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Mar 8th 2017 at 10:20:47 PM


Well, Caro definitely knew how to be tactful when someone was distressed. He responded "Yeah... Claus probably would like the idea that he was saving another world by being dead. And Mom... she's too kind to not want me doing this. I'm happy with my choice."

Sans was brought to the stadium fairly quickly, and soon got up to deliver a speech. It definitely was a good one, acknowledging not just Lucas and Caro, but also Lewis and Rex. Embarrassed when Sans started talking about him, Lucas blushed a tiny bit. It wasn't like he could have ignored someone in that situation, after all.

By the time he had stopped speaking, Sans had made it clear to Lucas that he found the unexpected major change to his timeline satisfactory. And Lucas could not be happier about that. Sans was calling for a... well, hugs were nice. As he went for the hug, Lucas said to the skeleton "I didn't do that much... it was Lewis who told me about your home and I couldn't ignore it after that. I... after everything I did to save my home from dying... saving your's... it was just as important. No one should have a dead world. But still... You're welcome."

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Mar 8th 2017 at 10:34:15 PM

Eve|Cottage|Better Than The Hotel Cult

Eve looked around at the cottage. It was nice. Small, and quiet. She doubted if Ghostfreak would think to look for someone as ostentatious as Ben in a place like this. It also seemed to be empty. None of the doors were locked, and there was a set of keys on the table at the end of the couches, which suggested no one had been living here.

"It's nice."

Brushing past Ben, she went to explore the place. An open fireplace, some couches, with a door that led off to a kitchen with all the expected appliances. And a toaster. Which kept offering her toasted goods. That could get annoying fast. Apart from that, it was a nice kitchen. The fridge had staples like milk, eggs, and butter. There was bread in the breadbin and spreads in the pantry, along with some sauces she didn't recognise.

Would You Like Some Toast?

She shook her head.

Poptarts? Crumpets? Maybe A Bagel?

"What are those?"

Toasted Goods.

"I guessed."

Leaving the kitchen (and the pitiful cries of Come Back! I'll Make You Toast!) behind her, Eve went back to the others.

"The kitchen is through there. Beware of the toaster."

Yomegami Sanely Insane from Out of Nowhere
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Mar 8th 2017 at 11:04:59 PM

Bucket O' Sushi -> Streets ~ ...

Shortly after they resumed eating, Sans came on over the radio. He then went on to explain his situation and proceeded to thank not only the boy who made the wish but everyone who contributed to it, of which there were a surprising amount. As he went on, Arf just put on a bemused expression and shook her head.

"Wow, is that sappy or what?" she asked, "These people must be really sentimental or something." She turned to Fate to see her reaction, only to see that she wasn't in her seat anymore. "...Fate?"

Fate had gotten up and was now staring out the window at the nearby screen, one of her hands pressed against the window. As she watched Sans and the two kids present share a group hug, her face changed to an expression of severe longing. A few moments later, she turned away and closed her eyes tightly.

A few moments after that, she returned to the table and grabbed the book. "Let's go, Arf."

Arf stared at her incredulously, then down at her barely half-eaten food. "...But you haven't even finished eating."

"I'm not hungry anymore. Let's just go find somewhere to rest for the night."

Arf glanced again at the two unfinished meals on the table, before shaking her head sadly.

"So much for having a pleasant evening..." She sighed. "...All right. But at least let me figure out what to do with all these leftovers first."

Some minutes later, she had disposed of what remained of Silanea's meal and found a box to put Fate's leftovers in. As soon as she was ready, she approached Fate and nodded.

"Those 'Home Sweet Home' people the announcers were talking about sound like they'd be willing to lend us a room for the night. Shall we go check them out?"

Fate just gave Arf a blank look. "...Who?"

"...You weren't even listening, were you?" Arf then frowned heavily and sighed. "On second thought, let's hope there's an empty apartment or something around here. At least that's completely free."

At that, the two of them left the restaurant and headed out onto the street. Of the two, only Arf actually seemed to be trying to look for something that stood out. Fate just seemed completely downtrodden or just too absorbed in her own thoughts.

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Mar 8th 2017 at 11:32:51 PM

The cottage

Red Eyes pressed the button on his chest, flooding the room with red light as Ben reverted to his human form. When Eve exited the kitchen and warned him of the toaster, Ben blinked in confusion but nodded. "All right," he told her. "Thanks for the warning." He walked over to the couch, curling up onto the cushions and digging into the bag of holding. He pulled out Eve's two stuffed animals and his own doll that Alice had made, and he sat them on the couch as well, trying to get comfortable.

"What do you think tomorrow's gonna be like?" he asked the others gently.

"The wisest man is he who understands that he understands nothing."
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Mar 9th 2017 at 4:35:06 AM

Electronics Store

Lily placed her sword back to its sheath and listened as Morty talked about some kind of writer. As that was the first time hearing about that, she was quite confused. "A what has done what?" She asked, perplexed.

I say that aloud too sometimes, just: "man, no life."
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Mar 9th 2017 at 5:04:43 AM


Miss Tairee 1 stopped and glanced back at Lewis, silent for a moment. "... Very well, just this once" Miss Tairee 1 muttered, bringing up her holographic screen and typing on it. Lewis then blurred and vanished, reappearing in the stadium seating just before Sans' speech.

Leaving the library to cinema

As the two Fanboys walked along, they continued reading from the books, only checking up on occasion to see if the cinema was within sight yet. After a couple minutes, it was just down the street, so they went on reading as they got closer.

"So this says lamias of that universe are carnivorous; guess that explains the meat choice... Uh, it also says there's rumors of them eating people's eyes, but, I think we can disregard that" the second Fanboy thought out loud as he read.

The two Fanboys were so caught up in reading that they didn't notice through the large front windows of the cinema that Silanea was standing in the lobby, looking at the television that they'd been playing Undertale on earlier and still visibly shaking while breathing heavily. Silanea hadn't seemed to notice them approaching yet either.


"Yes, bed... Do you not know what a bed is?" Dave said, opening the door to one of the empty patient rooms and pointing at the bed. Next to it was a radio currently on the news channel. "Just settle yourself in and get comfortable" the doctor told him simply.

Streets to cottage house

After both Eve and Ben proceeded to give rather obvious answers, Louie had an expression that was sort of mixed between confusion and worry. "Uh, okay... I was looking for more specific answers though" Louie said. Then Ben pointed out the cottage, and they headed inside. "Seems cozy" the pokemon trainer thought out loud in a sort of uninterested tone.

"People have been saying something about a pattern, and tomorrow being one of those peaceful days... I hope they're right" Thomas said to answer Ben's question as he looked around the cottage. "I'm going to see how many beds there are" the young wizard mentioned, and went to go looking further in the house.

"Hey, I'll come with you" Louie offered, hurrying after Thomas. The pokemon trainer gave a glance back at Ben and Eve, then muttered quietly to Thomas, "and I wanna talk to you, Thomas..."


The crowd didn't seem sure of what to think of Sans' speech after he started by thanking Rex, and there was a lot of murmuring in the crowd. But once his speech was over, the Church of Literacy and Fanboys started clapping.

"It's getting late" Miss Tairee stated neutrally to Sans, Caro, and Lucas. "Do you have any more closing statements?" she asked them.


When Rex got to the cell, he'd see Yael sitting in there, staring blankly at a wall and occasionally letting out a single chuckle. "I wouldn't expect any response from him" Samson commented, having followed Rex. "We found him yesterday without his suit, and then he was just... Laughing constantly. From what I heard later, he didn't miss a beat until his suit came back, then he's been like this since. Dude just seems... Broken" the militia member explained, frowning slightly.

"I guess that's the kind of crazies they took in Ruckus" Samson thought out loud.

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Mar 9th 2017 at 8:40:02 AM

Lewis - Library ==> Stadium - Gratitudes

The librarian complied and I found myself instantly in a seat back in that stadium, now much calmer than it was when I left it, between a unicorn in pants and some dude in a mecha cosplay I didn't recognize.

And then Sans got rolling.

I watched and listened to him talk, about what it'd been like when he arrived here, about Rex and the messages, about me, about Lucas and Caro. He topped it off by inviting the latter two in for a hug, which both of them gladly accepted.

Seeing the opportunity, I rushed to pull out my phone and take a picture. That done, I sent it to Caro, figuring she'd want to save the moment and wanting to let them know I was here.

Thought you'd want to save this
2:00 if you're thinking of looking for me
(That's a bit to your right if you don't use 12 hour clocks where you're from)

If she looked in my direction, I'd give her a little wave.

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Mar 9th 2017 at 8:47:46 AM

Ciri - Electronics Store

"What does this writer even wish to write about? And why us? Are we being watched by a powerful megascope as we speak?" Ciri asked. She quickly looked upwards, behind, and all around, but didn't see anything out of the ordinary. Present company excluded, of course.

"What do you even do here?" she added. "Do you just... live here? You - and I've never seen your species before - were ready to defend yourself, against what? Monsters, men, both?"

E pur si muove... and yet it moves. Unofficial Game of Gods Data Compendium
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Mar 9th 2017 at 9:11:26 AM


Garrett had been sitting quietly in the library, listening to the radio.

He certainly didn't trust their kidnapper, and he had doubts if this wish was going to really turn out that well... but damn if he wasn't somewhat touched by the boy wishing to save someone's universe. Of course, that didn't change the fact that his own home city was still in jeopardy... hopefully tomorrow he can get word out to someone who'll be able to deal with that.

One interesting bit of news was that about the "Home Sweet Home" hotel. Damn stupid name, but might be worth checking out... he was starting to get tired of sleeping on the library furniture, and having to carry all his stuff with himself everywhere.

Something came to his mind, and he approached Miss Tairee. "I got a question... You said earlier that there's a world out there where I'm a character in some... 'vi-dee-o games'. Is there any way I could... play one of these games?" He smirked. "I'm curious if they captured my good side."

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Mar 9th 2017 at 10:57:58 AM

Stadium - part two

Sans hugged the two kids and didn't really say anything since he had already said everything that he needed to earlier. When Caro began reminding him of Cole, he couldn't help himself and let out a chuckle.

"yea caro, i know..."

He then broke off the hug and listened as Miss Tairee asked if he had any closing statements. He nodded and prepared himself to talk again.

"so, uh... two more people who have been helping me all this time even if they didn't get too involved in what happened today..." He paused a little to give the crowd some time to give him some attention, "first up, cole, the spirit kid who's always getting himself in trouble. he was the one who started all this by telling lewis about what happened at my home without my permission. you doing that did a chain reaction that got me to this point, so... thanks kid, you really helped me out a lot more than i thought it would be possible, but you still shouldn't go around telling people's secrets to random people, just sayin'."

He shrugged and looked around the crowd, briefly noticing that Lewis had already gotten himself there somehow, probably with the help of the librarian.

"last up, zelda... i haven't seen her in two days and i have no idea what she's up to or if she's even still around, but she tried to help me along with caro the first time and even though it didn't work, i appreciate it. she also saved my life when that giant rock thing attacked two days ago so there's that too. hope she's still around to listen to this."

He paused again, this time to consider whether he should say what he had in mind now or if it would be better to leave it for a more private setting. In the end, he decided to go with it after a minute or two of being contemplative.

"and before i end things off... silanea, boss, i know the day has been rough on you, i know you've had all your hopes crushed today because of this event, a lot of people probably did while i got lucky. but even though i can't fix everything that went wrong in your life, i'm still gonna try to help you in some way, even if you've already told me that you don't think there's a way out..." He then glanced at Caro for a moment, the look on his face being a mix of confidence and gratitude, before looking back at the crowd. "well, i'm tired of giving up, so while i still have time here, i'll be working on finding a way to help you and i ain't gonna let go of this. maybe nothing really will come out of it, the possibility is always there, but i sure will be trying as hard as i can to make this work somehow. so don't worry, boss, i'm gonna be backing you up all the way."

He took another deep breath and looked over the entire audience.

"that's it. tomorrow is supposed to be a good day so make you sure y'all make the best out of it, 'k? thanks for your time," he concluded, then handing the microphone back to Miss Tairee.

With no more public speaking to be done, he went back to Caro and Lucas. Despite not really taking part in any of the events of the day, he still somehow managed to be pretty tired.

"so, maybe we should go find a place to crash and get ourselves ready for tomorrow?" He suggested

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Stadium - Happy endings

Lucas also ended joining in on the hug and was pretty humble about what Sans had said regarding him. At this point, she didn't know what else could be possibly be said about it all, so she just let them all enjoy the heartfelt moment.

Of course, Sans wouldn't have forgotten it, but it still felt good to say it all anyway. As Miss Tairee asked if any of them had anything more to say and Sans broke off the embrace, she felt her phone vibrate and when she digged it out and checked it, she saw that Lewis had sent a photo of the three of them hugging. She look in the indicated direction and saw him waving, so she waved right back at him.

She then quickly replied back:

Thank you! I'll be sure to treasure this and find a way to keep it permanently. And share it with the others in just a bit ...

Then as Sans re-began his speech, she turned her focus back towards it. The part about Cole was really sweet and she hoped even more that he would get to hear it. There was the issue of it being a bit of mixed message and give unleash certain consequences regardings secrets and such, but they would have to cross that bridge when they got there. For now, hearing this should hopefully with progress on the issues he had with attempts to help others and that would be quite something already.

And dear Zelda ... She really hoped she was able to hear this as well and they could meet up again soon.

And Silanea ... She didn't quite know what to expect of how she might react to all this. Given that Sans had gotten this chance and she hadn't and that they were part of those who had dissuaded her from trying to win in the way had been going about it, she might understandably end up resenting them. Or maybe, since most of the people Sans had mentioned would be considered human by her, it just might eventually changing her mind. Or maybe it would be something else entirely. It would remain to be seen. It was good that Sans was offering to help her, though might be an endeavour that she might have to stay out of at least ...

As Sans ended his speech and made his way back to her and Lucas, she flashed her phone screen towards then said, "Hey, look at what someone sent," before briefly turning back to where Lewis was and waving at him once more. She then sent the picture to Sans' number, before turning to Lucas and saying, "Uh, do have you a phone too so I can send this your way?"

As Sans suggested for them to find a place to spend the night, she then said, "Well ... If this is going to be anything like the change to the beach day, where we end up sleeping at first shouldn't matter much, since we would just end up in beds somewhere else and fully rested no matter what. So I say we go back to the library, since hopefully the semi-break rules still apply and thus no one can really hurt us yet and also because we might as well check out a book on the state of your reborn world as soon as possible to get you prepared for everything ... And then probably just stay right there for the night ..."

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Mar 9th 2017 at 12:40:45 PM

"I...know what a bed is..." Cole said softly, wandering over to the bed, looking at it a little oddly. After a second, he moved to the other side, putting the bed between himself and the door, and set his daggers down on the floor there, looking as though he were checking something before nodding as though satisfied. He only then crawled onto the bed, apparently having to think it over again before getting back off the bed and pushing the blankets down, pausing a moment to pinch at the unfamiliar fabric. Cole clambered back onto the bed, carefully setting his hat on the pillow next to him, the bunny just next to that, and reached for the covers, pulling them up, but not before flailing his legs at them a couple of times as though there might be something he needed to kick to death encased somewhere in the sheets.

He hadn't really been paying attention to the radio next to the bed during this preparation, but it seemed to abruptly click that there was a familiar voice coming from it. Cole stopped the kicking, looking over at it, then just dropped the grip on the blankets, staring at the radio with wide eyes, listening to what sounded like Sans, in the middle of some sort of...speech?

Sans had paused, and there was a murmur of some sort, as though other people were talking around him...Cole thought he might have made out Caro's voice? Then Sans spoke up again.

Sans was talking about him. What had happened? Sans sounded...happy. Breathless, overwhelmed, but...happy. He said that Cole had started something, that had led Sans to "this point", that even though he still shouldn't be telling secrets, he had helped a great deal.

Helped? With what? Why did Sans sound so happy?

Cole didn't try to get up from where he was, but he looked to Dave, blinking a few times in confusion. "What...what happened out there? Did you...did you hear what he was saying? Why is he...thanking me? I didn't do anything good today..."

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Mar 9th 2017 at 12:53:17 PM

Eve|Cottage|I Wrote A Backstory For The Toaster

Eve sat down next to Ben, placing the book on the end table beside her. She shrugged, hearing Thomas' answer and hoping it was true.

"I hope it's better than yesterday. "

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Mar 9th 2017 at 1:28:15 PM

The cottage

Ben curled up into the couch, looking over at Eve who sat down beside him. "Well, anything is better than yesterday," he replied. "There was a really nice beach day about 5 days ago. And there was a peaceful day where I got turned into a grownup," he explained. "So if there really is a pattern, I think tomorrow will be nice too." He reached over and handed Eve one of the stuffed animals. "I wonder what it'll be. Something fun, I hope, but there's not really any way to tell," he muttered.

"The wisest man is he who understands that he understands nothing."
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Mar 9th 2017 at 1:52:11 PM

Eve|Cottage|Puppy Love

Eve took the stuffed toy (the puppy), from Ben, hugging it slightly. She had been here for the beach day, though the idea of being suddenly aged-up was bizarre.

"I remember the beach day. It was nice."

Then he talked about what he hoped tomorrow would be; fun. She nodded. After the last couple of days, something light-hearted would be nice.

"We'll see."

Either way, there was something she had to do tomorrow.

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Mar 9th 2017 at 2:03:01 PM

Lewis - Stadium - Photo Finish Much?

Caro responded promptly that she'd hold onto that photo always, and forward it to everyone. Sans then continued on, at once thanking and admonishing Cole for spilling the beans to me. He seemed to notice me while he was at it. I gave a brief wave.

Huh, there was a Zelda in this place that tried to help. As in the video game series? Interesting.

He had one last person to address before he wrapped things up. Silanea...that was the snake lady from earlier who headed the NHA, right? Ohh...I nearly forgot about her. I suppose there was nothing I could have done without giving up this.

Even still, Sans wanted to do something for her. What did he have in mind? What was there to do other than offer her words that may not even mean much in the long run?

I'd have to ask.

Upon him finishing, I got up, intending to glide over to them should the barrier encompassing the audience drop and something to the effect of "Nice speech there. Thanks. I'm guessing y'all like the photo?" For now I reopened the radio app, pulling up channel 10 though not pressing the icon to talk into it.

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Mar 9th 2017 at 2:07:58 PM

The Cottage
Sora went into this humble cottage and he took a look around. Thomas and Louie were off finding sleeping places and Eve and Ben were getting comfy. This should make a nice area to relax in. He told Eve, "Your welcome Eve." and then smiled back at her. Her reaction to his attempt at teasing would make her the perfect fit for Space Paranoids. And then he told Ben, still smiling, "This place is pretty nice. Reminds me of housing that I know of back home. Just a bit more old school."

Then he walked to the couch area, where the two fellow Knights were testing out the couch. Sora took a close look at the fireplace......He had a idea to make this place more welcoming. There was a stack of wood logs to the right of the fireplace. It's time to see if Sora's training against those yellow pots did helped with this! Sora told the two, "Check this out. I'll make this cottage better."

He picked one up and moved it around, feeling where all the weight was. Ok, he had it! He placed it into the the fireplace and then the Keyblade came in. Taking a moment to make sure that any swings wouldn't hit anything or anyone, Sora held it in front of him in the direction of the log. His hands tightened around the grip and the moved the Kingdom Key in a horizontal swipe. The edge of the weapon sliced through but that wasn't the end because then a downwards strike came down on it. The log was split into four half's. Great! Now for the final touch.

Sora stepped back and once again made sure that nothing could be hit by what he was going to do. Placing his hand in front of him and his blade being placed on the palm, front facing the cut up logs, Sora said, "Fire!!" At that moment, a circle of fire moved around him, hanging above the floor by just a foot or two and moved rapidly around his form. Soon, the fire stopped and all that was left of it was on the sliced up wood. Picking up another log and tossing it into the newly made source of warmth, Sora turned around and sat down on one of the chairs.

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Mar 9th 2017 at 2:09:38 PM

The cottage

"It was nice," Ben replied, smiling at her. "So uh, what do you think of the fact that we get to talk to someone from our worlds? I'll be trying to talk to my grandpa. My cousin Gwen'll be there too. If you want I can let you meet them. And maybe you can introduce me to Sven and Train," he suggested, cuddling into one of the dolls himself, still sitting next to Eve.

At that moment, Ben watched as Sora split some logs and started a fire in the fireplace. After his little display of magic, Ben clapped lightly. "Nice! Thanks, Sora, it was getting kinda chilly in here. I could've done that with Heatblast though," he teased, smiling over at him.

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"The wisest man is he who understands that he understands nothing."
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Mar 9th 2017 at 2:19:03 PM


It was warm. And nice, now that Sora had started the fire. Ben asked what she thought about possibly seeing Sven and Train tomorrow. Which raised a whole heap of other questions. How was she going to explain this? What had they been doing while she was gone? Did Sven manage to stop Train from eating them out of house and home? Have they collected any bounties?

Should she tell them about Ben? How would she tell them about Ben? What should she do about Ben?

This was such a mess.

She was so confused.

It was really warm. Why was she getting sleepy? She had slept today.

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Mar 9th 2017 at 2:20:16 PM


The crowd seemed to love Sans. Either they weren't concerned with the contest themselves or they were won over by his grateful attitude. The way he credited everyone would definitely be liked compared to someone lording it over everyone else. Lucas was more interested in tomorrow being a good day. Better than today would be hard to do, but he eagerly awaited it nonetheless.

And then Caro showed them a picture on her... phone. When she asked if Lucas had one of his own, he visibly recoiled. It wasn't like he thought Caro was a bad person for having one, but the device itself made him angry on principle. After a few moments of staring with a slightly annoyed expression at the phone, Lucas finally said "No, I don't have one of those''." It was probably clear that this was a sore topic, but it was up to them if they wanted to know more.

Well, whether or not they pressed it, Lucas was ready to go elsewhere. He told the three of them "I want to head to the library. There's something I want to pick up there."

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Mar 9th 2017 at 2:49:12 PM

Stadium - popular life

Caro inmediately showed him a photo someone took of them hugging. He turned to look at who she was waving at and saw that it was Lewis again, figures.

"heh, guess we're living the popular life now. bet we would be trending in the social media if there were any here," Sans told Caro, pulling out his own cellphone to see that she had sent it to him too.

Caro then asked Lucas if he had a phone, something he denied rather... fiercely, quite a different tone from what he had been hearing of the kid so far. The skeleton's eyes shifted towards Caro with an expression on his face that said "don't question it" just by looking at it.

"that's a good point, but i think that thing that escaped ben's watch is haunting the place now so maybe we should still try going somewhere else," he said, then turning to Lucas "though if you really need to get something there, we could make a quick drop by."

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Mar 9th 2017 at 3:12:43 PM

The Cottage
Sora checked his Keyblade and wiped off the debris that was left on it after his demonstration of the key shaped cutting device. No need to really check it because it would always come back clean but he cared about it. This thing picked him and he made sure to respect it when he could.

While he was checking the Kingdom Key, he told Ben, "Oh, you have family back home huh? They must be worried about you! Thankfully you can contact them, tell them that your safe, and that your doing the best job you can to protect all the innocent people here and that you have some help with it too." And then he told Eve, "And I'm sure that those two will be glad to hear from you. Friends of yours? I have some friends back home that must think that I got swallowed by Darkness and spit back out somewhere else." Well, he might contact everyone back home. He still was interested in seeing if he could make contact with his other self.......

Finished with his inspection of the silver and gold weapon, he let it flash back into nothingness. "Oh, and your welcome!" and then he made a curious face and asked, "Heatblast?" then he shrugged and said teasingly back, "Sure, that form could have done it but he couldn't do with style like I could." Sora grinned back.

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Mar 9th 2017 at 3:20:03 PM

The cottage

Ben smirked, still curling up onto the couch. "Yeah, well Heatblast has more style in his pinky than your Fire magic has in its... y'know what I mean," Ben muttered to Sora. He would've gotten up and challenged Sora then and there, but he was getting so comfortable and warm cuddled up onto the couch.

He glanced over at Eve, who didn't respond to him. She must've been getting tired too. He simply smiled at her, laying there.

"The wisest man is he who understands that he understands nothing."
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Mar 9th 2017 at 3:22:43 PM


It was good that they didn't ask about his apparent disdain for phones, as it wasn't something he was in the mood to talk about right this instant. Lucas said back to Sans "No... it's nothing important. I can ask Ms. Tairee for them tomorrow. Let's just go find a place."

Why is a yam attacking me?
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Mar 9th 2017 at 3:55:33 PM

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It was warm. She could hear Ben and Sora arguing over who had more style. Boys. Besides, she was pretty sure she had more style than both of them. Put together. Shaking her head exasperatedly, she closed her eyes for a brief moment.

Clutching the stuffed puppy, the now-sleeping blonde fell sideways.

Onto Ben.


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