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FullMoon feeling blue from Surface Relationship Status: Shipping fictional characters
feeling blue
Apr 26th 2016 at 3:02:04 PM

Shopping Center ~ Top layer - dead silence

Lune was oddly enthusiastic about delivering a bag of cellphones, she made it sound like he had given her some kind of difficult task or something. Either way she accepted and ran back while Sans began following Aigis and while doing so he noticed that the city was now really silent, outside of robo-girl's loud steps, whatever made those Ruckus people stop shooting... It couldn't be very good. Sans was about to talk with Aigis when his phone began ringing.

"'sup?" Sans asked as he answered the phone, only to hear Garrett's voice telling him that Cole was now dead. Sans had a brief look of confusion and surprise on his face, if they only wanted to kill him why did they wait so long to do it? "... got it, if i see anything i'll call you back, keep an eye open for what's going on in your area too, i gotta end the call now."

With that, Sans hung up. It looked like the shooting was connected to Cole's kidnapping, a distraction maybe? It didn't really make any sense though, if they wanted to kill Cole they wouldn't need to do all that, so clearly there was something else in the mix that he just couldn't figure out for now. Either way, he began making another call to Ben to warn him that it was already too late.

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AllHailThrall For the Horde! from Hoenn Relationship Status: Longing for Dulcinea
For the Horde!
Apr 26th 2016 at 3:09:42 PM

The vindicator becomes the victim, middle layer

As Ben held Nightwitch closely, the sound of the distorted voice behind him (and just what it said to him) made him jump in surprise and made him nearly drop the cat. He looked around frantically, trying to find the source of the voice.

"Who said that?!" Ben asked. "My cousin... Gwen?! What'd you do to Gwen?! Show yourself!" As he continued to look around, he let Nightwitch down out of his hands and he readied his Omnitrix, expecting an attack of some kind. Then Cole continued with his mental assault, and his fierce look slowly began to fade, being replaced with the uneasy look of a kid plagued by sudden doubt. "Cole! What happened to you?" he asked. "N-no! You're wrong! I am a hero! And this isn't just a toy! C'mon out and show yourself!" Regardless, he had yet to choose an alien because deep down, he was beginning to wonder if Cole was right.

At that very moment, his cell phone rang and it made him nearly jump out of his skin. He grabbed it out of his pocket, fumbling it in his hand, then pressed the answer button and put it up to his head. "Hello?! Who's there?" he asked, worriedly.

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FirockFinion THE SLORG! from Red Desert Relationship Status: Wishfully thinking
Apr 26th 2016 at 3:15:22 PM

A demon's success, middle layer

"If it's a distraction then why not make it all over..." Rachel trailed off as the feeling of melancholy started to wash over them. The rest of her group looked kinda sad and then scared when they heard the voice, but Rachel just looked suspicious and a tad angry.

"Ben, I don't know what the hell that is, but don't let it get to you" Rachel said, looking around and trying to pinpoint the source of the noise.

Shopping center, top layer

Aigis couldn't find a proper gun store in this kind of mall, but eventually she did spot something. A 'home and personal defense' store that was equipped with a plethora of advanced cyberpunk tools. It actually made identifying them a little tricky, since a lot of them unfolded from nearly identical, sleek, metal, rectangular cubes; the jist of the store seemed to be mainly tazers, pepper spray, home defense systems, and the like.

Complicated explanation, bottom layer

"I'm afraid the answers aren't that simple" Sir Redring said, twiddling a couple of his tentacles together. He perked up quickly as he seemed to get an idea. "My words may be very hard for you to believe m'lady; come, I know a place where I can show you proof beyond just my word for it" he suggested, motioning for Cassiopeia to follow as he started to walk away on his tentacles.

"I'll explain what I can on the way there" he offered.

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FullMoon feeling blue from Surface Relationship Status: Shipping fictional characters
feeling blue
Apr 26th 2016 at 3:19:50 PM

Shopping Center ~ Top Layer - oh boy

Just hearing Ben's voice made it clear to Sans that something was going on and it also couldn't be good, still, he decided to ask about that after passing the message. "kid, it's too late now, those people killed cole and now he's out there somewhere, i dunno what those people must have done to him between the kidnapping and the killing but it's probably nothing good."

Meanwhile Sans just kept following Aigis, considering he was right next to her he was sure she would be asking him plenty of question of just what was going on in these phone calls.

Apr 26th 2016 at 3:20:40 PM

Aigis-Personal Defense Store, Top Layer

Aigis was slightly disappointed by her failure to locate a proper gun store, but as she reviewed the available armaments in the store she had found, she realized this might be better then she had planned. She picked up one of the tasers.

"The available weapons in this store could come in handy. Currently, I lack any means of assured non-lethal neutralization of a target beyond punching them.Weapons such as these tasers and pepper sprays can help expand my available options in combat" Aigis grabbed two tasers and two pepper sprays, and then heard what Sans was saying, which made her head snap over in his direction quickly enough to kill any normal human.

"What did you say? Someone killed Cole-san again?" Aigis asked in a panicked tone as she was hit by a sudden burst of guilt over having left Cole alone to get killed again after promising to watch him yesterday if he had wanted. "Oh no, I should have been there!"

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DeisTheAlcano from Uruguay Relationship Status: Drift compatible
Apr 26th 2016 at 3:20:54 PM

Top Layer — Near an elevator — "Before we get started..."

The armored guys answered that he knew where Mary was. That made made Rex feel a bit uncomfortable because he said they were going to take him to where she was. That could only mean that she had joined them or that they had kidnapped her. Obviously, a little girl like her wouldn't join a group of violent anarchists.

"Great!" Rex said, trying to hide his emotions.

The armored alien and the Annas stepped into the elevator was the perfect site to trap them with his powers but he obviously couldn't do it while inside it.

"Mind if I take the stairs? I don't like closed spaces"

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FirockFinion THE SLORG! from Red Desert Relationship Status: Wishfully thinking
Apr 26th 2016 at 3:36:43 PM

Stairs it is, top layer

"If we get separated, we might not, find each other again" the quarian said, stepping out of the elevator after Rex said that. "Anna, go back, to the factory" he ordered the two girls, glancing back at the elevator.

Rose raised an eyebrow, then shrugged and hit the button to close the elevator doors. "What's the matter Rex? We don't bite. Much" Maria said as the doors closed, then both of the Annas started laughing, it muffled once the doors slid shut.

"Let's get moving" the quarian muttered, starting to cough again as he made his way over to a nearby staircase.

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Apr 26th 2016 at 3:42:50 PM

Bottom Layer - One Woman's Trash... Is Still Trash

Glad for any excuse to get away from the odious garbage lining the street, Cassiopeia clasped her hands and nodded eagerly. "As you wish. Lead on, Sir Redring! Though, you strike me as an honest fellow, and I have witnessed many fantastical happenings in my day, so I may not be so disinclined to believe your words as you might think."

DeisTheAlcano from Uruguay Relationship Status: Drift compatible
Apr 26th 2016 at 4:06:28 PM

Top Layer — Near the stairs — You say quarian, I say qunari

After Rex told the Ruckus that he was afraid of closed spaces and prefered to use the stairs, the armored alien told both Annas to go back to the factory. Ben and Twilight had met Old Feather Beak in a factory and the guy that had killed Cole did so when he tried to read his mind. This puzzle was starting to solve itself. Maybe the guy was controlling every member to do his biding, whatever it was... and he had Mary!

"Actually, I'm not afraid of closed spacess it's just... I wanted to talk with you in private. I think I know who drove you and your people off your planet. It was the geth, wasn't it?"

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Apr 26th 2016 at 4:06:47 PM

The Melancholy Of Saotome Ranma

"I don't... know..." The sentence stretched before lapsing into silence as a sense of melancholy wormed its way into her heart, slipping through the gaps and filling out. It was small, a seed at first. But the girl could feel it taking root... just waiting to grow... Her pigtail fluffed up once more and goosebumps made rose up along her body as she felt... something hidden. Something close by, affecting her. Affecting the rest of the group as well, especially Ben it seemed. The kid looked like he was facing his own demons, shouting into the air. Had Ranma been someone else, she would have called him crazy. As it was though, she knew all too well the annoyances supernatural things wrought with them. "Hey kid, try to snap it out of it. Yer just playin' into whatever it is that's messin' around with yer head's plan."

Wary eyes scanned the perimeter even as the martial artist turned her back to a wall particularly sturdy building nearby, hopefully reducing ways she could be attacked directly. Though she tried to appear calm and collected, the beginnings of cold sweat beaded her brows as she grew cautious of an unseen threat. Directing her sixth sense outwards, the girl attempted to locate any signs of bloodlust or killing intent. Fingers clenched and formed claws that were harder than any gargoyles, digits filled to the brim with wound up power- ready to lash out. The Soul of Ice spread about in her thoughts, attempting to calm down what was riled up with its cold embrace. If it was of enough effect was another matter yet to be known.

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FirockFinion THE SLORG! from Red Desert Relationship Status: Wishfully thinking
Apr 26th 2016 at 4:22:24 PM

Looking for elevators and answers, bottom layer

"Regardless m'lady, there's little reason to stick around here" Sir Redring said, continuously taking every turn he came across, but always making sure that Cassiopeia was still within line of sight.

"Now, I'm sure you saw when you arrived at the city edge; the precipice into the nothingness? That nothingness surrounds the city on all sides; this realm consists of nothing but this city" Sir Redring began to explain, still rounding corners whenever he could; he even had them going in circles, but the buildings were different when coming around. "I'm afraid I don't know all the details, but from what I've heard this city didn't even exist until no more than a week back. Everyone here has been pulled from their own realms, such as yours and mine" he continued, finally pausing and perking up as he spotted an elevator.

"Ah! Here we are. Now if I can just figure out how to work these strange contraptions" Sir Redring muttered, moving up to the elevator and motioning for Cassiopeia to follow. "You should be prepared to see many strange things m'lady; even things that should not be possible in your own realm. I'm still trying to wrap my head around this 'electricity' business that apparently powers the whole city" he added, inspecting the buttons inside the elevator.

Top of the stairs, top layer

The quarian stopped in his tracks when Rex mentioned the geth. "How did, you know that?" the quarian asked, turning around to look at Rex.

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UdtheImp Screw the Lion! from Stamford, CT Relationship Status: How YOU doin'?
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Apr 26th 2016 at 4:25:07 PM

Back and Forth in a Store of Explosives, Top Layer

"You may call me Plague Knight," the knight answered. "And no, I am not affiliated with either the Ruckus or the anti-human group. In fact, I was recently in a violent confrontation with the former, thus I doubt the Ruckus would ever invite me to their group any time soon. And if I were a member of the latter, I would be adorning the symbol of their group. As you can, all I wear is the clothes on my back."

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ColeMinor I just want to help! from Definitely not Chicago Relationship Status: Showing feelings of an almost human nature
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Apr 26th 2016 at 4:50:02 PM

Middle Layer - Still Being Haunted

When Ben called for the creature to show itself, there was a brief silence, followed by a low chuckle, a sort of resigned laugh, followed by another familiar-to-Ben that might have been more comforting in another place and time.

"Ben, now is not the time to go alien. Do you understand?" There was a pause, then a loud scream that likely startled the entire group. "Who said retirement... was relaxing?"

The voice shifted back to Cole's. "You want me to reveal myself? You want to see the cost of what your failure brought? Very well then."

There was a swirl of green mist a few feet behind the group, raising from the ground to reveal Cole, seemingly as he always was, standing there, head hanging, hidden under his hat as was usually normal. However, a closer look would definitely reveal some things weren't...quite right. His hands were darkened, blackened at the ends as though rotten, fading out towards the bandages wrapped around them, with longer, clawed fingers than any normal human hands. His posture was hunched even more than before, arms hanging limply in front of him, weaving back and forth where he stood as though the very act of breathing was too difficult to carry on without effort.

"You all hated me...hated what I was, because I could see you...see what you really are, inside. No matter how much I tried to help, wanted to help you be better, you despised every part of me...called me names inside your heads where only I could see. I know how you felt about Cole...about Compassion..."

Cole...such as he was...raised his head to look at them, and this revealed the most graphic change. The untidy blonde hair was now lank and dirty, hanging in his face, eyes only visibly as glowing white beads through the strands. But his mouth...the borderline psychotic grin stretched back further than any mouth ever should, seeming to bisect his entire face, with fangs showing not just in his mouth, but growing around it, as though teeth actually were bursting through his skin like a rodent that wasn't able to chew them down. When he spoke again, it was clear these teeth pulled against his flesh in what might have been a painful manner, but he showed no sign that he acknowledged this whatsoever.

"It's all right one wanted one wanted Cole. You gave him over to Despair, and he doesn't have to be afraid of turning dark anymore."

secretlyasuperhero [TOP SECRET] from [TOP SECRET] Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
Apr 26th 2016 at 5:18:46 PM

Middle Layer-Everything's going to human excrement

Nightwitch pulled herself up, patting Ben with her paw once again. Then she approached the newly revealed Cole, tilting her head. Once-friend? Magic'-not-fire-mine. Wrong. WRONG. She walked up to him, and sat at his feet, waiting for his reaction.

Yomegami Sanely Insane from Out of Nowhere
Sanely Insane
Apr 26th 2016 at 5:20:37 PM

Top Layer - Shopping Center - Calm After the Storm

"All the same, it's still taking something that didn't originally belong to us without permission," Zelda responded to Caro, still frowning, "These stores have to be run by someone...have they?" She paused for a moment. "Maybe you're right. If that's really how things are here, then it's going to take a lot of getting used to."

Suddenly, all the rowdiness stopped. As a sign that it was all over and things should had been safer, the resulting silence should had been comforting. Yet there were way too many unanswered questions for Zelda to feel at ease at all. If anything, now she was even more worried than she had been during the chaos.

She didn't get the chance to comment on it before Sadness freaked out even more to the point that she declared that she'd look for Mary alone if the others decided to take a break. Which, given that things seemed to had calmed down for whatever reason, seemed much more likely now.

"I understand that you're really worried about your friend," she said to the emotion, "It's another reason why I suggested we should just grab something and then move on rather than just taking a break, so we don't lose too much time. But I don't think you, or anyone for that matter, should be out wandering completely alone, especially considering what just happened. For our own safety, we should probably stick together."

She glanced at Caro briefly, then back at Sadness. "If you're really that set on finding her, though...I'll go with you. I've made it this far without food; I think I can last for just a little while longer."

At that point, Lune showed up carrying a bag of something, declaring that Sans wanted her to give them whatever it was that was in the bag. She seemed oddly proud of herself; certainly a contrast from their own worries.

"All right, but you may want to be quick about it."

Apr 26th 2016 at 5:35:02 PM

Middle layer, being tacticool

A tinge of regret passed through Hol Horse like crap through a goose. Maybe he shouldn't of talked to the kid like that? He obviously wasn't even through puberty, and for all he knew this was his first brush with actual danger. As soon as the unknown person or persons started talking, Hol Horse went out of melancholy and into full alert mode. He no idea about what he was taunting the kid for, and he didn't care. He knew exactly how to deal with this. If there was something that many unsavory folk he had met had a shared interest in, it was talking from nowhere ominously before stepping out of the shadows. Hol Horse readied Emperor, and waited...



Jumped at that screaming sound. He was a bit frazzled as whatever-the-fuck-that-was started talking. Hol Horse had only seen that stupid looking at a couple of times beforehand, he certainly wouldn't ever forget it, but the person underneath was definitely different. The hat's wearer, as soon as he revealed his face was...frightening, sure, but there was something that managed to override this fear. As that very brave cat decided to walk up to it, something reminded Hol of exactly what should be done. Something that was only ever a deciding factor in the makeup of his composure a few times in his career...

Self-preservation. Whatever he had become, the chances of Cole not trying to kill them all were fucking zero!

The Colebeast had stopped talking, he immediately aimed Emperor and fired all seven shots directly at his center of mass, and kept it trained on him in case seven wasn't enough.

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Apr 26th 2016 at 6:17:05 PM

Middle Layer, time for him to do his thing

Bill floated up next to Cole with a blank expression in his eye. " Oh goody, demonic possession. I never realized that being a spectator to that is boring!" He ducked under the bullets quite easily thanks to his paper-thin frame then said " Hey, so I don't know you well, fancy hat, but I want to help this end without melodrama. So! I want you to let me in."

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Apr 26th 2016 at 6:54:06 PM


The scream. Despite being on guard, the thing tore through her concentration, briefly crashing her icy mentality as though a pane of frost was being shattered. Luckily, the demon didn't decide to capitalize on the scare chord and itself came out to try to guilt the group. Fingers crunched into the brick, tearing two inch long divots as the digits flexed minutely from the slight moment of panic even as her countenance exhaled all the pent-up air inside her before taking a new breath. Focusing more clearly on the nemesis, it was that lanky doof with that big old hat.

"Scarecrow." Her voice cool, the girl stared hard at the spirit-turned-demon. He certainly looked different now, more like an oni with his current appearance. "Right, if it's you... well, we're gonna hafta do this the hard way." From the brief glimpses that she got of the character, she knew the guy was a rather eccentric person. And a really stubborn one that didn't seem to care all that much about how people thought about him. "Don't try to push all the blame on us. Part of the reason people don't like you was cause it was your own fault as well, Scarecrow." Deciding to let loose, she gave him a tongue lashing with hard and blunt words. A tough love as it were. "Get yer shit together soon before we beat reason back into yer skull."

Among her chief dislikes were people that shifted all the blame onto others. She was so sick of those selfish people... And well, now she had an acceptable target, Scarecrow who looked like he had been possessed by something dark. Cracking her knuckles, she slowly sidled closer to Ben, the easier to protect him since he seemed the primary target. "Huah..." Taking in a deep breath and then letting out, a frosty blue battle aura sprang forth from her as she became entirely serious, determination at the ready. "We'll save you from yourself. But we ain't gonna be soft about it." And then the sound of bullets rang out in this already tense situation...

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DeisTheAlcano from Uruguay Relationship Status: Drift compatible
Apr 26th 2016 at 7:01:47 PM

Top Layer — Near the stairs — G is for Genocide

"Because a geth told me. He tried to twist the story around by saying you were their oppressors but I knew he was lying. He's still out there though, and I think he might be looking for us"

Rex leaned against a wall near the stairs.

"This place is really dangerous and we need to be prepared for anything. Do you have a place where I could get a weapon? And I mean a real weapon. Flying and controlling machines can only get you so far"

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Apr 26th 2016 at 7:23:42 PM

Top Layer - Mall - Food Court

" I know. I'm not really comfortable with doing it either, but if that is how it is gonna work around here, we are going to go have to get used to it, " Caro replied in response to Zelda's concerns.

Everything quieted down from the on going chaos that had been happening, but somehow the silence felt eiree and foreboding instead of calming. She had no time to dwell on that however, since Sadness started to panick and was about to go out to look for Mary on her own. Zelda tried to stop her, saying that understood tha the emotion was worried about Mary, which was why they were just going get something to eat and continue their search. She said that no one should go out alone in this situation and she would willing to go with Sadness to look for her friend right now.

" She's right. No one is saying anything about sitting and having a full meal. We are just gonna take something to keep us going for a while longer and then keep searching for Mary right away. We should stick together. This is only gonna take a minute or two, after that we are off and will eat on the way. It won't help us to find Mary if we run out of energy, after all."

Then Lune come and said that she had something to give to them, sent by Sans. " Oh, hi there. It's nice to see you again. What do you have for us?"

Apr 26th 2016 at 7:25:46 PM

Middle Layer


There was a mighty, yet familiar, belch from behind the Cole-demon, followed by the sound of a heavy gun cocking. Striding up the street was Rick, wearing a pair of goggles note  and carrying the heavy laser rifle of his own design. Morty nervously brought up the rear, lugging a backpack of stuff. "Jesus Christ," Rick stared up at the monster, barely recognizable as Cole, and took a shot.

"I mean *urp* I leave you damn kids alone for what, eight hours? Nine hours? And you all wind up doing this." Rick stared at the monster, then brought his rifle up and started drawing a bead at the thing's head."

"Lemme ask you a question, any of you kids seen Old Yeller?" Rick adjusted a lens on his goggles as he spoke, triangulating vectors in his head. "Cause *urp* frankly things have gone so far to absolute shit.... that this is really just the... "Rick took another swig as he spoke. "the best thing to do."

"Wait! You can't just, you know, shoot him!" Morty stared anxiously at the monster. "I mean, he'll just... come back to life, right?"

"Morty," Rick was explaining this as if it were the most obvious thing in the world, "he'll resurrect somewhere far away from here, and then we- I have time to, you know, draw up *urp* draw *urp* drARUGHNn up an actual containment plan. See?" Rick pointed to Ben, who was currently undergoing the 10-year-old equivalent of an existential crisis.

"He's already doing the whole 'prey-on-your-secret-insecurities, divide-and-conquer' tactics. Fucking with our heads. I dunno *urp* what you want, Morty, but nobody is gonna get into my head unless I want them." Rick shut his eyes, focussing very hard on the image of him flipping the Cole-demon the bird in case the demon tried to start playing with Rick's head.

"Oh. Uh... I mean..."

"Glad you agree. I mean look, this breaks me up inside too, we'll remember him for who he was... but seriously, if you're gonna all cry yourselves to sleep over here then we'll just *urp* go to another dimension after this all blows over, and, uh, find another... what was his name again?" While the Cole-monster was preoccupied, Rick returned to calibrating his gun, fingers squeezing around the trigger.

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Katarsus As valid a reason as any Relationship Status: One True Dodecahedron
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Apr 26th 2016 at 7:40:23 PM

Bloody Mary (Apartment Block) - She Is Back


Of all the things Mary expected out of Cole, of all the things she thought he could say as his last words... she most certainly didn't expect him to thank her right before disappearing. That had been completely unexpected and for a few moments she did not quite know how to react.

However, there was little point in doing much about it. Cole was gone, which meant she was now alone and covered in blood in an empty room... which was also covered in blood. So she quietly stood up, turned around, and walked out of the room, where her friend and big sis were waiting.

"He thanked me when he died... it was strange," she noted the second she set a foot outside. "Either way, I told him to not bother me or my friends anymore, so if he gives you trouble again, just let me know, okay? Now... where's my breakfast?"

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Apr 26th 2016 at 7:44:16 PM

Library, top floor

"I—" Sadness shrugged helplessly. "No, I don't want to force you to go anywhere. You can go, um, wherever. I understand that huma—that you need to eat! So what you need. I, um, I got this. I guess."

Her resolve was clearly not up to par, but she backed up from Caro, Zelda, and Lune, then turned and ran on her stubby little legs off toward the edge of the top layer. She was hoping to peek over the side, see if Mary was miraculously waving at her from below.

Sadness was definitely not going too far ahead, or wandering off in a strange killer city all on her own. She was just, going ahead by a few minutes. That was it. Yeah. Just to give them time to eat.

Goodness, she was worried.

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Apr 26th 2016 at 8:15:03 PM

The streets, middle layer

Ben simply stared in horror when that... thing mimicked the voice of his grandfather. "G-grandpa?" he stammered, losing his resolve. Then he clenched his fists when he saw what Cole had become. He glared at the spirit-turned-demon and readied his Omnitrix. "No! I've had enough of you blabbing on about me! You tell me what you've done with Gwen and Grandpa or I'll.... or I'll—!!" In a blind rage, not even noticing what Hol Horse, Ranma, and Rick were doing, Ben slammed his hand onto the console of the Omnitrix without even looking at the display. A bright green flash filled the area.

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FullMoon feeling blue from Surface Relationship Status: Shipping fictional characters
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Apr 26th 2016 at 8:32:04 PM

Shopping Center ~ Top Layer - uh...

Sans just heard what seemed to be a very pissed off Ben on the phone and from the looks of it he wouldn't be talking to him anymore. He decided to hang up and instead began typing out a message, however he looked up at Aigis for a moment

"i have a lot of stuff to explain as you might have figured," he told her, remaining calm although his mood seemed to have taken a small hit, "i'll tell everything once we've regrouped, 'k? you should go ahead and get your stuff in the meantime."

He then focused on typing a message while waiting for Aigis, he kept grinning, although he certainly didn't look very happy

i called ben to tell him about cole but it looks like something is happening and he didn't answer me. it might have something to do with cole so i suggest you guys take a look.

Sans then sent the text message to Garrett and hoped that he would actually know how to view a message on his cellphone.

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