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Ominae Organized Canine Bureau Special Agent
Organized Canine Bureau Special Agent
Aug 23rd 2016 at 6:32:20 PM

Gon bobbed his head up to see the pirate ship sail away when he got the boat upright and placed the oars and his shotgun on it.

He slowly rowed towards the library's direction. He hoped no one would stop him. Though he wondered if any familiar faces are there.

"Exit muna si Polgas. Ang kailangan dito ay si Dobermaxx!"
FullMoon feeling blue from Surface Relationship Status: Shipping fictional characters
feeling blue
Aug 23rd 2016 at 6:47:20 PM

Underwater Tunnels - interrogation

"sorry, but i ain't buying it just because you said it," said Sans, shrugging, "the ruckus is trying to revive a demon right now by getting soul sacrifices, for all we know you're planning to kidnap those people, i think we need better proof than just your word."

He looked at the militia members, they seemed sure they could solve the problem on their own but Sans figured it was better to not take any risks with it.

"cole here can see if there's anything up with that guy, your boss must know that too so why don't you ask for his thoughts on the matter? if the guy is innocent then it's fine, but if it turns out he's been luring all of you into a trap all of this time he could get all of you trapped as sacrifices, i'd say it's worth making sure there's nothing wrong with him, don't you think?" he asked.

Of course, Sans looked up at Cole who was still floating in the air thanks to the blue magic. He knew the kid didn't want to use his powers, but he figured that he might make an exception for this occasion like he did when they tried to come up with a plan for getting to the library

"what do you say, cole? you ok with taking the amulet off for a while?" he asked the spirit.

Aug 23rd 2016 at 7:14:51 PM

Underwater Tunnels - Standing down

Seeing as neither of the soldiers started firing on anyone, Curly lowered her gun as Cole was lifted off the accused murderer.... Somehow. Though she gave an annoyed look at their hushed conversation. She'd have to ask the others what their deal was, especially since as far as these two soldiers were apparently concerned she was 'one of them'."Not remembering doesn't mean you get to ignore whether you did something or not" was all she could think to say response to situation and the man's claims of innocence.

Fortunately or not, Sans attempted to be the voice of reason to get to the bottom of things and also revealed the stakes were a bit higher than just some punk who had murdered before.

Aug 23rd 2016 at 7:20:43 PM


"Blades, g-guns, what does it matter oh god oh god hoooooo..." Morty screamed again as the tentacle that had snared Rick writhed under Eve's onslaught, thrashing angrily as it made for the two of them... before Eve's atack sliced the offending limb right off, like a particularly sharp knife going through a block of cheese. Some more of the foul-smelling liquid that clearly passed for the creature's internal fluids spurted out, vaporizing as it made contact with the atmosphere. The arm in question flopped around for a few seconds like a severed gecko's tail, its dozens of eyeballs staring reproachfully up at the girl who had lopped it off.

Underwater, Ripjaws found that - with the beast being pulled in approximately three ways all at once - its attacks were growing clumsier and less focusesd What remained of the two tentacles chasing Ben were quickly dispatched, whatever chunks remained falling down into the deeper parts of the ocean. Ben might see Sylvia off on the other side of the great cephalopod, repeatedly jabbing the monster in one of its many eyes and causing it to wince.

The barrage of fireballs from Bill impacted against the rubbery, glistening bulk of the creature's mantle, causing some of its many rippling eyes to blink in pain as it tried to get a fix on the distant, hovering triangle. That apparently tore it for the krakeyen; it had surfaced expecting an easy meal and had found itself outmatched. Glaring at its myriad attackers, the thing slowly began to dive, with the listing, ponderous grace of a damaged nuclear submarine attempting to withdraw from an enemy attack.

"Hoo boy, that was *urp* that was anticlimactic," observed Rick as the thing sunk back below the water, pitifully limping away note . "I mean it's almost as if that Bl'gornian arglefark lost interest in us and just... gave up on the entire carefully choreographed fight it probably spent, like three days planning." Rick held out his hand for a high-five to whoever was nearby. "But... yeah! We-*urp*-we did it! High fives all around, you... uh... you..." Rick stared at Wander and Bill for a few seconds." kids? Damned if I know."

"Bl'gorn what?"

"Bl'gornian arglefark, MURGHorty. Native to the planet.... G'repeptox Eight".

"I mean if-if that, uh, if that was the... thing, why didn't you say something before that, huh? H-have you fought one before? Why-why didn't you tell us?"

"Because I made that up just now, Morty, I don't know what the hell it was and neither do you. Think critically. Think for yourself. Don't be a *urp* sheep." Rick looked around at the motley group of people, note  before taking a shot. "Okay, so who was going to the library again? I mean *urp* is that what we were supposed to be doing?"

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AllHailThrall For the Horde! from Hoenn Relationship Status: Longing for Dulcinea
For the Horde!
Aug 23rd 2016 at 7:49:19 PM

The ocean, threat averted

Ripjaws splashed into the ocean as the multi-eyed monstrosity sank into the depths. "Triangle??" Ripjaws asked, looking and seeing Bill Cipher floating there. "Oh. Him. C'mon, Eve, let's get out of here," he stated, starting to swim away from the boat, when the icon on Ben's person started flashing red and beeping loudly. There was a red flash of blinding light and Ben now swam there, treading water nearby Rick and Morty's boat. He sighed, upset. Then he clambered onto the boat. "Or not. Or the watch could keep me stuck here with these two and that thing," Ben muttered angrily, crossing his arms when he got out of the water.

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ProTrash I think I'm a sofa from Valentia Relationship Status: Faithful to 2D
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Aug 23rd 2016 at 7:52:47 PM

Karkat - P.O.S Room - Fuck This Shit I'm Out (Mm-mm)

Karkat was already way ahead of everybody and wasn't able to hear Ara mention him. But to be honest, she did look familiar. He kept walking forward and was pretty detached from the group until Yoshika had to pry open a door, forcing him to wait with the others till she did. The walk was pretty uneventful, until they came upon a room filled with wires and oil. Then it started talking. He was numb to this kind of stuff at this point.

The voice (identified as the Perfect Operating System, oh boy) claimed in a terrifyingly cheerful voice that there were robots being sent to kill them. Then there wasn't. Then all of a sudden some alarm went off, and there were robots. But made crudely out of weird, probably human stuff. They did look menacing, but ultimately were just underwhelming. Nonetheless, they were attempting to kill them, so he whipped out his clawsickle and stood in a (somewhat) defensive position.

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Aug 23rd 2016 at 8:00:12 PM

Library - Avoiding Becoming Collateral Damage

Zelda hadn't been mulling over her dilemma for very long when Miss Tairee stated she needed to release someone called "Marcus" from his bubble. She didn't know who that was, and she didn't see the bubble the librarian spoke of either. A quick look around, however, eventually lead her to looking up at the ceiling and seeing the bubble in question. Having not seen this happen before, she had no way of knowing if the bubbles were naturally opaque or that was just from the person stuck inside it had been doing.

Either way, it sounded like she didn't want to be around when Marcus was freed. So she heeded the librarian's warning, grabbing all of her belongings and quickly heading upstairs. She kept going up until she couldn't go up any further, then found a nice place to sit back down and went back to reading through the book, listening to the walkie-talkie, and mulling over her next course of action.

ColeMinor I just want to help! from Definitely not Chicago Relationship Status: Showing feelings of an almost human nature
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Aug 23rd 2016 at 8:02:00 PM

Cole glared at the man as he spoke, shaking his head in obvious anger, but he turned his head when he heard Sans asking about his amulet. Cole looked back at the man and the two militia members, biting at his lip, before nodding slowly. "Set me down and I will search his mind," Cole said softly, reaching up and carefully pulling the amulet over his head, holding it out to the side. "C-could one of you...hold this for me while I do?"

secretlyasuperhero [TOP SECRET] from [TOP SECRET] Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
Aug 23rd 2016 at 8:05:36 PM

Eve|Boat| Interdimensionaller meet'n'greet

Eve watched as the thing slinked away. She undid her transformation, and looked with care at the others present. A purple horse-thing, an unidentifiable orange creature with a ridiculous hat, a floating triangle, a foulmouthed old person (who smelt drunk) and Morty. This City appeared to attract all kinds. However, they all seemed quite capable of taking care of themselves, something that she was glad of.

Ben reacted to the triangle with disgust, calling it a thing when he came back to the boat. She was going to swim after him, but before she could transform he lost his alien form, and had to swim back to the boat. She helped him on board, tilting her head quizzically at his reaction to two of the many passengers on th boat.

"Why is that such a bad thing?"

Cybersbe Jedi of the Old Republic from Somewhere over the rainbow Relationship Status: Wishfully thinking
Jedi of the Old Republic
Aug 23rd 2016 at 8:27:06 PM


Twilight stood nearby, listening in on Zelda's attempts to listen to the airwaves.

She also gave some of the monster food a try. It looked a little odd, but tasted pretty good.

Then Miss Tairee gave the warning about Marcus.


Twilight was fortunate enough to be one of the people who had never had a personal meeting with Marcus, but she had seen him and knew what kind of person he was.

As such, she wasted no time going up. She didn't even bother taking the stairs, she spread her wings and flew to the highest floor. She settled down near Zelda, hoping to get more info from the walke talkie.

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josh6243 The Dread Dragon Muffin from Whereever Relationship Status: Married to the job
The Dread Dragon Muffin
Aug 23rd 2016 at 8:31:15 PM


Ms. Tairee gave everyone a real important warning. She was going to free that space marine, so it's best to move upstairs. Immediately, Lune dashed upstairs and quickly moved into a corner to resume reading her book in peace.

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UdtheImp Screw the Lion! from Stamford, CT Relationship Status: How YOU doin'?
Screw the Lion!
Aug 23rd 2016 at 8:33:55 PM

The Real Fight Begins

Plague Knight stepped back from the doors when the loud alarm blared out and the room was suddenly washed in red blinding light. Apparently the construct lied about not being able to control any robots and had now sicced three upon the group......

Which......were.......underwhelming, if one was polite. These robots were clearly hobbled together with pieces of junk with purposes in mind other than combat, if the first one trying to clean the floor and ignoring the group was any indication. The third one was the exception though, and it sped towards Plague Knight with an electric baton.

The knight dodged the charging robot, sidestepping away from the robot. He then prepared a normal bomb with an impact fuse and sparkler powder and prepared to throw at the baton robot when it next charged.

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Weirdguy149 Space Napolehitler from SPACE Relationship Status: I'd jump in front of a train for ya!
Space Napolehitler
Aug 23rd 2016 at 8:38:33 PM

The boat- Time to introduce myself.

Bill looked down at a boat. " Oh, good, people." He floated down and eventually settled on the edge of the boat. He scanned the crowd. " Let's see... a guy with an awesome hat, some weird horse thing, a girl with a sword, a fidgety kid, one of my dad's old drinking buddies (hi Morty), and... why you again, hero? Anyway, the name's Bill! Now... could someone tell me" He turned red as he pointed to the top of his hat. "Who chopped off part of my head."

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DeisTheAlcano from Uruguay Relationship Status: Drift compatible
Aug 23rd 2016 at 8:41:24 PM

Random warehouse — Getting the gang back together

Garrett was surprised to hear that a demon was going to get resurrected and wondered aloud if Rex meant the Lord of Change.

"The same"

Surprisingly, while the conversation was going on, a girl with an odd hair color made her presence heard by opening a really loud and creaky door. It was the non-robot girl herself.

"Hello, Sophie"

The hooded man still didn't quite get how the demon would be able to get resurrected. Rex was still not as experienced with demons and spirits as Garrett probably was.

"I don't know. Something about sacrificing people, I think. I'm still new to this 'demon busting' thing"

Demovere frustrated artist from West Coast, USA Relationship Status: Yes, I'm alone, but I'm alone and free
frustrated artist
Aug 23rd 2016 at 8:56:18 PM

Seeing that they were people she had at least encountered before, Sophie opened the door all the way; it made significantly less sound from being opened that way. "Hello Rex, hello Garrett," she greeted, catching most of the tail end of their current conversation - though her focus now was on something else. "Do you know where the others are, Garrett?"

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Syrika throwback from Earth...probably somewhere with Internet access. Relationship Status: I don't mind being locked in this eternal maze!
Aug 23rd 2016 at 9:11:12 PM

Rick's Speedboat

"Ha!" Sylvia was exuberant as she surfaced from the water for a final time. "That'll show that cree—oh." She watched the squid disappear into the mouth of something that she was quite glad didn't come near her. "Uh. Pretend nobody saw that."

She clambered aboard, returning Rick's high-five as an afterthought, and plopped down next to Ben, who had transformed into a similar looking alien as Rick and Morty, for some reason. "Oh, woah, you look young. You a shapeshifter? Mimicking whatever species you see?" she guessed, gesturing at Rick and Morty, and then letting her hand waver at Eve before making a sort of 'ehhh' movement.

Wander was returning Bill Cipher's compliment. "Why, thanks ever so much, sir! Although my hat seems to be a bit on the fritz." He stood up and returned it to his head as a worried expression briefly flickered across his face, to be replaced with a cheerful grin. "But there's no need to start seein' red! I happen to think your hat looks quite nice no matter the height!"

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AllHailThrall For the Horde! from Hoenn Relationship Status: Longing for Dulcinea
For the Horde!
Aug 23rd 2016 at 9:36:57 PM

Rick and Morty's boat

Ben raised an eyebrow at the purple dinosaur alien's comment that he was a "shapeshifter" and that he turned into whatever species he saw.

"No...." Ben replied, sounding baffled. "Uh, well I'm kind of a shapeshifter. It's just my watch. I'm a human, this is my normal form. I don't think I've ever seen aliens like you two before," Ben pointed out, sounding matter-of-fact. He then looked at Eve. "These two are... well, Morty's okay, but Rick's a jerk," he muttered. He shot Bill Cipher a look. "And this guy isn't much better. He tried to blow people up with fireballs and get them run over by cars," he stated. "Just for fun! And he was talking about horribly maiming people or something!"

He sighed, then looked back at Sylvia and Wander. The orange alien certainly seemed fine with the fact that he was now trapped here. "Uh, anyway, my name's Ben," he introduced. "Ben Tennyson. And I'm a hero! Or at least I'm trying to be."

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"The wisest man is he who understands that he understands nothing."
Aug 23rd 2016 at 11:09:13 PM

The Maze, Exciting Cliffhanger!
The little helmetbot, which for the sake of conserving as much energy as possible we will call "Beepsky", did anything but give Plague Knight time to prepare. In fact, despite its rather basic speed it turned on a dime, quickly cornering and following its target. The bomb impacted the drone's chassis with considerable force, and though it temporarily looked like it was going to spin out the now-flaming Beepsky got right up into PK's face, swinging its baton with much force. In the likelihood that it did hit him, it would produce both a deep electric jolt along with a stunning effect, robbing him of his muscular control for a short period of time.

Despite now having a surface temperature that was increasing by the second, Beepsky didn't seem to be bothered by this at all. In fact, it even offered another triumphant cry of "Shut up, crime!" as it tried to bludgeon the short alchemist.

The mopbot had finally gotten into attack range, ignoring the poor state the floors were in and charging at Karkat, wildly swinging its cleaning implement and spewing soapy water everywhere like a bubbling volcano of lye-born hydrogen peroxide.

The toolboxbot...didn't seem to remember that it was trying to kill people right now. It was dutifully putting down some metal tiling underneath the door.

Amidst the never-before-seen chaos of the room, it might've been hard to hear the deep, metallic THUNKs ringing through the structure. That quickly changed when the creator of said THUNKs rounded the corner, the great whirring of its internal motors audible over the noise of the fight, stomping to a halt as its entire grey-black mass blocked the doorway.

It politely announced in a deep, booming voice "PLEASE PUT DOWN YOUR WEAPON. YOU HAVE TWENTY SECONDS TO COMPLY."

It raised one arm at Seiga (who quickly let go of the wire and brought Yoshika in front of her) and one at Ara, as it patiently awaited them to stop doing nothing in particular. Like many robots nowadays, it didn't exactly feel like it was going to stop even if they did disarm themselves.

Up in the air, P.O.S. added in "Oh, this is good! I am glad to see that you have arrived only 10.643 seconds late, Eee Dee Model!" The robot replied in kind with "YOU NOW HAVE FIFTEEN SECONDS TO COMPLY."

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FirockFinion THE SLORG! from The Red Desert Relationship Status: Wishfully thinking
Aug 23rd 2016 at 11:18:01 PM


After seeing pretty much everbody go upstairs, Miss Tairee entered a couple last command prompts, making the bubble slowly float down until it touched the floor, then with a blur, disappeared. Along with the smoke dissipating, this deposited the armored space marine onto the floor, currently in a meditative stance of crouching down on one knee and holding his chainsword with the blade pointed down in front of him. "Space marine battle brother Marcus" Miss Tairee said aloud, to make sure Brother Marcus realized he was free of the bubble. "I give you the chance to either start following the library's rules, or leave of your own accord. Or else I will evict you from the premesis forcibly" the librarian told him.

Expression hidden by his angry looking helmet as usual, Brother Marcus slowly stood and brought his chainsword up and ready. "I will have no more words with you, witch!" Brother Marcus announced, then his jumpack flared to life and helped him charge across the room at great speed, going straight for Miss Tairee as he roared out in righteous fury.

Underwater tunnels near the docking structure

"Lure us into a trap? Are you fucking serious?" the angry militia member asked incredulously, and more irritated. "He's not choosing where we go. We are. And with the way this city shifts around anyway, how the fucking shit hell would he direct us into a trap in the first place?! Now you expect me to listen to that little bastard after he nearly sliced the guy's neck open!? He's made it pretty clear he's got a bias in this situation!" he yelled back at Sans and Cole, "either you really aren't thinking this through, or you're trying to trick us for some reason and must think we're a couple of retards!"

His companion glanced over his shoulder with a worried expression for a moment before looking back at the former Ruckus member, but added in that quiet tone, "dude, calm down; we can't piss them off..."

But this only seemed to spur the angry militia member further. "Oh no way, nuh uh. These arrogant cockheads need to learn that the militia isn't some joke they can just ignore because they've got special powers and we don't" the angry militia member said, and got his gun ready again. "We're taking this guy back to our headquarters! In handcuffs if we've gotta, but he's getting there in one piece, end of discussion! If you want him to answer for his crimes you bring it up with Wells; but if you try some vigilante shit on him again it's gonna have to be after you get through us!" he announced, firm in his conviction, unlike his comrade who looked just a tad terrified about that announcement.

Meanwhile, the Ruckus man took on a very confused expression during the conversation. "Revive a demon? Sacrifices? What are you talking about?" the man asked a bit quietly, as if not expecting a direct answer; somewhat understandable given everything else going on there. He looked at Cole again, thought for a bit, then came to a realization. "Wait, now I remember that guy!" he announced.

"Wha- now? You didn't before?" the scared militia member asked him.

The Ruckus man started to speak again, but the angry militia member cut him off, saying, "can it! Now's not the time for a Judge Judy session! Save it for when we're back at base!"

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FirockFinion THE SLORG! from The Red Desert Relationship Status: Wishfully thinking
Aug 29th 2016 at 4:03:27 PM


Brother Marcus' chainsword came down in a wide but very quick arc down right at Miss Tairee, stopping about four inches short of her face. Because she had casually caught it with one hand. The motor guttered and stalled as the chain stopped completely as well, absolutely incapable of tearing into her palm. Not one to be stunned in surprise or to be slow to respond, Brother Marcus nevertheless followed up by bringing his free hand around in a fist to hit Miss Tairee in the face.

Which it did, but like the chainsword, had just stopped there doing nothing as if he'd punched a solid wall. Well, worse for him actually, as generally even most solid walls would give something under a full strength blow of an adeptus astartes; Miss Tairee's head hadn't moved at all, with not even her hair responding to whatever small amount of wind force Marcus' fist had generated. "Well, eviction it is then" Miss Tairee said, it clear from her tone that this was pretty much exactly what she had expected. Brother Marcus nearly began to speak, but was abruptly yanked backwards through the air and out through one of the revolving doors, knocking over several pieces of furniture and shattering the door in a shower of glass. He was suspended in the air for a moment there, then sent off into the distance in a high arc, as if he'd just been launched from a powerful catapult. This took him directly over a certain group that just fought off an eye covered octopus like monster.

"Humph" Miss Tairee stated plainly, sitting down and starting to type on her computer. "It should be safe to come down now" the librarian said out loud, though only those near the railing of the upper floors were likely to hear her. After a minute or so, the upended furniture and shards of glass all blurred for a moment, and then were abruptly back to normal.

Underwater tunnels near the docking structure

The Ruckus man eyed Cole from behind the two militia members, the angry one still facing the others while the scared one kept an eye on him, while glancing occasionally at the situation with his comrade in case things were turning ugly. The Ruckus man was looking at the amulet in particular, his face scrunching up a bit in thought. "He said... He's gonna start using his powers with that off?" the Ruckus man muttered, then took a step back as his expression went scared.

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Weirdguy149 Space Napolehitler from SPACE Relationship Status: I'd jump in front of a train for ya!
Space Napolehitler
Aug 29th 2016 at 4:14:02 PM

The boat

" See, here's the thing. I'm a demon. Your puny mind can't grasp my motivations, and if you think it can, it's because I'm letting you." He looked around. " Does anyone else have the feeling they've been suspended in time for about a week?"

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FullMoon feeling blue from Surface Relationship Status: Shipping fictional characters
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Aug 29th 2016 at 4:34:15 PM

Underwater Tunnels - this is getting more complicated than it needs to be

The angry militia man did have a few valid points but even then a lot of how he was acting seemed to be him just having some idea that he actually had some sort of authority over them and wanting to enforce it. Sans didn't want to deal with any of that so he just placed Cole back on the ground and took the amulet

just do your thing, cole," said Sans, shrugging.

MsAmiClassified Tired of givin' up the ghost from the fucking ocean Relationship Status: watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ
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Aug 29th 2016 at 4:41:48 PM

Middling Depth - Lewis: Boggle Vacantly at These Shenanigans

Curly pressed him confusedly on what exactly he did, but before he could hope to stutter out an answer Cole suddenly lunged at one of the passerby, with an enraged ferocity he wouldn't have imagined the kid having had he not seen it for himself just now.

The other sack of bones in the room quickly moved to restrain Cole with some sort of telekinetic magic and, along with a robed girl with pink hair and a small dragon (!?), attempted to talk the empath down. This was met with said empath screaming that the man he had violently tried to knife just now was part of some "ruckus" group and had killed him on one of the previous days.

Despite the lack of context, this information struck a nerve.

"He did what?"

The man, in turn, retorted that he couldn't even remember most of what happened during that time and that he had only been working with the group out of desperation anyway. Other Bones wasn't having any of it.

Curly interjected that not being able to remember doing something didn't exempt one from from the consequences. He recalled how a certain person expressed the telltale signs of cluelessness as he spoke with tranquil fury of his full intent to avenge himself. How could one forget such a thing?

Did they really care that little? Were there mysterious forces at work?

The subsequent decision by Cole to try reading the man's mind according to Other Bones's advice only served to piss off the group further. Suddenly the man seemed to remember who this kid was, and began to look quite disturbed indeed.


"Sir, if you're innocent, what are you afraid of?"

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Aug 29th 2016 at 5:04:33 PM

Library - Madness Over

Zelda's attempts to focus on her research were disrupted by the sounds of the chaos happening downstairs, which were enough to make her thankful that she followed the librarian's advice. Fortunately, it didn't seem like it lasted long. A few moments after the last sounds of it, she got up, walked over to the railing, and looked down. It looked like everything was clear; in fact, it was almost eerie how it looked as if nothing had happened at all.

"Looks like it's safe to go back down now," she said to Twilight, before picking up her belongings once again and going back downstairs.

Once she reached the bottom floor again, she placed everything on the closest table and sat down again. However, she didn't resume her research immediately. Once again, she had the feeling she was accomplishing nothing that would really help anyone here. One part of her almost wanted to ask Twilight to accompany her to the lower parts of the city and actually meet some of the anti-humans, but she shoved that thought out immediately. Besides the fact that the anti-humans clearly had bigger priorities than getting to know a newcomer, something about putting another in danger for her own sake didn't sit right with her.

Then another thought occurred to her. Didn't she pick up a phone some days ago? She'd almost forgotten about it in the wake of everything that had happened since that day. Maybe she could use it to make sure Sans and Caro were okay, at least. The problem was that...well, a lot had happened since she last saw it. With how many people had been in and out of the library since then, she had no way of knowing if it was still in here or not, or if it'd work if it was.

It wasn't like she had anything better to do right now, however. On that thought, she began searching, starting by looking near the couches.

secretlyasuperhero [TOP SECRET] from [TOP SECRET] Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
Aug 29th 2016 at 5:49:36 PM

Eve| Boat| Getting to know you (getting to know all about you)

So the drunk was a jerk, Ben didn't know orange or purple, and the triangle was a self-professed demon with "motivations far beyond your comprehension". Who apparently caused car crashes for his own enjoyment. Eve had learnt that people's motivations don't matter, but their actions do.

"We don't need to know your motivations when your actions speak for themselves. "


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