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Korodzik Ignore the screams a-comin' from the car
Ignore the screams a-comin' from the car
Mar 16th 2017 at 4:03:08 AM


Miss Tairee asked Garrett if he was sure he wanted to make a video call to Drept. "Yeah, I'm sure. I want to ask him for a specific favor, and I need him to believe it is me. Letters can be forged. He would be more inclined to believe if he saw me face-to-face... besides, this way I can explain any questions he has right away."

Mar 16th 2017 at 4:49:51 AM

City Streets

The harpy girl chirped happily at the compliment, hopping in a circle around Ara and singing like a songbird. Stopping, she looked at the woman, cocking her head and smiling. "You're pretty too."

Then, she watched in confusion at what unfolded next.

Jack turned his head, shock still on his face, when Ara replied. He nodded rapidly in agreement, relieved to see that she wasn't angry or upset. He also ignored the other feeling her denial stirred up, refusing to even acknowledge them. "Yeah, just friends. Ok?" He chuckled awkwardly as he looked back at the young girl.

Said young girl was giving them a serious and contemplative look that only a child could, a smear of sauce on her cheek. She glanced between the two for a little while longer, before saying. "Why not? You bo-"

"Sarah!" Her mortified older sister cried as she slapped a hand over her mouth, looking thoroughly embarrassed. "I think that's enough." She looked between Jack and Ara. "I'm really sorry, Jack. Miss. S-she likes to ask rude questions a lot."

This time the spirit's chuckle is more genuine. "It's fine, kiddo." Quick to change the topic, he glanced around, asking. "So, did anyone see where Eric went?"

A voice suddenly appeared in everyone's head, even Eun's, as the Andalite boy stepped forward. <He said he was going to go look for something to replace his clothing. He seemed to not like it. I can understand the feeling...> He struck a hoof on the ground, his stalk eyes peering back at himself.

The winter spirit grinned and nodded. "Alright, so we better go find him then." Glancing at Ara and trying to fight down his blush and lingering embarrassment, he then asked. "Do you want to come along? It shouldn't take too long."

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Mar 16th 2017 at 5:11:02 AM


Miss Tairee 6 smiled slightly. "A book on the events of your universe, certainly" Miss Tairee 6 said, though paused and seemed to be waiting for something. Once Ghostfreak's message upstairs was finished, she tapped on the buttons of her holographic screen, and a book appeared in front of Ben with a blur. Ben 10 was the title, simply. "Now then, I'll leave you to your call" the librarian stated, and walked off to help other people in the library.

Meanwhile, Miss Tairee 9 gave a slight shrug. "Very well, if you insist. One moment" Miss Tairee 9 said to Garrett, and after tapping a few keys on the holographic screen, a magic mirror appeared in a blur in front of the master thief. "When you are ready, simply tap a finger to the mirror; it will only work when you do it, and when you do it on purpose. When you're done, tap it again; once you're finished or once the day is over, the mirror will cease to exist" the librarian instructed him.

MMFRPG successor RP is go.
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I just want to help!
Mar 16th 2017 at 6:10:55 AM

Cole looked down a little when Dave mentioned the hospital, tightening his grip on Arcade's hand imperceptibly. "I...I didn't...I didn't want to be in your way..." he finally said, seeming to be aware even as he was saying it that it wasn't a very good argument at all. "Th-thank you for...for letting me stay though...but...other people need your help more."

The second part of what Dave had said seemed to ring in his ears at that moment, and he blinked, looking back up. "M-message? What...message?"

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Mar 16th 2017 at 6:38:12 AM


When Dave mentioned the messages, Arcade was able to reign in his reaction well enough. He shifted awkwardly and his smile became a little more strained, but he was able to keep his voice light enough.

He didn't process what Cole said at first, simply explaining, "if you tell the librarian the name of someone back home, you'll be able to talk to them. I'm sure someone's missing you, you'll probably want to talk to them." After that, he realized what Cole's discussion with Dave meant with regards to the hospital.

"Oh, you work at the hospital?" He asked the troll, the forced cheer bleeding into genuine hope. "I was planning to go there and volunteer to help out," he explained, "I'm a doctor and would like to lend a hand if you need one."

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For the Horde!
Mar 16th 2017 at 7:39:23 AM

The library, first floor

Ben took the book, flipping through the areas of the book. It was kinda flattering, actually, seeing the various adventures that Ben had already gone through. He got to the part where Ben had stopped a bunch of robot squids at a resort in the Bermuda triangle. The last event that had really happened before he had gotten taken to the City. And indeed, the events showed Ben sitting in the Rust Bucket before suddenly vanishing.

Ben's face went from interest to concern as he saw just how distraught Gwen and Max were becoming. There was one saving grace to this whole thing, and that was that Max had apparently brought the Plumbers out of hiding, partially to help look for Ben. It's nice to have family in high places. At last, he reached the point he was looking for. An alien named Dr. Vicktor who was working for another alien named... Zs'Skayr? He vaguely remembered hearing Ghostfreak call himself by that name a few times. He bookmarked the page, then gestured to Thomas, Louie, and Sora.

"Hey, guys, I'm gonna call Grandpa now," he told them, pressing the button on the tablet. Statis began to fire up and soon the familiar face of Max Tennyson, hard at work behind a computer terminal, exhaustion on his face, appeared. Next to him and behind him, Gwen was pacing back and forth, looking worried. As soon as Ben's face appeared, both of them looked extremely surprised.

"Ben?!" both of them shouted, in a mixture of surprise, joy, and relief. A couple of random Plumbers immediately ran up to look at the screen as well. Ben winced.

"Yeah, it's me," Ben said. "Really sorry for worrying everyone, it's not my fault! Honest! I didn't run off, some weird interdimensional thing grabbed me and snatched me up!"

Gwen looked up at Ben, worriedly, with a mixture of anger, sadness, and sheer joy. "Ben, you dweeb, don't freak us out like that! This is serious! Where are you?! We've been looking for you for two weeks now! And why are you dressed like some goofy vampire?!"

Max shot Gwen a look. "Gwen. He's telling the truth. I can tell. Ben wouldn't lie about something like this. Not after all this time." He looked at Ben. "Tell me everything, Ben. Where are you, what's going on up there?!" He looked over to one of the random Plumbers standing off to the side. "Hank, can you backtrace the signal and determine where it's coming from? Ben said he was snatched up by an interdimensional entity, check for tachyon patterns," he stated.

Hank, the plumber, began doing calculations. In the meantime, Ben got some room to answer. "I'm in some weird constantly-shifting constructed mini universe created by this all powerful Writer dude, and he's making us do stuff to give him inspiration or something like that! I don't know all the details, but he keeps bringing people from all over the multiverse, and I'm one of them! Apparently I was one of the first," Ben explained.

"You're not making sense, Ben!" Gwen shouted. Max shook his head.

"No, it makes sense. Hank, see if the readings match Celestialsapien communication patterns. Are they coming from in or around the Forge of Creation?" he asked. Hank simply shook his head.

"No, sir. That's the thing. My scanner isn't detecting any signal," Hank responded.

"Try recalibrating it," Max responded, sounding confused.

"I did, sir," Hank responded. "It doesn't seem to have a signal at all. It must be in a frequency we can't detect."

Max frowned and thought for a moment. "Funny." He looked back at Ben. "Is there any other information you can give us about where you are? We can't seem to backtrace your signal."

Ben frowned as well. "I wouldn't know where to begin. But anyway, That's only part of the reason I called you. Remember Ghostfreak?" Ben asked.

Gwen winced. "Ew, don't remind me!" she shouted. "That alien is freaky!" Ben nodded.

"Yeah, same here. Anyway, it escaped!" Ben explained.

"What?!" Gwen and Max asked in confusion.

Ben shook his head, shrugging. "Don't ask. Anyway, it really has it in for me, it keeps saying it wants to make me suffer, so he's already contacted one of his followers in our universe, a guy named Dr. Vicktor, to start working on plans to block out the sun using some kinda weird shield and flood the planet with..."

Ben opened the book, going to the bookmarked page. "Corrodium!" Gwen looked confused, but a look of horror came onto Max's face. Ben began to explain just how Ghostfreak's minions would start putting up the shield. Max was aghast.

"Dr. Vicktor is a servant of Zs'Skayr, the dictator of Anur Phaetos. He was in the Omnitrix? I guess it makes sense. I always did you think you acted a little funny while in that Ectonurite form. Anyway, I've brought the plumbers out of hiding to start looking for you already. Now that we know where you are, we can focus our efforts on stopping Zs'Skayr's followers and finding a way to access the interdimensional area you're in. But finding you is gonna be like looking for a needle in a haystack, Ben."

Ben winced. "I'm sorry I can't give you any more info about where I am. If I would, I'd tell you exactly what universe I'm in. But I don't know myself, and apparently it was only created like two weeks ago."

Max looked down in thought. "So it's not going to be in our databases. Thanks for your help. We'll get you out soon. Don't worry."

Ben smiled a bit. "There's a little bit of good news though. There are friendly people here and they're trying to help me. He set the tablet standing up on a stand on a table, gesturing for the other City Knights (and Lewis if he was interested) to speak to Ben's family. "C'mon guys, you wanna meet my cousin and grandpa? This is Gwen, and that's Grandpa," Ben introduced to them when he sat the tablet down and moved off panel.

Gwen and Max looked up to see whoever would step up first to address them.

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Mar 16th 2017 at 8:05:36 AM

Sora took off the mittens and the walkie talkie from his belt and dropped them into the bag. Yep, they just disappeared like Merlin's bag. Nice. Then he dropped the journal into it. Sora would enjoy showing Ben and all the other City Knights all the entries that Jimmy made during his adventure! The worlds, the Heartless he has faced, what friends he has made. It would be some fun story telling. He kept the tablet out though. Sora would use that soon. He told Miss Tairee, "Thank you Miss!"

Then he listened to Ben explain about his grandfather and how the group he's in back home would most likely be in a panic over Ben's forced movement to this City. Well, it was good that Ben has a organization that would help his grandpa stop the bad guys!.......but one thing confused Sora. Ben's world is fictional? Did it exist in a book like the Hundred Acre Wood? The word "story" made him think of that and then a book was made! Now Sora was really curious. He would have to ask Ben later because then he called his family. Max seemed wise about these matters and Sora could hear and feel the love that he had for Ben. Same for Gwen. That made Sora smile. No matter where you come from, such love will always be there.

Ben offered the tablet so that everyone can greet Max and Gwen. Great! He can't wait to meet these two! Sora took his chance and took his spot in front of the camera, Keyblade relaxing over his shoulder and a grin plastered on his face. Sora told the two, "Hello, I'm Sora! No worry is needed for Ben here. He made a group to protect all the people that can't do so themselves. Your grandson has a strong, good heart and he will be fine. Me and the other City Knights will make sure of that!"

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Mar 16th 2017 at 8:37:57 AM

Cole looked to be thinking that over. A message home...? Could that be real? Is that what all these people were doing here? The library was far more congested than he had ever seen it, and if it was because of something they wanted like that, it made sense. Being able to talked to loved ones was a rather...well.

No, no that wasn' Don't. Put that away. Something else was better.

"You're going to go to the hospital and help people?" Cole asked, looking to Arcade. "That is good! The people there were very nice, even though Martha was a little afraid of me, and you aren't afraid, so you would do a good job too. You should go and help, there are a lot of people who need it."

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Mar 16th 2017 at 9:26:34 AM

Calvin and Hobbes - Outside Library

"Yeah! I can do that! Come on Hobbes" Calvin piped up eagerly, going under the box. Hobbes helped lift the box up but he did not go under, however.

"Nothing's scarier than a tiger." he noted. Calvin's scoff was audible to everybody around, even while he was under the box.

"Fine you pompous doofus! Just write down.scary gorilla. Ooooh! Or wild boar! Or Tyrannosaurus Rex! Or..." Calvin kept babbling but Hobbes was already writing the animal name down on the transmogrifier that he had chosen. He set the dial to it and in a short time, a very cute and Calvin-shaped penguin came waddling out of the box.

"A PENGUIN!?!! Hobbes - you idiot!" Calvin ranted as he looked at his appearance.

"Penguins are cute." Hobbes noted, trying to pat Calvin on the head before the penguin slapped his hand away with his flipper.

"Rick said a distraction!"

"What's more distracting than something cute?" Hobbes grinned. Calvin let out a screech of rage and tried jumping on Hobbes before falling on his stomach. Hobbes laughed and started sprinting towards the library, penguin-Calvin following behind.

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Mar 16th 2017 at 11:36:54 AM


Well, this information most certainly would have been pertinent DAYS AGO!!! Plague Knight angrily thought, his hands crumpling the notes. This brought back memories of the eleventh day when he lost all that glorious potential for SCIENCE!! was destroyed during the battle against the boss of that day.

He calmed himself down. "I wish to contact a woman from my world named Mona," the alchemist said to Miss Tairee. "It is possible to use those.....videos, to speak with her, despite the lack of technology in my world?" he asked.

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Mar 16th 2017 at 11:38:24 AM

Lewis - Library - Hello, friends of my friend, or how social circles expand

Oh. Now that was an idea. I had to admit, I was impressed. Why didn't I think of that?

I moved in to get a closer look, and ended up listening in on Ben's call home. So he had a whole government agency looking for him for the past two weeks since this place was made, and now that they knew where he was and he'd broken the news about the imminent threat to their world they could focus all their newly-expanded resources on stopping it. That was a lot of people concerned for his well-being. Lucky.

I thought I felt a faint pang of...envy? Envy, that he had so many people and resources dedicated to finding him and him alone. Granted, he had some sort of alien shapeshifting technology that was probably also high-priority, but even so...

No, no. I shouldn't be jealous of him. That he mattered to that many people, enough for them to expend that level of effort looking for him, (but there was a key difference, I knew; as far as they knew he was alive and in danger and who'd spend that much effort on what they expect to be a body) wasn't something within his control, it just. Was. If anything I should be happy for him. And besides, hadn't envy been why...?

Just as I was registering that bit of envy begin to turn to guilt, Ben decided to introduce us to his grandpa and cousin that he'd been talking with. I suppose it was polite to at least say hello. They seemed nice enough.

I snapped myself out of it and gave a wave. "Oh, hello, Gwen. Morning, Mr...Tennyson, I've heard? Or, wait, which side of his family are you on? Ahem. Name's Lewis. Your, uh, grandson is in good hands. He' a lot of people watching his back. Don't worry too much, just focus on keeping your planet safe. He'll be back before you know it. Alright?"

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Mar 16th 2017 at 12:33:51 PM

Library ~ She Doesn't Know What to Say

Fate and Arf remained silent throughout Sans's and Papyrus's exchange. It only took a look at their faces to determine what they were thinking, however; Fate had tilted her head to one side curiously, while Arf's eyebrow shot up and stayed there.

"...Halloween?" Arf asked herself, "So, does that explain all the stupid outfits...?"

Upon Papyrus noticing them, Fate didn't respond for another couple moments apart from just a simple confused stare. Eventually, however, she managed to get a few words out.

"Fate.... Fate Testarossa?"

"And I am Arf, her familiar," Arf added, before shaking her head and sighing, "You'll have to forgive my master. She's...not been having a good day, to put it lightly."

She didn't seem to be aware that she wasn't quite in the picture from Papyrus's end.

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Mar 16th 2017 at 12:57:59 PM

Abel - Library - Family? Who Needs Family?

Well, that was a waste of time. Abel watched the ghost guy float through the ceiling to do his thing, whatever it was. Everybody that had shown up looked marginally sad at their failure, but before he could walk away, he noticed the alien kid from yesterday (now dressed up like a vampire for some reason???) ask the librarian for a way to contact home, and surprisingly enough, she obliged. She gave him a tablet and the kid ran off to give his message. Curious, Abel pushed past some more people and sat down on one of the sofas, just far enough to see Ben without getting any attention. He watched as he explained everything that happened for the past two weeks(!) and that the ghost guy from earlier was going to destroy his planet or something. This earned no response from Abel, not even a twinge of sympathy, but there was something that got to him.

When Ben turned the tablet around so they could see everybody, Abel felt like somebody had just stabbed him in the chest. He had no explanation for this, but the realization that this kid, this one bratty kid had this many people looking out for him; it just felt awful. He felt something well up in his chest. He couldn't justify it, but it didn't change the fact that it was there. The people in his universe AND the people that were gathering around him to say hi; they all actually liked him. He had friends. He had family.

Well. Lucky him.

Abel stood up and stormed out of the library, furious. He would talk to Morty later. Right now he just wanted to be alone.

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Mar 16th 2017 at 1:22:42 PM

Library - A meeting at last

Hearing the exchange that then happened was quite an experience ... `Paryrus was mostly just like what she had imagined from hearing Sans speak of him ... Although she hadn't pictured him being quite that loud ... but at least in regards to things being familiar enough to him in this reshaped world, it seemed it was going to turn out alright.

Halloween? She guessed that did explain things at least somewhat. It probably matched up with what Sans and she were wearing and at least partly with Fate's outfit ... It still didn't explain Lucas's, Arf's or Miss Tairee's though, as well as a good deal of the people and structures she had seen up to now, if it was supposed to be all about spooky things and not just any random ones, as it seemed like was going on here.

She laughed a bit at the description of Sans' previous costume. It matched with up with what he had told her and Cole, back in the beach day, about the differing kinds of efforts he and Papyrus had put in those ice sculptures.

The other skeleton then seemed to have noticed the rest of them and asked about it, which got the others to introduce them. None of it seemed to be getting much more of a reaction out of Fate for now and she was still ,rather understandably, much confused, but hopefully that would change at least slightly as this went on. It seemed promising to her at least ...

Caro then spoke, while smiling widely and warmly "And I'm Caro. It's nice to finally be able to meet you. I have heard much about you," she briefly turned her gaze slightly to her side and upwards, where a certain, currently skeletal-looking little dragon was floating by, presumably also within range of the screen, she gestured towards him and added, "Oh, and this here is my companion, Fried."

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Mar 16th 2017 at 1:54:32 PM

Ara Haan (Street) - Missing Person

I wasn't really expecting the harpy girl to call me pretty... although I wasn't sure of whether that was because harpies in Elrios hated humans, or because I just wasn't expecting a compliment in general. Either way, it was a nice thing to hear, so I gave her my proper thanks.

"Th-thank you," I stated, before I turned to address Sarah and her elder sister. "No, it's okay, really. She was probably just curi-huh?!"

The voice that suddenly echoed in my head caught me completely off guard. I instinctively looked around for the source of the voice, without really knowing that it'd been the boy in Jack's group that hadn't spoken yet. It took me a few seconds to notice, but I was relieved once I found out. Apparently one of the children had gone missing, so Jack asked me if I wanted to look around with him.

"Of course, I'd be glad to."

If he needed help, I could very well help him.

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Mar 16th 2017 at 3:08:28 PM

Library - introductions and questions

"yea, i've told caro a lot about you, we've been hanging out a lot. she's like my little sister now," said Sans as a follow up to Caro's introduction.

Papyrus went quite wide-eyed at this last piece of info. "WOWIE, I'VE NEVER HAD A LITTLE SISTER BEFORE! I WASN'T EXPECTING OUR SMALL FAMILY TO BECOME BIGGER ALL OF SUDDEN!" He said, then getting closer to the screen as he looked at Fried, rubbing his chin and looking quited fascinated by him. "THAT IS A VERY NICE BIRD! I'VE NEVER SEEN ONE THAT LOOKS QUITE LIKE THAT, IT MUST BE A VERY EXOTIC SPECIES!"

"exotic, yes, very," said Sans, not missing a beat.

Papyrus then cleared his throat, even though clearly there wasn't anything to clear. "AHEM! IT IS VERY NICE TO MEET YOU, SANS' NEW FRIENDS! AS YOU MIGHT HAVE HEARD, I AM THE GREAT PAPYRUS, A VERY FAMOUS AND AMAZING ROYAL GUARDSMEN!" He introduced himself, leaning back and posing confidently with one hand on his chest.

Sans had to wonder if Papyrus actually managed to get in the Royal Guard in this new universe. It was kinda hard to tell, considering it was him they were dealing with, but he figured that if he wasn't he would've corrected himself by now. After introducing himself, Papyrus then looked at Fate with a somewhat concerned expression, before looking back at Sans, giving him a look of mild disappointment.


"i was trying to, but i thought maybe you could help her better than i can, that's why i'm calling you bro."

Papyrus paused for a moment, pondering over Sans' reasoning, before then looking quite pleased with this explanation


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Mar 16th 2017 at 3:22:11 PM

Eve | Library| Well then.

That was not the response she was expecting. That confirmed that Miss Tairee would be able to help them though, which was good. Ben, meanwhile, seemed to be enjoying talking to his family, and had done something clever for a change. When he beckoned them over, Eve walked, looking with interest at Ben's family.

She essayed a small wave as Lewis talked, before stepping to talk herself.

"My name is Eve. It's a pleasure to meet you both."

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Mar 16th 2017 at 3:33:41 PM

The library

Gwen and Max looked at the three individuals who introduced themselves to the two. Max nodded at Sora, first. "Nice to meet you, Sora. Good to hear Ben's putting his Omnitrix to good use there. What's this City Knights thing?" he asked. Ben grinned.

"Oh man, it's awesome, the City Knights are my own superhero team!" Ben exclaimed, excitedly. "We help people in need and stop evil where it crops up!" Gwen rolled her eyes, smiling at him.

"Oh, Ben, you're such a dork," she responded, with a chuckle. "Glad to see nothing has changed."

Lewis introduced himself, Gwen looking nervous at the talking skeleton that decided to introduce himself, and Max looking uneasy about being referred to as "Mr. Tennyson." "Please, Mr. Tennyson is my son. Just call me Max," he introduced. "Can do. You all keep him safe too, all right?"

Finally, Eve approached, and Gwen glanced at her, raising an eyebrow, then smirking at Ben.

"Hey, Ben, since when did you get a girlfriend?" Gwen teased. Ben blushed deeply and began to stammer. Max furrowed his brow at her.

"Gwen, don't tease him," Max retorted. Gwen sighed.

"Fine..." she moaned.

Max looked at her. "Pleasure to meet you too, Eve," he greeted.

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Mar 16th 2017 at 4:09:43 PM

Library's roof

Tairee explained how the tablet that came out of nowhere—things usually did that around here—was supposed to work. Sadly, Rex only had one call and if it ended abruptly, there was no way to get a second one.


She then asked if he wanted something else since she was probably already busy with the citizens wanting to call their respective homes.

"Oh yeah, can I get a disguise? Kinda hard to enjoy the rides when everyone tries to shoot me on sight"

FirockFinion THE SLORG! from Red Desert Relationship Status: Wishfully thinking
Mar 16th 2017 at 4:23:49 PM

Library, interior

"Well you don't have to worry about it today; it's one of those 'nobody can get hurt days' again, which is why I'm here and not there" Dave said to Cole and Arcade a bis dismissively. "And I pretty much run the hospital, since I seem to be the only doctor in town who has experience working with cybernetic implants, and magic, and patients of multiple species. Some of the doctors here can't even claim one of those, and I haven't met any others yet who can claim all three" the troll explained to Arcade, listing off on his large fingers.

"We'll talk about what you do and don't know what to work with back at the hospital some other time. Right now, I'm trying to enjoy my day off and call an associate back home" Dave told them, motioning a thumb over his shoulder then turning and walking further into the lobby.

Meanwhile, Thomas and Louie peered at the screen for Ben's call with varying curiosity. "We're part of the city knights too! I'm Louie, pokemon trainer!" Louie said proudly, pointing a thumb to his chest about where his heart was.

"Thomas, wizard" Thomas added in simply, giving a brief nod/bow of his head.

Meanwhile, Miss Tairee 3 tapped on her holographic screen for a bit after Plague Knight's question. "I don't think that would be necessary. Your world has magic, so I can simply give you a magic mirror. It might startle Mona to suddenly see you through a little magic portal,note  but it would at least be explainable and understandable" Miss Tairee 3 said to Plague Knight, then with a blur a little handheld mirror appeared in front of him and floated there until he took it. "Simply tap a finger on it to begin; it'll only work when you do it, and once you do it on purpose, so you don't have to worry about it getting activated on accident. When you're done you can tap on it again to make it stop; once you've stopped or once the day ends, the mirror will cease to exist" the librarian instructed the knight.

"Will that be all?" Miss Tairee 3 then asked him.

Library, roof

Miss Tairee 10 stared blankly at Rex for a moment, then sighed. "You're going to get into trouble again" Miss Tairee 10 said, though it seemed more like thinking out loud, as she typed on the holographic screen. After a bit, there was a blur in the air and some kind of black, full-body suit appeared; of course, due to the day conditions it sported patterns of little Christmas trees, Easter eggs, Jack-o-lantern pumpkin faces, four leaf clovers, and red hearts.

"If you make any of your constructs in it, you're going to break it; that would be a dead giveaway that it's you anyway" Miss Tairee 10 informed him.

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Mar 16th 2017 at 4:46:14 PM

Ciri - Library

"A necromancer?" Ciri asked Seiga, though it appeared to be rhetorical as she immediately continued. "Necromancy is forbidden... though as Yen says, so is premarital sex. Why do you bring it up? Only cast your blood magic out of necessity, and wish to avoid the fear people show for your craft? Or are you the sort who defiles the bodies of the fallen for your own twisted perversions, or out of necessity?"

She shrugged. "Though if I understand correctly, with the magic of this city opposing the threat of death, you won't have any of the dead available for you to reanimate regardless."

She paused, gaze briefly flickering around the room to certain individuals, including Lewis and Sans. "...aside from those who are already reanimated, apparently."

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Mar 16th 2017 at 5:04:26 PM

Cole grinned a little, looking back to Arcade, nearly bouncing on his heels even as Dave finished what he was saying and walked off from them. "He's going to let you help!" he said, a clear happiness in his tone. "Today you don't have to do anything but when it's time for you to then you can go and see him, and today you don't have to, that's all good! You have time to relax before you start to work!"

He stopped moving, a rather hopeful expression on his face. "D-did I help? Did talking to him with you so you found out a way you could help, help you? Sometimes helping other people be able to help is just as good as really helping, did it help?"

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"whoa, whoa, whoa. time out. we can send a message back home?" This made a lot more sense as to why the library was crowded with people of various shapes and sizes. Maybe perhaps he could call up Jade, or maybe Rose, or perhaps even Karkat. It might be nice to see how he was doing after staying in the city, if he was even here.

"i think some of them are already making calls. maybe i'll talk to ben, it's been four years since i've talked to him." He then flew over to him, looking at a tablet. The familiar sight of the ten-year-old relieved him.

He then tapped him on the shoulder. "hey, ben! it's been a while. is that your family?" John then waved over to them and said, "it's nice to meet you. my name's john!"

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Well, two seconds in and they're already uncomfortable. What an excellent start. "Oh, my mistake. I wasn't sure. Don't worry. We've got him covered, and besides, if anything happens there are easy ways to deal with that." I moved to pat Ben's shoulder reassuringly.

Eve came and said hello, and immediately Ben's cousin (wow, Ben? Gwen? What, was their dad named Ken?) stopped looking at me the way Arthur looks at a pawn shop making weird noises at night and started teasing him about their obvious unresolved romantic tension. Ha! So she noticed it too. huh.

There was only one thing to do.

"You know, you two should go on a Ferris wheel sometime today, since there are some. I saw a giant one earlier with all sorts of pinks and reds. I think you'd love it, if you know what I mean." I gave Ben and Eve a little wink.

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"Okay, ready, one, two... go go go go go!" Rick charged through the door, expecting a fight or a struggle or something... only to find that the library had very much moved on, Ghostfreak was nowhere to e found, and, what's more, Ben was currently video-chatting with what had to be his relatives, cousins or grandparents or something. Fifteen days in an ever-shifting landscape populated by fever-dream beings had taught Morty not to judge people by appearances.

"Oh boy, Rick. T-t-that didn't go as planned - so - uh - what now?" Morty watched as Hobbes and penguin-Calvin went scampering off.

"W-what, what are you looking at me for, Morty? T-this was your idea in the first place."

"Um... wh-what if we ask Miss Tairee for a ghost... weapon or something? F-for the next day?"

"Sure - I mean - I guess, sure, let's go with that." Rick headed over to the counter where one of the Miss Tairees was currently taking requests. "... Yo." he nodded at the duplicated Southerner as soon as he had made his way up the line. "I'm looking for something capable of stopping an protoplasmically-based extra-terrestrial life form, oh, I don't know, yea high?" He made a vague measurement with his hands that was roughly the size of Ghostfreak. "Not kill, not kill, just... you know... *urp* stop, impede, you know."

There was a pause.

"Wait. I-i-is this the line for the calls home?" He looked around at the people behind him and the other inhabitants. "Okay, wait, can I get a communicator with that? Make it, uh..." Rick squinted as though he was trying to remember something. "Okay, uh, set it to dimension C-137, Milky Way Galaxy... Orion Arm... Khreeb Quadrant... Sector 7, Electra system, Planet Squanch, Squanchica, Squancheepul, Squanchtropolis... squanch-module 113 on Squanch Boulevard. You know. *urp* assuming there's been no change of address in the past two weeks or whatever." Rick took a meditative shot. "I-i-it's been two weeks, right? Feels more like a *urp* year and a half."

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