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ColeMinor I just want to help! from Definitely not Chicago Relationship Status: Showing feelings of an almost human nature
I just want to help!
Mar 26th 2017 at 9:53:34 PM

Cole took in what the female gremlin had to say, filing away some of the information. Fastanook was someone he somewhat considered a friend, and what with his work in the militia, it was a good idea to understand him better.

That didn't hold his attention, however, once the gremlin girl seemed to get distracted from her frustration, and her tone of voice softened somewhat. Cole tilted his head, thinking this over.

"You look like how Dorian and the Iron Bull look sometimes, when they think I'm not watching..." he said, before a dawning realization came to his face, followed by an absolutely delighted grin. "Oh! You like him! I understand that! Oh I'd like to be able to help with that, he helped me before, maybe I can help him back by helping you!"

DeisTheAlcano from Uruguay Relationship Status: Drift compatible
Mar 26th 2017 at 10:22:39 PM

Universe Buffet

Ciri agreed to trying the roller coaster and asked if anyone knew of a good blacksmith and whatever an 'apothecary' was.

" mean like a doctor? We have a hospital somewhere around here but I've never actually been there"

Speaking of, the two militia members were going to help Silanea treat her depressive attitude in the hospital.

"We should probably go there after they are done, though. I don't want to be around Silanea in case things go wrong with the therapy"

Rex decided to rest his body on a column. The smell of all the different kinds of food was getting to him since he was still struggling with his hunger and at that point being in literally any other part of the city seemed like a better alternative.

"Well, I'm full" he joked "Whenever you guys are done, lead the way"

Mar 26th 2017 at 10:40:33 PM

Roller Coaster - Topsy turvy

Keeping up with the high momentum from the drop, they were sent rapidly charging through many more other thrilling sections: Sharp, tight turns that suddenly tipped towards one or the other direction; Smaller, but not much less exciting drops, as well as combinations there of ... The rush of the wind around them, the sensation of skin being pulled tight and even the rush of adrenaline, despite rationally knowing that there couldn't possibly be any actual danger ... It was all very exciting. Caro ended up screaming in exciment quite a few more times through the way.

Then come up what seemed to be one of the main features of the course, a rather tall and wide loop. Preparing herself for it, she held her things tighly, specially the headset, so they wouldn't fall off. As they were then sent upside down, she both cheered and screamed quite a bit through it. Then they came back down, being sent back just as fast towards more twists and turns ...

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nman Nailed It! from USA Relationship Status: Giving love a bad name
Nailed It!
Mar 26th 2017 at 10:58:57 PM

Ciri - Buffet

"Very well then," Ciri said, standing up and taking one last chug of her ale before setting the empty stein down on her equally-empty plate before leaving.

Or rather, she would have left, but one pesky thing kept her back, so instead she stood where she was. "Of course, I have no idea what this destination is, so I can't simply bring us there. We'll simply have to walk."

"Against all the evil that hell can conjure. All the wickedness that mankind can produce. We will send unto them... only you.
LightToAll 2 Spooky 4 U from the madness of my mind Relationship Status: Healthy, deeply-felt respect for this here Shotgun
2 Spooky 4 U
Mar 26th 2017 at 11:00:23 PM

Kamina made a dismissive gesture with his hand and told Bergree, "Ahhhhh, no need to apologize for this Bergee. At least having a someone like you being helpful makes me pretty sure that what your saying is true. Also, nice to meet another tough guy X. Though I don't know what a reploid is......Is that some kind of condition? You might want to get that checked." Kamina knew that this drider guy couldn't be a beastmen purely from that. Even the most cowardly of beastmen would be throwing comments of "Your a weak, dirty human!" or "Time to dig your grave!" or other crap like that. Plus he already partially heard some of this from the radio that him and Simon passed by and so all of this was just a confirmation.

Everything that he told him struck a cord within Kamina. When did the impossible ever stop the mighty Kamina!? Kamina told Bergree, "Back in my home, there was a group of people that believed that the surface world didn't exist. That the only thing that exist was the underground. But I never believed in them. Partially because I saw it as a young child but also because I knew that when someone says the "impossible" they really mean that someone hasn't seen it before. With that, I can tell you this Bergree....."

Kamina points to the sky and says, "Anything that I face can and will be beaten by me because anything is weaker than the impossible! And I, the paragon of might, can do the impossible! With my bro by my side and the fighting spirit in my heart, I will beat it head on without fear! That's what it means to be Kamina! And no day changes will stop that!" Kamina then put his hand down while turning around with a dramatic movement of his cape. "So no need to worry about me."

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Oceanstuck Dark Sun, what choices have I...? from dude just look at my handle Relationship Status: watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ
Dark Sun, what choices have I...?
Mar 26th 2017 at 11:17:07 PM

A Clearing a Few Miles Outside Tempo, TX
A few minutes ago in San Dimas Time

A young woman in a blue sweater folded a camera stand. "Man, we were on such a roll. I can't believe we got another bust of all things out of this one!"

She pulled the camera mounted on the stand apart from it, setting it gently on the floor of the van's trunk next to a blue laptop and some of its kin and letting out a huff. "I think that's the last one," she said, laying the stand with yet more like it on the opposite side of the van in question, a blocky gold vehicle with a black, white, and pink logo emblazoned on the sides, reading "Mystery Skulls" in bold black lettering. Certain observers may have noted the resemblance between this insignia and the cover art of a certain book that currently lay in a Bag of Holding on the other side of the multiverse (in as much as the multiverse could be said to have sides). "I'm not missing any, am I, Arthur?"

Arthur, a man two years her junior wearing a plain white T-shirt and orange down vest, counted the number of stands and cameras, waving a metal finger to keep track. "Yep. That's all of them." A shrug. "I guess they can't all be great finds, can they."

"I guess. Still, I had my hopes up. We're finally starting to find real ones and I was kinda hoping we could keep that up. But instead we get a special effects major with some attachment issues toward his childhood summer home. Why do we always get so many of those? Is there just a spike in technicians these days?"

"I mean..." Arthur made an exaggerated hand gesture in the vein of 'I get what you mean, but.' "You could sorta tell it wasn't...y'know. Now that we know what actual phenomena are like. You can feel the difference, can't you, Vivi?"

Vivi looked up, as though pondering something. "Yeah, kinda. I guess you're right. Though you still screamed like a little girl at the so-called wendigo. Real 'what an obvious fake' attitude right there, huh?"

"What, it was huge. Like two of the van stacked on top of each other huge. We don't all have your superhuman bravery, you know."

"Whatever you say, Artie." She giggled. Of course, she knew if he thought they were in actual danger and not just being set up by some punk he wouldn't have waited a full 45 seconds to break out into a run. More like 45 frames, really. Still, it was fun to mess with him about it.

Vivi connected one of the cameras to her laptop, looking in thought for a brief moment. "You know, I wish we had more pictures on the mansion case. I kinda forgot to take them during all the running and it's a shame because I don't think I got a shot of that ghost. Best part of the whole thing and I didn't get proof."

"Oh, uh, that's...that sucks," Arthur replied uncertainly, looking for a moment like he wanted to say something more before deciding against it.

Vivi caught this. "You look like you were about to suggest doing a follow-up."

"Did I?"

"Little bit."

"Well, it's'd be dangerous. Like, obviously."

Oddly, it sounded like Arthur was trying to mask something, as seemed to be happening more often lately, but Vivi wasn't one to press these things. Besides, she had tried once or twice and he'd given her a disappointed non-answer both times; upsetting as it was, she figured he simply didn't want to talk about it. Indeed, she pretended the exchanges never happened outright, figuring it wouldn't help him to know it bothered her; as always, it was best that she just keep being her usual exuberant self.

"Yeah," was all she replied.

A moment passed in silence, as Vivi moved all the photo and video files on a couple of the cameras to a shared drive folder filled with case files.



"Do you ever feel alone, even though you're around people?"

"Um..." She thought for a moment. "Sometimes. Why?"

"No reason, really. I was just wondering."

A beat, again. Vivi disconnected the camera hooked up to the computer, and moved on to another.



"Why do you hang out with me?"

"Because we're friends," she answered as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. "Besides, I need someone to back me up when a real event presents itself. I don't want to be that guy waving their arms going 'It was here, I swear' if the evidence up and vanishes like in every horror film ever."

"Oh," was Arthur's only reply.

Another beat.

"I'm gonna check on the van, alright?"

"Alright," Vivi chimed, as the files from the last camera finished uploading. As Arthur left, she skimmed the files, trying to weed out any that she deemed unnecessary.

When she finished, she put away all the cameras in a simple case, and then returned the case to a shelf on the side of the van where the stands lay. As she did this, she noticed Mystery, her canine companion of 7 years, staring up at where Arthur had been with a look of frustration.

She freed her hands of the case and then beckoned him toward her. "Hey boy, what's wrong? Is something the matter?"

Mystery was pulled away from whatever train of thought he might have been having, and he blankly stared at Vivi for a few moments before moving a couple of steps closer to her.

Vivi petted him on the head gently, an action she knew from experience that he tended to enjoy. It seemed to brighten his mood a bit.

She went back to her computer and began typing a report on the newest case (fake or not, extensive documentation always paid off!), Mystery deciding to lay his head on her lap, when a few pages in a window appeared on her screen with the words "Call incoming...". Below it was a long series of those boxes that appear when one's computer didn't know how to display a character, and off to the side were two icons to accept or reject the call. Vivi raised an eyebrow, suspicious and yet curious of the unexpected caller with an unreadable handle trying to contact her through a program she didn't have at such a late hour, but didn't have time to weigh her options before the call somehow accepted itself.

In the Present, With Everyone's Favorite Restless Spirit
Lewis - Library - A Flame in the Heart of Yomi

I turned on the tablet, my mind scrambling to find all of the millions of things I wanted to tell her, about what had happened that day, and the last time I'd seen her, and that aching long time in between, long enough to make one wonder if they'd always been there if not for the memory coupled with tangible proof that there was something before, something you longed to return to to the point where it was your whole reason for being, and the city and all the amazing things in it and the less amazing things and holy shit Vivi you're not going to believe this but I saved a universe yesterday probably can you tell Cayenne that I met Jack Frost please she'll be bouncing off the walls trust me oh by the way do you like the makeup I just remembered I have that on it wasn't my idea but I still think it's amazing I wish I could reach through the screen and give you the locket like I've been longing to all this time oh Vivi I miss you I can't wait for the last day it's been too long I'll be waiting where I was in about two weeks.

So when "Hey Vivi," was the only thing that came out, I mentally smacked myself.

She jolted in surprise, kept in place by Mystery on her lap, with a startled cry of "HOLY—!" It was a perfectly normal reaction, of course, since as far as I knew there was no reason for her to expect a call like this, though it didn't help my apprehension that hadn't entirely departed yet.

Just as quickly, she settled down into an expression of confusion, astonishment, and that look of wary curiosity she gave most of our findings during investigations.

There was something missing, though. I couldn't place what it was. The look as a whole was reminiscent of that time in the mansion where I'd come so close to making things right.

Second-worst day of my life/not-life, that. It's...not easy, watching everything you've worked for fall apart right at the end. But that was in the past, and second chances existed, and I was staring at one right now, and all I had to do was tell her everything.

"Um, hi?" she piped up, with a hint of trepidation. That...was a little too unfamiliar a way to address a friend/lover, but I was sure she was just dazed and shocked to a point where my identity wasn't registering. Was that the reason for the vacancy? "This is...unexpected."

"I know," I answered. Don't balls this up. "I was just as surprised when we all got this privilege. Sending messages, I mean."

"Privilege?" She looked at me with confusion for a moment, but then cleaned her glasses and leaned forward. "Is that Rick and Morty?"


I glanced behind me, seeing the duo at a desk having a call of their own. Oh. They were in the shot. Of course.

"Uh, yes. Yes, that is," I answered stiltedly, thrown by the distraction. "Ahem." I scooted the chair so that they'd be out of frame, in case any wild gesticulating or the like happened to further intrude on this call.

A beat.

"Well. That's a whole 'nuther level from hanging an Edgeworth painting on a wall." I noticed a hand drifting to the touchpad of her laptop. "Kind of out-of-place, really. Did you...what is all that? ...And what's with all the getups? I get what you're wearing, though honestly, it's a little late for Día de los Muertos stuff, but what's with all the Santa suits and bunny ears?"

"Well, you see..."

I spent a couple of minutes, give or take, explaining the city and its use as a multiversal experiment by a bored deity, and the daily gimmicks, and how everything you thought was fiction is actually real in some corner of the multiverse, and that as of yesterday we were all given the chance to message one person from our homeworlds every five days, all of which were things you already know and thus will not be repeated in detail here, occasionally answering the odd clarifying question or two.

"Wow. That's...a lot to take in." From the sound of typing that had repeatedly drummed during the long-winded explanation and her posture, she had been taking notes on everything. Typical Vivi. She shifted in her seat a bit, Mystery having since gotten off her and begun sitting at attention by her side. " spent your call...on me?"

What. Why was that a question. "O-of course. Who else would I...? I mean, sure there's...but..."

That vacancy hadn't vanished, after all that talking. I wasn't sure if all the exposition about the city was slowing down her ability to process all this information, but even giving her the benefit of the doubt it felt wrong that it still hadn't clicked with her.

Of course, it didn't click after that last time either, but in fairness someone had rushed her out untimely after I'd had less than a minute with her.

Still, something about her behavior seemed off in a way that didn't account for. Too...methodical.

"That's uh..." I thought I saw her gaze soften, but she seemed to catch it, and then it was gone. The vacancy was still there. "That's...touching, really, do I put this...uhh..."

She fumbled for words, in obvious discomfort. What? Why was this troubling her? No, scratch that, clearly it was because it still hadn't clicked with her. Why hadn't it clicked? Hadn't it been long enough? That was the reason, wasn't it?

"Well...see...hrm, this is hard..."

A few moments of this, and it became apparent that it just refused to occur to her. But why? It wasn't like all the signs weren't there. She was brilliant enough, it shouldn't have been taking her this long even given the circumstances...should it?

I couldn't help but feel like a non-entity, insubstantial in a way comparable to those assistants of the writer I'd learned about shortly earlier, unknown and unremembered, though obviously it wasn't an exact comparison since I still...

The gaping hole in my chest, opened by your loss
Became the only proof I had that you were with me to begin with...

" do you even—?"


She didn't seem to enjoy being interrupted when she was just figuring out what to say, as was apparent in her expression. The flash of softness that she choked down didn't escape me, nor did the yet enduring vacancy.

"That. That was exactly what I was about to comment on. How did you even know what name to give the magic librarian? I'm positively certain I never told it to you or even had the chance to. How? Have you been...?"

I couldn't make eye contact. "Do you remember, in grade school, anything about a boy a few years younger than you enrolling in your school and having no past to speak of beyond showing up injured one day on some doorstep?"

"Um, no...? That sounds like the premise of some teen mystery novel, but I don't really see where you're going with this."

"...I see...Hah."

It just couldn't be that simple, could it.

But surely, this was still doable. She'd have trouble coming around, but I could still at least try to explain, couldn't I?

I glanced at the floor, remembering something from that time. Obviously, all those tricks had been nothing but vivid hallucinations, I knew that much, but. Was there some element of accuracy hidden in all of it? I hadn't wanted to think about it, and the amount of distractions over the past couple days helped in that regard, but there were times when something seeped through...

But if I bought into it, I'd screw myself over. I looked back at the tablet. "See—"

"Hey, sorry about the delay, the guy snuck into the coolant and I had to bug him abouOH MY GOD!"

"Oh, so you're here now!"

A familiar figure came around the far side of the van, only to jump backward behind it again. I tensed instantly. Damn it, Arthur, you were not ruining this for me this time, I swore on it.

"Arthur! Hey!" Vivi called at him in a forced casual tone. Was she trying to calm him down? Avoid repercussion? "Don't worry, nothing's going to happen. Apparently he can't do anything from where he's calling from."

"What? I never—" I protested. It was true, of course, but telling him that meant less time he spent flailing around in mortal terror.

"I have the notes to prove it," she interrupted, more forcefully, giving a look to the screen.

God damn it. I facepalmed. I had to run my nonexistent mouth, didn't I.

He poked his head out from behind the van's side, just barely in frame, with that dumb jittery look he had every. Damn. Case. How much of that was staged? How was someone so habitually anxious who could do what he had? Surely, he must have wanted to be sure no one would suspect, certainly not her. Fuck, he had her and maybe everyone else around his damn finger, his metallic gray finger that...huh, there must have been an accident at the shop. That was some FMA shit right there. It was kind of impr—no, ugh, why was I giving him anything resembling respect? It wasn't like he deserved it.


"You don't have to anything. You can just hang out on the lake if you want, I guess."

He didn't say anything, just shrank back behind the van, not enough to obscure himself again. It was obvious he was still watching. I glared in his direction.

"What. Come to take what's mine again? Don't you understand that it'll cost you?"

Vivi turned around again, visibly fed up. "Alright, listen! I've got all the crosses and ofuda I'll ever need if it comes to it, so watch it. Look, I get that attraction is a crazy freaking drug but don't you think this is getting a bit...yandere?"

"OH, I'M THE YANDERE NOW, HUH," I shouted, jolting to a standing position and gesturing to myself with one hand. "SO THAT'S HOW IT'S GOING TO BE."

"I can close this call in an instant and I don't want to since...let's be honest, this is a fascinating case, but I will if I have to so don't push it!"

I screeched in rage, stamping a foot. Vivi stared, unimpressed.

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Mar 26th 2017 at 11:46:32 PM

Eve|Library|LET IT BEGIN

Eve was jolted out of her rather morbid train of thought about how much her life sucked and other related topics, by a large, pink, surprisingly warm skeleton shouted about being a yandere. That wasn't a word she ever expected to hear outside of that one crappy romance novel she read that one time. Well, twice. And it certainly wasn't under her bed in one of the bases for when she felt like rereading it. And even it was, it wasn't as if she reread it that often.

She was getting sidetracked.

Lewis was clearly unhappy, and she owed him a favour. Rather a lot of favours, actually. One for yesterday (though he had woken her up, so that one was even), another for yesterday night (which she had named the Ghostfreak Mocking Session™ in her head) which basically meant he'd be a target, and earlier this morning. That was three. Two. Whatever.

Again, she was getting sidetracked.

Moving to close by, she reached out a hand to place it lightly on his shoulder (which required standing on her tip toes, reaching, then giving up and creating a hand of nanomachines and hair to do it for her, creating a bright golden glow).

"Are you okay, Lewis?"

FullMoon feeling blue from Surface Relationship Status: Shipping fictional characters
feeling blue
Mar 27th 2017 at 3:25:49 AM

Rollercoaster - too beautiful to kill

So they were technically enemies but this girl is not trying to kill him not just because it's pointless, but also because that dude was just too attractive. Good to see how that girl had her priorities straight.

"well then, Sans said in an effort to draw attention back to himself, "guess love trumps war. unfortunately i can't really help you with this, the dude doesn't look like he'll be telling you anything, but i'll see if i can get anything out of him next time we meet."

Skooter910 Relationship Status: Browsing the selection
Mar 27th 2017 at 4:41:18 AM


If anyone was looking at Arcade, they would notice him become more despondent as the gremlin spoke. He could certainly feel some kinship with Fastanook, despite the holes in Arcade's understanding. Before he could think better of it, he asked her, "are the Emberlight gremlins a clan he was just born into? I mean, do you know if he actively tried to revolt, or what?"

I say that aloud too sometimes, just: "man, no life."
FirockFinion THE SLORG! from The Red Desert Relationship Status: Wishfully thinking
Mar 27th 2017 at 4:56:49 AM


Nails gave a simple nod to Curly, though was still frowning slightly. "I agree that this isn't exactly an emergency, but... I still think it's best we get it sorted quick. I think it would be pretty bad if this was still going on if an actual emergency with the NHA starts" Nails said to Curly, then looked at Silanea. "So, does that sound alright? We'll take you to the hospital as soon as you're done eating here" the militia member offered to her, then glanced at Phillip and added, "I could still use some breakfast myself. What about you, Phillip?"

"I'm good" Phillip muttered, still looking generally displeased, though not excessively so.

"I guess that's alright" Silanea muttered, still looking down.

Roller coaster

Some hothead seated behind the magical girls and familiars had apparently opted to try what the news casters mentioned on the radio, and was riding with no belt or restraining device on at all. When the roller coaster took them through one of the sharper turns, he got flung clean away, whereupon it became clear that he apparently upped the ante even further as he spread out some kind of gliding cape he'd found somewhere.

"WHOOO! SPRING BREAK!" the man yelled out in joy as he went soaring off above a merry go round, through a ferris wheel, before finally impacting the hand of a large Santa Claus statue that was part of a mini-golf course.

Meanwhile, back at the entrance to the ride, the gremlin got back to reality with a quick shake of her head and a "huh?" as she glanced down at Cole. "Well uh, yeah, I guess I like him" she muttered nervously, feet shuffling in place as she glanced off to the side and blushed even more. But then she glanced down at the ground and seemed to frown sadly.

"I thought he liked me back, but now I just don't know..." the gremlin said quietly to herself. At Sans' suggestion, she glanced back up, perking back up to neutral and looking contemplative. "Well I certainly don't object if you want to help. I just want to know why he's avoiding me; he said he wasn't with anyone back home, so it shouldn't be that... I think..." she trailed off, glancing aside again, before thinking of something else and adding, "oh, but if you do find out: You know the Home Sweet Home guys? I'm working with them now, so look for the tall building with that on the front to reach me again."

At Arcade's question, she looked at him and blinked a couple times. "Uh... I'm not sure. I only just met him the night before last" the gremlin admitted. "I think, uh... I think he said that he revolted, while we were arguing yesterday. But, I, honestly don't remember much of that" she mentioned, seeming a bit sheepish about the topic and also blushing more again.

Leaving the cinema

As they were leaving, the last Ben heard from the Fanboys inside was Silvester remarking, "you are already dead!"

Then Calvin responded with, "no! It can't be! I'll have to go up to the next, POWER LEVEL!"

Walking out into the streets, Melanie seemed to be thinking over what Ben said, scrunching her face a bit and making "hmm" noises here and there. Finally, she raised her arms up in a shrug. "Sorry Ben, I got nothing. That sounds like a personal problem" Melanie said unhelpfully, though in a slightly apologetic tone.

Near one of the balconies

Bergree simply stared at Kamina as he boasted on, one eyebrow raising a bit. "... Well, I certainly can't fault your morale" Bergree muttered, seemingly as an out-loud thought. "Oh, and one last thing you should know about this city: It shifts, while you are not looking. The layout is never the same, and getting anywhere in particular on foot can be rather difficult at times" the drider informed Kamina.

"I've been told the best way to get around is to fly. Failing that, taking repeated turns to keep the city shifting on purpose until your destination is within sight seems to be the most effective method. Some people even try just rotating in place, though that doesn't seem as reliable when I've tried it" Bergree explained, motioning to a street corner up ahead. "If you want to know more than I can explain, seek out the large, round, stout building with glass along all the sides. That is the library, which is always in the very center of the city; the one exception to the shifting, besides the edges. The librarian there can help you, so long as you follow the library's rules" the drider then suggested.


A couple of the Miss Tairee copies looked over as Lewis started yelling loudly, but made no comment or even move to approach yet. They just silently observed for the time being.

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ColeMinor I just want to help! from Definitely not Chicago Relationship Status: Showing feelings of an almost human nature
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Mar 27th 2017 at 5:13:14 AM

"I know how to help, I do!" Cole said with what seemed like clear excitement, looking back to Sans and Arcade. "We can get Fastanook to talk with her and I can get him to come and she can get to know him more an' it'll work, I can do it, I can!"

The two adults would be fixed with the very best expression a pleading child could muster. "Can I go help, please, can I? I really, really think I can help!"

Katarsus As valid a reason as any Relationship Status: One True Dodecahedron
As valid a reason as any
Mar 27th 2017 at 5:22:23 AM

Ara Haan (Out On The Streets Again) - El Eric Jack Search Party

"Alright, let's go. Jack may be worried that he can't see us from up there."

So with all the children in tow (and I made sure all five were following me), I lead the way out of the store and into the streets, where I... didn't exactly know how to get Jack to spot us from wherever he was.

Until I remembered about my energy balls.

They exploded like fireworks. They were colorful and rather noisy and would most likely catch his attention. So I prepared myself, and gave the children a quick warning.

"You may want to cover your ears," I told them, already holding one of the fancy lantern-looking energy balls in my hand. "This can be a bit loud."

After that I waited for a few seconds so they could cover their ears if they wanted to, and I let the ball soar up into the sky. It didn't go very far, since I still wanted it to be just some distance above us (and I didn't really have that much range with them to begin with), and then it exploded in a very colorful pattern. And then I followed it up with another one. And another one. And then three in a row. And another one. And all of them were just as pretty as the first one.

After that, we could only wait, maybe move a little around to look for him, and wave frantically once anyone spotted him.

Skooter910 Relationship Status: Browsing the selection
Mar 27th 2017 at 5:25:39 AM


So, it wasn't guilt by association, which Arcade wasn't sure how to react to. Did he want Fastanook to be in the same situation? Or was he glad that it was actually Fastanook's crime? He wasn't even sure whether Fastanook was in the right or not. He knew there was no way he could ask the gremlin in front of them; that wouldn't be a very trustworthy account of the situation.

Cole seemed to be interested in a completely different part of the conversation. Arcade simply stared at Cole incredulously as the child begged to play matchmaker. Arcade searched for a reason to keep that likely train-wreck from happening. "Ah, the girls are still riding the roller-coaster," he said, "we don't want to get separated from them, do we?"

I say that aloud too sometimes, just: "man, no life."
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feeling blue
Mar 27th 2017 at 5:44:34 AM

Rollercoaster - bunny cupid

Cole was very interested in helping this girl with her relationship. The same could not be said of Sans, relationship drama was not something he was very good with, but he would make an attempt if he ran into that guy again at least.

"cole, let's not get involved in people's relationship issues, 'k? this is something they'll have to work out with each other," he told the little not quite spirit kid, the looking at the gremlin, "we'll talk to him if we get the opportunity. right now we're waiting for a few friends to finish the ride, so... good luck with all this, miss." He told the gremlin, trying to offer her some comfort.

Mar 27th 2017 at 6:37:24 AM


X smiled a bit and shook his head, "A reploid is a shortform phrase for Replicated Android, of which said title is inaccurate since I am the first of my kind."

Kamina, now this human would be interesting, "I am a machine built in the image of a man, the most advanced ever made, and fully human in my mental abilities."

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Kamina said to Bergree as his cape fell back to earth, "Damn straight to that! I will not stop!" and then he said thankfully, "Luckily, I think I might have a way of flight. If I can just summon it from the depths of his spirit......Well, thanks again for the help. I'll make sure to give you some of my power if you ever need it!" Kamina put a hand on X's shoulder and told him, "Human, machine, drider, or anything else, it doesn't matter as long as you walk the path of a true man! And if you were the first of these machines to be built in the image of mankind then I can only think that your a true man! Or least a damn good attempt at making one." He made a pointing gesture at where he was going with his thumb and then added, "Feel free to join me if you want X. What I'm going to bring out might be of interest to you!"

The hot blooded man then started moving to where Shinji and Simon were sitting.

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X decided to follow Kamina, there was something about the man's boastful attitude that was... infectious.

"Power? I have seen many individuals in this city with different kinds of power, it is amazing to see how many the person responsible for this pocket reality have picked up."

It felt nice to be treated with so much positive cheer, X was reminded a bit of Dr. Cain, but he didn't think Kamina was anywhere as smart as Cain. He kept that bit to himself.

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Roller Coaster ~ One Wild Ride

As the ride continued, Fate kept one hand on the handlebars and the other on Bardiche, occasionally grasping one or the other harder depending on the turns. She was grimacing at the start of it, but as they approached the loop she also looked as if she might had been smiling. Focused as she was on not getting thrown out, she failed to notice the man who actually did get thrown out.

Arf did notice, but the ride moved too fast for her to get a really good look at the spectacle. All she managed was a look in the daredevil's direction that was somewhere between approval and wordlessly questioning his intelligence. Besides that, she was smiling all the way, and that smile only got bigger when the loop approached.

As they rode through the loop, Arf let out another thrilled laugh. Fate briefly looked down as they reached the zenith, but otherwise kept focusing on not getting thrown out.

"We fly all the time, Fate," Arf commented as they exited the loop and onto the next twists and turns, "This should be no problem for us!"

"Not usually like this....!"

Arf just laughed again. "Oh come on! You're smiling!"

Mar 27th 2017 at 2:16:13 PM

Seiga, Leaving The Diner Immediately
"Oh, that's simple. We walk until we find one. Despite this city shifting underneath your feet, it seems like it's never too hard to find what you want," Seiga explained to Ciri. With that, she lead the group in their expedition to find a roller coaster, floating along like a normal person.

Eventually they found one. With people already riding it, small children in bunny outfits, and so forth.

"See? Simple."

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Ciri - Buffet -> Roller Coaster

"That's all fine and well," Ciri said to Seiga as she followed her out of the buffet. "But I can't find what I'm looking for if I don't know what it is, now can I? That's where you have to come in."

She came to a stop when she could glance up at the steel monstrosity, witnessing the screaming souls on it.

"It goes so fast!" she exclaimed. "How do they not suffocate?"

"Against all the evil that hell can conjure. All the wickedness that mankind can produce. We will send unto them... only you.
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Shinji Ikari | Unknown City's Streets | You are (not) friendly

Shinji wasn't sure what to make of Simon's reaction. On one hand, he was worried that he said the wrong thing, that he was just being polite just for its own sake. Then again, he should've expected that he didn't care, not really. They only just met after all. Why else would he look uncomfortable? Why would he change the subject? felt different this time. It felt like it was him when he wasn't sure what to do either and didn't want to pry. Maybe. Shinji didn't know anymore. So he decided to just answer.

"Shinji Ikarinote ," he said. He attempted to smile in an attempt to ease the awkwardness, but it wasn't very convincing. Good thing it was under the mask. "Nice to meet you too, Simon-san."

And then the spider man's words came to his ears. Though he wasn't really sure what to make of most of it, it only confirmed his worries. Kamina's words, as encouraging as they were, did little to lift him. How could Kamina be sure that he could? Bergree said there was more to it, but he didn't need to know more.

He mumbled, not realizing it was audible to the others, "I knew it... We're trapped...forever..."

"You said you had a dream... That dream... Make it come true! ... If anyone can, it's you!" - N (shortened) Oh, and I'm a girl.
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Simon looked at the sadden boy and thought for a moment. Simon could see that Shinji was like him in some ways. One of these was that he was afraid too. Simon didn't really know if they would ever get back home either. What if everyone in Team Dai-Gurren were getting beaten by the beastmen forces or even...or even.... Simon put his face into his face and let out some sobs. Everything that his bro had fought for would be lost. All the hopes of mankind could be crushed under some beastmans foot. Simon could understand that fear. And with that, he felt it only natural to show that he understood what Shinji was going through. Just how though? What he could he do?

Simon slowly scooted across the bench and then placed his hand on Shinji's shoulder before putting it off. He then awkwardly and gently put the hand back so that he could start rubbing the depressed boys shoulder while some tears fell from his eyes and a occasional sob came out. His face was looking at the ground like how Shinji was. It wasn't much but it was what he could right now. He heard Bergree's explanation as well and it didn't spell out anything good.

Kamina rubbed the back of his head, "Well, power might be a wrong phrasing of it but I do have a way to fight! I just need to get my bro and find that way!" Of course, Kamina said this right as he walked in front of the upset 14 year old boys and he heard the "we are trapped forever" comment as well.

Simon snapped his head up to Kamina and asked his blood brother, "What do you mean find that way? Lagann and Gurren were on top of Dai-Gunzan. You remember that right?" It was true. Lagann and Gurren were so far away from the two of them now. That practically left the two of them defenseless out here. Simon's face turned even more sad.

Kamina then replied to Simon with, "Of course I remember Simon! Well, if someone can bring us here, then why can't he have brought our Gunmen here?!"

Kamina put his hands on his hips and yelled, "Because the bastard without face would hopefully be fair enough to give us the might of Gurren and Lagann! And if they aren't here, we can just force him to give it to us!" Kamina pounded his fist into his palm to make his point. "Enough of that though."

Kamina then looked between both boys. They both need to believe in something. "Listen here the both of you! Believe in the Kamina that believes in you! Simon, I know that we can do it! Lagann is a part of you just as much as your drill is apart of you! And a true man never loses his drill so you can't ever lose Lagann! Even if we have to search every inch of this city or pry it out from our warden's hands, Lagann will continue to drill through all roadblocks!" And then he points at Shinji. "As for you, there is a reason that humans were born with eyes in the front of their heads. It's so that you can't see the things that are behind you. Keep moving forward until you reach your goal! That's how Team Dai-Gurren rolls!"

Simon started to feel better. He didn't think that either of the red Gunmen would be able to found but at least Kamina would be their to drive him forward. Simon got up from the bench and told Shinji, "Well, see you later? Feel better."

Kamina and Simon then walked off to explore the City some more. Kamina kept a mild pace just in case X or Shinji wanted to tag along. Kamina really hoped that Shinji would follow. Kid needs some fighting spirit.

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X interjected, "Here forever is inaccurate. According to what I've heard from other residents, people do leave, sometimes just outright vanish."

He shrugged, "We may not be here forever. Rather until said being is done with us."

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Buffet —> Roller Coaster — Need for speed

Seiga led the group to the nearest roller coaster and, true to her claims, it didn't take them long before they reached the place. After seeing the ride, Ciri was a bit worried about the possibility of the passengers suffocating. Rex wondered why someone in their situation would be out of air because it wasn't like they were in space or something but he realized she had probably not only never been on a roller coaster before but also never traveled so fast in her life.

"You did not just say that. Now you really need to get on this ride"

Rex proceeded to grab Ciri's arm, prompting her to get on the cart.

"Come on, you are gonna love it!"

Mar 27th 2017 at 5:44:57 PM

Roller coaster -> Festive streets - Time to take a brake

Caro's eyes widened quite a bit in shock as the man behind her apparently deliberately threw himself off the vehicle and glided through the air ... Well, at the least she knew he would be alright and he was probably counting on that as well. Guess he was experimenting with the whole can't the hurt aspect ...

As they exited the loop, she managed to catch Fate and Arf talking, having to lean a bit forward to do so. She was glad that the former seemed to be enjoying this, even if she was not quite admiting it yet.

Managing to catch a glimpse of Fried, who was zipping through the air, following their course closely and seemingly enjoying himself quite a bit as well, she then commented, "Well, yeah, it's not quite the same ... But that only makes it more exciting, right!?" a bit more louder than usual to make sure she was heard.

Ahead, they faced more sharp turns and steep descent. Close to the end, there came a new element, another one that sent them upside down, although this one was more horizontal and spiral-like, rapidly alternating between upright and upside down a few times through its course. It was no less exhilarating than the loop and it got a similar reaction of her.

Finally, as they reached a flatter section, brakes were seemingly activated, as they gradually made it back towards the station.

Once the whole thing had grinded to a halt and the handlebars lifted, people started exiting towards the opposite side from the one they had entered.

Once both and her companions had gotten off, she would then say, "Wow, that was quite something, huh? I'm glad I got to experience it! How about you?" Though she was to both, she pretty knew Arf's reaction already, so she was most interested in finding if Fate had actually enjoyed it and if it would cheer up her.

She would wait a bit in case anyone had gotten a bit too disoriented and then they would be off back towards the rest of the group, talking it out on thecway there. The exit ended a bit far away from the entrance, though not enough that would have gotten shifted away. Once she spotted the group, which still seemed to include the gremlin girl, she would make right for it.

Once they had approached them, she would then say, "Everything alright here?" to everyone, before focusing on Sans and Arcade, animatedly adding, "The ride was quite amazing. You should definitely try it!"

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