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May 7th 2017 at 9:43:59 PM

Ciri - Library

Ciri took the book after Yoshika handed it to her, the girl presumably done with skimming through it. So long as she had it, she might as well make her time useful, and started skimming it.

"Qing'e Wu, quite the peculiar name. Does it mean something in whatever land she hails from?"

"Against all the evil that hell can conjure. All the wickedness that mankind can produce. We will send unto them... only you.
FirockFinion THE SLORG! from The Red Desert Relationship Status: Wishfully thinking
May 7th 2017 at 11:28:32 PM


Miss Tairee stared at Cole for a moment, then slowly placed her hands on his shoulders. Not firm enough to keep him from getting away if he wanted to, but enough to get his attention pointed towards her again. "Cole, you're repeating yourself. I don't intend to repeat myself now, so I'll ask you one more thing" Miss Tairee said, her tone getting a bit serious as she stared into Cole's eyes.

"Would you do that to one of your friends?" Miss Tairee asked him, a bit quietly.

The Miss Tairee near Phoenix and Maya gave a slight shrug. "You can stay here if you want, but you'll have to settle for a couch. I can provide pillows and blankets if you want, though" Miss Tairee told them.

Meanwhile, the Miss Tairee sitting at the central desk looked thoughtful for a moment and typed on her computer. "... It seems that 'Qing'e' probably stands for 'Blue/Green/Youth Beauty'" Miss Tairee mentioned to Ciri.

Cinema, theater

"They make it through in the end. Things do get rough for a while though; I could show you the game" Miss Tairee said to Rex, her tone a little dismissive. She then frowned when he mentioned the idea of a debt.

"It's not a debt, Rex. I could have retired before this city started, and I could retire this very moment if I wanted to. This isn't like that" Miss Tairee told him.

The frown then grew a little more when he brought up Mary. "And what if it is because of that, huh? I already told you that she didn't get a fair chance to have a childhood; she was naive and she messed up, I get that. But you would really throw a little girl in jail and lock her away when all she wanted was to be like everyone else?" Miss Tairee asked him in return, her voice raising.

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May 8th 2017 at 12:20:59 AM

Shinji Ikari | Library, the City | You are (not) with friends

Shinji was taken off guard with Kamina's pat on the back, nearly falling over and dropping the tablet. Thankfully, it hadn't hurt so he recovered from it quickly.

Rei once again blinked. "Chick...?"

"Um...I think he means 'girl' when he says that..."


The effeminate man however, after introducing himself as Leeron, decided to play around and called him "cute". Even with Kamina telling him not to mind, Shinji still blushed at that.

"Eh, uh...nice to meet you, Leeron-san."

He then went on to explain that he was the mechanic for their robots, their Gunmen. He even went on to say he would love to see how their Units worked.

"Uh, um...they're actually called EVAs... And uh...actually, even the...mechanics don't really know how they work either."

Next was the boy who introduced himself, as well as confirming they're Team Dai-Gurren. He also mentioned about fighting against beastman who...keep people underground? That didn't sound so nice. At least in his home, they still were above ground, even if he and Rei.

"Nice to meet you too, Rosshiu-san."

And the last one was the girl, who said her name was Yoko. She also mentioned he should try staying with Kamina, saying he would protect him. He returned the smile. He liked that thought.

"Y-Yes, I'm a pilot. The EVA I pilot is called Unit-01."

Then Leeron asked the important question, or rather questions. Kamina and Simon then went on to explain their situation to them, from how long they'll be staying to the fact they were kidnapped, basically. The last few sentences though made him think. The brothers had asked if their Gunmen, Gurren and Lagann, were with them, to which they answered that they thpught they had them. He looked to Rei and said,

"Ayanami, uh...Unit-01 wouldn't happen to be...gone, would it?"

"Yes, it is."

Shinji stared, except this time for a completely different reason.

"So, are things going there?"

"I don't understand what you mean."

Shinji couldn't hold back on his sigh at this one. It was always hard to talk to Ayanami. "I mean...uh, what's going on? Besides Misato looking for me."

"My Section 2 detail has been increased and the rest of Section 2 are looking for Unit-01."

"Well...tell them it's with me...and it's safe. I won't lose it." He temporarily put his tablet down so that he could remove the upper part of his costume, revealing his school shirt...and his arm brace. He picked the tablet back up to show her. "I...don't know how, but it's now on my arm and..." He got a little distant at this. "...I can turn into it."

To prove his point, once again he grew in size and his body was covered in EVA Unit-01, frozen like a statue. It was still dark, and he could still see the timer at zero, just as he thought. Soon, he changed back and said,

"So they should stop searching for it too."

"I...see..." She hesitated. "I will be sure to inform them, Ikari-kun."

He gave a small smile. "Thank you, Ayanami."

He turned his attentoon back to Team Dai-Gurren, not realizing they probably saw his tranformation as well. What he did realize though was that they probably didn't know who the girl he was talking to.

"Oh! And, uh, in case you didn't hear...this is Rei Ayanami. She's my team mate. She pilots Unit-00."

"Greetings," she said. And then, almost as if it was an afterthought, she turned to Kamina, then Simon. "And...thank you for looking for Ikari-kun."

That came out of nowhere, but then again, Rei had always been a bit...odd. But still, he couldn't help but smile. It seemed that he had more friends than he thought he had back at home. Then again...that was why he had called her.

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I just want to help!
May 8th 2017 at 12:42:57 AM

Cole looked up at Miss Tairee when she got his shoulders, telling him he was repeating himself. She then asked him, gently, it seemed, without any real malice, if that were something he would do to his friends.

He lowered his gaze again, clearly a lot going through his mind, things that made him, for a moment, look rather deeply ashamed, turning his head to the side, away from her.

"Yes...I...I have. I...did, I...used to. Before, when I wasn't...this, when I was still more in-between, more of a spirit, I...I would make...I would make people forget me, forget that I was there. It was to keep them safe, keep me safe, so they didn't know that something that might have frightened them was...what had helped them. It was a little thing, something that...that made it easier for us both, to help them."

Even as he was admitting to this, though, he was hunching his shoulders, lowering his head even more. "...but that was different. This is different. I did that because I didn't understand. I didn't know that...that sometimes a kind word or a good feeling isn't as important as just knowing that someone is there, who cares about you, who wants to help, even if they don't do it right. Blackwall said to me...remembering is the only way you learn. It...hurts...he said yes, it does hurts so that you the future...what it did, what caused it..."

Cole looked up at Tairee again, just looking...exhausted. "''s not different for him, is it? It's...still wrong..."

He just lowered his head again, closing his eyes, reaching up to rub at them with a hand again. "I don't know what to do..."

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May 8th 2017 at 5:53:08 AM

Ara Haan (Cinema) - All The Kisses When

Jack seemed to be very stressed by the whole thing that happened, because suddenly he was actually dragging Ara along for the date, despite how awkward everything about it had been before. He also sounded a bit annoyed when he handed her the mirror.

"Yeah, it was... odd," she noted, still trying to figure out what all that had been all about. Unfortunately, Lewis did not seem to be doing all that well, so he came along with them and asked if he could watch the movie with them in a rather awkward way. And while Ara was a bit hesitant to include a single person in a double date, she could not bring herself to turn him down. "Uhhh... okay, I guess... ah, maybe you can give us a hand with Rex and Tairee? We're supposed to help him get along with her.... I think... but I don't really know how to do that."

Finally, they were in front of the theater. She took a quick pause in her walk to take a deep breath, and cautiously opened the door.

"We're back," she announced herself. "Sorry for leaving like that, I just really needed some air... but I think Jack and I are ready to start now."

JustSomeGuy732 Just another guy from Somewhere Relationship Status: Showing feelings of an almost human nature
Just another guy
May 8th 2017 at 6:25:57 AM

Viola I Library I Late Night Reading

"If you all must excuse me, it's been getting rather late right now," Seeing that there's nothing much for me to do here and it's getting very late outside, I turn around and went for the stairs.

... Oh yes, almost forgot something. "Miss Librarian, could you create me a new walkie-talkie just like the one that I've lost two days ago? Oh, and this too," I handed over to her a list of what appears to be an assortment of types of books that I would like to read, along with a sidenote of having them being piled up alongside my other personal pile upstairs or a bag to carry them with. I found myself quite enjoying the supposedly-infinite collection of the library.

Assuming that my request actually got through correctly for once and not be misinterpreted in any way, I'll be returning upstairs and prepare myself for tomorrow. Or just ignore it like yesterday in favor of reading, whichever my mood takes me.

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May 8th 2017 at 7:00:51 AM

The Library

Leeron made a series of excited claps and then said, "And I thought Lagann was the only machine that operated mysteriously while being compact!........but it seems to have run out of power. Make sure to get it charged! EVA or Gunmen, one that can't move is one that can't fight!"

While Leeron was giving his advice, Yoko and Rossiu both told Rei hello, Yoko in her happy way and Rossiu in his calm way. Kamina took it upon himself to ask his team what the fight was like without Gurren Lagann. "How have you guys been since us and Gurren Lagann went away? Was Dai-Gunzan captured? Are the Beastmen hunting you down?"

Yoko answered with looking downwards and saying somewhat upset, "Team Dai-Gurren has been fine. All of the other pilots are out hunting for food or checking the surrounding area for Beastmen. Once Lagann stopped hijacking Dai-Gunzan, we moved out right away from both pressure of attack and the shock of you two just disappearing. They have been tracking us since but we have been able to beat them back...............Just get back home soon ok? I miss you especially Kamina."

Kamina nodded with force and told her back, "Of course we will get back home! Simon's drill is the drill that will pierce the heavens! Can't start drilling when you're not at the dig site though! Asides, I have to return that promise I made to you that night, so just buck up and get ready for when Gurren Lagann comes back to lead everyone against the Beastmen! Tell the whole damn team that!" Yoko looked back up, cheeks red from knowing what that promise is, and smiled back. "Sure thing Kamina." she replied with a soft, hopeful tone.

Simon smiled at Rei. "You're-re welcome Rei. My bro will make sure that Shinji will be ok. He's great like that."

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May 8th 2017 at 7:12:34 AM

Cinema Theater — If you pay attention, you can hear hell starting to freeze over

"Game? Doesn't it come in a book?" Rex asked Tairee, clearly not knowing that StarCraft was better known for being a videogame.

Tairee dismissing that she had to pay off a debt and instead could retire at any time was something she had explained a few days ago already. This time, though, Rex had more context to work with. Which was also true for Mary. The librarian bluntly asked if Rex would be okay with throwing the little girl in jail just because she wanted to have a family and, after having calmed down from learning that she had escaped, Rex wasn't sure if he would actually do that if he saw her again. But something was obvious she wasn't normal. No, that was just an excuse to kill people. She wasn't normal, she was a painting...

Not like anyone else was normal in the city.

That thing about not having a normal childhood sounded familiar. Rex could certainly relate to that feeling. And now that he had offered to help Yoshika regain her life, he couldn't help but see the librarian's point. No matter how much he tried to stop thinking about it, he was doing basically the same thing Tairee had done for Mary. But it was a totally different situation...


" I.. I j-just... Did you at least talk to her? She needs to know killing people is not ok"

At that moment, Jack and Ara entered the theater. Things were getting awkward. Specially because Ara was apologizing for leaving earlier. That was sweet but incredibly confusing.

"No, it's okay. I mean, I called you dense. And I could have done a better job at explaining what a date is. Sorry"

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FirockFinion THE SLORG! from The Red Desert Relationship Status: Wishfully thinking
May 8th 2017 at 7:41:04 AM


Miss Tairee's expression eased up, and she looked a bit sad at Cole's reactions. "Maybe it's not for me to say, Cole, but it doesn't seem like it's quite the same. Solas would mind wipe you, someone who he would say is his friend, to keep you out of his way. You made people forget you so that you could help them better. But enough about this now" Miss Tairee said, then gently hugged Cole again and stroked his hair a bit. "You're tired, and you're upset. Get some good sleep, and you'll feel better in the morning" the librarian muttered to him quietly, practically motherly.

There was a blur on the table nearby after some typing from one of the other Miss Tairee copies, and a small mug of milk appeared. The Miss Tairee hugging Cole let go again, and grabbed the mug. "Here Cole, I think you should try this. It's warm milk, with honey in it. It's sweet, like the cornmeal, but a different kind of sweet" Miss Tairee explained to Cole. "It should also help you sleep" she added, and offered the mug to him.

At the central desks, the Miss Tairee sitting there took Viola's note and looked at it with a very neutral expression; at the same time, another of her did some typing and a walkie talkie appeared with a blur in front of Viola. "Yes, it'll be just a minute or two" Miss Tairee told Viola simply. By the time Viola would get up all four flights of stairs, she'd come to a peculiar scene. The various books she'd requested were floating over and arranging themselves next to the books she already had; then, both stacks of books raised themselves up and dropped themselves one stack at a time into a small sack resting on the floor, seemingly sinking into the sack without affecting it outwardly. Once they were done, Viola would find the bag of holding able to be picked up and carried feeling as if it were empty.

Meanwhile, the other children in the library were being put to bed on other couches with treatments that were similar, but not as directly hands on as what Cole was getting. They were all given blankets and pillows as requested. After that, things quieted down in the lobby; Miss Tairee saw to that- with reality warping if necessary. And as the children and others drifted off to sleep, the copies of Miss Tairee about kept watch, not even looking like they were getting tired. Eventually, the sky outside started to turn orange, and then suddenly everything stopped with a blur...

Cinema, theater

"It can come in a book, but its bleeding effect is a game" Miss Tairee answered Rex's first bit simply. Her expression then eased a bit when he brought up Mary again. "... I left her a letter, to explain things" the librarian said, sounding like she didn't want to elaborate beyond that at this time.

Then the others came in and Miss Tairee glanced over with a raised eyebrow and slightly surprised expression. She then looked back at Rex and cleared her throat. "I suppose what you do isn't really my business, Rex. But I don't want any part of this... Complication of romances. I bid you goodnight" Miss Tairee told Rex, then blurred and vanished. Some hours later, everything would suddenly blur and stop...

Cinema, party

As the party continued on, Silanea had a bit of all the meats they'd had there, they did a few party games, and even convinced her to try some Mario Kart; although, she was terrible at it and barely understood the use of the controller in the first place.

Jack Skellington seemed to be having a grand time as Sandy Claws, after Melanie had gotten to explaining to the other Fanboys what the deal with that was. With plenty of them playing along and him happily bestowing presents to Silanea and others, it seemed the pinnacle of filling in as a Santa role; at least so it appeared, anyway. As it got later though, he finally made his way to the entrance, the last of his Christmas souvenirs given away. "This Christmas thing is so much fun! I should do this again, maybe several times! But I should get going now; merry Christmas to all! Ho ho ho!" Jack Skellington announced to the room at large, then stepped outside and whistled loudly. The pack of flying skeleton reindeer with the ghostly dog leading them flew over the rooftops and landed in front of the cinema; Jack Skellington climbed aboard and waved goodbye as many of the Fanboys stood outside to wave back.

By that point, enough of the party goers were getting tired and going to sleep there or leaving to sleep elsewhere, that the party was pretty much wrapped up. Silanea sat off to one side, holding a mug of hot cocoa someone had given her from the replicators and staring off at nothing with a slightly somber expression. Connor moved over to her with mild concern. "Silanea, why are you looking sad again? You were smiling and laughing during the party" Connor said to her.

She seemed a little surprised that he was talking to her at first, then smiled, though there was still some clear somberness behind it. "Oh no, I loved the party. I think... I think it helped a lot. I'm just..." Silanea trailed off and looked at the cup in her hands, the smile fading away. "I have a lot to think about. And it just seems hard to think, lately. There's things I'm just not sure about" she muttered.

Connor processed this for a moment, sighing lightly in resignation. "Well... I guess we shouldn't have expected it to be entirely fixed instantly just like magic" Connor admitted, sitting down next to her with his back against the wall. "... You wanna use me as a hug pillow again? I don't mind" the Fanboy offered, then after she gave him a slightly skeptical look he added, "no really, I don't. You still couldn't hurt me until morning; and even after that, I bet it wouldn't be that bad."

Silanea was silent for a bit, then shook her head. "No... I thank you, but, tonight I think I'd rather be alone" Silanea said simply.

"Well, alright, if you're sure. Me and a few of the other guys are gonna try to find an empty house to sleep in or something" Connor said, motioning out the doors.

The Miss Tairee hanging out near Curly looked to her. "I'm going to go now. The next time you come to the library, I should have what you requested ready" Miss Tairee said to Curly, giving the robot girl a nod, then blurred and vanished.

In time, some of the Fanboys left the building as Connor said, though plenty of others stayed, either trying to find some way to sleep there or powering through the night by watching movies and shows in the unoccupied theaters. Silanea left with Del'Guk and most of the other NHA members who were there, looking for their headquarters to spend the night in. Eventually, the sky started to turn orange, and then everything stopped with a blur...


Miss Tairee closed her eyes and shook her head; being not only warped but shoved from being in ten places at once back to one was a bit disorienting, not to mention the sudden modification of being back to her usual self. She reflected back on the day's events, and let out a tired sigh, eyes closed and head down slightly.

It was then a voice took her slightly by surprise. "Hey miss Sekreh Tairee; I've been waiting for you" a man said rather cheerily. She looked over to see a Caucasian man, tall, well built without being too thin or large. His hair was short, black, and neatly combed forward, and his eyes were a brilliant shade of blue.

"Oh, hello Mr. Signh'erenote " Miss Tairee greeted him in return.

"Oh come on, you don't want to say the whole thing?" Mr. Signh'ere asked her in a joking tone.

"... Not particularly" Miss Tairee said simply, prompting Mr. Signh'ere to put on a fake sad expression for a moment. "What brings you here?" she then asked, and his smile returned.

"My boss sent me here to see how things are going. You know, like Tester's did" Mr. Signh'ere said, then held up a hand. "Oh don't worry, there's no problems going on on our end" he mentioned preemptively, then paused for a moment before continuing, "... though I've gotta say, this is some crazy changes you're putting through the multiverse. I mean, first you took the star of one of our universes, then suddenly one of the later plots got kicked into gear early, then all of a sudden it was almost completely negated, by supporting cast! And I also saw him going through an existential crisis because he found out about his own bleeding effect; who knows what else will change about him before he gets back! The whole universe could be turned up on its head."

"I believe that was the idea" Miss Tairee pointed out.

"Yeah, yeah, I just..." Mr. Signh'ere trailed off, glancing around briefly for a moment as if by habit. "Don't you think this is all a bit much? Will this even work?" mr. Signh'ere muttered.

"You don't trust in my boss' plan?" Miss Tairee responded, one eyebrow raised.

"Well..." Mr. Signh'ere mumbled, awkwardly scratching the back of his head.

"Your boss trusts in the plan, doesn't he? I hardly see how he would've allowed the changes to his universes if he didn't" Miss Tairee mentioned.

"Yes, yes, he does. You've got a point; I guess I shouldn't worry" Mr. Signh'ere conceded, with a couple nods of his head. "Say, when you had those games with Tester, why didn't you invite me?" he then added, his tone getting a bit jesting again.

"You were busy" Miss Tairee answered plainly.

"You still could have sent an invite anyway. Showed that you cared" Mr. Signh'ere mentioned. Miss Tairee simply gave him a shrug.

"Aw, I thought we were friends, Sekreh Tairee" Mr. Signh'ere stated, putting on his fake sad face again and placing his hands over his heart.

"I find your ceaseless joking attitude grating after a while. I don't hate you Mr. Signh'ere, but you're not my first choice of who I'd like to hang out with. The previous Mr. Signh'ere was much more stoic" Miss Tairee explained to him. At this, Mr. Signh'ere looked more genuinely taken aback and slightly shocked. Miss Tairee sighed. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to upset you. I'll be sure to invite you the next time Tester and I do some games" she added sincerely.

Mr. Signh'ere smiled again. "Alright, I look forward to it. Tester's always good with those games" Mr. Signh'ere said.

"It would be a bit problematic if he wasn't" Miss Tairee said in return.

"Uh, right... Anyway, I guess I'll get going. You may have the front line job, but Tester and I are going around taking inventory of all the chaos you're causing" Mr. Signh'ere told her, then waved goodbye as he took a flip-open cell phone from his pocket and pressed a button. There was a visible cut through the space he was standing in, then he was gone.

Miss Tairee looked away from where he'd been and waited a moment. There was the sounding of writing.

"When you are ready Sekreh, I already have the next day prepared."

A piece of paper floated over to her, and she read it, her face scrunching up in a bit of confusion. "The theme seems straight forward, but why did you modify the respawn?" Miss Tairee questioned as she read the rest of it. There was the scribbling of a pen against paper.

"I wanted to try something different, just for a single day." A pause for a bit, then another quick scribble. "Consequences."

Day 16, Doomed to pre-repeat it

The windows were suddenly darkened after the blur passed, as if it had suddenly gone back to nighttime outside. The library inside still seemed the same however, and a close look at the windows would reveal that it was not the darkness of nighttime. Rather, all the windows suddenly had solid, dark rock directly on the other side of them. The only places were there was not solid rock immediately on the other side was the doorways, which led into dark tunnels.

The copies of Miss Tairee that had been around were suddenly gone, though one Miss Tairee remained at the central desks. Her outfit had changed again; now she seemed to only have a bra top and a very short skirt over underwear, all made of brown furs. Her glasses were gone, and her hair was no longer in a bun, instead flowing down just past her shoulders. Miss Tairee blinked a couple times, then looked down at herself. "... I guess it's going to be one of those days" Miss Tairee muttered to herself, then looked to the side and gave a sigh of relief. "But at least I still have my computer" she thought out loud, and quickly sat down and started typing on it.

After a short bit, a second Miss Tairee appeared with a blur, at the area of the lobby where she'd put all the kids to bed. The second Miss Tairee promptly sat down on a chair, then with a blur a simple looking book with elvish runes on the cover appeared in her hands. The librarian started idly reading the ten dimensional text within it, while also keeping an eye on the sleeping kids.

Church of Literacy

The church had been transformed into a hollowed out tree in a jungle like area. It was only moments after the transition that somebody moved out of the thick branches that had previously been the rooftop; they landed next to the front door, then moved over and knocked on it heavily. The knocking repeated a few times, until a fairly average man opened the door.

The man's confused expression gave way to recognition almost immediately. "Oh, it's you. How can the Church of Literacy help-" his blood splattered the door before he could finish, and he let out a startled, pained gurgle before falling to the floor. The other figure then walked through the door, stomping on the man's dropped garments on the way, and stopped just inside the main room area. The still-waking members of the church who were in the room or just entered it, looked over with shock and fear. And so it began.

Militia channel

Anyone listening to the NHA's channel at the start of the day would be hearing chatter about what the day theme seemed to be. There was also immediate chatter on the militia's channel, though it seemed more organized.

"This is Wells to all units. The jail seems to have been turned into some kind of cave network, with an entrance in what seems to be a... An artificial taiga environment. We're still checking the extent of the caves and changes. Stationed units, report in" Wells' voice said.

"Fastanook here at the hospital. It's a big, hollowed out tree, sir. It looks like we're in a jungle over here" Fastanook's voice reported.

"This is Rachel; the cinema seems to also be a cave, sir. I think it's even in the same region as the jail. The landscape's definitely different, but I seem to be normal, sir" Rachel's voice reported.

"This is Samson. I was at the grocery store but it seems to be gone?.. No wait, I think I get it now. This is some kind of grove and it's filled with plants and trees with fruit on them. There's already a fair deal of civvies here who showed up early just before the change, and..." Samson's voice paused for a bit. When it came back, there was clear noise in the background of phaser fire, and distant screams. "We've got hostiles here! They're moving around in tall grass that's around the grove! I'm not sure what they are, but they're big, mean, and trying to pick off civvies left and right! DO NOT RUN OUT THER-" his warning at whoever was cut off as the transmission button of his walkie talkie was let go.

"Damn it! Alright, whoever's combat ready at the jail, get topside double time! We leave to find the grocery in one minute! Someone call the knights and see if they're ready to put their money where their mouth is yet!" Wells' voice ordered quickly.

"I'm on it" Rachel's voice came back quickly.

City Knights' channel

"Ben! Ben, come in! This is Rachel!" Rachel's voice came through the channel right afterward. "This day has hostiles and people are in danger! The grocery store got turned into some kind of fruit grove with tall grass around it; there's hostile things there attacking people!" the militia woman's voice continued urgently.

Cinema, Day 16

While Rachel was going on with her walkie talkie near the entrance of the cave, off to one side the news channel guys were talking with each other and Little Spiderbee about what they should do next. There was echoing of running footsteps in what had previously been the hallway to the theaters, and another militia member's voice rang out. "Rex! I know you're in here Rex!" Phillip called out towards the theater entryways, phaser ready in hand. "You're getting drafted for some hero work, buddy! Or I swear to whatever gods are listening that I'll have your ass in jail by brunch time!" the militia member continued. Nails was close behind him, phaser also in hand, though he didn't look like he was totally on board with Phillip's plan.

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May 8th 2017 at 8:09:17 AM

The cinema, day 16

Ben jolted up as the walkie talkie started chatting. Ben scrambled to grab the walkie talkie, which was now sitting on a stone seat covered by some kind of fur, staring at a blank stone wall. Ben didn't pay attention to his surroundings right now, he just grabbed the walkie talkie.

"This is Ben Tennyson... er, formerly of the City Knights. What's going on? Hostiles in the bushes! I'll be on my way!" With that, Ben stood up, shaking Arcade and Eve awake. "C'mon, guys, we gotta get up! People are in danger! Arcade, you've gotta get to the library! Eve, you're with me!"

He pulled out his walkie talkie again. "Ben Tennyson to all City Knights! We need to mobilize now! People are in danger at the grocery store! Find that grocery store and stop those hostiles!" he shouted, running towards the door of the cinema. All the way, he looked around at the stony walls of the cinema. He raised an eyebrow, confused, especially when one of the doors of the cinema led out into what looked like a snowy wasteland.

He saw Rachel near the entrance. "Rachel, I'm here! I'll be heading out with some of the Knights ASAP!" he told her. "You can count on us!" With that, he looked back towards where Eve and Arcade were.

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Cinema- Day 16

Arcade had drifted into a light doze a ways into the movie. It was an awkward position to sleep in and the sounds kept him from really falling asleep, but it was still one of the best nights sleep he'd ever had.

He was truly awoken by Ben's walkie-talkie. He barely kept himself from knocking Eve off of him in surprise. As Ben spoke, Arcade quickly checked to make sure he wasn't in a suit anymore. He sighed in relief when he saw his trusty Followers coat.

At that he turned and listened to the conversation. People were in danger, he knew he had to help. When Ben said he should head to the library, Arcade glared at him slightly. He was not going to be left alone again.

"No, I'm going with you," he said with an air of finality, "I know how to fight, and I can tend to the wounded."

I say that aloud too sometimes, just: "man, no life."
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May 8th 2017 at 9:33:00 AM


I had spent most of one day being held captive by Elias during a fit of jealously, but just as we were going to head to bed... We ended up somewhere else completely different.

We were standing in some kind of tundra. Behind us, there was nothing but a void, in front, what seemed to be caves. We stood there in place for a while, just taking in what had just happened in what felt like a blink of an eye.

"Um... Elias... Where is your house...?" I asked a pointless question, just to begin a conversation.

"It looks like we were brought to another world, but this looks nothing like Tir Na Nog," he answered, sounding fascinated by what was going on.

Once I began looking around some more, I noticed someone was missing, specifically, Ruth. I couldn't even hear his voice in my head, so if we truly were in another world, then perhaps something severed our mental link, just like Elias did today.

"Ruth isn't here," I pointed out to Elias. If he was still home, there was no doubt Ruth would be searching high and low for them for the rest of the night.

"Whoever brought us here must've wanted just the two of us," Elias theorized, then looking down at the snow on the ground, crouching and touching it. "The snow... It's just ripped paper"

What? I ended up doing the same as Elias just to see it for myself and it was true. There was no snow, it just looked like it. That explained why it felt strangely warm in there compared to how it was in England.

"Chise," Elias called as he stood up and so I looked up at him, "Until we find out what is going on, I will stay in your shadow, we don't know what kind of people live in here, so it would be best not to draw too much attention and still have an element of surprise if we are to be attacked,"

I stood up and Elias looked back at me. The reasoning seemed solid, since I was just a teenager, I would probably not draw too much attention other than that of the fae, if there were any in this place. However, she had to wonder if the person who brought them there had already imagined they would do something like this, something she had no doubt Elias also considered.

Still, I merely nodded at Elias, who then sank into the ground until he was nothing more than a shadow and merged with mine. Seeing that there was nobody else around, I began moving forward deeper into this strange place, hopefully the locals were actually friendly, but at the very least I knew I had Elias to protect me if anything came after us. I still had my staff with me as well, as well as all of my tools, so if push came to shove, I could at least attempt to fight back...

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Digger - Home Sweet Home (Day 15)

I took a pen and signed my full name, which took about five seconds. "You can call me 'Digger' for short," I said, handing the clipboard to Crash. "I don't have any magical abilities, but I'm up for manual labor. You know, cleaning, washing, digging out some irrigation ditches...I noticed you don't have a lot of those lying around." I yawned and rubbed my eyes like a little kid. "Look, I'm sure you're as tired as I am, so let's just get some rest now, and if I can't do anything you want, you can kick me out and I won't complain."

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May 8th 2017 at 11:47:47 AM

Yoshika, The Library of Day 15
On the matter of Seiga's name, Yoshika shrugged in response to Tairee's theory. Her Chinese wasn't that good. Heck, she wasn't even sure entirely of what her own name meant!

But, that was beside them. Now, it was time to set about work.

The two of them spent the rest of their night in pursuit of the haunting spectre named "experience", one that cannot be caught until you've already got it. What they went over was hardly going to propel Yoshika into status as a famed witch-killing warrior, it was more the kinds of things you need to know when using stuff like this. You know, "use the sharp end", "crossbows hurt people at distances", "you probably can't use an axe indoors" and so forth.

In the end, Yoshika came out wondering just how better she'd be off cutting things instead of ripping-and-tearing them like normal. Nevertheless, she listened to every word of advice Ciri had to offer. Any kind of thing that could help in the long run was useful.

After all, hermits like Seiga usually aren't easy to kill.

Seiga, The Skies of Day 16
Seiga had decided that, mozzarella sticks or no, she could spend her time better elsewhere. Somewhere quiet.

So, up until now, everyone's favorite Taoist hermit had been doing a very hermity thing to do: meditating. Yes, even wicked hermits like her spend some time reflecting on their own nature and their relationship to the world around them. Just because Seiga didn't feel the need for enlightenment doesn't mean she doesn't like to enjoy the quiet of floating a thousand feet in the air.

Which, unfortunately, became a lot less quiet as soon as the day changed. One of the new residents welcomed her with a mighty "SQWARK".

She opened her eyes to see not only the scene below but the very large flying thing that swooped past her with a gust of wind, SQWARKing all the way. With as much surprise as a man finding a quarter on the street, Seiga correctly guessed that there could only be so many ways you could incorporate a pterodactyl into the City.

Or, whatever it was, Seiga was never terribly interested in dinosaurs.

But, that left one question. She quickly pinched herself in the arm, and found that it did indeed hurt. Dinosaurs or not, her plan was ready to go smoothly! Deciding that she didn't particularly enjoy the company of her flighted friend, she flew down to the City, in hopes of beginning her gambit.

Yoshika, The Library of Day 16
What Yoshika immediately noticed about this day was how hard it became to think.

Nothing had happened to her, but all of a sudden, her thoughts became hazy and her mind lost its edge. She stopped where she was standing and stared at the ground, as if amazed by the floor's construction, and muttered words that not even she herself understood.

It was probably pretty noticeable, considering they were in the middle of a sparring session, but it left as soon as it came. The haze dissipated just enough for her to regain focus on the world around, even if she didn't recognize that she had lost any faculties for a second there. She was Yoshika Miyako, and she had an axe in her hand.

She blinked, trying to figure out what seemed different around her. "That felt...uhh..."

No, wait, stranger thing over there! She pointed to the windows of the library and said "Hey, look! Rocks!"

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Lewis - Cinema - Rip in drama double date
Day 15

"Great! Thanks—wait, I thought they were setting you up. What do you—?"

About as soon as we got in the theater (I hadn't caught what was on, actually), Tairee unfortunately decided to ditch this joint.


A moment of awkward silence.

"Well, I guess it's just a single date with two awkward tagalongs now. Unless you two want a bit of privacy and the rest of us some anime in another theater or something. I don't know."

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May 8th 2017 at 1:29:25 PM

Dawn of Day 16 - The end of an era

Caro ended up sleeping on that same stop, though she at least slid down to the floor to a only slightly more comfortable position, switching out of her barrier jacket as the last act before she fell asleep. Fried slept curled up on top of her.

She was in for a very rough wake up, in more ways than one. Her phone suddenly blared with audio from the walkie talkie function, so she quickly reached for her bag and got her phone from it. It was Rachel, warning the City Knights that today was a very dangerous day and there was a situation at the former grocery store.

Curiosly, she heard the same message echoing from nearby, so at least one of the other Knights must be in her as well.

She quickly got up, with Fried scrambling to take flight at the same time. The first thing she noticed was that her clothes and Kerykeion were back to normal. Fried back to his normal appearence as well. However, the building around her looked much more ancient than before.

Gra rushed towards the direction from which the sound seemed to have come from. She come up to the one of the nearby rooms right as Ben was rushing out of it and shouting a call for the others Knights on the channel. She proceeded to rush out after him.

As she reached the door as well, where Rachel stood, she called out to her and Ben "I'm already as well. I will go with you. Fried and I can scout out from the air and hopefully find that place quickly!"

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May 8th 2017 at 1:39:46 PM

Crash-Home Sweet Home-Day 15

Crash nodded along with Digger's explanation, taking the clipboard and sloppily writing his name and handing it back to the desk man.

Digger's yawn prompted an exaggerated yawn of Crash's own. Guess he was more tired than he thought. Unfortunately, it seems like the rides would have to wait for tomorrow. It wasn't like they were going anywhere, right?

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"You shoulda - you shoulda done something Rick," complained Morty as he followed Rick; his grandfather was industriously hacking through the dense jungle with a plasma torch, leaving crispy dead foliage in his wake. Gone were the garish neon lights and steel rides of yesterday; in their place an entire jungle had sprouted up overnight. At the very least, the plants and trees were recognizably terrestrial in origin - vast and seemingly unending sea of green. Birds bounced from tree to tree, warbling to each other in between staring blankly down at the rangy man and his slender grandson hacking their way through the jungle.

"Y-you know, Morty, y-you gotta *uuuurp* you gotta respect other people's cultural differences. The, the, big guy, he was on like a ftarg or something."

"I don't even know what that is." Morty brushed a massive fern - easily the size of a small parasol - out of his face as he followed his grandfather up the rocky outcrop while trying ont to sweat too profusely. The jungle steamed around him in the early-morning calefaction. Orange shafts of light speared down from the canopy, casting the jungle around him into a strange pattern of light and darkness. A gigantic beetle the size of his hand buzzed past his face.

"I dunon either, Morty, b-but *urp* it wounded important. That's not a guy y-you wanna piss off, Morty, I saw - I saw him eat a dude the other day, just - just *urp* open up his whole body cavity and shoved a guy whole, Morty." Rick squinted through the trees as though looking for something. "The way I see it, Morty, I was doing you a favor by *urp* not dooming you to getting eaten, and -"

"-But- but but -" Morty sanpped, determined to get his own in.

"-and there are only two of us so I'm going to trust the judgement of the *urp* guy who invented interdimensional travel in his garage, and-"


"Holy crap, Rick what the hell is that?" asked Morty, backing away from the whatever-it-was, hands raised, the way one might try to defuse a conflict with an angry dog on a leash.

The creature had poked its long neck out of a nearby patch of bamboo like some kind of strange jack-in-the-box. Two yellow eyes rolled blankly in its skull as it sized up the situation; its long shaggy feathers and almost comically exaggerated ruff making it look more like some kind of gigantic Muppet than anything else.


"Oh jeez. Oh boy." Morty took another step back as the thing cocked its head the other way, extending one long scaly leg up from the undergrowth as though preparing to advance.

"Stay calm, Morty," mumbled Rick, slowly reaching for his gun. "No sudden *urp* no *urp* no sudden moves." The creature took a step forward from the brush - revealing a long, twitching tail and a pair of gangly arms poking incongruously out from underneath its plumage.

"Oh jeez oh jeez..."

The creature took another step, twitched its head as it sized up the two humans... then darted away into a nearby thicket, squawking angrily to itself. Rick watched it go as he took a long draught from his omnipresent flask. "Rick.... w-what was that, huh?" Morty tried to squint into the foliage where it had gone. That part of the forest looked decidedly more open than the stretch of jungle they'd just traversed - in fact, it looked as though

"Hoo boy, Morty, today's *urp* I hope you weren't planning on a - a fun wholesome jungle hike today. Help your grandpa up this *urp* tree."

"Are -" Morty grunted as he scrambled up one branch to the next, sending a flocking family of birds scattering, "-are you sure you know what you're doing?"

"Have I ever not known what I'm *urp* doing?" asked an exasperated Rick from somewhere up above them.

"Yes," snapped Morty as they climbed. The tall Douglas fir they were climbing was growing narrower and narrower as they reached the top, branches thinning out and providing them with a better view of of the landscape around them. "Most of the time you're drunk off your ass and doing - really dumb shit that almost gets everyone... -killed..." Morty trailed off as he took in the panoply around them.

The landscape was nothing like Morty had ever seen. Green stretched nearly to the horizons of the city, a stark landscape of what looked like ice framing the thick jungle. Away to one side, a towering volcano rumbled ominously to itself. It was a landscape that would bring a tear of joy to any film director; it made New Zealand look like a Mc Donald's parking lot.

But that wasn't what caught Morty's attention. The group - herd, Morty corrected himself automatically, herd - of creatures note  contentedly ploughing their way through the jungle hadn't breathed in 65 million years... or however long it was, he forgot. Necks longer than subway trains tapered into comically tiny heads; tails the size of city buses swung lazily back and forth. They were like a fleet of living suspension bridges, great industrial machinery turned loose on a primordial landscape. As Morty watched, one of them casually reared up, leaned up against a tree, and toppled it, creating a crash that sent echoes for miles across the transformed city.

"...woah." Morty was momentarily dumbstruck by the sight. "Rick, w-what - are those dinosaurs?"

"You've seen space aliens, Satan, magical CGHTreatures, giants, creatures from other universes and you're going all teary-eyed over dinosaurs, Morty? Don't go all *urp* Sam Grant on me here. Dino- dinosaurs always *urp* start with the wonder and the childlike magic and it always ends in tears for everyone. Every damn time."

"Well, maybe-" Morty raised his voice, struggling to be heard over the deep rumbling of the dinosaurs passing beneath. "Maybe this is just another fun day to play with the-"

"No, it's not." Rick tore a branch off the tree and waved it around. "Use your little hormone-soaked brain, Morty, *urp* if there are big cuddly herbivore dinosaurs, what - what do you think is going to be *urp* eating them, huh?"

As if on cue, something roared off in the distance, and the colour suddenly went out of Morty's face. "Oh. Uh. Geez. Didn't - didn't think of that."

"No shit." Rick waved the branch in the air, pounding the tree, causing it to shake, and making an unholy racket. "Hey - hey you dumb dinosaurs, here's a treat!" The nearest sauropod, attracted by the noise, slowly raised its massive neck up towards the duo, rumbling inquisitively as it sniffed the air. A wash of rotten dino-halitosis washed over Morty, causing him to wrinkle his nose as the dinosaur began to chew cow-like on Rick's branch.

"C'mon, Morty, we're going *urp* we're going to take a slide down." Rick hopped from one branch onto a lower one and propped himself atop the sauropod's head.

"Oh boy, Rick, y-you sure about that? 'Cause, cause, I dunno if that's... I dunno if..."

"Don't be a pussy, Morty." Riick had already started to shimmy his way down the creature's long neck.

Morty bit his lip as the dinosaur craned its formidable neck closer, investigating the strange yellow creature stuck in the tree. Morty took a deep breath, grabbed onto the dinosaur's head - causing it to snort a bit in alarm - and steadied himself atop the creature's comically tiny skull. "Alright, just let me... hoooOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAA-"

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Day 15 end

Cole closed his eyes, when Miss Tairee hugged him, telling him what she thought of his old powers, and Solas's. She made a mug of some sort, telling him it was warm milk with honey, to help him sleep. Eating, sleeping...all those human things that he thought maybe he might finally be getting used least here, among these people, who...

He tried to dismiss that, taking the offered mug, looking at the liquid inside and hesitantly taking a sip of it. It didn't...quite taste like the mash. It was good, though it didn't have that same...something?...that the food had. Still, it was nice, and...he appreciated that she was trying to help.

"Thank you...I...I think I'm ready to sleep now..." he said after a moment, keeping his eyes down. "I'll...I-I'll do better tomorrow..."

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Eve|Cinema | Brand New Day

Eve grumbled under her breath and opened her eyes blearily. Both her pillows were gone, and Ben was shouting about the Knights and people in danger. Duty called, she supposed. She stretched, inwardly noting that she was no longer wearing the witch costume. Which was sad, because it was cute, and good, because it would've been a pain to fight in.

She left the cinema, not running, but at a fast walking pace she could keep up for days. She stopped once they reached the entrance and Caro joined them. Caro summoned her dragon and said she'd scout from the air. Eve took a quick assessment of everyone she had with her.

"Ben, go XLR 8. Get there quickly and focus on prevention and collection. Prevent attacks and collect the wounded. Caro, can Fried carry another person? If so, take Arcade. When you get there, drop Arcade and do the same as Ben. Arcade, focus on tending to the wounded. Trust that we will have your back. Use your gun if necessary, but focus on the wounded. Since we don't have time to grab supplies from anywhere, improvise. Is everybody okay with that plan?"

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Day 15 - see you in five days

Caro might find out that there's a message in her phone

hey caro, i have some stuff i need to do so i'm leaving early. call me if you need anything


We ended up at a jungle, which was odd considering the "tundra" that was not too far away from there. In this jungle I noticed that some trees seemed to be hollow inside, were those supposed to be buildings? That did begin reminding me of Tir Na Nog, but it still felt very different, for one thing I still had to run into any of habitants of this place.

"It's odd, I don't feel the magic from our neighbours in this place... " I heard Elias comment from my shadow.

I stopped in place once I heard him speak. "Does that mean we can't use magic here?" I asked him, now starting to get a little worried

"That's the strange part, it seems we're borrowing magic from a different source from usual, yet it functions exactly the same way."

That was puzzling, a different source but one that worked the exact same way? If there were no fae around, then... were the habitants of this place all human?

"I see..." I acknowledged Elias' words as I resume walking forward.

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The cinema

Ben nodded at Caro, then frowned at Arcade when he insisted that he would come with. Ben looked unsure, but he nodded. "Just be careful," he replied. Eve approached, laying out a plan of attack. Ben nodded in understanding. He began to fiddle with the watch, turning it to the proper alien, and then pressing the button.

A green flash filled the cinema, and soon, XLR8 indeed stood where Ben once was. He opened and closed his pincer-like hand and smirked, nodding. "Got it, Eve," he told her. "I'll be in and out of there post-haste! You guys get to the air, take Arcade if you can, I'm headed out!"

The outer ring— taiga

And with that, XLR8 dashed out of the cinema. He looked around, confused at the seeming frozen forest but the fact that it wasn't cold was perplexing to him. He didn't have time to think about that now, nor did he have time to think about the woolly creatures off in the distance. He zipped through the 'snowy' woodlands, trying to find the area Rachel was talking about.

The wisest man is he who understands that he understands nothing.
May 8th 2017 at 5:11:32 PM


"-hhhhhoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh- oof!" Morty slipped down the dinosaur's long, twitching tail and sailed into Chise hard enough to knock her over but not hard enough to cause any lasting damage. Morty blinked and picked himself off the ground as he tried to get a hold of his spinning head.

"Stick the landing, Morty!" shouted Rick from the sidelines, who had already landed rather adeptly on the ground for a 70-year old man who who had been imbibing alcohol of dubious vintage since six in the morning.

The sauropod, for what it's worth, slowly ambled away with the rest of its herd, oblivious to the tiny drama playing out amongst its feet. In its wake came a diverse ecology of tiny creatures. Scraggly creatures resembling mutant chickens scampered around the feet of the plodding beast, chasing the insects and mammals that had been disturbed by the herd's wake. One of them hopped on Morty's prone head and began industriously pecking at the boy's brown hair, dislodging a beetle and gobbling it down.

"Ow." Morty waved off the creature, checked himself over for any breaks or bruises, found none... and then realized that he'd hit someone. The someone, whoever it was, was a girl about his age note  who was also a redhead... and ... none of this would cause any problems down the line, certainly. "Sorry..." he mumbled as he offered a hand to help Chise to her feet. "Are you okay?"

"She's fine, Morty."


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Library-Day 16

Lucas hadn't fallen asleep the previous night, and instead observed Yoshika and Ciri training up until the world blurred. Surprisingly, the room seemed pretty much the same with the exception of windows. While he might have normally looked around to get a better feel of what the day would be about, it was clear that there was something wrong with Yoshika.

Walking over to where the jiangshi was pointing out the obvious, Lucas said to her "Um... yes, those are rocks. Are you... feeling alright, Yoshika?"

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Library - Day 15

Phoenix and Maya were no strangers to sleeping on things that weren't beds, and so took Tairee up on her offer with much gratitude. Then they slept.

Library - Day 16

By the time they woke up, it was still dark out. Maya was the first to rise, just below Phoenix on the 'frequently-sleeps-on-couch' scale and not finding it too comfy a place to stay. Once she was awake, though, she stepped towards the couch Phoenix was on and started to shove him with her foot. "Niiiiiick," she whined. "Niiiiiiiiick it's still daaaark."

"Mrmhfleep." Nick rolled onto his side.

Maya grunted, lazily bundling her blankets and pillow up to carry with her. She ambled around the first floor of the Library, stumbling a bit too many times into tables, before finally making her way across to the center desk. As she approached, Maya yawned and rubbed her eyes. "Oh, m-morning, Miss Tairee. What're you doing up so late?" She smiled, finally beginning to wake up...

Her face went slack. "Uh. What are you wearing..?"

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