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pillowmantis Happy Box Hater Relationship Status: What is this thing you call love?
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Mar 16th 2017 at 5:29:59 PM

In the streets

Well, the situation seemed a bit clearer in one aspect. Of course, that aspect being that Yoshika had no idea what to do wasn't a helpful truth. If the writer said to just tell people about Yoshika, that should be the obvious course of action. Unfortunately, there were many problems with it. If the writer didn't do something after they tell a bunch of people, Seiga would almost certainly find out about it through people reacting to their newfound knowledge of her status as a horrible person. There was no telling what Seiga would do after Yoshika was reverted to her normal state of servitude. Not to mention what everyone they tell might do. What a confounding problem they had to solve.

Lucas thought about all this for another few moments and then said back to Yoshika "I'm... not too sure if spreading the word about Seiga is the best idea... Do you think you could tell me exactly what the Writer's message that told you to do that said? But, whether we should tell people or not, let's go searching for Jack. We'll probably need help no matter what we choose to do."

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Skooter910 Relationship Status: Browsing the selection
Mar 16th 2017 at 5:41:26 PM


Arcade barely remembered the rules of the day before, so the 'nobody can get hurt thing' caught him off guard. He was partially upset that he could not help anyone, and partially horrified in his own desire to see people hurt. He frowned as Dave mentioned magic; while he had seen enough to know it existed, it was still bizarre to hear it spoken about as if it were real.

Still, Arcade nodded and said, "fair enough, I'll head over tomorrow." The City was no Freeside. His friends were long gone, even if he were placed back home. Still, work was work, and he would accept any chance to help people.

Speaking of helping, Cole was ecstatic that Arcade would be working at the hospital. Arcade had a feeling that he would not be relaxing, but he kept that thought to himself. Instead, he tried to parse through Cole's questions.

"Yes, you were definitely helpful," he responded, trying to get a grasp of this child's emotions. He reached up with his free hand to pat Cole on the head as he tried to follow the logic. It immediately stilled when he decoded the second half. "Wait, were you just trying to keep me distracted?" He asked, incredulously. Had Cole picked up on his mood that easily?

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Mar 16th 2017 at 5:46:10 PM

Sora nodded at the eldery Tennyson and said, "We will do the best we can do Max. That's a oath and I keep those." and then Sora told Gwen more quietly, "And yes Gwen. Ben has a really big crush on her. He lights up like a Christmas tree around her. Like right now."

Sora than joined Lewis in the teasing, "Yeah. We can only hope that you guys don't get stuck on the very top. That would just be the worse, right Ben?" Sora flashed Ben a knowing smile.

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Mar 16th 2017 at 5:53:24 PM

Lewis - Library - Sora please

"They could just jump down though, couldn't they?" I suggested. "It's not like they'd get hurt today."

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secretlyasuperhero [TOP SECRET] from [TOP SECRET] Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
Mar 16th 2017 at 6:00:02 PM

Eve|Library|This Is On You


Eve prayed for a distraction from Lewis' teasing. Then Sora added his two cents.


Eve.EXE has stopped.

"I'm just going to go and talk to the librarian about getting in contact with Sven."

She walked back to the desk.

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Mar 16th 2017 at 6:04:38 PM

Cole looked downright thrilled when Arcade told him he had been helpful, practically lighting up as he did. Clearly the idea of helping in any way was something that made the kid happy.

Then the second question came, and that expression immediately fell away to one that was clearly that of a child caught with a hand in the cookie jar, wide-eyed and obviously trying to think fast to get one's self out of trouble. He didn't say anything for a long moment, just staring at Arcade in near comical silence before finally offering a hesitant response.

"I...I was...helping?"

Skooter910 Relationship Status: Browsing the selection
Mar 16th 2017 at 6:20:08 PM


Arcade's hand fell as Cole tried to come up with some explanation for what he had done. The more seconds that ticked by, the higher Arcade's eyebrow lifted. Eventually Cole managed a response, and it was well timed as Arcade's eyebrow had almost left his face.

"You're practically Machiavellian," he deadpanned, confident Cole would not understand the reference. He then sighed and then said, "let's just go find Sans, alright?" Cole was nice, but Arcade would lose it if he had to babysit him while in his mood.

Just as Arcade was about to use the nearest door to leave, he saw a few people start to enter through it. He swerved away to avoid them, which put him close enough to a certain couch. He heard someone yelling the name Sans, and nearly face-palmed when he realized what had nearly happened.

"My God, my first stroke of luck my entire life," he marveled sarcastically. He yanked his hand out of Cole's and placed it on his shoulder. He hoped to simply guide Cole over and wipe his hands clean of the confusing few minutes he had just had.

Once they reached the group he moved Cole to be directly between Arcade and Sans. "I believe I have something that belongs to you," he deadpanned. He was prepared to be dismissed once again and be forced to wander around the City trying to avoid anymore helpful children. He noticed Sans appeared to be giving his message to someone, but he felt like getting rid of Cole was a little more important.

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I say that aloud too sometimes, just: "man, no life."
AllHailThrall For the Horde! from Hoenn Relationship Status: Longing for Dulcinea
For the Horde!
Mar 16th 2017 at 6:32:57 PM

The library— the embarrassment of Ben

Thomas and Louie introduced themselves, and Gwen and Max nodded in greeting. "Thomas, Louie, nice to meet you," Max responded.

"Pokemon trainer? What's that?" Gwen asked. "Some kinda exotic pet?"

Ben shook his head. "Monsters from his world, it's a long story," Ben explained. "Not important."

Upon Sora giving his two cents, Gwen just began to laugh uproariously, while Ben looked completely mortified, continuing to blush. "Knock it off, Sora!" Ben exclaimed, sounding like he wanted to crawl in a hole. Max furrowed his eyebrows.

"I'm inclined to agree with Ben here. This is serious! Quit teasing the boy, both of you!" Max stated, a disappointed and frustrated tone entering his voice. "Now, Ben. You were telling me what was going on in that place you're in?" he asked.

Ben nodded, sighing in relief. Grandpa to the rescue. "Uh, yeah, I was. Well, first off, I ended up in this inter-dimensional City, that keeps shifting around like some puzzle. Every day it has a different theme and a different challenge associated with it. Like, one day it's a jungle with giant bugs and killer plants—"

"Like Stinkfly and Wildvine?" Gwen teased. Ben huffed.

"I'm not done yet! Anyway, the next day there's snow and ice, and there are days where you transform into things like animals, it's really weird. But the good thing about this place is, if you get killed, you just come back the way you were brought into the City," Ben explained.

Max's eyebrow raised. "So you're in no true danger while you're there. That's good to hear, but we still need to get you out of there as soon as possible," he stated. "I hate to not know where you are or how you're doing. Anyway, contact us tomorrow, and we'll keep you posted on the—" he started to say.

"Uh, that's gonna be a bit of a problem. I can only contact you guys every 5 days. The evil guy keeping us here actually didn't let us contact people at all, but he kinda decided to let us this time," Ben told Max and Gwen.

Gwen frowned, eyebrows furrowed down. "So you're saying you're not gonna be able to contact us for almost another week? Why not clean this evil guy's clock like you do with every other supervillain? You're a big hero, aren't you?" she asked. Ben sighed.

"Believe me. I really wanna. He's hurt so many people and made people suffer, and manipulated people and used them and pitted them against each other. But he's kind of... a god. And he never shows his face. Though if he ever does show his sorry face down here I'm gonna teach him a thing or two!" Ben exclaimed.

Gwen grinned, putting a fist up. "That's the spirit, Ben!" she exclaimed.

At that moment, a familiar voice rang out behind him and tapped him on the shoulder. Ben turned around. It was John, the young man from a couple days ago, who lifted him up above the Leviathan as Cannonbolt. Or at least, it looked like him. He certainly looked quite a bit older. Which begged the question. How fast did time flow in this City? It didn't matter.

"Hey, John," Ben greeted. "John, this is my cousin Gwen, and my grandpa." Gwen and Max nodded in greeting again.

"Call me Max, son. Pleased to meet you as well," Max introduced to John. "You're right, Ben. There's quite a few friendly faces in that City. That's fortunate. You'll probably need all the help you can get to overthrow this evil writer god."

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Yomegami Sanely Insane from Out of Nowhere
Sanely Insane
Mar 16th 2017 at 6:41:39 PM

Library ~ Unconventional Therapist

Arf looked more and more baffled as the conversation went on, particularly as Papyrus went on to call Fried a bird and then referred to himself as a "royal guardsman."

"...Not quite what I would have expected from a 'royal guard,'" she commented, "Must have had to work hard, huh?"

Fate again remained largely silent up until Papyrus directly asked her about her issues. At that, she frowned heavily before staring down into her lap again. Bardiche started to slide off her face again, but this time she pushed him back up. Then she glanced at the others present, looking rather unsure. Then, finally, she looked back at Papyrus.

"I...I'm lost...."

She didn't notice the two newcomers, or move to acknowledge them if she did. Arf, however, gave them a brief look over. It didn't take her long to recognize Cole from yesterday, although she raised an eyebrow at the silly rabbit suit he was currently wearing.

"Well, hello there," she said, "Great timing; we're having a real get-together over here."

Mar 16th 2017 at 7:10:42 PM

Seiga, The Library, Open-Minded Individuals!
"I'd like to believe necessity. My enemies are very persistent," Seiga said as she shrugged. "I've certainly had some poor reactions to this fact, and it's good to air out some issues if they might become a problem in the future!"

"Besides, not every undead looks the part, like my...womanservant," which was a strange term even for an old fogie like her. "A thousand year old corpse, who probably looks better than the day she died. So, enough about me, what do you do for a living?"

Yoshika, A Few Hundred Feet In Another Direction, Ach
"Okay, okay..."

Yoshika tried to calm herself with a deep breath, which considering she didn't breathe in general was probably just a placebo. "I asked if Seiga could do something that could make her famous, like me...well, I asked for that one day with everything in the ocean and I killed the Leviathan, but that's not important."

"The Writer said if instead I'd like to have something that'd make Seiga famous, and I said yes, and he said 'You have a day to tell everyone about Seiga.' That's what he said, and the note burned up afterward."

FullMoon feeling blue from Surface Relationship Status: Shipping fictional characters
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Mar 16th 2017 at 7:16:17 PM

Library - inconvenient reunion

"yeah, she... kinda has nowhere to go right now," Sans added to Fate's rather lackluster explanation.


Sans then notice Arcade and Cole making their way over and he had to contain himself to not openly laugh at the latter's costume once he saw it. Unfortunately this was a rather inconvenient time for those two to show up, but fortunately he managed to come up with a plan on the spot.

"there's another person here who follows her around too," said Sans.

Sans then turned the tablet a little to the side so Arf would properly show up there, conveniently taking himself and Caro out of frame. Using his free hand, he then grabbed his phone and wrote a text message on it before showing it to Arcade.

"i wanna ask you something, just wait 'til we're done with this" was what was written in it.

Meanwhile, Papyrus seemed to get surprised once he noticed Arf. "WOWIE, ANOTHER LITTLE SISTER!" He then began looking downwards and to the side as he seemed to think about something. "WE'RE GOING TO NEED A BIGGER HOUSE. AND SOME HUMAN GIRL THINGS. EVERYBODY WHO LIVES HERE IS VERY MALE AND VERY SKELETON."

He then looked back at Arf, or more specifically, her costume. This one seemed to puzzle him a little, perhaps surprisingly it seemed to be puzzling him more than Fate's current situation.

"YOU'RE DRESSED LIKE A REINDEER, BUT ALSO AS A DOG. THAT AS A VERY ODD ANIMAL COMBO." He commented, then stroking his chin as he tried to think of the reasoning behind the costume. "OH, I GET IT! YOU'RE LIKE A WEREWOLF, BUT ALSO A REINDEER! A WEREINDEERWOLF! VERY CREATIVE!"

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Mar 16th 2017 at 8:20:55 PM

Lewis - Library - That's enough shipping for now

Eve leaving to contact her friend Sven (a lot of rhyming names here, huh) and Ben's grandfather Max admonishing me and Sora for shipping her and Ben to their faces served as enough of a signal to stop. "Alright, alright, I'm done. Sorry. Hey, Eve, you think your friend will want to talk to Ben's family? Can't hurt to make the party bigger."

I remembered a certain matter I wanted to address while Ben was here, that I wanted to get to earlier before this whole thing interrupted everything.

"Hey, Ben?" I whispered. "When we're done here, can we talk about that thing? Preferably in private. Oh, but you don't have to rush, just take as long as you need. Is that alright?"

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ProTrash I think I'm a sofa from Valentia Relationship Status: Faithful to 2D
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Mar 16th 2017 at 8:28:52 PM

Abel - Streets - Serious Time

Abel walked straight through the crowd, unaware of the profanities being shouted at him. He bit his lip trying to hold back unjustified tears. He kept his head down and briskly made his way to a tightly packed area between a ferris wheel and a weird hall of mirrors thing. He slumped against the hall of mirrors and covered his eyes, trying to hold back sobs with little progress. Rixis slid out of his coat and rubbed against his shoulder affectionately, but this did nothing to make Abel feel any better. He realized he still had his hat on and threw it.

"It's so stupid," Abel's voice cracked. "It's so stupid, I don't know why I'm so..." he buried his face in his hands again, unable to go on any further before he broke into tears. Rixis simply wrapped around his neck and tried to comfort him.

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Mar 16th 2017 at 8:29:54 PM

Ciri - Library - 99 Problems and a Witch May Be One

"Well she certainly seemed fore free-willed than the typical revenant, and lacks the distinct black aura of otherworldly terrors, I can't say this sort of magic s the one I know of," Ciri said, before cheerfully adding. "I'm a Witcheress, if you are unfamiliar with Witchers in your realm, I take contracts for slaying beasts, mutants, and the entire menagerie of monsters. Whatever the locals happen to need killed."

She chuckled lightly. "I suppose that might come off as a bit terrifying, but you have nothing to worry about from me. Unless your arts are a bit blacker than they appear and someone posts a contract on you or your thralls. Now wouldn't that be something?"

E pur si muove... and yet it moves. Unofficial Game of Gods Data Compendium
Mar 16th 2017 at 8:34:25 PM

Cinema - Morning distractions

"Definitely!" Curly said as she reached for Silanea's hand with a smile, both for the lamia and in anticipation of the 'tidying up' Chuck and Connor had planned. "I saw this buffet on the beach day, maybe we can find that again and while we're at it we can see what the city looks like"

With that she eagerly, tugged Silanea toward the front door so that if she didn't resist they could get on their way before Silanea could notice Curly purposely left her bag of holding containing the role playing and Cave Story books behind. While she was at it, Curly internally made sure her radio was tuned to the NHA channel to listen for anything interesting regarding anyone searching for their leader or other interesting developments during the day.

Mar 16th 2017 at 8:38:19 PM

City Streets

Jack grinned happily at Ara when she agreed. He nodded, then panned over the group. "Alright, so we're all going to be looking for Eric. I want you guys to stick close to Ara, ok? Keep an eye out for anywhere that looks like it might have clothes or costumes." They all nod, the young Andalite looking especially serious; Back straight and nodding firmly.

He turned to the woman. "Would you be alright to keep an eye on them while we look? I'm going to see if I can find him from the air. He can't have gone too far, but it'll make it go quicker."

pillowmantis Happy Box Hater Relationship Status: What is this thing you call love?
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Mar 16th 2017 at 8:56:03 PM

Festive streets of festive city

Lucas was good at listening. So, Yoshika was responsible for that event on the first day he had been in the city. He might have gotten upset at her, but Lucas knew that she must have been in her normal state of mind when she asked for it. No use getting mad at someone for doing something dumb when they chose with a rotten brain.

Now then, from what she was saying it didn't seem like the Writer really was asking her to tell people about Seiga. It was just granting her request... but if that was the case they really had no plan. A few more moments of thought, and then Lucas spoke "So... it doesn't sound like the Writer really cares if you tell anybody. It was probably just them giving what you asked for... in a way that was interesting to him. But if you don't tell people, they might just turn you back to normal since you aren't using your mind for what they gave it to you for. Just... people can do stupid things when they're angry... I don't know how people might react when we tell them. I don't really know what we should do."

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DeisTheAlcano from Uruguay Relationship Status: Drift compatible
Mar 16th 2017 at 9:10:10 PM

Library's roof

The librarian plainly said that Rex's idea of being disguised was going to bite him in the ass but, looking at his current situation, Rex decided to go ahead with the plan.

"Things can't really get much worse than they already are"

The suit she picked for him, though, made him temporarily consider just taking his chances with flying. Not only because it was a fashion trainwreck—complete with metaphorical bodies and curious onlookers—but also because it would instantly break the moment he used his powers.

"Gee, I wonder who came up with that idea?"

After that, Rex dropped himself from the library and fell harmlessly on his feet. He could probably survive something like that thanks to his powers but it would really hurt. At least that's something this particular day had going for it.

Streets — sup?

After what felt like hours of walking around and looking at some lame theme park attractions "Come on! There's gotta be a giant rollercoaster somewhere in here" Rex spotted a blonde guy sporting the leprechaun look and crying alongside his dragon pet-thing. They were the guys blowing things up to look for food from the day before.

"You are also having a bad day, huh?"

ProTrash I think I'm a sofa from Valentia Relationship Status: Faithful to 2D
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Mar 16th 2017 at 9:50:41 PM

Abel - Streets - Busted

Abel jumped—well, no, more like "fell backwards embarrassingly onto the dirt" when Rex showed up. He quickly stood up and dusted himself off, doing so with exaggerated and very obviously fake movements, trying to distract Rex from Rixis, who was sliding back into Abel's coat from the bottom. "Uh, no—" he cleared his throat. "Uh, no, I'm fine, I promise. I, uh, gotta go." he tried walking away from Rex, probably to go cry again.

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FirockFinion THE SLORG! from Red Desert Relationship Status: Wishfully thinking
Mar 16th 2017 at 10:27:37 PM


Miss Tairee 4 looked at Rick rather blankly and blinked once. "Sir, simply tell me the person you are trying to contact" Miss Tairee 4 informed him.

At the central desks, Miss Tairee 1 glanced at Eve. "Is there something I can help you with? Did you want your message home yet?" Miss Tairee 1 asked her.

Over at Ben's call, Louie grinned as Ben mentioned how they would take the fight to Miss Tairee's boss. "Yeah, we'll beat him easy!" Louie boasted.

Thomas, who had been sharing a similar expression as Max about the others teasing Ben, got reminded of something when Lewis mentioned Eve contacting her friends. "Oh right! I still need to ask the librarian about sending a message to my parents" Thomas thought out loud, and moved to find one of the Miss Tairees to do that. Louie then took notice of Lewis.

"Hey wait a minute. You're that skeleton who was bullying Thomas yesterday and throwing a tantrum. I told you to leave my friends alone!" Louie said, a little threateningly.

Around them, much of the initial crowd had cycled out by now, but there was still more people arriving to get their messages home. Tuudol, Del'Guk, and other members of the NHA arrived together through one doorway. Through another door... Rega 'Sattinee, the elite that shot Eve, in an Easter bunny getup. "YOU!" Dul'Guk's left head said angrily, taking a step towards the elite but Tuudol stopped him with an arm.

"It's not worth it, and you can't do anything anyway" Tuudol told him simply. Rega let out a low roar towards them, opening up his mouth entirely as a sort of taunt, then went on to his own business.

Through another door came Sir Redring, still escorting Tommy and Seirwuosuhr. Miss Tairee 10 had just suddenly reappeared at that point, and smiled as she saw them. "Sir Redring! Thanks so much for bringing the children back" Miss Tairee 10 said to him kindly. "Let's see about getting you two in touch with your parents, alright? Just go talk to the me over there" the librarian then told the kids, pointing to another of her, "I can also get you more food to eat, or toys to play with, if you'd like."

As the two children went off, Miss Tairee 10 then looked back to Sir Redring. "Now I can't really repay you for that, but I can at least help you with your message home, if you'd like" Miss Tairee 10 mentioned to him.

"Oh not a problem madam! I did not do it expecting compensation. But, so long as you are offering these messages home, I would like to contact my friend and rival fellow knight, Sir Bluring!" Sir Redring said enthusiastically.

Miss Tairee 10 nodded, typed on her holographic screen for a bit, then paused, frowning slightly. "Oh... I'm afraid I can't do that. Sir Bluring is dead. I'm sorry" Miss Tairee 10 muttered apologetically.

Sir Redring went still, his tentacles drooping down. "Bluring, dead..? Are you sure?" Sir Redring asked. Miss Tairee 10 simply nodded, and Sir Redring cast his gaze downwards.

"Is there someone else you'd like to contact instead?" Miss Tairee 10 asked him.

"... Perhaps, later in the day... I must go see to paying respects" Sir Redring stated quietly, adjusting his hat down a bit. "Farewell, madam" he added, and turned to leave.

Leaving the cinema to somewhere in the streets

"That would be nice" Silanea said simply as she followed Curly out; as they passed through the lobby, they saw a number of other Fanboys having arrived and chatting with each other while getting snacks. A few were about to go into one of the other theaters to watch something. Silanea didn't seem to have much interest in sticking around, lowering her head slightly and hurrying up a bit until they were outside.

"Do you know what sort of food this buffet will have?" Silanea thought to ask once they were a little away from the cinema.

On the NHA's channel, Curly wasn't hearing much aside from a few members trying to meet up with each other and discussing what landmarks to look for in the shifting city. One person did end up asking if anyone had seen Silanea yet, to which there was an answer of no.

Silanea was glancing around, looking at the various people, some of whom looked extremely different; such as Jack Frost, who Silanea didn't recognize because of his new red jacket and the fact that he was turned away while her gaze passed over that way.

MMFRPG successor RP is go.
DeisTheAlcano from Uruguay Relationship Status: Drift compatible
Mar 16th 2017 at 10:33:58 PM

Streets — This is helping, right?

Abel was obviously surprised by Rex's words and tried to get away saying he was 'fine' the whole time.

"Dude, it's ok. I'm not trying to hurt you"

He was obviously sad and Rex guessed he was thinking about the possibility of not being able to get back home.

"Look, if this is because you are worried about not seeing your family and friends again, you can talk to them at the library. And don't worry, you will meet them again once this is all over. I promise"

Mar 16th 2017 at 10:39:34 PM

Seiga, Library, I SO COOL!
"Oh, don't worry. A millennium of being hunted, and I'm still in one piece, so I don't think I'll mind your company that much," she said, with a calculated giggle added at the end. Just the right amount of playful not-aggressiveness.

"My magic's not very unholy, aside from the necromancy, it's just that I'm too old for heaven's tastes. So, what does it take to hire you?"

Yoshika, Next to Library, Let's Find Jack Immediately After This Post
"There should be something. He wouldn't give me an opportunity if nobody could do anything." She put her mind to it, looking at the ground as she tried to come up with anything resembling a plan...which, considering she was monumentally smarter than before, only took about ten seconds.

"...Seiga can't order me if I can't hear her, or if I don't have something written from her. All we need to do is get me as far away from her as possible! I can just run from her!"

nman Nailed It! from USA Relationship Status: Giving love a bad name
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Mar 16th 2017 at 11:23:31 PM

Ciri - Library

"Hire me?" Ciri replied to Seiga, a bit unsure. "Hire me for what? As a bodyguard? An assistant? An enforcer? Those who follow the Witcher's Code are sworn to a life of contracts for slaying monsters, and always for a price..."

She paused as she considered something. "I... don't take it that this city uses Crowns, Florens, or any of the coinage I deal with. Well, there are always exceptions to the Witcher's Code, and payment can be things other than gold, even the Law of Surprise. Considering the circumstances, I don't expect there to be much profit in slaying monsters when they are revived by the Writer. What sort of service do you seek?"

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Mar 17th 2017 at 12:08:47 AM

Lewis - Library - Oh here we go

This guy again. I'd been trying not to acknowledge him for the time being, but I guess there was no avoiding it now. I rolled my eyes at the accusation, annoyed and completely unintimidated at the implied threat.

"I wasn't bullying anyone. Thomas was yelling at Caro and scared her and Sans off and I was trying to admonish him for it. It'd have taken two seconds for you to ask what was going on and in those two seconds I was about to ease up on him. Instead you sent your pelipper out, meddled without knowing the situation, ruined my phone, and now you're trying to shoo me off when I'm not even doing anything wrong. It wouldn't have hurt anyone for you to calm your tits and ask for a little bit of context.

"Though okay, I'll admit. The rant was a step too far. I had a lot going on and let it get to me and that can get messy. Still, would you watch it? I'm not interested in your bull hockey...tauros hockey...whatever you call it, and it'd be a waste of time for both of us to have an angry flame ghost hounding your behind. You understand that?"

formerly Ms Ami Classified, until that handle started to annoy me my tumblr
Mar 17th 2017 at 4:11:58 AM

Library - One hot-blooded skeleton

She was rather touched by Sans introducing her like to Papyrus. She supposed she shouldn't have expected much different by this point, but it was still very heartwarming.

Smiling warmly at both of them, she said, "Thank you .... That means quite a lot to me too ..."

The more she listened to Papyrus, the more she couldn't help thinking of him as a sort of even more energetic version of Subaru, except applying her zeal in combat to practically everything ... The exchange regarding Fried was rather amusing and he didn't seem to mind it for now, though she could just see Sans bringing that one up again ...

Things then turned to one of the reasos for this call in the first place, namely helping Fate. The poor girl was understandably not much forthcoming and due to Papyrus still not knowing about the nature of their situation here, there seemed to be quite a bit of misunderstandings going on ... Still, even if it was probably impossible for his solution to work out, seeing someone care that much about her having despite just meet her , without any previous knowledge, would likely do Fate quite a bit of good.

In anycase, what would normally happen in regards to family situation back home was looking just as impossible at the moment. Though maybe she should look into talking about Nanoha to the pair later. That book should still detail her actions on their absence and hopefully show that she ultimately was on their side, which should help in that regard.

Then, Cole, this time dressed as a bunny, rather fitting and cute in her opinion, as well as a man also dressed as a skeleton, though in a rather different style than her own outfit, ended up heading their way. She rather wanted to see how the former was going, but she might still be needed to help here ... Thankfully Sans did have a solution on hand.

She then waved a bit at them and said a bit quietly, "Yeah, please just hold up a bit until we are finished here ... "

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