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Jan 4th 2016 at 6:37:45 AM


Asgore raised an eyebrow as Legion talked to him, was it a robot? It looked like it, but this one definitely was a lot more robotic in the way he spoke than Mettaton was. Further looking at what the people there were doing, Asgore noticed that all they wanted was to keep themselves warm, unsurprisingly.

"Oh, well, I don't need any assistance myself, but I may be able to provide some." he smiled as he went further inside the lobby and soon made a fairly large fireball appear floating slightly above his free hand for demonstration purposes for those there that he wasn't familiar with "Fire magic is my specialty, I can help supply some warmth for everyone in need."

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Jan 4th 2016 at 7:39:39 AM


As Legion split apart a bookshelf for vital warmth, it noticed a massive thermal signature, spheroid in shape. The geth took a moment to look over.

The unidentified alien from before had made a fireball.

Legion did not stare for too long. It quickly smashed apart another bookshelf as the being stated that fire magic was its specialty. The geth hitched on the word magic.


Magic didn't exist, obviously. In fairy tales and fantasy? Sure. As sleight of hand? Yes. But real magic?

Legion took another moment to scrutinize the fireball. It was hovering just above the being's hand. No sign of an omni-tool was present, no projectors, no machinery, no fuel tanks... perhaps it was real. After all, there was no proof magic existed before, and yet here it is, now. The geth decided the best course of action (besides continuing to help make kindling) was to press further.

"Query. You state you are projecting that fireball via 'magic'. How?" The geth seemed less accusatory and more curious (sharp listeners would be able to pick out the zest for knowledge in Legion's voice). It wasn't too sure how this knowledge could immediately help it - but it also saw no reason not to ask.

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"Seven is here too, dressed like the concept of choosing clothes that look nice together was an arcane secret far beyond their grasp."
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Jan 4th 2016 at 8:09:15 AM

Mary - Library

Mary spent the entire trip to the library in complete silence, doing her best to keep up with the others. However, each step proved to be more and more difficult for her, since she was finally starting to feel the effects of the freezing temperatures. By the time she reached the building she was shivering pretty hard, not being used to that kind of cold.

She took a quick look around at the other people that were around... until her eyes landed on Twilight. She'd never seen such a purple... well, apart from the Violet Area of the Gallery, she'd never seen such a purple anything before. Naturally, she was very interested in knowing more, but she suddenly remembered something else. Something important.

"Right, I left my bag somewhere on the floor!" the fabricated girl exclaimed, starting to look around. "Has anyone here seen my bag? It's not hard to miss, it changes colors all the time."

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Jan 4th 2016 at 9:04:52 AM

Adam stepped up to Legion as he split the bookshelf, "Hey. Any chemical treatments on that? Or is it pure wood? We gotta be careful what we burn otherwise we're just dying another way."

Adam then took notice of Asgore, after Rex turning his legs into a motorcycle and Ben apparently becoming the Human Torch, his skepticism was low.

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FullMoon feeling blue from Surface Relationship Status: Shipping fictional characters
feeling blue
Jan 4th 2016 at 11:57:51 AM


The robot's curiosity was rather interesting to see, it likely wasn't too familiar with the concept of magic or simply had never seen it being used before.

"Well... My kind is made mostly of magic, a power that comes straight from our souls. That is... just how it works back where I come from." Asgore chuckled a little "I am afraid I do not know how to further explain this, magic is just something we can do. Are you familiar with Undyne? I heard she was brought to this world as well and she is a friend of mine and she can use magic as well."

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Jan 4th 2016 at 11:59:03 AM

The Sith Lord entered the bookshelf, noticing how the large mess around the place, along with the civilians in the place lightning up a fire to stay warm from the cold climate.

This military installations on Hoth atleast weren't this primitive to not last against harsh climates...just who built this useless building to not last like this?

The woman then asked people if they have a way to help burn some of the things in the library.

"I certainly do have two ways to light some of the things if you need me to.."

Though Marr found the fact that he would use and focus his hatred on using Force Lightning on wood...perplexing.

The new droid he saw then asked the unknown alien about the Force Pyrokinesis he demonstrated from his hand, though he called it "Magic" instead of the Force.

Darth Marr approached the two and gave his opinion to Asgore and Legion.

"I quite don't know what this Magic is or how a species are built like it, but in where I come, there are people in the galaxy, mainly the Sith and Jedi, which I am the former, who can manipulate the Force, which flows through every living being." Marr then looked at Asgore. "I would say this is the same of your Magic unless I am wrong."

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Jan 4th 2016 at 12:37:39 PM

Legion first paid attention to Adam, who brought up the prospect that there might be chemical treatments on the wood - chemical treatments that might poison the organics.

"I do not have the sensors necessary to make an accurate judgement call. We will just have to hope that we have pure wood. The alternative is death by cold."

It then moved to face Asgore, who stated that apparently it was an innate ability - his kind was made of the stuff. He immediately brought up Undyne, and the geth connected the dots even as Marr noted the similarity of it to another source of power, the Force. One which flowed through every living being.

"You are a monster?" it asked of Asgore. It made a quick mental note to ask Marr more about the Force later.

"Seven is here too, dressed like the concept of choosing clothes that look nice together was an arcane secret far beyond their grasp."
FullMoon feeling blue from Surface Relationship Status: Shipping fictional characters
feeling blue
Jan 4th 2016 at 12:58:00 PM


Hearing Adam talk about a similar power that existed where he came from, Asgore nodded "Indeed, just like that Force power flows through your body, our magic comes from our soul, the culmination of our very beings." he then glanced at Legion who seemingly did know about Undyne considering he was able to tell he was a monster without he even mentioning it "And that is also right. I am the king of the monsters, Asgore Dreemur, it is a pleasure to meet you." he responded, giving both Marr and Legion a gentle smile.

EchoingSilence The Masked Commissar from Space Station Relationship Status: Robosexual
The Masked Commissar
Jan 4th 2016 at 1:01:20 PM

Adam couldn't disagree with Legion's sentiment. Whatever augs had been installed in him that prevented him from freezing in the Artic weren't going to last forever.

He set down the heater he got from Rick and pulled out a bottle of Vodka, "Well, at least we still have these."

As for Asgore, he talked of magic, Adam was starting to question how this whole "pulled from mutliple places" thing worked.

The cop stowed that thought away, survival first, concepts beyond his understanding later.

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Jan 4th 2016 at 3:12:49 PM

Spectre Knight didn't want to dull his scythe any further, and stopped slashing apart the bookshelves.

"What's wrong with ordering milk in a bar?"
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Jan 4th 2016 at 3:15:10 PM

Bonfire of the vanities

Rex could only react in shock when he saw the library had a masive bonfire on its center.

"I think you guys may be taking this a bit too far"

Apparently, the people that had found the place decided to do exactly what Adam considered a bad idea at the beginning of the day. He decided not to stop them though. He had a really bad day and dealing with desperate people that would see him as a menace didn't seem particularly thrilling.

Besides, the only one that would really care was Miss Tairee.

Rex immediately stopped thinking about the huge fire in the library and walked up to Miss Tairee's desk. With her gone no one could stop him from trying to hack her computer. Rex assumed the computer hold the secret to their imprisonment, maybe that's how she contacted her boss or teleported everyone to the city. He also assumed the machine would be too complex to control it but any bit information he could gather was incredibly useful.

He touched the computer and started "talking" to it wondering what was its purpose.

EchoingSilence The Masked Commissar from Space Station Relationship Status: Robosexual
The Masked Commissar
Jan 4th 2016 at 3:19:48 PM

Adam stepped over to Rex, "Trying to hack the Computer?" He asked.

"What do you expect to find?"

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DeisTheAlcano from Uruguay Relationship Status: Drift compatible
Jan 4th 2016 at 3:36:30 PM

The library

Adam talked to Rex who was concentrated on analyzing the computer.

"Well, what do you think? Something useful. I don't want to be on this city anymore"

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For the Horde!
Jan 4th 2016 at 3:49:34 PM

The library

Ben crossed his arms, trying to keep warm as the others attempted to create a fire. He was just a kid, he didn't know how he could be of use. When Mary spoke up, he turned towards her.

"I can help you find your bag if you want, Mary," he assured her. "See? I'm not on fire anymore." He began looking around for Mary's bag, then saw Rex attempting to interface with Miss Tairee's computer. "Don't bother," he told Rex. "I already tried to read it with Grey Matter, and he has like super intelligence. It's in some sort of mumbo-jumbo tenth-dimension stuff. Couldn't get a lick of useful info from that hunk of junk," he sighed.

"The wisest man is he who understands that he understands nothing."
FirockFinion THE SLORG! from Red Desert Relationship Status: Wishfully thinking
Jan 4th 2016 at 4:09:54 PM

Trying not to freeze to death in the Library

"Even you can't handle this cold, big guy?" the woman asked Grimlock rhetorically in an apologetic tone, lifting up a gloved hand to pat him on the side. After hearing Mary ask about her bag, the woman glanced over. "That was your bag? We saw it when we came in... Now where did we put it..." she trailed off, wandering over to the abandoned project to dig into the floor and rummaged around their equipment.

"Ah, here it is!" the woman exclaimed, lifting the bag away from the pile of stuff and holding it to Mary.

After Rex's initial comment about the bonfire, someone in the tunneling group shouted back, "too far?! You wanna freeze to death dumbass!?" But they didn't seem to want to take the conversation any further either, and let Rex do his business trying to get into Miss Tairee's computer.

Whether or not it was to his surprise, Rex would find that there was no security features whatsoever; as soon as he was connected he was accessing the information in the computer, essentially starting to view it directly in his head... But the information wasn't in two dimensional text. Or three dimensions. It was in ten dimensions. Rex's head would start to hurt, and it was about that moment that he'd realize he couldn't disconnect himself. The information was... The 1nform4ation was... 17 w#s...

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Rex then fell unconscious for a minute as he finally disconnected from the computer.

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Jan 4th 2016 at 5:17:00 PM

"Now, the key to taming a fire is the similar principle to taming any other sort of wild beast," Plague Knight explained to some of the civilians as he continued to help maintain it. "Treat it with care and respect, and it will always remain faithful and giving. But to refrain from doing so - "

He then heard a loud *thump* coming from Mis Tairee's desk, noticing a figure fainting near it. "Someone already dropped!" the Knight cried out. "Wake him up so he doesn't freeze to death!"

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Jan 4th 2016 at 5:21:34 PM


Sadness truly wanted to help with keeping the building warm and the hail out, but she was panicky at being surrounded by so many strange beings. Ben was back in youngish boy form, but it hardly mattered, not with all the other dubiously-humans in such close quarters around the fire.

Wait...she counted as one of those dubiously-humans, didn't she? She was an emotion. Maybe that meant they were all just lost and confused like her.

Sadness kind of wanted to talk to the purple flying unicorn thing, at the least. The unicorn reminded her of Rainbow Unicorn from Riley's dreams, which reminded her of Joy...oh, there goes the homesickness. Sadness peered closely at her - something the unicorn might notice if she looked Sadness' way - but didn't make a move to approach her.

In the end, Sadness scooted back over to Mary and pretended to be absorbed in her colorful bag as the lady handed it back to her. She vaguely wondered if she was being too clingy.

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Jan 4th 2016 at 5:23:24 PM

Adam watched over Rex and attempted to wake him, sadly he was good at knocking people out, not waking them up.

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SchoolYardBlues from The Nearest Night Club Relationship Status: Gone fishin'
Jan 4th 2016 at 6:03:55 PM

Kieri stayed on her feet until she was sure Brother Marcus was back on the roof, her out of his sight, before she slid down the wall and on to the floor. She breathed shakily, realizing how close she had come to having her head lopped off. Plague Knight had informed her of this city's ability to bring people back from the dead, but until she saw it she would not believe it. Of course, she did not intend to challenge his words by dying. She couldn't die yet, she had to save her broth-

'...Kazai!' Kieri thought with wide eyes. Between everything that had happened today, the new city, the odd people she had encountered, the...Incident in St. Curtis...She had forgotten all about her brother. Gaia knows what the demons were doing to him...She had to get home. Immediately. This city, these people, they were all interesting and kind (with a few exceptions), but she had to save her brother immediately.

However, she paused when she looked outside. The storm had gotten brutal. She had no problem flying out in it, dangerous as it was, as she knew that staying here wouldn't get her home any faster. And yet...There were probably still people out there. People who needed help. She could hear a muffled pounding at the door downstairs, meaning they had gotten some people in from the storm (if Rick ever let them in, anyway), but there were probably dozens more out there, if not hundreds. And this building was huge, they could help so many people...

'Someone needs to watch over the weaklings, anyway...' Came a familiar voice in her head. She shivered-it had been speaking things more often into her head lately. It had all but been shouting in her head back in St. Curtis, when she...Kieri shook her head. Now was not a good time to think about that.

Kieri rose back to her feet slowly, but shakily, trying to steel herself again before she spoke to Morty and Lune. She cleared her throat before speaking.

"Y-You heard him," she said slowly "I-I'm n-not sure if w-we can trust him, b-but as he s-said, he's willing to h-help us. How I d-do not know, b-but...W-We'll need all the help w-we can get. M-Morty, I think I h-heard some p-people at the d-door downstairs. G-Go make sure R-Rick lets them in. L-Lune, s-stay up here, we'll c-continue signaling for n-now."

That is all there is to say, and I will say no more.
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Jan 4th 2016 at 6:27:03 PM

Quite a few new people had shown up, though Twilight was in no position whatsoever to really examine most of them. She had only really gotten a look at the two who seemed to have ability to use fire. First was a fire creature that walked in... and then immediately turned into a young boy. Not exactly helpful until he could change back. The second was a goat-like humanoid creature who showed an ability to create a fireball. That certainly inspired hope.

Then a teenage boy tried to look at the computer and collapsed. Twilight charged over and moved her shield to protect him from the hail. She then spoke to the others.

"You know, heat is certainly important in a situation like this, but isn't shelter from the hail just as important?"

What is this "signature" of which people speak?
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Jan 4th 2016 at 7:58:22 PM

The library

As soon as Rex collapsed onto the floor, Ben gasped. "Rex!" he exclaimed, running over to the boy and looking him over, kneeling beside him. "C'mon, wake up!!" he shouted, trying to shake him awake for a moment. He realized how silly this was and stopped. At least he wasn't dead; he would've vanished if he was dead. Ben winced. "I don't know first aid, can anyone help him?!" Ben asked, looking rather worried, helpless, and as he tried to hide it, afraid.

Ordinarily he would ask what the deal of the purple pony was, but right now there were more pressing matters, like staying alive and making sure Rex was okay.

"The wisest man is he who understands that he understands nothing."
Jan 4th 2016 at 8:34:54 PM

Rick's Lab

"Uh... okay!" said Morty, quickly scampering down the stairs and into the central foyer that contained Rick's workshop. Rick himself was leaning back in his swivel chair, feet planted firmly on his desk as he chugged back down a shot from his flask at a leisurely pace. At the sound of footsteps, the scientist turned around and rolled his eyes. "Geez, Morty, where the hell were you?" he asked, wiping some of the dried spittle from his chin. "Feels like you've been gone for, like, w-weeks."

"Uh... what? I mean, I was only on that rooftop for, like, a few minutes."

"Morty, space-time in this universe, it's all back-asswards. The tachyons are all screwed up 'cause of the dim-dimensional interference... Christ, the time police would blow a fucking gasket if they found out about this place. Don't think about it too hard and just, just go along with it, Morty." Rick grabbed a screwdriver and began tinkering with some gizmo or other as he waved to the door and the vague figures outside of it.

"Looks like your stupid *urp* idea worked, anyway. If you're dead-set on doing this, then at least tell 'em to stay the hell away from my stuff. I don't wanna have to spend my evening *hic* cleaning up temporally-displaced bloURGHodstains."

"Aw jeez, Rick... I'll keep them away, alright? Just, you know, be nice. These people are, they're probably scared and cold, and they just wanna come in and be safe, and..."

"Morty, just open the goddamn door and stop mor-moralizing. Mortylizing. Hey Morty, whenever you get all preachy and, and self-righteous like you did with that fart creature I'm just gonna start callin' it Mortylizing, 'cause *urp* it's your name, and..."

Morty opened the door- although even keeping the thing open was a struggle, considering the impressively brutal wind sweeping through the city. "Quick!" he yelled. "Get in, get in get in get in, aw jeeeeeeez!" he wailed as he managed to wrench the door shut.

"Okay," growled Rick as he cracked open his flask for yet another shot. "If you're gonna squat here in my *urp* in my lab, then stay the hell away from my inventions. Actually look, just stay away from everything, including the walls. This *urp* this isn't some crazy teenage house party."

"Boy, Rick," said Morty as he brushed some of the snow out of his hair, "I thought you, uh, liked house parties? I mean, you uh, you had that big one at our house a few months ago, right?"

"It's not the same, Morty. That party, it was me and my cool buddies and, and Summer's dumb friends who- co-couldn't portal their way out of a *urp* wet paper bag. I don't know who the hell these people are, or what they want, but if they mess up my stuff, shouted Rick, turning back around and pointing at the nearest straggler, "I'll know about it, comprende?"

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DeisTheAlcano from Uruguay Relationship Status: Drift compatible
Jan 4th 2016 at 8:52:08 PM

The library

Rex was overwhelmed by the amount of information the machine had. So much so, that he colased unconscious on the floor.

After who knows how much time, Rex still feeling a bit dizzy after trying to "talk" with the computer he heard Plague Knight yelling about not letting someone freeze. He slowly came to his senses and reacted to Ben trying to wake him up.

"I'm fine! I'm fine" he tried to sit up but stopped himself. The library was spinning and he couldn't bear it "I just have a headache, that's all. Does anybody have an aspirine?"

FirockFinion THE SLORG! from Red Desert Relationship Status: Wishfully thinking
Jan 5th 2016 at 1:14:06 AM

Rick's lab

After finally being let in, the group of people mainly just milled about the center of the room, some rubbing themselves down to warm up. The man Rick pointed to just looked at him with an irritated expression. "I can't feel my anything; I don't give a shit about your stuff, asshole" the man said with some exasperation, then turned away while muttering something about codgy old men not caring about anyone else dying. The group was primarily human, save for one fur-covered fellow with a wolf face; they were also unarmed except for one of the human guys having a pistol holstered on him. The armed one also looked somewhat jumpy and nervous.

In an alley nearby

The wind was going so hard that Gon would barely hear himself yelling, let alone anyone else hearing him. Who could possibly hear him in all this mess? Nobody human, that's for sure.

No normal human, at any rate. Somewhere above was a roar like a jet engine, and the huge form of Brother Marcus in his power armor came down onto the edge of the rooftop looking into the alley, swinging himself to slide down the wall a few meters away from Gon. "There is shelter nearby!" Brother Marcus yelled over the wind, starting to stride towards Gon while reaching an arm out towards him.

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Jan 5th 2016 at 5:04:52 AM

The Library

Adam fished around in his coat and pulled out a pack of cigarettes, before stowing them away and pulling out a small bottle of painkillers.

"I got these," He responded, "Best take them with water."

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