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Ambiguous Name: Acronym Trope Names

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IndirectActiveTransport You Give Me Fever from Chicago Relationship Status: Coming soon to theaters
You Give Me Fever
Sep 22nd 2015 at 10:23:51 AM

For one, not every example is a trope. For two, an acronym is when the first letters of words used to describe themselves form a word Film, Actors, Guild, FAG. Suffering, Ugliness, Chaos, Mayhem, SCUM. SARIN and RADAR were not previously existing words but have become them.

If the letters don't form word in their own right (World Wrestling Entertainment)-WWE, pronounced as those letters, it's merely an abbreviation. This error having been brought to my attention by rodneyAnonymous, I say Enough Is Enough, it's time for a change!(NOD is an acronym by the way)

edited 22nd Sep '15 10:24:17 AM by IndirectActiveTransport

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shimaspawn from Here and Now Relationship Status: In your bunk
Sep 22nd 2015 at 10:25:59 AM

The TRS is closed to new threads. In addition you have failed to prove misuse. I don't like it is not a reason to change a trope name. This shall be locked.

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