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As valid a reason as any
Mar 2nd 2017 at 4:16:52 PM

Ara Haan (Library) - Forgetting Much?

Of course I forgave Cole for what he did. It was an honest mistake, and he did seem to regret having said that. Eun seemed to be a bit more tolerant as well, if still a bit wary. And with him leaving to take care of something else, I decided to move on and start preparing for the challenge. There were places all over the city where I'd be able to find what I needed to join, right? Surely it wouldn't take me long to-



'Your book.'

'My... oh, right!'

I quickly made my way back into the library, and soon stood in front of the librarian's desk where... there were simply too many librarians. Either way, that was not important, and I was in a bit of a hurry, so I made my request as quickly as I could.

"Excuse me, do you have a book or some scrolls or anything about the history of the Haan family? My family, I mean."

DeisTheAlcano from Uruguay Relationship Status: Drift compatible
Mar 2nd 2017 at 4:41:40 PM

The Library — Fuck it

As Rex entered the library, one of the Annas was surprised to see he come back so quickly.

"What can I say? It was a short walk but it really opened my eyes" he said, still walking towards Tairee's desk.

He went straight to the suggestion box and wrote down the following in one of the papers.

I'm ready for your extra challenge.

Maybe Eve knew what was going on—but probably not—because she called Rex an idiot. That reminded him of something he needed to add to the letter. So he wrote down the missing part and adressed Eve.

"What was that for?"

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Mar 2nd 2017 at 4:57:07 PM


Eve rolled her eyes.

"I was listening to what was happening outside. You do realise that no matter what you do, there will always be someone worse off. It's an infinite multi-verse. Theoretically, there are a million dead universes out there."


"You can't save them all."

He was playing misery poker with the multiverse. And someone was always going to lose.

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For the Horde!
Mar 2nd 2017 at 5:08:52 PM

The stadium

Stinkfly flew towards the stadium, flying straight towards the middle, looking around for where the announcer's box was, and then flying straight towards that. If there was a locked door, he would attempt to get in by bashing the door in with his stinger-like tail. Once in, he would approach the two announcers.

"Announcer guys!" Stinkfly stated. "I gotta say something, everyone has to hear this! I'm going to make a statement!" And whether or not the two announcers okayed him doing this, he would hijack one of the microphones in the booth, or at least make an attempt to. If he was successful, he would say the following into the microphone, over the loudspeakers.

"People of the City! This is Ben Tennyson of the City Knights! As you are aware, I am currently in second place to receive the wish! But I will not receive this wish today! The Writer is trying to use this wish to separate us!" he exclaimed. "The wish is a tool to drive a wedge into us, to make us fight each other and hate each other! He wants to make us enemies, but we are not enemies! We are united under a common goal— to get out of this City and to stop the evil Writer who has trapped us here! But I will not go along with the plan he has set for us! I will instead make a statement here and now, that I am not going to turn against my friends and the other people who are here in the City! I will instead disqualify myself! All of my points will be gone! No one will take them! I will not win the wish, but I do not want the wish! And as I do this I urge all of you, to throw away your points, to make a stand for yourselves and for everyone else! Stand together against the evil of the Writer, and stand together against this competition!!" Stinkfly finally ended.

With that, he turned towards the nearest one of the announcers, and jabbed one of his sharp legs in his direction. Of course, the leg missed entirely, but the message was clear. He flew up into the air, then landed in the center of the stadium, to look at the crowd and gauge their reactions.

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Mar 2nd 2017 at 5:19:54 PM

Outside the library to the Stadium
Well, that seemed like a complete turn around on Ben's mood. Sora figured that he should follow Ben. He didn't seem too well today and he didn't want him to be hurt or otherwise harmed. He is a member of the City Knights now and Sora didn't make it a habit to not help a teammate. Asides, he liked the kid. He did seem to care about helping others and was otherwise a well-meaning hero in Sora's heart.

Sora ran to catch up with Stinkfly to the best of his ability. Once he caught up with him, Sora would hear his message. That was the spirit! Don't let anyone split you from your ability to create new links in your heart! Sora would then tell Ben this, "There you go Ben! Remember what I said earlier? That one heart is weak but many are strong? Well, as your teammate and friend, I will help to make that many!" With that, Sora had his Keyblade come out. "I got your back if anything bad happens."

Sora smiled at Ben. True, he didn't know if Ben's plan would work. True, Sora could be hurt or even killed because of this. But what is most true for the spiked-haired Keyblade wielder is that Ben is a friend and a teammate. During all of his adventures, he went out of his way to protect everyone he meant and befriended them and it wasn't going to stop at this City.

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Mar 2nd 2017 at 5:33:08 PM

Library - Rolling with it

"And if someone made that 15+ Interrogation roll or 10+ Charm roll... Then I bet she feels responsible for what happened too" Curly said quietly "But there's got to be somewhere in that world where there's more of her kind still safe and sound, right?"

She opened her copy of the module to start looking for any suggestions for what could happen to any surviving Lamia, or for more information on Silania's mother Akyaliha

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Dark Sun, what choices have I...?
Mar 2nd 2017 at 6:00:51 PM

Lewis - Stadium - It keeps getting worse

Why, that little—! I was about to switch back to the radio app to yell into channel 10 that I am not guilt tripping you, young man when Caro replied that she needed a break really badly.

Is that so...

I made an effort to reply to her further and listen to Thomas, who...okay, he had a point, but did he have to go into a damn conniption over it!?

"I don't appreciate your tone," I told him, figuring he was old enough to understand the alright fine I'll give you that one subtext, whilst tapping out Might be hard to do that if you still have first at sunset. Assuming you need the extra time anyway

I was about to hit send when a loud flap sounded out, and I felt myself drenched in a sudden deluge of water.

A pair of...pokémon? Huh. That might have been cool under different circumstances. Wasn't that one a blaziken?...showed up and a green-haired teen with a certain familiar voice yelled for me to get away from his friend here. Annoying, enough that my lack of amusement was obvious to anyone who could read expressions, but not so distracting as to tear me away from messaging Caro like I was about to.

Except that my phone was dead and useless, cutting me off before I could make my point, because this day just couldn't be more wonderful.

I fumbled with it erratically for a few seconds, desperate for it to still work, before conceding it was dead and turning to the trainer who must have been Louie.

I rekindled my hair, felt a change in my eyes, and screamed "ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS!?


I turned to fuck off back to the library before I lost my points trying to punch someone, though after a few feet had the sensation of suddenly being very drained and began staring at the floor, faintly aware of my eyes returning to normal.

i guess you can watch me shitpost i guess
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Mar 2nd 2017 at 6:05:26 PM

The Library — Not listening

Eve explained that the odds were stacked against Rex. With infinite universes there was no way he could help everyone. Rex didn't see the problem with that.

"What's your point? I'm not going to stop saving people anytime soon and your boyfriend isn't going to convince me of that either"

Mar 2nd 2017 at 6:19:50 PM

Bucket O' Sushi Restaurant ~ Meanwhile, In Calmer News....

For better or worse, it didn't take Fate and Arf long to stumble upon something that looked like it'd fit their needs; a traditional Japanese looking building. The big sign above the door read "Bucket O' Sushi Restaurant."

"How about this place?" Arf asked.

"It's something, I guess," Fate replied, "With the city shifting, we don't know how long it's going to be until we find another place, anyway."

At that, the two headed inside. The interior looked just like how one would have expected; a lot of tables, a counter with a menu over it, a place for a buffet towards the back. However, more than anything, they noticed the place appeared to be empty of other people. No customers, nor anyone who looked like staff.

"Nobody here. It's just like that sports place earlier," Arf commented after looking around.

"I imagine it'd be locked if it wasn't open. I suppose we can just take what we want, presuming it's not already been emptied."

"In which case, how about I make us a proper dinner? If nobody owns the place, I'm sure nobody will mind me using the kitchen, and after everything that's happened today a good meal would be really nice." At that, Arf made her way towards the back, where the kitchen presumably was. "Just sit tight, Fate."

After she was gone, Fate sat down at a random table. Then she opened up the book and started reading.

Mar 2nd 2017 at 6:25:26 PM

Streets - Baby steps

A rather short message got pinged back. It didn't seem to mean much on its on. Maybe Lewis meant to say more but got distracted by some more craziness going on or something went serious wrong? She should probably should wait a bit so see where this was going ...

Meanwhile, as Sans reached the punny punchline of his joke, a shadow of a smile made itself apparent on her expression.

She then said softly, "Nice one ..."

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Mar 2nd 2017 at 6:37:12 PM

Eve|Library|Fite Me Bitch/Selective Obliviousness

Eve blinked at the boyfriend comment.

"...I don't know who you're referring to."

It was clear that Rex was steadfastly not thinking things through.

"I'm saying that no matter what you do, you will lose. You're playing poker against infinity.You will always lose."

Why couldn't he see? Was he really just that dumb?

FullMoon feeling blue from Surface Relationship Status: Shipping fictional characters
feeling blue
Mar 2nd 2017 at 6:46:22 PM

Streets - little by little

That was some progress at least. He'd have to come up with some more material, fortunately as they were walking around Sans looked at one of the houses in the street and out of curiosity went over to it and stopped in front of it.

"this door reminds me of one time some lady began criticizing my apartment, so i knocked her flat" he said, then giving a small pause before speaking again, "just kidding. i didn't even have an apartment." He let out a chuckle.

He then tried opening the door to the house. It wasn't locked and luckily there wasn't anyone inside, so it seemed like they were free to go in.

"so... you've been standing around all day, how about we sit down a bit and just... relax, maybe there's even some food in here." He suggested.

Mar 2nd 2017 at 8:03:29 PM

Store in the Streets

Morty had gotten to his feet, ducked into a nearby store for cover, and shakily looked around as he ascertained where he was, and whether or not the angry mob he had just managed to escape had been suitably dispersed by the city shifting. It wasn't like he knew that they needed that copper wire, anyway ,and - okay, so maybe it wasn't really an angry mob, per se, more like an angry trio or something, but the point was...

Morty caught a glimpse of something dark and bruise-blue out of the corner of his eye, turned around, and flinched at the sight of Lily causally... knitting.. ? a sweater in the middle of the building. Her fists, which could probably shatter concrete, were delicately clasped around a pair of needles as though it was the most natural thing in the world. Somehow, thjis almost pastoral scene still couldn't entirely excise his mental image of her casually smashing through metal.

"Oh. Uh..." Morty stammered, shoving the wire into a backpack he'd picked up along the way, approaching her the way one might a tame but fierce-looking tiger. "... hey there? How - uh - how you doin'?"

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Mar 2nd 2017 at 8:19:26 PM

Abel - Arts N Crafts Store - Wait, There Was A Contest?

As Abel continued to stand in front of the window gaping at the juxtaposition of a beast knitting a sweater with hearts on it, he heard a familiar voice fill the air. He recognized it as the kid from earlier today, the one who turned into hat plant thing and confronted him about eating too much. In hindsight, that was probably a brash move that could have had a lot more drastic consequences if it had gotten worse, but eh.

Anyway, he finally managed to snap out of his daze and was about to be on his way when a kid in a yellow shirt passed by him. He knew this guy, too; he was the first person he met, and Abel blew him off. Again, in hindsight, that was pretty rude. He should probably go and say sorry.

And then he walked right into the store.

Abel winced and hastily dove in after him, grabbing his shoulder before he could get any closer. "Dude, what the heck are you doing?!" He whispered. "Do you even know what that thing is?!" but it was already too late. He already said his part, and now the behemoth was gonna talk to them. Assuming it was even capable of speech. (That was pretty mean, but honestly, he didn't care.)

(holds pool noodle threateningly) Do you want to know what we do to artists?
DeisTheAlcano from Uruguay Relationship Status: Drift compatible
Mar 2nd 2017 at 8:40:49 PM

The Library — Math, the enemy of all things good

Eve didn't know what Rex was talking about when he mentioned her 'boyfriend'.

"Don't play dumb. I'm talking about Ben"

Even then, she was still insisting that he was going to lose in the long run.

"And I still don't get what you are trying to do here. I'm going to save as many people as I can. Right now, though, it's my day off"

secretlyasuperhero [TOP SECRET] from [TOP SECRET] Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
Mar 2nd 2017 at 10:45:55 PM

Eve|Library|Rex, You're An Asshole/FR-FR-FR-FRIENDZONED

Eve blinked. And blinked again. And blinked twice. Blink. Blink. Blink. Then she raised one quizzical eyebrow, and gave Rex a Look deserving of its capital letter.

"Ben is a friend. My first, and only one, here."

Her tone was icy, barely short of freezing. Also, she was done with subtlety.

"I'm saying that everybody's wish is as legitimate as the other. You cannot rate tragedy."

FirockFinion THE SLORG! from The Red Desert Relationship Status: Wishfully thinking
Mar 2nd 2017 at 11:48:48 PM

Library part 1

The second Fanboy flipped through the campaign module back to the map of Vusluora. "Doesn't look like there's any others in the same country" the second Fanboy said to Curly, then looked to his friend and told him, "hey, look through the setting book for info on lamias."

As the two kept looking through the book for relevant info, Curly would find the sheet for Silanea's mother not far from Silanea's own sheet. Like Silanea, she had a picture on the opposite page, though this time it was just a crop of the image on the cover, taking everything out of frame except for the lamia woman herself. And while the collection of numbered stats probably didn't mean much to Curly, she might note that most of Akyaliha's stats were higher than Silanea's, especially her level being several times higher, and she too knew both ethereal blade and ethereal shield. Once again, there was a blurb to read at the bottom:

Akyaliha Asharsha is the head priestess and leader of the lamia tribe hidden in the Vusluoran woods. Akyaliha's characterization is fierce and defensive; she is aware of her daughter's attraction to humans and finds it distasteful, though still loves her. Akyaliha will have any member of the party caught sneaking into the lamia village sentenced to death; no roll of diplomacy or charm will succeed no matter how high. Only if a party member arrives seemingly peacefully with a lamia will Akyaliha hear them out, but she will remain suspicious and paranoid. If a Male character takes the route of charming Silanea and being led to the village, then Akyaliha will not allow him to leave peacefully unless he passes a 20+ diplomacy roll; however, Silanea will assist the roll so long as she is still successfully charmed.

Below this was shorter GM notes just like before, which laid out that Akyaliha is basically intended as the boss encounter of the lamia village, and that if Silanea is killed before she is, she loses the ability to cast ethereal shield unless she passes a '20+ concentration roll'.

Meanwhile, Miss Tairee 1 looked to Ara when she made her request. "If your family was the type to be keeping such records, then yes I will be able to get them here" Miss Tairee 1 answered, typing on her computer. If there was such a thing, it would come down from the third or fourth floor and settle in front of Ara; if there wasn't, Miss Tairee would apologize neutrally. After that, she paused for a bit as Ben's speech came through the radio on her desk. She actually managed to maintain her neutral expression throughout the whole thing, looking, if anything, just kind of thoughtful, though did sigh very lightly at the end. "Well then" the librarian muttered to herself.

Then something quite odd happened. There was some kind of sound throughout the lobby that everyone would hear clearly: the sound of a pen writing on paper. Miss Tairee, all three of her, suddenly straightened up and looked a bit surprised, especially as the sound sped up a bit, to the point where one would either have to be superhuman or just drawing illegible scribbles to make the sound that fast. It only lasted for a few moments ultimately, after which Miss Tairee looked a bit dumbstruck and shocked. "That's..." Miss Tairee 1 said, trailing off as she couldn't seem to finish that thought out loud. All three of her looked somewhat somber and glanced down, then started typing on either the computer or one of their holographic screens. Without glancing up, Miss Tairee 1 spoke aloud, simply stating, "I'm sorry Rex." Then all three of them blurred and vanished.

Stadium, part 1

Up in the announcer box, Stinkfly did have to break in, but the lock was a pretty simple one and he got in easily after smashing it. The two announcers, the slightly short dark skinned one and the tall and lanky white skinned one both jumped in surprise and looked over. "Whoa what the fuck?!" Jeff said, as they got up from their seats and Stinkfly told them he wanted to make an announcement. "Bro we can't just let anybody barge in and- Hey!" he continued as Stinkfly hijacked one of the microphones to make his statement. Jeff continued to look annoyed, though Adam had more of a backing off, let the crazy guy do his thing and maybe I won't get shanked look to him. Until Stinkfly mentioned who he was, at which point Jeff still looked annoyed, but Adam looked more thoughtful and kind of curious in the same way one might curiously observe a car wreck.

When Stinkfly finished and then jabbed at Adam, he simply raised his eyebrows slightly then watched him leave. "... Well that just happened I guess" Adam thought out loud.

Meanwhile, down in the stadium, neither Thomas nor Louie looked sympathetic or sorry towards Lewis during or after his rant. "Speak for yourself, throwing a tantrum like that!" Louie yelled out at Lewis, then moved to meet up with Thomas. They started speaking with each other until they suddenly heard Stinkfly on the loudspeakers, and glanced up as they listened close.

After Stinkfly finished and came down, Thomas looked a bit unsure what to think, though after a couple moments moved over towards Stinkfly, and pointed his wand at one of the javelins from the throwing range. "Wingardium leviosa!" Thomas yelled, making the javelin float up in the air, then launched it towards Stinkfly; it of course missed and jammed into the ground just next to him. Thomas then put his wand away and put his arms back under his cloak as he walked over to Stinkfly, now having 0 points. "... I don't know if this is really a good idea Ben... But, I'm with you" the young wizard said, then scrunched his face and took a step back while muttering, "though not so close while you're in that form..."

As for the crowd, the Church of Literacy members looked a bit angry, though Pastor Dan himself did not; he instead looked curious and contemplative. The Fanboys looked like they weren't sure what to think, though the ones with cameras were now keeping them attentively on Stinkfly. The NHA along with the rest of the crowd looked very uncertain and were murmuring among themselves. The Militia scattered throughout the stands looked a bit tense and were mainly keeping an eye on the rest of the crowd.

"So uh... Yeah, I guess that was the transforming kid; a lot of you know him- or rather, know of him" Jeff's voice said over the loudspeakers and channel, still sounding just a little annoyed.

"If you're listening elsewhere or don't have those special glasses to see, he was telling the truth; he's now at zero points, as you could see if you check the scoreboards" Adam's voice added in. "So... Jeff, what do you think about what he had to say?" his voice then asked the other announcer.

Before Jeff could respond though, something else then happened.

Score screens around the city, the double reverse red herring strikes

For a bit, the score screens updated again.

1st Place: Caro Ru Lushe, 10 points.

2nd Place: Rex Salazar, 4 points.

3rd Place: Rega 'Sattinee, 4 points.

But then, they flickered, and suddenly instead there was Miss Tairee, close up on her like a news announcer, with the sky in the background behind her through something transparent and only vaguely visible. Anyone who happened to be looking above the library might notice one of those bubbles she sometimes put people in high up there, with Miss Tairee standing in it.

This was accompanied by a somewhat milder sensation of that anti-sound that Miss Tairee had unleashed in the library twice before, faintly dulling not just all actual sound throughout the city, but also people's thoughts to an extent. While not as intense as the times she'd used it before, it still made it hard to not pay attention to what she said next. Her voice boomed, clearly though not so loud as to be painful, from every screen and all 100 radio channels, every single radio and walkie talkie and phone and other such devices in the city all had it coming through, even the ones that were turned off or were currently non-functional, and any attempt to make them silent would fail.

"Denizens of the city, the creator of the city has two announcements for you all" Miss Tairee began, her voice more clinically neutral and coming off as if reading a script than usual; in fact there was almost this ethereal, fake tint to it, which could almost give someone the impression she was a robot or more sophisticated artificial life form. That could also have just been a side effect of the anti-sound though. "First: Starting tomorrow and every five days after that, everyone will be allowed to send one message to any one person in their home universe. Letters, voice mail, and direct calls and video conferences will be available. You will only get one on each of the assigned days, however they do not have to be to the same person on different days" she explained to them.

As she continued, the view on the screens faded from her, to a portrait picture of Rex instead. "Second: This young man, who many of you know as Rex, has accepted a longer lasting challenge from the creator of the city. Most of you are already familiar with the challenges so far" Miss Tairee continued, and the view now changed to a split of several smaller screens with a brief bit of video playing in each: Plantera and Queen Bee tearing through a wooden building; falling ice chunks in the blizzard; Vendral lighting an entire swathe of forest ablaze as he passed over it; black and white Mickey Mouse running through a grocery store aisle; Xan Kriegor firing his rocket launcher down a street; the pokemon-turned-human team blasting away at the crowd of animals that had encircled them; the horde of zombies that stretched to the horizon; Yoko and Nia playing volleyball; the massive Atlantean leviathan snapping underwater tunnels effortlessly; the two space fleets duking it out with each other; and a short montage of the various baddies seen during the horror carnival day.

"Whereas those challenges lasted for only a single day, this challenge is intended to last for multiple days" Miss Tairee went on, as the view switched back to her again. "Rex agreed to this challenge on his own, after consulting only a few of his closer associates. That is all" she finished, then after a moment the screens flickered back to the scores and everything went back to normal.

Library, part 2

"... Wha? Huh?" the first Fanboy said after it was over, having been looking out the windows at one of the screens on the side of a nearby building. He and the other Fanboy looked uncertain of what to think, though didn't look very upset.

The Annas looked somewhat shocked, and likewise very uncertain of what to think right now, and also a little bit... Betrayed. They looked over at Rex with slightly sad expressions.

After a minute, Miss Tairee reappeared, this time only the one of her, sitting at her desk. She said nothing, and stared forward blankly at her computer, looking like she didn't particularly want to talk right now.

Stadium, part 2

Once again, the Fanboys still looked uncertain about things. The Church of Literacy looked thoughtful. But the NHA and the rest of the crowd? Most of them looked pissed.

"He put us all in danger?!" someone yelled.

"That bastard!" someone else in the NHA ranks screamed out.

The crowd was quickly working into an uproar, and the militia members looked either just as angry towards Rex, or like they were about to panic.

Militia radio channel

"Um, Wells, we have a situation starting at the stadium" Rachel's voice said into the channel, sounding worried.

"Report" Wells' voice responded gruffly.

"The crowd here is looking pretty riled up about this... They're getting really angry" Rachel's voice continued.

"Is Rex at the stadium?" Wells' voice asked.

"N-no sir, I don't think so" Rachel's voice responded nervously.

"All militia members at the stadium, try to keep the crowd under control. Everyone else, new top priority: Find Rex and bring him in" Wells' voice ordered in that stern, authoritative voice that only military commanders could pull off. "I want that idiot ASAP before someone else gets a hold of him!" he just about yelled into the channel. He got a bunch of affirmatives in return.

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Mar 3rd 2017 at 12:15:51 AM

Grinch - On the Way To the Stadium

"Well now that doesn't seem good at all,
if I don't act fast it could turn into a brawl!"
The Grinch put his phone in his pocket and straightened his back,
he started shoving all the stuffed toys into his burlap sack!
Stepping outside of the store for building a custom bear,
he activated the Grinch Copter and took to the air!

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"Against all the evil that hell can conjure. All the wickedness that mankind can produce. We will send unto them... only you.
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Mar 3rd 2017 at 12:55:46 AM

Cole looked after Ben when he suddenly took off, as the young hero's intentions were clear quickly enough. "Wait-," he started to say, but Ben was gone before he could do much to stop it.

He hadn't expected this. What Ben was going to do would be all but spitting in the eye of the Writer, all but demanding their captor's attention. Cole hadn't wanted tat, he didn't want to stir up conflicts, he wanted them to try and avoid it, to try and make the Writer lose interest in them.

Cole drew back, hurrying towards a spot nearer the library building, putting his back against the wall and sliding down to sit against it, hugging his bunny as tightly as he could, eyes flaring green as he did his best to listen to what he knew was going to be happening.

It wasn't as clear to him as it would be to someone sitting inside the stadium, of course, but he was able to read and hear quite a bit. Ben made his announcement, surrendered his points, and for a moment, there was a mixed reaction, some people seemed approving, some seemed angry, others seemed nervous. Apparently Ben was drawing attention...

And then it all changed.

Those strange windows with things on them changed, from words to an image, and all around, it seemed as though Miss Tairee was speaking, in that manner in which she couldn't be questioned. He listened to the announcement, eyes wide when she said that they could send messages home...letters, or other means he didn't understand...that was good, he supposed, if it...

The next was not so good. Even though Cole didn't quite understand why the longer challenge was bad...considering the day-long challenges had been so dreadfully awful already, he only could see it as the Writer intending to draw out their anguish was clear nearly immediately that almost no one else in the city felt that way.

Cole let out a scream as a shock of fear, anger, terror, rage, hatred, and every other awful emotion he ever knew existed rocketed through his skull all at once, a tidal wave of hurts that arose with that announcement. He didn't even know where to start trying to parse it, clutching at his temples and curling up, whimpering for a moment. It was just noise, pain, pain and pain and pain and it was so overwhelming, so sharp and throbbing and it hurt, it all hurt so much

It was more luck than effort that caused Cole, in grasping for...anything, really, in an attempt to make it stop, that his hand grabbed at the amulet on the stuffed rabbit, shutting off the roiling wall of noise and ache, and he let out a loud gasp, wheezing as though he'd been physically punched in the gut. He looked around as though to get his bearings, then slumped back against the building, closing his eyes and panting for air, one arm wrapping around the rabbit, and the other hand remaining firmly clutched around the amulet, looking for all the world as though he were simply too exhausted to move just yet.

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Mar 3rd 2017 at 1:46:46 AM

Streets - do you ever feel like a revolt is coming?

Before Caro could even answer his question suddenly their cellphones and the screens around them began echoing Miss Tairee who was talking about Rex got everyone a way to communicate with their loved ones, at the cost of a longer challenge that would span the duration of days. He particularly didn't have much of an issue with that, but others... He just knew something big was coming. As an aside, once the screens turned back to normal he could see that somehow Ben was out of the competition, making him wonder what just happened.

"well, that was a nice five minute break." He sighed.

If Rex had just made that decision, he must have sent the Writer a message, so that meant he was conveniently in the library where they could talk to him about this whole decision that he just made.

"caro, we might need to go talk about this with rex and i'm pretty sure things are gonna get messy, you ready?" He asked her.

Korodzik Everything was beautiful and nothing hurt.
Everything was beautiful and nothing hurt.
Mar 3rd 2017 at 2:47:25 AM


Garrett pondered Miss Tairee's announcement for a moment. Well, that was interesting. Garrett knew that at least he—and perhaps some other people—had agreed to the extra challenge... on the other hand, Garrett had specifically worded his agreement non-committedly, which was perhaps why it was Rex and not him who was singled out.

Ah, well. Garrett sure had dodged a bullet there... he'd get to send a message home all the same, but — assuming the extra challenge turns out to be especially unpleasant — it was Rex and not Garrett who was going to become rapidly unpopular in the city.

It sure had been a dirty trick on the Writer's part, to reveal the "guilty party" in public like that. "What a bastard..." he muttered to himself with a small, wry smile.

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Library - Welp

"I guess we can just hope they're too busy with the other races to bother any in another country" Curly said quietly as she scanned the page for Akyaliha "Hmm... Wonder how hard it'd be to get out of Vusluora..." She started flipping again, likely near the back of the book, to see if there was anything about what's supposed to happen after the players finish the task of purging the kingdom, or perhaps information on the king himself.

Though before she'd have a chance to read anything the announcements came. Curly just paused and muttered "Is he really trying to start a revolt?" at Ben's statement. But Miss Tairee's address (especially with it's accompanying anti-sound and being broadcast directly into Curly's radio along with the others), caused her to stop entirely for a few moments. Then she turned toward Rex and called just loud enough to be heard at a distance "Looks like Wells wants you, Rex." before turning back to her book and the Fanboys.

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Dark Sun, what choices have I...?
Mar 3rd 2017 at 4:39:34 AM

Lewis - Stadium - wtf you people

I faintly registered one of the two saying something aggressive but couldn't be assed to listen or care, merely rolling my eyes that he was still going.

I was about to leave when a voice announcing itself as Ben shouted over the news channel, going into a spiel that could best be summarized as giving the writer a verbal middle finger.

Predictably, I facepalmed.

Oh well. At least he was out of the game. I checked just to be sure, and saw that his name had vanished.

So I only needed two points to take second. Alright, I could do that in one match, provided I find someone who wasn't dissuaded by the 10-year-old acting out. Having turned around to look at the little announcer box where Ben was making a fool of himself, I started looking for anyone who had more than one point in the place.

And that was when the librarian's own announcement hit, with a weaker version of that thought silencer she had used earlier. As she did, the brick that had been my phone about a minute ago somehow sputtered back to life just for this one message.

...So. The goggles dudenote  went through with that special challenge after all.

Even with my ability to think compromised, it was hard for me not to notice that my spirits were starting to lift already, despite the catch I knew was coming.

Yeah, that catch. The one about the extra-long challenge.

...Wow. Those past challenges must have been the wildest shit.

So. Not many people agreed to this. Someone would have to watch his back.


As soon as the announcement ended, the elation that had previously been suppressed only by the mental block hit full-force. God, I didn't know how I'd ever thank the Rex guy next time I saw him.

This was slightly undermined by the whole stadium flying into exactly the uproar you might expect. Hoo boy, maybe it was best to keep quiet about being one of maybe two people who was actually grateful for this.

Nevertheless, the excitement and joy meant that my energy instantly surged beyond what the angry mob could discourage. I turned to the nearest person to have multiple points.

"You there!" I yelled, trying (failing?) to be heard over the crowd. "I challenge you to a target-shooting contest!"

If they said no, I'd ask the next person I saw with multiple points.

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Lo Wang watched as Hoji's outline shimmered, scowling heavily as he partner went ahead with the idea regardless. He turned to Tairee, and growled, "So, how long will this last?" He was hoping that it was until after the restrictions disappeared, so he could strangle the demon.

When the blurring stopped, the Ancient took a moment to center himself. The change had been more drastic then he had expected. The first thing he noticed was the fact that, while he could still feel his chi, he had nowhere near the same amount of control as before. And, the connection between him and Wang had been severed as a result. Hoping down off the counter, the now-taller demon marveled at the fact he could actually touch and feel the wood as he did so. Looking down at this hands, Hoji noticed they were much the same as before, though his arms seemed to be wrapped in rope and impaled with large spikes. They didn't hurt, but were uncomfortable for sure. He also had a pair of folded back claws on the backs of his hands. "Haha, it actually worked. This is fantastic."

Suddenly, the demon moved. Springing from where he was standing into a high leap, spinning his body before landing crouched back on the desk. "So this is what it's like to be strong. No wonder my idiot brothers focused on it..."

Meanwhile, Lo Wang could only stare in surprise at his changed partner. The first obvious change was height. The hunched and shorter male now stood close to a head taller than the Japanese man. He also appeared to still be wearing his old robes, albeit torn off at the legs and shoulders. The red belt was still there, though the demon's legs were expose; The lower half now clad in boots. His cowl also was far looser, the opening now hanging loosely to his chest, though his mask still sat firmly on his face. Perhaps the oddest changes, were the claws, the belt of knives and oddly glowing orbs, and the giant poles of what appeared to be faintly burning incense sticks impaled in rows down his back. "Wow, so you chose to turn into a masochist. I'm actually more disappointed in you than anything."

"You wound me, Wang." Hoji sighed melodramatically, "And here I thought we were close enough for it to work. I've been inside you, after all."

"You've been inside my head." Wang was quick to shoot back, "And I didn't exactly ask for it, did I?"

While he was going back and forth with the demon, the man was focusing as well. Making the gesture for Water Trap, he focused on his chi; Channeling it into his hand. A slight golden glow flickered over it for a moment, then nothing. He growled. "Fucking great."

Getting down off the counter with another pointless and showy flip, Hoji landed in front of Wang; Sounding less jovial than usual but not by much. Suddenly the demon's voice rang through his head. "Relax, Wang. I'm not just fucking around. I'm trying to figure out just what this lady is. Because she definitely isn't human. And wherever we are, whoever is doing this. They're far beyond anything I've ever seen. Even Enra." Even through his mask, Lo Wang could feel the demon's serious gaze. "Whatever it is, we don't want to gain its attention until we know more. This was an attempt at that... partially."

Wang pressed his lips into a thin line, and nodded. Sometimes he forgot just how smart and conniving his partner was. The memories in his head from the Whisperers painted a far different picture to the person he'd gotten to know over the last day, but here he was seeing it. Glancing around the building, he was surprised to see the two girls from before had shown up; Along with the same kid he'd last seen them with. He smirked at that. Either the kid was quick to finish, or he'd chickened out.

Then came the city-wide announcement of the kid's actions, and judging by some of the reactions it was a fuck-up for sure. Chuckling, he wandered over towards the small group with the towering Hoji in tow. "Hey kid, fancy seeing you again. Seems like you've really stepped in it, somehow." Then he turned to the Annas, his face growing more neutral. "Ladies. Seems you were telling the truth, my apologies."

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Arts n' Crafts- Awwwwwwkward

Lily's attention was pulled away from her knitting when Morty approached. "Hello again, dearie," she exclaimed, "I'm feeling very well, thank you." Unlike the majority of people in the city, she was having a very good day. She was almost finished with Caro's sweater and was considering what Sans' should look like. Another thought then hit her. "Would you like a sweater too?" She asked Morty, "and your grandfather as well?"

The sudden appearance of Abel startled her. She cocked her head to the side and looked around. "Are you alright, dearie?" She asked him. He seemed so worked up about something. Maybe she should knit him a sweater too. It would be wonderful for everyone in the city to be nice and warm with a sweater.

Suddenly, Lily couldn't think much anymore. A radio on the counter stopped playing the announcers and Ben (who Lily couldn't recognize over her own humming and speaking) and started playing Tairee; though not before another wave of calming energy. This time she was cognizant enough to realize the similarity to her medication, so it calmed her down even more.

She didn't quite understand the implications of Tairee's message, but she was excited to tell Marcus to take good care of her bighorners while she was away. She didn't even get to tell him she was leaving. That was rude.

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