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Jun 2nd 2017 at 1:33:23 PM

Ciri - Forest Clearing: Everything is Fine

"Think nothing of it Lucas, I wouldn't be able to eat all of it myself," Ciri said to Lucas as she ate a cut of the raptor's ribs. "A snake woman? Possibly a vran of some sort. Two legs, two arms, long tail, green skin, red eyes, no hair, large mouth - does that sound like her?" she asked.

"I've also heard of this non-human alliance once before. With a name like that, it will take some convincing for us to deal with her, if they're anything like the Squirrels in Temeria and the Kingdoms. I carry elven blood, though I suspect I am human enough that she wouldn't heed my words. If Rex is dealing with her, I'm curious how dire her situation must be that a human could assist." She leaned back and threw her cleaned rib bones into the fire.

"The part about entering her mind shouldn't be too difficult if we can find an oneiromancer," she added. "They interpret dreams and divine the omens and future. Have you heard of anyone with such magic in this city?"

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Jun 2nd 2017 at 2:13:56 PM

Yoshika, The Feast
Still without a word, Yoshika seemed to be completely oblivious to the conversation at hand from their perspective. She tore away a large chunk of meat with her mouth, her face obscured underneath her hair, and loudly grunted as she swallowed it.
Seiga, The...Love Log?
Quite the inquisitive young man, isn't he? Yoshika barely had anything to say when she first returned. Seiga decided to take these questions in order from most to least shocking.

"Oh, don't worry, Lewis," she said as she reached up behind herself to give a comforting pat on the shoulder. "I know exactly why someone like you would be confused right now, after something like that."

She took him by the hand, and cheerfully said "You're dead!"

"Not to say you haven't left this place yet, though," she continued, trying to assuage his inevitable worries. "It's very simple. While there are people you might remember from your life, and people might remember you, your body is no longer with us. You're a ghost."

"Of course, you might be wondering...why is this happening? It's because I brought you back to life, Lewis. I am Seiga Kaku, your master. You exist to serve me, in mind, body and down to your very soul." She closed her eyes, and nodded. "It's fair repayment for what I've done for you, isn't it? I think it is."

She remembered the worried glances to the thing that he was hiding from. "Yes, you may have noticed your friend, over there. His name is Z'Skayr, and he'll be helping us do something important. Feel free to introduce yourself to him!" Her face took on a sudden air of smugness. "He's a little bashful, you see."

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Jun 2nd 2017 at 2:29:56 PM

Forest Clearing

Lucas carefully ate as Ciri barraged him with questions. He glanced over at Yoshika to see if she maybe had something to contribute, though it seemed she found the food far more engaging than the conversation. Well, she had been without food completely for a few days, regardless of her potentially being unable to starve to death. He could excuse it.

It was quite a lot of questions being presented before him. After taking a moment to organize his response, as well as finish off the morsel he was currently working on, Lucas replied "Um, Silanea isn't really like that. She looks like a human with a long snake body instead of legs. I'm pretty sure Rex already got her on board with this whole thing, though I doubt it was that difficult. Losing everyone you care about, and then getting a chance to have them all back... Who wouldn't agree to that?"

The final question gave Lucas a bit more pause. He was pretty sure they already had a mind entering method worked out, or at least it wouldn't make sense for them to be on the assemble a team phase without a step so crucial left unaccounted for. Did he have any clue what it was? He wracked his brain trying to remember... Oh wait, someone mentioned something, didn't they? Another bite, chew, swallow, as he struggled to recall. Well, he got a word through his struggles, but he really hadn't been paying enough attention at the time to get even the slightest detail stored away. After an uncomfortably long pause, Lucas said "I... think I heard Rex... no, it was Curly... say something about a door. I don't really know what that could have to do with anything, but I think they have something worked out. It looked like they were ready to start at a moment's notice, I think."

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Jun 2nd 2017 at 3:46:10 PM


"Yes Cole. And that feeling you describe? Other people feel it too, when we know people that we care about are suffering. Not in the same literal sense that you feel it; for us it's more metaphorical. But it's not really that much less real" Miss Tairee responded to Cole with a nod. "Okay, some more heartless people and sociopaths don't feel it; but the majority of regular people feel it. And more empathetic people will feel it for complete strangers too... I think, the only thing really so different in your case, is that you can't not feel it, regardless of your own disposition" the librarian continued.

"As for your concern about compelling people, well... There's no black and white absolutes there, Cole. I don't think there is, anyway. It's all about, what exactly are you asking them to help you with, and how do they feel about you asking it. But in just about any case where the person cares about you, and already wants to help, then what would you really be compelling?" Miss Tairee went on, asking rhetorically as way of trying to make Cole understand her point.

Home Sweet Home

"You're a fighter? Well I guess I should've known. But hey, as long as you don't bring back heat towards us, you hear! If you get in trouble with the militia I won't stop them from coming in and taking you!" Blue hollered out at Kamina as he and Simon left; while he was overall serious about the remark, his tone was still a little jovial, like that he didn't actually expect that to be a problem with Kamina and was just saying it out of principle.

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Jun 2nd 2017 at 3:46:12 PM

The hospital

Ben pounded his head into his palm upon hearing what Brother Marcus was saying. He furrowed his brow and turned the walkie talkie of his to the militia's channel.

"You're not making any sense! Say we did send her out there, which we're probably gonna do at this rate, what are you gonna do, kill her? She's just gonna come back, everyone comes back around here! Your little killing spree is getting nothing done but making all your possible allies into your enemies and making you look like even more of a crazy person than you already seemed like when you came here, not to mention things work differently here than in your world!" Ben shouted into the walkie talkie.

He tried to maintain his composure, but then another well of anger rose up into him and he pushed the button again. "So we'll send Kelsey out there to deal with you, fine, go ahead, she told me she was gonna stop worshipping your cornflake whatever mumbo jumbo but obviously she's not doing a good job! That or she just doesn't care, or she's just lying, I can't tell anymore, no one makes any sense in this city and even when I try my hardest to help people or be the hero it seems like people are just gonna hate everyone else no matter what! Even if they have to lie and frame people to do it!" Ben exclaimed, before putting away the walkie talkie in a huff. He looked at his wrist.

"When is this stupid watch gonna come back on?!" he asked, exasperated.

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Jun 2nd 2017 at 3:58:57 PM


Arcade nodded at Dave, the hospital was not going to be the grounds for some huge fight if he could help it. "Look, we only have so much time to make a decision," he yelled, "and whatever we decide, protecting the hospital and the people who are hurt in here should be the priority. So yes, send her out, whether you follow her or not doesn't matter!"

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Jun 2nd 2017 at 4:03:27 PM


Plague Knight already had a plan to deal with the situation but things weren't that clear to Rex. "Look, I have a plan that would solve all three at the same time"

Unfortunately, Elias didn't see the point of stopping Kelsey and Marcus from fighting if that meant the hospital was safe. Chise personally didn't like the idea of engaging Marcus directly either and preferred to lure Marcus away from innocent people.

"No, you don't get it. She has... let's call them issues. She's not right in the head and this would only make things worse. And if you are not going to help, then I'm going to kick his butt anyway. It's been a long time coming"

Besides, as Rex saw it, the hospital is pointless today. It was just a giant tree with a garden. Tairee would be able to cure anyone in seconds and protect the place from dinosaurs or people like Marcus.

Marcus and Wells argued about Kelsey over the radio. The first mentioned how a normal human that didn't even have much sanity left was somehow dangerous in as city filled with heroes, while the militia leader implored Rex to protect the hospital and the people in it while backup arrived "You worry too much. I'll deal with it" Rex said, shutting down his communicator. Back to Kelsey, she was actually thinking the same way Elias did. She held one of the militia at phaser-point and explained that she only wanted to fight Marcus so they just had to let her go and go on with their lives. Rex wasn't afraid of Kelsey knocking out someone but she really needed to calm down so he wasn't going to immediately attack her just yet.

"And then what? What's your endgoal here, moron? You want to die to make up for killing people? That's not how it works"

That little discussion was interrupted by Rex's phone ringing after getting a message. Rex took it from his pocket and checked it like nothing important was going on "Hang on, it could be important"

Funnily enough, it was Lewis wanting to know when they were going to start Silanea's challenge. Nice timing.

"Are you there? I just wanted to say things got complicated here. Look Ill just call you back later. Oh and try to tell Kamina about it if you find him. He could be useful. But dont tell him I said that!"

Back to the serious situation, Ben had lost it and ranted at Marcus about how his actions didn't make sense but it eventually slipped into how he felt about the city in general and people not being excellent to each other.

"Geez man, chillax. We took Marcus down like four times already. It's old hat by this point"

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Jun 2nd 2017 at 4:20:54 PM

Lewis - Log - ...And Partial Dishonesty

"...Oh. That makes sense." It must have been why my mind spat her name out on accident.

It was a lot to take in at one time, but...hearing it from her felt comforting, safe. I didn't understand why she wanted me as her loyal servant, but I knew that whatever the reason I'd go to the ends of the earth for her every beck and call. It was the least I could do.

Though to think that I'd died somehow...even knowing it'd be futile, I couldn't help but try and recall how. I faintly recalled...a pit? A void? It wasn't clear enough to reconstruct in any meaningful way, but what I could make out was enough to make something seem off about her story...but surely she knew better than I did. I barely knew anything as it was besides what she'd told me.

She introduced me to our partner for the time being, the creature I had noticed whose name she gave as Zs'Skayr, encouraging me to introduce myself to him. Encouraged, I crept up from behind her and held out a hand for him to take. "Um, hi. Miss Seiga says we're working together. My name's—"

A little beeping noise rang from under me. I looked down and saw what I recognized as a phone, one that had just received a message. "Huh? What's this doing here?"

I bent down to pick it up and read what it had to say.

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Jun 2nd 2017 at 4:43:28 PM

Chise - Hospital

Despite the fact that even the woman wanted to leave and go fight the man somewhere else, Rex still insisted in fighting him and put the hospital in risk. He tried to justify it by seeing that the woman had issues that would just be made worse if she was allowed to fight, but it still seemed really thoughtless of him.

"Rex, there are injured people here, do you simply not care?!" I said, raising my voice at him, "I thought you were supposed to save people, not put them in more danger!"

"Just let the fool leave. What she does with her life is her choice and if she wants to die, so be it," Elias spoke, still keeping himself calm and speaking in a rather disinterested tone of voice.

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Jun 2nd 2017 at 4:46:48 PM

Seiga, The Phone Log
Ah, this was going fine. Seiga realized she had worried a little too much about all of this. It had worked before a hundredfold, so why should one failure dissuade her! She would've died if it weren't for the loyal service of her many jiangshi, and that will continue for the future as well.

He had a little bit of a rocky start is all, now that he knows his place, Lewis seems to be adapting quickly. Aww, look, he called Seiga "Miss" without even being asked! That's cute enough that it almost makes up for all the strange tension he was making. She couldn't wait to...

As Lewis picked up his phone, it took a moment for Seiga to process what had happened. By the time she could react, he should've been able to read it.

She stepped away from him, and held out her palm. Her pleasant demeanor not changing one bit, she said "Hand that over. Now."

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Jun 2nd 2017 at 6:00:04 PM

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Jun 2nd 2017 at 6:01:54 PM


When Kelsey came out, Plague Knight immediately went into a battle stance, bomb ready to be thrown at her. However, she wanted to engage with Marcus personally instead of waiting for him. Of course, there was Ben freaking out as he did an exercise in futility that was negotiating with the space marine over the radio.

The knight put a reassuring hand on Ben's shoulder. "Ben," the alchemist said. "Calm yourself." Then he addressed everyone else. "I agree with the newcomer, we escort her outside and keep as far away from the building as possible. Once she and Marcus start killing each other at a safe distance where only the giant beasts outside are at risk, then we can get involved if we desire," he said, focusing on Rex as he said that last statement.

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Jun 2nd 2017 at 6:09:14 PM

Lewis - Log of Suspicious Amounts of Controllingness - Little late on the jump there, Seiga?

I read the message the phone had just received to find that it was addressed to me,note  a sender named Rex promising to call back later since he was in the middle of something right now, asking me to spread the word a person named Kamina. I unlocked the phone to reply as best I could, noting that A) I knew how to use a phone and B) I'd asked him about a 'door challenge', whatever that meant, but before I could begin Miss Seiga demanded in her serene voice that I hand the phone over.

I promptly gave the phone to her, placing it in her outstretched hand, nervous of what the matter was.

"Did...I do something wrong?"

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Jun 2nd 2017 at 6:12:37 PM

Eve|Hospitree|Oh Boy

Eve had zoned out, coming up with plans to deal with the impeding disaster. She grabbed her phone, and turned it to Channel Five, ignoring Ben's rant, but storing it for later.

"Back In the grove, you talked about purification as if it was possible. What would it require?" She never thought she's find herself reasoning with a giant blue super soldier, but if Kelsy could be purged of whatever caused this, not only would it make her better, it would get Marcus off her back. "Because that would probably be the best option for all involved."

Jun 2nd 2017 at 6:35:25 PM

Seiga, The Discipline Log
Seiga took a long look at the screen, and recognized that it happened to be that man who had to interfere. There would only be one way to deal with this.

The hermit looked back at Lewis, and shook her head. "No, of course not. You listened to me when I asked you to hand it over, didn't you? You've been a great servant so far."

She took out the hairpin from behind her head and brought it to the phone's screen, tracing a hole in it and revealing the electronics underneath. "There is something I have to tell you, Lewis. There are certain things that you don't need to know."

Not breaking eye contact with him, changing tone, or so much as blinking, she stabbed down into the exposed circuitry, and stabbed hard.

"There are certain things you do need to know, however." *STAB* "There are people out there," *STAB* "that will act as if they're your friend." *STAB* "They're lying." *STAB* "They want to deceive you, and betray you again."

She tipped her hand over and spilled what used to be the phone on the ground, now a pile of shattered glass and silicon connected by a few loose wires.

"Perhaps you've remembered a little about how it happened? You'd understand why I'm protecting you from him if you did."

The heel of her shoe crushed what remained underneath her, as a punctuation. "Rex killed you because he couldn't accept that I loved you, and not him."

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Jun 2nd 2017 at 6:38:07 PM

Cole was quiet, taking that in for a moment, squirming a bit where he sat and rubbing at his arm, just looking uncomfortable. "...I...I guess...I guess not, if...if it's something they really want to do. just doesn't feel right. I'm...I'm the one who's supposed to help others, not...get helped. That is how it has always been. That's how people always said it would Solas..."

His voice trailed off, and he let out a soft sigh. "...he misled me on...on a lot of things. He wanted me to be a spirit, to stay a spirit, because he understands spirits. Becoming human...I guess...I guess it wasn't what he wanted me to do..."

He fidgeted his fingers together again, keeping his gaze down a moment, before abruptly raising his head again, looking at Miss Tairee, face suddenly a bit hard, uncharacteristically so for both a small child, or for Cole as he would usually be.

"I want to be a human. I want to be able to choose who I help and why or not, I want it to be the way you said, where I can feel it without having to feel it, I want to be real."

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Jun 2nd 2017 at 6:44:36 PM

The jungle

Zs'Skayr nodded towards Lewis, looking a little irritated at being described as "shy". He floated around so that he was facing Lewis dead on, and not looming over him.

"There are only so many people you can trust in this cruel world," Ghostfreak hissed, floating slightly higher. "We are... your friends. And we only want what's best for you. Miss Seiga, and I. We want you to be safe from those that would harm you. Do you understand?" His eye kept looking down towards Lewis.

"The wisest man is he who understands that he understands nothing."
Jun 2nd 2017 at 8:17:34 PM

Hospital, outside

"Y-you know, my money - my money's probably on Marcus," remarked Rick unhelpfully. "I - I say ten-to-one odds on Marcus. Anyone else up for placing bets?"

"Rick! This isn't the time!"

"When your my age, *urp* Morty, - sorry let me rephrase that - if you get to my age, Morty, you learn that there's always time for *urp* smart gambling." Rick took a shot as Roger snorted and ambled over to a stand of ferns, tail lazily swishing back and forth and nearly bowling over Morty as he headed toward the hospital.

"Ten to one odds! Who wants to bet?"

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Jun 2nd 2017 at 8:20:50 PM

Library - im not coming up with a clever post title

"I know about the militia- someone else told me about it. I'm not familiar with the other organizations, though. Can you fill me in on them?" 9S replied to Miss Tairee, ready to remember what she was about to say.

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Jun 2nd 2017 at 9:12:35 PM

Lewis - Log of Manipulation - I might need to throw up on his behalf

I was relieved to know that I hadn't messed up after all, before Miss Seiga went on an uncharacteristically embittered rant about how people weren't afraid to manipulate, to gain a person's trust and use it against them, while violently crushing the phone with her hairpin and then trampling the remains underfoot. By the end of it, it was clear what about the phone had made her so furious.

"O-oh. I see."

This 'Rex' had done this? If I strained for it, I could recognize something that felt like betrayal, as sharp and piercing as...I couldn't seem to complete that analogy.

But it looked based on the message log like we'd just been talking. Like, moments ago. Had he done it that recently? Must have been a fast resurrection process...and a faster getaway. He must really have wanted to take advantage of this amnesia thing to have the gall to reply now of all times...or maybe it just came late.

I stared at what used to be my phone (I assumed it was mine, anyway), brooding over what I'd been told, absorbing Zs'Skayr's confirmation of both Miss Seiga's warning and her reassurance. They were right that I could count on them, were perhaps the only ones I could; I could tell just from listening to the sound of Miss Seiga's voice that she meant no ill will, and if she trusted Zs'Skayr knowing these things, then clearly he must be worthy of it.

"Y-yes, I understand. Thanks."

I looked up at Miss Seiga, making eye contact. "So...we were...?"

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Jun 2nd 2017 at 11:11:51 PM

Lu & Ciel (Library) - Tea Time with Children

Lu watched the young child and the librarian talk to each other. All the glancing and pointing made it very obvious that they were talking about her. Eventually, the adult woman approached, and asked Lu if she needed anything, and also invited her to the area of the library where the young girl and many other children where. For a moment she started to frown, as the thought that the librarian was already starting to treat her as a child briefly came to her, but fortunately it was soon replaced with a much better and more fitting explanation: that young girl wanted to talk to her. Of course! It made perfect sense: she looked like the type to be shy, so it was only natural that she'd asked the librarian to ask her to come so they could have a conversation.

Obviously she could not refuse such an offer.

"I don't really need anything," the demon lord stated in response to Tairee's inquiries, "although I guess I could go over there for a while. Maybe I'll learn more about this place while I'm at it."

Ciel, in the meantime, dedicated himself to the tea, tasting it to make sure it was not too bitter, and inspecting the cups he did, in fact, request.

"Yes, this should do," he finally acknowledged, turning his attention back towards the library. "Now, I do have a couple of questions. Why exactly are we here, and how long should we expect to remain in here?"

Considering that the El Search Party had received a message from Ara the day before, it was safe to assume that they'd probably be there for a long while.

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Jun 2nd 2017 at 11:22:26 PM

Hospital, inside / Militia channel

"I never said I would do that! You are the liar here!" Kelsey protested after Ben's statement. "I direct the strength Khorne grants me against those who deserve it, but I haven't given up on my lord! It's all I have left now anyways" she continued, her grip on the guns steadying for a moment, then resuming shaking.

"Your tantrum is only making it more clear how unqualified you are to speak on this matter, boy" Brother Marcus' voice said in response to Ben. There was a bit of silence until Eve's question. "... It is true, the lack of permanent death complicates matters here. Firstly I will need to remove her armour and weapons, along with anything else that carries the taint or symbols of Chaos; giving her a swift death to deprive her of that which she's been given in the city may be necessary to that end. After that, I will have to make use of the methods of the Ecclesiarchy, to turn her to the light of the Emperor and place her on the path of repentance" the space marine's voice explained.

"That almost sounds... Reasonable" Wells' voice commented, sounding a little surprised.

"It is the only course of action, as subjecting her to the proper punishment of death for her deeds is not an option in this blasphemous city" Brother Marcus' voice responded simply.

"Well, I'm sorry that the nature of the city has forced your hand to such inconvenient mercy" Wells' voice said with bitter sarcasm.

"Would you like to join the heretic's reeducation, lieutenant? Do not test my patience" Brother Marcus' voice answered.

Kelsey was shaking a little more as she overheard the exchange, though her expression looked a bit worried and... Just a little bit thoughtful.

"Ben, what should we do?" Thomas asked again, some frustration leaking into his tone.

"That Brother Marcus guy sounds like a bad guy, so we should take him down, shouldn't we?" Louie asked, though with a glance towards Kelsey added with some uncertainty, "but, she kinda seems like a bad guy too..."

Dave still just looked frustrated with the situation, but had nothing more to say on the situation. Phillip and Nails also stayed silent and kept their phasers aimed at Kelsey; Phillip looked angry, while Nails looked worried, and cast quick glances at the others in the room, trying to see if some decision was being reached yet. And at some point during all the frustrated yelling and the arguing and such, Silanea had slipped out the front door.

Hospital, outside

As was typical with the space marine, Rick and those outside would hear his approach through the jungle brush before they saw him, approaching the hospital slowly but steadily, simply walking through plants or crushing them underfoot. He stopped and waited at the edge of grove though; though his expression was not visible under his helmet, it seemed clear that he was observing the location first before moving in.

Silanea slithered herself into position halfway between Brother Marcus and the front doors; she hoisted herself up a bit taller on her tail as the green aura started to form around her arms. "I-I'm not going to let you hurt the innocent people in there, y-you, murderer" Silanea said, her arms shaking in the turmoil of fear and sadness and anger and such boiling together in her mind. Brother Marcus said nothing, just staring forward at her with his helmet providing no insight to his opinion or thoughts on this.


The Miss Tairee speaking with Cole raised both eyebrows just a little bit, then smiled. "Then I'll help you with that too, Cole. I think you're finally starting to understand" Miss Tairee said, then patted Cole's head. "But right now is not the right time for it- I'll still have to discuss it with my boss after all. You just let me worry about that" the librarian added.

"So what would you like to do now, then?" Miss Tairee then asked Cole, then suggested, "I was going to see about setting up a game for the other children soon; you're welcome to join in."

Meanwhile, the Miss Tairee near the central desks gave 9S a nod. "Very well, I will give you a quick rundown then: The Non-Human Alliance or NHA is a group of- as should be obvious- non-humans, who rallied together to defend themselves after some incidents and decisions with particularly xenophobic or simply frightened humans; they are currently allied with the militia. The City Knights are a group of special individuals trying to act as heroes in the city, with a policy of never killing. Home Sweet Home is a group that have fortified a hotel and let people stay there under their protection, in return for helping them in more minor ways, such as doing chores. There is also the Fanboys and the Church of Literacy, who do not have radio channels in use due to the different nature of their organizations. The Fanboys are pacifists trying to enjoy their time here in the city. The Church of Literacy is a religious organization that have taken to worshiping my boss" Miss Tairee explained to him at length.

"There's a few of the 'Literates' as they call themselves over there, in fact" Miss Tairee then mentioned, and pointed over to one side of the lobby where the three Literates in caveman-style furs were sitting. Then Miss Tairee turned her attention to Ciel. "You have been chosen to come here at random, simply to see what you decide to do, and how you interact with the other denizens and the changing conditions; it is all for the purpose of my boss to gain inspiration for his next work. At the latest, you will be sent home on the twenty ninth day when this experiment will end; today is the sixteenth day" the librarian answered him.

Over where the children were, Seirwuosuhr stared at Lu as she came over, though didn't leave her jaw gaping open this time. Tommy was first to speak, quickly saying to Lu, "hi there, I'm Tommy! What's your name? You look kinda..." The young boy trailed off as he tilted his head in thought, seemingly unsure how to finish that thought, or even if he should.

Seirwuosuhr looked at Tommy briefly, then shuffled a little closer to Lu. "Are you, um... You have, horns, but also pointy ears; are you, half fallen one and half elf?" Seirwuosuhr asked, fidgeting a bit, matching the nervousness in her tone.

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Jun 2nd 2017 at 11:50:14 PM

Ciri - Outside the Hospital

"Pay attention now, Yoshika, Lucas," Ciri said sharply to the children, pulling her steel sword out at the first sign of conflict going on at the entrance to the hospital. Nothing seemed to actually be happening at the moment beyond discussion, but it seemed as though that could change at a moment's notice.

"Keep your distance for now, we can't risk Seiga's control returning if you are killed. But if we are given no choice.... Tall, armored, heavy sword, the type of knight who needs special attention to defeat, not unlike the Red Riders I've fought before. Attack from behind, slash at the backs of the knees and ankles to cripple him, elbows and armpits to disarm, always flank in groups, and don't overextend yourselves. The teeth in his sword are larger than any saw or swordbreaker I've seen, I suspect no weapons save my sword own will survive against their bite."

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Jun 2nd 2017 at 11:50:43 PM

Cole leaned forward a bit on the couch, face oddly stern as he seemed to be thinking, looking towards the nearest set of doors out of the library.

"There is something, someone, in the city, who hurt people, and tried to blame someone else for it," he said, looking at her. "...with my powers, I might have a better chance than most people at trying to find them, and trying to understand why. That...that would be the responsible thing to do, to keep other people from getting protect them. ...I still want to be able to help, even if I would also like to...stay here, stay like this, and be this. But..."

He quirked his mouth a bit, as though actually, physically chewing over the dilemma, glancing back at the doors, then at Miss Tairee. " you think I would have enough of an effect, looking for the killer, for it to be...worth it?"

Jun 3rd 2017 at 12:44:18 AM

Seiga, Yes Unfortunately It's The Love Log
Hopefully, Seiga wasn't going to regret this. This was a line that she wouldn't dare cross in normal circumstances, such a great gamble that she'd cry foul if anyone else would possibly try it out themselves...and, hopefully still, Seiga could fix his misguided notions when the time came.

"...Yes," she finally said, after a pregnant pause. "We loved each other, Lewis, and I still do. It may have been nascent, us only having known each other since our arrival in this strange place, but I'm not going to let death separate us. Let Rex separate us..."

She looked downward for a moment, a brief look of melancholy on her face and a strong note of malice in her heart, before she collected herself. "I'm sorry, just thinking about what he did makes me falter. What you need to understand is that he is a vile being who has lied his way to painting us as the evil ones in the eyes of the public. Once he realizes what's happened, he and his believers won't stop until the both of us are dead."

Seiga stepped forward and reached her arm up - haltingly. She paused for a moment. Was this truly necessary? Was this right to go this far to create a lie? Would Huan forgive...

Yes. There's no reason to stop now, after everything else she's done. She held her hand up to his cheek and looked in the dead pits of his eyes. "You're stronger than I'll ever be. I need you to make sure he never can do that, because I'm not sure if I could pull off what I did a second time."

And, after another moment of hesitation, she craned her neck up to kiss him.

Thoroughly disgusted with herself, Seiga slowly backed away, letting the false image of her dreamy face and the magnitude of what she did sink in for a moment. God, kissing a bone felt strange.

"...I believe in you, Lewis. Now, while we have the you have any questions on your mind?"

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