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Aug 15th 2015 at 3:26:07 PM

He raised a hand, a large, fat looking hand with vicious claws on the ends of each finger. It was time. The warriors had been carefully selected. Each capable in their own different ways. The battlefields chosen. Vastly different lands, each of which would present their own challenges to those who would fight over them. Of course, a being as vastly powerful as him did not need to resort to ripping chunks of other realities out of the ground to form a new planet. He could have snapped his fingers and created a world out of thin air. But he had never claimed to possess much of an imagination.

He watched as his meaty hand started glowing as he begin the process of the formation. Reality itself distorted before him as the world began to form before him. A new world, one build entirely for his own amusement. Lands from across the multiverse, warriors from across time and space, all were about to be brought together on a new world

The Battleworld.

Outworld-Shao Kahn’s Fortress

Inside the massive fortress of the warlord, Shao Kahn was displeased. Before him knelt the sorcerer Shang Tsung, beaten and bloodied, and currently being held down by the yellow skinned Baraka and the green skinned Reptile, with Kitana standing behind him, her blades at the ready. Shao Kahn was not one to abide failure, and fail Shang Tsung had. He had a simple task, one that Shao Kahn had been assured that he was capable of handling. He had been charged with ensuring that Outworld won the Mortal Kombat tournament. This would have been the 10’th consecutive victory for Outworld against Earthrealm, after which Shao Kahn would have been allowed to concur Earthrealm at last. But he had failed. A new Earthrealm champion had emerged and won the tournament, and now 500 years of waiting had been wasted.

Today was not a good day to be Shang Tsung.

“You failed me!” Shao Kahn yelled at Shang Tsung, whose head was currently held low, whenever out of pain, shame, or both no one but him could say. “500 years I have waited, now I must wait 500 more!”

“My lord!” Shang Tsung yelled, his head coming up to look at the angry tyrant. “All is not lost!” He yelled in desperation. Shang Tsung grunted in annoyance, turning away from the shamed sorcerer as he waved his hand dismissively.

“Curse the Elder Gods and their tournament.” Shao Kahn said, ignoring the continued cries of “My lord!” coming from Shang Tsung. “I should have taken Earthrealm by force.” Reaching his throne, he turned and sat down in it. “But I am bound by their rules. Rules that cannot be broken.”

“My lord!” Shang Tsung yelled again.

Waving his hand again, Shao Kahn issued his sentence. “Kill him!” At this order, Baraka and Reptile held down the struggling Shang Tsung as Kitana opened her fan blades behind him, about to follow through with the order. Knowing he was about to die, Shang Tsung quickly came up with one final ploy.

“What if…” But that was as far as he got. Not because he had been interrupted by a blade to the head, but because suddenly he fell to the floor, unconscious, as did everyone else in the room and in the realm of Outworld.

Shao Kahn awoke to the sounds of yelling.

“What foul sorcery have you wrought this time!?” Kitana was yelling at Shang Tsung, who, while no longer being held down, was in no condition to run at this time, and he would never have a chance to open a portal elsewhere before he was killed. Then Baraka and Reptile woke back up and grabbed him again, and this became a moot point.

“It was not me! I swear!” Shang Tsung was yelling, holding up his hands to plead for mercy. “This must have been the act of another!” Kitana did not move to lower her guard, but her eyes narrowed at this.

“Quan Chi, perhaps?”

“No, not him. His skills lie in necromancy. A sleep spell of this scale is not his style, and what would he have to gain? I have detected…”

As Shao Kahn picked himself off the ground, he noticed that he was holding something he had not been before. Some piece of parchment. Looking at the paper strangely, he opened it, ignoring the continued yelling in his throne room as he opened the note, one which many other people would probably be looking at about the same time. The text would be identical for them all.

Greetings. Right now, I am sure you have questions. What happened? Who is responsible for this? If you are outside or near a window, you may have already noticed the changes outside. Suffice it to say, you are no longer on your world. Now, you are in MY world. You are far from the only ones I have brought here, however. I will be holding a “get together” of sorts for my new guests. You are permitted to bring two, and only two, guests of your own choosing along with you. Further information will be distributed there, so I suggest you make it a point to attend with all haste.

Once Shao Kahn, and everyone else who had received a note, finished reading, he and they would see a blue shimmering portal appear in their nearby vicinity. Kitana, who had her back to it, did not notice it as Shang Tsung was wrapping up his own guess about what happened.

“ I can only guess...”

“Silence!” Kitana yelled, having grown tired of Shang Tsung’s babbling. She approached, ready to behead the man. “Kitana!” Shao Kahn yelled, stopping her in her tracks. She looked over at him, confused. He proceeded to walk over and show her the note. She scanned it, then shook her head.

“Absurd.” Just then, the throne room doors were thrown open as a messenger ran into the room. He stopped and knelt before Shao Kahn.


“The borders, they….they’ve…”

“Changed?” Shao Kahn asked.

“Yes, yes!”

“I see.” He said, thinking now. Whoever had done this apparently possessed the power to merge different realms together, In defiance of the Elder Gods and their rules. This meant that they had to have power comparable to that of an Elder God, or greater. Shao Kahn saw this for what it was. An opportunity. A chance to perhaps expand his realm without being forced to go through the Elder God’s hoops, and perhaps even take this man’s power for himself. But this new player seemed to also have rules. Annoying. But chances were high that, compared to those set by the Elder Gods, any rules this new person set would be bearable.

He had decided. He would go to this “get together”. He turned to Kitana. “We shall attend this….meeting. You will accompany me. As will you, sorcerer.” He said, turning to Shang Tsung. “Perhaps you will still prove of use to me. Or you will fail again, and I will turn your skull to dust.” Baraka and Reptile let the bloody sorcerer rise to his feet.

“Thank…” he began, but was cut off by a hand from Shao Kahn, who had no patience for the sorcerer’s boot licking today. He motioned to the still swirling portal, and the three entered.

They emerged to find themselves in a non-descript room. Blank white walls stood on all sides of them, with only a giant round table in the center stopping it from looking like a white void. In the center of said table stood a rotating globe, with the map of the new world on it, each land clearly marked with the name of the land and the name of their chosen representative (That is, the one who received the note) under it. Above it, in gigantic letters, was the name of the world, Battleworld.

Around the table were chairs, some of which had names on the back. Each leader would find a chair with their name and two blank chairs next to them for their chosen guests. Before Shao Kahn had a chance to comment on this scene, others began to appear, stepping out of blue portals identical to the ones they had entered. Each portal had a label above it that was identical to the one above the globe, with the name of the chunk the portal lead to over it.

Meanwhile, those who had been pulled to this world without a chunk would wake up to find themselves in a room. This may be a room that was pulled from their home reality, or a room simply built to the tastes of its new occupants. The leader of said groups would also find the same note others had received in their hands, with an opening door taking the place of the portal once they read it.

If anyone else in said groups attempted to leave after the chosen 3 left, they would find themselves repelled by a barrier they would not be able to break. Those that left would find themselves in a white hallway, with many other doors lining it, each door being marked with the name of the group inside and the name of their chosen rep. (Again, whoever had the note in his or her hand on waking up.) Said hallway would only lead one way, and lead them to the same room the chunk leaders were now finding themselves in.

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Aug 15th 2015 at 4:30:38 PM

The trucks returned. From the cheers it was a successful run. They had gotten the food supplies needed, through the gates, quickly now.

John Connor overlooked it, his Bodyguard "Uncle Bob" Right beside him wielding a large anti-Material rifle. Cameron not to far off as well overseeing the entrance.

The sight of Marcus and Derek put John's mind at ease, the dogs started to get antsy, but only went for Marcus who just accepted it.

For all the mess time travel had brought him, John was proud to say that-

Kaboom Something went off and in a instant the men and women trained to fight for the future of humanity were at the ready, the sky had turned a blood red and it seemed like the end was near.

John awoke, he had no idea what had happened to everyone and the base.

As the Resistance leader stood he found a note, it was then that he became aware of the fact that everyone was unconcious, or in the case of Bob and Cameron. Offline

The choice was pretty obvious, he tapped on Uncle Bob's shoulders and tried to awake Cameron. The result was successful.

"Seems we are in some deep shit," he told them as the blue portal appeared.

The 3 entered the Portal, and found themselves in the room.

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Aug 15th 2015 at 11:39:25 PM

Iris's Palace

Iris was sitting on her unnecessarily large bed in a luxurious room, the walls being golden and shining as if literally made of gold and her bed even having a pink curtain around. She was watching through a crystal ball the movements of a group of five Dark Magi who unwittingly were following her plans to the letter.

"Ah~" she smiled to herself, a smile of pure innocence "These commoners are so entertaining, following through my script with such perfection, not even being aware of the very palm they're dancing on." she giggled to herself in pure joy, but soon felt her counsciousness fading "Huh... My head... What.."

She then collapsed on her bed, her crystal ball sitting right in front of her uncounscious body and still depicting her pawns, all of which had suddenly fallen asleep as well.


Iris woke up in a most unusual room. It was nothing like any of the rooms in her palace, in fact, it looked much like a church, many books of different types could be found in bookshelves on the back of the room and beds were in place for not only her, but the guests that she soon noticed were lying on the ground. Somebody had brought them from their places into that church themed bedroom.

"What is this...? This is completely against my plan!" she thought to herself, quickly getting upset with her situation.

She then felt in her hand, an envelope that she most definitely did not have in her possession before. She hastily opened it up and read the message in the letter found inside it

"Tch. What right do them have to bring a god to this filthy place? What nerve..." she thought, scowling at the letter.


The new voice startled Iris and she took her focus away from the letter, instead finding that the captain of the Black Cross, Pamela Airwig was now standing in front of her, indeed, the rest of group had just begun waking up as well.

"Who are you? You weren't with us before. Did you bring us here? Where are we?" she flung out the questions at Iris, looking very wary of the child.

"A-Ah... I don't know. I'm just as lost as any of you. All I have is this letter..." said Iris, timidly handing out the letter to Pamela.

Pamela quickly read through the letter and her expression changed into of one of disgust "Is this the work of the Magi?"

"Captain, what happened?" said Schirach, who out of curiosity peeked from over Pamela's shoulders to look at the letter "Hm..." she then looked back at Iris "... And what are you doing here, Iris Sepperin?"

Hearing her name being thrown out like that was no surprise, as Schirach was once a member of the RKS and would have heard of her before. Nonetheless, Iris's situation had became much more difficult now as she had to improvise her way through that conversation.

"Sepperin? You mean you're the daughter of the old leader of the RKS?! A Magi!" said Pamela, quickly brandishing her sword and looking ready to kill


Pamela turned around to face the source of the new voice, Eifer Skute, her voice sounding as emotionless as it always did.

"This child was the one to receive the letter. It would be wise to not dispose of her so quickly, not until we understand our situation." she coldly stated.

As expected of her servant, Eifer did exactly what she needed to do in order to cover her master's back, Iris was smiling mischiesvouly in the inside, but from the outside she looked terrified. Pamela then took another look at the letter and then back at Iris, sheathing her sword.

"It sounds as if you were chosen to be our representative. Make no mistake, however, you're not the one who's going to lead." she said, keeping a very stern voice "We will attend this meeting that will happen. Once we get a better understanding of the situation, we'll see what we'll do about you."

The nerve. Speaking to her as if she was some peasant. Iris was quickly growing tired of Pamela, but at the same time she was a valuable pawn that she couldn't dispose of so quickly, she had to accept her terms, at least for now, in order to get somewhere.

"R-Right..." said Iris, looking afraid as she avoided eye contact with Pamela and looked at the ground.

Pamela then turned to Eifer "You also come with us, just in case."

Eifer just nodded, with that, Pamela started went through the door and left the room, with Eifer and Iris soon following behind her. With that, Schirach was left in the room alongside the Refraktia siblings.

"O-Our captain is scary..." said Letch, looking quite terrified

"And cool too!" said Rink, looking amazed.

Schirach then took her glasses out and began cleaning them using her shirt "Why was Iris brought with us...?" she asked herself.

The Common Room

After making their way through the white hallway, Iris and Eifer had noticed that the door that they came from had her name on it, probably as she was the representative of her world, appropriatelly enough.

Arriving at the meeting room, the three girls took a brief look around their surroundings before taking seat on their chairs. Iris saw that there was a chair with her name on it, much to her delight. At the very least the one who had brought her there had good taste, even if the chair itself was very unflattering.

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After the defeat of the Snowmads, the Kongs decided to celebrate Donkey Kong's birthday for real after the previous attempt was so rudely cut short. With DK playing the defeat Lord Frederick's magic horn, Diddy Kong on the bongos, Dixie on guitar, and Cranky on bass, the party started off with a bang with all of DK Isle invited, the grateful masses celebrating along with their saviors. The party lasted from the early morning to the late hours of the night, so late that clean up would be regulated to the next day.


Donkey Kong was snoozing the day away, enjoying his well deserved sleep, oblivious to the beams of sunlight peaking through the window. Being the birthday boy, the big ape had enjoyed the party the most, as evidenced by the confetti and now browning banana peels all over the floor and the lampshade over his head. Best of all, he finally managed to get a taste of that delicious banana foster cake he was pining for before the Snowmads came and ruined the fun. One of the only two things that dampened the party was Candy being forced to go home early because of her job. It was pity she could not stay longer. DK was planning on bringing her home with him.

The other thing were Kremlings somehow managing to crash the party just to spike the punch......with actual spikes. One of these days, the island guardian was going to deal with those repulsive reptiles......

But in the meantime, DK continued to sleep, dreaming of flying bananas in the sky.........

Since the big ape was already asleep, he failed to notice how the rest of the island suddenly fell asleep as well. He would continue to snooze, oblivious to all the other inhabitants of the island suddenly falling asleep as well, nor the note that was conveniently place inside his hand....



"Got the sound system all connected, Dixie!"

"You are you want to do this, Diddy? Cranky told us specifically to clean everything up."

"Aw, don't worry about it, Cranky always sleeps in! We'll be able to practice a bit, clean everything up, and put away the equipment before the old guy wakes up!"

"That would take hours, y'know."

"But when do we ever to get a chance like this! Rarely we ever bring out the prime equipment!"

Currently the two Kongs were at an outside dance floor by the beach with some surrounding tables, currently littered with garbage and smaller animals rummaging through it all for any scraps still edible. Diddy Kong was manning the turn tables while in between a pair a large, expensive looking speakers while Dixie Kong was holding an electric guitar.

"I'm mostly hoping the noise doesn't wake him up," Dixie said.

"Don't worry! It takes even more to wake Cranky than even DK!" Diddy responded. "Now......" The monkey then flipped his cap backwards and donning a pair of sunglasses. "Its time for the most epic rap & rock combo symphony ever! And-a one, and-a two, and-a one, two, three, G - "

Both Kongs promptly fell asleep.


Cranky was currently inside his hut, one arm wrapped around a fairly large tub of popcorn. He was unusually happy, considering the event that was to be taking place.

"Oh boy, oh boy!" he said in excited anxiousness. "I can finally watch the Season Finale of CSI: Mushroom Kingdom! Recorded the whole thing, cleared out my schedule, all the others preoccupied.....I get a whole hour to myself! Can't wait to see how the cliffhanger resolves itself!" The elder Kong sat on his rocking chair in front of the TV, picked up the remote on the nearby chair, and turned it on. The DVR immediately started right on the episode.

"Previously, on CSI: Mushroom Kingdom"

Cranky popped a mouthful of popcorn as the last five minutes of the previous episode played out. Soon there was an explosion, marking where the previous episode ended. Cranky was at the edge of his seat as the shadowy figure was going to be revealed

He fell asleep. For the next hour.

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"Why hello there new friends!"

The lab workers in the Observatory stopped everything. The tiny old woman propped at the far end of the room had begun talking—something that an unconscious Doll wired to a machine should never be able to do.

"You look so much like the others. So distant from my eye, so close to my heart. Twinkle, twinkle, shimmering through the black; what a color that drowns our days to come."

"Good God," an astronomer shuddered. His shaking hands only wrung his cold sweat to the floor. "Sh—She's talking. The Stargazer's talking! Somebody call the police! We're all going to die!!!"

Another light in the sky died out. Most people didn't notice things like this; it seemed like the citizens of Tokyo barely spent a second to breathe, let alone look up and watch the stars. Even if the old constellations were gone, there was something marvelous about those little dots of heaven.

Hei leaned away from the telescope and sat down on his landlady's roof. Another Contractor dead. It seemed like every night the sky lost a few more stars, like they were leaking out somewhere along with the lives of killers like him. Maybe he knew the poor bastard, but chances are it was some nobody killed by some other nobody over something nobody cares about.

"Lee? Is that you?"

A familiar voice called out his alias. Hei peeped over the shingles to see a woman in a blue pants suit with a pair of narrow glasses. She was a detective he'd crossed paths with several times now—both as innocent pathetic Lee Shengshun, and as the dangerous elusive Black Reaper. This city really was never as big as he thought.

"Miss Kirihara!" he smiled, "I'm not causing a disturbance, am I?"

Detective Kirihara slammed her police car door. "No, you're fine. What're you doing up there?"

"Just watching the stars. Want to join me?"

She smiled at the thought; too bad they were all fake. She warned the kid to be careful coming down from the roof and turned back to her car. She was reaching for the door handle when her phone started ringing. On the other end was her old friend from the Observatory, her voice almost unintelligible with panic.

"Misaki! You need to get to the Observatory right now!"

"What? What's wrong?"

"The Stargazer's talking again! Like when Heaven's Gate disappeared!"

"The Stargazer's what?! Just hold on, I'll be right there."


Two loud crashes rang through the apartment complex, one for each floor. With some difficulty, Hei managed to squirm out of the dumpster he landed in.

"Oh my God, Hei! Are you alright?" Misaki dashed over to the dumpster to help her friend out. "What did I just tell you to do?"

"I'm sorry, Miss Kirihara," Hei winced. "It just sounded like you were in trouble. Guess I lost my footing."

"You need to head to the hospital."

"Could you give me a ride?" Lee was clutching his ribs and wheezing the question out. Could she really leave him after he fell off a roof? Could she really make a detour when the entire country might vanish any minute?

The answer to both questions was "no." Slinging an arm around her shoulders, Misaki guided Lee into the passenger seat of her car.

"Sorry Lee, but we can't stop at the hospital. I'll have someone help you at the Observatory."

There were too many cars outside the Observatory. The Stargazer's voice must have caught the attention of the other departments; that made Misaki nervous.

She brought Lee inside and asked the front secretary to find someone who could apply first aid. She had bigger problems to deal with.

Inside the observation deck Misaki saw a few faces she wished never to see again, namely those of a blond man in sunglasses, a black woman with dyed blue hair, and a little boy in a newsie.

"Detective Kirihara," the man smiled, "it's been too long."

"What're they doing here, Noami?" Misaki frowned, addressing the woman in a lab coat that approached her—the same woman who was on the phone.

The man answered for Naomi. "Not to be rude, but is that the way to treat us? After all we've been through together?"

No one answered. "That was a joke," the man added. "We're here because we're allowed to be, detective. As international property, the Observatory's doors are always open to MI 6, just as they're open to you. But I suppose we should deal with regulations after the situation is dealt with, don't you agree?"

Misaki did agree, but she didn't get the chance to say so before the world went black.

When she woke up, Misaki could hear even more panic filling the room. The lights flickered and the only stable glow came from a blue portal in the middle of the room. When did that get there?

Suddenly the lights went out for good. A silohuette dashed to the portal and vanished. There wasn't time to think. Misaki grabbed her pistol and signaled for the blond haired man to cover her. Together they followed the figure into the unknown.

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Bowser sat dejected upon his throne, resting his elbow on the armrest and leaning his head against his hand. His other hand drummed against the metal throne, claws tapping. The Koopa King reflected upon his latest failure.

Beaten. Jumped upon. Smashed by hammers. Dropped into lava. Kicked into a black hole. Tosses into bombs. Every time, he lost. Every time, that fat plumber won. Maybe it was his fault. Maybe he wasn't creative enough with his lava pit placement. Maybe if he just made a really big pit, one that Mario couldn't j-


Bowser sighed. "Well, there goes my train of thought." He looked up at Junior, running from an irate looking Iggy. Iggy had a large hammer, no doubt pilfered from a Hammer Bro, and was chasing the younger Koopa around with it, shouting something about revenge.

"Tell Iggy to stop chasin' me!" Cried Junior, jumping into his father's lap. Iggy slung the hammer over his shoulder.

"Tell Junior to apologize for breaking my scepter!" Iggy retorted.

"I did apologize! You just got angry and started trying to smash me!"

"Iggy." Bowser said. "We have more magic wands."

"But it was my favorite-" Iggy began.

"No buts." Bowser said. "If it really means that much to you, ask one of the Magikoopas to fix it."

"Kamella's rather skilled at repairing things, if I'm not mistaken." Said Kamek, entering the room. "Your nastiness, I'm pleased to inform that our casualties from Mario's latest... escapade, are minimal. We should be prepared for another invasion attempt within the month."

"At least that's some good news." The Koopa King stood, picking up Junior with one arm and nudging Iggy with the other. The Koopaling scurried off to ask about getting his scepter fixed, while Bowser began to pace.

"Are you alright, Bowser?" Kamek asked, peering at the king over his glasses.

"I'm fine. It's just... there has to be something we can do to stop Mario. Some foolproof plan."

"Ooh, ooh, I've got one!" Junior said, hopping out of his father's grasp. "What if we sneak into the Mushroom Kingdom and steal all the Stars and Mega Mushrooms so Mario can't use 'em, and then you turn giant and step on him!"

"That's..." Bowser rubbed his chin. "...actually pretty-"

"Your horribleness?" Kamek said. Bowser rose slowly, rubbing the sleep from his eyes. "I believe something has happened."

"Wha?" Grumbled Bowser. He looked around a moment, before spotting Junior's shell. Snoring emanated from within, indicating the young Koopa had retreated into it.

"We all fell asleep. Some kind of spell, I'd wager, though I can't fathom who would be strong enough to cast it." Kamek adjusted his glasses.

"I swear, if this is that Dimentio guy again, I'm going rip that stupid mask off his face and shove it down his throat."

"Wait, what's that in your hand?"

"Hm?" Bowser looked at his hands, and sure enough... he quickly tore open the envelope and read it. Growling, he crumpled the paper. "Some kind of joke this is. Probably Lemmy."

"Sir!" A Magikoopa in purple robes swooped in through the window on a broomstick. She leaped off and bowed. "The Mushroom Kingdom, it's- it's gone!"


"Not just that..." She looked hesitant. "Everything- nothing is the same around our borders. We have a coastline now, and there are different kingdoms beyond ours. It's like we've been-"

"Ripped out of our world. Damn it."

"My liege?" Kamek asked. Bowser handed him the note and he read it. "Hmm. Given this report, it seems this isn't a trick."

Bowser stomped over to the portal.

"You may want to bring some 'guests', as the note instructs, sir."

"Why?" Asked Bowser. "You think Mario's gonna be there?"

"Possibly, but unlikely." Kamek shook his head. "No, what I'm worried about is the possibility of this turning... violent. You may as well bring some muscle."

"Fine. MORTON! ROY!" Roared Bowser, and the two ran in not half a minute later, almost bumping into each other. "Stand behind me and look tough. We've got a meeting to go to. And for Stars sakes, try not to look bored."

"Woah. This is one weird place." Roy looked around the room. "Everything's so... white."

"'M I still dreamin' er wat." Morton mumbled through a yawn. Bowser shushed them and the three sat down, in the set of three chairs marked by Bowser's name.

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Aug 16th 2015 at 7:29:49 PM

Shao Kahn-The Common Room

The warlord Shao Kahn located his seat as other people began to appear. He sat on his chair, which was built somewhat larger then normal in order to accommodate his large frame, Kitana and the still bloody Shang Tsung sitting next to him. He glanced around at the people who were begining to appear. The first two groups to enter caused his blood to boil at first. Earthrealmers. Coming so soon after his loss, Shao Kahn would have sworn that the Elder Gods were somehow mocking him had it not been for the highly unusual circumstances. Then another thought entered his head. This meant that Earthrealm, or at least a part of it, would have been brought here as well.

Shao Kahn could not stop himself from chuckling darkly. Perhaps he would yet be able to take over some of Earthrealm. As for the Earthrealmers themselves, Shao Kahn remained unsurprisingly unimpressed. The first three who entered looked unremarkable to him, save for some battle scars that indicated that had seen some kombat. Still, he gave them little thought. The second was a group of two woman and a little girl, who came out of a door rather then a portal. Of the girl, Shao Kahn took no notice. One does not bother to examine every ant they step on, after all. The other two, however, he took a quick look at. One stern faced, likely the enforcer of the group, the other clearly the leader.

Then a third group entered, much different then the other two. A gigantic beast that was as large as he himself was, that had a sturdy looking shell with spikes on it. he was flanked by two smaller beasts of the same kind, clearly his lackeys. Shao Kahn immediately identified this beast for what he was. A threat. A threat that he needed to identify. This floating contraption in front of him was clearly a map of some sort. He could see Outworld clearly labeled on it, with many other unknown realms around him. He would need to first identify which of these realms was the greatest threats before planing his next move.

"You there." Shao Kahn said, pointing at Browser. "Identify yourself, and state which realm you represent."

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Misaki squinted as her eyes adjusted to the white room. Her companion had no such issues; on these very rare occasions it payed to wear sunglasses indoors.

The blond man just stared ahead and smiled. "Well well, detective, look who's here to welcome us."

A masked man in a black coat stood directly in front of them, his back currently turned to face the growing number of freaks sitting at the round table.

"What is BK-201 doing here?" Misaki thought aloud.

"He's probably the fellow who leaped through the portal before us. Curious how he knew about the situation at all, don't you think, detective?"

Misaki ignored her companion. Her attention was transfixed on the Contractor in black; a killer she'd been tracking for months now.

"I hope you can explain yourself, BK-201."

The masked figure said nothing. He just turned towards her and handed her a note. After reading it, Misaki started to understand.

She handed the note to her companion. "November, it looks like April and July won't be joining us. For the time being, it'll just be us three. Judging from these other...things sitting around the table, it's probably best that we call a truce for the moment. At least till we can figure out exactly what's going on."

November smiled. "My thoughts exactly, Miss Kirihara. Well, it looks like nothing will get done until the other guests arrive. Might as well take a seat and watch the fun."

He took the left seat, Misaki took the right. The infamous Black Reaper took the center and continued to remain mute. Neither Misaki nor November could ignore the name plastered behind the center seat:


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Aug 17th 2015 at 8:04:28 AM

Iacon: Omega Hangar

"A textbook landing, Boss-Bot," reported Bulkhead, hunched over his monitor and squinting at the text just a tad too small for him. "All landing gear fully deployed and velocity at zero point oh."

"You don't need to add a point oh if it's zero, ya big lugnut," said Bumblebee, relaxing into his own seat, resting his hands behind his head.

"And it looks as though the supplies for the next repair rotation have already been left for us in the hangar," said Ratchet, pointedly ignoring Bumblebee. "It's just a matter of loading it up. We should be back out into space and repairing space bridges within the megacycle."

"And what about our ninja-bot travelling companion?" asked Optimus.

"If I had to guess, Prime, he'd be making his way out now," answered Ratchet.

"Without saying goodbye?" asked Bulkhead, quizzical.

Optimus Prime got up to his feet, the other Autobots on the bridge of the Orion doing the same.

"Well, he got what he wanted from us - a ride back to Cybertron. I wouldn't be too big a shock to the system if he decided to vanish on us. Still, at the very least he should say a word or two before slipping off."

With that, Prime left the bridge, making his way to the airlock, where he found Prowl. The lean, black and gold bot was quietly opening the hatch via the access panel, not acknowledging Optimus.

"I guess you'll be going, then?" asked Optimus. No response.

"Maybe you'll be back out there on the first ship you can afford to complete that optics quest of yours?" Nothing, again.

"In any case, good luck." Silence.

"Come on, Prowl. Don't make me pull rank just to get a goodbye."

"Goodbye, Optimus Prime."

He didn't even turn around. But it seemed that was all he was getting from the cyber-ninja. As Prowl stepped out of the hatch and onto the extended boarding platform, there was a sudden burst of static on all his senses. Disoriented, he stumbled over, quickly falling into stasis, Prime dropping to the ground soon after. The others within the ship and indeed all those across the central hub of Iacon fell into stasis, dropping everything they were doing as unconsciousness took them.

Prowl awoke to the sight of Optimus standing over him, the red and blue leader-bot holding out his hand and helping Prowl to his feet. Prowl teetered, still recovering his systems after a hard-reboot.

"Wh... what was that?" asked Prowl. "What happened?"

"I don't know, Prowl," admitted Optimus. "But I don't recall Iacon having a big, green organic garden over there," he added, pointing to the overgrown city to the north. Where once there had been enormous cyber-highways and skyscrapers, Iacon had been significantly reduced to its core region. The other three bots rushed out from inside the ship, each spending a moment to gape.

"Just what in Vector Sigma's name is going on here?" asked Ratchet, seething, as if demanding the sky cough up the answers pronto.

"I think our landscapers might have gotten a little overzealous in their improvements to Iacon," quipped Bumblebee.

"Yeah, tell me about it," replied Bulkhead. "Normally they just redeco or recolour the place and try and sell it to us as if it's all new."

The four Autobots turned to look at Optimus, who was examining a holopod that had appeared in his hand after he had woken. He'd put off checking the message until he was certain his crew were safe, but now that they were...

He cranked the pod open, a holographic message in Cybertronian text scrawled out as he read it, carefully.

"It... it's a message. And whoever sent it knows what's going on here. Iacon's been moved. And if we want to know more, it wants us to meet at some kind of gathering. They want... me? And two others."

A shimmering bot-sized portal opened up at the wall beside them, Bumblebee jumping a little. Prowl leaned in closer to inspect it.

"And I suppose this must be our means of transport," stated Prowl, matter-of-factly.

"How are you so calm about the fact that we have all had our cans collectively picked up and dropped?" asked Bumblebee, now frantic.

"Prowl, nobody is going through that portal until we've reported it to the proper—" began Prime, but he was too late. The ninja-bot had already darted into the portal, vanishing in a flash.

"Blast!" cursed Prime, quickly running after. "Ratchet, with me. Bumblebee, Bulkhead, I want you on the streets and figuring this out."

There wasn't time to argue; Optimus was already gone, Ratchet charging after him in a huff.

The Common Room

As Optimus and Ratchet emerged from the portal, they could see Prowl just up ahead, staring down. They spent a moment taking in the start white room, before matching Prowl's line of sight, taking notice of the small, diverse organics literally at their feet.

"Oh..." said Optimus, softly realising just how far into the deep end he had dived.

What if there’s no better word than just not saying anything?
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Aug 17th 2015 at 8:17:42 AM

In walks the Captain, strolling in as if he's taking a walk in the park.

And he looked at the others, scratching the back of his head.

My, my. This is quite the odd place, thought the Captain.

Meanwhile, back within Outpost 341, Lieutenant-Colonel Baites S. is adressing the base via the PA.

This is Lieutenant Colonel Slajavic, under authority of the Captain. All personnel are to head to Hangar 3 through 5, for a general report and adress from Senator Yvel regarding the current situation as well as a general headcount. Supervisors as well as respective platoon commanders are to perform headcounts of their respective divisions.

~Mic static~

With a sigh, he swivels on his chair round from the intercom, towards his work table, one of the few dash of colour in his rather drab office, taking a look at the note the Captain left him.

Out for a walk. Be back soon. Love, the Captain.

Among the bustle and hustle of gasmasked men and women in various designs, hurrying towards one of the less cramped and more spacious area of the Outpost, is a rather small figure, clad in a petty officer's garb and hugging a dossier close to her chest, walking in the opposite direction of the crowd.

She arrives in an almost immaculate room, filled with machineries and equipments, spic and clean in appearance, where a pale man dressed in lab coat, a pair of goggles and latex gloves are ordering similarly dressed personnel around.

A hand balled to the mouth. 'Ahem. Father?'

With a sigh, the man turns.

'I told you, call me Head Researcher Slivac in the laboratory, Lieutenant Slivac. What is it?'

She eyes the bundle of paper she is holding against her chest, flipping through them. 'The data as well as the comm station confirmed your suspicion. We are no longer in Helghan.'

'...'. He sighs, and puts a hand against his face.

'Autarch, damn it.'

On one of the derelict service platforms, used to service the giant metal ships and machines of war that would cross the stars, sits an elderly man that might as well be sitting on a porch, regaling stories to children and nephews.

Legs dangling from the platform, a thick white and yellow engineering suit, a bushy beard similar to one jolly old man dressed in red, and a few empty bottles of alcoholic beverage, the old man looks across the constantly foggy, cloudy, windy horizon that coats the skies of the area surrounding the outpost.

A bottle against his mouth, bottoms up, and a burp.

And the man sighs.

'This is gonna be a long year.'

всегда верен
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Aug 17th 2015 at 10:02:45 AM

Soon, Diddy and Dixie woke.

"Oh man, what the Heck happened?" Diddy asked. "I just suddenly fell asleep all of a sudden. You alright?"

"Yeah, I'm okay, just a little drowsy," Dixie responded, rubbing the sleep from her eyes. "Is the equipment okay?"

"Think so," he said, after it the speakers were fine. "Anyway, let's get back to it! ROCK ON BABY! And-a one, and-a two, and-a one, two, three, GO!!" Diddy activated the turn tables, scratching a rudimentary tune and following up with a wicked bass beat. The bass pumped, waiting for that perfect moment.........waiting...........waiting...........


A beat.

Diddy cut the music. "Dixie, you were supposed to come in there!"

"Diddy, look over at the horizon," Dixie said, looking out into the distance.

Diddy got up and walked up to Dixie, tilting his sunglasses down and looking at where she was pointing towards. "I see a shoreline with some buildings and a creepy castle covered in dark clouds. So what?"


It took a few moments for Diddy to process. His pupils shrank to pin pricks in realization.


"I can't believe, I can't FREAKING believe it!" Cranky angrily yelled as he paced around. "All the waiting and the trouble I had to go through just to record the season finale of my favorite show, and I suddenly had to fall asleep right when the Boo Bob-omber is revealed! Those Kremlings must have had something to do with it! When I finally get to watch the episode, I'm calling all hands on deck for some gator hunting!"


He stopped pacing as an unearthly chill suddenly filled the room......


A strange voice echoed the old ape's name........

"Crrrraaaaaaankiiiii - "

"Oh come off it, Wrinkly, enough the haunting bit," Cranky said. "It stopped being scary after the third time!"

"Really, you're no fun at all!" said the ghostly apparition of an elderly looking ape looking only slightly younger than Cranky.

"That's not I heard after Junior rescued me," Cranky responded with a sly grin.

"Yes, yes, very funny, anyway, I need to tell you something - "

"Lemme guess, if I don't get my act together, Tiny Tim's gonna die from pneumonia or something."

"Cranky - "

"Or probably you're bothering me because bingo night is heaven's so dull you'd spend time here?"

"DONKEY KONG, this is serious!"

Cranky's eyes bugged out and he nearly tripped over himself. Ever since he changed his name to pass down the moniker of Donkey Kong, Wrinkly only called him that when the situation was truly dire. "Was is it?" he said, his tone becoming deathly serious.

"The island has been moved," Wrinkly responded.

"Moved?" Cranky said.

"Yes. Look out the window."

The old gorilla walked to the window and looked out a Westward facing window, seeing out in the distance a completely foreign mountain that looked like it was ripped out from somewhere inland and planted right in the coast. "Yup, the island's moved," he said. "We shouldn't be this close to any land."

"I believe this to be the work of something far greater than anything we, or anyone has faced before."

"That's an exaggeration. Probably the work of K. Rool, or Bowser, or some other villain."

"I've been cut off from the afterlife. I do not know how, but I am stuck here, a permanent visitor."

Cranky's face hardened. "We need to get the whole clan."


"THIS IS IT?!?" Cranky yelled. "THIS is everyone?!?"

Diddy, Dixie, Candy, and Funky Kong all shared nervous glances with each other as Cranky yelled before nervously nodding.

"Where's Chunky?!" he said. "Where's Tiny?! Lanky, Kiddy, Swanky?! What about my good for nothing lazy grandson?!?"

"Last time I heard from Tiny, she was in Sarassaland doing a photo shoot," Dixie said. "I tried calling before, by there's no connection."

"Chunky and Kiddy are be in Kongo Bongo Island, and Kiddy's being trained by the Kong Clan there to be the new guardian," Candy explained.

"Don't ask me about Lanky," Diddy said defensively. "I have just as much idea about where that guy is as anyone else here."

"That leaves Swanky and DK," Cranky said.

"Actually, Swanky called me last week to tell me he was going to Diamond City," Candy said. "Hired to be a indy videogame developer by Wario - "


A beat.

"WARIO?!?" Cranky practically shrieked, suddenly livid. "SWANKY WENT TO WORK FOR THAT FAT, DISGUSTING, GREEDY HALF-RATE EXCUSE FOR AN EVIL TWIN?!? Next time we see him, I am officially revoking his Kong Clan discount priveledges - !!"

"Whoa whoa, easy there boss monkey, don't be harshin' the collective mellow yet," Funky said to Cranky.

The eldest living kong immediately calmed down, taking a few calming breathes. "Anyone he's know where DK is?"

"He's back in his hut," Diddy answered. "Couldn't wake him up, though."

"I'll go," Cranky volunteered. "Wrinkly, try to scry the land and draw map so we have some idea of where the island was deposited in."

"Its going to be rather inaccurate," she said.

"Just do your best," Cranky assured. "I'll be right." As he left, the four younger Kongs once again looked at each other nervously. The only times Cranky and Wrinkly spoke to each so frankly without any insults flung was in really dire situations, and it made the four of them realize this may be more serious than they thought.

A beat.

"So......" Diddy began. "Anyone wanna guess what that thing is over there on the wall?" He pointed to the swirling blue portal located on the far wall of the room.

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Shovel knight blinked groggily as an unfamiliar stone ceiling came into focus. He didn't remember getting a room at the inn last night... Not unless someone slipped him a spiked drink.// That didn't seem likely, the last thing he could remember was walking into the village with Shield knight, and-

"Do you have any idea how boring it is to watch you sleep?" A sarcastic voice called out from the corner of the room.

"What?" The blue-armored knight sat on the bed and looked around the surprisingly nice room, tapestries depicting scenes of heroic adventure and an amusingly accurate piece the Troupple King and his followers dancing in their pond hung from the stone walls while a fireplace crackled on the far side of the room near a large bookcase and a few comfortable looking chairs, where a black armored figure sat with his arms crossed.

"Black Knight! I thought you-"

"Save it, you blue buffon. I haven't the foggiest idea how we got here, but you have a letter"

Shovel Knight looked to where Black Knight was pointing, there was indeed an envelope sitting on the bed where it had been dropped at some point in the night. He started to read as Shield Knight climbed off one of the three feather beds.

"I see... Somehow it seems we've arrived on another world. And our host wishes to see us."

"Good, then maybe I can beat some answers out of who or whatever's behind this" Black Knight grumbled as he retrieved his black and red shovel from where it hung on the wall next to Shield Knight and Shovel Knight's equipment.

The Common Room

Soon the trio made their way down the hall to the large white room and it's conference table

"Looks like someone is popular" Black Knight snorted on seeing two nameless chairs flanking one bearing Shovel Knight's moniker on the back.

"Feel free to complain to the host" Shield Knight said as the three of them took their seats

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The Common Room

As Shao Kahn awaited Bowser's response, another group entered the room from the same area that Iris's group had come from earlier, already in the middle of a conversation.

"Whoever this demon guy is, he's got really bad taste in decoration. I mean, come on, blank white walls? Seriously?"

"At least it's clean, unlike your pigsty of a place. When was the last time you cleaned in there?"

Out of the door came a man in a large red coat. Observant eyes would note dual pistols in holsters under it, and less observant eyes would notice the large silver sword he had on his back.

"Why bother cleaning it when it's just going to get wrecked in the next demon attack anyway?" He said in response. Behind him, he was closly flanked by two women. One of them, a blonde woman, had a gigantic sword on her back that was about as large as she was, and she also had dual pistols on her hips.

"He's got a point, you know." She said to the other woman, a black haired woman who was armed to the teeth with weapons, including an unusual looking rocket launcher on her back, two SMG's attacked to a belt with so many large pouches that it almost completely covered her shorts, a shotgun strapped to her leg, and two pistols placed inside holsters that had been build into her boots.

"He could at least throw out the pizza boxes." She said with an eyeroll. Meanwhile, the man in the coat, seeing a chair marked Dante, jumped over it and landed on the chair, placing his feet on the table as he leaned back.

"I see the party's started without us. No problem, I like being fashionably late. So, you all get taken by this demon? And where's the refreshments? I mean, come on, there's not even a pizza on this table! Someone needs to teach this guy how to throw a party, because I don't think he's quite gotten the message."

If any of the highly unusual things around him such as the giant robots or the Koopas had thrown him off, he failed to give off any hint of it.

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Aug 17th 2015 at 12:05:00 PM

" big is this room?" Roy asked, looking up with interest at the giant robots. Morton, meanwhile, had fallen asleep again and was now snoring peacefully.

Bowser, meanwhile, grinned at Shao Kahn. This human (assuming it was a human - Bowser didn't recall how tall humans could get, but he'd never seen one that big) was clearly intimidated by his awesome power.

"Bowser, King of the Koopas. Don't worry, I'll let you surrender peacefully. Gwar har har!" The king laughed. He spared a glance at the robots out the corner of his eye, but he wasn't worried about them. Worse came to worse, he could have Kamek supersize him and punch them into the dirt.

Never one... Without the other.
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Aug 17th 2015 at 12:11:10 PM

John sat down, Cameron and Bob followed.

"Seems like this is a discussion of politics..." He muttered observing the room, the table itself reminded him of the movies he watched when he was a kid, mostly the ones where everyone in charge would frantically discuss what to do at a round table.

Uncle Bob and Cameron were anaylzing everyone for threats, Uncle Bob finally spoke "Most targets are organic, typical weaponry will suffice for most of them. Larger subjects may require explosives and concentrated plasma fire."

"That's all well and good but I'd like to make some peace instead of just killing everything," John remarked to his Bodyguard, Uncle Bob nodded and proceeded to assume a relaxed position.

Cameron however, "We must keep a eye out, they could be a threat to your safety."

John rolled his eyes and looked at her, "Do you see Skynet around? Do you detect any signals from Skynet? No? Then we are safe for now."

Cameron looked at John with a quizzical look, as if she didn't fully understand the statement, but she turned back to observing everyone, "Large machinery not of Earth origin or composition..." she muttered, a little annoyed.

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Aug 17th 2015 at 12:21:04 PM

The Common Room

Iris was amazed. So many different creatures in just one room! Monsters, humans of incredibly varying appearances possibly from different time periods as well, even giant living machines seemed to have made their way there! Whoever brought them all there was certainly setting up for something far greater than she first expected.

"What is this..." said Pamela, glancing at everyone present as her expression was one of clear shock "Monsters, machines, even some of the humans here look downright outworldly."

"This a mixture of various worlds and cultures after all." said Eifer, who still managed to keep herself coolheaded.

"A most unholy mixture to be sure..." Pamela said under her breath.

"I wonder if any of them are friendly..." said Iris, hiding her excitement behind a mask of worry.

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Shao Kahn-The Common Room

Shao Kahn just barely restrained himself from trying to flip the massive table over and charging the foolish beast. As it stood, he snorted in contempt.

"That is an offer that I might have extended to you as well. But now, for this grievous insult, your realm, this "Koopa Kingdom", will be the first to fall to the might of Outworld!" Shao Kahn, who had taken virtually no notice of the continuing amounts of Earthrealmers entering the room, instead turned his attention to the gigantic constructs that had appeared. "And you, constructs! Identify your name and realm as well. And I advise you choose your words better then this "Koopa King". You will show proper deference to me, or be crushed under my heel!"

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Aug 17th 2015 at 1:01:24 PM

This place is—interesting, thought the officer.

So many people to see, so many people to—meet. Though, it seems that a plenty of thing are happening right now.

With that in mind, the Captain elects to simply—Quietly to the globe. What could it be...?

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Aug 17th 2015 at 1:08:39 PM

It used to be easy, being a Decepticon.

There was a time when people rallied behind Megatron, vaunted champion of the oppressed. Miners and maintenance workers and the 'bots so low that they didn't even have a caste cheered on their seemingly invincible leader. The Decepticons had inspired millions of Sparks all across the planet. He still remembered the old slogans from the early days, back when Megatron's army was only a few hundred strong and made up of disenfranchised bottom-class mechs: "Take heart! Throw off the shackles of your decrepit caste system! Freedom of self-determination! Peace through tyranny!" There were glitches and bumps along the way; but what revolution hadn't gone off without a few hitches?

Then, of course, everything had gone so very wrong.

Steeljaw slouched up against the side of their temporary base and threw a piece of garbage at the wall.

Those solar cycles were over now. Decepticons - that is to say, the Decepticons that hadn't willingly turned in their badges and fallen back in under the growing faction of non-aligned Cybertronians - were a marginalized subgroup, seen as an ugly relic. There were still Decepticons in the backstreets and gutters of the slowly recovering Cybertron: petty crooks with no ambition, bitter Decepticon sympathizers who had sat out most of the war in one jail cell or another, and handful of die-hard soldiers who hadn't really realized that the war had ended and were determined to take down as many Autobots as they could before they were inevitably offlined. Not enough to take on the Autobots. Not nearly enough to overthrow Cybertron's new Council. Steeljaw had learned that the hard way.

That was why he was on Earth now. If he couldn't have Cybertron for what was left of the Decepticons, he'd take a different world and make it his own. His army was growing, bit by bit. The abandoned steel mill that had become their base wasn't exactly prime real estate unless you were Underbite, and even then the massive Chompazoid seemed to just tolerate the greasy old shed.

"So Steeljaw, what's the plan?" Thunderhoof was leaned up against one wall; he shot an angry glance at Clampdown, who scuttled further into the corner and tried his hardest to pretend that he didn't exist.

"No plan right now," said Steeljaw absentmindedly as he toyed with another piece of trash. "We lie low, for the next few solar cycles. Maybe try and salvage some more Energon." Off in the shadows, he thought he heard Underbite chuckling to himself as the Chompazoid clanked his way into his next snack.

The thing about his- well, maybe "army" wasn't the right word. Armies were disciplined. His group, maybe. The thing about his group was that most of them were simply too different to really cooperate with one another. Thunderhoof was more temperamental than a Sharkticon with a toothache, Underbite couldn't form a coherent plan beyond securing his next meal, Fracture and his lackeys would happily sell all of them off to the Quintessons for a single shanix, and Clampdown was just a coward, plain and simple. Oh, they could fight note  when the situation called for it. But even so, he needed something else.

"That's our plan?" Thunderhoof scoffed and kicked a sizeable dent in the wall. "What about th'Autobots, huh? Whadda we gonna do about them? Ya don't think that ol' Hoof is gonna go back in one'a dem stasis cells, eh?"

Steeljaw ignored him and returned to his own interrupted train of thought. He needed a new edge in his campaign... or maybe just a different world to conquer. He needed... he needed...

Steeljaw blinked the sleep out of his optics and looked around. Something was wrong. Actually, there were probably many things that were wrong. Cybertronians didn't sleep, for one thing note .

"Ah... Boss?" Clampdown was pacing back and forth on his ridiculous little legs, wringing one heavy claw against the other. "I don't wanna alarm ya or nothin'..." he stopped and chuckled nervously, "but I don't think we're in Kaon no more."

The room the seven Decepticons were in was almost the steel mill, and at the same time it wasn't. It was as if someone very crafty had made a complete replica of the steel mill, then shoved it up against something else. For one thing, he didn't remember a gigantic swirling portal to nowhere hovering in the middle of the room, accompanied by some Cybertronian text. Even Fracture seemed impressed as he sauntered over and took a quick scan of the inscription.

"A... get-together?" squeaked Clampdown after a few seconds. "You mean like a party? Wit' highgrade energon and a shock pop band an'- yipe!" He was interrupted from his speculation by a kick from Thunderhoof, who in turn earned a snarl and a glare from Steeljaw himself.

"Not that kind of party," said Steeljaw patiently. "Whoever brought us here wants us to play a game. For now, we play along. Thunderhoof! Fracture! You're with me. The rest of you? Hold down our... base. Whatever this is."

Obligingly, the bounty hunter twitched his shoulders and fired off the two torpedo-like protrusions on either side; they corkscrewed through the air for a few seconds before unfolding into a pair of hunchbacked Mini-Cons. "Divebomb. Airazor. Keep 'em in line, alright?" Divebomb snapped to attention and fired off a salute before scurrying back into the shadows.

"So Steeljaw," said Fracture, smiling his usual predatory smile, "shall we pay this soiree a visit?"

"Shaddup, will ya?" Thunderhoof glared at him... although Thunderhoof was usually glaring at one thing or another, so this wasn't quite as threatening as he hoped.

The noise and commotion that greeted the trio of Decepticons that stepped through the portal was momentarily overwhelming, especially since they had spent the last few solar cycles in the quiet gloom of their hideout. There were humans of all colours and shapes, looking completely unsurprised by their appearance, the hairy things that looked kind of like humans, and...

Oh, this just got interesting.

Sitting across the room from him were Autobots. There was a skinny, black-armored one, moving with the understated kind of power and confidence that screamed "trained warrior". Maybe a threat. And beside that was a beaten-up old medical vehicle, one that looked as though he lived through the Age of Origins firsthand. Probably not a threat. He looked ready to shoot his mouth off, though.

And beside him... oh, this was good.. there was a scrawny bot with perhaps the worst case of primus apotheosis in recorded history. But probably not a threat. Not unless he felt the need to start blithering on about freedom and sentient beings and whatever Optimus thought about before he jumped into the Well and did the galaxy a favour by offlining himself.

Steeljaw decided to play it cool for now. He let a smile play across his face as he eased into position, his tail lazily swishing back and forth. "Pleased to be here," he purred as he took a seat. "And you're the other... abductees, I suppose?" Of course, his easygoing air was quickly broken as Thunderhoof stomped through the portal, the ground shaking noticeably with every footstep.

"EYY-YOOO!" he bellowed as he looked around. "Steeljaw, whaddya thinkin'? There're Autobots over there and you ain't tearin' em a new exhaust manifold?"

Steeljaw simply smiled and held up a hand. "Thunderhoof, show our friends some courtesy, won't you? After all, we are all in the same predicament here, aren't we? Our Autobot friends mean us no harm." He widened his smile just a few microns more, revealing a set of decidedly sharp teeth.

"Are we not stronger together, rather than apart?"

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Aug 17th 2015 at 2:34:33 PM

"Fantastic," November muttered, "there are more robots now. I'm starting to feel like we're in a Saturday morning cartoon."

"I hope that was a joke," Misaki replied. "Just keep them to yourself for now; some of these creatures are less stable than others."

Misaki stared at the globe floating between them all. It seemed like Tokyo was in the Northeast corner of this new world, sharing a border only with a place called Akihababa—Akiharara? Whatever it was called, nobody was announcing themselves as representatives. Koopa Kingdom was safely on the other corner of the globe, but this Outworld place where the scantly clad man was from seemed dangerously close to one of Tokyo's borders. If his nation was as strong as he claimed (and Misaki wasn't sure it was), it could prove to be a serious problem.

Looking around the room Misaki spotted three people who looked quiet enough to reason with: two men and a woman, the middle figure seeming to act normally while the other two acted like Dolls. Might as well start figuring out who was who.

"Excuse me," she addressed John Conner, "I'm detective Misaki Kirihara, from Tokyo's DIA. Would you happen to know who's in charge here?"

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Donkey Kong slept soundly, snoozing gently as the day went by. So deep in sleep, with dreams of bananas in the sky, the outside did not exist. Not even the alarm clock being brought up next to his ear -


Seeing the alarm clock was not working, Cranky reeled it in from the fishing poled he had and shut it off. Then promptly tossed the clock out the window. A few moments later, he was inside the hut again, carrying a Klaptrap. He brought it up to DK's ear, careful not to bring it too close lest it try to nibble on the gorilla's head. Cranky then used a set of old dentures on the tiny reptile's tail -


Seeing DK still snoozing, Cranky tossed the Klaptrap out of the window. He came back inside with a flatscreen sized blackboard and a metal hand rake. He scratched the tool onto the chalkboard. Seeing that ineffective, he tossed the chalkboard and the rake out the window, the rake striking a random sheep.

Clearly running out of patience, Cranky decided to bring in a large soundboard. He started pushed random buttons, each one making a different loud noise.

At this point, was really angry and just started to wail on Donkey Kong - "WAKE UP YOU STUPID OAF!" - first by slapping DK in the face back and forth, then shaking him, whacking him in the head with his cane, jumping right on his face, splashing cold water on him, putting a bomb right near his head -



A beat.

When the smoke cleared, DK still lay in bed, perfectly asleep. The only movement he made was turning over in his hammock.

At this point, Cranky realized what he had to do. He had to break one of the Kong Clan's greatest taboo, a sacred rule should never be broken. However, this was a desperate time, and measure had to be taken. That, and what would follow should be funny anyone.

"Donkey Kong," Cranky said, calmly and deadpan. ".......someone stole the banana hoard again."

DK's eyes shot open.

Two Seconds Later

The door to the hut slammed open from the inside, nearly flinging it right out its hinges. Literally shooting out of the hut was the somersaulting form of Donkey Kong. He landed hard on the ground, creating a small crater and tremor. He beating his chest, practically roaring in sheer rage. He turned around and bolted directly for the banana hoard. When he reached it, he found.......

That the cave was filled to the brim with bananas. Like it should be. Anger melted away to confusion. Then he heard laughing.

Cranky walked into the cave, laughing all the way. "The look on your face....." he wheezed before laughing some more.

DK immediately knew what the elder was talking about and angrily glared at his grandfather. Cranky laughed a bit more until calming down.

"Yeah yeah, I know, pretty underhanded of me," Cranky said. "But I had to wake you up somehow. Its really important this time. Come on!" The former guardian walked out of the cave with DK, still angry, following. Soon they were outside. "Out there, look," Cranky said, pointing out into the distance with his cane.

Donkey Kong looked out as well, and he saw a shoreline out in the distance. The gorilla made some grunts.

"That's land alright," Cranky responded. "Whenever we are, it definitely ain't near the Mushroom Kingdom. The others are at my nearest hut."

DK nodded and let Cranky climb on his back. "Also, give that note in your hand, want to do a little light reading for the trip." The younger ape grunted quizzically before looking at his free hand, finding nothing. "Your other hand," Cranky specified. DK looked at his other hand, grunting in amazement, possibly noticing the note in his hand for the very first time. Cranky immediately plucked it out of DK's hand as the younger kong started to sprint towards Cranky's hut.



Grandfather and grandson soon arrived inside the hut with the other Kongs waiting.

"Honey-nana!" Candy happily greeted, going up to DK as Cranky climbed off. DK and Candy then embraced and the latter was smothering the former in kisses.

"Okay, save the hanky panky for after the current crisis," Crank said as he walked inside. "Wrinkly, you got a map?"

"Well, I think something close to it......" Wrinkly then placed a large roll of paper on the table. While Wrinkly's map was an accurate general outline of Battleworld, said outline was all wobbly with incorrect proportions in certain areas and all the space within was filled with green without any indication of borders or bodies of water.

"Close enough," Cranky said as all the Kongs gathered around the map.

"So what, are we next to a really big island?" Diddy asked.

"Those are actually continents," Wrinkly clarified. "And this is the whole planet."

"The planet?!" Dixie said. "We're on a different planet?! Aren't planets supposed to be bigger?"

"Oh great, we got kidnapped by aliens and placed on a random planet for some intergalatic museum or something!" Diddy said. "I think I read about this in a comic book once!"

Donkey Kong grunted and ooked, mentioning that Mario might have had the same experience. He then noticed something.......

"Luckily, the person who took us was nice enough to leave Donkey Kong a note for us," Cranky explained, showing off the note to the other Kongs. "Apparently the entire continent's made up of other location by whatever villain's running the show, and we're supposed to meet with the other representatives."

"So its a big ole luau?" Funky said. "Better bring on the tunes and a barbie!"

"No Funky, this is purely a diplomatic mission," Cranky emphasized. "DK has to go to this since he got the note, and I'll be coming along. My dpilomatic skills are impeccable."

"Makes me more worried about any diplomats already there," Diddy whispered to Dixie, who quietly giggled.

Cranky narrowed his eyes at Diddy. "Well, it seems Diddy just volunteered to come!" the older kong said in condescending tone.


"HAH!" Dixie laughed at Diddy's misfortune.

"But where is this meeting taking place and how are you going to get there?" Candy asked.

"Apparently that blue swirly thing over there is a portal," Cranky explained. "Call it intuition."

"Maybe its a trap," Diddy suggested, mostly an attempt to get away from the potentially boring meeting.

"Maybe," Cranky responded. "We'll have to be careful and possibly gather some supplies just in case. First of all, Donkey Kong you'll - "

The was a cry of excitement coming from the portal, the other apes only managing to see the latest Donkey Kong just finishing going through the portal without anyone looking.

"And you just walk right through it like a dang fool attracted to shiny things," Cranky grumbled while facing palming. He got out of his chair to go for the portal.

"Well, it looks like you got this," Diddy said. "I'll just gather those supplies you mentioned - "

"Come on!" The monkey suddenly had his tail yanked by Cranky out of his chair, and showing surprising strength for an ape his advanced age, tossed Diddy through the portal -



Anyone in the meeting room who were paying attention to those who entered the meeting would see a newcomer in the form of what was probably the biggest gorilla they have ever seen. Even hunched on his knuckles he stood at 6'1" at the shoulder. Donkey Kong spent the first couple of seconds just staring at his surrounding, marveling at the pure white room, which was probably the first time he's ever seen a room at this outside of a kart racing track. He did not notice the monkey flying into the room and hitting him in the back.

"Ow," Diddy said, rubbing his sore head after taking off his cap. After putting it back on, the first thing he noticed - "HOLY CRAP, Transformers!" the young monkey exclaimed excitedly upon seeing the Autobots and the Decepticons. "I didn't know there were going to be Transformers here!"

"Wasn't expecting so many humans though," Cranky said, following behind. "I think the giant robots adds a nice bit of color to the proceedings."

"Seriously, dude, Transformers! How are you not freakin' out about this?!" Diddy asked Cranky.

"I only pay attention to the videogame business, not toys," Cranky said.

"Wait, Transformers had a toyline?" Diddy asked.

Donkey Kong continued to look around in wonder, unknowingly finding the chair labeled for him. As the other Kongs sat in the designated chairs, Diddy took noticed of Shao Khan. "Wow," he said, "can anyone make themselves an even more obvious "evil overlord conqueror" than the dude in the speedo over there?" he mentioned to Cranky, gesturing over to the Khan.

"Maybe....." Cranky said cryptically, looking over at the Captain with a slightly distrusting look.

DK, however, was oblivious to the conversation behind him, looking around......but then saw one group in particular that made him immediately lose the goofy look on his face in instead one of an angry scowl, groaning deeply to almost growling. Crank and Diddy noticed and looked at whom DK was looking at.

"Bowser......" Cranky said with a dangerous edge in his face as DK merely continued to scowl at the turtle dragon. Diddy nervously noticed the serious expressions on elder Kong's faces, and then put on a brave face himself at the Koopas, crossing his arms and trying to look badass. Or at the very least Bad Butt.

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John observed Misaki, clean suit for one, tough demeanor, possibly a cop. Her fellow beings seemed rather quiet.

"John Connor, Leader of the Resistance," John responded, nice to have something resembling law nearby.

"Às for who is in charge. No clue sadly," the leader shrugged, "Tell me. What is the state of your section of this world like? Any blasted wastelands or nuclear radiation? Killer robots similar to the human skeleton?" John had to know.

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Trevor & Allies, In The Mountains

Alucard was leading the group through the mountain range where he knew was a back entrance to his father's home, Castlevania. While Trevor was the leader of their band of four, he had allowed Alucard to lead as it would end up being a shorter path through the castle itself. Since Alucard was the rebellious son of Dracula, it seemed obvious to trust him in where they were going... at least for the moment. Unfortunately, others like Sypha Belnades were less than trusting of the Dhampir since it was the vampiress Carmilla who help to cause men to hunt witches. Grant Danasty, meanwhile, was rather laid-back about the situation.

"You sure this is the right way?" Grant asked Alucard, not really sure of the path they were taking.

"Of course," Alucard clarified to Grant, not happy to have to explain his motives again. "I used it all the time to escape my father's cas..."

Alucard did not get to finish his sentence as he, Grant, Trevor, and Sypha all fell unconscious as did everyone in the general area of Castlevania.

Dracula, Death & Carmilla, Throne Room

Dracula sat in his throne room frowning at the broken wine glass and spilt blood on the floor. He must have dozed off on his throne... Odd, but something he would pay no mind to. Well, he would have paid it no mind if it was not for Death entering his throne room without being summoned by him.

"Death, what is the meaning of this?" Dracula asked Death, having not expected his meeting.

"My lord, we are not in our own world anymore," Death answered back, sounding concerned and pointing towards one of the windows of the throne room. "I no longer have the full abilities granted to me as a reaper of souls, and... well, just look through that window."

Dracula knew that Death was the one member of his army that was more a force than a creature, so he would pick up when things had gone awry with the universe. In addition, Death was his most trusted ally. Thus Dracula gave Death the benefit of the doubt and got up to check the window, and saw that unrecognizable lands had surrounded the general area of Castlevania. Soon after confirming Death's obvious suspicions that they were no longer in Wallachia, Dracula noticed the letter in his hand.

"Where is Belmont currently?" Dracula had asked Death once he had finished reading the letter and saw the blue shimmering portal himself, curious as to the current position of his hated foe. "Was his group close enough to be brought with the castle?"

"Belmont and his allies are asleep," said a voice familiar to Dracula. It was the vampiress Carmilla herself coming up from the staircase to Dracula's throne room. Both she and Death noticed the portal as well, but continued to give their information to Dracula, as that was more important.

"All of our forces had fallen asleep," Carmilla clarified, rather nervously. "Including myself unfortunately, but I had gotten some of them awake and told them to wake up enough forces to send to capture Belmont and his allies while they still slumber."

"I had... also fallen unconscious, my lord," Death added to confirm Carmilla's information to Dracula. "It was... weird."

"I had fallen unconscious as well... This letter is an invitation for me to attend a meeting with two guests, and if we are to discover what has happened with the castle, it would be best if Carmilla and I go there," Dracula told Death and Carmilla. "Death, keep the castle in order until I return."

"Yes, my lord," Death answered Dracula's command, as Dracula and Carmilla soon entered the swirling blue portal.

The Meeting

Those in the meeting would see what looked to be two vampires, one male and regal and the other female and seductive, entered from the portal that led from Castlevania. Already Dracula could identify a couple of recognizable threats. First was the white-haired man in the red coat and his two women. He seemed too much like Dracula's own son to not be a threat. At least with his son, there was a family bond there. The second two recognizable threats appeared to now be arguing with each other. Both seemed to be fellow Dark Lords. One of them was a large spiked dragon turtle and had come with two smaller spiked dragon turtles. The other looked human, but Dracula could tell that he wasn't. He had an old man, probably a sorcerer of some sort, and a young female warrior as his bodyguards. The fourth possible threat was the half a dozen giant metal golems that seemed to appear whose possible threat was rather obvious. The final group of interest to Dracula was John Conner's. Conner himself smelled human, of course, but his two bodyguards smelled of metal rather than blood even though both looked human.

Dracula merely found the chair with his name on it and slouched down into it. He was more concerned about who brought them here. Carmilla took the blank seat to Dracula's left, and smiled seductively at Dante and his two women. No one took the blank seat to Dracula's right.

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"Monster, machines and men, oh my" Black Knight comment as he observed the the other groups.

"It's definitely a diverse gathering..." Shield Knight mused as she tried to imagine who might be their host. Though they all seemed to be in a similar situation, even if most of them were coming from portals instead of the hallway.

Black Knight chuckled to himself as he leaned back in his chair with his hands behind his head and put his armored boots on the table "Ah, there's even monkies! If we only had a ringmaster then this would be a real circus"

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The Common Room

Dante, never one to miss a beautiful woman when he saw one, waved at Carmilla.

"Well, hello beautiful! Place may not have refreshments, but at least someone brought some babes with em!" This prompted an eyeroll from the blonde haired woman and a disgusted snort from the black haired woman, who put her hands on her hips, about an inch away from her SMG's. "Hey, why hang around with that old fart? Come over here, tell me your name, sweetie." He said, motioning to one of the two empty chairs next to him, nether of which his companions had elected to take.

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