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feeling blue
Jun 29th 2017 at 10:42:54 AM

Chise - Streets

Cole was frantic, rambling about things in a way that was difficult to understand but still manageable. Apparently Ben wasn’t suffering anymore but Eve was. He tried to grab Arcade's hand but caught himself and apologized for it even though Arcade didn't mind. That's when I saw a familiar dragon land nearby with Caro on it.

"Caro..." I sighed in relief now that someone more qualified to handle the situation showed up, "Cole turned into Despair and tried to make us give up hope, but we managed to make him turn back to normal, somehow."

ColeMinor I just want to help! from Definitely not Chicago Relationship Status: Showing feelings of an almost human nature
I just want to help!
Jun 29th 2017 at 10:48:58 AM

Cole paused in his apparent march in a direction at a familiar call, turning with wide eyes, seeing the familiar dragon nearby, with a girl he recognized and hadn't seen in far too long.

"Caro!" He practically sprinted towards her, clear relief evident on his expression, though with his voice cutting off in a sob. "Caro, Caro I'm sorry...I'm sorry, I'm sorry I've made so many people hurt, I've done so much wrong, I'm so sorry, I...I don't...I didn't mean to hurt anyone I'm sorry!"

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Jun 29th 2017 at 11:47:24 AM


Arcade's concern turned to relief when Caro showed up. She seemed to be the better choice for calming Cole down. He wasn't sure how much he wanted to tell her. Fortunately, Chise's explanation hit the important parts.

He was glad she was kind enough not to mention that he was apparently so weak that a few sweet words managed to turn him against everything he stood for. Cole seemed pretty shaken up about it, despite Arcade making it clear that he forgave him.

If only they could help Cole while also finding Eve. He shook his head as soon as he had that thought. Cole needed help, probably just as much as Eve. He couldn't be selfish and force Cole to move before he was ready.

I say that aloud too sometimes, just: "man, no life."
Dezmo WOAH
Jun 29th 2017 at 11:52:40 AM

Spyro-Saloon-Ghost Busted

Spyro watched in satisfaction as the ghostly monster was turned to ash by a combo of his flame and the shots from the militia. Ha! Looks like this "Zuh Scare" chump couldn't handle the heat to begin with!

With that taken care of, Spyro turned to the kid the big creep had been trying to attack. "No problem, dude," he said, with all the nonchalance of someone who beat monsters like this regularly. "Glad I could help get that creep off your tail."

Any followup statements or questions were temporarily put on hold as the kid ran to check on the other kid. Taking a closer look at the girl in question, yeah, she really wasn't looking too hot. She was still conscious though, so that was a good sigh, right? She definitely needed a healer though.

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Jun 29th 2017 at 12:16:58 PM


"Oh dear." Looking even more suitably awkward at the sudden downturn in mood once more as the poor demon girl got slammed even further by intimidation, the Priest couldn't help but wonder what had happened to the youth to make her end up like this. Probably her home plane was full of some real pieces of work for sure given the terror that was evident when she spoke of these 'sorceresses'. Ah well, it's time to head once more into the breach and explain some more, hopefully this time without the panic attack. Given the kind of woman Priest was though, this probably could go either way.

"Yes, I hunt demons." Stating it once more and holding the rather large and seemingly unwieldy scythe with one hand for emphasis, the the ordained monster hunter did her best to give things a positive spin. "Like I said before, there are as many species of demons as there are human ethnicities, and not all of them are evil. I do not touch the innocent no matter their race, such as you, even if you are a demon though that shouldn't matter much since you aren't what I go after and I know a few good demons. The kind I hunt go by the name of 'Imposters'... yes, those are what I strike down. They are born from the damnable Ozma of Chaos' Blood Curse, pitiable beings whose humanity have been warped by the evils of that monster to become mockeries of once they once were." Voice becoming steadily colder as she thought about the wicked, the Mistress' eyes unintentionally began to exude a crimson glow.

"It's an epidemic that turns the innocent into the guilty, good people into monsters. Once you've reached a certain point of the curse, most aren't able to come back and are cursed to live a life of abject obscenity. They prey upon humans, either murdering or converting them into more of their own kind. Those are unfortunate souls... but there are some that willingly turn themselves or others into Imposters. Heretics of the highest order whose souls have already been dirtied even before the demonification... It is they who are the greatest threats that my Order is dedicated to rooting out." Stroking the shaft of her scythe while explaining, Sin Sayer looked deep into Seirwuosehr's eyes with grim air.

"You ask why is it I hunt my own kind? It is because I was forced to drink their blood by the heretics I just mentioned, cursed and changed into what I am now. They did this event manifold times, kidnapping young girls to douse them within the colors of evil. They writhe and scream for an end to the pain, all while the Imposters cackle and watch with glee. It is so that such an event won't happen to others... so they don't experience what I went through." Voice losing even its edge and lapsing into what could be described as an unsettling tranquility, Sin Sayer calmly continued her narration.. "Very few Imposters are able to regain their humanity after the process. Our of hundreds of thousands, only dozens can break through such yokes. So please, don't be alarmed."

Heaving a breath out after that little bit of heart to heart talk, the religious woman realized what she had just done and took on a small hint of sheepishness at the events that transpired. "Like I said, you are most definitely not the kind that I would hunt. If anything, you are among those that I should protect. The Order has a few like me in their ranks, full blown demonic beings and all if you need more proof. So please, if you are ever in trouble or need guidance, please tell me. " Awkwardly smiling and holding out her hand, even the clergywoman found her spiel to be... less than desirable.

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Jun 29th 2017 at 12:18:28 PM

Fawful watched helplessly as Blizzard Midbus was encased in ice. His loyal toady was gone. Suddenly, the sound of shattering glass was heard. Fawful looked over to the Dark Star, and saw that it has awoken. "It it it it it it it... IT WAKES!" Fawful yelled as he hurried over to the Dark Star. He pressed a button on his headgear, initiating the power draining. "I... have... DARKNESS!" Fawful yelled as his headgear absorbed the power of the Dark Star and transferred it to Fawful. He then realized he forgot about Bowser, but by then it was too late, as he was punched to-a balcony?

"BY THE POWER OF SPARKLES AND MAGIC YOU SHALL NOW HAVE BABIES" - Starclan 5/21/17 "What is it, land on Luigi day?" - Luigi
Jun 29th 2017 at 12:20:49 PM

Dessert Desert

Cole had turned into Despair again!? Just how bad things gotten since they had last seen each other? Well, at least these two had somehow managed to bring him back to normal, without needing Miss Tairee to completely shut off his powers to do it this time to do it.

Cole came rushing towards her, seemingly relieved but still rather distressed and apologizing profusely. She dismounted at once and reached to embrace him, speaking softly, " It's alright ... I'm sure you didn't ... When things get bad enough to get that point, it is out of your hands ... It is not really you at that point ... Just ... What happened to get you turned into that again?"

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Dark Sun, what choices have I...?
Jun 29th 2017 at 1:58:56 PM

Lewis - Shifting Sands - Saa, Hajimeyou

The rest emerged, our friend with the plant body drawing a length of red licorice (red bindings...?) of unspecified purpose, except someone was missing...

"Did something happen to Z's—wha? What are you—?"

I flinched, startled, at Seiga suddenly grabbing me and rolling up the paper charm, though calmed down when she explained that it was necessary to keep people from piecing together my identity, since the item was distinctive to her. Oh, that made sense.

Still, having my locket flipped backwards felt uncomfortable, a fact I was quite content to voice.

I squirmed. "This feels weird."

But anyway, if we were on the subject of avoiding detection..."What do I do if someone recognizes me anyway?" I asked, thinking I remembered having an encounter with a dreamwalker last night.

i guess you can watch me shitpost i guess
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Jun 29th 2017 at 2:06:04 PM

(Ok, Fawful is on the balcony now. What do I do now? I know that everything of his is edible now, and that there are candy scorpions, and desert, but what should Fawful do now?)

"BY THE POWER OF SPARKLES AND MAGIC YOU SHALL NOW HAVE BABIES" - Starclan 5/21/17 "What is it, land on Luigi day?" - Luigi
Thegeniusyoshi I have chortles! from Blubble Lake Relationship Status: Abstaining
I have chortles!
Jun 29th 2017 at 3:43:02 PM

Fawful gets up, and, not yet noticing the difference in his headgear, saucer, star gun, and clothes, heads to a building that appears to be a library.

"BY THE POWER OF SPARKLES AND MAGIC YOU SHALL NOW HAVE BABIES" - Starclan 5/21/17 "What is it, land on Luigi day?" - Luigi
secretlyasuperhero [TOP SECRET] from [TOP SECRET] Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
Jun 29th 2017 at 4:58:43 PM

Eve|Wine Cellar|Well, That Was Anti-Climactic

Eve watched as Ghostfreak burned and died, a small sigh of relief escaping her mouth. She followed Ben's approach with her eyes, and looked up at him. "" A long silence.

A long, long silence.


FullMoon feeling blue from Surface Relationship Status: Shipping fictional characters
feeling blue
Jun 29th 2017 at 5:02:24 PM

Chise - Streets

Cole was in no condition to really explain anything, all he was doing was apologizing for vague things without trying to give any detail. Thanks to Lewis, however, I knew what could be the potential reason for what happened to trigger him turning into Despair.

"I think I know... some of it. He was trying to help someone, but he was restrained, tied up to some tree and had his power limiter taken off before being left there for who knows how long. I wasn't there to see it but... maybe that was enough to transform him..."

I looked up at Arcade. I still hadn't told him anything about Lewis, so he still had no idea these two incidents could be related. Given his rather strong reaction to when I first told him, I could only wonder how much more angry he would get after finding out that the same people were responsible for what happened to Cole.

"The ones responsible for all this might be the same people who are enslaving the person I want to save." I told him

FirockFinion THE SLORG! from The Red Desert Relationship Status: Wishfully thinking
Jun 29th 2017 at 6:07:36 PM


"No!" Silanea insisted at normal volume, lowering her head down a little further and starting to shake. "I threw my magic blades towards that boy trying to kill him, without thinking about anyone else. I didn't care that there was other people there that might get hurt; if the doctor hadn't moved when he did, or if my throw was a bit off..." the lamia continued, and trailed off.

"... Just because it worked out, doesn't mean I didn't screw up" Silanea muttered after a couple moments. "If I hadn't been knocked out then, I might have- I might..." she stammered a bit, then just started sniffling as tears ran down her face.


"... It's over already?" Louie thought out loud, blinking a couple times. "... Heck yeah, we kicked his ass!" the trainer then exclaimed, settling for being happy about the outcome.

Phillip and Nails kept their phasers in hand but lowered them, and carefully moved down the stairs to see the situation. "Is anyone hurt?" Phillip asked plainly. He then noticed the pieces of the omnitrix on the ground, and glanced at Ben's wrist that didn't have an omnitrix on it. "... Oh. Shit" the militia member muttered.

"We heard the transmissions on your channel. Wells was worried that the guy might switch to our channel to listen though, so we kept things incognito" Nails explained to Ben, then grabbed his walkie talkie. "Nails here, 'mint chocolate' seems to be eliminated. We're securing the area for now" the militia member reported.

"Roger that. Code terms can now cease" Wells' voice responded simply.

In the streets, with Ursula

Thomas paused, a slightly surprised and also somewhat guilty expression on his face. "I'm sorry, but I don't have time" Thomas said in an apologetic tone while shaking his head, then took the broom in hand. "Head to the library in the center of this world; it's a large, round building with glass walls. You can get answers there" the young wizard offered, then started running with the broom to get a jump start on flying it.

As he straddled the broom it jostled a bit in a way it most certainly wasn't supposed to, but started to take off after a moment. "Ah! It handles a bit differently than the ones back home" Thomas thought out loud as he flew away into the sky, searching the landscape for something.


"It is an isolated universe created solely for this city. You should read one of those first, then I can answer further questions" the Miss Tairee at the central desks said to Joel, and motioned at the stand of pamphlets on the desk.

Meanwhile, Seirwuosuhr glanced downwards as she listened to the Sin Sayer, looking like she maybe didn't understand everything, but at least wasn't looking scared of the woman anymore. "That sounds terrible..." Seirwuosuhr muttered, a bit sadly.

Tommy looked pretty confused, clearly following very little of the conversation. But after a bit of thought, and then a resolute expression, he got up from where he was and moved over to sit next to Seirwuosuhr. "You okay, See?" Tommy asked her gently.

The Miss Tairee there gave a slight frown, then seemed to think of something. "Children, how about a game and some breakfast?" Miss Tairee offered, flicking her wrist to make her bracelet project the holographic screen, which she started typing on. After a few moments, an open bin that had previously been plastic appeared next to a nearby table; inside was what were previously brand-less interlocking plastic brick toys, but given the conditions of the day, they were interlocking bricks of different edible foods. "Because of the way today is, whatever you build with these you can also eat. You might want to taste test the colors first" the librarian explained to the children, who were starting to get interested.

Out in the desert

"Your job isn't to make small talk" Rega mentioned bluntly to Lewis, then moved up to Seiga to help the floran as she also approached...

A little while later, Seiga was tied up with her arms and legs bound in a bundle behind her back, tight enough that she genuinely couldn't wriggle out of them. Rega then casually picked her up and carried her as they started to move along. The robot and floran walked along as well, and a little ways behind them, some kind of shimmer in the air was following them.

As they approached a cluster of buildings now next to the library, the robot seemed to take notice of one of the buildings that had a bell tower poking out the top, then glanced at its two comrades. "Go on ahead" the robot said with a motion at the library, then hurried off to the buildings.

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Jun 29th 2017 at 6:37:45 PM

Seiga, Big Plans Time
"It's simple," Seiga said, looking back at her servant as her hands were bound. "Tell them that you're on some kind of important business, maybe mention that I'm captured. If they keep insisting, say you'll be right back! It shouldn't take you long to get those people out, anyway."

As she was foisted in the air like a very gaudy piece of luggage, Seiga added "Everyone loves a public execution, as it is." She nodded him along.

Yoshika, Where is Everyone
Sitting with the chairs and the desk that she brought up here earlier, Yoshika felt distinctly unadopted right now.

She looked up at Ciri, and asked "Why isn't there a line already? I thought people would be here before us, even..."

FullMoon feeling blue from Surface Relationship Status: Shipping fictional characters
feeling blue
Jun 29th 2017 at 7:14:03 PM

Elias - Hospital Room

"I never said that you didn't make a mistake, you certainly did, but it's nothing to worry about as is," I shook my head as I looked at how she was beginning to cry needlessly, "besides, shouldn't you be going out to apologize to him if you truly regret it so much, instead of sitting here doing nothing but drowning in self-pity?"

I could never really understand how sensitive people were to the point where issues with simple solution were made unnecessarily complicated all due to their emotions overshadowing any logical thinking. I could never really sympathize with how others felt, even if I could understand the reasons behind it and sometimes I wonder if my lack of emotional development could be considered a blessing compared to people like this lamia.

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Jun 29th 2017 at 7:25:56 PM

Mary (Dessert) - Not A Veterinarian

As the "dream" went on, and Mary continued eating, her stomach slowly but steadily started to grow bigger, and the amount of leftover candy around her mouth also started to increase. However, not everything would prove to be so wonderful and pleasant. While she was munching on the umpteenth handful of candy she'd brought into her mouth, she happened to stumble upon a strange and very comfortable-looking animal with a sort of long neck. Naturally, since she was in a dream about everything being made out of candy, Mary proceeded to lick it.

It was not made of candy.

"Ptoo! Ptoo!" she spat, clearly disgusted by the terrible uncandylike taste. "This tastes worse than crayons!"

Moderately disappointed, and unaware that the poor animal was extremely hot and dehydrated, Mary simply walked away from the woolly animal, at least for a few seconds, until she spotted a rather familiar building in the distance. Then she started running as fast as her legs allowed her, with her eyes set straight on the library. Each time she'd been there in one of her dreams, she'd met someone different, and she hoped that occasion would be no exception. It was still some distance away, but she had a direct path towards it, and the determination to not be stopped by anything.

Except perhaps by all the candy she picked up along the way. She did need to stop for that.

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Jun 29th 2017 at 7:30:05 PM

Ciri - Library Upper Level

"It's still early in the day," Ciri quickly said to Yoshika. She paused for a moment as she thought, her hand tapping her belt in contemplation. "All the food today was turned into things that are inedible, so I would imagine most folks are still suffering the consequences of finding out that their breakfast turned toxic with the new conditions in this city."

"Against all the evil that hell can conjure. All the wickedness that mankind can produce. We will send unto them... only you.
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I just want to help!
Jun 29th 2017 at 7:33:15 PM

Chise's explanation might have left a few gaps, more or less, but it was enough of the explanation to cause a low gasp from Cole, making him clutch a little harder at Caro, seeming as though he were thinking, or at least, remembering something.

"Lewis..." he said softly. "Lewis, it was...Lewis, it was Lewis, they had him, they had him, and he wasn't...that wasn't him, he wasn't him, was...there w-was something, a-a piece of paper, a-and Seiga, and...people, there were other people there...they were...they...I don't..."

He whimpered, gripping at his head as though suddenly having a horrible headache. "I...Lewis needs help..."

Jun 29th 2017 at 7:38:23 PM


"...Okay..." Curly said, reaching to pat Silanea's tail in a way she hoped might be comforting. "How about you start over then, you mind sharing why'd you try to kill anyone in the hospital in the first place? Did another fight break out?"

Jun 29th 2017 at 7:38:25 PM

Yoshika, But Not-Moooooooom
"That doesn't make any sense," Yoshika said. "If someone was hungry, they'd just start eating other things! Like dirt." She slumped down in her seat, resting her chin on the table.

"I'd eat it all before them, but now I caaaaaan't~" she whined, before lightly licking the top of this delicious table.

Skooter910 Relationship Status: Browsing the selection
Jun 29th 2017 at 7:45:37 PM


It was a sad fact of his life that Arcade could not muster up any horror when hearing of what happened to Cole. He'd seen firsthand what the Legion did to destroy everyone in their path; it just didn't cause the same reaction anymore.

The emotion that overtook everything else was fury. Whoever it was tortured people and enslaved them? Arcade could only mumble, "I see," very calmly. His face betrayed his murderous thoughts, picturing that person in Caesar's throne, and desperate to do to them what he helped the Courier do to him.

Luckily Cole was able to give them some names. He had no idea who Seiga was, but Lewis was the one being enslaved? He was dealing with magic? He didn't know Lewis well, but he knew the guy deserved better than slavery. Though he couldn't think of anyone who did deserve slavery.

But Lewis wasn't the only one in trouble, was he? He still didn't know what was happening to Eve, and he'd promised to be there for her. He tried to find a good way to say it, but he quickly gave up and just said, "I still need to find Eve. I can't just go off and help someone else when she's hurt. I can't."

I say that aloud too sometimes, just: "man, no life."
DeisTheAlcano Relationship Status: Drift compatible
Jun 29th 2017 at 7:46:11 PM

The Library —> Outside — Lovely day for a walk

"Nah, I'm cool. Must be the heat or something" Rex brushed off Shenhua's concern because it was just a random shiver. Nothing to worry about.

Although, the way she coldly discussed killing people and crippling them after learning that the former wouldn't work was seriously starting to creep out Rex. Maybe that's where the shiver had come from. It was hard to know.

"We try to knock them out if we can, honestly"

To Rex's surprise, the woman agreed to come along to the hospital. Rex didn't need to hear it twice because he was planning on heading there any second now anyway. A shame he would miss Yoshika's adoption but there was nothing he could do about it—it's not like he was father material after all—and Tairee, Ciri, and Lucas were keeping an eye on her. They would be okay as long as they stayed inside the building. Besides, Silanea needed his help too and her issues were more of the asskicking kind. That was his specialty.

"Hey guys, I'm going to the hospital to help Silanea! Good luck with the adoption. Call me if you need help" he shouted at the others in the upper level. He then stepped out of the door and walked outside for a bit to give himself room to create his motorbike.

Jun 29th 2017 at 7:48:28 PM


"It is indeed terrible, but it is something that I do not wish upon others. We all have our own hardships and I'd rather you not be burdened more than what you already have been." Okay there was actually progress! Even Sin Sayer herself didn't believe that whatever she did would have this sort of calming effect, bolstering her confidence to continue to be even more full of honesty and truthfulness in the future.

"And as for why I am a Priest under the employ of God like you asked... it is because He loves me. Even for what I am now, he continues to be at my side, guiding me..." Showing so by clasping her hands together and whispering a minor Healing Prayer upon the girl, golden light drifting down towards her current acquaintance. Given that her version of God's brand of holy magics allowed people to heal even demons and worked on a morality system, there should be no worries in trying to use something like this upon one of demonic origin. She had cast said spell manifold times on the nicer demons without mishap too so it lent acertain degree of confidence and familiarity.

If the demon girl remained in place and let it suffuse her, she'd find that it would have a calm and soothing effect upon the body. Though the Priest had been stripped of the majority of her holy powers upon realizing her conviction to carry the sins of others, she still had enough powers due to her abnormally strong faith to be able to cast holy aligned magics even when her existence had warped into something almost irreparably close to that of a demon's.

"God's heart is great and does not discriminate against beings just because they are demons. He shows His love towards the righteous and is saddened by the corrupt and sinful without remorse." Something to help reinforce both her and Miss Tairee's earlier words, showing that simply being born as a demonkin wasn't something to be guilty of, it was what you did personally that should cause your guilt. And for someone with very little personal wrongdoings like Sleigh, she should be hopefully be able to feel just the tiniest bit better. If that went wrong unlike what she thought and the demon were to be hurt by the holy magics, the Priest would instantly stop her casting and move far away from the girl to prevent too much discomfort.

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Jun 29th 2017 at 8:07:04 PM

In the Dessert, You Can't Remember Your Name

The sun was beating down hard on Morty's head; an insubstantial heat slowly but surely bearing down on his increasingly sticky neck. For the seventh time this minute, he stopped to wipe his brow, dazedly taking in Rick purposefully striding across the neon pink sands - or sugar, whatever it was now - ahead, shimmering in the blazing sunlight.

"Rick, d-d-do...." Morty trailed off again to lick his dry lips and stare warily up at the seemingly endless candy wasteland behond, "... do you know where you're going?"

"Yes, Morty," snarled Rick from up ahead, voice dripping sarcasm; Morty vaguely noted that Rick had taken the liberty of removing his purple labcoat and wrapping it around his head like a makeshift ghutrah, making him look sort of like a really hung over Lawrence of Arabia. "Of course I know where I'm going, here in this - in this magical city of idiots that changes around every time you turn your back to take a piss. I'm just walking in a straight line, Mmmm*urp*morty!"

orty... orty... orty...' Echoes bounced off distant chasms of chocolate and taffy.

Morty was too parched to try and put up a rational argument as Rick's path took them down into one such canyon, a jumbled network of chocolate and waffle cones. Jagged walls rose up around them. Jawbreakers the size of Buicks sat perilously perched atop the cliffs, as though just waiting for the wrong vibration to set them off. Jagged ledges and crags in the great chocolate cliffs cast strange shadows.

If Rick looked nervous at the prospect of walking through the valley of candy death, he didn't show it; the scientist was stalking purposefully towards... well, somewhere, Morty surmised, that was how these excursions always went, they bumped into someone eventually, even if it was a serial rapist or something, and really the best course of action was probably just to, well...

"You're lost," he said; the words didn't really mean to come out of his mouth per se, but there they were, hanging in the air.


"And you could be leading us towards anything, Rick!" said Morty, catching up with his grandfather in a burst of irritability. "Desert monsters, or, or, murderous... people, or..." Morty wiped his brow again as he trailed off, which severely undercut the point he was trying to make.

Somewhere above the canyon, something flitted from one gigantic jawbreaker to a large ice cream cone. There was a sharp bark that sounded like a dog yapping at the mailman...

... and before Morty could process what all that meant, there were things loping out of the shadows in front of the scientist and his grandson. They looked like dogs, sort of - but these were the most malnourished, mistreated-looking canines he had ever seen. They didn't even have fur; by the looks of it, their skin had been burnt away into a brown, crusty mass of - of- . Morty squinted, and took another second to process what he was seeing. Their lanky,skeletal bodies were made out of pretzels. Long, triangular ears made out of waffle cones wobbled this way and that. Candy corn nails gripped along the sugary sand, big jujube noses sniffed the air, and crunchy lips pulled back to reveal teeth made out of jagged mint fragments.

Morty recoiled in a combination of horror and disgust, lips pursed in his usual gormless expression. "Oh jeez, Rick, w-what..."

"Snackals," Rick confirmed, his expression grave.

As though responding to the word, the first of the horrible dog-things leapt at Rick, gumdrop eyes flashing; the scientist swung a fist at its crispy snout, shattering it to bits. "RUN, MORTY!" Morty didn't need to be told twice; as Rick pistol-whipped a second snackal with his chocolate gun, Morty bolted, with Rick not far behind. The pack of horrible puns behind them though hadn't evolved note  into predators in this ecosystem without some home field advantages, of course; Morty could see, out of the corner of his eye, that the monsters on top of the canyon were already nosing one of the giant jawbreakers into the canyon below...

The resounding crunch nearly blew Morty's eardrums out as the gigantic mass of solidified sugar plummeted into the middle of the canyon, kicking up a choking cloud of sugar dust and momentarily obscuring Morty's vision. Coughing, he struggled to his feet; only for a hand to grab him and yank him out of the path of another snackal closing in.

"Holy shit, Morty! We gotta - we gotta get the hell outta here, Morty! They're gonna - they're gonna flatten us, Morty, we're gonna die, we're so screwed, we're so screeeewed-"

"RICK, YOU'RE NOT HELPING!" Another jawbreaker slammed into the ground behind them, missing Morty by millimeters. Morty could see, just ahead, where the canyon was starting to rise - and then, the ground spun crazily around him as another snackal leapt up and tried to take a chunk out of his face. Morty screamed a manic scream and slammed his fist into the thing's pretzel head; the bread cracked beneath the fist and his erstwhile attacker slumped to the ground.

Another thirty feet - twenty feet feet - Rick had picked up one of the snackals and thrown it into its comrade - Morty could feel his footsteps rising as the path above them rose back out of the canyon - ten feet -


The snackals above had clearly misjudged the trajectory of their latest attack- the gumball they had sent plummeting into the ravine had narrowly missed the two humans, but succeeded in flattening a good chunk of their packmates below. Bits of pretzel showered the duo as they sprinted up out of the canyon, racing the cloud of sugar and the shower of crumbs that had once belonged to living creatures. A gumdrop eye arced out of the impact below and rolled to a halt, staring reproachfully up at Rick.

Morty, meanwhile, had slumped to the ground against a nearby lollipop, holding his head in his hands. "Rick, what was that?! We're never going in those canyons again, okay?"

"Jeez, Morty, you hate puns that much?" Rick stared at the sky and wiped some vomit off his chin.

"Not that, Rick! That's it! You can't just keep - you can't just keep dragging me into -" Whatever Morty was about to say next was cut off by a coughing fit as his parched, winded body cashed its cheques. Morty spat some sugar-sand out of his mouth and stared around at the barren landscape.

"I need something to drink, Rick," he said bluntly as his grandfather helped him to his feet.

"Yeah? You and me both, Morty."

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The saloon > The desert

Ben looked at Eve, who asked why he had came. Ben looked at her and took her hand gently.

"You were hurt. I was worried. Why would I not come to make sure you're safe?" Ben asked quietly. He gently let go of her hand (somewhat begrudgingly) once Jack started to head out with her in tow.

Once Jack had started bringing Eve outside, Ben followed close behind on foot, looking around outside for anything threatening. He gestured towards the others to follow and he looked off at the library in the distance. He had to make it there, Miss Tairee would be able to cure her.

"There, the library," Ben told the assembled group. "We should head there. Let's just hope we can get there without something attacking us or something," Ben said to them. Instinctively, he moved his hand to try and adjust the non-existent Omnitrix but after a moment he realized what he was doing and he put his hands in his pockets.

"Let's just go. Can someone lead the way?" Ben asked.

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