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Pulse The Fool from Yadayadaville Relationship Status: Maxing my social links
The Fool
Nov 10th 2016 at 10:18:25 AM

With due apologies to Anom for cribbing his format and using it for something semi-serious.

Elma kicks into Overdrive!

  • General Information

  • Stats: Elma is slightly taller than Shulk but holds a slightly wide stance. She moves quickly, jumps high and enjoys low latency on most of her attacks, as well as good range from her paired swords and pistols, but she's relatively light, especially for her size, and suffers from a lack of reliable kill moves.

  • Palettes:

    • Default- Red outer layer on black and purple armor.

    • Alt 1- Navy blue outer layer on black and white armor, resembling Irina

    • Alt 2- Olive drab outer layer over black and orange armor, to resemble Gwin

    • Alt 3- Metallic blue outer layer over silver armor, to resemble Doug

    • Alt 4- White outer layer over black and green armor, to resemble Lin

    • Alt 5- Black outer wear over black and purple armor, to resemble Lao

    • Alt 6- White outer layer over orange-yellow and black armor, to resemble the default male Rook

    • Alt 7- Brown outer layer over green and black armor, to resemble the default female Rook

  • Entrance: Elma leaps from her Ares model Skell as it zooms overhead.

  • Attacks
  • Jab: Elma strikes with one sword, then the other, then overhead slashes with both in a basic three-hit combo.
  • Dash: Elma slides across the ground in a low position, firing five shots from her pistols.
  • Tilts
    • F-Tilt: Elma stabs with both swords, then swings them apart for two hits.
    • U-Tilt: Elma fires her guns overhead, dealing minor damage but plucking foes down from far overhead.
    • D-Tilt: Elma swings her swords along the same arc from a crouching position, striking at the opponents' feet.
  • Smash Attacks
    • F-Smash: Elma lets loose a long string of slashes, advancing forward a short way.
    • U-Smash: Elma throws one quick slash overhead with both swords, then fires a short volley of shots from her pistols, ending with a pair of electrified bullets that explode after traveling a short distance.
    • D-Smash: Elma fires her guns downwards on both sides for several shots, ending with a pair of slightly larger electrified bullets that explode on hitting the ground.
  • Grabs/Throws
    • Grab: Elma manages a quick, one-handed grab, her right-hand weapon disappearing as she does.
    • Pummel: Elma bashes her grabbed foe with the pommel of one of her swords or the butt of one of her pistols.
    • F-Throw: Elma kicks the opponent forward and fires a volley of gunshots at them as they fly off.
    • B-Throw: Elma slides behind the opponent and stabs them in the back with both of her swords.
    • U-Throw: Elma throws the opponent straight up, enhancing their launch with a slice from her swords overhead.
    • D-Throw: Elma drops the opponent and places her foot on their back before firing several rounds into them, finishing with an electrified pair of bullets.
  • Aerials
    • N-Air: Elma swings her pair of swords around her in opposite arcs, covering 360 degrees.
    • F-Air: Elma swings both swords down hard- The tip of them at a certain point in the swing acts as a Meteor Smash.
    • B-Air: Elma fires a short volley of shots behind her, these with somewhat poor reach.
    • U-Air: Elma fires her guns in an overhead sweep, getting five rounds off along the arc made.
    • D-Air: Elma fires her guns straight downwards, giving her very slightly slowed fall speed as she does so.
  • Specials
    • Neutral Special - Violent Streak: Elma fires her guns in a series of rapid bursts, first in front of her, then behind her, then on both sides. Each step much come in this sequence, but can be canceled by not hitting the special move button again before the previous step ends.
    • Forward Special - Hundred Shells: Elma enters a battle stance and begins to glow, then slices her blades rapidly, firing a crescent-shaped projectile with each swing- A total of eight slashes can be made following the short readying step, and all but the last have strong trapping power- If one hits the rest almost certainly will as well.
    • Up Special - Shadowstrike: Elma twists her body sideways and rotates herself with swords extended, rising into the air. If the special move button is pressed again, she will dive downwards at a sharp angle. This move is hard to hit with but deals extra damage to the back side of an enemy.
    • Down Special - Ghost Factory: Elma grips her guns tightly and crosses her arms over her chest. If she is hit by an attack during this short pose, she vanishes- Revealing herself to have been an illusory decoy- And strikes the enemy that hit her from the back as she reappears with a short gun volley.
  • Final Smash - Ares Overdrive: Elma calls down her Ares-class Skell- After she boards it, the machine begins to emit a distinct whitish-grey aura. While she is piloting the Ares, Elma can fire the machine's Agni Gatling gun with the basic attack button, firing a huge number of moderately-sized projectiles with tremendous trapping effect to them, and can launch four ring-shaped Avatara Missiles, which go off in fiery explosions on contact with an opponent or the ground. After a short time, or upon firing four volleys, The Ares' four back-mounted pods detach and each fire a powerful but somewhat narrow laser- The Aghasura Cannon, capable of incredible launch power.
  • Taunts
    • Up-Taunt: Elma raises her blades in a crossed formation above her head and yells a battle cry.
    • Side-Taunt: Elma tosses her guns up so that they spin end-over-end and catches them as she closes her eyes and breathes deep.
    • Down-Taunt: Elma very softly chuckles, as if at herself, as two shimmering double-images of her appear for a brief moment.


Though the effect is purely cosmetic, Elma will be holding either set of weapons when not attacking based on what attack she used last.

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I sure said that!
Anomalocaris20 Bop from Sagittarius A* Relationship Status: Love blinded me (with science!)
Nov 10th 2016 at 1:22:16 PM

No need to apologize, a shared format makes things nice and tidy.

And that's a good moveset, I would like Elma for next game. Ghost Factory would be a counter move here?

Also, would her true form be an alternate costume?

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Pulse The Fool from Yadayadaville Relationship Status: Maxing my social links
The Fool
Nov 10th 2016 at 1:38:17 PM

Yeah, I made Ghost Factory into a counter along the lines of Greninja's Substitute, albeit more automated- It's one of her signature Arts, so I felt like it and Shadowstrike needed to be it her movelist, but I couldn't think of a good way to incorporate the decoy effect into the context of Smash outside of that.

And yeah, I was thinking she'd have her true form as a secondary costume, but you can never be too careful with where and how you phrase things

I tried to work in some of her other arts as basic attacks- I'm debating if it'd be good or not for her to at least occasionally call those attacks too.

edited 10th Nov '16 1:43:50 PM by Pulse

I sure said that!
PresidentStalkeyes Lady Grey (Art by Nut-Case) from a 'Weather Balloon'
Lady Grey (Art by Nut-Case)
Nov 10th 2016 at 3:35:35 PM

Oh cool, I've got quite a few ideas for fighting game characters. I'm more of a Street Fighter/King Of Fighters sort of person myself, but I can work with the Smash format. With that in mind, here's a character I love who I think could be genuinely awesome in Smash...

Alex powerbombs into the fight!

  • General:
  • Attacks:
    • Jab: Alex throws a powerful right hook and a backhand chop in quick succession for a two-hit combo.
    • Dash: Alex stretches his right arm out and throws a wide clothesline attack, based on his Sledgehammer V-Trigger from his SFV incarnation.
    • Tilts:
      • F-Tilt: Alex strides forward with his foot outstretched, delivering it to the opponent's gut.
      • U-Tilt Alex crouches momentarily before jumping up high, hitting opponents above with his shoulder.
      • D-Tilt: Alex crouches and delivers quick kick to the opponent's feet.
    • Smash Attacks:
      • F-Smash: Alex throws a powerful backhand chop, the Flash Chop, which momentarily turns the opponent's back to him.
      • U-Smash: Alex winds up his arm before spinning on his feet with fist outstretched, performing a devastating overhead lariat.
      • D-Smash: Alex crouches and sweeps the opponent.
    • Grabs/Throws:
      • Grab: Alex clutches the opponent by the back of their head.
      • Pummel: Alex steps behind the opponent and performs a chokehold for gradual damage.
      • F-Throw: Alex headbutts the opponent, sending them reeling.
      • B-Throw: Alex pulls the opponent toward him before stepping behind them and jumping, sending his foot into the back of their head.
      • U-Throw: Alex steps behind the opponent and puts them in a full nelson hold before hurling them directly above him.
      • D-Throw: Alex takes hold of the opponent's head with both hands and performs a DDT, slamming them into the ground head-first.
    • Air Attacks:
      • N-Air: Alex throws an overhead chop in mid-air, covering 720 degrees.
      • F-Air: Alex throws a powerful dropkick with very long range.
      • B-Air: Alex throws a backhanded chop that spins him around.
      • U-Air: Alex throws an overhead lariat, similar to his U-Smash.
      • D-Air: Alex hurls himself groundwards while performing a cross-chop; should not be used when nowhere near ground.
    • Specials:
      • Neutral Special - Power Bomb: A basic grab, Alex hops forward and grapples any opponent he comes in contact with. He proceeds to jump high in the air and powerbomb the opponent into the ground for massive damage. If he uses it on an opponent after their back has been turned to him by his F-Special or the Slash Elbow, it turns into a Backdrop Suplex that places the opponent behind him.
      • Forward Special - Slash Elbow: Alex dashes forward a considerable distance and throws an elbow strike that serves as a launcher. Otherwise, it may turn the opponent's back to him.
      • Up Special - Air Knee Smash: Alex jumps up with his knee outstretched. If he catches an opponent during this jump, he proceeds to drop them towards the ground, crushing them beneath his knee.
      • Down Special: - Rage Shift: Based on his V-Skill from SFV, Alex winds up one arm. This turns his next Smash Attack or Special Attack into an automatic Meteor Smash. If the attack misses or is blocked, the effect ends.
    • Final Smash - Impossible Hammer: Whether on the ground or in the air, Alex seems to flash forward at a great speed, snatching up any opponents who cross his path. He then seemingly teleports above the upper stage boundary before flying groundwards, holding all the opponents he picked up in overlapping crucifix holds, before slamming them into the stage for massive damage.
    • Taunts:
      • Up-Taunt: Alex hops from side to side, cracks his neck and says 'c'mon!', in the same manner as his SFV taunt.
      • Side-Taunt: Alex mimics one of his 3rd Strike winposes, stepping forward with one fist raised.
      • Down-Taunt: Alex performs a power squat, and will keep doing them if the button is held.
    • Palutena's Guidance:
Pit: So, what's with this guy? I don't think I've seen him anywhere before.

Palutena: That's Alex. He's a powerhouse wrestler from New York.

Pit: ...And?

Palutena: Well... I hear he's a pizza conoisseur. I'd like to know what pizzas he's been eating that lets him keep that figure...

Pit: So wait, are you telling me doesn't have any powers or anything? No fireballs? Nothing?

Viridi: I wouldn't get cocky, if I were you! I mean, have you seen this guy's power bombs?

Pit: Oh, so he has bombs! I knew there was a catch.

Viridi: Not bomb bombs, you dolt! A power bomb is like... he grabs you and slams you into the ground like an angel that just had its wings cut off! And the best part is he can do it to you while you're in the air, too!

Pit: Ouch.

Palutena: Exactly. When Alex is on the ground, you'd best steer clear. Though he looks slow, he can rush to you in seconds with his Slash Elbow, and his Rage Shift lets him turn his next attack into a launcher. The good news is, he's largely confined to the ground, so your best bet is to attack from the air. Just don't underestimate him.

Pit: Gotcha. You don't need powers to be dangerous. Though if you have got powers and this guy could still beat you, kinda defeats the point, don't ya think?

Viridi: You're telling me!

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Giph signals with telepathy; she wants to know what wars were fought over before video games existed; just don't tell her boss she asked.
Sep 26th 2017 at 9:02:30 AM

Introducing: Zeta Metroid (and a bonus Samus revamp)!

Attributes: Zeta Metroids are fast and lethal, capable of dealing a high amount of damage quickly. They are also relatively heavy, however a hitbox on the stomach will deal heavily increased damage if hit. In exchange, their only longe-ranged attack requires ample start-up, their jumps are rather poor, and they are a fast faller. They can wall cling.

Regular attacks: It will use its tail, head, and four legs for various attacks. Tail is quickest, deals the least damage and knockback. Claws deal more damage, and low knockback. Bites are smash attacks, dealing both high damage and high knockback.

Neutral Special: Flamethrower - The Metroid raises its head before shooting out a burst of flame. Good damage, medium-close range, and a long ending. Can be held.

Side Special: Pounce - The Metroid lunges at the target. Can be charged before launching. Uncharged variant is vulnerable against shield, but if at max charge it will take a book from previous evolutions and coat itself in electricity. It will have super armour on a full charge and ignore shields (thinking a good few seconds before reaching maximum charge).

Up Special: Leap - the Metroid will leap up into the sky somehow. Once reaching the top of its jump, it will then enter helpless state until landing. If it hits a ceiling during its recovery, it will cling to the roof. It will not fall off unless one of three conditions happen; the player jumps, it gets hurt, or enough time passes. If one of the latter two happen, it will enter helpless state. It can attack while clinging, but not move.

Down Special: Acid Spit - The Metroid will take in a deep breath for a good few seconds, before spraying out balls of acid around itself in a downwards motion (thinking 3-5?). This acid will rebound once, breaking on the second hit.

Final Smash: Queen's assault - the Metroid will grab anyone in front of it - then a cinematic will play where it keeps them still while the Queen Metroid slowly stomps on it, who will then eat them up before spitting them back out - dealing massive damage and knockback!

Bonus Samus

Samus's air-dodge is altered, no longer morphing and acting standard. Samus's duck turns her into morphball mode, and she can crawl (crawling is faster than walking) She can duck in mid-air. Down air and down attack is both morph ball bombs.

Neutral Special - hold down the attack button to charge Samus's beam and aim in all directions, release to fire. Rapidly tapping the button will allow her to rapid fire, can aim in all directions. Cannot move, can jump.

Side Special - fires Missiles. Tapping will release homing missiles, a small charge will release a missile, a full charge will release a super missile. Missiles and Super Missiles can be aimed in all directions.

Up Special - unchanged.

Down Special - Melee Counter. Samus can counter any melee attack (only melee), and stun the attacker.

StarAndroidJaguar ... from some body once told me Relationship Status: In another castle
Sep 26th 2017 at 1:48:29 PM

Scizor Steels the Stage!


  • Attack: High
  • Weight: Medium-high
  • Speed: Medium-slow
  • Double-jumps: 2
  • Crouch height: High
  • Crawl: No
  • Wall-Jump: No

Passive Traits

  • Swarm: Special moves jump to 150% power when you have taken more than 100% damage.
  • Technician: Fast, Grab and Air attacks start at 150%, 150% and 125% power respectively. However, they decrease in power until Scizor has taken 100% damage, where they remain at 100% power.
  • Light Metal: Scizor becomes lighter as she/it takes damage, until 75% weight at 150%. The increase in weight caused by Giant or Metal transformations is halved.
  • Incoming Fire damage increased to 150%.


  1. Red: Normal palette.
  2. Greennote : Scizor's Shiny coloration.
  3. Blue
  4. Golden
  5. Silver
  6. White
  7. Black


  • A Net Ball is thrown onto the stage, releasing Scizor.

Fast Attacks

  • Neutral A
    Three-hit Combo: Scizor punches twice, then uppercuts with the right hand.
  • Side A
    Swipe: Scizor preforms a swift backhand motion.
  • Up A
    Upper Claw: Scizor sweeps an arm over her/its head from back to front.
  • Down A
    Jab Kick: Scizor looses a kick, aiming for the feet.
  • Dash A
    Lunging Attack: Scizor headbutts infront of her/its self.

Grab Attacks

  • A
    Pummel: Scizor weakly and rapidly punches a grabbed opponent.
  • Forward Throw
    Curveball: Scizor throw the opponent slightly downwards, causing them to bounce shortly infront of her/it.
  • Back Throw
    Throw Kick: Scizor tosses the opponent behind itself, then kicks them.
  • Up Throw
    Slam Dunk: Scizor jumps straight up, then slams the opponent on the ground.
  • Down Throw
    Scissor Kick: Scizor throws the opponent on the floor, then scissor kicks them.

Air Attacks

  • Neutral A
    Red Whirl: Scizor spins in the air, arms outstretched.
  • Forward A
    Air Hammer: Scizor swipes straight down with her/its arms. A sweet spot on the end of the arms will meteor smash foes.
  • Back A
    Mule Kick: Scizor turns around and kicks. A sour spot close to her/its torso does less damage.
  • Up A
    Frontflip: Scizor flips in midair, kicking anyone above.
  • Down A
    Drill Kick: Scizor looses a flurry of kicks downwards. The final one has a sweet spot which meteor smashes.

Smash Attacks

  • Up Smash
    Upper Hammer: Scizor swipes both arms above her/itself.
  • Down Smash
    Brutal Breakdance: Scizor does a headstand, then spins with legs to the sides, kicking anyone in the way repeatedly.
  • Side Smash
    Crimson Crusher: Scizor slowly swings both arms overhead and forward. Correctly timed, it will do immense damage.

Special Attacks

  • Neutral B
    X-Scissor: Scizor makes a cross-shape infront of her/itself using her/its arms.
    • Variant 1
      Iron Head: Scizor charges briefly, then headbutts downward.
      More powerful and does bonus damage to shields. Slower than X-Scissor.
    • Variant 2
      Strength: Scizor grabs an opponent, quickly slams them on the ground and throws them in a random direction.
      Much faster and has high(er) knockback. Does less damage. If used in the air, makes you helpless.
  • Side B
    Bullet Punch: Scizor lunges forward, rapidly punching foes infront of itself.
    If used in the air, it propels you further, but makes you helpless.
    • Variant 1
      Bug Bite: Scizor reveals small, hidden mandibles and bites an opponent.
      Does more damage, but does not increase knockback. Does not propel you forward.
    • Variant 2
      Knock Off: Scizor raises an arm, then slams it on a foe.
      Does more damage to foes with items, and has a high chance of disarming them. Does not propel you as far and does less damage.
  • Up B
    U-Turn: Scizor dashes a short distance towards an enemy, then dashes backwards and straight up.
    • Variant 1
      Pursuit: Scizor dashes towards the closest enemy.
      Does more damage, especially to foes facing away from you. No guaranteed upward recovery.
    • Variant 2
      Air Slash: Scizor leaps upward, firing translucent crescents in random directions.
      More upwards recovery and bonus damage to shields. Deals less damage.
  • Down B
    Bug Buzz: Scizor releases green soundwaves in a small sphere around her/itself.
    • Variant 1
      Superpower: Scizor builds energy, then slams the ground, causing a large explosion.
      Deals significantly more damage and has a larger range. After use, temporarily reduces outgoing damage and knockback and increases incoming damage and knockback. Much slower than Bug Buzz.
    • Variant 2
      Swords Dance: Scizor summons ethereal blades and poses.
      Significantly boosts outgoing damage and knockback temporarily if completed. Deals no damage or knockback.

Final Smash
Mega Evolution - Mega Scizor
Scizor temporarily transforms into the slightly larger Mega Scizor. Optionally heralded with Mega Scizor's in-game cry.
Light Metal is temporarily disabled.
Mega Scizor does not flinch from damage and is immune to knockback.
Mega Scizor has the power of its attacks boosted and takes less damage.
Technician does not fall off as your damage taken increases. This means the moves it empowers remain at 150% power, on top of the general power boost Mega Scizor has.
Superpower's stat debuff lasts significantly shorter while Mega Scizor.
Swarm is temporarily disabled.
Incoming damage reduces the time spent as Mega Scizor.


  • Up Taunt
    Scizor flexes her/its arms, as if showing off muscle.
  • Side Taunt
    Scizor waves a pincer infront of her/itself, as if to give a Finger Wag.
  • Down Taunt
    Scizor puts one leg behind the other, and mockingly assumes a cute/shy pose.

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back door
PresidentStalkeyes Lady Grey (Art by Nut-Case) from a 'Weather Balloon'
Lady Grey (Art by Nut-Case)
Jul 10th 2018 at 8:07:55 PM

Apologies for the necro, but I just remembered this thread existed and I remember being asked what characters I'd want to see in Smash Ultimate over on Ask the Above Poster, so since this particular idea has occurred to me multiple times I thought I'd better record it here for posterity. :V

Incineroar lights up a ring of fire!


  • Stats:
    • Attack: High.
    • Weight: Very High (on par with the likes of Bowser and Donkey Kong).
    • Speed: Slow.
    • Double-Jumps: None.
    • Crouch Height: Low.
    • Crawl: Yes.
    • Wall-Jump: No.
  • Special Features:
    • Instead of a basic grab, Incineroar possesses a lunging tackle that knocks the opponent into a prone state. Unlike most characters, he can tackle while standing, dashing or crawling. It's only while above a prone opponent that he can initiate a 'normal' grab; this means he can perform a normal grab on an opponent who's already prone, skipping the tackle part.
    • With the sole exception of Swagger, all of Incineroar's specials can be charged, and they each have four distinct 'tiers' of power. Charging a special to a higher tier not only makes it more powerful but often adds in other effects. You can tell if a move has been charged to the next tier by the flames on Incineroar's 'belt' getting bigger, and at Tier 4, the highest level, his eyes glow white-hot. Charging a special, however, raises Incineroar's %, with the rate of increase getting faster the longer the button is held for. However, the percentage increase incurred by charging specials is temporary - that is, after the attack has been executed/cancelled, Incineroar's % increase will reverse, decreasing back to the % it was at before the charge-up was initiated. However, if Incineroar is attacked at any time while his % is winding back down, the % increase becomes permanent.
      • As an example, if he starts out at 0%, charges a move long enough to raise that to 200%, and then lets it wind back down to 150% before being attacked, it will stay at 150%. Think of it as similar to 'Grey Damage' or 'Recoverable Damage' in Street Fighter.
  • Palettes:
    • Default: Red (Normal)
    • Alt 2: Red/White (Shiny)
    • Alt 3: Green (Decidueye)
    • Alt 4: Blue (Primarina)
    • Alt 5: Black/White (Team Skull)
    • Alt 6: Yellow/White (Aether Foundation)
    • Alt 7: Navy/Orange (Sun and Moon)
  • Entrance: A standard Poke Ball is thrown onto the stage, releasing Incineroar.

Fast Attacks:

  • Neutral A - Fury Swipes: Incineroar does two slashes in succession, an overhead and an uppercut.
  • Dash A - Shoulder Tackle: Incineroar gets back into a bipedal stance and lunges at the opponent with his shoulder.
  • Side A - Uppercut to Elbow: Incineroar steps forward while slashing upwards, following up with a downwards elbow strike.
  • Up A - Spinning Clothesline: Incineroar spins on his feet with his arm outstretched upwards, hitting very high.
  • Down A - Slide Attack: Incineroar slides along the floor with both his legs outstretched, aiming for the knees.

Grab Attacks:

  • A - Pummel: Incineroar grabs the downed opponent by the head and repeatedly headbutts them.
  • Forward Throw - Dropkick: Incineroar pulls the downed opponent to their feet before dropkicking them in the face, landing in a crawl state.
  • Back Throw - Brainbuster DDT: Incineroar holds his opponent vertically above him before dropping to his side, sending their head into the floor on the other side.
  • Up Throw - Cannonball Buster: Incineroar holds his opponent aloft and slams them back-first into the ground opposite; weaker than his other throws, but bounces the opponent.
  • Down Throw - German Suplex: Incineroar pulls his opponent up into a sitting position and steps behind them with arms wrapped around their torso, suplexing them into the floor.

Air Attacks:

  • Neutral A - Thrash: Incineroar wildly flails his claws around, hitting three times.
  • Forward A - Torpedo Dropkick: Incineroar does a spinning dropkick in mid-air, propelling himself forward like a screw or missile. A decent air mobility tool.
  • Back A - Double Hammer: Incineroar clasps his fists together and performs a spinning hammer blow, hitting on both sides.
  • Up A - Moonsault Kick: Incineroar performs a moonsault, backflipping in mid-air and striking anyone directly above him.
  • Down A - Flying Elbow Drop: Incineroar lunges downwards with his elbow outstretched, hitting low. The sweet spot at the very tip of the elbow may Meteor Smash.

Smash Attacks:

  • Up Smash - Shoulder Upper: Incineroar crouches momentarily before launching himself upwards, shoulder-tackling anyone above him.
  • Down Smash - Tail Sting: Incineroar crouches very low and thrusts his tail at the opponent. Has very long range.
  • Side Smash - Throat Chop: Incineroar steps forward and unleashes a mighty backhanded chop, aimed at the opponent's throat.

Special Attacks:

  • Neutral B - Darkest Lariat: Incineroar strikes a pose before spinning on his feet with both arms outstretched, hitting opponents on both sides. Can also move forward or back slightly if the directional button is tilted after B is pressed, and can make Incineroar hover momentarily if used in the air. Can be charged in exchange for a temporary % increase. The charge-up time is armoured (this applies to all specials except Swagger).
    • Tier 1: Basic variant, only hits three times.
    • Tier 2: Lasts for longer, hits five times and creates a gust of wind that sucks in nearby opponents and objects.
    • Tier 3: Hits seven times and boosts the tornado's range. Also moves further and faster if tilted after activation.
    • Tier 4: Hits eleven times in total, and creates a fire field that burns any opponents who get near for gradual damage.
  • Side B - Flare Blitz: Incineroar winds up his right arm and unleashes a mighty lunging slash combined with a clothesline.
    • Tier 1: Travels the shortest distance, has no special effects.
    • Tier 2: Travels a bit further - roughly half the width of Final Destination - and creates a claw effect that does bonus damage against shields and greatly enhances the move's hitbox.
    • Tier 3: Travels even further - about two-thirds the width of Final Destination - and sets the claw on fire for bonus fire damage.
    • Tier 4: Travels very far - the entire width of Final Destination - does massive damage, cloaks Incineroar completely in flames (creating fiery afterimages in his wake) and makes the claw's size even bigger, making it even harder to evade. (Note, all tiers will leave Incineroar helpless if used in the air)
  • Up B: - Will-O-Wisp to Giga Impact: Incineroar punches the ground beneath him, creating a small explosion that launches him sharply upwards in the direction of the nearest airborne opponent. If he catches the opponent while being launched, he automatically grabs them and Spinning Powerbombs them into the ground for high damage. His descent can be controlled (to an extent), to minimize the risk of mutual suicide. Can also be used in the air as a recovery tool.
    • Tier 1: Tiny explosion, is essentially a short hop.
    • Tier 2: Explosion is bigger and causes fire damage to anyone who happens to be nearby.
    • Tier 3: Explosion is even bigger and actually launches opponents, enabling Incineroar to grab them almost instantly.
    • Tier 4: Incineroar's ascent is much quicker, and a successful grab creates a second explosion upon landing.
  • Down B - Swagger: Incineroar glows purplish-red and mocks opponents, goading them into attacking him. If he is attacked while doing this, he puffs his chest out, negates all knockback and absorbs the attack's damage as a Temporary % increase. The opponent, meanwhile, takes a small amount of damage but is knocked back and left dazed, with their movement controls reversed, giving Incineroar an advantage.

Final Smash - Malicious Moonsault: Incineroar roars and lunges at the nearest opponent, essentially teleporting over to them. He grabs them and leaps many miles high into the air before crashing back down to the stage, crushing them underneath his body for massive damage and creating a huge explosion that harms other players.

  • Idle: Incineroar suddenly raises an open claw in an attempt to psyche out the opponent, before mischievously chuckling to himself.
  • Taunts:
    • Up-Taunt: Incineroar aggressively points at opponents before giving them a thumbs-down.
    • Side-Taunt: Incineroar kneels down on one knee and proudly flexes, showing off his well-developed physique.
    • Down-Taunt: Incineroar turns to face the camera and shrugs while impishly grinning, as if to say 'what did I do?'

Giph signals with telepathy; she wants to know what wars were fought over before video games existed; just don't tell her boss she asked.
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transtream bestream
Jul 13th 2018 at 9:16:06 AM

Ok now im just gonna


Thats right we have a scrappped g2 Poken Rep here we gooo
  • General:
    • Stats: Bellboyant is just a smol bit larger than Pikachu in her stature. She's relatively fast, jumps really well... but doesn't hit too well for the most part and is pretty light. She can crawl, though, so that's cool
    • Pallletes:
      • Standard: Black/Gold.
      • Alt 1: Black/Silver. (Projected shiny)
      • Alt 2: Black/Red (Litten)
      • Alt 3: Black/Purple (Beta Umbreon)
      • Alt 4: Black/Blue (Shiny Umbreon)
      • Alt 5: Blood Red/Gold (It just looks cool?)
      • Alt 6: Dark Purple/Green (Contrasting colors look nice and we need a green team rep)
      • Alt 7: Black/Gold, but with a white belly and beads on the base oh her ear (Rinring)
    • Entrance: Appears out a pokeball. Like any other pokemon.
    • Idle Animations:
      • Bellboyant's back arches and she lets out a small hiss.
      • Bellboyant claws at the ground a couple times.
  • Attacks:
    • Jab: A trio of simple clawing attacks.
    • Dash: A slightly harsher claw attack.
    • U-Tilt: A small tail swipe upwards.
    • S-Tilt: A straight jab.
    • D-Tilt: A small sweep. Has a 16% chance of tripping the opponent.
    • F-Smash: A hook with unseathed claws.
    • U-Smash: A surprising claw directed upwards. This is the strongest smash she has.
    • D-Smash: A powerful, 360-degree tail spin.
    • Nair: A small headbutt.
    • Fair: A simple midair swipe.
    • Bair: A back kick with surprising kill potential.
    • Uair: A midair somersault that has hitboxes in all directions.
    • Dair: A 30-degree pounce with some nice Meteor Smashing potential.
  • Grab: Bellboyant bites her opponent and secures them with a pair of claws.
    • Pummel: Bellboyant sinks her teeth in.
    • F-Throw: Bellboyant chucks her opponent forward, propelling them with a small beam of light.
    • B-Throw: Bellboyant uses her back legs to claw her victim backwards.
    • U-Throw: Bellboyant uses her bell to create a shockwave, propelling her victim upwards.
    • D-Throw:Bellboyant' bell generates a shockwave just after she pins her victim.
  • Specials:
    • Neutral-B: Moon Beam- a chargeable beam attack. The minimal charge is a short-range light in front of Bellboyant, and the full charge crosses the entirety of Battlefield.
    • Side-B: Pursuit- Bellboyant pounces forward the length of four kirbies, a dark tail following her. If the target attempts to dodge, the damage done will be multiplied by 1.5.
    • Up-B: Bell Burst- Bellboyant's bell charges a powerful ring that creates a small shockwave and propels Bellboyant in any direction they choose.
    • Down-B: Moonlight- Bellboyant charges a powerful strengthening spell, the full charge taking six seconds. When activated, the spell heals Bellboyant by 32%, and her attack and defense values are multiplied by 1.5 for the next twelve.
  • Final Smash: Moon Blast- a small white rim of light appears in front of Bellboyant. Anyone caught in the circle is trapped and forced to take the full force of a large, vertical beam of moonlight from above the stage.
  • Taunts:
    • Up Taunt: Bellboyant takes about a couple seconds to stretch herself.
    • Side Taunt: Bellboyant rings her tail before chasing it. She seems content when she bites it.
    • Down Taunt: Bellboyant Lies on her back for a second, purring.
  • Victory poses:
    • Bellboyant rings her bell while stretched, her eyes directed to said bell.
    • Bellboyant curls up and takes a nap.
    • Bellboyant kicks back with her hind legs, as if she's burying something, while looking at the screen with content.
  • Faliure Pose: Bellboyant is seen sitting down and looking at the victor, clawing the ground unamused.
  • Palutena's guidance may be posted in the future.

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Jul 18th 2018 at 9:01:10 PM

I'm actually going to do something different from usual, and do an Echo Fighter- the only Echo Fighter I actively want. There are Xenoblade 2 spoilers here, so look away if that concerns you.

Malos brings an end to the fight!

General Information

  • Stats: Malos is an Echo Fighter of Shulk; as such, if I leave out any details, assume they're the same as Shulk's. In a general sense, default Malos is slower than default Shulk, but heavier and deals more damage, not unlike Ganondorf to Captain Falcon.
  • Palettes:
    • Standard black outfit
    • Pyra-themed, with a red coloration and a green Core Crystal
    • Mythra-themed, with a gold and white coloration and a green Core Crystal
    • Basic blue palette
    • Basic green palette
    • Basic yellow palette
    • Basic dark purple palette
    • Basic gray palette
  • Entrance: Malos simply walks in from the background, with no real special frills other than some swirling dark energy and a healthy amount of swagger


  • As stated, most of these are the same as Shulk, but a few are different:
  • Specials
    • Forward Special: Malos's version of Backslash is called Striker Edge. The animation is the same as Shulk's. Instead of doing more damage from behind and less damage from in front, Striker Edge does the same amount of damage and knockback from either side, approximately averaged from Shulk's.
    • Up Special: Monado Cyclone. Like Air Slash, Malos jumps up and attacks. Instead of only attacking in front of himself and only at the end of the attack like in Air Slash, Malos hits in both directions and can hurt opponents while rising, but the damage is reduced and there is very little knockback.
    • Down Special: Vision is replaced with a standard counter move.
  • Final Smash - Monado Eater: Malos creates a sphere of destruction around himself, in a manner very similar to Luigi's old Final Smash from Brawl. Any item or projectile that touches the sphere is instantly destroyed, and any opponent caught inside it is slowed down and takes rapid damage as long as they're there. Malos's responsibility is to keep foes trapped inside the sphere until their damage hits 100%, at which point they're instantly KO'd similarly to Bayonetta's Final Smash or the Danger Zones on the Great Cave Offensive stage.
  • Taunts
    • Up-Taunt: Malos rears back a little, his Core Crystal glowing purple and dark energy swirling around him.
    • Side-Taunt: Malos rests his Monado over his shoulder and behind his head, then says "Don't get cocky".
    • Down-Taunt: Malos twirls his Monado, points it forward, and says "THIS is an Aegis's power".

Other Stuff

Palutena's Guidance:

Pit: So that's Malos, huh? ...Nice bling he's got there!
Palutena: You're correct, Pit. Malos is the Aegis, a Blade who terrorized the world of Alrest five hundred years ago. That "bling" is his Core Crystal, the source of his power.
Pit: So... if I break that crystal, the rest of the fight will be a cakewalk! Talk about exposing your weak spots!
Viridi: Uh, hello? What part of 'five hundred years' did you not hear? Do you really think he would have survived that long if any rando could just walk up and whack his core with a hammer and chisel?
Pit: Well... maybe nobody thought to try it! I'll be the first, and it'll totally catch him off-guard!
Viridi: The only one off-guard here is me, at how STUPID you are.
Palutena: No matter how you choose to fight him, Pit, watch out for his sword. It's a Monado just like Shulk's, so it's good for more than just cutting stuff up. He can alter his own strengths and weaknesses, counter your attacks, or even warp the very fabric of reality. DON'T get dissolved away into nothingness.


Mei Ling: I see you're fighting Malos, Snake.
Snake: That energy radiating off of him... What exactly is this guy?
Mei Ling: Malos is a Blade, an immortal being born from a crystal. Most Blades bond with a human and fight alongside them as comrades in arms. Malos is not most Blades, though, and fights by himself on a mission to destroy the world.
Snake: Destroying the world, huh? Isn't that a little trite?
Mei Ling: I actually almost feel sorry for him. Blades are like living computers, and from the moment of his creation Malos was coded to feel nothing but hatred. He's a weapon of war, programmed to fight and destroy on impulse, with no chance to really be his own man.
Snake: ...
Mei Ling: Sorry. I know you've heard that kind of story a lot. This is a fight for your survival, Snake, so don't hold back.
Snake: Don't worry. Even if he didn't choose his path, he's a threat to everyone around him and he's clearly enjoying every second of it. That's enough reason for me to put a stop to this.

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Nov 3rd 2018 at 10:29:33 PM

I've revamped my style a little.

It's time for a character who has been relegated to Assist Trophy to finally get his chance at being a playable character. The young protagonist from a timeless handheld game finally brings his swordplay and strange powers to the fray of Smash Bros.

That's right, it's a golden opportunity for a time in the sun for...




...the Prince of Sablé!

    Prince of Sablé takes his toll! 

General Stats

  • Franchise: The Frog for Whom the Bell Tolls
  • English Voice: Todd Haberkorn
  • Stats: Light and small, with pretty good speed.
  • Palettes: A blue palette based on Prince Richard, and a gray monochrome one based on the Game Boy style. The other five palettes are standard green, yellow, purple, brown, and white palettes.
  • Entrance: Sablé jumps down onto the stage as a frog, and quickly changes back to human form.
  • Special Abilities: Many of Sablé's attacks turn him into a frog or a snake briefly. This actually does reduce his hitbox size, making him good for some hit and run tactics. He also turns into a frog as his crouching animation, instead of just squatting like any normal person would. He can crawl and wall-jump (both as a frog).


  • Jab: A punch, followed by a two-hit sword combo, and ending with a kick, for a four-hit jab.
  • Dash: Sablé pushes forward with his shield out, roughly shoving whoever is in his path.
  • Tilts
    • F-Tilt: Broad horizontal sword slash.
    • U-Tilt: Vertical sword slash with a hitbox in front of and above Sablé.
    • D-Tilt: As a frog, Sablé hops forward across the ground in a headbutt. Can be used to cover distance like Dedede's D-Tilt.
  • Smash Attacks
    • F-Smash: Sablé turns into a frog and headbutts forward through the air a short range, socking opponents hard in the gut.
    • U-Smash: Upward sword thrust.
    • D-Smash: Sablé pulls out a tree saw and spins in a low circle with it.
  • Grabs/Throws
    • Grab: Sablé turns into a snake and grabs onto a foe with his tail.
    • Pummel: Snake bite. Has the poison effect like White Pikmin.
    • F-Throw: Sablé rolls forward and tosses the victim overhead.
    • B-Throw: Sablé whips the victim behind himself.
    • U-Throw: Sablé turns back into a human and kicks the victim upward.
    • D-Throw: Sablé slams the victim down and bites hard into them, with poison effect. Low knockback but good damage, and combo potential.
  • Aerials
    • Note: Sablé's aerials have him turn into a frog mid-air, decreasing his hitbox size. This lasts until he lands back on the ground, where he transforms back into a human after a few frames. As a consequence, there is some potentially-punishable end lag to his jumps should he choose to attack in mid-air and whiff it.
    • N-Air: Sablé turns into a frog and spins through the air.
    • F-Air: Sablé turns into a frog and lashes his long tongue forward and downward. Good spacing tool, and the tip has a sweetspot that can spike foes if it connects right.
    • B-Air: Sablé turns into a frog and kicks his froggy legs back. Comes out quick with decent power, making it good for foes that get too close from behind.
    • U-Air: Sablé turns into a frog and lashes upward with his tongue. Also good range with a sweetspot, but no spike obviously.
    • D-Air: Sablé turns into a frog and headbutts straight downward, dropping back to the ground like a rock and dealing good damage along the way. Does not spike.
  • Specials
    • Neutral Special - En Garde!: This is a command grab move similar to Wario's Chomp. Sablé lunges onto a foe immediately in front of him and both fighters disappear into a cartoonish violent dust cloud (just like his Assist Trophy does), where the foe starts taking damage as Sablé presumably beats them up. Also like Wario's Chomp, mashing the B button can increase the damage dealt, and the foe can wriggle to escape from it earlier. Unlike Wario's Chomp, the final hit that launches the foe away actually has pretty good knockback, and is his best grounded kill move besides his Smash Attacks.
    • Forward Special - Straight Thrust: Sablé charges forward with his sword pointed out, like the thrusts he uses to finish off the final boss of his game. Decent power and can be used for horizontal recovery.
    • Up Special - Frog Hop: Sablé turns into a frog (assuming he isn't already one) and does a large vertical leap, like the frogs from Super Mario Odyssey. The initial jump does some light damage to nearby enemies, but it's mostly a (very good) recovery move and he can do mid-air attacks afterward. As with all his aerial moves there is landing lag due to needing to turn back into a human.
    • Down Special - Slither: Sablé turns into a snake and slithers across the ground. He moves forward quickly and automatically. The player can change direction and slither off ledges, but cannot jump. If he manages to collide with an enemy, he bites at them, inflicting poison damage and knocking them far away enough that he can transform back into a human without much risk of being punished. If you can't reach an enemy in this state you'll have to cancel it by letting go of the B button, but it has a lot of end lag so there's an element of risk-vs-reward here.
  • Final Smash - Bell Toll Beatdown: Sablé engages the move just like his regular Neutral Special, with a hitbox area comparable to Shulk's Chain Attack. The dust cloud grows bigger and bigger as more of Sablé's allies join in to help him out, including Dr. Stein, Russell's mining crew, a whole bunch of frogs, and a woolly mammoth, until eventually all captured fighters (including any who got pulled in when the cloud expanded or were thrown in by other fighters) are launched out with tremendous force.
  • Taunts
    • Up-Taunt: Sablé points at the screen and says something, like he does at the end of his tenure as an Assist Trophy (just obviously not "sarabada!").
    • Side-Taunt: Sablé turns into a frog and hops up and down a few times, posing at the screen.
    • Down-Taunt: Sablé turns into a snake and coils around himself a little, letting out a not-very-threatening hiss.


  • Palutena's Guidance:
    • Pit: Ohh, hey! I know this guy! Glad to see someone making the jump from assist to fighter! ...What was his name again?
    • Palutena: I'm not sure, but he's the prince of Sablé. He's not the sharpest guy around-
    • Viridi: Like somebody else we know!
    • Palutena: -but he has a kind heart and is an accomplished fencer.
    • Pit: Great, so I know who to call if I need a picket fence constructed on the double.
    • Viridi: Not that kind of fence, Pit. Swordplay. But any idiot can wield a blade. Look at you! No, his real talent is that he can transform into a frog or a snake thanks to a potion a witch made him drink.
    • Pit: Yeah, I noticed that. Being able to transform at will sounds like a pretty handy power, I must say.
    • Palutena: Perhaps we could get you some of your own! I can see it now. Power of... eggplant!
    • Viridi: Take the shape of... shrimp tempura!
    • Pit: Oh, har har.
    • Viridi: You know, I adore frogs and snakes, but his human form is actually pretty adorable too. For a human, anyway.
    • Pit: You're just saying that because you want him to build fences for your gardens.
    • Palutena: That's enough, Pit. Stay focused on the battle, and watch out for his transformations. A smaller target is harder to hit, but more vulnerable to attack.
  • CODEC:
    • Mei Ling: I see you're fighting the prince of Sablé, Snake.
    • Snake: I've seen a lot of swordplay styles here in Smash, but never anything this. Half the time he's some other animal, and the other half I can't even see what's going on with the dust he kicks up.
    • Mei Ling: It's pretty strange, isn't it? Looking into his tale, he was turned into a frog by a witch, but willingly used that form on a quest to save a girl he never even met! Isn't that pretty sweet?
    • Snake: If you say so.
    • Mei Ling: Of course, it turns out the girl and the witch were the same person all along, so... love takes many forms, doesn't it? Just like he does! Besides a frog he can also turn into a snake, so watch out for that.
    • Snake: Don't worry. I've fought other snakes before, haven't I?
    • Mei Ling: *sigh* Just don't let him bite you in that shape, Snake. It'll envenom you pretty badly.
    • Snake: I guess I shouldn't try to eat him, either.
    • Mei Ling: Well, he's venomous, but probably not poisonous, so- wait, what am I saying?! You can't eat him! No matter his form, he's still a fellow human in mind and soul!
    • Snake: ...
    • Mei Ling: Ugh, you really do like to mess with me, don't you? You're such a gadfly sometimes.

And since I'm adding a new franchise to the playable cast...

    The Frog for Whom the Bell Tolls information 

Victory Theme: This theme.

Series Icon: One of the two bells featured on the game's title. You can see 'em in the above video.

Stage: Mille-Feuille Kingdom. Based on the first major town in the game, with the palace in the background. I don't have an exact stage layout here, but a few of the stage features include a well that players can fall down into, and stray frogs that occasionally wander onto the battlefield; they can be picked up and thrown at their targets like a Mr. Saturn.

Item: Wasabi Root. An innocuous wasabi root. If thrown at an opponent, they're forced to consume it, which briefly stuns them (with them locked into their Superspicy Curry animation rather than their dizzy animation, but with the same dizzy particle effects). It doesn't have explosive KO power like the Deku Nut, but its effects last a little longer and doesn't get destroyed if it misses its target. Using Kirby, Dedede, or Wario's Neutral B specials to consume the item inflicts its effects upon them.

Assist Trophy: Jam. Jam replaces the prince's previous function, hopping around as a frog and roughing up any enemies he manages to collide with. He cannot turn into a snake like the prince could, and his attacks don't deal as much damage, but as an added side effect to his attack, he steals any items the victim might have. This includes held weapons such as Beam Swords and Ray Guns, equipment such as the Super Leaf and Franklin Badge, weapon pieces like the Dragoon and Daybreak, and effects like the Metal Box, Super Mushroom. He can even steal the power of the Smash Ball if his target has it on standby! Any items stolen will be conferred to Jam's summoner the next time they touch, or simply taken off the field when Jam disappears. Other fighters can attack Jam, causing him to drop stolen items or potentially be KO'd.

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Nov 4th 2018 at 5:34:49 AM

Sorry! This wasn't meant to be added yet.

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make moles great again
Nov 4th 2018 at 9:22:33 AM

I know this wouldn't happen, really, but we all can dream.

Not actual gameplay footage.

Black background. Falco Lombardi and Zelda are wandering across a temple. The temple is held up by pillars, while tombs, ornaments and even skulls are visible to the side. A bat-like creature with an oversized human head flies above them, causing the trio to tense up. The creature lunges at Zelda, but Falco shoots it immediately. Zelda furrows her brows as she notices something familiar about the dead creature, but the duo continues walking.

The scene shows the suspiciously canine legs of an unknown monster, who observes the heroes from afar. Breathing sounds can be heard, as well as the sound of someone licking their lips. The point of view then shifts to show Falco and Zelda, as well as a silhouette that hastily sneaks to the other side of the temple. Zelda turns around. Falco's sensors have detected a foreign presence, but before he can relay the information to Zelda a sudden burst of light hits him in the nape, causing the ace pilot of the Star Fox team to drop dead.

Zelda looks around. She is visibly distressed by Falco's sudden wounding, and crouches down to look at Falco's head. The point of view shifts again, from Zelda to the mysterious attacker. The attacker slowly walks towards the heroes, growling and apparently salivating, and as soon as Zelda sees him she is visibly angered.

This obscure foe, forgotten to history, has risen once more to fight against both forces of dark and light. This foe's hunger is unyielding, and the camera soon reveals that...

Omfak Devours the Competition!

General Information

Stats: For a shapeshifting demonic spirit that normally takes the form of a wolfman and can be killed in one hit, Omfak's Smash incarnation is quite strong, with an especially powerful ground game and a competent aerial game. However, most of Omfak's melee attacks are poor in range, he's rather slow, and the damage dealt to him depends on his current form (that is, his Dairy Lips form is much more fragile than either Wolf or Lion).

Omfak himself is a medium-sized character, only slightly taller than Wolf O'Donnell. He is decidedly on the heavy side.


  • Default (Cutscene): Grey fur, glowing red eyes with yellow irises and teal sclerae, purple suit, gold plates and blue pants. This palette is seen in the cutscene of Wand of Gamelon. Lion and Dairy Lips are bright orange and bright red respectively.
  • Alt 2 (In-Game): Extremely dark blue/purplish fur, glowing dark red eyes with red irises and teal sclerae, red-violet suit, brown plates and dark purple pants. This palette is seen in the original Wand of Gamelon. Lion and Dairy Lips have duller colors compared to the Default palette.
  • Alt 3 (Lupay): Light grey fur, glowing green eyes with orange irises and white sclerae, violet suit, bright-red plates and violet pants. Lion is a dull orange with a dark brown mane while the Dairy Lips are grey.
  • Alt 4 (Wolf Link): White fur, glowing blue eyes with black irises and white sclerae, greenish-grey suit, dark green plates and black pants. Lion is white with a black mane while the Dairy Lips are a dark black.
  • Alt 5 (Maraudo Wolf): Blue fur, glowing black eyes with yellow sclerae, dull blue suit, white plates and white pants. Lion is white with a blue mane while the Dairy Lips are blue.
  • Alt 6 (Wosu): White fur, glowing brown eyes with orange irises and yellow sclerae, red suit, golden plates and yellow pants. Lion is orange with a yellow mane while the Dairy Lips are golden.
  • Alt 7 (Wolfos): Grey fur, glowing green eyes with white irises and green sclerae, white suit, black plates and dark green pants. Lion is grey with a green mane while the Dairy Lips are green.

Entrance: In a reverse of Omfak's death sequence in the original, a flock of black birds swoops down on an empty suit, transforming into Omfak who cracks his knuckles.


  • Jab: Omfak paws at the opponent with his claws, which he follows up with a powerful cross.
  • Dash Attack: Omfak runs to the side, transforming into his Dairy Lips form and biting anyone standing in the way.
  • Tilt:
    • Up Tilt: Omfak delivers a powerful, if slow, uppercut.
    • Side Tilt: Omfak knees the opponent near him.
    • Down Tilt: Omfak crouches and jabs his foot to the side.
  • Grab: Omfak grabs the opponent with both hands, transforming into his Dairy Lips form depending on the throw.
    • Pummel: Dairy Lips Omfak begins biting the opponent, similarly to Wario's Chomp.
    • Forward Throw: Dairy Lips Omfak spits the opponent forwards.
    • Back Throw: Omfak bends forward before rapidly straightening up and throwing the opponent behind him.
    • Up Throw: Dairy Lips Omfak spits the opponent upwards.
    • Down Throw: Omfak drops the opponent to the ground before delivering a chop with both elbows.
  • Aerial Attacks:
    • Neutral Aerial: Omfak knees the opponent.
    • Forward Aerial: Dairy Lips Omfak thrusts his head forward, biting the opponent.
    • Back Aerial: Omfak thrusts two feet behind himself, performing a flip kick.
    • Up Aerial: Dairy Lips Omfak curls up before headbutting the opponent.
    • Down Aerial: Omfak performs a devastating spinning drill kick with his feet held closely together. It should be noted that, during this attack, Omfak's shoes are on fire.
  • Smash Attacks:
    • Forward Smash: Wolf Omfak shoots a red, line-shaped laser beam from his eye, which dissipates into the air at a certain range.
    • Up Smash: Lion Omfak headbutts the opponent while exhuming a gust of fire at the same time.
    • Down Smash: Dairy Lips Omfak gives the opponent a "kiss" by viciously headbutting them.
  • Special Moves:
    • Neutral Special: Star Beam: Wolf Omfak shoots a blue star-shaped ball of plasma in the direction he is facing. The Star Beam can be angled up and down.
    • Side Special: Hot Treatment: Lion Omfak lunges forward and breathes fire at the grabbed opponent, sending them flying.
    • Up Special: Star Burst: Wolf Omfak shoots a blue star-shaped ball of plasma downwards, propelling himself into air slightly while surrounding opponents are hurt by the shockwave.
    • Down Special: Wheels of Fire Omfak stomps his foot on the ground, generating two Phyrandaii which roll on the ground in the opposite directions.
  • Final Smash: Ravenous Metamorphosis, in which Omfak disintegrates, turning into a massive flock of black birds surrounded by an ominous dark aura. These birds promptly swoop onto the remaining combatants, dealing them continuous damage.
  • Idle Pose: Omfak stands with his hands on his hips, foot tapping impatiently.
  • Taunts:
    • Wolf Omfak points in the direction he is facing and growls as his eye glows menacingly.
    • Lion Omfak growls and moves a finger across his throat, with barely visible puffs of smoke coming from his mouth.
    • Dairy Lips Omfak tosses a snack into his mouth, licking his gigantic lips before grinning.

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Nov 4th 2018 at 11:48:28 PM

Since my previous new fighter was from a franchise that isn't represented in Smash outside of its current AT, I decided to include some franchise details. I added a victory theme, franchise icon, stage, item, and replacement Assist Trophy to my post up there.

Feedback is appreciated.

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Men In Hoods
Nov 5th 2018 at 9:19:53 AM

Well, I might as well try my hand at this. Before I do anything super big though, I'm going to test the waters with...

Yuki escapes the fandom!

General Stats

  • Franchise: The King of Fighters
  • English Voice: Let's say Erica Mendez.
  • General Stats: Oddly average. Not well-rounded, average. Except her speed, in which she ranks only behind Mac, Sonic, and C. Falcon.
  • Palettes:
    • Default: Her normal schoolgirl outfit.
    • Alt 1: Black schoolgirl outfit and pink hair. Based off Athena's XIII design.
    • Alt 2: Similar to Default, but the reds are blue and she's blonde.
    • Alt 3: Brown outfit with blue and yellow highlights. Based off of Orochi Saga Kyo.
    • Alt 4: Pink outfit with blue highlights, red hair. Based off of Shermie.
    • Alt 5: Blue outfit with black and gold highlights. Teams Color Blue; Based off of Chris.
    • Alt 6: Red outfit with white highlights. Teams Color Red; Based off of Yashiro.
    • Alt 7: Green outfit with yellow highlights, blonde hair. Teams Color Green; Based off Adel.
  • Entrance: Yuki dashes in from the left, skidding to a stop and taking a large breath.
  • Special Effects:
    • Yuki's briefcase, which is used for a lot of her attacks, counts as a disjoint.
    • She can stop on a dime instantly, having no skid or slide.
    • Yuki's briefcase is T H I C C. Thusly, it can hit someone regardless of their Z-Axis position. (that's actually a thing, trust me)


  • Jab: Yuki does two light punches with the same hand before swinging her briefcase upward.
  • Dash: Yuki trips, falling into her enemies.
  • Tilts
    • F-Tilt: Yuki swings her briefcase in front of her.
    • U-Tilt: Yuki swings her briefcase upward.
    • D-Tilt: Yuki swings her briefcase downward.
  • Grabs/Throws
    • Grab: Yuki grabs the opponent with her right hand.
    • Pummel: Yuki whacks the opponent in the head with her briefcase.
    • F-Throw: Yuki does a strong forward whack with her briefcase.
    • B-Throw: Yuki trips the opponent behind her.
    • U-Throw: Yuki whacks them upward with her briefcase.
    • D-Throw: Yuki whacks the opponent downward with her briefcase. Meteors.
  • Aerials
    • Nair: Yuki spins around at a diagonal angle, briefcase outstretched.
    • Fair: Yuki swings her briefcase downward in front of her. Can spike.
    • Bair: Yuki swings her briefcase backwards.
    • Uair: Yuki swings her briefcase upwards. An oddly strong move.
    • Dair: Yuki swings her briefcase downwards in an arc.
  • Specials
    • Neutral: Briefcase Charge: Yuki tosses her briefcase before charging after it. Causes Special Fall.
    • Forward: Hefty Swing: Yuki steps back before hopping forward and swinging her briefcase as hard as she can. Great for baiting, and is her strongest kill move. It can reflect projectiles, but the way the move is executed makes it difficult.
    • Up: Briefcase Jump: Yuki puts her briefcase below her feet and springs up, the briefcase returning to her afterwards.
    • Down: Briefcase Slide: Yuki puts up a barrier before sliding across the ground on her briefcase. In air, she goes straight down.
  • Final Smash: Yamata No Kushinada: Yuki puts a barrier around herself as Orochi makes an appearance, covering the screen in blinding holy light for a few seconds, before one last pulse launches the competition.


  • Palutena's Guidance:
    • Pit: "Hey, who's she? I've never seen her before."
    • Palutena: "That's Yuki of the Kushinada clan. Her and her family upheld the barrier that holds Orochi, a mad deity."
    • Viridi: "Orochi? Isn't that the guy who tried to destroy humanity because of their effects on nature?"
    • Pit: "That doesn't sound good."
    • Palutena: "You're both right. What is good, is that Yuki seems to be mostly unremarkable."
    • Pit: "There's going to be a but, isn't there?"
    • Viridi: "What, besides you?"
    • Plautena: "However, Yuki is remarkably fast, and that briefcase of hers packs quite a wallop! Look for an opening and seize it, Pit!"
  • Codec:
    • Mei Ling: "That's Yuki Kushinada!"
    • Snake: "Yuki what now?"
    • Otacon: "Yuki Kushinada is the current generation of the Kushinada Clan, those responsible for upholding the barrier keeping the god Orochi at bay."
    • Mei Ling: "So basically, don't hurt her too much!"
    • Otacon: "Or we'll have an even bigger problem on our hands."
    • Snake: "Alright. Don't hurt the girl too much. Understood. Anything else?"
    • Otacon: "Other than that, she seems mostly unremarkable. Go for it, Snake!"
    • Snake: "Why do I have a feeling it's not going to be that easy?"

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    Adeleine Brings the Paint! 

General Stats

  • Franchise: Kirby
  • English Voice: Adeleine's not a voiced character normally, but we may as well give her the usual generic sort of grunts that characters like Dedede, Ice Climbers, and Link have. Kirby's own voice actress could do it, she already voices almost every female character in recent Kirby games.
  • Stats: Not quite as small as you'd expect, being taller than Kirby and about on-par with Yoshi or Game & Watch. She's very light, however, to reference how she only has 1 HP in Kirby's Dreamland 3 and 64.
  • Palettes: Besides her green smock and red hat, she has a purple smock and pink hat, orange smock and brown hat, and a cyan smock and yellow hat based on her multiplayer palettes from 64, plus a yellow smock and orange hat and a blue smock with a darker blue hat based on two of her Star Allies palettes. Her remaining two palettes are a red smock with a pink beret based on Ribbon, and a black smock with a white beret based on nothing specific.
  • Entrance: Adeleine's canvas is on the stage as soon as the match loads, and Adeleine makes her entrance by stepping out from behind it. The canvas disappears in a puff of smoke.
  • Special Abilities: Many of Adeleine's paintbrush-based attacks have strange, extended hitboxes I'll talk more about later. Aesthetically, any attack that uses her paint is a random color (red, orange, yellow, light green, dark green, light blue, dark blue, purple, pink, brown, black, white, or gray). This doesn't have any combat effect, but it can briefly leave the terrain or an opponent splotched with that color, albeit less densely than Inkling's attacks. Otherwise, she has no unusual quirks; two jumps, no crawling or wall-jumping.


  • Jab: A three-hit brush combo. Not much to say about it.
  • Dash: The iconic Adeleine panic attack. Adeleine rushes forward, flailing her brush around haphazardly. This works similarly to Luigi's Dash Attack.
  • Tilts
    • F-Tilt: A single swipe with her paintbrush. It's not particularly fast, so it's easy to punish during the windup, but the paint trail actually leaves a hitbox that stays in front of her for a little longer than you might expect, making it pretty hard to punish during the cooldown.
    • U-Tilt: Adeleine holds her paintbrush directly upward and swirls it around in the air a little, similar to Villager's U-Tilt.
    • D-Tilt: Sliding kick, basically the same as Kirby's D-Tilt.
  • Smash Attacks
    • F-Smash: Adeleine slashes hard with her brush. This (and all of her Smash Attacks) have an unusual hitbox; the brush sloshes paint forward, which has pretty good range and is slightly delayed from the rest of the Smash Attack, meaning it can actually potentially punish people who roll backwards to evade the attack. The stem of the brush and the flung paint aren't super-powerful, but the tip of the brush (essentially the middle of the attack's collective hitbox) is a more powerful sweetspot, not unlike Marth and Roy's strange blade properties.
    • U-Smash: Upward brush slash, again with paint getting flung upward as a delayed, extended hitbox. This covers about a 110-degree angle directly above Ado.
    • D-Smash: Adeleine soaks the floor directly in front and behind her with paint, and two solid spikes erupt from the paint. Has about the same windup and power as, say, Mega Man's D-Smash. The paint in this attack is always orange, as reference to the Needle power in Kirby 64 being orange.
  • Grabs/Throws
    • Grab: Just a normal grab with her free hand.
    • Pummel: Adeleine dabs the opponent with her brush, smearing some paint over them.
    • F-Throw: Adeleine lets go and slashes upward with her brush, sending the foe flying forward.
    • B-Throw: Adeleine rolls backward with the opponent, shoving them away at the end.
    • U-Throw: Just your standard upward throw.
    • D-Throw: Adeleine drops the foe to the ground and stomps down on them twice.
  • Aerials
    • N-Air: Adeleine uses red and black paint to make a firework-like explosion around herself, as a reference to the Fire + Bomb ability from Kirby 64.
    • F-Air: A forward paint slash similar to her F-Tilt.
    • B-Air: Backwards kick with both feet. She can have some melee moves! (Also I couldn't think of anything else)
    • U-Air: Adeleine shakes her brush in a short upward thrust. The brush itself doesn't extend upward, it just shakes loose a big burst of paint above Adeleine.
    • D-Air: Downward kick similar to Ness's D-Air, with a meteor effect.
  • Specials
    • Neutral Special - Painter: Adeleine quickly summons her canvas and paints an entity. All of her summons deal some pretty decent damage, but can be destroyed if hit with powerful attacks. They also disappear on their own after some time. This can summon one of three things, in a fixed order:
      • Ghost Knight: Rushes forward pretty quickly across the ground (subject to gravity), occasionally jabbing with its spear. Invulnerable from the front, making it a good emergency shield against projectile spammers.
      • I^3: Hops forward slowly, like a weird Thwomp. Takes a lot of hits to be destroyed and Adeleine can easily catch up to it, making it a good support unit.
      • Octacon: Hovers forward (not subject to gravity) at a medium pace, swelling up and discharging ink around itself when it gets close to an opponent. Deals the most damage, potentially even scoring K Os, but is the frailest.
    • Forward Special - Bomb + Cutter: Adeleine mixes some green and black paint together into a shuriken launched from the tip of her brush. It travels through the air quickly until it hits a surface (or opponent), where it becomes stuck and explodes shortly after.
    • Up Special - Ribbon Flight/Fairy Dance: Activating this move makes Ribbon appear from under Adeleine's beret, grabbing onto her back and flying her through the air. This deals no damage and has about the same duration as Duck Hunt's Up Special, but can be cancelled by pressing the B button. Holding Up while pressing B, however, causes Ribbon to release Adeleine and the two to twirl around each other; this deals damage to nearby enemies and adds a touch more height in a pinch, but also cancels the flight prematurely if there was still time left on it and leaves Adeleine helplessly falling.
    • Down Special - Ice Dragon: Adeleine's most complicated special. She pulls out her canvas again, and paints a whole Ice Dragon. This takes a bit longer than her regular summons. Once complete, Adeleine will ride on top of the Ice Dragon in a manner similar to Wario's motorcycle; you can move and jump around freely as Ice Dragon, and it has a few attacks of its own; holding the B button will make the Ice Dragon breathe a solid stream of ice; you can move and jump during this attack, but it's slower and lower than when you're not breathing ice. Pressing the A button will make the Ice Dragon swipe with its tail, a decently strong move with a low hitbox. Adeleine can dismount by either pressing Down B again or letting the Ice Dragon's time limit run out; unlike Wario's bike, it only lasts for a few seconds and disappears once Adeleine has dismounted.
  • Final Smash - Art Attack: This is a cinematic Final Smash similar to Shulk and Duck Hunt's. Any opponent caught by Adeleine's first hit gets sent to a cloudy area where they're pummeled by a whole bunch of bosses Adeleine paints to life, including Kracko, Waiu, and Dark Matter. Adeleine herself scores the final hits, pulling out the Crystal Gun from Kirby 64's final battle and letting loose a stream of shots upon the foe(s).
    • Alternate Final Smash: Painbrush: Adeleine hops up into the air and holds her paintbrush aloft. She stays in place while globs of paint erupt outward from her brush in every direction. Based on the screen-clearing Paint ability from Kirby Superstar, which would later get revisioned as Artist.
  • Taunts
    • Up-Taunt: Ribbon appears from under Adeleine's hat. The two high-five twice, then Ribbon returns.
    • Side-Taunt: Adeleine summons her canvas and paints an image on it. This may be a bit excessive, but one idea I had was for her to paint a stylized image of one of the opponents she's currently facing; that would mean 80+ small artworks. If used in a singleplayer mode such as Home-Run Contest or other context where there's no regular opponents, she'll simply do a self-portrait like she would against other Adeleines.
    • Down-Taunt: Adeleine turns to face the camera and waves at nobody in particular with both arms.


  • Victory Poses:
    • Adeleine does her own version of the Kirby Dance, as seen in Star Allies.
    • Adeleine is seen with her back to the camera, painting a portrait of the end-of-level picnic from Kirby 64. She turns her head to look at the camera, surprised, as if she didn't realize she was on-film.
    • Adeleine is sitting on the ground. Ribbon flies out from under Adeleine's hat, and the two do a small victory celebration together.
  • Palutena's Guidance:
    • Palutena: Oh, it's Adeleine! The young artist from Pop Star.
    • Pit: Is it a rule that all artists have to wear berets? What's up with that?
    • Palutena: She may be small and frail, but don't underestimate her power in a fight. Anything she paints can be brought to life at her whim. In a way, she's like us gods. Reality itself is her canvas, and she can paint the world whatever color she pleases.
    • Pit: Ohh, that is so cool! Think she takes commissions? I can think of a few things I need.
    • Viridi: Ugh, just when I thought we found a world with no humans, she had to crop up in it. I had high hopes for Kirby's world, but... *sigh*
    • Palutena: Are you really going to bring your particular brand of misanthropy to bear on a face as adorable as that one?
    • Viridi: Still, I have to give her credit, she's a pretty good artist. Think if I ask nicely, she'll do a portrait of me?
    • Palutena: Viridi asking for something nicely? Now, that alone would be a real piece of art! Anyway, Pit, besides her summons, also watch out for her paintbrush itself. It might not look threatening, but she can hit pretty hard with it, especially right at the tip. Plus, you'll get covered in paint, and it's really hard to wash colors out of a white tunic!
    • Pit: Don't worry, I won't let her color in my lines. After the battle, maybe she and I can trade artist tips! I don't know if you knew this about me, Lady Palutena, but I'm not too shabby myself with a pen and paper!
    • Viridi: Tracing your hand and calling it a picture of a turkey isn't art, Pit.
  • CODEC:
    • Otacon: Ahh, you're fighting Adeleine, Snake.
    • Snake: Can't say it feels right striking a little girl...
    • Otacon: Don't worry, she can hold her own. I'd worry about yourself, Snake. Her artwork jumps right off the canvas- and I don't mean metaphorically! She can bring just about anything to life as lines and paint.
    • Snake: Anything, huh? Surely powers like that must have some kind of limitation.
    • Otacon: Her artwork only sticks around for so long before falling back apart into insapient paint, but besides that I suppose she's also constrained by her own imagination.
    • Snake: Even with infinite power at your fingertips, it can't always be easy to know how to channel it. She can draw whatever she thinks of, but that means she's gotta think of it first.
    • Otacon: Exactly. Artist's block is a real phenomenon. Take the fight to her when she's between ideas, and you'll have the advantage. She's still got a lot of growing to do, but I'd like to see what she makes of her talent once she's older and wiser. It's not like you were a master of stealth right out of the crib.
    • Snake: There's just one thing bothering me. I thought Kirby's world was home to fantasy creatures. What's a human doing there? Is she the only one?
    • Otacon: Insofar as I can tell, yes. It's a real mystery, isn't it? I wonder if it's something she's never questioned, or perhaps a sore subject...
    • Snake: Some mysteries are probably better left unsolved.

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Based on this post. If Nintendo won't put them in Smash, then I'll make movesets for them myself! :P

    Super Solver fights the old school way! 
  • Franchise: Super Solvers
  • English Voice Actor: None.
  • Palettes: Their normal blue coat, red hat, and yellow pants. A green coat, orange hat, and purple pants. A yellow coat, orange hat, and red pants. A green coat, blue hat, and purple pants. A black coat and white hat and pants.
  • Stats: Mostly average speed and strength, like Mario.
  • Entrance: The Super Solver jumps onto the stage while doing a flip.
  • Idle Animation: The Super Solver pulls out a magnifying glass, holds it up to their face, and looks around in different directions for a few seconds before putting it away.
  • Victory Poses:


  • Jab: The Super Solver swings their magnifying glass.
  • Dash: The Super Solver slides on their stomach.
  • Tilts
    • F-Tilt: The Super Solver kicks forward.
    • U-Tilt: The Super Solver swings their magnifying glass in an upward arc.
    • D-Tilt: The Super Solver does a low kick.
  • Grabs/Throws
    • Grab: The Super Solver grabs the opponent with their right hand.
    • Pummel: The Super Solver hits the opponent three times with their magnifying glass.
    • F-Throw: The Super Solver swings the opponent around one time before throwing them forward.
    • B-Throw: The Super Solver turns around and kicks the opponent back.
    • U-Throw: The Super Solver lobs the opponent up into the air.
    • D-Throw: The Super Solver lifts the opponent over their head before throwing them down.
  • Aerials
    • Nair: The Super Solver does a midair kick.
    • Fair: The Super Solver stabs their magnifying glass forward.
    • Bair: The Super Solver does a few kicks backwards.
    • Uair: The Super Solver pulls out a model rocket which boosts them upward just a little before they fall down.
    • Dair: The Super Solver does a midair flip.
  • Smash Attacks:
    • Side Smash: The Super Solver shoves a cream pie forwards.
    • Up Smash: The Super Solver does a handstand kick.
    • Down Smash: The Super Solver slams a toy car down.
  • Special Moves:
    • Neutral Special: Flash or Zap: The Super Solver takes a photo with their camera, creating a flash of light that causes minor damage, but may stun enemies for a few seconds. Or, you can charge the attack to have the Super Solver shoot a beam from a remote control. This attack never stuns enemies, but has more range and damage.
    • Side Special: Strategy Master: A life-sized version of their board game piece from Mission T.H.I.N.K appears in front of them, and moves forward a couple steps, damaging anyone it touches.
    • Up Special: Gizmos & Gadgets: The Super Solver quickly constructs, and gets inside of, one of the aircraft from Gizmos & Gadgets. It starts flying up, and you can also move it left and right, albeit slowly. After three seconds, the aircraft disappears, and the Super Solver drops back down. This move does not damage enemies, but the Super Solver is safe from all weak attacks while using it. Powerful enough moves can cancel it out, however.
    • Down Special: Power Charge: A big machine appears and the Super Solver stands in front of it, charging their camera and remote. This increases the strength and range of the Standard Special the next time you use it, but the charge is slow, there is a maximum amount you can charge it to, and it can be cancelled out by any attack. When you use the Standard Special, or the Down Special is cancelled, you'll have to start over again.
  • Final Smash: Telly's Challenge: Telly, the robot from Outnumbered appears, and the Super Solver zaps him with their remote. The camera switches to a view of Telly's screen, where some math problems appear. The player must choose the right answer (The problems are multiple choice, and you use the menu controls) to as many problems as they can in 10 seconds. Every time the player gets one right, all of their enemies take a decent amount of damage. When 10 seconds is up, the camera returns to the stage, and Telly disappears in a flash that hurts the enemies one last time.
  • Taunts:
    • The Super Solver pulls out a book and reads for a few seconds, flipping a page before putting it away.
    • The Super Solver stands in front of a chalkboard and quickly writes out a complex math problem.
    • The Super Solver spells out a long word (the letters appear above their head.)


  • Codec
    • Snake: Otacon, there's a shifty-looking guy here. With a trench coat. I can't even see his face.
    • Otacon: Snake, that's the Super Solver. We can't get a lot of info on them. We don't even know if it's a boy.
    • Snake: Really? Why do they need to be so secretive? What are they up to?
    • Otacon: They're part of the Super Solvers, an organization that combats a mad scientist and solves puzzles.
    • Snake: That's pretty nice. But still, they better not get in my way.
  • Palutena's Guidance
    • Pit: Huh? Who's this kid?
    • Palutena: That's the Super Solver. They had their own computer games a few years after your first adventure.
    • Pit: Comp... what? Is that some sort of magical item?
    • Palutena: Never mind that. You need to stay focused and try and figure out their battle strategy.
    • Pit: Oh, thanks a lot. I can't even see their face!
    • Palutena: They are a mysterious individual, yes. But I'm sure you can do it.

Morty Maxwell is next!

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And here he is!

    Morty Maxwell takes over the fight! 
  • Franchise: Super Solvers
  • English Voice Actor: Whoever his voice actor in the Windows games was. Alternatively, Andy Morris would make a good replacement if necessary.
  • Palettes: His normal white coat and brown hair. A red coat with orange hair. A blue coat with black hair. A green coat with brown hair. A black coat with brown hair.
  • Stats: Morty is somewhere between Glass Cannon and Fragile Speedster. Some of his moves (particularly the specials) are pretty nasty, but Morty is lightweight and highly susceptible to damage.
  • Entrance: Morty's pizza van from Mission T.H.I.N.K drives onto the stage and Morty jumps out.
  • Idle Animation: Morty rubs his hands wickedly.
  • Victory Poses:
    • Morty waves and bows to an offscreen audience, soaking in the praise.
    • Morty puts on a crown and looks smug.


  • Jab: Morty does some quick punches.
  • Dash: Similar to Luigi's, except Morty doesn't move forward very far, if at all, he punches faster, and he's more angry and actually trying to fight.
  • Tilts
    • F-Tilt: Morty points authoritatively, as an attack.
    • U-Tilt: Morty swings a pointer stick upwards.
    • D-Tilt: Morty kicks his leg out as if trying to trip someone.
  • Grabs/Throws
    • Grab: Morty snatches the opponent with both hands.
    • Pummel: Morty flips the opponent upside down and bangs their head against the ground.
    • F-Throw: Morty strangles the opponent cartoonishly before throwing them.
    • B-Throw: Morty puts a banana peel on the ground and shoves the opponent backwards so they slip on it.
    • U-Throw: Morty leans back and throws the opponent like a baseball, but straight up.
    • D-Throw: Morty kicks the opponent in the rear.
  • Aerials
    • Nair: Morty spins around mid air.
    • Fair: Morty jabs the pointer stick forward.
    • Bair: Morty quickly turns around and kicks.
    • Uair: Morty holds up the pointer stick like Link's Uair.
    • Dair: Morty does a low swipe with the pointer stick.
  • Smash Attacks:
    • Side Smash: Morty holds out his hands as if casting a spell, and a small explosion of smoke comes from his hands.
    • Up Smash: Morty holds up a screwdriver and quickly spins it around in his hand.
    • Down Smash: Morty stabs down with a pen and wiggles it as if writing.
  • Special Moves:
    • Neutral Special: Paintbrush Bots: Morty spawns one of the paintbrush bots from Midnight Rescue and jumps inside it. The robot splashes paint around, creating kind of a forcefield (which also causes a fair amount of damage to anyone close enough), and also throws a random projectile from the game (projectiles include an apple, marbles, and more)
    • Side Special: Livewire: Morty throws out Livewire, an electric wire-like robot from Outnumbered, cracking him like a whip to electrocute enemies.
    • Up Special: Disasteroid: A disasteroid appears and carries Morty straight up for a few seconds before disappearing. Causes damage to anyone who touches it.
    • Down Special: Metal Minions: Charge this move to summon one of Morty's other robots. A small charge spawns one of the monkey bots from Gizmos & Gadgets, who roll straight forward all across the screen. Full charge spawns one of the cat bots from Mission T.H.I.N.K, who walk forward more slowly, but cause more damage to anyone they touch.
  • Final Smash: Disappearing School: Similar to Ridley and King K. Rool's Final Smashes, Morty traps all of the opponents in the Shady Glen School, and we see a cinematic of Morty dumping his disappearing paint onto the school, causing it to vanish. Then it cuts back to the stage. All opponents take damage.
  • Taunts:
    • One of Morty's taunting notes appears on screen, and Morty reads it out loud. You can only have one note onscreen at a time, but of course you can still move around as normal while this is happening.
    • Morty does an Evil Laugh.
    • Morty does his "angry" animation.


  • Codec
    • Snake: Who's this angry dwarf? Did he wander into the wrong game?
    • Mei Ling: That's Morty Maxwell, the Master of Mischief. He's a mad scientist who enjoys playing pranks and causing trouble.
    • Snake: He doesn't look so tough.
    • Mei Ling: Maybe not at first, but watch out. He has a whole army of robots, and many other tricks up his sleeve.
    • Snake: Oh, great. He doesn't have psychic powers, does he?
    • Mei Ling: No, but he dabbles in a little magic.
    • Snake: Well, that's just great.
    • Mei Ling: Well, you know what they say: Looks can be deceiving.
    • Snake: Is that another Chinese proverb?
    • Mei Ling: ...I don't know, but it's certainly true this time.
  • Palutena's Guidance
    • Pit: Guys? There's a weird old guy here...
    • Palutena: That's Morty Maxwell. He may not be the most physically fit fighter, but he has a huge arsenal and doesn't play fair.
    • Viridi: He's an adult prankster and he makes robots. Sounds like he needs to get a life.
    • Pit: Wait, what? How can I fight someone so dangerous?
    • Palutena: Morty is very lightweight, so pay close attention to his attacks. If you can get close enough or find any other sort of opening, you can strike.
    • Viridi: Be careful, though. I bet a guy like that plays a lot of video games too!

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I feel a sense of completion now that I've finished my movesets for the characters I saw in that dream.

And so, I have attempted to make a list of every character on this thread so far. I'm glad to have added to the roster! XD

    The roster so far 

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So, I guess I'll go slightly outside the box for this one.



General Stats
  • Franchise: Tropers: The Series
  • English Voice: Can I say myself? I don't know, maybe Vic Mignogna doing a younger voice or Yuri Lowenthal, but a tad deeper.
  • Stats: Light and fast for a typical heavy, Revenge fights mostly using his right and his legs; when he uses his left, expect more hitstun due to his lightning effects.
  • Palettes:
    • Default: His normal ensemble; A gray hoodie with blue jeans and black soap shoes; He sports brown hair, and there's an hourglass on the top left of the torso.
    • Alt 1: Orange hoodie with black sleeves, black pants and orange soap shoes; He sports gray hair, and there's a wall with a hole in it on the top left of the torso. Based off of Deathpool.
    • Alt 2: Pink hoodie with silver hood and sleeves, blue jeans and silver soap shoes; He sports brown hair, and has a diamond on the top left of the torso. Based off of Custom Mecha No. CR4ZD.
    • Alt 3: Red hoodie with a gold hood, brown pants, and gold soap shoes; He sports blue hair, and has a tigerlily on the top left of the torso. Based off of Brendan Greyborn.
    • Alt 4: Blue hoodie with gold hood, blue jeans, and blue soap shoes; He sports black hair, and has a hand surrounded in purple energy on the top left of the torso. Based off of Okuyasu Nijimura.
    • Alt 5: Black hoodie with green hood, green sleeves, green pants, and red soap shoes; He sports green hair, and has a green Sonic icon with sunglasses on the top left of the torso. Based off of Scourge The Hedgehog.
    • Alt 6: Gray hoodie with red hood, gray pants, and red shoes; he sports red hair, and has an "angry chicken" kanji on the top left of the torso; Based off of the Flock Of Cuccos.
    • Alt 7: ALT COSTUME: OFFICIAL BUSINESS: Revenge now sports a black blazer, blue polo, black slacks, and black canvas shoes; no logo is to be seen. His hair is also slightly longer.
  • Entrance: Revenge comes in through a portal, which closes behind him.
  • Idle: Revenge scratches his head.
  • Special Effects:
    • Any attack with Revenge's left hand has increased hitstun and an electric visual effect.
    • Revenge has longer shield life than most; however, it also recharges slower to compensate.
  • Jab: Revenge jabs their stomach twice with his right before punching them higher and harder with the same hand.
  • Dash: Revenge dives, right elbow outstretched, rolling after the impact. This does not count towards dodge roll lessening.
  • Tilts
    • F-Tilt: Revenge does a light slap with his left hand.
    • U-Tilt: Revenge kicks upwards.
    • D-Tilt: Revenge does a small stomp with his right foot.
  • Smash Attacks
    • F-Smash: Revenge does a strong forward punch.
    • U-Smash: Revenge gets on one knee, punching upward with his left hand and causing an explosion of electricity.
    • D-Smash: Revenge places his left palm on the ground, electricity sparking around him.
  • Grabs/Throws
    • Grab: Revenge grabs the opponent with his left hand.
    • Pummel: Revenge shocks the opponent.
    • F-Throw: Revenge punches the opponent with his free hand, letting go of them.
    • B-Throw: Revenge wraps their head beneath his arm before grounding them with a DDT.
    • U-Throw: Revenge regrabs them with both hands before tossing them skyward.
    • D-Throw: Revenge channels Sm4sh DK, violently slamming the opponent into the ground.
  • Aerials
    • Nair: Revenge slings his left hand outward, creating an electric disjoint that lingers for a sec.
    • Fair: Revenge does a light backhand with his right hand. An efficient combo tool, as damage and knockback are light.
    • Bair: Revenge does a two-legged kick backwards.
    • Uair: Revenge slings his left hand upwards, creating a similar disjoint as Nair.
    • Dair: Revenge does a classic Disrespect Stomp, complete with a "HA!". Meteors.
  • Specials
    • Neutral: Pulse: Revenge holds out his left hand and charges it, eventually releasing a pulse of electricity. The longer it's charged, the more damage and knockback but the less hitstun.
    • Forward: Killer Lunge: Revenge lunges forward and decks the first opponent he comes across with his right hand.
    • Up: Instant Transmission: Revenge goes -POP- and teleports in the specified direction.
    • Down: Charge Stock: Revenge stores energy, and can store it for up to 3 levels; when it is stored, the next electrical attack will be stronger and faster, but will do damage to Revenge. This effect increases the more charged up it is.
  • Final Smash: Cuteness Swarm: Revenge calls upon Sir Fluff, who sends a wave of cute kitties to carry the opponents off the screen.
  • Taunts
    • Up-Taunt: Sir Fluff pops out of Revenge's hoodie. Revenge pets the ket before he disappears.
    • Side-Taunt: Revenge pounds his chest twice.
      • "Can't beat me!"
    • Down-Taunt: Revenge sleeps while standing. This lasts until it is canceled or interrupted.
  • Victory Poses:
    • Revenge holds out a spark in his hand before closing it and pounding his chest.
      • "Try again in a thousand years!"
    • Revenge sits on the ground, Sir Fluff coming out of the hoodie and sitting on his head; Revenge then holds out a peace sign.
      • "Man, I'm pooped. Let's do that again sometime!"
    • Revenge does a small salute.
      • "You did well!"
  • Palutena's Guidance:
    • Pit: "Who's that guy?"
    • Viridi: "That's Revenge!"
    • Palutena: "That's right. Revenge is one of the Tropers, a group of buddies who all cram into a single apartment."
    • Viridi: "But how?"
    • Palutena: "Most likely Gallifrey tech."
    • Pit: "As if that's an excuse."
    • Palutena: "Anyway, Pit, be careful; While he is heavy, he's deceptively fast. And watch out for that left hand of his, or you're in for a shock!"
  • Codec:
    • Snake: "What is some teen doing on the battlefield?"
    • Rick: "That's not really a buuurp normal teen you're dealing with there, buddy."
    • Snake: "Who are you?"
    • Rick: "The name's Rick, and I hacked into your comms. It was stupid easy, actually."
    • Snake: "Huh. Maybe you can tell me about your friend then?"
    • Rick: "That's Revenge. Be careful; He's as fast as he is clever. The kid swind- buuuurp swindled me out of 15 bucks."
    • Snake: "Ah, I see. Well, I should be going... I guess."
    • Rick: "Good luck out there. You'll need it."
  • Victory Theme: A short, melodic sax peice with a funky drumline, headed by a horn lick straight out of Cool Jam. Alternatively, the initial melody of his theme, A Beat For Geese.
  • Series Icon: A lampshade, natch.
  • Series Assist Trophy: For Revenge, Sir Fluff is the obvious choice. He turns into Astral Sir Fluff, acting similar to Alucard, with slashes for basic attacks, as well as bolts of energy from his mouth and balls of energy that stay in place before targeting a nearby enemy. He finishes with a beam of energy before doing a cute pose and vanishing. He can be K Oed, but who would want to? Even Astral Sir Fluff is absolutely adorable!

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Dec 17th 2018 at 8:13:16 PM

Generic Stickman should totally take inspiration from the Animator Vs. Animation series

kablammin45 Mischievous ghostie from roaming around with my Froslass bestie Relationship Status: I'm just a poor boy, nobody loves me
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Dec 17th 2018 at 9:32:01 PM

I've had Chip's Challenge on my mind for the past while, so I think I'll start here:


  • Franchise: Chip's Challenge
  • English Voice: Yuri Lowenthal?
  • Stats: I envision Smash!Chip as something of a Glass Cannon; keep-away kind of fighter whose playstyle is based around taking as little damage as possible while dishing out as much as he can. This is supposed to reflect how he's a rather fragile protagonist in his home game and mostly has to rely on his own wits to get through the trouble he gets himself into.
  • Palettes: Four of his colors are based on how he looks in the original Atari Lynx version of the game and the rest are based on how he looks in the more recognizable Microsoft Windows version.
    • Default: Lynx!Chip's default appearance from the original Chip's Challenge. (Red polo/green pants)
    • Alt 1: Windows!Chip's default appearance from the Windows version (simpler appearance/pasty white skin/teal shirt/green pants/dirty blond hair)
    • Alt 2: Lynx!Chip (green shirt/blue pants/light brown hair; based on Chip's Love Interest Melinda the Mental Marvel)
    • Alt 3: Windows!Chip (pink shirt/blue pants/bleach blond hair; based on how he looks in the program's Windows icon)
    • Alt 4: Lynx!Chip (teal polo, green pants; based on his Windows counterpart)
    • Alt 5: Windows!Chip (white shirt, green pants, less pasty skin, red bow tie, red hair; based on how Chip looks in the ending screen of the Windows version)
    • Alt 6: Lynx!Chip (dressed like a wild west bandit (i.e. bandanna, cowboy hat); based on the Bandit hazard from the game)
    • Alt 7: Windows!Chip (dressed in completely turquoise outfit and turquoise fedora; based on the Spies that replaced the Bandits in the windows version)
  • Entrance: A chip socket like the ones that normally block the level exits comes down to reveal him.
  • Idle: Pulls out a notepad and flips through it as if looking at notes.
  • Other attributes:
    • Wears the flippers when in water.


  • Jab: Swings a backpack twice before spinning around in place as he continues to hit with it.
  • Dash: Suddenly is wearing the ice skates and skids to a halt, sending an ice spray ahead of him (does Ice-type damage)
  • Tilts:
    • Forward: Swings a colored Key ahead of himself (changes colors between red, green, blue, and yellow, has moderate range)
    • Down: Does a low-sweep with a flag/pennant (changes color and what's written on it (red "10", orange "100", yellow "1k", blue "x2"); has moderate range)
    • Up: Swings upward with the same flags as his down-tilt (moderate range)
  • Smashes:
    • Forward: Summons a Teeth enemy in front of him, which bites twice (has potent knockback)
    • Down: Does a split while wearing the ice skates, blade-type damage on either side of him
    • Up: Spawns a fire that sends whoever is in front of him upward (fire damage; also has potent knockback)
  • Grabs/Throws:
    • Grab: Pulls opponent over with a key.
    • Pummel: Jabs with key.
    • Throws: Spawns a force-floor tile that sends opponent flying in a different direction depending on the throw
  • Aerials:
    • Neutral: Spins around with a computer chip in each hand (electrical damage)
    • Forward: Throws a large, fast-moving Pink Ball in a straight-forward trajectory
    • Back: Same as forward, but going backwards instead
    • Up: Jabs upward with a key
    • Down: Jabs downward with a key (is a meteor-smash)
  • Special Attacks:
    • Neutral: Spawns a Tank directly in front of him that moves forward until it hits something. Pressing the Special button again while a Tank is still currently present in the playfield will move the currently Tank in the opposite direction. Explodes upon hitting something/someone or hitting an obstacle.
    • Forward: Sends a Paramecium enemy forward. It circles around whichever platform it's set loose on until it hits someone/is attacked.
    • Up: Rises upward on a Glider enemy (functioning somewhat like Snake's Cypher; explodes at the end of its flight/when it hits someone)
    • Down: Spawns a large dirt block that Chip can push forward (can bury opponents; attacks can send it flying in the direction it was hit in)
  • Final Smash: Challenge Complete! (The level exit portal appears behind Chip and both he and set portal get larger and larger, functioning somewhat like Jigglypuff's Puff Up but holding opponents who come into contact in place against it and dealing electrical damage before launching them at the peak size; based on the ending sequence of the Windows version of the game)

Other stuff:

  • Victory poses:
    • Chip sits at a computer desk with a confident expression as Melinda hugs him and kisses him on the cheek. (Based on the ending of the non-Windows versions of the game)
    • A crowd of folks around Chip's age hoist Chip on their shoulders as Chip waves his arms with a giant computer chip in one hand. (Based on the aforementioned ending sequence in the Windows version.)
    • Chip dances with Melinda before both pose together (based on the game's premise of Chip hoping to take Melinda to the Bit Busters E-Prom)
  • Fighter Spirit: The one you get for beating Classic is his sprite from the Lynx version of the game. One based on his Windows sprite can be acquired from the shop.

  • Classic Mode ("Chip's New Challenge"; all opponents are based on technology or enemies from Chip's Challenge and take place on a theoretical Chip's Challenge stage):
    • 1: Bowser Jr.
    • 2: Two Mii Gunners
    • 3: ROB
    • 4: Samus and Dark Samus (accompanied by a second Ally Chip using the Palette Swap based on Melinda (or Chip himself if said palette swap is being used)
    • 5: Mega Man
    • 6: Piranha Plant Horde (in reference to the Teeth enemies from Chip's Challenge)
    • Final Boss: Galleom

I'll probably come up with Chip's Palutena's Guidance and Snake Codec sequences later.

Heeheeheehahaha! Did I scare ya?
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Well, it’s a badger, that’s for sure
Dec 17th 2018 at 9:53:59 PM


Taco Cornelius Badger stumbles into the fray!


  • Franchise: Tropers: The Series
  • English Voice: Myself, or Mike Stoklasa
  • Palettes:
    • Default: Messy brown hair, a stained ruffled white dress shirt and blue jeans.
    • Alt 1: Messy black hair, a stained ruffled grey dress shirt, and black pants.
    • Alt 2: Dressed in a tuxedo t-shirt.
    • Alt 3: Dressed as a nun.
    • Alt 4: A sickly, white mouse. Size accurate.
    • Alt 5: The same, size accurate mouse, except with a blender on his head.
    • Alt 6: A Lapras.
    • Alt 7: Same as default, except in a pink, crocheted sweater. Name changes to "2co".
  • Entrance: Lepkey's bar appears in the background, and Taco jumps out of the doors, fists readied.
  • Special Notes:
    • The size change in Alt 5 and Alt 6 doesn't change his attack moves, but it does make his hotbox smaller, yet his attacks weaker.
    • His shield is a bottle.


  • Jab: Taco pounces forward, head butting the opposition's stomach.
  • Dodge: Taco tackles forward. Takes a second to get up.
  • Tilts:
    • F-Tilt: Taco makes an evident punch.
    • U-Tilt: Taco knees upward.
    • D-Tilt: Taco takes a bottle out, and slashes downward. note 
  • Smashes:
    • F-Smash: Taco juts out his chest.
    • U-Smash: Taco jumps up, smacking above him.
    • D-Smash: Taco falls on his ass, causing a small tremor.
  • Grabs/Throws:
    • Grab: Taco grabs the enemy in a strangle hold.
    • Pummel: Taco shakes the enemy, strangling him slightly.
    • F-Throw: Taco chucks the enemy forward from the strangle hold.
    • B-Throw: Taco discards the enemy over his shoulder.
    • U-Throw: Taco grabs the enemy upward, tossing them into a flip.
    • D-Throw: Taco jumps on the enemy.
  • Aerials:
    • Nair: Taco kicks forward.
    • Fair: Taco has no fair, and instead looks into a dictionary, not knowing the word "fair".
    • Bair: Taco kicks a leg behind him.
    • Uair: Taco jumps up, tossing bottles below him. note 
    • Dair: Taco cannonballs.
  • Specials:
    • Neutral: Drink: Taco drinks a flask for a while. The more he drinks, the more powerful his next move gets. If he drinks fifty times on one stock, he dies of alcohol poisoning. note 
    • Forward: Taco-Shaped Human Shield: Taco flies forward sideways.
    • Up: Struggle Flight: Taco jumps, kicking in the air to further his ascension.
    • Down: Firework Droop: Only effective when on a floor directly above another level of floor; Taco drops a lit firework below him.
  • Final Smash: Taco ingests Xathian Crystals. If his health is below 51%, he will explode, taking a life of his own, but also those around him. If 51% or higher, he will become massive, powerful, and nearly unkillable, only for ten seconds before vomiting the crystals out. The vomit remains as an acidic stage hazard.
  • Taunts:
    • Up-Taunt: Taco juggles a few bottles. note 
    • Side-Taunt: Taco yells at the person.
      • "You alcoholic loser!"
      • "Stay out of my apartment!"
      • "Stick your head in this blender!"
      • "Quit speaking Portuguese!"
    • Down-Taunt: Taco gives the nearest enemy the finger-guns.


  • Victory Poses:
    • Taco napping, with flask in hand.
    • Taco shrugging.
    • In Mouse Taco's case, he either jumps in joy, or jumps into a box of cat food.
    • In 2co's case, he only crochets.
  • Palutena's Guidance:
    • Pit: "Who's tha-Oh god, it smells all of the sudden."
    • Viridi: "Is that... whiskey?"
    • Palutena: "Cheap cologne?"
    • Viridi & Palutena: "Taco!"
    • Pit: "You researched him?"
    • Viridi: "Researched him? He swindled me out of ten bucks."
    • Palutena: "He robbed me of a good night."
    • Pit: "What?"
    • Palutena: "Just... it'll be easy, Pit. He's intoxicated."
  • Snake's Codec:
    • Snake: "Hello?"
    • Otacon: "Snake, you're dealing with quite the war hero."
    • Snake: "Him?"
    • Otacon: "Sure. He fought on the North Korean side of the North Korea-Envelope War. Once the US joined in, he bailed, and eventually offed Kim-Jong Un. Not to mention he killed this global terrorist named Fussenpepper, and helped the CIA bust the Benedetto Crime Mob."
    • Snake: "...Him?"
    • Otacon: "Yup. Go easy on the guy. He's a patriot, I guess."
    • Snake: "I'll uh... keep that in mind..."

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Dec 18th 2018 at 2:15:43 AM

brushed up on some proper Smash knowledge just to give this a try

    Tiny (from Tiny and Big: Grandpa’s Leftovers) 

Tiny Moves On Upwards!

General Info: Tiny is a dorky inventor type armed with a wondrous laser of many functions called the Tool. In his own game he’s pretty set on avoiding violent solutions as long as he can, which made me look at his build from an Adaptational Badass / Badass Bookworm kind of perspective. As for the character logic behind him joining the fray, considering that Isabelle is out there kicking ass despite her own reservations I don’t think it’s too much of a stretch to see him going “eh, I am a video game character, soooooo...”

He’s a bit more nimble here than in his original incarnation, but he’s still not the greatest at tanking hits (being just a step up from his damn near One-Hit KO nature in Grandpa’s Leftovers for gameplay reasons). Attacks with brute force aren’t really something he excels at, which is why his best options make use of the Tool and its functions as a laser, grappling hook and propulsion rocket launcher. He works best with opponents at mid- to long-ranges, and he’s meant to be a solid choice for players of intermediate skill levels.

  • Franchise: Tiny and Big
  • English voice: If possible, his Voice Grunting from the original game. If he’s Suddenly Voiced, though, he’d have to have that nasal, nervous energy that folks like Rob Paulsen or Scott Menville could pull off. or me, that could work too
  • Palette swaps:
    • Regular outfit: his typical ensemble, a black hoodie/shirt, blue jeans, teal knee pads, brown/red goggles, beige backpack, beige/teal gloves + gloves
    • Variant 2: White shirt w/red and blue bullseye symbol on it (think the symbol of the Royal Air Force and you’ve basically got it), darker blue jeans, gray goggles, matching bullseyes on gloves (based on a piece of concept art lost to time)
    • Variant 3: Royal blue shirt, green backpack, white goggles, black and white shoes (come on, grab your friends)
    • Variant 4: brown goggles and all black everything else (based on Big’s color scheme)
    • Variant 5: Olive green everything, with a Black Pants logo on the shirt (based on the games’ Green Boy Color tutorial levels)
    • Variant 6: Teal shirt with a diamond symbol, gray goggles and jeans.
    • Variant 7: tbd
    • Alt costume: Green striped sweater under a black leather jacket, aviator helmet w/red goggles, brown jeans, black shoes + gloves. (Straight outta Whispering Rock.)


  • Jabs: Two punches and a swing of the Tool.
  • Dash: He slides and fires off a rocket to knock whoever’s in front of him away.
  • Up Tilt: A short upward snap and release from his grappling hook.
  • Down Tilt: A downward kick, and a kinda pathetic one, honestly.
  • Side Tilt: A slightly less pathetic punch.
  • Up Smash: One rocket blast in the air...
  • Down Smash: and one immediately below him.
  • Side Smash: Another rocket blast, but with an additional forward shove from Tiny for additional damage after being charged.

  • Grabs and Throws
    • Grab: Tiny uses the Tool’s grappling hook to reel his opponent in, not unlike Samus’s grabs.
    • Pummel: He yanks the Tool up and back down to land two hits.
    • F-Throw: aww yeahhhh close range rockets boyyyyyyyy
    • U-Throw: Tiny swings the Tool and his opponent upward and hits them with a laser strike.
    • B-Throw: Tiny makes a 180-degree turn with the opponent, slamming them into the ground.

  • Special Moves
    • Neutral Special: A dotted line appears briefly as Tiny readies and fires off a shot from the Tool’s laser across the battlefield.
    • Up Special: Tiny fires a long range shot upward from the Tool’s grappling hook. Works as a tether recovery.
    • Down Special: Tiny slices a boulder in two before it falls to the ground, creating shockwaves in the areas where the remains fall.
    • Side Special: In a straight line in the respective direction, Tiny fires a more focused shot from the Tool’s laser in the immediate area in front of him. Won’t work if a target is out of range (only a few feet in front of him)

  • Final Smash: The battlefield gets temporarily teleported to the Mysterious Desert from Grandpa’s Leftovers as the ruins of the pyramid are falling during the final sequence. Pieces of the wreckage start to float over Tiny’s opponents, and the player has to draw a line over the screen with a cursor (controlled by the C stick) to make them fall before a 15-second timer runs out.


  • Tiny pulls his Reality Boy out and hits the buttons a few times before putting it back on his belt.
  • Tiny shows the cassette in his backpack to the camera, throws it in the air a few times, and shoves it back into his bag.
  • Tiny turns around as the Radio’s static noise plays from his backpack. We see the light from the Radio blink before Tiny moves back to his normal stance.

Victory Poses

  • We see a taxi fall from the air and crash into the ground as Tiny, whose goggles are atop his forehead, lands in frame on his feet. He glances back at the wreckage before giving the camera a sheepish grin.
  • The camera is obscured by a stone wall, which flips downward with a rocket attached as Tiny, armed with the Tool, shows up with a confident smile.

Other stuff

  • When clapping for an opponent in a loss he smiles with his goggles on his forehead

Snake’s Codec Conversations

  • Snake: “What’s this thing doing with tech like that?”
  • Otacon: “Oh, that’s Tiny. We’re not sure what exactly he is, but he’s a smart one. That Tool he uses is homemade, and he can use it as a laser, a grappling hook or to shoot rockets. It’s a marvel of modern engineering!”
  • Snake: “Fancy. Think you can get me one of those?”
  • Otacon: “I’m sure he’d let us take a look at his blueprints if you asked nicely!”
  • Snake: “...Right.”

Palutena’s Guidance

  • Pit: “Man, I should get some goggles like Tiny’s someday.”
  • Viridi: “But we’re not even in the desert! Do you see any sandstorms around?”
  • Pit: “They keep him from getting blinded by his laser, silly. Plus I think he might need them to actually see properly.”
  • Viridi: “Can’t say I agree with his choices in eyewear fashion, then.”
  • Palutena: “You’ll want to keep an eye on him if you see a line cut across the battlefield. He’s not much for brawn, but he makes up for it with his laser skills.”

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I barely know what I want at any given moment, so [ 🦆 ] me if I stand in anyone else’s way.” ⌘
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Dec 18th 2018 at 2:40:50 AM

Don-chan drums it up!

His moveset is mostly based around attacking with drumsticks, with some attacks inspired by special notes in the game.

  • Fast Attacks:
    • Jab: A few simple slaps/punches
    • Dash: Leaps forwards to tackle the enemy
  • Tilts:
    • Up tilt: Quick upwards jab
    • Side tilt: Quick forwards drumstick stab
    • Down tilt: Quick punch along the ground

  • Grab Attacks:
    • A - Slaps the opponent
    • Forward Throw - Throws the opponent forwards
    • Back Throw - Throws the opponent behind him
    • Up Throw - Throws the enemy up in the air
    • Down Throw - Don-chan throws his opponent to the ground and hits them with drumsticks.
(Yeah, can't think of anything good for most grabs)

  • Air Attacks:
    • Neutral Air - Swipes drumsticks downwards on both sides.
    • Forwards Air - Stabs a drumstick forwards
    • Back Air - Spins and kicks backwards
    • Up Air - Upwards swipe with drumstick
    • Down Air- A quick downwards hit with drumsticks.

  • Smash Attacks:

  • Special Attacks:
    • Neutral B - Don-chan blows up a balloon which does damage as it pops, however he's open to attack when blowing it up. Keep pressing B to make it bigger. The bigger it gets, the more damage it does, and it can be popped before reaching full size with A. It reaches full size after 5 presses, upon which it automatically pops.
    • Side B - Don-chan summons a "party ball" that bursts open, damaging the opponent underneath with the streamers and creatures popping out
    • Up B: A quick upwards leap that sends Don-chan upwards and slightly forwards, damaging enemies. (Might change later)
    • Down B - Don-chan makes a drumroll note appear next to him (behind the other fighters), flinging Taiko notes (red or blue at random) at the opponent.

  • Final Smash - Opponent(s) nearby gets trapped inside a big taiko drum, and Don-chan starts rapidly hitting it with drumsticks. While this is going on, a counter is shown, starting at 10 and counting down, and images of characters from the series frame the lower part of the screen, jumping up and down as when having a full Soul Gauge. When the counter reaches 0, the drum bursts open and shows a score, and the opponent is sent flying.

  • Taunts:
    • Up-Taunt: Jumps and waves drumsticks in the air
    • Side-Taunt: Waves his arms
    • Down-Taunt: Drops to the ground

  • Victory pose: Jumps around a few times before jumping up in the air, holding a drumstick in his raised hand.

(Still a work in progress, might tweak a few things and also add more details later. Also, Guidance/Codec)

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Dec 18th 2018 at 11:21:09 AM

Gonna make the Heavy for this one.

Heavy hungers for a battle!

  • Reveal Trailer: It starts on the RED Team's base, with all of them resting after a fight against BLU, Heavy is seen eating a Sandvich and ejoying it, then he sees Archimedes, the pigeon, approaching him with a letter, he reads it and rejoices as he realizes he's been invited to Smash Bros, he then jumps into Engie's teleporter to get there as soon as possible, while Medic tries following him. Then the trailer cuts to Gameplay footage showing off his attacks, fighting against other characters and showcasing his Final Smash, it ends with Heavy defeating Bowser, Donkey Kong, and King K. Rool all in a row in a CGI cutscene with the Administrator from TF 2 announcing his victory as well as the TF 2 fanfare.


  • Normal:

    • Neutral A: Heavy punches the opponent dealing 6% of damage.

    • Up A: Heavy throws a punch into the air

    • Down A (On the ground): Heavy gives a small jab.

    • Down A (On the air): Heavy headbutts the opponent lightly.

Smash attacks

  • Neutral B: Heavy charges his minigun and fires a maximum of 12 seconds when fully charged, he can deal up to 44% if fully charged, but he is incompletely immobile while charging and slow as molasses when firing, he also can't turn into another direction when charging and doing so while firing the gun, reduces the time by 3 seconds.

  • Up B: Heavy headbutts an opponent with more strength.

  • Side B: Heavy rams into the opponent.

  • Down B: Heavy slams his fosts into the ground, can bury opponents with it.

  • Aerial Down B: Heavy hits an opponent with a a frying pan.

Final Smash: Heavy equips the Boxing Gloves and rams quickly into any opponent in front of him, he then calls for Medic and his team, all 9 mercs get ubercharged and unleash their weapons on the opponents before de-Ubering, dealing 50% of damage to all opponents caught up maximum.

Heavy stats:

  • Very Heavy of course, hard to throw out with regular attacks.

  • Slow when moving, slightly faster than Bowser when running due to equipping The Eviction Notice while doing so.

  • His Recovery is similar to Ganondorf's and Captain Falcon's, but his weight means he'll usually need to be extremely close to the edge to safely use the move.

Victory Animation:

1.- Heavy shows off his muscles with Medic behind congratulating him.

2.- Heavy grabs his minigun and kisses it, saying: "You did well!"

3.- Heavy throws some punches into the air and screams.

Entering Animation: Heavy comes out of a teleporter in the ground.

I'll add the Guidance and Codec later

There is no bigger satisfaction than crushing your enemies and rejoicing in their suffering!

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