left arm and parts of his right leg are completely mechanical.

  • Biology: Being half human and Mekhari, in general, his organic parts are very human-like in appearance and makeup, containing all the natural body systems of a Terran as well as the technosynthetic system unique to the Mekhari.

  • Occupation: Engineer/Mechanic

  • Equipment/Tools: Goggles (with various "vision" functions), various sets of tools, mechanical arm and leg.

  • Powers/Abilities:

    • Technopathy - Can control and manipulate machinery or tech with his mind.

    • Technosynthesis - Can physically integrate machinery or tech into himself to alter his physical body, or integrate his body into tech or machines, allowing him to directly control and interface with it.

    • Technopathic Link - Can link his mind with machinery or a computer system (like a ship's computer systems), to remotely check diagnostics, perform maintence, and view an intimate layout of its system.

    • Holo Screen (mostly used in conjunction with Technopathic Link) - Can use holographic screens to perform computing and surveillance. They can also be hardened and used for defensive purposes.

    • Hand Tools - Can utilize a number off tools built into his arm, such as a miniature drill, screwdriver, and soldering iron, among other things.

  • Background: TBA

  • Miscellaneous/Notes: Currently serving on the space pirate ship, Beluga.

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Old habits die hard, especially when no one else lets them die either.
Feb 27th 2016 at 10:35:10 AM

"I'll send you a PM when we do, though I don't think it'll be too much longer."

I don't think that'll be needed. I've been watching the thread.

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Feb 28th 2016 at 2:13:07 AM

  • Name: Pring Calori
  • Age: 23
  • Gender: Male
  • Race: Maximata
  • Homeworld: Originally from Maximata, but spent the past ten years on Depo Lunar Outpost.
  • Physical Traits/Appearance: Tall, bright pink skin, dark green hair. Thin, athletic build.
  • Biology: The skin lightly pulses or glows when feeling certain emotions.
  • Occupation: University Student / Gymnast
  • Equipment/Tools: Acoustic rifle - non-lethal (unless put up to max) firearm that blasts acoustic waves that stun and knock back targets. Grapple-gun. Self-explanatory. Has self-replenishing grapples.
  • Powers/Abilities: Extremely gymnastic, Maximatan fighting techniques, and really handy with things that can be made into sticks or batons.
  • Background: Pring grew up in a family of talents. Her mother is an astrophysicist, and her father is... a xenobiologist. While she was on Maximata, her parents sent her to prestigious learning academies, and to gymnastics school, where she bested nearly everyone. However, due to their research, her parents had to move the family to Depo Lunar Outpost, a profitable lunar colony of Terra. Pring doesn't quite know or care what they do, so this information isn't necessary to add. Depo is a great source of enriched hydrogen and also of raw metals. While on Depo, she went to the University of Hallam, considered to be one of the most prestigious in the Terran system, and is currently in possession of a Ph D in Chemistry. However, life on Depo is... Boring. So, she decided to escape.

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Mar 2nd 2016 at 12:46:32 PM

I have updated my sheets and will be posting them below. These will be subject to change as the game goes on, of course.

Name: Thomas "Jiko" Johnson

Age: 24 Terran years

Gender: Male

Race: Human (Genetically Altered)

Physical Traits/Appearance: Thomas stands at 5 feet, 7 inches tall, and weighs 189 pounds. He is a bit wide around the middle but healthy, and he typically wears casual clothing like jeans and t-shirts. He also has a black leather jacket that's just a bit too long in the arms, hiding his hands from view when he is holding his arms to his sides. His eyes are hazel with more green than brown, giving them a gold look in the right lighting. His hair is long, wavy, and brown, and he has a scar on his upper lip from a losing fight when he was young.

Jiko also has several surgery scars all over his body, from the Grid installation, and silver wires like veins all over his body (but not his head, feet, or hands). Additionally, his power cells glow blue when charged and blink red when empty. Grafted to his spine are small metal plates that connect to the rest of the Grid and are visible when not covered. On one such plate there is a small readout screen with an access panel underneath, for maintenance.

Biology (optional): While Jiko is mostly human, his birth was one of scientific pursuit. Firstly, he has no real parents to speak of - he was born artificially as part of a genetic experiment called the "Mr. Johnson Project," which had the aim of genetically manufacturing super intelligent human beings, but this experiment never really panned out, with only moderate increases in intelligence (meaning that, while Jiko is bright and a quick study, he isn't inherently smarter than any average human of his age).

Secondly, Jiko is the first successful subject of "Project Raijin." In addition to the genetic tampering of the Mr. Johnson Project, he was also infused with the genetics of a nameless Echirean soldier before he was born. The success of this experiment made Jiko highly resistant to outside electrical stimuli (such as attacks), as well as other, similar forms of energy to varying degrees. This also gave him natural bio-electrical abilities, as well as a sort of sixth sense for the flow of energy throughout his body (and through any objects he comes into direct contact with.

Jiko was unaware of the Echirean that was sacrificed to give him his abilities until recently. Furthermore, even those that made him this way are in the dark about the Echirean's continued presence within Jiko's subconscious.

Homeworld: G.R.A.H.A.M. Research Station "Alexander"

Occupation: Experimental Subject; Tinkerer (Electronics, Various Mechanical); Living Dynamo; Writer


"The Grid" (1) - The set of machines grafted to Jiko's body, which amplify his abilities. Consists of the Bulk, the Conduits, and the Power Cells.

Synth Applicator (1) - A small, cylinder shaped device with an access port for vials of solution. Works like an electronic cigarette, and is the best way for Jiko to counteract the worse side effects of the Jolts.

XGB-250 "Clear Wave" Comm. Unit (1) - Acquired in the Storage bay of the Troperia, this is a standard issue communication device, capable of radio transmission and direct calls to other capable devices (think a cell phone).

Nico-propylene Solution Vials (a.k.a. Synth) (5 at present) - Solution vials for the Synth Applicator. They are a mix of nicotine and propylene, as well as a very trace amount of some sort of opiate. This solution counters the side-effects the Grid has on Jiko's body.

Old Leather Jacket (1) - Jiko's leather jacket. A little worn, especially at the sleeves (which are just a little long for his arms.) He keeps most of his things in the jacket pockets (including his Synth), which means he often doesn't have them when he doesn't have the jacket on him.

Kirina Engineer's Uniform (1) - The uniform worn originally by the father of Aelyx Phiora Ayomide (Lex), modified and given to Jiko by this same person. Is made of greens and golds, and has a utility belt.


Genetic Tampering - Through genetic experimentation with alien and human DNA, Jiko is resistant to electrical (and some other types of) energy (though not completely immune) and can channel it through his body with few side-effects.

Electro-Sense - Jiko can feel the flow of electricity through his person and through machines via direct contact.

Electro-Kinesis - Through an extension of his will (and some other, instinctual action he can't quite place), Jiko can control the flow of electricity through his body and from outside sources he comes into direct contact with.

The Grid - A system of wiring and power cells developed to enhance the abilities of those like Jiko and installed through surgical implantation. This system comes with its own set of bonuses and flaws.

Power Cells - There are 7 power cells in the Grid and each is implanted in a specific place on Jiko's body – One on each forearm, one on each upper arm, one on each of his outer thighs, and one on the left side of his chest. This last power cell is more powerful than the others and more protected, as it is dangerously close to his heart and could cause problems if damaged.

Conduits - The wiring that connects all the cells on Jiko's body are just visible under his skin like silver, angular veins. These wires work to enhance Jiko's ability to absorb electricity, passing the energy on to the power cells spread throughout his body.

Bulk - This part of the Grid consists of the metal plates and other bits of machinery grafted directly to Jiko's spine. The Bulk also houses the radio transmitters and receivers that keep the Grid working as a system.

The Jolts - What Jiko calls the condition that accompanies his use of the Grid. While the Grid protects him from some of the worse side-effects of constant electrical stimulus, he still gets shaking hands and seemingly random twitching from it. He has found, after a lot of experimentation, that using a drug simply called Synth (nicotine mixed with a very mild opiate) relieves him of these symptoms even though it also tends to make them worse when he is without it.

Military Capabilities (Currently Offline) - The Grid was not only built as a kind of dynamo system, but also as a weapon. When fully operational, the Grid grants an electromagnetic field that can block metal based bullets and attacks. Additionally, output of the power cells becomes unlimited, meaning that Jiko could theoretically use all the stored power at once (as opposed to the one-cell safety precaution put in place otherwise.)

Background: Thomas Johnson is one of many subjects of the "Mr. Johnson Project" (see Biology) enacted by the Group for the Radical Advancement of Humans And Machines (G.R.A.H.A.M.). He has no parents (aside from those that donated the egg and sperm necessary for his genesis), and was instead raised by the scientists on Research Station "Alexander," located in system JK 0-0721-130. One scientist of special note is the cybernetically enhanced pseudo-genius David Johnson, one of the first of the same genetic project.

Additionally, Thomas is also the first successful subject of "Project Raijin," which is an ongoing series of experiments to imbue human beings with the abilities of the Echireans. The official goal is to preserve this species in another form while also granting human beings a portion of their longevity, though how the main scientists behind this actually feel about their work is still up in the air. Once his natural abilities awakened at the age of 7 (and it was proven that he wouldn't become a horrible abomination of energy and flesh like those before him) he was selected for the next phase of Project Raijin - installing the Grid, which would theoretically allow him to control his abilities more effectively and store more energy than his body would normally allow. However, the installation has led to various side-effects in return for enhanced abilities, which he medicates with his Synth (not the healthiest choice in the long run, but something that he has found to help.)

Though his abilities began to manifest at age 7, it wasn't until he was 16 that the Grid was ready for implantation, and another year after that before he was fully ready for the operation. Getting the Grid was something of a turning point for Thomas, who had lived his life with the teachings of G.R.A.H.A.M., to start questioning their methods and ethics, to the point where he actually began looking into their more secretive matters against their will for him not to. Over the years he has learned quite a few things about the shadier dealings of G.R.A.H.A.M., including unethical treatment of non-humans, forced cybernetic enhancement, and arms and tech deals with various military organizations. None, however, hit him quite as hard as when he learned the truth about the other subjects of Project Raijin when he was 23, and on that day he escaped G.R.A.H.A.M. by the grace of one man - David, who couldn't pull the trigger on the young man he had helped raise. Thomas stole a ship, took on the alias "Jiko," and has fled ever since, always hounded by G.R.A.H.A.M. and those in their employ, until the day he was finally captured by an Echirean bounty hunter by the name of Rakiri.

At present, Thomas is serving on board the Troperia, though his exact duties are vague, and has kept the ship from overloading exactly one time using his abilities.

Miscellaneous/Notes (optional): Thomas has a natural dispensation toward jokes and light-hearted mischief. This is often offset, however, by his learned habits of reclusiveness and mistrust from the last year of being on the run from G.R.A.H.A.M. Because of this, he may seem rather pensive or even down around people (especially groups of strangers), though he works to overcome this with those he feels he can consider friends.

Name: The Echirean/ The Presence

Age: Ancient

Gender: Male

Race: N/A (Formerly Echirean)

Physical Traits/Appearance: On the outside, the Echirean looks identical to Jiko in every way, with subtle differences in the way he carries himself (more rigid) and with different facial expressions (more anger and scowling, less laughing and smiles). Additionally, electricity jumps through his eyes, giving them moving, violet highlights.

In the mental realm, the Echirean takes on a somewhat broken approximation of what he remembers looking like - purple or pink skin, with arms and legs that taper into non-existence, and pinpoints of light for eyes. His form here is vague, mostly because his full being is not present.

Biology (optional): Before extraction, the Presence was a pure-blooded Echirean. Currently, his consciousness is buried within Jiko's mind, accessible only through telepathic searching or when he is not quite awake and not quite asleep.

Homeworld: N/A (formerly Echirina)

Occupation: Voice in Your Head / Soldier / Snarker

Equipment: Identical to Jiko's Equipment

Powers/Abilities: The Echirean has abilities and powers identical to Jiko, but he uses them in different ways, as follows:

Echirean Language - Though his memories are somewhat broken, the Presence still has knowledge of his natural language, and can speak it fluently, more or less.

Military Training - Although he is not entirely used to his body (especially with the inability to shapeshift), the Echirean has centuries of combat training and embedded experience, making him a viable soldier when necessary. This is somewhat hampered by Jiko not being physically trained for battle (basically, he has the knowledge and skills, but not a body that can keep up exactly).

Energy Shaping - To make up for his inability to physically change his body, the Echirean uses the energy within the Grid's power cells to form energy-based objects (a claw, or a shield). This ability comes from his better understanding of Jiko's Electro-kinesis.

Background: Though his memories are a mess of broken fragments and all he has left of his life, there are some basic things worth noting. The farthest back he can really remember with any clarity, firstly, is being taught to fight by his father as a boy. This memory is based on his home planet of Echirina, before the beginning of the war, and alongside his father is his Kirina mentor, whose name is just as lost to the Echirean as his own is. He remembers that it was this Kirina that taught him everything he knows of Kirina centered martial arts.

Moving on, the Echirean remembers meeting who would become his partner, someone he could trust without fear, though he cannot remember their face, nor the faces of the children they had together. This memory comes shortly after the war had begun and, if he is remembering right, shortly before he is called off to serve.

His next memory doesn't have any solid physical events, but he remembers a feeling of comradery and anger that drove him to fight (along with the need to protect those he cared about).

After this is a set of broken memories involving the destruction of an entire fleet of his own ships (including the ship his family was aboard), a ground battle that ends with a Kirina Partical Disruptor ending the battle (in a way that even he isn't sure how he survived), and a single name - Ephya Ayomide.

His last set of memories is his most recent. He remembers being wheeled through a long hallway, strapped to a machine that sapped his energy without killing him, and something called “extraction.” After this, his memories are Jiko's, though from a third person kind of view.

Miscellaneous/Notes (optional): The Echirean is meant to be the counter to Jiko. Where Jiko is happy but somewhat shy and mistrusting at times, The Echirean is cynical, snarky, but willing to trust others if need be (especially in a mutual combat situation). Though he understands not all humans and Kirina are responsible for his old and new lives, he still holds a grudge against both races.

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Name: Karxe

Age: Unknown, would be in his 20s if he was an human.

Gender: Male.

Race: A Quixolis

Homeworld: Blaastard

Physical Traits/Appearance: Grey skin, A bit taller than the average human, a single yellow orb for an eye, which they can turn off to avoid making light, two tiny nostrils and a lamprey-like mouth, their ears are just holes, the species is bald. They have one pair of arms with four extremely sharp claws and have no legs, instead, they move around like snails. Doesn't prevent them from being fast, though.

Biology: Organic.

Occupation: Formerly a shopkeeper, now a terrorist.

Equipment/Tools: A military grade assault rifles, with several grenades too. Since he pretends to be a mere shopkeeper though, he keeps it concealed under his clothes. Also got a "special bomb".

Powers/Abilities: A fair bit stronger and faster than the average human, albeit not to the same degree as a Xir, strong telepathic abilities, can extend their bodies or limbs to snatch something or for better evasion. Regeneration (to a more minor degree than Xirs, they can regrow their eye in the spans of minute but would need hours for a limb)

Background: Nothing much, Karxe was a young Quixolis who led an ordinary live amongst loving parents, good grades at school but few desires. He was seduced and recruited by the "Brotherhood of Eternal Hate", a terrorist group that was created in Blaastard. While the Quixolis government made successful efforts to dismantle some of its cells, young Quixolis like Karxe are still a prime target, and his desire for adventure led him right into the group.

While a fanatic, Karxe is still pretty sane and was chosen to try to recruit the Troperia crew into the Brotherhood, its leaders seeing great interest in the powerful crew joining them. Due to the obviously infamous reputation of the group though, Karxe will need to be careful about it though, because, who know... they could tempt him into giving up his atrocious terrorists way, right ?

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I have no idea how this one got completed first over Mitch and Dom's sheets, but I might as well. The other three will probably be posted together.

  • Name: Valdes ‘Val’ Ranekhi

  • Age: 245

  • Gender: Male

  • Race: Palavian-Echirean fusion

  • Physical Traits/Appearance (Default Form):
    • 6’3”/190 cm, 235 lbs/107 kg, metallic bluish-gray skin tone, body mostly covered with thin, coral-like carapace that look like large ‘scales’ with a few scratches and scars, general appearance slightly resembling a draconic/avian humanoid, four fingers/toes on each limb, blunt prongs on shoulders, elbows and lower legs
    • Deep blue eyes with dark sclera, pleated, rather flat bony nose, facial carapace extending to two long points on the side-back of the head resembling flattened horns, pronounced jaws with mandibles covered with plates on either side, small jags under the chin resembling a beard

  • Biology: Coming soon, refer to appearance for external physiology.

  • Homeworld: Iriden, Kira

  • Occupation: Security personnel, mechatronic engineer & pilot, medic

  • Equipment:
    • Magnetic-mass field rifle: This rifle is a modified version of Hestia’s standard & mass-produced rifle, designed for mid-to-long range combat, though it can also work as a close-range weapon in a pinch. It has a high caliber, specially tuned barrel and a multitude of scopes to assist aim and increase range. Like Val’s armor, it also follows his camouflage.
    • Bioengineered armor: A specially designed suit that was worked on together by Val and , this armor responds to and follows Val’s shapeshifting. It also projects more robust kinetic shields than what is standard for Palavian soldiers.
    • Advanced neural interface: A more complex and deep-rooted version of the team’s standard neural interface, this device is specially designed for Val’s biometrics and abilities. It greatly assists with his telepathy and aim, and helps him to interface directly with computers.
    • More coming soon.

  • Powers/Abilities:
    • Psionics:
      • Core psionic powers: All nanotech-based psionics in Hestia receive basic training on how to properly use and control their powers. These includes education on general physics, which allows them to use minor telekinesis & simple material manipulation, as well as energy manipulation in heat, sound & electromagnetic forms. Because of Val’s origins, his psionics come from a combination of nanotech and his natural abilities.
      • Electromagnetic Manipulation & Telepathy: As a fusion between an Echirean and a Palavian, Val is naturally inclined to electrical control and telepathy. For the former, he is able to store and discharge large amounts of electricity at will, and use it to power or overload various electronics. The nanites he acquired from his time in Hestia increases the potency of this ability even further. By proxy, he also has a limited amount of technopathy, light & metal manipulation.
      • Val started being able to communicate telepathically almost immediately after fusing, while most Palavians would normally require years of training to grow beyond the tactile version. His telepathy is strong enough to not just be a support ability both in and out of combat, but actually become a method of offense in itself. He can overwhelm and severely disorient multiple targets if he focuses, and temporarily take control of a nearby compatible person if they fail to resist.
    • Shapeshifting: Like all Echireans, Val is able to shapeshift. Due to his fused state, however, his shapeshifting is more limited; he’s unable to shapeshift outside of humanoid forms or alter his size and mass too drastically. To make up for this shortcoming, Val has learned to use his shifting innovatively, chief among these techniques being a virtually perfect camouflage. He is able to almost completely mimic his surroundings, giving him pseudo-invisibility when staying still.
    • Neural interfacing: A combination of his aforementioned abilities, Val is able to interface directly with other minds or complex electronics & computers. He can access ‘mindscapes’ and ‘cyberscapes’, and has plenty of experience navigating through them. Using this ability, he’s able to do things like extract information and alter memories/programming that he can break into.
    • Soldier training: Val has had many years of training for various military-related jobs. He’s a very skilled gunner and has plenty of experience repairing and piloting both land and air vehicles. He has enough knowledge in medicine to act as a replacement general doctor when more specially trained ones aren’t available, though he doesn’t have a proper license.


Ranekhi was born in Kira (formerly Echirina), during the height of the Echirean-Kirina war. Like all others of his species, he was trained since youth to fight, and became a soldier. He showed expertise in working with machines, marksmanship and medicine. When his race lost, he fled along with most of the other Echireans and became a vagabond mercenary, flying from planet to planet in search of various jobs, most of them involving fighting, for a living.

At some point in his life, he encountered and fused with a Palavian orphan named Valdes, and then traveled to the Palavian homeworld, Iriden, under the guise of said alien. He joined the Palavian military for a period of time, serving mainly as a pilot and corpsman, and occasionally as a sniper. During a joint mission with a group of Hestia’s special forces unit, he met Dominic’s team and became fast friends with him. His identity was eventually exposed, though it had no negative repercussions… for the most part.

When Dominic created his personal paramilitary cell, Val was offered to join his team, and he accepted without hesitation. He currently serves as the primary pilot, medic and sniper, as well as an unofficial mentor of sorts to Peter and Izzy, tempering their youthful energy with his experience.

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As I have finally finished this sheet, here it is. Even though he is more of a side-character and won't be around long.

Name: David Johnson

Age: 38 Terran Years

Gender: Male

Race: Human (Genetically Altered)

Physical Traits/Appearance: David is rather tall for a human (6'4") and weighs 145 lbs. He is lanky in build and his features are mostly angular. His hair is black with grays peppered throughout, and he generally wears it in a short ponytail. The ponytail itself splays out in every direction, as if it were the epicenter of a small explosion. His nose is bent a bit, as if it's been broken, and his eyes are steel blue in color. He tends not to stand straight, and walks with long, goofy strides.

David is also set up with several cybernetic enhancements, many of which are non-visible. Those that are visible, however, are his cybernetic eye (left, which glows amber in color), the data panel embedded on his forearm, and, at the base of his neck, part of a neural enhancer. These last two are usually hidden by his clothing, which generally consists of button-up shirts, slacks, and his lab coat. Lastly, he has a scouter that floats in front of his non-cybernetic eye that works as a communications device and a scanner of sorts. It floats using experimental anti-grav technology developed by G.R.A.H.A.M.

Biology (optional): David Johnson is fully human, but genetically altered to be super intelligent as part of the "Mr. Johnson Project." The project was successful for him, for the most part.

Homeworld: G.R.A.H.A.M. Research Station "Alexander"

Occupation: Scientist / Recruiter / Infiltrator / Cell Agent


Personal Kinetic Barrier Generator (1) - A small, disk shaped device that generates a low density kinetic barrier, localized in a tight sphere around the user. Is capable of absorbing light to medium gunfire, but is somewhat useless against energy based attacks.

Cybernetic Neural Enhancements (1) - Set up at the base of his neck and connected in various places all throughout his brain. This setup increases his brain activity and enhances his reflexes and cognitive abilities, enhancing his already stellar intelligence. This setup also connects to his Cybernetic Eye, making it more effective.

Cybernetic Eye (1) - Replacing his left eye, this cybernetic implant works several times better than his flesh counterpart. It is capable of focusing on specific information, various levels of zoom, and seeing virtual readouts that would normally require some sort of machine (like his scouter, the Monocle).

The Monocle (1) - A specialized scouter and scanner designed by G.R.A.H.A.M. to work with David's Cybernetic Eye. This device handles communications and is capable of giving real time readouts of various statistics for various situations.

Cybernetic Datapad (1) - Built into his right arm, this datapad is designed to be able to access any device he can manage a connection to. It also works as a secondary comm. device when he doesn't have the Monocle. This device can display holographic images and is also connected to David's Neural Enhancements.

Intergalactic Arms Pistol, “Equalizer” Class (1) - A small, semiautomatic energy pistol developed by “Intergalactic Arms,” a multiplanetary weapons and armaments conglomerate. This pistol is part of their "Equalizer" Class of weapons, which focus on giving a light edge against any assailants. Uses an individual, rechargeable power cell as ammunition. Adjustable output for lethal or nonlethal fire.

Wes and Smithson .45 Revolver (1) - An antique, but kept in tip-top shape by David himself. This weapon fires .45 caliber rounds and can hold six at a time, and is a relic from a by gone age that, nevertheless, still packs the same amount of punch it always has. David's secondary weapon when an enemy is resistant to those attacks made by his "Equalizer."


Enhanced Intelligence - Due to his genetic alteration (and his Neural Enhancements), David has had a life of quick learning and has a vast set of knowledge in several fields, mostly in Computation, Cybernetics, and Biology (this last is mostly in terms of cybernetic implantation and genetics).

Cybernetic Interconnection - All of David's implants are connected via physical links, and therefore can be accessed using his Neural Enhancements. Additionally, he also has most of his equipment (the Monocle, his Kinetic Shield, etc. connected wirelessly, meaning he can activate and access them with thought alone. This ability is limited to equipment he has set up to access wirelessly, and has a limited range of usability.

Variable Zoom - David can observe objects at a distance using the zoom feature of his Cybernetic Eye.

Uncanny Accuracy - Using his Cybernetic Eye and years of training with basic firearms, David can pinpoint and fire on whatever he pleases at seemingly impossible distances. This does not, however, mean that he always hits (for RP purposes).

Cybernetic Overload - An emergency feature of his Neural Enhancement and Cybernetic Eye, this ability causes him to process information at several times the speed he usually does, causing (in his mind) a slowdown of events around him. This feature can only be used sparingly and for short bursts, as usage trips a safety protocol that temporarily shuts down both used Cybernetics for half an hour. A short burst in this instance is no more than a minute of use, as going on any longer trips the safety protocol and could cause lasting damage to both David and his implants.

Background: David Johnson is one of the few subjects of the "Mr. Johnson Project" to be considered a major success. Ever since he was a young child, he has been able to quickly learn and retain information from just about any field, making him a genius. He started working as a scientist for G.R.A.H.A.M. full-time when he was only fourteen, having exhausted their supply of knowledge and chosen his fields during the time leading up to that point. This is also when Thomas Johnson was born, and also the year that David was assigned as the boy's handler and lifelong companion. Over the years, David would continue his studies with G.R.A.H.A.M. while also working to care for Thomas, acting as a pseudo-brother or father figure to the boy and teaching him everything he would come to learn with the help of some of he other staff in "Alexander." David would also be the one to teach Thomas how to use his powers for mischief, much at the displeasure of the head scientist behind "Project Raijin," Dr. Thadeus Brindle.

David and Thomas have something of a falling out when the latter turns 17 and has the machine dubbed "The Grid," implanted in his body to amplify his abilities. Where David still believes in the way G.R.A.H.A.M. does things and believes they are making humanity better, Thomas feels the opposite. It isn't long before David is given Cell status as a G.R.A.H.A.M. Agent, which gives him freedom to travel around the universe looking for candidates to join or become subjects of their various scientific pursuits, as well as to take care of some of the less well known missions by operatives of this nature. He is given military training for this, and spends a lot of time away from "Alexander" performing various duties under the direction of his handler, Dr. Brindle.

When Thomas ends up running from "Alexander" at the age of 23, David has the chance to stop him through force, but finds himself unable to pull the trigger due to their history. Since then, he has made it his mission as a Cell Agent to find his charge and bring him home.

Currently, David is tracking Thomas on the Troperia, on his way to the Lyca System.

Miscellaneous/Notes (optional): David is meant to be an odd personality. He is confident in his abilities and loyal both to G.R.A.H.A.M. and the people he holds important. This trait, in and of itself, often means that his loyalties come to odds. During periods such as these, he often tries to consider a compromise (though, of course, not every situation can be solved through compromise.)

David is somewhat awkward around people, and tends not to speak too much when others are. However, once he has warmed up, he tends to try to be helpful if somewhat mischievous. Under the surface, however, David has a very intense and analytical mind and, though he may be awkward, he is always thinking and planning. (Probably more on this part later, as I flesh out the character.)

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Seems cool, gonna jump in.



PASS: ********



Name: Combat All-Around Sentient Kinetic Android: Also known as C.A.S.K.A.

Age: 3 (Production), 15 (appearance)

Gender: Female

Race: Android

Homeworld: Terra

Physical Traits/Appearance: Looks like an average 15 year old girl, but with a TV head (a futuristic-looking CRT). Peach skin-tone, slender build. Wears a sky-blue hoodie with a pink skirt, with sneakers with built-in boosters.

Biology: Caska's TV head is connected to her neck by cords INSIDE the neck itself. Her 'skin' is made out of various ores from other planets, making her body hard to cut through, unless she is injured by a deadlier weapon. By pressing the top of her hand, a long USB cord can be extended into an electronic components and allow a 'path' in which Caska's A.I. can go through.

Occupation: Combat Soldier, Front Lines


  • Booster Sneakers: These allow Caska to jump great distances, allowing her great mobility. They are also magnetic, allowing Caska to run among walls.


  • REPLICA PROGRAM: A program that replicates weapons in sight, and abilities to a lesser extent. The weapons are replicated out of hard light. Once a weapon is replicated, it can be stored for later use. An ability, when copied, only lasts temporarily. Caska's systems can only store three replicas of a weapon once. Furthermore, using the replicas themselves take up about 50% of Caska's internal battery.
  • CONNECTION: Caska, as explained above, can connect to electronic components and gather information by bypassing security.
  • SAPIENCE: When Caska's A.I. was programmed, programmers hid away a part of it that contained data enabling her to express emotions, and have an almost human conscience, allowing her to learn and develop individually.


Built by the company Eight Luck Co. Ltd, Caska was trained to be sent on dangerous missions no human could possibly ever achieve. She did everything: recon, assassination, infiltration- And for every mission she went out to achieve, she came back without a scratch. Personal life was a foreign word to Caska- when she was told of it by a researcher, she proceeded to unlock a part of her that was supposed to be hidden away- she started expressing cases of minor emotion, hung out with the employees, and generally developed into a likeable girl who could do anything the company told her to.

Then, one day, Eight Luck went bankrupt.

All of the research stations were detached and were intended to be sold to another company. However, when a group criminals invaded the research station Caska was assigned to and destroyed everything, Caska expressed the emotion she never thought of expressing: fear. Caska, terrified, proceeded to deactivate herself and disable the emotional part of her A.I.. Now, that same research station floats somewhere in space. Perhaps, a crew would discover it out of chance...


  • Is pretty geeky.
  • Highly knowledgeable about the internet.
  • CAN eat, opposed to rumors: the food just goes to her left hand.
  • Is terrified of Jell-O.
  • Thinks that monsters beneath your bed are real. Caska is grateful to not have a bed.

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[up] Lol, sounds cool, to me. Welcome. [lol]

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  • Name: Autonomous Robotic Intelligence Assistant S/N: 49393829200D PROPERTY OF THE DEPARTMENT FOR EXTRAORBITAL AND INTERPLANETARY DEFENCE (Aria)
  • Gender: N/A (programmed as female)
  • Race: Combat Assistance Robotic Unit
  • Homeworld: Designed by Apple in California Designed by United Robotics Inc in Terra, manufactured by Tile Hill Ind in Maximata.
  • Physical Traits/Appearance: Waist-high robot. Clean white. Has a tapered base with a square-ish top. Screen in the centre, shielded by closing plates. Two arms on the side that can change into various implements.
  • Biology: United Robotics A9 3.2 GHz Quad-Core CPU, 8 GB RAM, 1024 GB SDD, 3 USB ports, 1 common interface port, 40 megapixel camera. Solid aluminium-carbon fibre hybrid shell.
  • Occupation: Combat Assistance Robotic Unit
  • Equipment/Tools: A variety of tools are in-built into the unit's chassis.
  • Powers/Abilities: Cloud computing™
  • Background: Designed by United Robotics as an assistance droid for civilian use, UR decided to retrofit their second generation Arias for military and peacekeeping use. This particular model was outfitted with firmware designed for Maximatan Space Command.

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Yea, thinking of hoping ship no pun intended.

  • Name: Nova
  • Age: 7
  • Gender: Female
  • Race: Gynoid
  • Homeworld: First activated aboard a starship, a bit of a wanderer since then.
  • Physical Traits/Appearance: Something a long the lines of this
  • Biology: 100% mechanical through and through, synthetic skin covering a robotic chassis. As such she is some what more vulnerable to electrical shock, and slightly heavier then a normal person, but at the same time is 100% immune to poison and while she has to breathe being air cooled, it matters little what she does breathe as long as it is below 100c. Has a bladed tail for offence. Hard-drive is built like a black box, should her body be destroyed she can get a new one.
  • Occupation: Pilot
  • Equipment/Tools:
  • Powers/Abilities:
    • Can remotely control certain machines.
    • Is just as good at actually piloting them if they are not remote operated.
  • Background: Nova was created and activated as a combat pilot unit, a task at which she was quite adapt at until the mercenary carrier she was stationed aboard was destroyed... A fate she avoided by having been launched at the time. Now free of her previous owners she has been wandering space for the past few years trying to make do.

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Looks great, Imca. Welcome to the game. Please, join in whenever you're ready.

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Thought I was suposed to wait until the ship was at port or something. >.<

Mar 21st 2016 at 11:48:12 AM

Well you cant teleport onto the ship. If you can come up with another creative method to get aboard or if you want to write posts about your character in the meantime. Like flashbacks or what is going on elsewhere maybe you could since we may not be back in port for a bit.

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Mar 21st 2016 at 12:50:47 PM

Well she does have a beat up fighter craft of her own, hmmmm....

I will think of something when I get home from class, sorry.

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taking an extended leave goodbye

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