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Aug 11th 2019 at 4:13:50 PM

Luna Nova - Entrance

"Uwaaaaaaaaah!" Minako stared up at Luna Nova's facade with stars in her eyes. It was so grand! So stately! So... magical! She was so caught up in the architecture that she didn't even notice the other people present until one of them screamed and struck them all with blinding light. Still, as startling as it was, she didn't sense any hostility in the move, so she stood solidly in place and tried to squint through the light to see who was present, swaying slightly but keeping her footing as Akihiko tackled her legs from the side and yelled something urgent about getting down.

By the time the light faded, the pair of them had been poofed into perfectly-fitting witchly uniforms, though one of them looked much more happy about it than the other. Realizing the absence of any actual danger, a disgruntled Akihiko picked himself up off the ground and looked down at his new attire in confusion and distaste while his Leader gave her own answer to the woman who he recognized as one of the professors who had been present for the meeting the previous night.

"Oh, everything's great, thanks!" Minako waved to the woman with cool blue hair. "You already know Akihiko, but I'm Minako, SEES' Leader, and this is Red Grant." She pointed to her newest companion. "Nice to meet you! We were hoping to talk to Akko, and then have a meeting with the staff as a whole like last night, and then we wanted to do some research, if that's alright."

"And please change our clothes back," Akihiko implored, voice tight.

"Leave mine as-is, please! I've been looking for a new outfit, and this is really fashionable on top of fitting the atmosphere!" The Fool flashed the teacher a peace sign, grinning.

"Akko - Atsuko, I mean; she goes by Akko - isn't actually the leader," the uncomfortable skirt-clad boxer added to Yomi in an aside, "She's just the representative. The person actually in charge here is the Headmistress of the school, Miranda Holbrooke."

Manhattan, Sugar Hill, Church

"...If what you say about the state of the world is true," Father Frost said slowly after a long, heavy silence, "We must be very careful about how this information makes its way to the public. One misstep could cause panic, riots... chaos." Officer Ward was silent, his head bowed and eyes screwed shut.

"And on that note," a cheerful redheaded woman with a camera around her neck interjected as she strolled around the corner, audio recorder in hand, "would a couple of you ladies and gentlemen consent to an interview for the local newspaper?"

"What?!" The priest stood in alarm. "How did you-?!"

"You left the back door unlocked," she enlightened with a wink, "Don't worry; It's locked now." The reporter extended a hand to the nearest foreigner. "Mary-Jane Watson, Daily Bugle. It's a pleasure."

Morioh, School Grounds

Yukari merely crossed her arms in irritation as Trevor stopped their pursuit of Hei to give a lengthy explanation of why they were there to some random guy. Some random guy who happened to have some kind of Persona and had apparently come through the portal, though she hadn't seen him - okay, so maybe Trevor was justified.

When Hei himself came around the corner along with a handful of other teens, the Persona User felt her eyebrow twitch violently. His flat delivery of the fact that the blood-drinking monster had murdered a ton of people didn't help her response. "Isn't it obviously Nyarlathotep's fault? Either she came through this portal, which we can be almost sure she didn't, came through Mitakihara or Hope's Peak, which seems super unlikely given what we know of them, or that damn thing opened a portal straight to this town for her."

"Besides which," she continued hotly, marching up to Hei and jabbing a finger into his chest, "what the hell were you thinking, running off on your own?! Don't you get that's exactly how they're going to pick us off?!"

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Aug 12th 2019 at 12:49:59 AM

Delfi, Whitewood Shrine

For a moment, Delfi just stared at the wolf. Then, she snorted and burst out laughing. It was so sudden, it surprised the girl herself. She had no clue why, but what the woman had said and the way she had said it, so innocently and excitedly, was not only amusing but also endearing. It was an attitude she had been deprived of for some time, and had lost herself. The monster was so open, she didn't even need to use her power to read her. What she saw was everything, plain as day.

She couldn't deny it. It was... nice.

The honest offer to help, without any ulterior motives. Finally her laughter faded, leaving her chest heaving slightly as she gasped for breath. Wiping her face and trying to regain her composure, dampened by the blush that had risen on her cheeks, Delfi replied. "That would be helpful, I suppose. I guess if you were offering that, I'd have no choice but to help you find a fitting purpose."

And while the young woman's words were almost cold and clinical, the small smile she wasn't even fully aware of on her lips would tell the wolf the truth of how she felt.

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Aug 12th 2019 at 2:16:09 PM

Morioh, Portal Area: Kids These Days

Hei clenched his jaw at Yukari's "obvious" presumption. The mask turned slowly towards the Persona User, as did the invisible leer behind it.

"I don't see much that could be called 'obvious.' I don't know much about Hope's Peak, but isn't Mitakihara a city? How hard can it be to cross an improvised border, especially for someone like Havoc? Then there's her associate: someone who can sprout wings and fly. Those two aren't limited to ground travel, let alone dependent on portals."

In truth, he couldn't help but agree with Yukari's claim. Trevor had all but debunked the idea Havoc was serving the Count, and unless there was another monster that benefited from mass hysteria, Nyarlathotep was the only suspect. Still, the thought of her serving that thing made his heart race. Havoc had earned a bad reputation before she even stepped outside the Common Room; if anyone else hunting Nyarlathotep got to her first, they wouldn't hesitate to kill her.

A sharp jab in his chest turned Hei's attention back to Yukari—an associate of Minako's that he was quickly growing to dislike. The mask once again saved him from advertising his temper, though perhaps the Persona User could sense it in the way he sharply signaled her to follow him for a private chat. Assuming she followed, the Black Reaper would stop about twenty-five feet from the portal to (literally) talk down to her in a low, even tone:

"Now it's my turn to state the obvious. Of course this thing is looking for vulnerabilities; that's what it's been doing from the start. Fortunately, for reasons you shouldn't need explained to you twice, I'm expecting an encounter sooner or later. If the bastard came personally, I'd at least get away with my life; the fact Lady and Breen are still alive suggest that it can't personally kill anyone. If one of the underlings came instead, I don't need to beat them to get what we need. This isn't my first time facing much stronger enemies, and believe it or not, I know how to escape an unwinnable fight."

As he switched from defense to offense, Yukari could no doubt hear an edge creep into Hei's voice.

"That said, if Morioh had become ground zero of this thing's full power, you would've been hours too late to help anyone. In the time it took you to walk a hundred feet, I'd already assessed the situation, contacted the locals, explained their abduction, located the new site of the portal, and arrived just in time to be nagged at your convenience. You're dragging your feet so much that you've become a burden, not a blessing. Either keep up, or go back to guard Breen."

Hei turned to walk back to the group, but paused to toss one last calm yet spiteful remark over his shoulder.

"We were all too late to stop Havoc here, but I'm not about to allow another massacre just because somebody slowed me down."

Mitakihara, Hospital: The Signs Say "No Smoking," Not "No Rocket Launchers"

Following Lady (from a very safe distance) was Dmitri and Maria. Choosing to stick with his friends, Maki trailed the Hunters at whatever pace they chose. In the back of the Tokyo natives cast was Yin, Huang, and Mao, who all turned to the front desk rather than charge guns blazing into the ICU.

Huang asked for a glass of water, on behalf of the blind young lady he had sat down in the waiting area. Assuming the nurse wasn't terrified out of her chair by the stampede of supers (or disturbed by this toad-faced man's apparent indifference to them all), Huang would take the offered glass of water and bring it to the silver-haired woman. That done, the nurse or any onlooking staff would see the young lady place her fingers into the cup far past the point of it overflowing...and just stay there. Her fingers immersed in cold water, the onlookers would be left to wonder; or more likely, left to flee from the surge of heavily-armed combatants charging into the hospital.

Assuming any of the other members of Lady's troupe chose to not follow their leader's example, they might hear the strange and deeply unfortunate news:

"I can't find them." Yin said softly.

Huang blinked. "But this is where they went, ain't it? You can't find any sign of 'em at all?"

The Doll shook her head.

With a curse under his breath, Huang returned to the front desk to ask if the staff there had seen anyone matching Ruby and Yang's description. It was possible they were in a place devoid of water, but with the number of I Vs and sinks a hospital generally had, it seemed unlikely that Yin's Specters wouldn't even find a trace of them.

Something was definitely off...

Red Sprite, Former Hell's Surface: A New Adventure, with...the Same Old Bullshit

Parting ways for now, Amber went for the Med Bay as Luca and Amagiri prepared to embark for the surface.

If any of the Red Sprite crew offered Luca a weapon, she would shake her head with a smile, and ensure them that those rubber bands hanging loosely on her wrist were all the firepower she needed. In the face of any confused or troubled looks, the Contractor marksman would laugh and give them a foreboding "you'll see!" Amagiri—practical as always—accepted a pistol, just in case.

During the descent, the Contractors kept their eyes focused on the gun boat's wind shield in an attempt to spot the landing zone. Suddenly, they both seemed to lose interest in the front of the ship, or any other opening to spot the ground below. They shot an idle glance or two at the windows for safe measure, but those with keen and observant eyes might suspect that the Red Sprite's newest crew members were putting on an act. After eagerly volunteering to join the expedition, they had all of a sudden started acting like this was routine. That this was nothing special, and therefore nothing to really look at. It was only when the transport landed and the crew began disembarking that Luca and Amagiri began to speak.

"Did you stare at it?" the big man asked.

"I'm not an amateur." Luca scoffed.

Before he left the gun boat, a large hand would rest on Captain Tatsu's shoulder.

"Captain, we've been spotted. There's a Doll in the area who sent a surveillance Specter through the windows. It likely belongs to hostiles. Be on guard."

Sure enough, a quick scan of the battlefield would show not only whatever locals remained, but a golden figure about 200 yards away, slowly approaching the gun boat. At 50 yards it would come to a halt, apparently expecting some sign from the crew to state if they were friend or foe. At that distance, the crew could see that the golden figure wasn't quite alone; it was a steed mounted by a bald-headed person and a child.

That steed...was a giant chicken.

"I was put on Earth to accomplish a certain number of things. Right now I'm so far behind I will never die!"
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Aug 12th 2019 at 2:41:40 PM

Morioh - School Grounds

Mikitaka answered Trevor's inquiry. "Ah, no. She was a flying woman who could shoot balls made of some unknown energy."

The various stand users were about to prod for more explanation until Yukari and Hei began to yell at each other. Having no time for this, Josuke made Crazy Diamond stand itself between Hei and Yukari and try to separate them before the argument grew out of control. "Okay, calm down, you two. We're new and don't know much about what's happening, but one thing that I'm pretty sure of it's that I'm just as pissed off as you. But arguing with each other like this is not gonna accomplish anything, and neither is running off on our own to fight with foes much larger than us. What we should do is think together about how to find that Havoc girl and her accomplices and beat the shit out of them."

Okuyasu backed up his friend's talk with enthusiasm. "Yeah! We stopped all kind of crazy guys running around in this town by working together. So we shouldn't get angry at each other, you know?"

Koichi then made a statement of his own. "To begin with, could you please tell us everything you can about those people and places you just mentioned?"

Rohan, meanwhile, had been thinking about something very odd about the names that were mentioned by the outsiders. He tought so much that he kept quiet, which is a pretty rare sight. Finally, he made his surprise public. "Wait, did you all just said that *Dracula* and *Nyarlathotep* exist in this world?" The others Morioh natives, being very lacking in knowledge of foreign novels, didn't see what was so odd about the situation.

Cop - Morioh Crime Scene

The policeman was rendered incredulous by Kintoki's claim. "Did you just say a single man is responsible for this? That's... You have to come with me to the station to explain this. Even if you can't say much, we really need to know." The man's frantic tone made it clear he was desperate for some knowledge about what the hell was going on.

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Morioh, School Grounds

Yukari's already-angry expression only grew more incensed by the time Hei finished talking, her cheeks coloring scarlet and her ears ringing. One could almost see steam coming out of her ears! "Why you—!"

Whatever she had been about to snarl was cut off prematurely as weirdo kid from the wrong decade summoned his Persona between the two of them. Yukari ground her teeth in irritation, growling, then let out a harsh breath. "Yeah, they're real," she confirmed flatly at Rohan's question, "We can talk about it on the way to the hospital. Is it within walking distance? Anyone have a car if not?"

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Ruby and Yang - Such Arrogance; Labyrinth, Mitakihara

Yang hit the ground hard, her feet skidding slightly on the fleshy floor of the cavern. There were screams, there was blood, a piece of Nyarly's head was flying off into the distance...

It was a damn shame the first two things had nothing to do with the last one.

Yang stared silently as Nero fell to the ground, cradling a bloody stump. Her face was a mask of horror, the blood running from it, as she saw some sort of strange parody of her past playing out in front of her. She didn't even flinch as Nyarly managed to stab Vergil despite having Ruby's entire weight (plus the weight of Crescent Rose) hanging from his chest.

Ruby, meanwhile, spared both Nero and Vergil glances before letting loose a growl. She let the pole of Crescent Rose swing downwards, planting herself on the ground once more, and with a scream of frustration she fired a round point-blank towards what was left of Nyarly's head. The aim, the hope was that the resulting recoil (plus her own strength) was strong enough to propel her blade downwards through the body of the beast, hopefully tearing Nyarly open from chest to crotch.

Whether or not this worked, the next words out of Ruby's mouth would be the same.


Her sister's voice tearing her from her stupor, Yang broke into action. She sprinted past Nyarly, past Vergil's fallen body, and sparing only the time to try and punt the Twinblade that had stolen Nero's arm off the edge of the cavern, she skidded to a halt beside Nero.

She ejected one of the Fire Dust rounds from her right gauntlet, catching it in her left hand and crushing it. She poured the powder into her shaking right hand, and gave Nero an apologetic look.

"I'm sorry. This is gonna hurt."

She'd then tear Nero's remaining hand from his stump, before pressing her dust-filled palm into the bleeding flesh. With a flex of her aura, the fire dust pressed into the wound would become flame, in an effort to burn the wound closed and stop the bleeding for now.

Weiss, Blake, Nora and Ren - Fools Rush In; General Hospital, Mitakihara

"Lady, wait!" Weiss called out as the aforementioned Lady ran straight into the hospital, Weiss spotting her just as she clambered out of the standing-room-only truck.

"We have no guarantee they made it to the hospital." Blake explained to the rest of the group as she herself hopped out. "They could be inside, or they could be somewhere in the surrounding area."

"So we should split up and search?" Nora asked, from inside the truck, still holding Maki's hand.

"Both the inside and the surrounding area." Ren nodded, from beside his partner.

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Morioh, Portal Area: Nyarly Hunt 101 with Professor Hei

Either the kid with the pompadour had sharp ears, or Hei's temper had involuntarily raised his volume. Whatever the cause, the Stand User thought it was his place to step in and demand everyone work together. Not a bad sentiment, but there's some help that's more trouble than its worth.

Then, as if to prove him wrong, Yukari asked where the nearest hospital is. For a moment, Hei couldn't figure out why she wanted to know, but then a recent memory came to mind.

"Your Persona?" he asked. Not expecting an answer that didn't contain an insult, he continued:

"That might be the best introduction we can give this town. Least your power can help prove not everyone on this planet's a murdering sociopath."

Those two sentences were about as close to a compliment as Yukari was going to get. Whether she took it or not, the Black Reaper would turn his focus back to the Stand Users.

"Trevor can tell you all about Dracula, so I'll focus on who we're tracking down: the creature called 'Nyarlathotep' is a shape-shifter that's been causing problems almost since this planet was made. It can perfectly mimic the form and mannerisms of any human, and seems to have access to our darkest and closely-kept thoughts. By using these powers, it managed to usurp a dictator, hijack a popular chat room to spread paranoia, and nearly orchestrated the assassination of a state's ruler by impersonating one of our allies.

"It can do more than take a person's form and memories. The thing can also create portals like the one over there, cast powerful spells, and is all but unkillable. Even the Cure said that the best we can hope for is to banish it from Battleworld; destroying it completely seems impossible.

"More recently, it recruited powerful individuals to join its cause. Though if Yukari's right about Havoc, then she might be persuaded to join our side. She's from my world; I've known her longer than anyone. You could say I know her better than she knows herself. She can be convinced to surrender if she's hopelessly outmatched."

Hei paused. He either expected protest, or spotted the first signs of it. As if to deter objections, the Black Reaper raised a hand and gestured the Stand Users to hold their insults for now.

"I'm not excusing her for what she did: innocent people are dead, many more are injured, and Havoc's to blame for all of it. All I'm saying is that she didn't do it of her own volition. This thing wanted to cause widespread panic, so it chose a brand new state as its target and deployed its underlings. Convincing Havoc to switch sides is a real option, and it'll give us an advantage that we need. She'll face the consequences of what she did, but believe me when I say you've only seen her absolute worst."

Then, with a sigh lightening the weight of his words, he added:

"She gets better."

"I was put on Earth to accomplish a certain number of things. Right now I'm so far behind I will never die!"
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Satori, Koishi, Rin, Goht, Gao-San and Crazy Danc'n Yamada, Chireiden

Though it was absolutely not the right time to be thinking about the unique residents of other lands and how they end up here, Satori couldn't help but mentally blurt out "Did that sword just talk?" That thought passed as soon as it came, with the master of the house throwing it out as fast as she could.

The cutting edge of Majin Saber's attack passed over the veins that Koishi threw up to protect herself, only knicking them and letting a languid stream drip out as they whipped about. The true killing edge, the one found in the spiritual, led in front of it...but where was it leading to?

Trailing blood behind her, Koishi screamed in unholy terror as the blade cut a gash into Goht, making her yank her entire body backwards. Then she immediately dropped down, and with terrifying speed she skittered across the room and out the door.

On the way there, Rin and Satori were all ready to intercept her with what little offense they could manage, but they weren't ready to intercept Goht. The huge metal bull rushed forward, breaking down the house as it chugged through the stone architecture as if it were little more than dried bramble!

Only with sound foresight did the older sister drag her cat away from her death, pulling her down the hall despite her immediate protest.

"Lady Satori, we can't! We HAVE to stop her, we can't just—"

"I know," Satori said, narrowly avoiding a piece of crumbling ceiling. "I know."

At the moment, though...Satori couldn't do anything but run. Even with the tiredness, both physical and otherwise from the earlier part of her day, Satori was shock awake from the adrenaline coursing through her crimson veins.

She had a look on her face that, even past the rehearsed calmness of her voice, made Rin wonder if she had ever seen her master that terrified before...

Koishi was perhaps even more terrified, for the first time in decades.

Wildly flailing down the hall as she scrambled to escape, to get somewhere where everyone wasn't trying to kill her for their own paranoia, she could feel things that she outright shouldn't have been able to. Fear, disgust, shame, all of them boiling in her gut like a cauldron ready to bubble over!

The words of Goht, pleading for her safety and speaking of the horror that awaited her if she stopped, kept her moving with an animalistic haste. The only leash keeping her was the tenuous connection to her new friend, which could not move with the same freedom she could down the halls.

Soon, she was similarly saying the same things in her mind to Goht, urging him to push through the barriers of her house faster and faster. The voices inside of the two's heads rose to a fever pitch, and then almost in unison as they broke through...

...the last wall to the exterior. They were now at the rightmost wall of Chireiden, with the darkness of the cavern to their left, and the bright orange glow of the furnace coming over the walls behind them.

Goht dissipated and returned to residing within the mask, and they caught their breath for a tense moment...regardless if the mask needed to breathe.

...We...what do we do now?

That's the same as before, Miss Koishi! We run until they never see us again!

After staring at the place they were leaving behind, they left towards the cavern's mouth, and away from her home.

There was now a huge gash inside the house, with rooms all the way up to the third floor threatened along Goht's path of destruction. The sound of falling tile and snapping wood still echoed down the halls, whether they were blocked off or not...and the continuing booming of Majora and Link's battle in the main hall only exacerbating the damage.

Fairy Squad, Former Hell's Surface

"Hey, Daily, do I look cool in this?"

Lyre Robin had stuffed the no-longer-in-use, slightly dirty Gestahlian helmet of one of the danmaku losers on top of her head. It was only just small enough to wear normally by the shared power of the fluffiness of her hair, and the fact that she didn't see any reason to pull her hood down before wearing a hat on top.


"Well you're no fun."

Lemon Shine was sitting back on the back of one of the guys from the fight who had decided to go to sleep face-first in the dirt, rifling through the contents of his pockets and trying to ignore Robin's usual brash stupidity.

Let's see...weird tape, piece of bread, papers with boring stuff she couldn't read on them, worn photograph of the soldier's family that he tried to fatefully clutch before taking a nap...aha! There it is, the good stuff. A tiny chocolate bar!

Barely a quarter of the size of a normal one and badly melted from the heat of battle, chocolate was something that many fairies knew of but had never gotten to taste in the unfortunately cocoa-poor land of Gensokyo. The only chocolate she had ever heard of, let alone seen or tasted, had been smuggled out of the Scarlet Devil Mansion at great expense to the more perfidious members of the maidstaff there.

And, unlike some of her friends, she was totally willing to share. After a little good-natured bragging, of course.

"Hey guys, you know what I can see from here?!"

"Is it a big red ship," Lyre Robin shouted back.

"No, it's a chocolate bar!"

"Oh, cool. Also, look at the big red ship!"

Sure enough as she turned around, a bizarre-looking flying boat that was absolutely unlike the normal flying boat of Gensoyko, crested through the clouds! Lemon Shine heaved her frilly dress to scramble back to her friends on foot, who were already chattering with excitement.

To summarize the end result of their logic, it would be prudent to take the same steps they did. Boats have to dock once they're out of the sea (though they had never seen the ocean), so presumably this one was going to. To do this, because boats are big and docks are small, they have to have people guide them, right?

So, they'd have to use something to make their tiny presence known. Grabbing lance and cloth, they worked quickly.

From the viewing ports of the Red Sprite, as it overlooked the battlefield, it didn't seem there was any living thing left amongst the still-burning carnage. By the time they had disembarked, weapons at the ready however, there was one sign standing firm amongst the wreckage.

Three little kids with wings, one standing by a lance that had been planted onto the ground that had a flowing white flag on it, and two working together to wave the other flag...which, though it was hard to see on the burnt background, was the pants of some dead Gestahlian guy.

"Hey, guys," Lemon Shine said, "do you see a big...uhh...what are those things that are lizards—"


"Yeah, dragons. There's a big golden one over there." She pointed in the direction of the chocobird, which got the two waving the pants-flag to stop briefly.

"Okay, we'll try to welcome him after we're done with these guys."

"Sure!" Then they went back to trying to flag down the Red Sprite crew.

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Trevor, School Grounds, Morioh

"...Carmilla was here," Trevor interrupted them all once he finished listening to the various conversations and arguments they were having. "Flying woman with dark magic... Havoc's accomplice is clearly Carmilla."

"Carmilla is a vampire like Dracula... and a real one, unlike Havoc," Trevor looked over to Hei and Yukari, thinking about something and annoyed at the both of them. "And she's not as loyal to Dracula as one might think."

"But let's get to the hospital," Trevor looked over at the Morioh natives and Hei. "Unless any of you also know where Havoc and Carmilla are."

Wizard Needs Food Badly
Aug 15th 2019 at 4:49:01 AM

Red Sprite Scouts, Former Hell's Surface

The offer for weapons was in fact given, and after a quick doublecheck with Tatsu Amagiri was given a pistol; A revolver to be exact. Nobody seemed too fussed by Luca's refusal, more curious than anything else in fact. The sudden shift in behaviour was noticed by both Tatsu and Alfred, who noticed that the pair looked a little too at home in the gunboat compared to when they'd first left the ship. It was strange, but not significant enough at the time to make mention of.

When the large man stopped Tatsu as he went to disembark however, his warning was initially met with confusion at the mention of a 'surveillance Specter', but quickly changed to serious consideration at the mention of a threat. From what he'd seen so far, Amagiri was a man who couldn't be anything but serious in what he said and did.

So when he said that there was a likely hostile nearby, and one of the Dolls Amber had told him about, he made sure the warning was quickly spread through the group. The approaching figure was quickly spotted, with the closest scouts keeping their focus trained on it as the others continued scanning the area in case of an ambush attempt. This meant that the group was quick to spot the flag-bearing fairies off to the side.

"Well aren't we popular all of a sudden." Tatsu mused as he stepped to the front of the group facing the mounted figures, several of whom were musing over the appearance of the giant chicken. "Alfred, could you go check to make sure those, uh, kids are alright?" They looked like children, but the wings on their back had him wondering. "Everybody else, eyes sharp. They might not be the only ones who were hiding out."

The older teen nodded and began to move quickly by carefully towards the three girls, eyes open for any sort of trap. Coming to a stop a distance away from them, Alfred scanned the surrounding area carefully for signs of anyone hiding. Fairly confident it was safe, but still keeping his eye out, the young soldier turned his focus to winged girls. "Are you girls alright? Do you need help?"

At the same time, Tatsu took a moment to look the two figures astride the giant bird over. It wasn't certain one of them was the Doll, but considering the circumstance there was a fairly high chance. Of course, that didn't mean he had to start off aggressively. Lifting a hand, the young captain smiled and called out. "Hello there! Is everything alright? We saw smoke and fire and came to check it out. Did you see what happened here?"

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Flonne, to the Land of Carnage

"Hooray!" Flonne exclaimed. "Let's go then! I'm sure a mighty warrior princess like yourself will do wonderfully in a contest of strength!"

Flonne somehow getting the idea that Jai was a warrior in her head aside, she lead the princess to the dimensional gate. After selecting an option on a menu - where the hell did that even come from? - they were transported to a world of pure imagination. Or at least, a dank, seedy looking place full of rough looking demons of all shapes and sizes. At the center of it all was a large arena where two Certified Toughbois were battling it out. One of them was a golden Prinny, the other was a two headed dragon, who easily defeated the Prinny with a flashy double fireball attack. It was a wonder that such a mismatched pair were even in the same weight class, but the corruption found in demonic wrestling goes very deep.

"Oh boy," said a blonde announcer who was watching this happen. "That might've been the worst match yet. Will someone who can actually fight please step up to the stage? Seriously, we need the ratings."

"...That guy looks really tough," was all Flonne could think to say at the moment.

Well Jai, what will you do now? There was a Weenie Hut Junior Arena not too far from here with less... threatening opponents, if you weren't feeling too good about your chances of besting a dragon.

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Aug 15th 2019 at 9:36:42 PM

Mitakihara Hospital - Lobby

Lady (and any who had immediately followed her inside) would be greeted with a few startled MPD officers and some shocked nurses, plus the cries of fear of the normal civilians who obviously weren’t expecting to see a loaded rocket launcher today. The officers would begin to move quickly to try to detain Lady for causing a disturbance before Romero intervened: “Wait, hold it! They’re with us.”

“This is Lady and the visitors? I assume you’re Corporal Romero.”

“Yeah. Did you find the other group?”

The policeman would shake his head. “We have found no sign of anything unusual around here.”

“What? Nothing?”

“The first of us arrived here less than ten minutes after you called. We’ve checked the floors and found nothing. Further, the staff have not seen anyone who matches the description of any of those in the group you said had come here. We are checking security footage, but at the very least none of them came inside here.”

“Did they not come here after all? Then where the hell…” Romero looked back towards Lady with confusion mixed with a touch of suspicion.

Meanwhile, Huang’s request would be met well enough once the nearest nurse got over the shock of their sizeable group’s entrance, though it would be in the form of bottled water and a paper cup. The commotion of conversation coming from the corporal and Lady would draw the nurse’s attention away and into a retreat, allowing Yin to do her thing in relative privacy.

Mitakihara Hospital - Outside

Outside, the initial group led by Lady who rushed into the hospital lobby would only be met by verbal protests from the several MPD officers who had stationed themselves too far from the door to stop her, even had she not been hauling a big piece of boom. PFC Craig would hop out of the truck’s driver door and talk with them to do something similar as his CO was doing at the same time in the lobby. With Carpenter following Romero and Cooper attending to the truck, only those who had remained by the truck would have had any chance of noticing a momentary glimpse of two small-ish figures sneaking into an alley next to the hospital’s service entrance before disappearing out of sight, the policeman stationed at the entrance seemingly very focused on the sudden newcomers barging into their hospital, their city, their responsibility.

In truth, the timing of Lady’s arrival and her very reckless introduction to the MPD had been a blessing for Homura and Oriko, as it gave them the perfect distraction for Oriko to remotely convince the cop standing guard to focus on as possible troublemakers, not any small noise that might come from behind him. Still, it wouldn’t hold for long — there were just too many of them, and the police were bound to notice the offline security camera in the service entrance alley sooner rather than later. But all she had to do was use her Soul Gem to locate the portal either Mami or Kyoko must have made to get into the Witch’s Labyrinth. That wouldn’t take long...hopefully.


Madoka's attention had been on the sounds portending doom coming from behind her, and so offered little resistance beyond a “Wah!” as Cana scooped her up and carried her along in their joint pursuit of Sayaka. Luckily for Cana, the commotion the little blue firebug created with reckless abandon was drawing the flock’s attention away, simultaneously taking the pressure off of them and indicating which way she had gone.

Kyoko had to deal with a few moth Familiars and so could only watch Nyarthalotep’s plan unfold when she finished them off. Nero’s disarming was pretty shocking in itself, but Nyarthalotep’s follow up was something she ended up staring in disbelief at for a moment or two, at least until Ruby's shout helped snap her back to reality — or what passes for it in the craziness that was a Witch's Labyrinth. Yang's shoving of the offending Twinblade was only enough to send it stumbling back some feet, but gave Kyoko the opportunity to finish the job by using her spear to shove it off the edge.

As for Mami, her back had been turned at first as she was approaching the exit, but Nero’s scream had gotten her to turn around to see what had happened. Even at her considerable distance, she was certainly not expecting Nyarthalotep’s extraction from Vergil. “Half…” she would whisper to herself, trying to make sense of what she was seeing…

It nearly cost her. The only indication she had of the Twinblade prepare to strike her from behind was a screech of pain as the body that wasn’t facing her got impaled with a sword. Sayaka’s voice shouting “Mami-san!” would snap her back to the moment, yellow ribbons quickly shooting out of the ground to wrangle the being’s limbs and allow her to back away with a kick. With the proper spacing, she summoned another pair of muskets to fire point-blank, sending another being over the edge. "Miki-san! Where's Kaname-san?"

"What?" Sayaka looked behind her, a horror of dawning realization on her face. "Oh, crap, I left them behind!"

That would be as much regret as time would allow Sayaka, as the rising hum of what sounded like a big swarm would precede the appearance of what looked like a big swarm of those double-bodied moths, lightning bolts striking all over as they poured in and forced the two girls to retreat back towards the others. "Left who behind?" Mami finally asked once they could catch a break.

"Madoka and this lady with magic cards."

"Magic cards?"

"Yeah, they could, like, shoot water and stuff."

"Alright, so she's not defenseless here at least."

"Yeah, but still…"

"We need to focus on defeating the Witch now, Miki-san. It's how we get out. Did you see anyone else here?"

Sayaka shook her head. "Where's Kyoko and Transfer Student?"

"Sakura-san's here. Akemi-san is not, but we have some other people here too, though…" Mami trailed off, using her gaze to lead Sayaka to the other newcomers here.

And all the while Kyubey watched, doing all that he could to study the scene playing out in front of him by this mysterious creature while avoiding the blades and bolts of the Familiars.

In Mami, comfort. In Kyoko, passion. In Madoka, hope. In Sayaka, conviction. In Homura I trust, through the coming tribulation.
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Luna Nova - Entrance

As the light faded to allow everyone to see, Rita turned to give the teacher a thumbs up. All smiles now that she was back in her school uniform.

"Yup, we're all good here!"

"I-Is that so..."

The teacher gave a low nervous laughter. It was a bit hard to swallow that nothing suspect was going on here with half the staff and visitors suddenly in school uniforms and all the commotion she had heard. Still, if everyone was alright with it, who was she to complain. Well almost everyone one. The goblin cook walked backed to the kitchen in a huff. She whispered an apology as he walked by, but it wasn't like he really expected anything from her. It wasn't the first time something like this happened to the cook and he knew it certainly wouldn't be the last. It was just something you had to get used to working with magical teenagers.

With the commotion dying down, the teacher was finally able to get a good look at the guests. The boy, Akihiko, she recognized from yesterday. She also recognized the girl from the photo. The man with them was a mystery however. From the way he dressed to his mannerisms, it was hard not to draw parallels with lord Hanbridge. The fox girl and the knight were also new, but they quickly introduced them selves, leaving no room for ambiguity.

"I'm Ursula Callistis, one of the teachers here at Luna Nova."

Yomi certainly seemed friendly. With the compliments thrown her way, Ursula could only stand there flustered. The spitting image of a witch. From her days as a student to her time as a teacher, she somehow got the feeling someone like Finnelan would never have used those words to define her. Still it was nice to know their neighbors were so friendly.

"T-thank you. I like your outfit as well..."

Despite the compliment, the blue haired teacher seemed to have trouble staring directly at the Sakura Dungeon duo. Perhaps their manner of dress was just a bit too stimulating. It was made all the more embarrassing by remembering her own stage outfit, and wondering if she gave off a similar impression as these two were now back then.

As the SEES' leader introduced her self, Ursula began a series of thanks and apologies intertwined. It was good to see the friendly faces again, but hard not to feel embarrassed that this was how they greeted them after all they had done for them. Still, it was nice to see that other SEES girl was so friendly and lively. She reminded her of Akko in some ways, having an almost infectious sense of optimism.

"Its very nice to meet you. I really have to thank you. Akihiko was of invaluable help yesterday. And...I'm really sorry about this! I'll change it back right away!"

As she fumbled to get her wand out, something the Irish man had said had caught her attention. It seemed to grab everyone's attention, as they stared at the man dumbfounded. Ursula could only stand there confused as she tried to decipher what it was the man was trying to say.


It was such an odd phrase. It wasn't helped that the man's mannerisms were completely neutral, which left little hint at what the intention of the phrase was supposed to suggest. Was it meant as some kind of insult? Perhaps he had dyslexia and meant a warthogs, but then there weren't any of those here either, so that didn't make any sense. It was a complete baffling mystery. After a few moment of not knowing how to respond, the teacher in glasses let out a low nervous laughter.

"I assure you we have no swine on the premises. While witches have been traditionally thought of as having warts, its really a case by case bases and actually quite rare."

The nervous laughter persisted and she had an almost apologetic tone. She kind of got the feeling that perhaps her response wasn't completely on mark.

Rita on the other hand had walked over and joined the Minotaur in the defeated self pitying corner. She muttered under her breath in an mono tone voice to herself.

"I'm sorry my face makes you think of hog warts...I know I don't have flawless skin and freckle easily..."

Beside her, the Minotaur mumbled grunts in it's own language. It had gone from thinking itself as a mighty Minotaur, a real alpha among monsters, to being mistaken for a cow, to now being called a hog. "Don't let these strangers see you crying..." it mumbled to it self in its monstrous tongue.

The Troll seemed to be racking his brain with confusion as well, but what was bothering him was something said a bit earlier in the conversation. Monsters don't have children!? Then how was he born? How was the fox girl born!? More importantly, if they didn't have children, what were those huge things on her chests for!? The school uniform wearing giant held the sides of his head as he pondered these great mysteries.

Abigail couldn't care less what the human guy was saying. He was just a human after all. Instead she had moved on to poking different spots on Yomi, trying to look for weak points.

Rachel mean while meekly rubbed her fingers together and spoke in a voice low enough to sound more like she was talking to herself then addressing the others.

"Do we have to turn his clothes back...?"

It seemed both parties had come here for the same reason. She knew Akko was the representative here on Battleworld, but it was still something a shock to here them call for her by name. It was a bit scary too. She knew more then anyone that Akko was alot stronger then people gave her credit for. But this Battleworld was such a heavy responsibility. It seemed absolutely unfair that she had to bear it. Before she could answer, another voice rang out.

"Holbrooke and Finnelan just got out of a meeting, so they should be free so long as you don't mind them bringing their lunch with them. The other teachers I would have to double check with, though Nelson is out on patrol. Akko should be around here somewhere. Though I hope you understand if we insist that a teacher is present for any meeting with Akko in an official capacity."

Akihiko may recognize the voice as belonging to one of the teachers from the meeting. For everyone else, they would see a fashionable Italian woman walking toward them. She was escorting a man in a suit who quickly made his exit along with his robot. She wasn't wearing the same uniform as the others, but the way she seemed to belong here made it a pretty good guess that she was one of the teachers. She had a charisma and confidence about her, but a lack of formality. The apparent cool teacher as it were. As she looked at the SEES members, she couldn't help but smile and let out a small light hearted chuckle at the new fashion choice.

"It looks good on you. Unfortunately I have some tutoring duties I have to attend to. We have a new student and I have to get her up to speed. I'll try to keep tabs on the meeting remotely, but my attention may be a bit divided."

Realizing the poor boy was still stuck in a skirt, Ursula began changing his clothes back. In the mean time Croix turned to look the Sakura Dungeon duo over. She seemed to consider them for a moment, before smiling at them in a welcoming manner.

"Hello there. I'm Croix. The Magitronics teacher here. I hope you don't mind, but I could not help but over hear you are from the land to the south. I hope our two little lands can get along peacefully."

It only took a look to know these two were a joke. It looked like your standard RPG fair, if with a little more botox. If this was what they were bringing, Croix felt confident she could write off their whole chunk. Akihiko was a good source of information, she was glad to welcome him back. The man with them seemed out of place, if only for being a man in at least his thirties hanging out with teenagers. She would have to keep an eye on him to see how he fit into things. Still, all and all, she didn't feel threaten by these people in the least. All the while, at least on the surface, she was all ready make friendly with them. If for nothing more then to see how they could prove useful to her.

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Morioh High School

Rohan tought about Yukari's answer with great interest. It seems that in at least one world, literary creations were flesh-and-blood people. At the very least, Nyarlatothep fit his book portrayal to a tee. Trevor's mention of Carmilla only intrigued him more. "Interesting. But they had priorities. "The hospital is near the station. We can go there by feet."

Josuke lowered Crazy Diamond's arms when Yukari and Hei calmed down. However, he was less than pleased by the various new informations. "So our enemy is a immortal bastard that could be anyone? Great." He turned toward Hei. Alright, I asked for cooperation, so I'm gonna trust you. I'm gonna beat the crap out of her for what she's done but I won't kill her. She'd better have one hell of a good side for you to want so save her so badly."

Meanwhile, Okuyasu was confused about a few things. So he adressed Yukari. "Wait, how will your Stand ability help the outsiders look better. And then moved his head toward Hei. "And why are you speaking like you know that Havoc girl's future?"

Regardless of the response, the stand users started walking toward their destination, occasionaly following the sounds of sirens from the ambulances.

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Whitewood Shrine - Sakura Dungeon

The spirit guardian looked at Delfi with a mix of worry and embarrassment, shifting uncomfortably while the girl laughed. Was she laughing at her? She knew she shouldn't have tried to be nice to a human! Not if she was just going to get mocked, and teased, and told she was too stupid and worthless to even be able to help - oh, she said yes.

"Awoooooodent - err, I wouldn't mind that," the ghost wolf said, her tail wagging slightly and her ears folding down a little. She glanced around the shrine for a moment. Was there something she needed to do? She didn't have anything, anyone, or any reason to delay, did she? Things seemed like how they always did, they'd probably be fine no matter how long she left. She had her wolves, but they never left her side, so they wouldn't be abandoned. "Okay, I'm ready!"

With a grin she leaned forward, turning her kneel into a brief crawl and then hopped ahead so she was standing in front of Delfi. "So what are we going to go first? What are you going to do? We can talk on the way, come on!"

In her excitement, she decided that the most efficient use of her time would be to lean over, grab both arm's on Delfi's wheelchair, and then with surprising strength lifted it towards her.

Luna Nova Entrance - Yomi and Ceri

"Is that so?" Yomi raised an eyebrow at Akihiko's information. "The representative is not the leader, but a student here? I imagine she must possess a truly impressive set of talents to have been selected by the Cure, then."

She smiled at Ursula.

"That is no issue, you can have as many of your staff escort us as you wish. I can assure you I have nothing untoward planned with your precious student, if that seems to be your concern. I'm here to introduce myself to my fellow leader and representative," she told the witch. "Though I must admit, I was not aware that those roles could be held by two different women."

Ceri gave a curious look towards the big troll. Did he have a headache? Maybe he was used to being indoors and got tired from being out in the sun all day? And then Rita joined her... maybe they had eaten something funny for breakfast from the school's mess hall? Was that why they were talking about hog warts, was that a weird delicacy they ate? Of course, Croix's explanation confused her further.

"Magatronics?" Ceri asked in confusion. "What's that?"

"I can't say. It's no field of magic I've heard of, or at least not one of the traditional ones. It's been a few thousand years since I studied amongst the humans, I'd be rather excited for a chance to study with witches skilled in modern magical arts." Yomi explained to her more physically-inclined companion, though she was definitely interested in whatever Croix had to say on the subject, being that she was the instructor on the subject, after all. "And I can tell that whoever built this place is indeed knowledgeable, as this seems like quite the ideal location for a school. I can feel the magic being channeled up through the Earth and into the air in this place. Human spellcasters tend to have difficulty generating their own magical energy until they've matured in their craft. Being so close to places of powers will help novices train until they no longer require such assistance."

She tilted her head a bit towards Croix.

"The foxes from space told me a little about their technology. Something called electronics." She said the word cautiously, trying to make certain she recalled it correctly. "Truly a strange field of study, but I cannot deny it has many uses. Is your magitronics perhaps related?"

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Nightmare Investigators - Meeting Room

The reploids all listened with great interest the various informations that Nishijima was giving.

Blaze Heatnix was the first to speak arrogantly. "Yeah, yeah. So, in short, we'll need to fight sooner or later, no matter what. Suit me just fine." The bird reploid created a few flames around him just to accentuate his claim.

The more cautious Wolfang responded to his boast. "Perhaps we will have to fight for our lives. But don't forget that from what he said, we would be massively outnumbered if we made a enemy of one of the notion. Not to mention the limitations on..."

"Quite right." Gate interupted his creation. He didn't want to made it known that his suer-armor's protection had likely be lowered from it was in his own world. He spoke another question for the human scientist. "Could you tell us more about technological levels of the various locations that form this world? Most of all, I want to know if there are any other androids with advanced conciousness like us. Learning about the assets of potential enemies or allies would help us a lot." And if he wanted to build his new world here, he would need as many recruits to his cause as he could find.

At that question, Metalshark rubbed his chin in contemplation. "Hmm, Reploids from other worlds, with Soul DNA that have never seen before... How intriguing." Perhaps he could better his reploid necromancy with new kinds of subjects.

Hi-Max scoffed at the praise his teammate was giving. "Regardless of what exist in this world, I am still superior. Don't forget that."

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Alucard & Lisa, Sugar Hill, Church, Manhattan

"It would have been rather difficult to hide that your entire city had been taken to another world," Alucard stated snarking as he shook Mary-Jane's hand, but soon nodded to her. "I suppose I shall consent to an interview since I have been on this world the longest."

"I shall tell you what I know, but I am afraid it will not be much," Lisa added, curtsying.

Grant, Abandoned Farm Checkpoint, The Zone

"Bloodsuckers?" Grant instantly looked serious, hands clenched. Afterwards, Grant followed followed Lucy and Happy, and listened to her, nodding and quietly explained back. "We need to be on our guard as well... I do not want to fight anything that can take out what these people call 'bloodsuckers.'"

B.B. Hood, Inside Hospital, Mitakihara

B.B. Hood didn't know what was worse... The fact Morrigan tried to blend in or the fact Demitri didn't. Eventually, the three would leave the army van. B.B. Hood followed Yin since she knew that she was a Doll and knew how exactly this would go... But Yin could not find any of them.

"There is something wrong here," B.B. Hood muttered to the Contractors. "She should be finding something."

Demitri & Morrigan, Outside Hospital, Mitakihara

On the other hand, Morrigan and Demitri remained outside near the truck. Demitri looked annoyed at being around so many humans while Morrigan looked around the general area figuring that the best option was to find the thread out of place. Thus, it was Morrigan who spotted the two schoolgirls, the thread out of place.

"Where is the fighting?" Demitri complained as if he was hoping he would be able to beat someone up and not having the chance to do so.

"That is a good question," Morrigan smirked and looked at the Huntresses and Huntsman. "Where is the fighting... It doesn't look like this place has even seen a fight."

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Facility X-394 - Welfare Department to Disciplinary Department

The man looked upon the open machine. Rows and rows of saws beckoned him. They called to him with sweet promises to sing once more, if only given the medium to do so. He looked at his hands one last time, then willing plunged them into the sea of swirling blades.

A single tear ran down his cheek. Not born from pain, but euphoria. No, he didn't even feel the pain. He didn't feel his face wet with his own blood as the machine spat gore of his own making back at him. All he felt was bliss at being able to hear the machine sing for him once more. He pushed him self further into the machines embrace. The machine ate away at the flesh and bone of his stumps, then his chest and face, until all that was left was the echos of a song and the minced viscera.

What kind of song would drive a man to such lengths would remain a mystery for the Fairy Tail girls. All they heard was the wet grinding sound as the machine tore the man to pieces. No doubt a small boon from the Cure. The same could not be said for the captured woman, who eyes shot open with the same eerie yellow hue as the man had. Upon waking, she could only mutter completely enthralled.

"W-what is that wonderful music..."

She would not have long to wonder as she suddenly seemed to explode in a violent spray of blood. In fact, the whole other end of the hallway seemed to disappear behind a single closed maw. The jagged teeth and rock like skin was similar to the rock worms they had fought in central chamber, but this one was so much larger. The maw open and quickly closed again, taking out whole other section of hallway as it began getting closer.

Now would be a very good time to run, but the fairy tail duo would find their feet would not listen to them. Nothing they commanded of their body would happen. They were paralyzed. A pair of eyes trapped within their own bodies. Should they look down, they would see the culprit. Fleshy veins had wormed their way into their nervous system. They bulged out from under their skin. They could feel the it spread and slither inside them. They could feel it stealing their body from inside.

As the crunching maw drew closer, Gebura ran forward, using her giant sword to keep it from advancing further. Her sword stabbed upward into the creature's inner mouth as she braced her self against the creatures lower jaw, effectively putting her with in the creature's maw. From here though, she was able to use her immense strength to keep the mouth from closing again. But it was pushing her to her limit. The struggle to match the much larger beast's strength shown on her quacking muscles and labored breathing.

"What are you two doing!? Fight or run!"

What ever parasite was takings control of their body would not even allow them to reply. They could only look on helpless.

Behind them they could see tiny green faeries exit the vents. They flew and gathered around the comatose Malkuth, still standing with the strange black web like substance on her face. They seemed curious and cautious as buzzed about her, seemingly unsure what to do about the girl. It almost looked like they were going to help. Once one was able to assure the others it was safe, that she would not fight back, they all descended upon her face like piranhas.

For what small blessing it provided, the black substance censored what they were doing to her. It must have been horrible, as faeries would fly off tearing away pieces of lip, ear, or nose. All the soft chewy parts. One even claimed a whole eye for her self. Their tiny mouth made wet smacking noises as they ate away at her face, enjoying their little fairy banquet right there in the hall. Malkuth never screamed, never seeming to have been able to break what ever hold the black substance had on her. Maybe she didn't even feel what those tiny little monsters did to her, for what small blessing it provided.

The Monster Strike boy finally seemed to waken. He strode forward with an eerie calmness about him. He didn't even bat an eye at the feast of the faeries, instead going straight for Gebura. Perhaps he could at least save her. But even that hope was soon proved fruitless. The young man's right arm had mutated into some fleshy bone like blade, not unlike the sword Gurbura herself used. It was barely even trying to hide what inhuman thing it really was.

In his left hand he still clutched the head of the blue haired man. Chessed face didn't seem contorted in pain or horror. It almost looked at peace. Though, perhaps because of those tired eyes of his, he looked sad. As if he died regretting that he could not help the others.

As the monster in the form of the monster strike boy got behind Gebura, he would drop the head of Chessed, letting it hit the ground with an unceremonious thud. It would reach around and grab the woman's throat, digging its nails into her neck. It spoke in a voice that was legion, as if it didn't know how this boy was supposed to sound so spoke with many different voices at once.

"...Go OD bYe..."

It then began stabbing her trough the back. The wet sound of a blade piercing flesh would sound again and again as it repeatedly and brutally skewered her from behind with its viscous bone like blade.

All the while, Ezra and Wendy would be stuck there, paralyzed from the fleshy veins that permeated through their bodies. They could feel it eating them from the inside out. Cell by cell they were being dissolved. Then they would feel them self implode inward in violent fashion.

What ever was happening to Ezra and Wendy was happening to Carla too. The last thing she would see before suddenly feeling her self implode inward was watching as the young boy last bubbles stopped coming up from the pool of blood, and the little girl screaming as the hands sawed though her wrists with the knife until they came off entirely.

In an almost complete reverse fashion of what they had just experienced, the three of them would find themselves being reconstructed cell by cell until they were them again. They were alive and whole. Though, curious as it may be, they were no longer in the Welfare department's hall. The three of them would find them selves in a containment unit, much like the one they had met Shy Look Today in at the start of the tour. There was no faceless girl here though, just a book on a podium, bound in human flesh and inked in blood.

It seemed whatever happened to them was some sick version of a teleportation spell. But for what purpose was difficult to tell as the room suddenly exploded as a train came crashing through the walls. It ended up destroying the Book of Flesh, for better or for worse. Thankfully the train missed the trio. As the room stopped shaking and the debris settled, the door to the containment unit opened. Outside was rusted dark hall way. The others were all there, along with a chaotic mess of monsters. From one hell straight into another. At least, for the moment, they were still alive.

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Shanoa, Fairy Tail Guild Hall

"You must be the Cure's chosen leader then... I am Shanoa," Shanoa shook Erza's hand, albeit akwardly. "To keep it as short as I can, we do not trust the leader of the land that we were brought with and your room has a lot more space than the room we were previously staying at... Including myself, there are five of us, three men and two women."

"Have you filled in Mavis on Battleworld?" Shanoa asked Erza, looking over at Mirajane and Mavis's reunion. "It is clear you brought her here with one of the Cure's wishes just now."

Talbain & Felicia, Disciplinary Department, Facility X-394

It seemed like there was no escaping the oncoming train... At least, not without them all falling to their doom. So it was time to make a final stand, Jon Talbain put the two Hope's Peak Academy students behind him as well as Felicia and anyone else that would be in his way, and as the werewolf faced the train, he closed his eyes and concentrated. He glowed with building energy of his ki, a white aura surrounding him. The energy building up inside him was reaching a crescendo before exploding outward... forward towards the train. It was a powerful energy beam drawn from his own ki headed on a collision course with the train.

"Dragon Cannon."

For Felicia's part, she stood in front of the two students and behind Jon Talbain, both knowing what was going to happen, but also knowing that if it failed, they were pretty much screwed.

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Morioh, En Route to the Hospital

Yukari merely harrumphed and turned her nose up at Hei's agreement with her plan of action. As they walked, she turned to regard Okuyasu and held up three fingers for emphasis. "As far as my team goes, I specialize in three things: archery, wind spells, and healing spells. Actually, I'm really our only dedicated medic aside from our Leader, who can fill pretty much any role. So we're gonna go to the hospital and I'm gonna heal people. Of course, you guys can chip in if you have anybody who can heal with your... Stands? Personas? Whatever you call them. If you can't, just see if you can gather any information like whether the enemy might've been after anything other than bloody chaos, or try to reassure people in general. Think you can do that?"

Luna Nova, Entrance

The SEES pair exchanged a look as the man in the business suit and his bodyguard passed by, staring after them for a long moment. Then Akihiko's original vestments were poofed back onto his body, and he sighed in relief. "Thanks!" he offered, smiling an already-weary smile in gratitude to the blunette professor.

Minako took the opportunity to inspect the new teacher in radically different attire with an appreciative eye. "I love the cape! It makes you look like a super-cool badass!" she imparted in a stage whisper as she stepped away, not wanting to really butt in to the more proper conversation the Magitronics expert was having with Yomi, the Dungeon Lord.

Meanwhile, the always blunt boxer had no such compunctions. "It's too bad you won't be able to attend in person, but could you send along one of those robots with a projector again?" he requested, gesturing vaguely, "It was a big help last night."

"So, Professor Ursula, what subject do you teach?" The Fool asked cheerily, moving over to the bespectacled faculty member with a spring in her step, "And do you think you can help us wrangle up an Akko?"

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Morioh, Approaching Hospital: Storytime with the Black Reaper

"So long as she's not maimed, I can't object." Hei answered Josuke. For the moment, he reserved any reasons he had for defending the mass murderer.

Of course, that moment had to pass once Okuyasu asked a critical question. The Black Reaper couldn't stay quiet about it now, not as long as someone who knew the story was present. He'd look like he didn't trust the Stand Users or Minako's ally. Besides, if it helped curb their thirst for revenge, then maybe the story wouldn't be wasted breath.

"I speak that way because I do know her future: the woman your friends fought is from five years ago, at the peak of a conflict called Heaven's War. She was brought to this planet by another old comrade—one who thinks her abilities entitle her to do whatever she wants. The Havoc on Battleworld is the most powerful version the Cure will allow."

As the group began walking to the hospital, Hei continued.

"On my world, Havoc is the most notorious Contractor to ever live...but she didn't stay that monster for long. The end of Heaven's War was disastrous and bizarre; one minute you're in the heart of Brazil, the next you're in Peru because there no longer is a heart of Brazil. Havoc traveled farther than I did: she woke up in rural Romania, without her powers or any memory of how she got there. She was taken in by a family of farmers, earned her keep by helping out around the house. Even tried her luck at cooking, though the kids couldn't stand her dishes at first."

A short chuckle escaped the mask, followed by a brief glance at his listeners.

"If a murdering sociopath playing house maid surprises you, imagine how I felt when she told me about it. But powers or no powers, she still had a Contractor's mind, and when we spoke she was in no position to lie to me. I was looking for someone else who disappeared at the end of Heaven's War, and at that time Havoc was the only other survivor I knew. She knew nothing, of course...but she wanted to help anyway.

"There's a special place in my world's Tokyo called Hell's Gate: word is, you can find what you've lost by going inside, but you pay the price in exchange. All Contractors have some connection to the Gate, and Havoc seemed to know that she'd regain her memory if I took her inside. With it, she might be able to find who I was looking for. But before we set out, she made me promise her something: if her powers returned along with her memory, I was to kill her on the spot. She refused go back to being the monster she was.

"In the end, I made the call to get her away from the Gate. Havoc's power was returning, and rather than keep my promise I chose to find answers elsewhere. We ran, cutting the exchange short and keeping Havoc powerless. Unfortunately, we were followed; a team of Contractors had been sent to retrieve Havoc, but must've decided it was safer to kill her than take her in alive. She had no weapons, no powers, no reason or desire to fight, so she tried to escape...

"She failed."

Hei paused, the memory of Havoc dead in his arms compelling his fists to clench. The urge melted away with a sigh, and the Black Reaper continued in the same calm tone.

"I don't expect pity for her; the Havoc on Battleworld deserves none. Resent her, hate her, wish for her death if you need to. I'll worry about keeping her alive, if only because I know she can change."

Chireiden, Main Hall: Satori's Gonna Need A Maid or Two

A slash. A thrust. A decapitating cleave.

Majora's Incarnation escaped the god's blade by hairs, but its luck had been less than perfect. The mask's left eye had been branded with a gash, the body's right arm had been lopped off just past the shoulder. It was only a matter of time until its ancient enemy landed the decisive blow; it was only a matter of time till the Fierce Deity vanished.

Forced back against a column, Majora turned its cyclops head straight ahead. With one last wrathful slice, the evil-smiting god cleaved the Incarnation's legs as it tried to spring above the blade. Maimed beyond what its power could swiftly mend, Majora's Incarnation fell prone on the rubble-crusted tiles. Teeth bared, the Fierce Deity gripped its sword and raised it high for the finishing blow.

But the previous slice had cost more than Majora's legs—it cost the column its base. In a jaw-rattling tremor, the titanic pillar fell from its secure point in the roof and leaned diagonally down the hall. Like a redwood tree sawed from its roots, the column began its slow but inevitable fall.


The Fierce Deity needed no warning. With a few powerful bounds he was out of the pillar's course of descent, on the side closer to Chireiden's entrance. Safe from the worst of it, he need only to shield his eyes from the blast of dust and rubble.

The crash shook Chireiden to its core; the grand finale of this destructive symphony. Not only was the main hall rendered near impassable, but the pillar had pummeled through the cathedral walls, straight through an antechamber, and out into the mansion's courtyard.

When the dust settled and he dared to open his eyes again, the Fierce Deity was gone. The child coughed out a sudden gasp of dust, as did the fairy that had dived under his hat for cover.

"Is it—" Tatl coughed, "—is it dead?"

Link tried to peer through the cloud of dust, but the only good that did was make his eyes water. Maybe the mask had been crushed. Maybe the column missed it. Maybe if he used Darmani's strength, he could break the debris apart and search for it once the dust—

"Sweet Goddess."

Hmm? What was that?

"Look what you did to this place."

The blood rushed from Link's face, as if to match the deathly gray dust that covered him. Suddenly, he didn't want to open his eyes again. He didn't want to know what happened. He didn't want to know how much was destroyed. Like a child half his age, Link was overwhelmed with the cold and horrifying realization that what he'd done was wrong. Immeasurably wrong. He'd been so mad, so focused on the mask, so eager to finally destroy the thing that...

Oh no...

Against his fear and instincts, Link opened his eyes to the carnage. While the fallen pillar and its handiwork was the pièce de résistance, he'd also managed to crack tiles in his downward slashes, chipped other columns with the long range magic slices, and dent other parts of the wall where either he or Majora had pressed a little too hard.

It was terrifying.

It was cruel.

And it was all his fault.


More water swelled into Link's eyes; more than was needed to shield them from the settling dust.

"Hey, look at me. Look at me!"

Link obeyed, sniffling in a failing struggle to keep his feelings under control.

"These are just things, you understand? They can break, and they can be replaced; they can be put back together again. But lives can't be fixed that way. So we need to make sure that mask is destroyed. Got it?"

Link nodded, even with tears flowing down his face. Apologies could be made later; their job wasn't over just yet. So tucking the white-haired mask back in his utility belt, Link reached for Darmani's gift and got to work.


The following minutes proved fruitless. Whether it was under the debris in the hall, the antechamber, or as far as the courtyard, Majora's Mask was nowhere to be found. While the crash had pierced a hole high in the main hall, Chireiden's roof was an unlikely hiding spot.

Of course, that didn't mean the mask hadn't flown up there to gain some distance. From there, it had the entire cave to find a new place to hide—or even to hide beyond the cave.

Link brushed off more of the grey dust; he almost looked clean, now. In a moment of hesitation, he turned further inside the mansion.

"You're worried about Satori and her little sister?"

Link nodded.

"If we could split you into two people, we would, but that mechanical bull is small fry compared to Majora's Mask. The rumbles died out a while ago, so we can only hope that the lady with the long sword doesn't just carry that around for show."

Link nodded again, but his face said he wasn't convinced. Even if that mask wasn't as strong as Majora, that didn't make it weak. And Satori's little sister had it with her—what if she was wearing it? Majora hadn't just wished back one of its servants; it had found a hostage to use it. He couldn't imagine what Satori must be thinking right now.

"C'mon. We've wasted enough time already."

The little heronote  forced himself to turn away, and followed his companion out of Chireiden. As they rushed through the front doors and down the steps, Link made a silent promise:

When this was all over, he would return to this mansion. He'd apologize to Satori with all his heart, and do anything and everything she asked him to do until she felt like forgiving him. And then he'd bring her to Fairy Tail, and treat her to cookies, and they'd laugh and become great friends and forget all of this ever ever ever happened.

Yet even as he swore this promise, some of the elder Komeiji's words sprung to mind:

"I am afraid such things are not so easy..."

"I was put on Earth to accomplish a certain number of things. Right now I'm so far behind I will never die!"
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Delfi, Whitewood Shrine

Delfi's cheer was joined by confusion as she watched the wolf woman, her brow furrowing slightly at her exclamation that she was ready. Before she could really react to that, or ask just what she was ready for, the monster had started to move towards her; Crawling then hopping the short distance to land right in front of her.

The young woman leaned back in her chair the wolf towered over her, wide-eyed at the sudden rush of movement and words. Then she began to lean in towards Delfi. "Wait, what are you doiIIIIIIING!" The blonde girl squealed in surprise as she felt herself leave the ground, any semblance of calm disappearing as she went airborne; The wolf resting on her lap yelping in surprise. Without thinking she latched onto the monster, wrapping her arms around her neck tightly as she squeaked. "No, stop, you're going to drop me!"

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Former Hell, Surface: Can't We All Just Get Along?

Amagiri chose to follow Tatsu as the Captain's shadow. Between the trio of angels/fairies and the distant duo, the latter seemed more likely to have the Doll with them. The girls Alfred (and soon enough, Luca) addressed were far too expressive.

The big man held his silence as the giant poultry cantered towards the group. To be honest, he wasn't entirely sure if the Captain was making the right move or not. Amagiri and Luca were known enemies of Hell's Gate Tokyo, so if the second person was a skilled Contractor, they might be able to kill both of them at a closer distance. It depended on their ability of course, but battles between Contractors were almost always measured in seconds. One wrong move is all it takes.

The giant chicken was ordered to stop about ten feet from Tatsu. The figure with the reigns turned out to be a sharp-eyed woman with a shaved head and a tattoo of a red phoenix on her right arm. The smaller figure behind her was a blonde-haired boy in clothes that seemed about as old-fashioned as Magonia's style. Judging by his blank expression, it seemed obvious that the boy was the Doll.

"We just got here, sorry." the woman answered Tatsu. She was purposefully avoiding eye contact with Amagiri.

"May I kindly ask your name, Miss?" the big man asked, his tone stern but unassuming.

The woman blinked, but kept her eyes on Frampt. "Jane Doe."

"And that's your little brother John, I take it?"

Here, the woman's sharp eyes flicked away from the young Captain. She shot Amagiri a leer, and returned her gaze back to the man clearly in charge.

"Alright. We're short on time and I'm not interested in a fight, so let's clear some things up: we're not here for your new friends, we had no idea you'd be here, and so long as we find what we need, we'll be on our way and this'll stay our little secret. That fair?"

"Far from it. Though telling us what you're looking for is a good start."

Jane Doe sighed, shut her eyes tight in frustration, and said: "A woman. One of the scouts on this FUBAR mission. Wears some sort of tiara, goes by the name of Terra Branford."

Amagiri leered at the woman. "And what's so important about Miss Branford that the Syndicate has taken an interest in her?"

"From what I understand, Chief Kirihara cut you a damn good deal." she glared at the giant redhead. "Stay out of Tokyo, and we won't hunt you down. Sorry we're brushing paths now, but like I said: we're not here for you. Believe it or not, we've got bigger problems to deal with than a few homeless terrorists."

Turning back to Tatsu, the woman's expression grew calmer by degrees.

"You're in charge, I take it? Give us a few minutes to check if Branford's alive or dead, and we'll be on our way. Your call."

Meanwhile, Luca had chosen to follow Alfred to speak with the little scavengers. The sight of the little white flag made her smile; the discovery that flag was some bastard's trousers made her laugh.

"Aww, that's great." she sighed the last of her chuckles away. Then, nudging Alfred in the ribs, she asked if they could get an unconditional surrender out of the winged tikes.

HGT, Outside Tanaka's Noodles: Give Us A Heart Attack, Why Don't Ya?!

"...why the heck would they need so many Yodelers?"

"Beats me."

"Is that a mystery even 'the Great Gai Kurusawa' can't solve?"

"Shut up."


A sudden, piercing womanish shriek would startle everyone inside the noodle shack and out; Kiko also screamed. Wormed out of their less-than-inconspicuous hiding spot, the world-class private eye and his cosplay-crazy assistant leaped as far from the shadowy neon figure as possible...straight into the rest of K/DA.

"We'resosorrywewerejustcuriouspleasedon'tmurderuhuhuuuuus!!!" cried the detective.

Netherworld, Land of Carnage: Warning! Challenger Approaching!

Princess Jai followed her charming cherub without a word. Misconception or not, Flonne Bon Bon was far from Flonne Wrong Wong: in order to balance her booty and upper body, dem thighs alone must be strong as steel!

Entering the arena of demonic assfuckery, the Princess of Prettiness watched the Climactic Battle of Oh Wait Nevermind It's Over with the pokerface of a sharp and experienced warrior. His size, his stance, his talent for taking fireballs to the face and exploding...wait, the Golden Prinny wasn't her opponent? Shit! She didn't even see the other guy!

Flonne's words of concern rang soundly in the Princess' mind. With dainty fists clenched, she turned her bored/sleepy eyes to the announcer:

Yes, he did look really tough. But Princess Jai wouldn't be deterred: she would rise through the ranks of this arena, challenge that blonde guitarist, and defeat him! Here's hoping there was a Weenie Hut General nearby; that sorry motherfucker was going to need it.Nobody intimidates Flonney Bunny!

So the Princess of Prettiness stepped into the fighting pit, ready to dare that noisy bastard to a brawl in front of all these—oh hey, where'd this two-headed dragon come from?

Meeting Room: Womp Womp, Reploids

Even in the face of flexing flames, Nishijima remained as placid as ever. It was becoming painfully obvious that Gate was the only machine worth speaking to, so he took little notice of what the others said. Even Wolfang's near disclosure was ignored, if only because dwelling on it would be a fruitless distraction.

"In a word, the technology found from state to state is diverse. On one hand, there are the Medieval era drawbridges and crossbows, and on the other hand there are free-willed and coherent synthetic beings such as yourselves. Though I'm afraid I must be the bearer of bad news: the former is more common than the latter. To compensate for a dismal lack in engineering and design, these collectives rely on phenomena that lies outside our empirical understanding. 'Magic' is a word tossed around quite often on Battleworld.

"There are, of course, cultures between the two extremes. States have a habit of existing somewhere between the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, and Hell's Gate Tokyo is not among the exceptions. While electricity is abundant and our recognition of advanced technology is reasonable, we lack anything close to androids, or machines capable of functioning outside their protocols. I doubt they are worth your time.

"The states with intelligent synthetic beings have included Iacon, Kaon, The Institute, and Far Harbor; the groups have included Desperado LLC, the Vault Hunters, and the Decepticons. You may have already deduced that all of these names are absent from the Common Room's map and the Commons Corridor. They are gone, and if there are other states or groups with the technology you seek, I unfortunately do not know of them."

"I was put on Earth to accomplish a certain number of things. Right now I'm so far behind I will never die!"
Aug 26th 2019 at 10:43:53 AM

Through The Netherworld Portal

Nitocris simply followed along into what was essentially yet another underworld. At the very least, it was vastly more similar territory than most other places she's been to even if it was Disgaea tiered wacky land.

Morioh Police

"Yeah sure, I can do that. I'll give about as much general stuff as I can since I got nothing better to do." Shrugging his shoulders and snapping his fingers to cause his bike to disappear in a cloud of golden sparkles without really caring whether or not these people were going to freak the hell out from such an action, Kintoki flashed a winning smile and let himself be led back towards their station. From an outside perspective it would look a lot more like some Yakuza He-Man wannabe was being arrested though.


"The cut is too shallow... I am sorry for being unable to live up to my promise." Sighing as she willed her abnormally long blade to spin and resheathe itself after burning all the suspect bodily liquids off its handle, Majin Saber let out a forlorn sigh as she regarded the area with an ever so slight wince of disappointment. "Usually my job is to end things... I am not nearly as good at doing the exact opposite I am afraid."

Not one of your best jobs, Majin Saber. "At the very least... tracking your sister and the parasite shall prove rather easy considering just how direct their marking is on the environment. Do you wish to continue pursuit now while they are still not at their best but have to deal with the fervor of a desperate and cornered being or wait until they lick their wounds and thus have their guard down for a strike when they least expect it?"

Outside Tanaka's Noodles

On a normal day, all the members of K/DA (save for good girl Kai'Sa of course) would have been all in on teasing the hell out of their poor prey that they got good and proper. Still, even they had standards because the detective and his assistant was about as harmless as weaning kittens.

It was actually making Akali of all people feel rather bad about the sheer overreaction that had come from her little prank, the ninja turning off her neon highlights to become a regular urbanite that was hurriedly raising her hands to try to calm the duo the heck down. "H-hey, it's alright. We're not here to hurt you... shhhhhhhh... happy places..."

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Did you know this section has a character limit?
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"Red Grant" - Teach Us Something Please; Just Outside Portal, School Entrance, Luna Nova

"Nah, Hogwarts is a school of witchcraft and wizardry back home." Grant explained. "Not a real one mind, one from a bunch of kids books. But this place looks like it's in the British Isles, and Hogwarts is in Scotland, so I drew the comparison."

He Minako take the lead in making conversation, this was her operation and all, but Bond made sure to keep one eye on the surroundings, and one eye on the video feed from the Common Room. Lady had gathered her forces and moved out into Mitakihara only a few minutes ago, which boded well for her search for Vergil. It might be that Minako would never end up in any danger whatsoever.

At the very least, he couldn't interrupt her with SEES' movements yet. At least, that's what he was telling himself. He couldn't but be tempted to see if Minako's plan would work.

Weiss, Blake, Nora, Ren - Having Four Ears Comes In Handy; Outside Mitakihara Hospital, Mitakihara

As Nora, Ren, and presumably Maki made their way out of the truck, Blake's left cat ear twitched for a moment and twisted. A look of confusion came down over her face, and she turned to face the service entrance alleyway.

"Blake? Are you-" Weiss began, before Blake held a finger to her own lips to silence her friend.

Blake slowly, but silently, drew her sword from her sheath and converted it to pistol form, before quietly stalking her way over to the corner of the building. Weiss, Nora and Ren followed suit, unsheathing their weaponry and following the Faunus.

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