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Sep 30th 2015 at 10:02:48 PM

"Legends. Stories scattered through time. Mankind has grown quite fond of recounting the exploits of heroes and villains, forgetting so easily that we are remnants, byproducts, of a forgotten past."

"Man, born from dust, was strong, wise, and resourceful, but he was born into an unforgiving world. An inevitable darkness - creatures of destruction; the creatures of Grimm - set their sights on man and all of his creations. These forces clashed, and it seemed the darkness was intent on returning man's brief existence to the void."

"However, even the smallest spark of hope is enough to ignite change, and in time, man's passion, resourcefulness, and ingenuity led them to the tools that would help even the odds. This power was appropriately named Dust."

"Nature's wrath in hand, man lit their way through the darkness, and in the shadow's absence came strength, civilization, and most importantly, life."

"But even the most brilliant lights eventually flicker and die, and when they are gone... darkness will return."

"So you may prepare your guardians, build your monuments to a so-called 'free world', but take heed... there will be no victory in strength."

Welcome to Beacon! Each and everyone of you has the potential to become a Huntsman or Huntress, guardians of peace and order in our world of Remnant.

Unfortunately, without the proper knowledge and training, that potential is wasted. That's where we come in. Here in Beacon, we will train and hone your potential, until you are the best Hunter you can be.

But be forewarned, this is not a regular combat school. You can, and will die if you don to take this seriously.

With that said, let the school year begin!

- ''Ozpin, headmaster of Beacon Academy.'

Welcome to the Beacon Next restructuring. The original RP was a hot mess, and so we've decided to streamline. We're downsizing and rearranging the teams. If you wish to keep your teams as is, please talk among yourselves.

Everything in the first thread is still canon. The G Ms of this RP are myself and Stormer.

Have fun.

  • Name:
  • Gender:
  • Age: Typically 17, maybe a bit older. Absolutely no early acceptances like Ruby.
  • Birthday: Remnant Calendar, of course
  • Race: Human or Faunus.
  • Parents: (Offspring Only)
  • Appearance:
  • Weapons and Equipment: Go wild. This is RWBY, after all! Make a lightsaber that turns into a cannon if you want to, I'm not limiting you!
  • Semblance: Please keep it balanced. Also, since Semblance is tied to Aura, so you really should not have something that'll drain your soul the first time you use it...
  • Personality:
  • Bio:

Class List

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Sep 30th 2015 at 10:03:17 PM

And the cowardly bird girl is back with a weapon upgrade.

  • Name: Iris Melody Aurion
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 17
  • Birthday: Aurum 18th
  • Race: Faunus (Falcon)
  • Parents: Stormer Aurion and Chiharu Yamamoto
  • Height: 5"7"
  • Weight: Unknown (Teenaged girls normally don't reveal their weight.)
  • Orientation: Bisexual
  • Appearance: The Musical Wings
  • Theme Songs: Rainbow Night Sky Highway (Idle), Total Sphere (Battle)
  • Weapons and Equipment:
    • 343 Techno Beat V2: A flying attack drone that Iris controls with a laser pointer-like baton. The baton can extend into a 5-foot long pole that Iris can use for melee purposes, but she is unable to control the drone while it is in this mode. But for the drone's primary functions, she pushes a button on the baton and swipes it around as if she were flashing a sort of light show to have the drone fire out a laser beam while she directs it's movement. By turning a small dial on the baton to one of 6 different settings, the drone's laser beam will have one of 6 different attack types, each powered by a different kind of Dust and themed after a type of electronic music:
      • Trance: Fires three red tendril-like beams that lock on to a target, but deal weak damage.
      • Chiptune: Fires two orange balls of energy in a v-shape that can travel across any walls and floors that they contact at high speed to reach her target.
      • House: Fires a yellow beam that heals any damage her target may have taken, as well as helping feel rejuvenated and ready to get back into the fight.
      • Breakbeat: Fires a large green laser blast that's slow moving, but is the most powerful of all the lasers.
      • Synthpop: Fires 4 blue laser shots in a spread that can reflect off of walls and other surfaces. Most effective in an enclosed space.
      • Dubstep: Fires a normal-sized purple beam that projects a small drill from the drone.
      • Each type of attack only has so much Dust before it runs out and must recharge, though she keeps extra cartridges of Dust hidden in her vest.
    • E.D.W.I.N.: A new onboard AI system on Iris' drone, who's name is short for Electronic Defense Weapon Intelligence Network. This AI has a distinctly male personality that is quite polite and eloquent (though somewhat of a snarker at times), acting like a polite butler of sorts. He can also project a hologram of a humanoid form from the drone to allow for better interaction, but the projection does need to be deactivated when combat is necessary. His primary directive is to protect and support Iris in any way she may need to be, and has specific programming to never harm Iris and anyone who she cares about to keep him from potentially going rogue. He can independently operate the drone body to attack enemies on his own, particularly when Iris' baton is in Staff mode and unable to control the drone, or can also make the aim of the lasers more precise when Iris is controlling it.
  • Semblance: Vanish: Using her Aura, Iris can make herself invisible and able to pass through walls for a short time. However, it requires her to concentrate very hard, so if she can't use it if her mind is too clouded and focused on a lot of other things, or is unable to focus at all. She also can't use it while she's using her wings to fly, as she must concentrate more on making her wings flap. The maximum amount of time she can stay invisible before her Aura runs out is 10 minutes. Her eyes glow purple while it's active, though most cannot see it due to her being invisible.
  • Personality: Compared to her father, Iris is a very shy and timid girl, and nearly the complete opposite of her daddy dearest in almost every way. She was bullied a lot when she was younger due to being a Faunus, leading her to become reluctant to make friends out of fear. Though she wants to be a Hunter like her father before her, she's not sure if she's able to live up to her father's legacy and her ancestors' heritage. She is INCREDIBLY cowardly, and her first reaction to most fights with Grimm is to either run away and hide, or just fire her weapon like crazy until the Grimm dies. She loves composing music more than anything else, and can be usually found making songs on her Scroll in her downtime. Iris is a very nice girl when you get to know her, but it'll take a lot for her to open up fully to people.
  • Bio: Born to Stormer Aurion and Chiharu Yamamoto, Iris is the firstborn of the next generation of the Aurion family. She also has one younger brother named Lightning, who is one year younger than her. Bullied by a group of kids (led by a girl named Elizabeth) when she was young for being the product of a human-Faunus union, Iris became introverted and unwilling to make friends, for fear of being mocked and bullied again. She found solstice in her musical skills, spending most of her time making her own tunes instead of meeting new people. However, after years of watching her father defend the kingdom as a Huntsman, she finally worked up the courage to ask her parents to send her to a school where she could learn to be a Huntress on her 12th birthday. They told her yes, and soon, she was given her own weapon and sent to Signal Academy. After 5 years there spent training and learning how to fight, she eventually graduated with above average grades, and applied to Beacon Academy to follow in her father's footsteps. She was soon accepted into the school, and is ready to walk through the same hallowed halls that her father once walked.

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"Never let anyone tell you that something is impossible." - Monty Oum, 1981-2015
Sep 30th 2015 at 10:04:17 PM

  • Name: Halle Wulfen
  • Gender: F
  • Age: 5
  • Birthday: Novus 12
  • Race: Robot
  • Parents: Ayers Wulfen
  • Appearance: Halle is a fairly humanoid machine, but has nothing anthropomorphizing her. She is 6'2" tall and weighs 200 pounds. Her cameras are located in her chest and shoulders, small lenses in irregular positions, and she will shift herself accordingly in order to see.
  • Weapons and Equipment: Halle's weapon is Zarathustra. It is a black box of metal stored on her shoulders, where her head would normally be. Unusually dense for its size, it can open and shut like a pneumatic beartrap, giving Halle immense bite and headbutt strength. She can also detach it from her neck and hold it on a cord that can go up to 30 feet in length, swinging it like a flail or chain chomp.
  • Semblance: Vacuum. Halle can scrape her Aura off herself, hold and manipulate it, place it in a space, then destroy that section of her Aura, creating a forceful vacuum.
  • Personality: Halle is vocal and aggressive. Her entire personality is molded off of being different from humans and therefore always apart from them. She accepts friends willingly and will at the drop of a hat engage with high-concept philosophy at people, about basically anything. She's seen her dad get sad about his own semi isolation, so she knows she needs to bust out of her shell and find all the friends she can. This is significantly hampered by equally aggressive independence, which causes her to lash out when she gets told what to do.
  • Bio: Halle was raised by Ayers Wulfen, initially just as a security program to manage the systems around engineering projects with a little learning algorithm punched in. As time passed, Ayers's own industrial and prosthetic equipment company Heorot Hands rose to new heights, but he wasn't satisfied. He saw his own achievements, and he kept comparing them to his fellow alums; they all had families, they all went on adventurers as Huntsmen. Ayers was a factory foreman, working to make sure nobody on the Frontier would need Huntsmen. One alum inparticular that stood out was Imuka's own creation: a sentient robot girl. Like his own security engine, but an actual human replica. Ayers's own machines were not like that: at best they functionally simulated limbs, but they were never aesthetic reproductions. Ayers created Halle in response: instead of an imitation of life, he created her and brought her up with the knowledge that she was incomparable to human life, a new being entirely. Halle already had combat built into her code to recognize when people were being assaulted on camera, but learning to fight pushed her to become a Huntress. Most grabs wouldn't work on her; her body could bend and contort in most of the ways the human body shouldn't be able to, and pain was a non-issue if you simply had a readout telling you what parts are in danger. Her body was not human, and she would not pretend to be human. She molded an identity around being a living thing separate from humanity, and goes to Beacon carrying that on her sleeve.
  • Misc:
    • Halle's limbs are on ball joints
    • Halle has a blog, Reporting Back, with about two dozen followers total.
    • Halle records all of her memories onto a blackbox situated in her chest.

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• Name: Selene Violet

• Gender: Female

• Age: 17

• Birthday: Crystallum 30th

• Race: Cat Faunus

• Parents: Remus Cerulean (Violet), Chelsea Violet

• Appearance: Selene in one of her combat outfits. Color wise, her hair is of a cerulean shade and her eyes are violet.

• Weapons and Equipment: Moonlit Overture: A Violet weapon special, MO are a pair of weapon’s worn on the forearms that each have a blade of about 3 feet length and 6 inches wide and extend out from the elbow. These blades can then turn 180° running forward along the huntresses’ arms for her to slash away with them. The blades themselves can be split down the middle, allowing double barreled shotguns to extend in the middle. When in non combat form, the blades fold in on themselves, making it far less cumbersome. Some special features of the weapon include the option of detatching the blades and using them as regular swords or connecting them to make a high mobility hoverboard. The final special feature is a special ability to work with Selene’s semblance: When she focuses her aura into her arms using the semblance, she can put the aura into MO causing the blades to sprout teeth and become chainsaw blades. Due to working with her semblance though, it has a limited amount of time that it can be used, but that time is slightly longer that it would be if she was just enhancing her arm’s strength.

• Semblance: Titan's Strength: Selene draws her aura into her muscles, giving her an incredible amount of physical strength varying depending on how much aura she drew into her body. However, she has to then discharge the aura, otherwise it will damage her muscles. She does however use this to her advantage by using the discharge of aura as an attack.

• Personality: Selene is the last person you’d expect to have been born into a noble family from her personality. She is friendly and cheerful, though not without a mischievous streak. She is also an adrenaline junkie, deeply enjoying the feeling of combat, competition, or just seeing what idiotic stunts she can pull on her hoverboard. She does deeply love her family, and is very protective of her twin sister, though she knows Diana is far from helpless herself. However, she possesses a deep inferiority complex, obsessed with proving herself “worthy” in a family of Noble position as well as a family of renowned Hunters and Huntresses.

• Bio: Selene is one of the twin daughters born to Lady Chelsea Violet and her husband, Remus. Raised in a noble family, she is somewhat well versed in the politics of Vale’s nobility… Not that she cares much for it. Selene grew up an extremely active and reckless child, always looking forward to the day she could attend Beacon. As a side note, she is a rather talented singer, though she is unexpectedly shy about showing this talent outside of her immediate family. She is also well versed in the situation of racial equality, being born a faunus and a member of a Noble family well known for its efforts towards Human-Faunus coexistence.

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Sep 30th 2015 at 10:04:49 PM

  • Name: Duncan Whorple
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 18
  • Birthday: Folium 27th
  • Race: Human
  • Parents: Glen Whorple & ????
  • Appearance: Same Clan, different vintage (6'4")
  • Weapons and Equipment:
    • Baron: Baron is a combination of Duncan's Jacket, Boots and Gloves that serve both as armour and an armament. The way Baron works, is that just a heartbeat before any impact (be it receiving or delivering an impact), the soon to be impacted area becomes harder than steel, thus Allowing Duncan to both hit incredibly hard and shrug off most blows with relative ease.
    • Triath: Duncan's personal, massive Claymore and a gift from his father. Though he has the fundementals of using it down, Duncan usually just leaves it strapped to End of Days as something of a decoration and prefers to fight without it.
    • End of Days: Duncan's personal motorcycle, as well as his pride and joy. While not kitted out with any fancy gadgets or weapons, Duncan still takes a lot of pride in how well he maintains it. Duncan's also got it set up with a rather loud surround sound system that blares his entrance theme whenever he needs to make a dramatic entrance.
    • Several wrestling title belts, notable a Rookie Championship, two seperate Tag Team Championships, and one Valoran Championship (also Duncan's favourite title)
  • Semblance: Endgame: Essentially, Duncan's semblance allows him to channel a powerful blast of telekinetic energy which essentially allows Duncan to push things really hard without actually touching them. Though the most obvious way to use this particular ability would be to simply push opponents and heavy objects away, Duncan can also use it to propel himself forwards at ludicrous speeds as well as allowing him to leap incredibly high into the air. The main downside to this, aside from the toll on his Aura, is the mental strain it puts on Duncan. Since Endgame has roots in Duncan's mind due to its Telekinetic nature, it quite literally drives him berserk if overused, albeit temporarily. While in this berserk state, Duncan will attack anything that he does not identify as friendly with a reckless abandon until either they stop fighting back or they manage to take him down. Duncan will exit this berserk state after he either ceases using Endgame for an extended period of time or someone he considers friendly helps calm him down.
  • Personality: Having grown up in the collective shadows of his Father, brother and sister (and the rest of his immediate family for that matter), Duncan always has, and always will feel the need to prove himself as a the great fighter he knows he can be. With this desire to prove himself comes an incredibly stubborn refusal to give up, no matter the circumstances. When he isn't fighting, Duncan's personality proves to be quite a bit different than that of his fellow Highlanders. Having grown up with a lot of Southron influences about him, Duncan didn't exactly embrace the whole 'Proud Warrior' tradition of the rest of his Clan. Instead, Duncan lives by a personal code of honour that involves; striving to be the best he can in any field, loyalty to his clan, kin and friends as well as well as simply treating everyone he encounters with respect (though it is possible to get Duncan to break this code if you push him hard enough).
  • Bio: Unlike his older brother, Duncan spent a lot of his early years out of the Highlands and moving about the continent with his dad and absorbing the cultures therein (no doubt part of why he chose a less traditional weapon than his siblings). After returning to the homeland of his Clan with his Father, Duncan began to perfect his skills in unarmed combat so that he might be able to use Baron better before joining his uncle, Fionn, on a tour of Vale's independent wrestling circuit where they eventually won several Tag Team belts and Duncan captured a few titles of his own. Some time during that period, Glen got nearly cleaved in two and his elder brother ran south with the remains of his dad's greatest treasure. Unfortunately for Connor, Glen was incredibly short on blood when he gave his blessing for Connor to take Mors south with him and got remarkably upset when he realized that his treasured Claymore (or the remains of it) were no longer with him. So now, Duncan is heading south with his fully healed father to take Connor's place at Beacon and get Mors back to its rightful owner.

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And here is Dia =)

  • Name: Dia Rayfer
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 17
  • Birthday: Cor 3rd
  • Race: Human
  • Appearance: Here, except with larger cup size.
  • Weapon: Corona. At first glance, Corona looks like 10 pieces of metal connected into a loop of sorts. However, the pieces can be formed into a staff, a chakram, and a dual-barelled gun. Each “piece” contains dust which can be easily distributed throughout the “loop”.
    • Staff: Corona's close-range mode, which Dia tends to provide a spearhead or blade via her Semblance. It can consume Dust to fire energy blasts from the tip, which can also propel the spearhead at extremely high speeds to pierce a Grimm's armour. Dia can also pierce a Grimm's armor with the spearhead, then split the spearhead into two to tear the wound apart.
    • Chakram: Corona's anti-area weapon mode, which Dia enhances with crystal razor blades on its edge. Dia manipulates the crystals after throwing it, allowing it to "home" in on foes and boomerang back to her. Dia cannot concentrate on other crystals when she's manipulating the Chakram form of Corona to home in.
    • Gun: Corona's ranged mode. It can fire out powerful dual blasts, and can also be charged up to fire a single combined shot which uses up more dust. Dia can provide crystal ammunition for it, which allows armor-piercing capabilities.
  • Semblance: Crystal Clear. Dia can create and manipulate supernaturally tough and sharp crystals from her Aura.
    • Creation: Using her Aura, Dia can create Aura Crystals. The size of the crystals can range from small particles to larger objects. Larger cystals use up more aura. Dia's max. Aura is enough to create approximately 0.5 metre cube of Aura crystal (Creating something that size in one go will leave her drained). This pairs up well with Corona, allowing Dia to enhance it by giving its staff form a spearhead/blade, her chakram a sharp edge, and her gun with crystal shard bullets.
    • Movement: As Dia's crystals are an extension of her Aura, she can move them around by shifting it. This normally does not cost much Aura, but for her Crystals to move objects that aren't her Crystals (e.g. herself, or Corona's Chakram form), the amount of Aura needed increases depending on the mass of the object moved. Dia can propel herself for evasive movements or increased speeds using this thanks to some crystals she had put in her clothing/boots, but cannot use it too often since it costs Aura. Finally, Dia can concentrate on her crystals to get them to block enemy attacks, but this prevents her from moving her crystals for offensive purposes or using her crystal sensing power.
    • Destruction: Dia can disintegrate any volume of her crystals if need be by dissipating the Aura they're made of.
    • Sensing: Dia can monitor any pressure exerted on her Aura crystals within a radius, the size depends on her concentration. If she concentrates too much on this, she can't move her crystals around.
  • Weaknesses: Dia's fighting style tends to rely on her Semblance and Aura very often and hence tires out quickly if a fight drags on, making her easier to take down when it happens.
  • Likes: Creating crystal sculptures, ice cream, chocolate, justice against criminals, her self image, somebody who can protect her.
  • Dislikes: Kidnappers (or mention of her kidnappings), discrimination v.s. Nobility, those who take advantage of her.
  • Personality: Stoic, Cold yet polite on the outside, Analytical, somewhat Bossy and Prideful towards trusted teammates, Stubborn and Determined. Kind and protective underneath her cold exterior. However, Dia does exert her superiority of being a noble at times, which can be off-putting- this is how she tries to hide her weakness. Wants to make friends with others, as she feels they can protect her. Is concerned for the well-being of her teammates. Does not use exclamation marks in her speech. There is another side to Dia, though this only comes out whenever she's fighting Grimm or evildoers. But it is a side that... is best left alone.
  • Bio:
Born into a family of Atlasian nobles, Dia was a cheerful girl who led a sheltered lifestyle, and was a frequent target of kidnappers. Her crystal-generating semblance manifested at an early age, and this made her sought after by various criminals.

Throughout her life, many kidnappings had broke her. No longer was she the happy girl she used to be, but a rather cold natured teenager who chose to hide her feelings and trauma. Furthermore, it made her rather prideful and bossy- in reality, she wants to hide the feeling of weakness/helplessness that she had. However, these incidents also inspired Dia to become a Hunter- to protect herself, as well as to protect others from suffering her fate.

After learning about what the hunters could do, as well as their awesome weapons, Dia got her parents' consent and money to get parts for her weapon made and to hire a Hunter to train her in private. Under his special training, she learned how to use her Semblance for combat purposes- the very same Semblance that got her kidnapped would now be used to protect her.

A few years later, Dia enrolled in Beacon Academy, a few years after her family moved from Atlas to Vale. To learn how to be a Hunter, to move out of her sheltered world, and to find friends/partners who can protect her.

  • Fun facts
  1. Dia's hair is actually blonde. She uses her crystal semblance to make powder to "dye" her hair green. Said powder is easy to wash off via water, however.
  2. Dia has a brother of the same age as her. Named Auric, he lacks the family's Semblance although he does have a similar ability in creating "matter" from Aura, in this case a gold-like metal substance.
  3. Ever since a childhood incident that involved a kidnapping and a stingray Grimm, Miss Rayfer is not very fond of stingrays.

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  • Name: Suzune Yukimarimo
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 7
  • Birthday: Crystallum 18th
  • Race: AI
  • Parents: Imuka
  • Appearance: Pictured Suzune
  • Weapons and Equipment:
    • MK3 "Raiju": Suzune's primary weapon is herself, more specificity her body the MK3 "Raiju" multiple concealed jets around her body allow for rapid movement, her artificial muscles have enhanced strength and damage resistance, and the ability to electrify her skin combined leads to a unique style where she treats her own body as a weapon, and she is not far off. In the way of more unique features, she has a retractable mechanical tail that can extend retractable blades, or more transfer electricity either too her body or from it.
    • Bolt From The Blue: Suzune's other weapon is "Bolt From The Blue" a railgun longer then the gynoid herself, having little room for subtly this massive weapon instead goes for impressive range, the downside besides bulk is the fact that it can only be used by her, needing to interface through her tail for power. If an enemy manages to close the distance, or she needs to abandon her post for close quarters combat "Bolt From The Blue" is paired with a drone that will pick the gun up and vacate it off the battlefield.
  • Semblance: Dues Ex Machina, using her semblance Suzune can cause machines
  • Personality: Suzune lacks the restraint and unwillingness twords combat of her mother, favouring a more... direct approach twords the protection of others.
  • Bio: Suzune was created by Imuka as a personal project, not really able to have kids, she decided to program one, one more willing to engage and interact with the world then she was, this has led to a child that was a bit more of a handful then Imuka intended, and when Suzune got it in her head that attending Beacon like her mother did would be fun, she was not exactly going to stop her.

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Sep 30th 2015 at 10:07:35 PM

  • Name: Zhi Xam

  • Gender: Male

  • Age: 18

  • Birthday: Novus 5

  • Race: Hawk Faunus

  • Parents: Mau [Adopted]

  • Appearance: Something like this, but with normal sleeves and no mask.

  • Weapons and Equipment:

    • Bunsu: A Wrist mounted plasma cannon, which doubles as a wrist mounted blade of sorts depending on the setting. It fires at about 200 rounds per minute and primarily serves as a self defense/close combat device. It isn't his true weapon.

    • Pogbal: is his main armament, taking that dinky little handcannon to its logical conclusion. It has two modes of fire, really fast and really slow. It can either spit out a ridiculous barrage of superheated plasma bolts towards whatever it's pointed at, or it can be charged up for one large destructive ordinance, albeit one that dissipates after a set range and only burns through [practically anything] rather than exploding. True to its fashion as a larger version of his self defense weapon, the barrel can also retract slightly and whatever wizardry that powers the plasma cannon can form a 'blade' of white hot death. Because of its nature as an energy weapon, it's more of an omnidirectional chainsaw than a big sword.

  • Semblance: Treasure Sniper - Zhi can spot the weak point in just about anything, as long as it has something that can be considered a "weak point." A crack in a stone, weak supports in a building, a preexisting heart condition.. Manifests as a faint glow surrounded the weak point. He must have clear vision of the target to pinpoint its weakness, and must be within ten feet if a living being, thirty feet if inanimate.

  • Personality: While of a similar stature to his adoptive father, Zhi is much more outgoing, having none of the social downfalls of the poor senior Xam. He is outwardly confident talkative, even towards strangers. Especially towards strangers. That said, such confidence comes with a fair amount of naiveté. He can be a bit clueless at times - not that he doesn't know anything about the outside world.. It's more like he thinks he knows more about it than he actually does, and can be caught off guard by reality.

  • Bio: Born two two faunus that he'll never know and raised by Mau Xam, Zhi was shy and a bit of a bookworm when he was very young. As he grew older, so did his thirst for knowledge. He literally just talked to people he saw walking by, asking question after question- some answered, some met with scolding. Eventually he reached the point to where he was asking his adoptive father to teach him to fight, which Mau obliged if only because learning self defense is never a bad thing, right? Except "self defense" was never the boy's intention.

One day, Zhi sprung the question on Mau. "Can I be a hunter?" Granted, this was probably something he should have seem coming. So off to Beacon he went, to wreck as many things as he could possibly wreck. And make friends and learn about the world too, but really more as a secondary goal.

Sep 30th 2015 at 10:07:58 PM

The Genki Brawler is back!

  • Name: Morgan Krigsvart
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 17
  • Birthday: Finem 7
  • Race: Raven Faunus
  • Parents: She doesn't know who her birth parents were, but her adopted parents are Lucas Krigsvart and Carol Jade
  • Appearance: Thank you Delta!
  • Weapons and Equipment: The Three Sisters, a set of weapons Morgan had designed and built. They consist of three separate parts:
    • Badb, a set of old-fashioned-looking aviation goggles that double as a targeting system and basic Aura scanner (As in lets her check amount of Aura left in an opponent). It also has Bluetooth-esque connection to her Scroll.
    • Macha: A club that, when a button is pressed, turns into a shield, which she can use for defense, or throw at an enemy like a giant, destructive Frisbee. Or like Captain America
    • Nemain: A gauntlet that goes on her left arm with a built-in explosive dust artillery.
  • Semblance: Winds of War: Morgan is capable of producing strong forces that manifests as strong bursts of winds. While she can't make these winds spin, she uses them for other purposes, such as add more power to her punches, knock a person to the ground, increase her speed by reducing drag, and even cool off her friends.
  • Personality: Morgan is a bit of a free spirit. Sure, she's working at being a Huntress, but she's also writing songs... and learning about Vacuoan sprituality... and, well, you get the drift. She believes that life should be lived to the fullest. She also is very loyal to her friends, but that won't mean that she won't end up dragging them into her latest vegan diet. And if you hurt her friends (or her girlfriend), you better run away quickly.
Bio: Being the adopted Faunus daughter of a bestselling romance novelist and a blind Huntsman, normal for Morgan has been rather... subjective. Not that she minded. She lived in the caverns, grew up with her older brother and her cousin Marvin, and pretty much had a nice childhood. However, recently, a new announcement has rattled her – her mother, after many years of attempts, was finally pregnant. Despite her parents’ reassurance that they still love her, she can’t shake the irrational feeling that they’re having the baby to replace her.

Sep 30th 2015 at 10:09:10 PM

I'm coming back. Call me when Gyro wakes up so we can sort out whether to retcon out Ullioc or whatever.

  • Name: Yanmin Huang
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 17
  • Birthday: (will decide later)
  • Race: Faunus, Tiger
  • Parents: Ai Huang and Charisse Scyllata
  • Appearance: Like this. Yanmin is male, despite his looks. He and his twin sister greatly resemble their mother, but with striped white hair, slightly darker skin, and green eyes.
  • Weapons and Equipment:
    • Yitian San ("Heavenly Umbrella"), the Multi-Ranged Armored Umbrella (MRAU). The Yitian San is a parasol resembling a Chinese oil-paper umbrella, but is constructed from considerably more durable materials. It simultaneously acts as a rapier, a sniper rifle, and a shield.
    • In its closed state, it can be used for both non-lethal blunt instrument combat and for lethal sword combat, as well as fired from the tip of the umbrella.
    • When the umbrella is expanded, it acts as a shield with eight blades protruding from each underwire, and can still be fired in this state—including while touching the ground, acting as a makeshift bipod. It can also be used as a parachute.
  • Semblance: Yanmin can harden his skin into a tough metal armor. Additionally, as a side effect of this, whichever parts of his body he hardens become heavier, granting him a limited form of his mother Ai's abilities.
  • Personality: Yanmin tries to model his own behavior after his primary influences—his parents—but his aggressive streak mostly takes over. He also has yandere tendencies, though Ai has no idea where that comes from (little does she know that Ling used to be yandere for Fu). Unlike most of his family, Yanmin has no higher aspirations for engineering or art, and just wants to fight increasingly stronger opponents in a masochistic fashion.
  • Bio:
    • Yanmin and his twin sister Yanmei are successful artificially inseminated children of Ai and Charisse; with Charisse acting as the "father" thanks to an advanced biochemical process conducted by the Jades. They inherit traits from both parents.
    • As though the two halves of Ai were split, Yanmin inherited Ai's physical prowess (and Charisse's, on top), and Yanmei inherited Ai's interest in weapon design. Both inherited Ai's penchant for clever battle tactics, though Yanmin's are decidedly more direct.

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Sep 30th 2015 at 10:11:45 PM

  • Name: Isabelle Nobel

  • Gender: Female

  • Age: Almost 18

  • Birthday: Finem 21

  • Race: Human

  • Parents: Pius—isn't the father. This is Gregory's daughter, whose name was suggested by Pius.

  • Appearance: Obviously, she can't fly on her own, and those aren't her clothes Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold from her father and Icy Blue Eyes from her, Isabelle is a Statuesque Stunner, standing almost 6 feet high. Her slim body betrays a smooth agility and speed to her movements, but they hide a hidden strength inherited from her father. She's a little less curved than other girls her age, but she's curvy enough to turn heads when she walks around town. She dresses herself in a golden shirt with a brown jacket, black pants, and boots that go up to her knees.

  • Weapon Name: Inquisitor will still exist, but it and Amberley's departure from her after the restructuring leads her to create Aurea Virga - a completion of her uncle Pius' unfinished projects, a handle that consumes Dust and projects the energy as a blade. Basically, it's Remnant's answer to the lightsaber question. Also it can convert into a Dust-firing pistol. As an addition she felt was necessary, Isabelle has subdermal implants that allow her to recall Aurea Virga if it's separated from her.

  • Semblance: Meta-Sight - She can telescopically (far away), in the dark, and can even see where people have been from the afterglow of their Aura (though the trail obviously fades with time). Her eyes glow gold when she uses her Semblance.

  • Personality: Isabelle is a soft-spoken but outgoing girl, more given to smiling and socialization than Pius ever was. Still, she shows traits that were certainly influenced by Pius' legacy in her childhood like her curiosity, intelligence, and firm conviction in her beliefs. Like her uncle, she has sworn against killing anything that emits an Aura and dedicated herself to defending mankind from the evils that surround it. She's a little nervous about the fact that she's as bisexual and amorous as her Aunt Sarah; she's afraid she comes on too strong when it comes to expressing affection.

  • Bio: Isabelle was born into a comfortable life with her parents and their extended families. The first time she'd ever felt uncomfortable about the world she lived in was when her father came home one day with wounds from a particularly tough hunt. When she asked him why he got hurt, her father decided to be honest and showed her what he did for a living, telling her about her uncle Pius' even greater determination. Ever since then she's wanted to imitate her uncle and her father, so she enrolled at Beacon to follow in their footsteps.

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Everyone: Fuck it, accepted. Also, Stormer, please stop adding random crap on the sign-up sheet? PLEASE.

Current: 10/16 (20).

Will Edit Later:

Now, for the GMPC.

  • Name: Relena Hope "Lena" Vale
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 17
  • Birthday: Novus 28
  • Race: Human
  • Parents: Alexia Vale, Alfred Tarantula
  • Appearance: Flowers are awesome!
  • Weapons and Equipment: Lena likes being practical. She'll leave the flashy stuff to her older brother, thanks.
    • Victoria is Lena's main weapon. Its default form is a small metal cylinder that unfolds into a polearm. It can take the form of a Knight's Jousting Lance, a Footman's spear, or a throwing javelin. It is a silver color, contrasting her mother's golden blade. It is installed with the Dust Absorb and Discharge systems.
    • Libertas is Lena's Shield. Just literally a shield. Throw-able and heavy, though. Like so.
    • Veritas is Lena's armor, the one on the right. It is coated with a thin Aura Coat for more protection. She painted it pink.
    • Albus, not really a part of Lena's standard equipment, usually stored in her rocket locker. It is a mechanized horse built by Aunt Hope's family, based on the technology from Anima. Its eyes shoot different types of Dust Lasers, and its chest and shoulders hide small rocket launchers.
  • Semblance: Farseer - Lena's Semblance allows her to perfectly see at a 360 degree angle (save for a blind spot directly behind her head), sense the Aura of people within ten feet of her, allows her to see whenever someone is about to use a Semblance, see at a great distances...and x-ray vision. S
  • Personality: You would not believe she's a princess. In stark contrast to her mother, Lena is short-tempered and outspoken. She's confident, and always seems to have a quip ready (Sarcasm is always the first option). She thinks bonds are the most precious things in this world, and will put everything in helping a friend...while complaining. A classic Tsundere, Lena might seem irritable, but she's a loyal, caring and honest friend. She has a habit of giving weird nicknames to people, inherited her mother's bullheaded stubbornness, loves flowers (she won't admit this), thinks ponies are the most awesome animals ever, and is a total Daddy's Girl (But she resents his overprotectiveness). Intelligent, but uninterested in actually studying. Smack dab in her first serious relationship, Lena is unsure, insecure, and very awkward. Prone to fits of jealousy. She thinks of James as a little brother to look after.
  • Bio: Younger daughter of Princess Alexia and niece to Queen Alice, she grew up happily pampered, with a loving family and great friends. Really, her childhood was rather uneventful, save for when she gets roped into her brother's dumb experiments. Bored, she decided to become a Huntress as she felt that the job was for her. Her mother was overjoyed. Her father...not so much. She did manage to convince him, though. Recent events, though, have found Lena questioning her path. Is this really what she wanted to do with herself? What does it mean to be a Huntress, anyway?

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Sep 30th 2015 at 10:19:27 PM

  • Name: James Croire.
  • Gender: Male.
  • Age: Let's see...we'll go with 19. 17, actually.
  • Birthday: Folium 2? 8.
  • Race: Human.
  • Parents: N/A
  • Appearance: ...There's no Windows logo or laptop, obviously. Or is there? ...One thing is for sure, these clothes seem to be the ONLY thing that James has in his wardrobe.

  • Weapons and Equipment: - V0.8.5 Sunset is what some would call a Gearsword, a longsword which looks ornate on the surface, but is multi-purpose and can be used as more than just a melee weapon. With a button push, the mechanism causes the blade edges to split apart and reveal an energy cannon which can either fire mid-range blasts or throw pinwheels of energy that attack from a distance. At the moment, it has three Okay, FOUR modes. Blade Mode, Cannon Mode, Chainsaw Mode (which is eeriely similar to a Chainsword from Warhammer 40K...and... Grappling Hook/Aura Chain - Pretty much what is says. Firing a chain of Aura/Energy or a literal chain from the upper part of Sunset, the end shifts into a hook and latches onto a surface. At the moment, it's still untested.

  • Semblance: Determined Will/Aura Surge & Arme de lumière! (Blade/Weapon of the Soul/Light)- This Semblance only really kicks in when James has his back to the wall. In other words, when he's horribly wounded, outnumbered, the last one on his team who can fight or simply refuses to give up when the odds are against him/his team by a considerable margin, causing his Aura to surge and overload, granting him incredible strength and shrugging off what'd normally be quite crippling or even fatal injuries as the surge of Aura completely heals up the less severe wounds and at least makes it far easier to ignore the more critical ones, meaning you'd need to either drop a literal bridge on him, or for sudden increase of energy to take a toll on his body, melting away his Soul from the inside out if the fight drags on too long. At best, he'll be vulnerable and able to cut off the flow of power, at worst he'll either collapse and start dying or keep fighting as his soul keeps burning away.

As for the other half of his semblance, while Croire still needs to be in an unfavorable situation, it synergies well with the aforementioned half of his semblance and the overflow of Aura. Creating blade out of his Soul/Aura and either wielding them in his hands, throwing them or slightly controlling them as if they were an extension of his body, James becomes a whirlwind of shining light and steel.

  • Personality: James is rather quiet, level-headed and intelligent, along with a strong moral compass. Although when you look past the smile and attempts to be polite, he's rather lacking in confidence, nervous, shy and doubts his potential. But like his weapon, when push comes to shove, he reveals he can certainly stand on his own two feet and confident. Usually. ...Although when it comes to people who consider themselves invincible, stuck-up arrogant nobles or faunus hating bigots, his attitude tends to become rather irritated, showing a surprising amount of spine and deep-cutting remarks.

  • Bio: James seems to be an enigma, with the factors of his backgrounds conflicting, saying he's either from a well-off family who's sheltered him for most of his life and brought Beacon because of his talents...or one who had nothing left and simply wanted the best for their only child. Either way, trying to contact his family at this stage has been...difficult to say the least, but he's a quiet achiever who'd talk...if he opens up.

  • Other Information: Out of all of the students attending Beacon, James is usually the first one to wake up in the morning and the last to sleep meaning he's usually the one organizing breakfast which is something he enjoys. His other hobbies include tinkering/upgrading machinery or making gadgets...which is one of the major reasons why he's usually in the workshop or library long after curfew.

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  • Name: Amethyst "Amy" Hood-Irving
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 17
  • Birthday: Umbra 4
  • Race: Faunus (Wolf)
  • Appearence: Here.
  • Parents: Amy was adopted by Silvia Irving at a young age. Her biological parents are Wolf Faunus Terra Hood (Daughter of her mentor Rust Hood) and Tuscan Stellar a friend of her from Grimm and Gauntlet's Group. Both of them were Hunters who perished fighting against the Grimm.
  • Weapon Name: Sunbane A pair of weapons by default that summon plasma burst that are hot enough to melt the bones of fighters without aura. They can lock together to form a large club that can form a much larger more powerful plasma burst that takes far longer to charge.
  • Semblance: Wolfpack. Amy can form up to five wolf-like creatures out of plasma. These wolves fade away if not actively maintained and any injuries they suffer Amy also suffers. Amy uses them to overwhelm opponents, but they put her at a lot of risk as well and she usually balances the need for offensive presense and her ability to maintain the strain of keeping them active.
  • Personality: Amy is sociable friendly and loyal, but isn't afraid to be critical to those she believes need to improve. Because of this Amy is often perceived as two-faced, but in fact she is just generally honest to people's good sides and their bad sides. Amy is passionate about the stuff she loves and isn't afraid to show it including her hobbies and games. She is also feircely protective of family and friends, relentless in punishing the people that hurt them.
  • Bio: Amethyst was teally young when she lost her parents, and thus considers herself far more Silvia's daughter than her biological parents. Amethyst was encouraged to do what she loved by Silvia and when her interests proved to be less than popular overall she ended up defending herself and others from teasing and bullying. Despite this she tended to form a small social circle until one day she found herself lost alone in the woods. She encountered a Grimm unarmed and ended up rescued by a bunch of students who she didn't really care for before. She then began to beleive in the power of strength in numbers to the point that she began to experience difficulties when found completely alone, to the point she experiences panic attacks if left alone for more than 15 or so minutes.

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  • Name: Marvin-Lee Blanc Jade

  • Gender: Male

  • Age: 17 Years old

  • Birthday: Crystallum 15th

  • Race: Snake Faunus

  • Appearance: I can see what your next few moves will be, you know. Originally just a shitty dye job, Marvin has been altered to have naturally white hair as of the reboot. In addition, Marvin’s scales are pure white and spiky in some places.

  • Weapons and Equipment:

    • Thunderstruck: A pair of claws and greaves, similar to Ieria's. The difference is that instead of a flamethrower, the claws and greaves can vibrate at intensely high speeds, shaking apart those that are hit.

  • Semblance - Raiden: The Curse on the Jade family had been lifted and dispelled before Ieria's graduation, ensuring that all future children would be born with their own semblance instead of the cursed berserker semblance. Instead of that, Marvin Lee can conduct electric currents in close quarters combat. The amount of electric power he has is staggering, and while he cannot use them at a distance, he doesn’t need to as his fighting style is all about being close to an opponent.

  • Personality: Marvin is a rather outgoing individual, which is a far cry from his mother's personality. He's a free spirited and outspoken individual who isn't afraid to speak his mind, and rarely holds his tongue. He does have a bit of a stammering problem when caught off guard, however.

  • Bio: The nineteenth child of Ieria and Medus, Marvin-Lee Blanc Jade is a boy who wants to make a name for himself, making it out of his family's shadow. Mostly that of his Grandparents and his own Parents, in fact, being held against the accomplishments of his family is a rather sore spot for him, making him quick to anger.

  • ’’’Misc:’’’ Marvin is perhaps the one child Ieria took the most time to train. Not out of difficulty, but because of how much he wanted to learn. Under her tutelage, Marvin learned many different fighting techniques and arts, as well as the idea of always being in complete control of one’s actions and how important such a thing can be, regardless of the time. His eyes and ears have been trained as well, leading to exceptionally keen eyesight and hearing.

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You cannot stop the Rider! tongue

  • Name: Scarlet Amagi
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 17
  • Birthday: Aurum 7th
  • Race: Human
  • Appearance: Six foot and muscular with bright red hair and fire-colored eyes. She wears a battle outfit that looks like it came straight out of Mad Max with a bit more armor plating. She also has a variety of skull masks and helmets that she dons for special occasions.
  • Weapons and Equipment:
    • Blaze: A variable length heat-chain i.e. A chain that can extend from six feet up to twenty and can catch on fire if she so chooses
    • Vengeance(Technical name, Scarlet just calls it "baby", not that she'd tell anyone that little fact): A motorcycle with dual mini-rocket launchers attached to the sides, a built in battering ram, the ability to ride on walls and the ceiling and all remotely controlled from Scarlet's arm console if she isn't riding the bike.
  • Semblance: Dragon's breath: She can breathe fire from her mouth without much control. It also passively heats up the air around her when she's agitated.
  • Personality: Rough, tumble and ready to ride. Perfectly willing to fight if you give her a half-decent excuse. She'll chase any goal to the ends of the earth if she sets her mind to it. That being said she can be sweet, but that takes some work to get past her fire-y shell.
  • Bio: Raised in the inner city she didn't know a whole lot about Grimm, but she knew a fair bit about criminals, since her dad was a cop. The first time she saw what a Grimm could do was when her old man tracked a perp to a Grimm-filled forest. The criminal got away, but her father didn't. Scarlet enrolled in a combat school the next day, both to protect others from the fate of her father but also to perhaps find the criminal that caused her so much pain.

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Accepted: 14/16.



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Confirming that Team MISN will remain post-restructure.

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Sep 30th 2015 at 10:41:22 PM

Confirming partners: Lena and Duncan.

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  • Name: Johann Antonio Vale
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 19
  • Birthday: Ventus 3
  • Race: Human
  • Parents: Alexia and Alfred
  • Appearance:Fuck your lab safety I want superpowers
  • Weapons and Equipment: Megaphytosaur: A weapon in the shape of a giant jaw, it is made of two long serrated swords combined with a heat-engine, allowing for it to cause a heat-conductive impact.
It is all handled via using a holding plate as the handle, said plate also has a barrel capable of shooting exploding spikes out of it. In the jaw form the upper sword can be pushed down and the lower sword can be pushed upwards. Like a jaw biting into its prey.

  • Paleorhinus: The long serrated sword making up the upper part.

  • Protome: The long serrated sword making the lower part.

  • Glyptodon: Johann has developed an armor suit filled with electric dust-wiring that creates a shocking field on the armor, electrifying anyone who touches the armor while said field is active. The armor is made of two separate parts, with the main difference between the two being their weight and location. One part covers the torso area and the hands, and is pretty heavy relatively to the other part, but offers a hefty amount of protection, the other which covers his legs, is meant to give good protection, while being incredibly light in relation to the upper part to allow him to use his feet to fight.
  • Semblance: D.R.I.: Intialism for "Deconstruction. Reconstruction. Ignition." Johann can break apart the covalent bonds of gaseous compounds in the air and reconstruct them as another compound, specifically, the Carbon in the air and the Hydrogen of the water vapour into Methane form, with the amount of Methane controllable by Jo. Said Methane explodes on the spot as soon as it fully forms. Sending flames and, obviously hazardous explosions onto the vicinity. Much to the chagrin of Johann's enemies, and sometimes his allies as well.
  • Personality: Johann is odd. His core philosophy in life can be clumsily described as "FOR SCIENCE" though he can be actually disgusted by overly immoral acts meant for research even if it doesn't show with some of the things he does. Johann loves to tinker, to experiment, to see what makes everything in this world work. He's boundlessly curious, and incredibly enthusiastic. He wants to see everything, know everything. Though even if he is absorbed in science, he cares about his own responsibilities a lot, (a new development, before he was sent on the expedition he was much more of a rascal) and never likes to let the people he cares about down in serious things. Socially, Johann is about as subtle as a brick to the face. Although he's friendly and kind, he's also tactless and completely blunt with everything he says. Johann is always thinking, and comes off as an airhead at times, and sometimes he takes his work so far that he forgets about everything else. Johann tends to tease his little sister whenever he can, and isn't especially protective of her, as he knows she can take care of herself. Also, his attention span is tiny.

  • Bio: The oldest child of Alexia and Alfred, the future King of Vale. Johann studied how to rule, but he was quite bored by it all and always preferred his experiments to learning politics. His life was generally spent on one crazy contraption or bomb after another, one research book and topic to read after the other. He was always quite the prankster, along with being a big pain in the ass for his parents. When he was fifteen, Johann convinced his parents to let him tag along with a team of scientists as they traveled around Remnant. When he returned home four years later, his Aunt Alice promptly made him go to Beacon to learn responsibility.

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Ah, wait, there are spots left still. Huh.

  • Name: Ragnaros Alexander Remington
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 17
  • Birthday: 3rd of Flos
  • Race: Human
  • Parents: Hope Remington and do a tossup for either Pius, Falken or Yun.
  • Appearance: Couldn't be more fabulous if he tried.
  • Weapons and Equipment:
  • Weapons? Ragnaros Remington needs no weapons to bash your face in. No, seriously. He's been seen going at Grimm with folding chairs, nail guns, sledgehammers, ladders and any decidedly non-weapon articles that exist to the public. His Semblance helps with that, but he's been known for just tapping lesser Grimm to death with an ordinary rake of all things.
    • That said, he does have a weapon - you need an official weapon to get into Beacon anyway - namely Keindahan: a large double-handed blade that he wields one-handed anyway(unless the situation is really dire at this point). Keindadan's alternate mode is that of a rocket launcher that - rather than fire one big rocket - fires a swarm of small projectiles.
    • He also has a cool bike. Used it against Grimm, too.
  • Semblance: The Ultimate Warrior: If it's an object with a form, Ragnaros can use it as an effective weapon, namely by infusing said object with his Aura. He can't however add more Aura to something that already has a purpose of a weapon - say, a gun - and so goes around this by using something that has a secondary purpose of being a weapon, like a crowbar. It's a little like Berserker's Knight of Honor in that regard.
  • Personality: Larger-than-life is probably the only way to describe him without resorting to some insult. Ragnaros Remington is nothing like his mother, being loud, boisterous and hot-blooded so much you could use him as an oven. Has an odd tendency to pose and strike particularly rousing speeches even at what seems like the most inopportune of moments. Blood Knight extraordinaire, a trait grabbed from his granddad, Raggy loves nothing more than odds being stacked against him. Two on one? Bring it on. Five on one? Hell, he's just getting started. On the flip side however, he doesn't generally enjoy killing even Grimm and as such is appalled by anyone who finds pleasure in it. Beat the shit out of someone? Sure. Kill them? He's out of that ship. This urge to find a fight often has his better judgment dimmed and, well, he's not all that smart even when there's no fight going on. Loves high-speed, beautiful men and women alike and, strangely enough, board RPG's.
    • On the other side, if you were to push through his barrier he would be more akin to Hope than you'd think: relatively shy and awkward, with a self-loathing streak now and then. He doesn't have it as bad as his mom, but it sometimes hits him.
  • Bio: Hope Remington's middle child, Ragnaros has always been noted as aggressive and brash. While generally good-natured, it has always been easy to trick him into a fight... but somehow, he always pulled through any scuffle. Hell, he even seemed to enjoy it. Worried that her son's on her way to become a delinquent, Hope pointed him towards Beacon and reasoned like this: "You get to kill powerful monsters, enjoy yourself and also protect those that can't protect themselves. Seeing three nice things in one package, Ragnaros hesitated no longer. A childhood friend of Vale siblings, he was excatic to hear them planning to attend as well.

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My Onii-chan! My Raggy! There you are. Accepted. 17/20.

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I guess I was nearly to late...

  • Name: Leonard Bister
  • Age: 18
  • Birthday: Cor 17th
  • Appearance: He is of less than average height, looks scrawny outside of his clothes, but is surprisingly strong. He has a deep scar from a grimmattack on his back. Wears a dark gray hoodie, tight fitting jeans and specially made reinforced boots. He has batlike fangs.
  • Race: Faunus (Bat)
  • Weapon: Four spinning sawdisks with inbuilt needle shooters, attachable to the ends of 2 handles. They are connected to the handle with a chain each, allowing them to be thrown and are strong enough to also act as shields. They additionally have a wheelform, where they are attached to the boots and act as rollerskates (and needleshooters)
  • Semblance: Black Voice/White Voice. He can send out his voice to map the area or to send sharp "grenade" sounds at enemies. Can be combined with dusts for devastating effects.
  • Personality: As a child of the forest, he has little understanding for ownership. He is deeply rooted with nature and can be seen communing with animals or plants. Dislikes Music and loud people. Idealistic and cheerfull.
  • Bio: He came to Beacon after he spotted Grimm in his forest. After his first attempts at communication failed, he swore to find out ore about them and actually believes that Grimm can coexist with and are part of nature. This will soon change, of course...

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I'm still here, motherfuckers!

  • Name: Samuel Forrest
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 19
  • Birthday: Aurum 12th
  • Race: Human
  • Appearance: If his last name didn't give it away, Samuel is a very green person - though a more restrained, dark green instead of a vibrant light green. He wears a mohawk that is susprisingly normal, given that it is trimmed low and looks more like a hedge than a row of spikes. He's fairly well-muscled, has an imposing stance (though it's been relaxing a bit due to time spent at beacon), and carries a scar above his right eye - all he needs to be a villain is an eyepatch. Out of combat his clothes are relatively nondescript, but in combat he wears a set of advanced, lightweight defensive armor to let him survive a few extra strikes while retreating if/when his Aura runs out, as well as elbow and knee pads to protect his vulnerable joints during extreme maneuvers. He also wears a scarf, just because it looks cool - and it's tied just loosely enough that it can't be used to choke him.
  • Weapons:
    • Returning are the Shatterstens. Looking vaguely like an FMG-9 folding machine pistol, when unfolded the carrying handle folds down, and is replaced with a targeting reticle that doesn't see much use since Samuel carries two. With three settings - "Stun", "Kill", and "Rave", the Shatterstens are laser machine pistols that stutter on and off twenty times a second - what they lack in firepower they make up for in quantity of hits.
    • The Shatterstens can be combined, in a very janky way, into a sword for close combat. The Pinchsaber utilizes the six-prong barrel shrouds as magnetic field generators to contain a blade of plasma capable of vaporizing anything it hits. Of course, however, anything that can resist heat will be able to resist the Pinchsaber, and it carries a "Stun" mode as well.
    • As an ultimate attack, the Pinchsaber can reshape the magnetic field so that it is "open" at the front - turning what once was a plasma sword into the Firelance, a beam of plasma capable of annihilating almost anything it is pointed at. Of course, however, with such extreme damage comes extreme risk, as after firing the Shatterstens will require one minute for their components to cool down, and the Pinchsaber will become unusable for the rest of the fight (unless Samuel feels like risking damage to the magnetic field generators). The Firelance has no stun setting and is not used where there is no intent to kill.
  • Semblance: Charge. Samuel sheathes himself in his Aura and uses it to accelerate directly at his target. Charge allows him to reach insane speeds before impacting his target with heavy force - force that can be focused with the Pinchsaber. While Charge has normal Aura consumption levels for the initial acceleration, maintaining speed consumes terrifying quantities of Aura, meaning that unless it's the end of the world its usage is restricted to closing distance between himself and his enemies. He can also turn while maintaining speed, though at such a slow speed that he will most likely run out of Aura before completing the turn.
  • Personality: With a mohawk and a gnarly scar, you'd think Samuel would be a rather aggressive person. He's not. He's easy to get along with, difficult to personally insult, and willing to try anything at least once, though there are obviously situations where these characteristics may not apply. Even despite being raised in a family very concerned with martial prowess, he still greatly enjoys sleeping in, though he is very much capable of operating on little sleep if necessary. In combat, Sam prefers to harass his target, providing an extremely personal distraction and hitting his enemy hundreds of times while the rest of his team uses the time to plan, prepare a strike, or land their own hits. He counters his lack of real defenses with pure, brutal offense, and only relents when his target is dead, he is ordered to leave, or he is wounded enough to be kept out of combat.
  • Biography: Samuel has, for the most part, had a relatively nondescript life. Living in Atlas meant he lived with a military family. Living with a military family meant that he got started on "walloping the shit out of Grimm" early on. With more than one bully eager to pick a fight (and after an incident in the seventh grade involving a pocket knife and a disturbed individual) he adopted two things to prevent them from getting at him; an imposing stature to keep them away, and a vicious, no-holds-barred fighting style to ensure they stay away. The Shatterstens were custom-built to suit his highly-aggressive combat style, and as part of family tradition he applied for tutelage at Beacon Academy.

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