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CrossoverFan23 Cute outside, aggressive fangirl inside from Lower Saxony Relationship Status: Complex: I'm real, they are imaginary
Cute outside, aggressive fangirl inside
Dec 18th 2018 at 12:26:40 PM

Since there are so many heavy characters in this, let's mix it up!

Wizard / Wiz analyzes the Battle! (Yeah, couldn't resist - deal with it XD)

Reason why: Although not from a gaming franchise, Wiz can bring really interesting tactics into the game.

  • Franchise: Death Battle

  • English Voice: Ben Singer

  • Variations: Wiz has two outfits: his normal one from the series and a combination out of the Death Battle Kanji Zip Hoodie and shirt (jeans and sneakers stay the same) The outfits reference either characters from the DB universe (Boomstick & Jocelyn) or the guys working on the series (Ben, Chad & (extended) Nick)

    • Basic : White labcoat, green shirt, cyborg arm, black jeans and sneakers (his usual look in the show)

    • Alt 1: red flannel labcoat, white shirt, brown hair & eyes, blue jeans, slight wooden look at the red sections of his arm (representing his Co Host Boomstick)

    • Alt 2: light blue labcoat, darker blue shirt, red hair & green eyes, dark blue jeans, cyborg arm (reference to Jocelyn)

    • Alt 3: Grey Death Battle Kanji zip hoodie, black shirt with the Screw Attack logo, blonde almost platinum hair & light blue eyes, blue jeans and black sneakers (referencing his VA Ben Singer)

    • Alt 4: black Death Battle Kanji Zip hoodie, ash brown / blonde hair & dark blue eyes, blue jeans and Gray sneakers (referencing Chad James, Boomstick's VA) Probably the most used one if that would happen. XD

    • Alt 5: Screw Attack Top 10 shirt, raven black hair & brown eyes, jeans and sneakers (reference to Nervous Nick)

  • Entrance: Similar to Samus, but not with the teleporter

  • Taunts:

Up: Wiz pushes his glasses up with the comment "This is way to easy"

Side: Wiz taps on his cyborg arm around and one of three effects can happen:

  • 1: he activates the Sexy Ninjutzu projection (so not sorry. XD) but it's only a blink and you miss it one.

  • 2: something explodes on his arm, giving him a comedial smoke effect, shakes it off quickly

  • 3: Nothing happens (lowest chance for this to occur)

Down: Wiz looks around and gives a small wink at the audience (yep, he's going to have fourth wall knowledge)


  • Neutral / standart: Wiz throws some punches (his left cyborg arm makes slightly more damage then the right one, due to being a metallic arm)

  • Forward: easy forward jab in the direction of movement with his left arm

  • Up: Wiz punches into the air

  • Down: Similar to Inkling's down attack, but with more range (due to being taller)

Smash Attacks:

  • Neutral: Wiz charges his cyborg arm and slams his fist into the direction he's facing, eletrocuding and stunning enemies

  • Up: Similar to Neutral, but with areal effect like Peach

  • Side: Basically Dark Pit's Side B, but added movement after not hitting (aka he slidders across the stage into a pit if really bad aimed)

  • Down: stronger variant of his normal, but added electro damage


  • Neutral: He shoots electronic out of his arm, damaging and stunning according to the charge time.

  • Side: kinda a full force side tackle, if he doesn't hit it leaves Wiz vulnerable for a certain amount of time (according to the charge)

  • Down: Shields himself with a huge blue cyberistic shield. Can be broken and leaves him longer unconscious then the normal stun

  • Up: Wiz shoots himself up (controllable where) with his neutral ability up, being able to damage with the shot.


Honestly, his airals top even Little Mac's in uselessness so nothing there much except some easy jabs

Ultra Smash: Wiz calls in Master Hand for a quick huge damage crowding and catapulting trapped enemies out of the stage.

Victory theme: Rock remix of "Wiz and Boomstick" by Brandon Yates

Victory animations:

  • A simple looking to the screen with a grin and crossed arms

  • Wiz creating the shield, but it backfires, leaving him dizzy

  • He pushes his glasses up with a grin

Palutena's Guidance:

Pit: That guy looks smart.

Palutena: That's Wizard, or Wiz for short. He's one of the hosts of a popular web show.

Viridi: Which stirs a lot of fanwars in his world up.

Palutena: To be fair, he and his co host Boomstick research characters and show who would win in a fight.

Pit: Sounds like he would be easy to beat

Viridi: Yeah, especially how scrawny he looks

Wiz: Hey! That wasn't really charming. By the way, you shouldn't complain, 5 year old.

Viridi: Grrr....

Palutena: Anyways, he'll try to use his cyborg arm to his advantage, so keep an eye out for that.

Pit: Wait, he's a CYBORG?

Palutena: Well, at least his left arm is.

Viridi: Yeah, why is that even missing in first place?

Wiz: Yeah, funny story: My Co-Host Boomstick accidentally cutted it off with a Tacyon saw. I'm still kinda annoyed about it, but it's cool.

Viridi, Palutena & Pit: WHAT?


Snake: Hmph, a scientist..

Octocon: That's Wizard or Wiz. According to what I could figure out he's a battle researcher and host of a famous web show called "Death Battle"

Snake: So he researches fighters, huh?

Octocon: Yeah, their fans can send them ideas over a form and he and his team will maybe research that fight idea and show what they figured out.

Snake: He doesn't look like a fighter, why is he here then?

Octocon: Honestly, I don't know. Maybe he wants some field research?

Snake: Figures... But he seriously looks like he would fly out of the fight in mere seconds.

Octocon: Don't underestimate him. Wiz has researched many characters and knows their weakpoints and strengths all to well. Also...

Snake: And?

Octocon: It may be wrong, but he got his arm cut off with a tacyon saw in an accident. And the previews for their show have sometimes some mean accidents. He got set on Fire by his Co-Host Boomstick at one point by sheir accident.

Snake: That's..... Seriously hardcore and wrong.

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This Chaos has just begun....
Emperor_Ing Cosmic, Not Quite Impossible Calamity from Sky Temple, Dark Aether Relationship Status: Showing feelings of an almost human nature
Cosmic, Not Quite Impossible Calamity
Dec 18th 2018 at 12:55:46 PM

King Slime stomps the competition!

Stats: King Slime is a heavy character with excellent recovery. However, he has only moderate defense and low range. He moves slowly, jumps high into the air with his first jump and the normal amount with his second, and can take lots of damage without being launched.

  • Palettes:

    • 1. Normal King Slime.

    • 2. Green alt. Resembles the Green Slime.

    • 3. Purple alt. Same as above, but with Purple Slimes.

    • 4. 1.2 alt. He does not have a crown with this costume.

    • 5. Resembles the Desert Slime.

    • 6. Resembles the Crimslime.

    • 7. Resembles the Corrupt Slime.

    • 8. A red and white design similar to the Eye of Cthulhu.

  • Entrance: King Slime falls from the sky, crushing a Slime Crown below him.

  • Attacks

    • Jab: Slime extends part of his body to hit the opponent.

    • Up Smash: Slime throws the crown into the air, hitting the opponent on its spikes. If alt. 4 is used, the crown appears from nowhere.

    • Side Smash: A more powerful version of his jab.

    • Down Smash: Slime throws two smaller Blue Slimes to the side.

    • Up Tilt: Slime jumps slightly, impaling enemies on his crown.

    • Side Tilt: Slime throws a small Blue Slime to the side. This slime dies when it touches the ground.

    • Down Tilt: Slime spins around, dealing contact damage.

    • Grab: Slime extends a Slime Hook, grabbing the opponent or a ledge.

    • Grab Attack: Slime flips over onto the opponent.

    • Forward Throw: Slime throws his opponent far to the side by hitting them with a small spike.

    • Back Throw: Slime flips onto the opponent, landing so that they are hurled backward.

    • Up Throw: Slime throws his opponent onto his crown.

    • Down Throw: Slime uses the other two Slime Hooks to get above the opponent, then lands on them.

    • Up Aerial: Slime throws his crown a few inches into the air, damaging enemies that touch it.

    • Side Aerial: Slime throws a Blue Slime to the side.

    • Down Aerial: Slime flips over, propelling himself downward to hit an enemy with the crown.

  • Specials

    • Neutral: “Slime Explosion”: King Slime bursts into smaller parts, then reforms a few seconds later.

    • Up: “1.3 Teleport”: Slime teleports, similarly to Zelda’s up special. He drops the crown, losing access to crown-based moves for three seconds.

    • Side: “Spiked Summon”: King Slime throws a Spiked Slime at the enemy. When it hits the ground, it releases five small projectiles, then disappears.

    • Down: “Downward Devour”: Slime lands on an opponent, swallowing them briefly.

  • Final Smash

    • “Slime Rain”

    • Spiked Slimes rain from the sky as normal Blue Slimes clutter the ground. This lasts for a few seconds or until a fighter is K.O.’d.

  • Taunts

    • Up Taunt: Slime turns back into a Slime Crown item.

    • Side Taunt: Slime throws three hooks onto the ground around him.

    • Down Taunt: Slime disappears, leaving only the crown.


Palutena: Pit, that’s King Slime. He’s not actually a king, but that doesn’t make him any less dangerous.

Pit: He’s just a slime! Those are basic enemies, right?

Palutena: Not this one. This one needs a special item to even show up!


Snake: Is that someone’s idea of modern art?

Otacon: No, that’s a major boss!

Snake: He’s just a normal fighter. I’ll be fine.

Otacon: That’s what they all say before he summons his army.

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worm difficult / worm long / but most importantly / worm have good song
Siegfried1337 Waiting for Heaven's Feel III to come out from Lothric Relationship Status: Staying up all night to get lucky
Waiting for Heaven's Feel III to come out
Dec 18th 2018 at 3:21:34 PM

The Chosen Undead invades as a Dark Spirit!

Stats: A Jack-of-All-Stats that has decent recovery, though don't expect it to recover from long falls. It also is surprisingly hard to flinch like in it's home series where Poise is a broken stat. Moves about what you expect- Average speed. Wields the Moonlight Sword. Performs a Ninja Flip when side dodging.

  • Palettes:
    • 1: Elite Knight Set.
    • 2: Knight Set.
    • 3: Giant Armor Set.
    • 4: Black Knight Set.
    • 5: Silver Knight Set.
    • 6: Black Iron Set.
    • 7: Darkwraith Set.
    • 8: Catarina Set.
  • Entrance: Uses the same animation when summoned or invading.
  • Attacks:
    • Jab: A single sword swing.
    • Up Smash: Uses a Tin Crystalization Catalyst to unleash Crystal Soul Spear.
    • Down Smash: Fire Tempest.
    • Side Smash: Two-Handed heavy attack. Also releases a wave of magic.
    • Up Tilt: Overhead slash.
    • Down tilt: A single kick.
    • Side Tilt: Jumps, then thrusts its sword.
    • Grab: Uses a single hand to grab the opponent.
    • Grab attack: Kicks the opponent.
    • Forward throw: After slashing the opponent once in the back, performs a single sword slash to throw the opponent.
    • Back throw: Uses Flame Whip to throw the opponent backwards.
    • Up throw: Briefly switching to the Black Knight Ultra Greatsword, uses its heavy attack to launch the opponent.
    • Down throw: Backstab, then kick the opponent down.
    • Up aerial: Swings sword upward.
    • Down aerial: Plunge attack.
    • Side Aerial: Swings sword sideward.
  • Specials:
    • Neutral: Throws something, such as Black Firebomb, Lloyd's Talisman (Prevents recovery for 10 sec), Dung Pie (Poisons the opponent for 3% damage up to 6 seconds)
    • Side: uses Dark Hand to absorb health from the opponent.
    • Up: uses Wrath of the Gods to not only deflect projectiles, but also damages and pushes back opponents if they stay too close.
    • Down: Parries with a shield. If opponent attacks during this animation, performs riposte on them for massive damage.
  • Final Smash: After briefly turning into a Draconic Humanoid, roars and then uses the Sunlight Spear miracle.
  • Taunts:
    • Up taunt: Uses "Praise The Sun!" Emote.
    • Side Taunt: Shrugs.
    • Down Taunt: Uses "Well! What is it!" Emote.

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PresidentStalkeyes Lady Grey (Art by Nut-Case) from a 'Weather Balloon'
Lady Grey (Art by Nut-Case)
Dec 18th 2018 at 3:51:47 PM

Oh wow, this thread is really experiencing a revival. Might as well throw this in - another character that I genuinely want to be added to the game, and might possibly have a shot (though if he gets in, one suspects it'd be alongside the other popular former PlayStation mascot that had their games remade in the last couple years).

     Spyro the Dragon resets the scales! 


  • English Voice: Tom Kenny, natch. Though he doesn't talk much.

  • Stats:
    • Attack: Average
    • Weight: Very Light
    • Speed: Very Fast
    • Double-Jumps: Yes (Can Hover, like in his home series)
    • Crouch Height: Very Low
    • Crawl: Yes
    • Wall-Jump: Sure, why not? :V

  • Special Features:

    • Glide: Jumping and holding forward at the same time will have Spyro steadily glide instead of jumping normally, enabling him to easily traverse most levels while airborne - and like in his home series, jumping again while gliding will make him hover. However, he can only glide on the first jump - unless he wall-jumps at the end of his glide, in which case he can jump again.

    • Sparx the Dragonfly: Sparx flies along with Spyro at all times; as Spyro takes damage, Sparx will gradually turn from yellow to blue to green. After taking enough damage, Sparx will disappear, but will zap Spyro with supercharge power before vanishing. While supercharged, Spyro's already-low defences are cut by a third, but he also receives a speed boost, his Smash attacks gain additional super armour, and all his specials except Spit Ammo are powered up.

  • Palettes:
    • Default: Purple
    • Alt 2: Red
    • Alt 3: Light Green
    • Alt 4: Dark Green
    • Alt 5: Blue
    • Alt 6: Black (with a red underside, as a nod to Cynder - as I understand it, she's the one thing from the Legend of Spyro games that fans don't feel ashamed of for liking :V)
    • Alt 7: Gold (looks sort of like Dragonite)

  • Entrance: Spyro soars in, doing a loop-de-loop before landing on the stage, similar to how he entered levels in the original Spyro game.


  • Fast Attacks:

    • Neutral A - Quick Claw Combo: Spyro does a three-hit combo, two quick slashes followed by a spinning tail swipe.
    • Dash A - Side Roll: Spyro turns 90 degrees and rolls at the opponent, in imitation of the roll move he had in the first game.
    • Side A - Standing Horn Attack: Spyro hops forward slightly and does a short headbutt.
    • Up A - Somersault Tail: Spyro does a backwards somersault with tail outstretched, hitting opponents above him.
    • Down A - Sliding Kick: Spyro slides along the ground with legs outstretched, hitting low while mobile.

  • Grab Attacks:

    • A - Pummel: Spyro grabs the opponent by the head and repeatedly headbutts them.
    • Forward Throw - Flying Dropkick: Spyro pushes off the opponent and kicks them in the face with both feet, sending them flying forward.
    • Back Throw - Cyclone Toss: Spyro takes off and flies around in circles a couple times, using the momentum to hurl the opponent in the opposite direction. Does no damage but sends them away a considerable distance.
    • Up Throw - Spinning Dragon Drop: Spyro leaps into the air with their opponent and turns upside down while spinning, piledriving them head-first into the ground. May launch the opponent upon impact.
    • Down Throw - Grounded Head Bash: Spyro jumps up a little, somersaults and crashes into the opponent with a downward headbutt. Has a chance of stunning the opponent.

  • Air Attacks (if used while Gliding, Spyro will stop dead in his tracks):

    • Neutral A - Double Slash: Spyro slashes twice in front of him.
    • Forward A - Corkscrew: Spyro lunges forward while performing a barrel roll, headbutting opponents in his path. Useful for maintaining mobility during a Glide.
    • Back A - Backwing: Spyro pushes himself back with his wings and turns around, wing-slapping anyone nearby in the process.
    • Up A - Air Somersault Tail: Essentially an airborne version of his Up A, as the name suggests.
    • Down A - Tail Sting: Spyro attacks enemies below with his tail - the sweet spot at the very tip may Meteor Smash.

  • Smash Attacks:

    • Side Smash - Pullback Headbutt: Spyro stands on his hind legs before headbutting the opponent hard, landing on his chest.
    • Up Smash - Prong Horns: Spyro coils up slightly before swinging his head upwards, striking opponents above him with his horns.
    • Down Smash - Iron Tail: Spyro strikes the opponent's legs with a heavy spinning tail strike, which hits twice on both sides.

  • Special Attacks:

    • Neutral B - Flame: Spyro breathes fire at opponents, setting them alight for gradual damage. Can be charged by holding down the special button - the longer the button is charged, the greater the flame's range will be, and the longer the flame effect will last. Has anti-weight properties; the more the target character weighs, the more damage the fire will do, in a nod to the flame attack's effectiveness against Giant Mooks in his home series.
      • Superflame: While in a supercharged state, the Flame attack turns into a long-ranged fireball that travels the entire length of the screen, and does even more gradual damage. Can still be charged for extra flame duration, and charging will also make the fireball travel faster.

    • Side B - Charge: Spyro lowers his head and charges opponents with his horns, ploughing right through them. Also does bonus damage against shields, again referencing the charge's armour-breaking properties in his home series. Can be sustained indefinitely, and as such may function as a faster dash - however, Spyro will also destroy any items he charges into, and will take damage if he charges into a wall. If used while in the air, he will be forced down to the ground, though enemies will still be damaged and items still destroyed if they come into contact with him while charge-landing. Air charges can be cancelled by jumping, so as to prevent accidental ring-outs.
      • Supercharge: While supercharged, Spyro moves even faster while charging and knocks enemies away even further. The force of the charge also creates a static barrier as he charges, making it harder to jump over.

    • Up B - Boost Jump to Head Bash: Sparx zaps Spyro with a jolt of super energy, sending him spinning up high into the air, mimicking the super-jump power-up from Ripto's Rage. If B is tapped again while doing this, he will stop briefly in mid-air before performing a devastating downward headbutt, calling "BASH!" - does high damage, but will leave him momentarily vulnerable when he lands. Alternatively, it can be cancelled into a jump, making it Spyro's primary recovery tool.
      • Superjump to Head Bash: Without Sparx, Spyro simply jolts himself high - he moves faster, is surrounded by a static barrier that damages opponents who come into contact with him (much like a screw-attack), and the landing after the Head Bash attack creates a small shockwave.

    • Down B - Spit Ammo: While next to an item, Spyro will store the item in his mouth. He can move around freely with an item in his mouth, and can Charge and Head Smash opponents like usual. If Neutral B - a flame attack - is attempted, however, he will instead spit out the item straight ahead of him, damaging opponents. Alternatively, if Down-B is pressed a second time, he will fire the item upwards in an arc. If timed correctly, Spyro can also catch enemy projectiles - such as K. Rool's cannonballs - and spit them back.

  • Final Smash - Year of the Dragon Combo: Spyro will yell "let's go! Get 'em, Bentley!", lunging at opponents with an especially devastating horn attack that sends them flying. Bentley the Yeti appears opposite said opponent, thwacking them high into the air with his club. Agent 9 rushes in below the enemy and shoots them with twin lasers while laughing maniacally, keeping them aloft until Sheila the Kangaroo leaps up high and stomp-kicks them back down to earth - "Down ya go!". Just as they hit the ground, Sgt. Byrd swoops up above and fires his missile launchers at the dazed opponent, engulfing them in a fiery explosion.

Other Stuff:

  • Idle: If Idle for long enough, Spyro will sneeze a little fire - this actually does 1% of fire damage to any enemy nearby. If Sparx is present, he will also turn to face the player and wave at them, much like he does in the Reignited Trilogy.

  • Taunts:
    • Up-Taunt: Spyro licks the back of his hand and tauntingly wipes his forehead, as if to indicate wiping the floor with the opponent. "No sweat!"
    • Side-Taunt: Spyro performs jump-spins and threateningly breathes cinders from his nose upon landing. "Feel the burn!"
    • Down-Taunt: Spyro pulls a pair of sunglasses out of nowhere and briefly puts them on, before wearily sighing, not feeling the whole 'mascot with attitude' thing anymore, and puts them away.

  • Codec:
  • Otacon: "Heyyy, is that Spyro the Dragon?!"
  • Snake: "Huh? You know this purple lizard?"
  • Otacon: "Purple lizard?! I'd watch your mouth around him if I were you, Snake! He may be too young to fly unaided, but Spyro has single-handedly taken on entire armies, just by charging and flaming them! You know what he does to snakes where he's from? He burns them up and feeds them to his dragonfly! Uh, that's Sparx there, by the way."
  • Snake: "Sparx?! Nnnghr, who comes up with these names... what's so special about this dragonfly, anyway?"
  • Otacon: "In Spyro's world, dragons and dragonflies share a symbiotic bond with each other, working for each other's benefit. Spyro keeps Sparx fed, and Sparx protects him from damage!"
  • Snake: "Bugs for shields, huh? That sounds familiar..."
  • Otacon: "Oh, and that's not all you gotta watch out for! Sparx is also enfused with magic energy - if he takes too much damage, he'll flee - and transfer that energy to Spyro! Trust me, you do NOT want to be on the receiving of a nasty supercharge! Heck, even his regular charge is enough to send your butt flying!"
  • Snake: "Alright, I get it. What is it with you and Spyro, anyway? You seem like a big fan of his."
  • Otacon: "Well, y'know... we were on the same console starting out, remember?"
  • Snake: "The same... what now?"
  • Otacon: "Ah, uh... never mind."

  • Palutena's Guidance:
  • Pit: "Cool, I'm fighting a dragon! ...Kinda hoped it'd be bigger, though."
  • Palutena: "That's not just any old dragon; that's Spyro! He may look adorable, but don't be fooled - Spyro is a battle-hardened veteran!"
  • Pit: "Really? Seems pretty laid-back to me."
  • Viridi: "That's probably 'cause you look like a pipsqueak compared to some of the challenges he's faced before. He knows what it's like to be a champion of nature, unlike some!"
  • Palutena: "It helps that he's always got Sparx the dragonfly watching his back, using his magic power to protect him from damage - but if you do enough damage, Sparx will disappear, and zap Spyro with powerful energies. When that happens, you'd better hit him fast before he hits you!"
  • Pit: "Aheh... well, when you put it like THAT, I guess it's a good thing he's not bigger."
  • Viridi: "And don't think you can just out-fly him; Spyro's had plenty of flight practice. He can glide, hover, and super-jump - can you do those things? I don't think so!"
  • Pit: "Alright, geez, no need to rub it in! His wings are bigger than mine! Just a little bit."
  • Viridi: "Wait a sec... aren't there, like, three different versions of Spyro? Kinda like Link? Which one is this?"
  • Pit: "Wait, there's three of these guys?!"
  • Palutena: "Well, it's... complicated. I think this is the first Spyro - possibly the only one. The other two might just be legends... though I've heard one of them lives in the sky."
  • Pit: "I wish I was fighting THAT Spyro right now. I bet we'd have a lot in common."
  • Viridi: "Yeah, by that logic you'd have a lot in common with literally any bird! Guess you do both have feathers and make loud squawky noises a lot..."
  • Pit: "Alright, I'm just gonna go back to fighting..."

  • Victory poses:
    • Spyro flies up high into the air while spinning - similar to what he does when he completes a Speedway/flight stage, before flying back in to land, hovering just above the ground to break his fall.
    • Spyro stretches his front legs like a cat, yawns and takes a nap. Sparx attempts to wake him, to no avail.
    • Spyro reels back a bit and shoots an impressively large and sustained burst of flame, for about three seconds before he stops and catches his breath, looking a little sheepish.

  • Victory theme: Most likely the opening synth riff from the original Spyro's title theme (not the guitar, but the part afterwards).
  • Series Icon: A gem, it being the series' iconic collectible.
  • Series Assist Trophy: Moneybags. When summoned, he stands in place, looking snooty as ever. If you knock, throw, or spit an item at him, he will grab it and trade it for another, entirely random item - he can even give you the Smash Ball this way, provided there isn't already a Smash Ball on the screen. Alternatively, he can be attacked, which will knock him down and make him spill a load of Gems all over the floor like shrapnel, which will damage all players except the one who summoned him. He will disappear after a single trade, or after he's been knocked down three times.

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Giph signals with telepathy; she wants to know what wars were fought over before video games existed; just don't tell her boss she asked.
DrNoPuma Resident of the storage room from the world revolving Relationship Status: Is that a kind of food?
Resident of the storage room
Dec 22nd 2018 at 7:32:47 PM

This was an idea I briefly considered, but decided against. But then, a few other tropers started making movesets for their Tropers: the Series characters, so I changed my mind and gave it a try:

    Puma takes center stage! 
  • Franchise: Tropers: The Series
  • English Voice Actor: I guess it should be me, but I don't trust myself to do a good job voice acting. :P
  • Palettes: Like Warionote , Puma essentially has two different outfits, and each one has different colors. There's his "normal" outfit, which is normally a black hoodie with a blue T-shirt and jeans. Other variants include a green hoodie with purple shirt, orange hoodie with yellow shirt, red hoodie with brown shirt, and white hoodie with black shirt. The other costume is a clown suit. There are 5 variations with the same color schemes.
  • Stats: Puma is very much a Glass Cannon. He is sensitive and prone to damage, but his own attacks can be quite powerful too. Otherwise, Puma is pretty midweight, around Mario's weight.
  • Entrance: Puma trips and falls onto the stage.
  • Idle Animation: Puma lies down and falls asleep.
  • Victory Poses:
    • Puma briefly waves while moving in a stiff, jerky way, like an animatronic, before dropping the act and laughing.
    • Puma takes a bow.
    • Puma hugs one of the other tropers.


  • Jab: Puma swings his hands with his fingers curled as if he has claws.
  • Dash: Puma does a lunging tackle.
  • Tilts
    • F-Tilt: Puma swings a little clown hammer forward.
    • U-Tilt: Puma does an uppercut with the hammer.
    • D-Tilt: Puma stomps the ground sumo style, despite not being that big.
  • Grabs/Throws
    • Grab: Puma grabs the opponent by the shoulder.
    • Pummel: Puma slaps the opponent as if catfighting.
    • F-Throw: Puma headbutts the opponent and shoves them back.
    • B-Throw: Puma swings the opponent around and flings them back.
    • U-Throw: Puma juggles the opponent twice before lobbing them up into the air.
    • D-Throw: Puma slams the opponent to the ground before quickly jumping back up.
  • Aerials
    • Nair: Puma throws confetti with both hands.
    • Fair: Puma swings an amusement park sign with an arrow to the Fair.
    • Bair: Puma's head and hands briefly turn into those of a bear, and he turns around and swipes backwards.
    • Uair: Puma holds up a tiny windmill. The blades spin quickly for half a second, giving Puma a little extra lift while causing damage.
    • Dair: Puma swings the clown hammer down below him.
  • Smash Attacks:
    • Side Smash: Puma swings a broom.
    • Up Smash: Puma spins around in place.
    • Down Smash: Puma swings his arm, holding a vial of potion. If it hits, the vial breaks and the potion causes a little splash damage.
  • Special Moves:
    • Neutral Special: Clock Clobber: Puma throws one of his werecat clocks (as advertised in one of TTS' parody commercials). If it hits someone, it makes a cuckoo sound and breaks into pieces, which can be thrown around (like if Wario's motorcycle is destroyed.) If Puma is in one of his clown costumes, the clock is in the "clown" varation from the same commercial.
    • Side Special: Starfish Strike: Puma holds his hand out, with his pet starfish in it. The starfish does some quick slaps, and ends with a big slap. None of the slaps cause a lot of damage, but the final slap does a lot of knockback if it hits.
    • Up Special: Like a Carnival Balloon: Puma stops in midair and quickly inflates a large, round balloon. It slowly floats up. You can move left or right too. If you press B, or if the balloon takes enough damage, it will pop, and Puma will fall, but the balloon's burst can damage opponents.
    • Down Special: Let Them Eat Cake: Puma stops and eats a slice of cake for 5 seconds. Similar to Peach's Neutral Special, anyone who touches or attacks Puma during this time takes damage. Projectile attacks and final smashes can cancel this move, though. Like Jigglypuff's Down Special, this is painful if you use it while very close to someone.
  • Final Smash: Werecat Puma: Puma turns into his werecat form and darts around the screen, rapidly slashing opponents with his claws. He moves automatically and hits everyone multiple times, causing them to rack up damage. This lasts for about 5 seconds, but can cause massive damage to all opponents.
  • Taunts:
    • A circus calliope appears, and Puma briefly plays it.
    • Puma does a quiet Evil Laugh.
    • Puma sings briefly (It looks similar to Jigglypuff's Up Special, but shorter and without any effect on opponents.)


  • Codec
    • Snake: Colonel, there's some weird kid here.
    • Colonel: That's Puma. He's one of the tropers, a group of people who go on strange adventures.
    • Snake: Is that so? What is he like?
    • Colonel: Puma is a strange individual. He deals with shady companies, mixes strange potions in his room, and he's a werebeast.
    • Snake: I'll stop him.
    • Colonel: But he also loves animals, helps run a circus, and is fond of all his friends.
    • Snake: Really?
    • Colonel: Just something to keep in mind.
    • Snake: I guess. But he still looks pretty shifty to me, I don't trust him.
  • Palutena's Guidance
    • Pit: What an odd-looking human this is.
    • Palutena: That's Puma. He is a circus clown, semi-mad scientist, werecat, and sitcom character.
    • Viridi: Pfft! This is obviously an idealized version of a person writing stories on the internet!
    • Pit: Still, he sounds pretty versatile. How can I beat him?
    • Palutena: Puma is strong in offense, but less so in defense. Try and find an opening to attack.
    • Pit: I don't know how I'll know when to attack, but I'll know it when I see it.
    • Viridi: I know what I'm doing, though. Hey, Pit! He's a clown, ask him if he has a popcorn cart!

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Mood right now. I'm fine, I'm just tired, and I like dark and emotional music.
Zanreo Essence of Bicycles from Kamurocho Relationship Status: Who needs love when you have waffles?
Essence of Bicycles
Jan 2nd 2019 at 10:05:37 PM

Stil a few things to work out but just posting what I have so far... yeah, I also made one if these movesets


Zanreo (insert laser pun here)

  • Palettes:
(Half her palettes have her wearing a cloak similar to CATS, the other half doesn't.)
  • Default: Short purple hair, blue short-sleeved button-up shirt, black pants, black tie, blue shoes and purple cloak with a red "gem" (not sure what a better description is) at the left side. Her glasses have white lenses and black frames in all her palettes unless otherwise noted.
  • Alt 1: Black hair, white shirt, black pants, red tie, red shoes. Based on Nintendo.
  • Alt 2: Dark green hair, dark green shirt, grey tie, dark purple pants, black shoes and purple cloak with a red gem. Her glasses have grey frames and the right lens is red. Based on CATS.
  • Alt 3: Light purple hair, white shirt, purple tie, white and blue-striped pants, purple shoes and purple-framed glasses. Based on Neptune.
  • Alt 4: Light blue hair, black shirt, turquoise-ish blue tie and pants, black shoes and turquoise-ish blue cloak with a black gem. Based on old RP character Laserblaze.
  • Alt 5: Purple hair, shirt that's blue on the right side and red on the left, yellow tie, pants with a blue right leg and red left leg, brown shoes. (Based on the Dokon-dan)
  • Alt 6: Black hair, black and red shirt, black pants, black shoes, golden-yellow tie and snakeskin-print cloak with gold-colored gem. Left lens is black. (based on Goro Majima)
  • Alt 7: Darker purple hair, black shirt, white tie, white pants and purple shoes. Based on nothing in particular.

Many attacks are laser-based, with beams being shot from laser pointer-shaped "guns". Also a few rhythm game-inspired attacks

Entrance: Zanreo crashes through an unseen window and gets up.

  • Jab: Some quick punches and kicks
  • Dash: Leaps forwards while shooting a beam at the enemy

  • Tilts:
    • Forwards Tilt: A forwards kick
    • Upwards Tilt: A quick uppercut
    • Downwards Tilt: A few quick hits with Taiko no Tatsujin drumsticks.

  • Grab Attacks:
    • Grab: Shoots a thin beam that grapples the opponent (similar to Samus' Grapple Beam, but shorter range), wrapping around them and dragging them towards her if it hits.
    • A - Punches the opponent while holding them
    • Forward Throw - Punches opponent forwards and to the ground
    • Back Throw - Spins opponent around and throws them behind her
    • Up Throw - Throws the opponent upwards while shooting a beam at them
    • Down Throw - Throws opponent to the ground and shoots a beam at them.

  • Air Attacks:
    • Neutral A - Shoots laser beams to both sides
    • Forward A - Shoots two beams from her Laser Laser
    • Back A - Backwards kick
    • Up A - Spins upwards a bit
    • Down A - Shoots some beams downwards.

  • Smash Attacks:
    • Up Smash - Slams two Taiko no Tatsujin drumsticks together upwards.
    • Down Smash - Hits opponents with a "banhammer" (actually just a spiked hammer)
    • Side Smash - Shoots two laser beams at a time from her Double Laser. The longer it's charged, the stronger it becomes (3 different strengths)

  • Special Attacks:
    • Neutral B - Repeatedly shoots quick, but weak laser beams
    • Side B - Spins quickly forwards while holding laser knives
    • Up B: - Shoots a laser beam downwards and slightly to the side, which launches her upwards causing damage to anyone she hits.
    • Down B - Punches various objects forwards, like flowerpots, lightbulbs and rocks. The punch itself can also deal a small amount of damage.

  • Final Smash - Essence of Lasers: Leaps to the side, takes out her Triple Laser and shoots a bullet hell-like rain of laser beams at the other fighters.

  • Idle: Looks around her, adjusts her glasses

  • Taunts:
    • Up Taunt: Throws a laser pointer up in the air, tries to catch it but it hits her in the head on its way down instead.
    • Side Taunt: Pushes her glasses up by the bridge, lenses giving off an audible shine as she does so.
    • Down Taunt: (wip)

  • Victory poses:
    • Jumps up and raises a fist in the air, saying "For great justice!"
    • Crosses her arms with a confident look (if wearing one of her cloaked outfits, the cloak wraps around her),
    • Sits down on the ground, says "Whoo! That was fun!"


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PresidentStalkeyes Lady Grey (Art by Nut-Case) from a 'Weather Balloon'
Lady Grey (Art by Nut-Case)
Jan 9th 2019 at 9:17:52 PM

It was recently brought to my attention that, for arguably Nintendo's second-most famous franchise, there's surprisingly few Zelda representatives in Smash - in effect, they're all permutations of Link, Zelda and Ganon. So here's a character besides them that I reckon would bring something new to the table.

     Zant usurps the stage! 


  • English Voice: I can't remember who voiced him back in Twilight Princess, but in keeping with Zelda tradition he'd only speak in manic-sounding Voice Grunting, anyways.

  • Stats:
    • Attack: PURTY DAMN HIGH
    • Weight: Quite light
    • Speed: Average
    • Double-Jumps: Yah
    • Crouch Height: Not too low
    • Crawl: Nope
    • Wall-Jump: Nah

  • Special Features:
    • Heat Gauge: Zant's neutral and side specials - Twilight Bullets and Wild Spin, respectively - are both tied to a special gauge that appears next to Zant's icon when he's in play, as a throwback to how he plays in Hyrule Warriors. As these moves are used, the gauge fills up, and if allowed to fill up completely, Zant will fumble and become dazed as the gauge empties, leaving him extremely vulnerable to attack. The gauge slowly empties by itself over time when these specials aren't being used, but it can also be manually vented by pressing B while shielding (represented by crimson magic energy billowing out of the nostrils on his helmet); this empties it much faster but, again, leaves Zant open to attack. It can also be emptied instantly if his Down-B counterattack - Decoy - is successfully landed.

  • Palettes: (Uniquely, the only thing these palettes change is the colour of the glowing Tron Lines on Zant's clothes)
    • Default: Cyan linings
    • Alt 2: Red linings
    • Alt 3: Green linings
    • Alt 4: Blue linings
    • Alt 5: Yellow linings
    • Alt 6: Purple linings
    • Alt 7: White linings

  • Entrance: Zant teleports onto the stage, leaning quite extremely backwards, before rising to a proper standing position.


  • Fast Attacks:

    • Neutral A - Slicey Dicey: Zant lunges at the opponent with two clumsy slashes with the scimitars hidden under his sleeves, following it up with a series of very rapid thrusts, culminating in a double-overhead attack that makes him do a front-flip.
    • Side A - Dark Cucco: Zant hops forward slightly, performing three upward slashes in a comical 'running in place' motion.
    • Down A - Scissor Blade: Zant crosses his scimitars together and thrusts them downwards at the opponent's legs, closing them together like scissors.
    • Up A - Screw Heaven: Zant leaps up in the air and does two spinning slashes, Shoryuken-style.
    • Dash A - Bouncing Scissor: Zant dives forward while dashing with his scimitars held out in front of him like scissors, before bouncing off the ground, somersaulting and landing on his feet. A can be pressed three times, allowing him to bounce three times in succession before the attack ends. The attack resembles the charge attacks used by the Garo in Majora's Mask.

  • Grab Attacks:

    • A - Pummel: Zant summons a Zant's Hand a whole character length away from himself, grabbing any opponents in range to bring them closer to him, and squeezes them.
    • Forward Throw - Twilight Bomb: Zant grabs the immobilized opponent with his own hands - while still in the clutches of the Zant's Hand - and overloads them with dark energy, rocketing them away in an explosion (which also destroys the Zant's Hand).
    • Back Throw - Facial Eraser: The Zant's Hand slams the opponent against the floor and drags them to the other side of Zant before tossing them far away.
    • Up Throw - Insect Cage: The Zant's Hand lifts the opponent into the air before flipping over, leaving the opponent on its underside, and splatting them against the floor so hard they fly into the air.
    • Down Throw - Hole Puncher: Zant leaps atop the Zant's Hand and furiously attacks the trapped enemy with rapid stabs before finally stomping them down to the floor with both feet.

  • Air Attacks

    • Neutral A - Twilicopter: Zant spins around in mid-air with his scimitars held out, striking four times on both sides.
    • Side A - Air Swim: Zant does a double backhand slash with both scimitars, pushing him forward slightly and making him forward-roll - the attack looks like a breast-stroke swimming motion, hence the name.
    • Back A - Back Poke: Zant stabs behind him, twisting his body in mid-air to look behind him as he does so.
    • Down A - Diving Scissor: Very similar to his Dash A, except Zant dives down to ground level (or to his death if there's no ground beneath him), bouncing off the stage. He can only do this once, unlike Bouncing Scissor.
    • Up A - Dark Helmet: Zant thrusts himself upward head-first, striking opponents with the pointy tip of his helmet.

  • Smash Attacks:

    • Side Smash - Finger Flick: Zant summons a Zant's Hand in front of him, which flicks opponents away with its thumb and index finger.
    • Up Smash - Blade Spike: Zant creates a Twilight portal on the ground in front of him, through which he summons a large blade (resembling the Scimitar of Twilight) which is thrust upwards like a spike.
    • Down Smash - Pillar Masher: Zant creates two Twilight portals above him on both sides, through which two jagged, blackened pillars descend and crush anyone standing on either side of him.

  • Special Attacks:

    • Neutral B - Twilight Bullets: Zant fires a volley of crimson magic bolts at the opponent, with more being fired and the rate of fire increasing the more the B button is mashed, though firing Twilight Bullets continuously will also fill up Zant's Heat Gauge faster. It can also be charged up by holding B and cancelled by dodging, similarly to Mewtwo's Shadow Ball. Fully-charged Twilight Bullets are automatically at the maximum firing rate, and Zant will maniacally laugh as he fires - however, both the charging and the firing fill up the Heat Gauge even faster, so sustained barrages are not recommended.

    • Side B - Wild Spin: Zant screams and launches a fierce spinning attack with both his scimitars held out, repeatedly slashing up any opponents who come in contact. Its speed can be affected by pushing the control stick in a certain direction - forward will speed it up, back will slow it down. It can also be sustained by continuously holding down the B button, or cancelled into his Twiliport by quickly jerking the stick upwards - it can even be continued after teleporting if the B button is still held down. Of course, much like Twilight Bullets, the Heat Gauge will fill up faster the longer the spin goes on for.

    • Up B - Twiliport: Zant teleports away to a location of the player's choosing, leaving behind a smattering of twilight squares. Functions almost identically to Mewtwo's teleport.

    • Down B - Decoy: Zant holds out his arms to his sides, inviting enemies to attack. However, this is actually a decoy, the real him being visible behind the decoy as a faint shadow. If the decoy is struck, it bursts like a balloon, causing an explosion of crimson energy which knocks the opponent away, while the real Zant teleports back in unharmed. Notably, the size and power of the explosion increase in proportion to how high his Heat Gauge is filled up, creating an incentive to allow it to fill. If the explosion is set off, the Heat Gauge instantly empties. However, if the Heat Gauge is empty, it only creates a mildly-inconvenient blast of air that does minimal damage.

  • Final Smash - Zant Supreme: Zant summons a massive glyph behind himself - the same glyph used to change the arena during his original boss fight - and creates a long-ranged shockwave. Any opponents in range who weren't shielding at the time are stunned and teleported away to the Twilight Realm; before they can even get their bearings, Zant appears and grows to an immense size, before squashing them underfoot.

Other Stuff:

  • Idle: Zant may twist his body around while floating above the ground slightly, or he might jump with his hidden hands held out in front of him like claws in an attempt to psyche out the opponent.

  • Taunts:
    • Up-Taunt: Zant bends over backwards on his tip-toes, his hands almost touching the ground, before righting himself.
    • Side-Taunt: Zant rapidly spins around while floating before posing with one arm held out in front of him, and the other behind and slightly to his side.
    • Down-Taunt: Zant's scimitars protrude from his sleeves, and he scrapes them against each other.

  • Victory poses:
    • Zant summons a Scimitar of Twilight, spins it above his head and slams it into the ground in front of him.
    • Zant laughs as he throws his arms to his sides and allows his helmet to fall off, revealing his face.

  • Defeat pose:

  • Palutena's Guidance:
  • Pit: "Uh, Lady Palutena? This guy kinda... gives me the creeps."
  • Palutena: "I can't say I'm surprised. That's Zant, the Usurper King of the Twilight Realm."
  • Pit: "Usurper King? Doesn't seem like a king of anything to me."
  • Midna: "[You're concentrating too hard on the 'king' part, focus on the 'usurper' aspect!]"
  • Pit: "Gyah, where the heck did you come from?!"
  • Midna: "[Oh, sorry. Just thought I'd drop in to see you fight, ahem, the one who stole the Twilight throne, turned our entire kind into monsters and trapped me in this body. Nice way to spend an evening!]"
  • Palutena: "Ah, Pit, I don't think you've been introduced. This is Princess Midna. As she explained, Zant usurped the Twili throne from her. So his not-resembling-a-king is no coincidence."
  • Midna: "[Of course, Zant tries to act like a king, but don't be fooled. He's a lunatic! And during the heat of battle, he gets carried away and shows his true self. You'd be pretty dumb to mistake this for weakness, though.]"
  • Pit: "This keeps getting worse and worse; there's like, so many levels of deception with this guy!"
  • Midna: "[Well, he always was rather impatient and unused to power. If you let him wail on you enough, he'll probably overheat and leave himself open. Though from the looks of you, you seem pretty likely to stumble yourself...]"
  • Pit: "Well, excuse me, Twilight Princess! Geez, you're almost as bad as Viridi! ...Come to think of it, where is she?"
  • Palutena: "Good question. Maybe she heard Midna was around and didn't want to get upstaged. I hear she's secretly kinda jealous of her."
  • Pit: "Hmmm, interesting... say, Midna, you think you could give me a hand in this battle? Then I could tell Viridi all about it..."
  • Midna: "[Hmph, don't count on it! I mean, I might help you out, if you get lucky. But that doesn't mean anything!]"


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DefRevenge24601 Men In Hoods from Freddy Fuckboy's Pizza, South Town Location Relationship Status: Owner of a lonely heart
Men In Hoods
Jan 10th 2019 at 7:06:26 AM

Time for another thing, and this time, it's even more out of left field...


General Stats

  • Franchise: He's not.
  • English Voice: Uhhhh, the guy who voiced Skeletor. Or really, anyone doing a high-pitched, memetic, Skeletor/Papyrus-esque voice.
  • Stats: Skelebones is a very light fighter who attacks fast and moves fast. He is also very spooky.
  • Palettes:
    • His palettes change the color of the weapons Skelebones brings out.
    • Default: A simple Skelebones.
    • Alt 1: A red Skelebones wearing a beanie. His guns have a "lava" skin to them, and his sword has a bronze hilt with a red jewel.
    • Alt 2: A blue Skelebones with a red cap. His guns have a "Ice" skin to them, and his sword has a silver hilt with a blue jewel.
    • Alt 3: A green Skelebones with a gray hood. His guns have a "Money" skin to them, and his sword has a gold hilt with a green jewel.
    • Alt 4: A shiny, silver Skelebones with glowing red eyes. His guns have a "TRIGGERED" skin to them, and his sword has a gold hilt and glowing red jewel.
    • Alt 5: A black skelebones with an Illuminati hat. His guns have an "OBEY" skin to them, and his sword has a bronze hilt with a green jewel.
    • Alt 6: COSTUME: BONES MALONE: Skelebones is wearing a 1940's era suit and fedora, and his guns and sword are more reminiscent of that era.
    • Alt 7: COSTUME: SKELETON WARRIOR: Skelebones is now clad in light armor, and his gun is a crossbow.
  • Entrance: Skelebones assembles himself from a pile of bones on the ground.
  • Idle: Skelebones rattles, cackling.
  • Special Effects:
    • Skelebones has an Ammo Meter of 100 shots, used up by his Neutral Special. If he's out, his Neutral Special changes to him reloading, in which he is vulnerable.
    • He is very spooky. 2spooky4you


  • Jab: Skelebones punches with his left, then his right, then he kicks.
  • Dash: Skelebones trips.
  • Tilts:
    • F-Tilt: Skelebones slaps the opponent.
    • U-Tilt: Skelebones slaps upward.
    • D-Tilt: Skelebones kicks downward.
  • Smash Attacks:
    • F-Smash: Skelebones takes off his left arm, smacking opponents with it.
    • U-Smash: Skelebones takes off his head and throws it upward.
    • D-Smash: Skelebones shouts, knocking back the area around him with raw spookiness.
  • Grabs:
    • Grab: Skelebones takes off his arm and grabs the opponent with it. Tether grab.
    • Pummel: Skelebones headbutts the opponent.
    • F-Throw: Skelebones tosses the opponent forward.
    • B-Throw: Skelebones tosses the opponent back and downward.
    • U-Throw: Skelebones tosses the opponent upward, then throws his head at them.
    • D-Throw: Skelebones pushes the opponent to the ground.
  • Aerials:
    • Nair: Skelebones throws out a simple kick.
    • Fair: Skelebones takes off his arm and swings it like a whip.
    • Bair: Fair, but backwards.
    • Uair: Skelebones does a sort of volleyball bump upward.
    • Dair: Skelebones stomps, but it actually isn't a meteor or spike.
  • Specials:
    • Neutral: SKELETON WITH A GUN: Skelebones pulls out an assault rifle, shooting more shots as the button is held down. The bullets do no knockback and minimal damage, but can be spammed by simply holding down the button and spraying. He can't move during the attack, but he can use the left stick to change where he's aiming.
    • Forward: SKELETON WAR: Skelebones charges the opponent with his sword. The longer the attack is charged, the farther he goes.
    • Up: SPOOKY BOUNCE: Skelebones bounces upward. Does no damage, but the direction can be changed and it has decent distance
    • Down: AND THEN A SKELETON POPPED OUT: Skelebones disappears for as long as you hold down the B button, unable to move. When you release the button, he pops out, stunning all opponents in range. Very spooky.
  • Final Smash: SKELETON NUKE: Skelebones gets out of there (not losing a life) as the Skeleton Army calls down a nuke on the battlefield.
  • Taunts:
    • Up: Skelebones plays the saxophone.
    • Side: Skelebones takes off his skull and holds it in his hand.
      • "Oh Skelebones, I knew him well."
    • Down: Skelebones collapses into a pile of bones. Continues if the button is held.


  • Victory Poses:
    • Skelebones sits on a rocking chair.
    • Skelebones plays the saxophone.
    • Skelebones does a little dance.
  • Defeat Pose:
    • Skelebones collapses into a pile of bones. His hands still clap, though.
  • Codec:
Snake: "There's a skeleton on the battlefield..."
Otacon: "That's Skelebones, a warrior who took time off from the Skeleton War to join Smash."
Snake: "Skeleton War?"
Otacon: "A war that's been fought underground for centuries, with skeletons protecting the world from... friccbois."
Snake: "I have a feeling you replaced a word, Otacon."
Otacon: "This is Smash, Snake. That kind of language doesn't fly here."
Snake: "Understood."
Otacon: "Good luck!"


  • Guidance:
Pit: "Ah! The legions of the undead are rising!"
Palutena: "Calm down, Pit. That's just Skelebones!"
Viridi: "Skelebones? That's a dumb name."
Palutena: "He may have a silly name, but Skelebones is a fierce warrior. He's fought with his brethren in the Skeleton War, against a mysterious enemy."
Pit: "We all know who it is..."
Viridi: "This is Smash, Pit! We can't say the name of their enemies here!"
Palutena: "Viridi is right. But, let's focus on the enemy. Being just a skeleton, Skelebones is very light. Wait for him to let up in his assault, and then launch him far!"

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DrNoPuma Resident of the storage room from the world revolving Relationship Status: Is that a kind of food?
Resident of the storage room
Jan 15th 2019 at 1:02:28 PM

    Staya clocks in! 
See here

  • Franchise: TinkerQuarry
  • English Voice Actor: I'd pick Kellen Goff because this (0:05-0:09, minus the stuttering) is my headcanon voice for him.
  • Palettes: Brown head and silver parts, red head and copper parts, bluish-gray head and silver parts, orange and golden parts, white head and black parts.
  • Stats: Staya leans towards being a Mighty Glacier. Most of his attacks are quite powerful, but while some of them are fast too, he's still slow and heavyweight.
  • Entrance: Staya strolls out of a dark hallway onto the stage.
  • Idle Animation: Staya flexes his claws, and the hands of his mouth clock spin.
  • Victory Poses:
    • Staya stares at the camera menacingly.
    • Staya plays with a dismembered toy's head.


  • Jab: Staya slashes with his claws.
  • Dash: Staya stops in his tracks, but extends his arm outward to slash at a further range.
  • Tilts
    • F-Tilt: Staya undoes one of his watches and uses it like a whip.
    • U-Tilt: Staya slashes up in a clockwise circular motion.
    • D-Tilt: Staya does a low kick.
  • Grabs/Throws
    • Grab: Staya grabs the opponent by the collar and lifts them up.
    • Pummel: Staya smacks/scratches the opponent with his free hand.
    • F-Throw: Staya spins his torso around and throws the opponent forward.
    • B-Throw: Staya flips the opponent over his head and slams them to the ground.
    • U-Throw: Staya places a giant spring below the opponent, bouncing them up.
    • D-Throw: Staya slams the opponent down and bites them.
  • Aerials
    • Nair: Staya briefly pauses (or gets a little extra bounce) mid-air as the number dials on his chest spin rapidly.
    • Fair: Staya quickly jabs forward with a clock's minute hand.
    • Bair: Staya jabs backwards with an hour hand. It's slower but more powerful than the Fair.
    • Uair: Staya spins his arms around rapidly, boosting him upwards a little.
    • Dair: Staya holds a weight below him, making him fall faster and cause damage for a second.
  • Smash Attacks:
    • Side Smash: Staya uses the Bite move, and takes a huge bite.
    • Up Smash: Staya uses the Jab move, doing a big upwards stabbing motion with his claw.
    • Down Smash: Staya uses the Crash move, pounding with his fist to create a little white shockwave.
  • Special Moves:
    • Neutral Special: Mouse Army: Staya summons one of the enemy mice/rats. Some follow him and attack who he attacks, others go off on their own to attack. You can only have 3 at a time, and it doesn't take many hits to defeat each one.
    • Side Special: Barrage: A row of big, grinding gears appears in front of Staya. If you're right in front of him when he uses it, you're gonna have a bad time.
    • Up Special: Staya-in-the-Box: Staya disappears inside a jack-in-the-box box. The box opens, and the spring sends him rocketing upwards.
    • Down Special: Insightful Eye: Takes a few seconds to charge. If you successfully charge it all the way up without anyone attacking you, Staya's next attack will be twice as powerful as that move normally is. Of course, you can only have it charged once at a time. You can't use Insightful Eye to make itself more powerful.
    • Final Smash: Mirror Room Ambush A cinematic Final Smash. The opponents are shown running through the Dollhouse's Mirror Room, but just before they make it to the mirrors at the end, Staya appears. The screen goes black, you hear slashing sounds, and then it cuts back to the stage, where the opponents have taken massive damage.
  • Taunts:
    • Staya holds up one of his threatening signs ("GO BACK TO YOUR ROOMS." "YOU ARE NOT PERMITTED HERE.")
    • Staya's Essence, Loyalty (a transparent, floating clock) appears in front of his chest for a few seconds.
    • Staya barks.


  • Codec
    • Snake: Otacon, some kid left their toy here.
    • Otacon: Snake, that's no ordinary toy. That's Staya, a ruthless guard dog equipped with clocks and other mechanisms. He's-
    • Snake: Don't tell me. A watchdog.
    • Otacon: Exactly.
    • Snake: Why do I have to go up against such jokes? I'll take him out now.
    • Otacon: Staya is no joke, I'm afraid. He's tough as steel, with claws, gears, and a bite worse than his bark.
    • Snake: Looks like I'd better stay on guard.
    • Otacon: Yes, stay a while.
  • Palutena's Guidance
    • Pit: This poor dog looks lost! I'll check its collar.
    • Palutena: He really is a lost dog, but he is not your best friend, Pit. This is Staya, a bloodthirsty mechanical dog who's angry that his owner left him.
    • Viridi: Sounds like my kind of dog! Can I keep him? Pleeeeeeease?
    • Palutena: Not if you value the safety of yourself and those around you.
    • Pit: But what if I do? How do I "Staya" safe?
    • Palutena: Staya's attacks are vicious, but he's not very fast, and not so good in the air, especially not compared to a kid with wings.

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[Makes sure this is the right thread]

To show my unrealistic support for this choice as a fighter (and to alleviate my boredom), I came up with my own moveset for Kingdom Hearts Sora!

The general idea is that he was a combo-centric character, who has some powerful but limited magic spells alongside his arsenal. Also yes, I am needlessly thorough.


Sora (from Kingdom Hearts)


Sora can wall-jump.

Sora is at a medium weight, slightly below average, above medium height but not enough to be considered tall, and is a fast faller.

Special Attributes: “Magic” Special moves all use a shared MP bar, and running out renders Sora unable to cast any move that requires MP until it's fully recharged. A charge takes about 1 minute to refill and does not start recharging until empty.



Jab: It will mostly resemble Sora's standard attacks.

Side-tilt: Will do a single hit from Sonic Blade.

Up-tilt: Sora swings his Keyblade upwards, following with it to bring himself into the air.

Down-tilt: Sora slides along the ground, dealing decent damage, and if he hits a wall he will automatically wall-jump.



Side Smash: Strike Raid - Sora holds the Keyblade behind himself as he charges, before throwing it out to his opponent, teleporting to his hand after a second.

Up Smash: Ripple Drive – Sora swings his Keyblade up, with a barrier of energy serving as the main attack.

Down Smash: Ragnarok – Sora starts charging up a cluster of energy, and releasing it causes the sparks of energy to fly out, fizzling out after a second.



Neutral Air: Will mostly resemble Sora's aerial standard attacks

Forward Air: Swings Sora's keyblade around in a full circle vertically.

Back Air: Sora does a 360 spin, his Keyblade hitting whoever's behind him.

Up Air: Sora strikes up into the air.

Down Air: Sora does a Flowmotion slam into the ground.



Grab: Sora summons a second Keyblade to lock his opponent in a hold. When the grab ends for any reason, the second Keyblade will be unsummoned.

Pummel: Hits opponent with both Keyblades.

Forward Throw: Knocks them out of his hold with one Keyblade.

Back Throw: Throws the opponent behind himself with both Keyblades.

Up Throw: Throws the opponent up with one Keyblade, hitting them with the other.

Down Throw: Smacks the opponent to the ground with one Keyblade, before smacking them away with the other.

Dash Attack: Will do a single hit from Zantetsuken, with the absolute end of the hit dealing heavy damage.

Get Up Attack: Hits both sides with his Keyblade as he hops up onto his feet.

Ledge Attack: Lifts himself up with one hand, and at the same time strikes the area right in front of him with his Keyblade.



Neutral Special: Cure – Sora cures a large chunk of his % (let's say for hypothetical example 50%), uses all MP.

Side Special: Offensive Spell – While the B button is held down, Sora will charge up, with each stage changing what spell comes out. Releasing B will unleash the spell. If not enough MP is available, Sora will still cast the spell and use up whatever MP remains. Fire: Sora shoots out a homing projectile, uses low MP. Can be spammed. Water: Sora sends out a homing projectile, which briefly hovers around his body before flying out, uses low MP. Ice: Sora shoots out a freezing ball which has a small AOE, and will inflict the Freeze debuff on a direct hit, uses medium MP. Thunder: Sora fires a Thunderbolt directly in front of him, striking at medium range, uses medium MP. Gravity: Sora unleashes a ball right in front of him spiking anyone hit by it. Uses high MP.

Up Special: Meow Wow balloon – Sora launches up with a Meow Wow Dream Eater (the latter of which has a hitbox), before entering special fall.

Down Special: Reflect – Sora puts up a protective barrier, and if the barrier is struck during its duration, then upon finishing it will release high damaging spikes to the left and right of him. Spamming this move will keep the charge from releasing and continue to protect Sora, uses high MP per usage.

Final Smash: Trinity Limit – Sora will stab the ground with two Hearts floating around him, and light will emerge from where he is in a bubble, max length covering about 3 quarters of Final Destination. Anyone caught will constantly and repeatedly be damaged by the burning light (probably scaling down from the centre), with the final hit being an extremely strong attack, before the light rapidly dies down.

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