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Apr 10th 2015 at 12:05:40 PM

Happy I can help.

On another note, I added Palutena's Guidance to the Ghirahim entry.

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Kuroxeng Moved accounts because meh from error 040
Moved accounts because meh
Apr 10th 2015 at 12:25:25 PM

Eh, I said any character is welcome. So go ahead.

Though I guess that other thread is maybe better choice if this one gets flooded with OC's. But as long as we don't get a whole page of them, we should be fine.

  • TL;DR
    • OC's are fine!
    • Just don't flood thread with them.

Moved handles because meh
Apr 11th 2015 at 8:31:19 AM

Phoenix Wright brings a turnabout!

Alts: Larry, Edgeworth, Apollo, Sissel, Redd White, Gumshoe, Hobo costume and Ugly Sweater costume.

Appearance: Gives the pointer finger to either the left or right, with a red-and-white flash behind him, and gets into a stance.

Fighting Style: First off, Phoenix has Acrophobia, which equates to an aerial game that's pretty much non-existent. He has about the same height and weight as Marth, with slightly above-average speed for most fighters. Many attacks involve using various pieces of mundane evidence, which puts most of attacks in the mid-range area, which would in turn be used for a defensive-poker play style. His grab and throws all come from using the Magatama and Psyche-Locks. He also has very low KO potential, except for his Side Smash, and a certain special move...


Neutral: Court Record - With each button press, cycle through one of three objects in his inventory. A text box appears over Phoenix's head, displaying the currently selected item. Almost the same format as Shulk's Neutral. As this is happening, phoenix will go into a thoughtful pose.

Side: Present Evidence - With his signature pose, Phoenix says either "Take That!" or "Objection!". The item he's currently selected with Court Record will be presented to any opponent in front of him, doing either damage, KO, or status effect. Afterwards, said item will be removed from the Court Record.

Up: Turnabout - Phoenix realizes something about the case, and triumphantly leaps upward with pointer finger raised to the sky. He'll either yell "That's it!", "I got it!", or "I see!". Does zero damage or knockback, but the Blast-Off Tunabout custom will add an explosion to the start of the attack, adding a Meteor Smash.

Down: Examine - Phoenix crouches and dusts off the ground. A moment afterwards, he stands up, holding an opponent-related item, which is then stored in his Court Record to be used later. note 

By now, you might have notice that most of Phoenix's special moves revolve around using the Court Record. The items he picks up are completely random. When the Court Record is full, you can't just use Examine again to get a different item; you will have to land a Present Evidence to open up a space in the Court Record. And since the items he picks up vary by opponent, it is up to the player to figure out which item possesses which effect. He can only hold up to three items, which means you can't have one of every effect, so you'll have to improvise if you don't get your favorite.

Final Smash: Final Verdict - If it hits, the victim is caught in a cinematic attack. Similar to Mega Man's Final Smash, other lawyers appear, those being Apollo Justice pointing in a leftwards direction, Athena Cykes pointing in a rightwards direction, and then Phoenix Wright pointing straight at the camera. Then the camera pans from the defense bench to a gavel slamming down, with letters spelling "Guilty", each one dealing 15%. After that, the courtroom doors slam shut, dealing another 20%. Then we are returned to the match, where the opponent is launched, having been dealt a whopping 110% and a possible KO.

Taunts: note 

Up: Holds a document in his hand and taps it with the back of his other hand, while saying "It's all in the evidence!"

Side: Puts his hands on his hands and gives a confident smirk, while saying "How do you explain that?"

Down: A desk appears in front of Phoenix, and he slams it with his hands.

Palutena's Guidance: note 

Pit: Wait. I'm fighting...a lawyer...? Um, Lady Palutena, do I have to fight this guy?

Palutena: Well, he is your opponent.

Pit: Yeah, but...look at him! Those clothes look spotless! I'd feel really bad if I actually get those threads wrecked.

Viridi: What?? You actually think the legendary Phoenix Wright's scared of getting a few wrinkles in his suit?! Trust me, he's had it a lot rougher than that!

Pit: Like what?

Viridi: Well, for starters, there's the occasional coffee mug to the face, the occasional shuriken. He even ended up on the business side of whips and tasers once. All from prosecutors, of course.

Pit: Wait, you can do that in court?!

Viridi: Of course not, dummy! The Judge's just too much of an old scaredy-cat fart to say anything!

Palutena: Phoenix Wright is a lawyer known all around the world for his incredible knack at finding importance in the tiniest of details. Even I'm amazed at how he can rescue a defendant from a guilty verdict before you can even say "Hold It!". On the battlefield, though, he may be a bit on the defensive side, but don't get cocky. Before you know it, you'll be KO'ed by a well-placed Present Evidence.

Pit: Okay, so... Arrows?

Palutena: Arrows.

Viridi: And y'know what? That tux is cheap as dirt. I can tell.

Pit: Objection! That tux is top quality!

Viridi: Oh yeah? Where's your proof?

Pit: Because... Because I say so! Take That!

Palutena: Objection Overruled! Sorry, Pit. It does look a little tacky.

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Enderspy Mariosaurus Rex from The place. Ya know, the place! Relationship Status: I LOVE THIS DOCTOR!
Mariosaurus Rex
Apr 11th 2015 at 9:53:20 AM


  • Entrance: Uses teleporter to warp in
  • General Info: weight and speed similar to Dedede
  • Jab: punch, punch, uppercut
  • Dash attack: rams with Minigun a la Meet the Spy
  • Tilts:
    • Forward: smack with Conscientious Objector
    • Up: upward stab with Eyelander
    • Down: crouching slash with Fire Ax
  • Smashes:
    • Forward: smack with Frying Pan
    • Up: 3 quick upward slashes with Kukri
    • Down: punch with Killing Gloves of Boxing on each side
  • Aerials:
    • Neutral: Nairplane
    • Forward: smack with Baseball Bat
    • Back: spinning smack with Equalizer
    • Down: downward smack with Market Gardener
    • Up: upward shot with Shotgun
  • Specials:
    • Neutral: fires Minigun. Mid-range cone of bullets that does minimal damage and knockback per hit, but builds up damage quickly. 1 second of rev up and 1/2 second of rev down. While firing, movement is similar to when holding a firecracker launcher in Brawl, but you're unable to jump.
    • Forward: fires Rocket Launcher. Rockets move fairly fast and deal a good amount of damage and knockback. Only holds 4 rockets at a time. Not doing anything after firing or using when out of ammo will cause Heavy to reload until a button is pressed or he's hit. Ammo is displayed above health.
    • Down: Flamethrower airblast. Reflects projectiles and creates windbox directly in front of Heavy.
    • Up: Sticky Jump. Creates explosion directly underneath Heavy that can meteor.
  • Grab: Grappling Hook
  • Pummel: Backstab
  • Throws:
    • Forward: holds opponent by neck and waist and throws forward
    • Back: flings opponent behind, then shoots with Sniper Rifle
    • Up: flings opponent up, then shoots with Grenade Launcher
    • Down: body slam
  • Ledge Attack: fires Revolver while getting up
  • Get-up Attack: fires Pistol in each direction while getting up
  • Final Smash: Medic appears and Ubercharges Heavy, making him invincible, immune to knockback, and do 1.5x damage.
  • Taunts:
    • Up: hugs Minigun and says a line
    • Side: twirls Shotgun in one hand while doing a slit throat motion with the other while saying a line
    • Down: takes a bite of his Sandvich, then says a line
  • Victory:
    • Up: high-fives Medic
    • Side: laughs
    • Down: does a finger gun motion while shouting "POW! HAHA!"
  • Palutena's Conversation
Pit: Yeesh, someone needs to go on a diet.

Palutena: That's the Heavy Weapons Guy, and I wouldn't insult his weight if I were you. His Minigun Sasha can rip you to shreds.

Pit: Like I said, that look suits him! Wait, did you say he named his-

Medic: Flattery vill get you novhere.

Pit: AH! Where'd you come from?!

Medic: For ze final smash, I unleash my Ubercharge, turning Heavy into an INDESTRUCTIBLE FORCE OF TERROR! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Viridi: Man, what a bunch of wierdos.

Palutena: Anyways, Heavy's got tools for all ranges, but you can use his slow speed and ... large hitbox ... to your advantage.

Pit: Trust me, I will.

ROAR! Wahoo! Nintendo Switch friend code: SW-2389-0061-6524
Apr 11th 2015 at 9:59:51 AM

I was wondering when we'd start thinking about more cameos in Palutena's Guiding. Yet, we could probably make sure there isn't one on every conversation.

Weirdguy149 The Dead Man from The Flying Dutchman Relationship Status: I'd jump in front of a train for ya!
The Dead Man
Apr 11th 2015 at 10:34:53 AM

He's back but not as you know him. Pokemon Trainer (The Mob) has joined the battle!

  • Alts: One for each TPP protagonist.
  • Appearance: Buttons appear around his head as he flies in on Pidgeot then lets out Lord Helix.
  • Note: Corresponding buttons appear around the Trainer's head as Helix fights.
  • Ground Attacks:
    • Neutral A: Tentacle slap, tentacle slap.
    • Side A: Two-tentacle slap.
    • Up A: Shell bump.
    • Down A: Downward tentacle slap.
    • Dash Attack: Falling tackle.
  • Smash Attacks:
    • Side Smash: Short-range water attack.
    • Up Smash: Shell spike strike.
    • Down Smash: Tentacle spin.
  • Air Attacks:
    • Nair: Spin.
    • Fair: Tentacle slap.
    • Uair: Shell bump.
    • Dair: Falling headbutt.
    • Bair: Backwards tentacle slap.
  • Special Attacks
    • Neutral Special: Surf. A chargeable attack that makes a high-powered move with moderate knockback.
    • Side Special: Horn Attack. Charges toward the opponent.
    • Up Special: Hydro Pump. Same as Greninja's Hydro Pump.
    • Down Special: Withdraw. Works like Sonic's down special.
  • Grab: Tentacle grapple.
    • Pummel: Tentacle slap to the face.
    • Throws: He stabs the opponent with his horn then releases him/her from his grip.
  • Ledge Attack: Tentacle slap.
  • Get-up attack: Two-tentacle slap.
  • Final Smash: Six-Way Finish. His other Pokemon (Bird Jesus, Aaj, Air, The Fonz, and ATV) come out of their Pokeballs and unleash their strongest attacks.
  • Taunts:
    • Up Taunt: Pokemon Trainer looks at the Helix Fossil.
    • Side Taunt: Lord Helix break-dances.
    • Down Taunt: Pokemon Trainer falls asleep then wakes up when GET UP is over his head.
  • Victory Poses:
    • Up Victory Pose: Walks into a wall several times while ">" plays.
    • Side Victory Pose: Pokemon Trainer pets Lord Helix with a tired smile while a bunch of compliments and insults come from his head.
    • Down Victory Pose: Pokemon Trainer flies away on Bird Jesus.
    • Losing Pose: Falls asleep.
  • Palutena's Conversation
Pit: Hey, it's the Pokemon Trainer! ...He looks really tired out.

Bill: That's because of the Mob.

Pit: ...Who are you? And how'd you get up here?

Bill: That's not important. That Omastar he has, it's a very dangerous Pokemon that has been feeding on your friend's free will.

Pit: Oh my... So how do I help stop this?

Bill: Just defeat the Omastar and your friend will be fine.

Palutena: The Omastar's not very fast but he has a lot of long-reaching attacks, so use your Guardian Orbitars if things are looking dicey.

Pit: I'm saving you, buddy!

And here's that other popular thing from last year.

Do you fear death?
Kuroxeng Moved accounts because meh from error 040
Moved accounts because meh
Apr 11th 2015 at 11:10:06 AM

What are these "directinoal victory poses?" You telling me you can affect which one happens?

Moved handles because meh
Weirdguy149 The Dead Man from The Flying Dutchman Relationship Status: I'd jump in front of a train for ya!
The Dead Man
Apr 11th 2015 at 11:11:34 AM

I think that's the case.

Do you fear death?
Apr 12th 2015 at 8:54:53 PM

Added Palutena's Guidance to Ridley.

Pulse The Fool from Yadayadaville Relationship Status: Maxing my social links
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Apr 23rd 2015 at 10:35:41 PM

So, hey, you guys remember that Roster Maker thing-a-ma-jig? I went ahead and made one that I thought was decent. I might've gotten a little carried away with certain personal favorites of mine, but I like to think this is a (probably very) vaguely realistic selection. Blue borders mean the character's available from the start, red means they'd be unlockables.

What you can't see- Lucina's been folded into Marth as an alternate model, with unique taunts and victory animations but the same gameplay as him. Female Robin is standing in for Kamui. Dark Pit has been totally revamped, as has Ganondorf.

Anyway, feel free to tell me how stupid I am for making this thing.

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I sure said that!
Weirdguy149 The Dead Man from The Flying Dutchman Relationship Status: I'd jump in front of a train for ya!
The Dead Man
Apr 25th 2015 at 2:01:50 PM

Pretty good, except for the fact that you missed Toon Link.

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Pulse The Fool from Yadayadaville Relationship Status: Maxing my social links
The Fool
Apr 25th 2015 at 2:21:18 PM

I have a personal aversion to including the same character multiple times- Sheik and ZSS got in on grandfather clause and because they've been proven to not be the same as Zelda and Samus in gameplay terms. Besides that, Toon Link really doesn't add anything Link couldn't.

Also, look at that beautiful inverted pyramid. Adding or subtracting even one fighter would throw it all outta whack!

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I sure said that!
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Apr 25th 2015 at 3:56:32 PM


Neutral special: Throws her giant boomerang

Side Special: Stabs with her retractable blade

Up Special: Kirara flies her up

Down Special: Poisonous gas

Final Smash: Gets on Kirara and flies around. Touching her boomerang does moderate damage, touching Kirara is an instant-KO

Palutena's Guidance:

  • Pit: Uh...what's with the boomerang girl?
  • Viridi: That is Sango, Pit. She's a demon slayer. Her boomerang is called "Hiraikotsu", which is made of purified Youkai bones. It hurts a lot, so be very careful!
  • Pit: Anything else that would be of help?
  • Viridi: She also has a retractable blade hidden in her sleeve, a sword, and a bunch of poisonous gases all meant to kill demons.
  • Pit *gulp* Anything else?
  • Viridi: Oh yeah, a demon by the name of "Naraku" possessed her little brother and made him kill their fellow demon slayers. Sango made it her mission to rescue her brother from the demonic possession, but he broke free of it and reunited with his big sister eventually. She regularly travels with a Half-Demon, a reincarnation of a Miko, a shape-shifting kid demon, and a Buddhist monk who has a wind-based attack that can suck you up...and he happens to be her husband.
  • Pit: I'm getting nervous now

Anyone who dare oppose Lady Satsuki will also have to fight me!
Weirdguy149 The Dead Man from The Flying Dutchman Relationship Status: I'd jump in front of a train for ya!
The Dead Man
Apr 25th 2015 at 6:03:42 PM

Avatar Wan has joined the battle!

  • Alts: Garb from each nation, as well as Raava and Vaatu colors.
  • Appearance: He floats gently down in an Avatar State sphere then gets to normal fighting form.
  • Ground Attacks:
    • Neutral A: Punch, punch, kick.
    • Side A: Short-range fire blast.
    • Up A: Ice smack.
    • Down A: Villager's Down A.
    • Dash Attack: Flying spin.
  • Smash Attacks:
    • Side Smash: Fire punch.
    • Up Smash: Gush of wind.
    • Down Smash: Earthbending stomp.
  • Air Attacks:
    • Nair: Airbending pulse.
    • Fair: Water whip.
    • Uair: Firebending rocket feet.
    • Dair: Meteor stomp.
    • Bair: Backwards water whip.
  • Special Attacks
    • Neutral Special: Fireball. He charges up a small fireball then throws it, acting similar to Wii Fit Trainer's Header.
    • Side Special: Surf. Sends a small wave of water to the opponent. He can ride the wave to recover from the side.
    • Up Special: Raava's Flight. A small version of Raava appears behind him and lifts him up. He uses Airbending for propulsion and Meteor Smashing.
    • Down Special: Earth Cocoon. Makes a small shield that counters anything that hits it.
  • Grab: Shoulder grab.
    • Pummel: Squeeze.
    • Throws: Throws the opponent with his bare hands or slams him down.
  • Ledge Attack: Airbending kick.
  • Get-up attack: Small Airbending Shield.
  • Final Smash: Avatar State. His eyes glow and he puts up the sphere of Elements. His controls are like Mega Charizard X's, but different moves are used for each direction of the B: A large fireball, a torrent of water, Ore Club-style hurricanes, and rock bullets. Ends after 15 seconds.
  • Taunts:
    • Up Taunt: Raava flies around him.
    • Side Taunt: Wan sits down and exhales then gets up.
    • Down Taunt: Wan juggles a fireball, humming a bit.
  • Victory Poses:
    • Up Victory Pose: Lays against a stone column and says "Glad that was over."
    • Side Victory Pose: Rides away on his animal guide.
    • Down Victory Pose: Sits down and meditates.
    • Losing Pose: Standard applause.
  • Palutena's Conversation
Pit: Who's this guy? He looks much older than the rest of the people here.

Viridi: That's the Avatar, Pit, show some respect!

Pit: The Avatar? What's that? Oh, and you're respecting a human? That's a shocker.

Viridi: He's a human chosen by the Spirit of Order, Raava, to bring balance to the world. Futile, but he's trying his best.

Pit: Wow... Now I feel intimidated by this guy... but he doesn't seem to be that serious.

Palutena: Never judge a book by its cover, Pit. He's a very quick fighter with the four classic elements at his disposal. Be sure to keep your guard up.

Here's the Avatar one, but for a different one than you'd expect.

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Weirdguy149 The Dead Man from The Flying Dutchman Relationship Status: I'd jump in front of a train for ya!
The Dead Man
Jul 28th 2015 at 8:04:50 PM

Bump, by making a new moveset.

Fredbear has stepped out of the shadows!

  • Alts: Golden Freddy and normal.
  • Appearance: An 8-bit crying child is eaten by a 3-D set of jaws from underneath. Fredbear floats up, belly-first, gets on both feet and gets into a fighting stance.
  • Ground Attacks:
    • Neutral A: Slash, slash, rapid slash, bite.
    • Side A: Lunging bite.
    • Up A: Hat bump.
    • Down A: A terrifying version of Pac-Man's Down-A.
    • Dash Attack: A terrifying version of Pac-Man's Dash Attack.
  • Smash Attacks:
    • Side Smash: Drill hand spin.
    • Up Smash: Drill hand helicopter spin.
    • Down Smash: Razor-sharp hand slam.
  • Air Attacks:
    • Nair: Spin attack.
    • Fair: Claw smash.
    • Uair: Hopping bite.
    • Dair: Ganondorf's Down-Air.
    • Bair: Revolving head bite.
  • Special Attacks
    • Neutral Special: Wail. Has a 50/50 chance to paralyze the opponent or blow them away. Causes 10% fixed damage.
    • Side Special: Nightmare Cupcake Throw. His hand briefly morphs into Nightmare Chica's face. A plate is flung out, identical to Duck Hunt's clay pigeon. When it hits the opponent, the Nightmare Cupcake appears and bites the opponent a few times, trapping them.
    • Up Special: Teleport. Self-explanatory.
    • Down Special: Mini-Freddy Counter. He briefly transforms into the three Mini-Freddies. They duck under the attack, then turn back into Fredbear to uppercut the opponent.
  • Grab: Forceful grab and push-down.
    • Pummel: Head-bite from the chest.
    • Throws: The opponent drops to the ground no matter what the direction.
  • Ledge Attack: Claw scratch.
  • Get-up attack: Punch.
  • Final Smash: Nightmare. He turns black and grows taller and heavier. His movement speed, attack speed, and attack strength are multiplied by 1.5. He's Immune to Flinching and the transformation lasts for 15 seconds.
  • Taunts:
    • Up Taunt: He turns to the camera and chuckles deeply.
    • Side Taunt: He turns into a crying child then turns back.
    • Down Taunt: Fredbear sits on the ground and tilts his head to the side then gets up.
  • Victory Poses:
    • All: He fades away, grinning, with no child in sight.
    • Losing Pose: The crying child huddles in a ball.
  • Palutena's Conversation
Pit: Palutena? Viridi? Who is this guy?

Hades: I believe I can answer that.

Pit: What are you doing here?

Hades: Just telling you about my creation. Isn't he lovely?

Pit: I had a feeling you had something to do with this...

Hades: Just know that he is faster than he looks, and just as powerful. I wish you luck... for both you and the child's sake. Ha ha ha...

Pit: ... (gulp)

Did you think I'd let the fourth one go by without making a moveset for one of the characters?

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Jul 28th 2015 at 9:33:46 PM


  • Appearance: Kamina bursts out of the ground in the Lagann, a la the first episode of Gurren Lagann. He lands, and lets his cape billow dramactically
  • Ground Attacks (Mostly using his katana)
    • Neutral A: cut, cut, cut, strong side cut
    • Side A: four stabbing strikes
    • Up A: vertical swing
    • Down A: circular low spin
    • Dash Attack: triple hit slash
  • Smash Attacks
    • Side Smash: A quite hard punch
    • Up Smash: Vertical-launching kick
    • Down Smash: Strong downward slash
  • Air Attacks
    • Nair: Flying knee
    • Fair: quick slash
    • Uair: Link's Up-air
    • Dair: Strong downward kick
    • Bair: Backwards stab
  • Special Attacks
    • Neutral Special: Spiral Flame. A charged special, similar to Samus, Mewtwo, Lucario, etc. Full charge is represented by a green flame around his body, called Spiral Heart.This boosts the damage of the next attack up to 200%, and is Lost upon taking too much damage, or when using a special. (Spiral Heart also brings out additional effects in other specials.) Spiral Flame, when released, is a burning sword slash. The flame is red below full charge, and green at full.
    • Side Special: A fast dash, mixed with a sword slash. Has a sweet spot at the very edge, similar to how Rest works. Otherwise, good for moving quickly. Spiral Heart causes an explosion at the edge. Disregards gravity.
    • Up Special: Lagann-Assisted Boost. Similar to Snake's Up Special. Spiral Heart adds damage to the Lagann's booster and gives extra height.
    • Down Special: Point to the Heavens! Causes light to shine down from above, causing damage and briefly boosting attack power. Spiral Heart adds a damage restore to self and teammates.
  • Grab: Quick grab with both hands, shirt lift style.
  • Pummel: Rapid stomach punches.
  • Throws:
    • Front: Iajutsu Slash. Sends people flying at higher damages.
    • Up: Strong Vertical Punch.
    • Back: Snake's Back Suplex.
    • Down: THE PUNCH from Episode 8. You know the one.
  • Ledge Attack: Overhead Slash.
  • Get-up attack: Spinkick.
  • Final Smash: HISSATSU! GIIIIGA... DRIIIILLLL... BBBRREEAAAKKKEERR! Exactly what it sounds like. Similar to Marth's Final Smash, in that the characters effected must be in a line in front of Kamina to be affected. A guaranteed KO at higher damage levels, and a good chance of it at lower levels. A cutscene Smash.
  • Taunts
    • Up Taunt: "Who the Hell do you think I am?", accompanied by the appropriate gesture.
    • Side Taunt: He displays his katana, before wiping it off on his arm and sheathing it.
    • Down Taunt: A volcano explodes behind him, once again as in episode 8. You know the one.
  • Victory Poses
    • All: He and Simon stand there, posing like the victor that Kamina is.
    • Losing Pose: Kamina sits cross-legged on the ground, the sword across his lap.

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"The Stick has sentimental value. It's like an enormous, hideous teddy bear we can kill things with." -rikalous
kagescorpionakki Lamb and Wolf from Runeterra Relationship Status: Barbecuing
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Jul 28th 2015 at 11:18:17 PM

This is Garnet, back together!

  • Alts: All her canon outfits, plus color schemes based on those of all the Crystal Gems.
  • Appearance: Garnet warps in and adjusts her visor.
  • Ground Attacks:
    • Neutral: Jab, jab, right hook
    • Dash Attack: Hopping forward punch.
    • Side: Summon gauntlet for a strong jab
    • Up: Instantly drop to the ground and kicks upward
    • Down: Handstand and kick to both sides
  • Smashes(all smash attacks use her gauntlets):
    • Side: Clasp hands above head and swing downward
    • Up: Punch straight up without looking
    • Down: Punch the ground
  • Aerials:
    • Neutral: Kick forward
    • Forward: Haymaker
    • Back: Spin and roundhouse kick
    • Up: Backhand away
    • Down: Spiking punch
  • Specials:
    • Neutral: Rocket Punch. Launches both gauntlets forward rapidly. exploding upon contact with a wall or enemy. Garnet cannot attack until her fists hit something. If they go off stage, it will take a second for her hands to reform.
    • Side: Shatter. Garnet crushes the space in front of her between her gauntlets. Does little damage and drops an opponent to a laying down position if it hits on the ground, but can shield break easily.
    • Up: Amethyst Assist. Amethyst appears, shapeshifted into a large bird, and carries Garnet upward.
    • Down: Future Vision. Garnet presses a hand to her temple. Three seconds later, a random object (a crystal pillar, Pearl's lance, or Steven's shield) will fall where Garnet was standing. Has a 15% chance of summoning a lightning bolt to strike that spot instead.
  • Grab: One handed shirt grab.
    • Pummel: Stomach blow with her other arm
    • Forward Throw: Fastball pitch
    • Backward Throw: Offhanded backwards fling
    • Up Throw: Double-handed toss
    • Down Throw: Discharges electricity from her hands and drops the enemy
  • Final Smash: Alexandrite. Garnet jumps down off the stage. The colossal Alexandrite rises up from the background and smashes the stage at random for a few seconds before Garnet pops out and Amethyst and Pearl drop into the void.
  • Taunts:
    • Up: Lowers her visor to reveal her three eyes and winks
    • Side: Places hand on chest, lowers head and smiles.
    • Down: Turns her back and crosses her arms
  • Victory Celebrations:
    • Up: Steven drops from the sky and lands on her head. Amethyst and Pearl hop in and they all group hug.
    • Right: Garnet defuses into Ruby and Sapphire, who dance with each other.
    • Left: Garnet sits down and looks up into the sky.
  • Losing Pose: Sapphire sits calmly while Ruby walks around her in circles, fuming.
  • Palutena's Guidance:
Pit: Man, this woman is taller than Samus!
Palutena: That's no mere woman, Pit. She's actually an alien lifeform called a Gem.
Pit: So... she's a rock?
Palutena: Actually she's a pair of rocks. Garnet is the fusion of Ruby and Sapphire, and the embodiment of their love. She's naturally powerful thanks to being the perfect balance of two beings.
Pit: Wow, they must really love each other. I guess this means she's taken, heh.
Palutena: Now now Pit, focus. Garnet is both strong and fast, but she also fights better on the defensive. If you can get her to charge at you, you have the advantage.

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Inu Yasha:

  • neutral special: Wind Scar
  • Side special: Backlash Wave
  • Up special: Iron Reaper Soul Stealer
  • Down Special: Red Tessaiga creats a barrier
  • Final Smash: Meido Zangetsua (Inuyasha unleashes it. If it sucks an opponent in. Inu Yasha and Kagome give the opponent(s) a massive beatdown)


  • Pit: Uh, what's with this guy's ears?
  • Viridi: That is the half-demon Inu Yasha. He's part dog-demon.
  • Pit: Dog-demon? Will he sit if I tell him to?
  • Palutena: Actually, there is only one person who can command him to sit.
  • Kagome: Yep!
  • Pit: Whoa! Where'd you come from!
  • Kagome: Inu Yasha is incredibly powerful. I don't think he'll lose this fight! Anyways, watch out for the Tessaiga, his sword. I've seen it defeat many powerful demons.
  • Viridi: Why would a half-demon waste his time associating with some humans?
  • Kagome: That is what happens when people show him compassion. Growing up, Inu Yasha had no one to show him love. His parents died when he was young, and both demons and humans hated him for being a half-demon. It wasn't until he met the Priestess Kikyo that someone loved him.
  • Pit: Wow, that's tragic!
  • Viridi: HA! He must hate humans still! I'll see if I can recruit him!
  • Miroku: There is a low chance of him agreeing to wipe out all humans!
  • Pit: Okay, this is getting crowded.
  • Sango: Even if you persuaded Inuyasha into turning against us, his friends and girlfriend, I could take him down. You know, because I'm a demon slayer!
  • Pit: Umm, haven't I seen you on the battlefield before?
  • Sango: What do you mean?

Anyone who dare oppose Lady Satsuki will also have to fight me!
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General Information

  • Stats: B&K are slightly taller than Luigi and slightly heavier than Wario. They aren't particularly fast on the ground or in the air, but good overall recovery combined with above average weight mean B&K can be hard to knock out. They have some good range and power but also suffer from some laggy moves and some pretty situational ones.
  • Palettes:
    • Default. Brown Banjo, red Kazooie, yellow shorts, blue backpack.
    • Banjo-Tooie Multiplayer. Green Banjo, blue Kazooie, yellow shorts, blue backpack.
    • Banjo-Tooie Multiplayer. Blue Banjo, green Kazooie, yellow shorts, blue backpack.
    • Banjo-Tooie Multiplayer. Yellow Banjo, purple Kazooie, yellow shorts, blue backpack.
    • Inverse. Red Banjo, brown Kazooie, yellow shorts, blue backpack..
    • Boggy colours. White Banjo, black and white Kazooie, orange and red check shorts and backpack.
    • Conker colours. Orange Banjo, black Kazooie, blue shorts, blue backpack with Rare logo.
    • Duck Hunt Duo colours. Light brown Banjo, blue and white Kazooie, black shorts and black backpack.
  • Entrance: Banjo crash-lands onto the stage in his yellow plane from Banjo-Pilot. He climbs out of the wreckage, dusts himself off and gets ready to fight.
  • Special Abilities: B&K can't crawl, wall-jump, or wall-cling. They have a third jump, the "Feathery Flap". It only grants a small upward boost, but if the jump button is held, it slows descent for a little bit. This aids in horizontal recovery.


  • Jab Combo: "Claw Swipe". Banjo throws three clumsy punches. Kind of slow for a jab.
  • Dash Attack: "Forward Roll". ...Banjo does a forward roll.
  • Ledge Attack: Banjo climbs up onto the stage and Kazooie pecks.
  • Get-Up Attack: Banjo swipes with an arm as he gets to his feet, and Kazooie pecks behind herself.
  • Tilts
    • F-Tilt: Kazooie quickly pecks forward. Decent range. Can be angled up or down.
    • U-Tilt: Kazooie swings a wing in a wide overhead arc. Doesn't hit the ground and can be avoided by short, crouching opponents such as Jigglypuff or Greninja.
    • D-Tilt: "Beak Barge". While Banjo crouches, Kazooie pecks forward, causing the two to slide along the ground. Travels farther than King Dedede's D-Tilt but not as far as Mega Manís. Can be used to approach the opponent while avoiding projectiles.
  • Smash Attacks
    • F-Smash: "Breegull Bash". Banjo grabs Kazooie by the legs and slams her into the ground. Has good range and is easily B&K's strongest KO move, but also has significant endlag and is easy to punish if it misses.
    • U-Smash: ďBill DrillĒ. Banjo crouches a bit lower while Kazooie stretches her neck upwards and spins, doing a multi-hit drilling beak attack. Powerful KO move with pretty good vertical range but poor horizontal.
    • D-Smash: "Pack Whack." Banjo removes his backpack and swings it in a circle, sweeping it along the ground. Good range, but lowest knockback of B&K's Smashes. Still a solid finisher.
  • Grabs/Throws
    • Grab: Banjo bear hugs the enemy.
    • Pummel: Kazooie pecks the enemy while Banjo squeezes tight.
    • F-Throw: Banjo spins around once, then flings the enemy diagonally upwards.
    • B-Throw: Banjo throws the enemy over his shoulder and Kazooie farts a Fire Egg which launches them.
    • U-Throw: Kazooie plucks the opponent out of Banjo's grip with her beak, then flings them upward. Can combo into a U-Air at lower percentages.
    • D-Throw: Banjo sits on the enemy. This buries them for a moment like Lucas' D-Throw. Effective combo starter, can lead into most aerials.
  • Aerials
    • N-Air: Banjo does a clumsy somersault, flailing his limbs. Has a lasting hitbox with little knockback, and can be a combo starter.
    • F-Air: "Rat-a-tat Rap". Kazooie pecks forward three times, the last peck launching. This is a good off-stage KO move with good range and little landing lag. Possibly B&K's best aerial. The attack can also provide some horizontal recovery. When used, B&K will keep their horizontal momentum, but they won't move at all vertically. This effect only applies to the first usage of the move, however. Subsequent uses will see B&K fall just like with any other aerial. Upon touching the ground, this is reset.
    • B-Air: Banjo grabs Kazooie by the neck and whirls around, swinging her violently. One of B&K's strongest KO moves. Has the most start-up lag of all their aerials.
    • U-Air: Banjo holds Kazooie up by the legs and she does a multi-hit drilling beak attack. Itís comparable to King Dedede's U-Air. Pretty good range and priority. Good for juggling, may KO near the top.
    • D-Air: Banjo stomps with his bear feet. Has a meteor effect if sweetspotted. Has the most landing lag of B&K's aerials.
  • Specials
    • Neutral Special: Kazooie spits an egg while Banjo crouches low. Eggs travel straight and do not arc. This move is comparable to Robin's thunder or Pac-Man's fruit. Hitting the Special button causes Kazooie to start charging the attack. Charging the attack for different amounts of time will result in a different egg with a different effect. (A different sound will play each time the egg type changes.) Tapping or mashing B (No charge) causes Kazooie to spit Blue Eggs. Blue Eggs can be fired individually or in bursts of up to 3. They are quite weak, but quick, making them useful for interrupting attacks. If the attack is charged for a little, Kazooie will spit a Fire Egg instead, with greater damage and knockback. Charging for a little longer will result in an Ice Egg, with the same damage and knockback as a Fire Egg but with greater hitstun and a chance to freeze which increases at higher percentages. Next is the Battery Egg, which has an electric effect. It is a multi-hit move which deals more damage and stuns for longer than a Fire or Ice Egg. The longest charge yields a Grenade Egg, which deals the most damage and is a strong KO move. As with other charge moves, shielding or rolling will retain the charge, but being hit or grabbed while charging will reset it.
    • Side Special: "Beak Bomb". Kazooie, carrying Banjo, winds back, then charges forward in the air. It's somewhat similar to Charizard's Side Special in that it travels far and packs a punch, but Beak Bomb only damages the user upon hitting a wall or other obstacle. Hitting a player will cause Banjo and Kazooie to get knocked backwards, and they can use the move again shortly after.
    • Up Special: "Shock Spring Jump". The pair flip around so that Kazooie is on the bottom, then she jumps high up on springy legs. Not an attack- Deals no damage or knockback. High vertical recovery. Takes a moment to start up. This move does not leave the user in a helpless state, so it can be followed with any action (Air dodge, attack, etc) other than another Shock Spring Jump- Think Mega Man's default Up Special.
    • Down Special: "Taxi Pack". Banjo removes his backpack and holds it open in front of him. The backpack will remain open for as long as the Special button is held, or until Banjo is attacked/grabbed. Banjo can move around while the bag is open- albeit more slowly- and perform one jump. (Movement is similar to King Dedede's charging Down Special.) If hit with a projectile while the bag is open, Banjo stores it in the bag and continues to fight as normal. Stored items can then be thrown. This move functions similarly to Villager's Pocket, but it takes longer to start up and redirected items aren't as powerful (1.3x for Taxi Pack vs 1.5x for Pocket). However, the move also functions as a command grab. If the Special button is released when close to an enemy, they will be scooped up into the bag, following which B&K can move around, jump and fling the enemy. This could be used for a suicide move- Think Donkey Kong's Forward Throw or Kirby/Dedede's Neutral Special. This move has invulnerability frames upon successfully catching an item/projectile, and some super armour upon attempting a command grab (During the 'scooping' animation).
  • Final Smash: Humba Wumba shows up and uses her magic to transform Banjo into a T-Rex. T-Rex Banjo can attack with a powerful stomp (Attack button) or an AoE roar (Special button) which stuns and deals damage.
  • Taunts
    • Up-Taunt: Banjo pulls out a Jiggy and holds it high. Kazooie picks it up with her beak and places it in the backpack.
    • Side-Taunt: A Jinjo with a random colour sparkles as it flies around B&K. They watch it go.
    • Down-Taunt: Banjo and Kazooie play a little flourish on their respective instruments.

Other Stuff

Pit: Lady Palutena, don't you think it gets a little stuffy in that backpack?
Gruntilda: Why'd you wake me up, you creep? I need to have my beauty sleep!
Pit: Hey, who is this?! Are you one of Medusa's goons? What have you done with Lady Palutena?! ...And why are you talking like that?
Gruntilda: Too many questions, please slow down, you scrawny little feathered clown!
Your goddess is fine, angel freak! And this is just the way I speak!
Gruntilda Winkybunion's the name, prettiest lady in the game!
Spell-casting extraordinaire! My beauty is beyond compare!
Pit: Never heard of you. Hey, as long as you're here, Miss Winkybunion, can you help me fight these two?
Gruntilda: To defeat the bear and bird, you must heed my every word!
Keep this in mind: They're kind of slow, so use your speed to deal each blow!
If they shoot an egg at you, toss it back and bid "adieu"!
The bear and bird are just no good, so smash them for me, if you would!
Pit: ...Riiight. I'll do my best.

* I have nothing against the notorious Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts. Iíve never even played it. The only reason it didnít get a mention is because it is the only Banjo game which was never released on a Nintendo console.
** I didnít even see it until after I wrote all this stuff, but upon reading this really neat fanmade Banjo & Kazooie Smash Bros. moveset I noticed that it and mine have a few similarities. They are purely coincidental!

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General Information

  • Stats: Fairly light weight and somewhat slow on ground, but decent range, great recovery, and good air mobility, combined with good power. Kamek is roughly the same size as Luigi.
  • Palettes: Besides the standard blue robe, Kamek would also have a purple robe similar to Kammy Koopa and Kamella, white, green, red, yellow, and gray robes based on the alt-colored Magikoopas seen in the Paper Mario series, and lastly a fairly generic black robe.
  • Entrance: Kamek flies in on his broom, screeching to a halt above the battlefield and then dismounting; the broom disappears in a puff of smoke.
  • Special Abilities: Kamek cannot crawl, wall-jump, or wall-cling, and has the standard two jumps.


  • Jab: A two-hit combo, with Kamek swiping with the end of his magic wand.
  • Tilts
    • F-Tilt: Kamek performs a slightly broader forward sweep with his wand.
    • U-Tilt: Kamek waves his wand above himself in circular manner, similarly to Villager's U-Tilt.
    • D-Tilt: Kamek creates a small "carpet" of red, blue, or green fire right in front of himself. Color is purely aesthetic.
  • Smash Attacks
    • F-Smash: Kamek holds his wand steady and creates a small explosion immediately in front of himself, similar to Robin's Elfire jab finisher or Mario's F-Smash. Single hit with good launching power.
    • U-Smash: Kamek shoots a small magic fireball into the air directly above himself. This travels about one and a half Kamek heights above himself. Hits multiple times and deals good damage, with decent launching power.
    • D-Smash: Kamek waves his wand, causing the ground on both sides of himself to briefly ignite. Launches foes diagonally away, and is good for clearing space around Kamek but only decent as a launcher.
  • Grabs/Throws
    • Grab: Kamek grabs the foe with his free hand.
    • Pummel: Kamek bops the victim over the head with his wand.
    • F-Throw: Kamek shoves the end of his wand against the victim and then blasts them diagonally away with a burst of magic.
    • B-Throw: Kamek throws the victim over his head then shoots a quick bolt of lightning at them to launch them.
    • U-Throw: Kamek uses magic to briefly twirl the victim around before launching them upward.
    • D-Throw: Kamek throws the victim to the ground then jumps up and stomps on them.
  • Aerials
    • N-Air: Kamek briefly surrounds himself with a rotating hoop of his geometric magic thingies.
    • F-Air: Kamek pulls his broom out and swings it in front of himself.
    • B-Air: Kamek jabs the handle of his broom backward.
    • U-Air: Kamek sweeps upward with the brush end of his broom. Low damage and no knockback, but can be spammed very quickly to rack up damage.
    • D-Air: Kamek uses his wand to create a small explosion below himself. Meteor smash.
  • Specials
    • Neutral Special: Kamek's famous geometric magic. Short windup time, though the projectile itself is slightly slow. Can be angled in five directions; forward, up, down, and 45 degree angles between. Upon hitting a foe it holds them in place and damages them a few times before launching them. Decent kill power for a standard projectile. A diagonally-upward shot could be comboed well into a forward throw.
    • Forward Special: Kamek creates a large flame that travels across the ground quickly, in a manner similar to this attack (Just without the backfire. tongue). Short-lived, but can also travel along walls and ceilings similarly to the Hothead and Bombchu items. Strikes the foe a few times as it passes through them.
    • Up Special: Kamek hops on his broom and flies. This lasts for about one second, but can be freely moved similarly to Yoshi's Final Smash. Does no damage to opponents. However, Kamek can still use his Neutral Special while riding on his broom.
    • Down Special: Kamek casts a small amount of magic on himself. This only lasts for seven seconds and needs to recharge for about fifteen seconds afterward, but during this state Kamek is slightly faster and more powerful, but is lighter. He also briefly stops and catches his breath once it wears off, meaning if you don't do what you wanted to do in those seven seconds you could get caught off-guard.
  • Final Smash: Kamek cackles and flies off-screen. The player can then line up a horizontal strike similarly to the Dragoon, with Kamek speeding across the screen like in the last level of Yoshi's Island. In addition to Kamek himself dealing tremendous damage, he also leaves behind a trail of magic glowy stuff for more vertical range.
  • Taunts
    • Up-Taunt: Kamek puts his hands near his hips and cackles.
    • Side-Taunt: Kamek creates a small rotating geometric magic thing in front of himself, admires it for a second, then claps it out of existence.
    • Down-Taunt: Kamek uses his broom to sweep up some dust off the ground.

Other Stuff

Palutena's Guidance:

Pit: I'm really liking this guy's robes! But... he isn't going to turn me into an eggplant, is he?
Palutena: Haha, don't worry, Pit! Becoming an eggplant is the least of your issues here in Smash. But I don't believe Kamek knows that kind of magic, so be at ease.
Pit: Kamek, huh? What's his deal?
Palutena: Kamek is Bowser's personal aide and top Magikoopa, and I hear he even raised Bowser ever since he was a baby!
Pit: Wow, he must be pretty old for a mortal then, huh?
Palutena: But no less worse for wear; in fact, in recent years he's even taken a much more direct approach to fighting, battling the Mario Brothers in the name of his king. In the past, he only enhanced the size of his minions to do his dirty work for him!
Pit: Wait... growing magic?! You don't think he could...?
Palutena: Focus on the battle, Pit. Not your giant food fantasies.
Pit: But giant ice cream sundae needs me! And I need it!

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Okay, to warm up, a couple of clones:

Sceptile comes to duel!

Pallete Swap for Greninja:

Forward Air, and all Smash attacks use the animations of Leaf Blade. Leaf Storm replaces Hydro Pump. Pretty self-explanatory, some leafs replace the damaging water bubbles. Razor Leaf replaces Water Shuriken, forming a giant dagger-like leaf. Dig replaces Shadow Sneak. Final Smash: Uses roots to trap and then launch the opponent upwards as he Mega Evolves between the two hits, hits multiple times with Leaf Blade and finishes off the opponent with Frenzy Plant. Similarly, Greninja's finisher becomes Hydro Cannon, and he assumes the Ash-Greninja form between the two hits of Mat Block. Both finishers send a massive root/water beam that spikes the opponent. The taunts are unique, but the down taunt has the same damage and wind hitboxes, by creating a tiny whirlwind above Sceptile All other attacks are identical.


Pallete Swap for Charizard:

Flare Blitz becomes Outrage.

Final Smash is Dragon Dance. Dragonite appears with the animation of Emerald's Dragon Dance, the one most similar to a mega evolution animation, then starts flying and throwing Dragon Rush and Fire Blast to everybody nearby to the player's content, like Mega Charizard X.

Ken. Basically exactly equal to Ryu.

Now a full fighter:

Bill R. from Contra Exclusive mechanic: Limited Ammo jab: kicks the opponent with the first two hits and finishes with a potent gunshot. up tilt, up aerial and down aerial has him shooting a point-blank shot that in the down air case meteors and in the up air and up tilt case causes good up knockback. all those moves have a shared 15 ammo count

His infinite jab, side tilt and neutral air will be him firing the machine gun, with similar properties to Bayonetta's gunshots but with better range, equivalent to Fox's. The shots, again, have limited ammo shared by all three moves, with 150 shots in total. Remember that those shot's don't cause knockback.

F-smash and up smash: the laser. only kills above 150%, but has massive range. Can be used five times between the two moves.

neutral b: spread shot. five bullets sent at the classic angle of the game. can be charged and deals big damage and knockback, but can only be used twice

down b: quick fire. similar to deep breathing, except that it doubles the rate of fire of the shots for a time instead of powering up his stats, and it only takes one second and half to finish. It also recharges the other attacks' ammo.

side b the flame attack. his main KO tool at around 100%, low range, can be used up to three times

up b the barrier. gives two seconds of invincibility frames. can only be used once (wait what? no recovery? wait)

forward and back aerial: a fast kick diagonally upwards, gives quite a good bit of distance. causes helplessness.

Final Smash: The Konami Code. (super mode)

Gives his attacks infinite ammo and doubled power and knockback for a limited amount of time.

And bonus assist trophy: the protagonist of Pang. A ball is summoned that bounces on the stage, the protagonist repeteadly uses his classical spear to hit it, and if he hits, the balls will split in two that will move faster, and if hit again, they will split for a final time before being broken and dissapearing. the balls trap the fighters and the spear will do big upwards knockback.

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Welp. New Five Nights at Freddy's game, new fake fighter. Here goes!

It's Baby's time to shine!

  • Alts: Costumes based on each of her coworkers.
  • Appearance: A retro sprite of Baby gets shocked repeatedly into her normal appearance. Then she gets into her fighting position and says "Take your seats. Let the show begin."
  • Ground Attacks:
    • Neutral A: Mic whack, mic whack.
    • Side A: Slap.
    • Up A: Fist pump.
    • Down A: Leg sweep.
    • Dash Attack: Villager's Dash attack.
  • Smash Attacks:
    • Side Smash: Donkey Kong's side smash, but weaker.
    • Up Smash: Rotating fists.
    • Down Smash: Split kick.
  • Air Attacks:
    • Nair: Spin attack.
    • Fair: Mic thrust.
    • Uair: Headbutt.
    • Dair: Pirouette.
    • Bair: Kick.
  • Special Attacks
    • Neutral Special: Squeal. Blows back the opponent with the same distance as a shot from Mario's FLUDD.
    • Side Special: Funtime Bonnie Bite. She takes out Funtime Bonnie and throws him. He grabs onto the opponent, bites them a few times, then disappears.
    • Up Special: Bidybab Chain. Baby throws up a couple Bidybab minions.
    • Down Special: Ice Cream Tripper. Baby makes some ice cream and fires it at the ground. It works like a Banana Peel, tripping the opponent.
  • Grab: Her faceplates close up on the opponent.
    • Pummel: They open and close.
    • Throws: The opponent gets launched in the direction of the throw.
  • Ledge Attack: Backflip.
  • Get-up attack: Kick.
  • Final Smash: Ennard's Playtime. Baby darkens the field around her and transforms into Ennard. They tear into the opponent unseen, making 20 hits in total, before leaving the opponent stunned.
  • Taunts:
    • Up Taunt: She turns to the camera and says "Lovely day, isn't it?"
    • Side Taunt: She sings a song for a couple seconds.
    • Down Taunt: Her faceplates open up menacingly before snapping back shut.
  • Victory Poses:
    • Victory Pose 1: Baby beckons to the camera. "Come join the Funtime family."
    • Victory Pose 2: Baby looks around for a couple seconds. "...Do you hear the screams?"
    • Victory Pose 3: Baby makes the screen flash dark, only showing her eyes, before she disappears. "This will only hurt for a moment."
    • Losing Pose: Baby claps good-naturedly.

Do you fear death?
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A Winter pair!
Nov 9th 2016 at 9:47:35 PM

The King of Sorrow shares his pain

General Information

  • Stats: Light weight and low mobility, but has decent range, can float, and hits hard. The King of Sorrow is about as tall as Yoshi.

  • Entrance: KoS is launched out of the same portals that spawn moos in the Klonoa games, and slowly floats to the ground after regaining his orientation.

  • Special abilities: KoS can slow his fall by shielding while in the air. He can control his movement while slow-falling, but doing so drains his shield.

  • Attacks

    • Jab: Two punches in a row, nothing fancy.

    • Tilts

      • Side: KoS swipes forwards with his ears as well as his fists, dealing more damage to close enemies.
      • Up: KoS strikes at the space above him with the tails of his collar/scarf.
      • Down: KoS launches a spike ball (bottom right) in the direction he is facing. It moves quickly but disappears after a short time or once it hits an opponent.
    • Smash Attacks
      • Side: KoS generates a spike ball in front of himself and thrusts it forwards like Mario, launching back enemies within melee range.
      • Up: KoS's collar tails spike straight upwards, dealing significant damage if an opponent is directly above the KoS. This attack visually yanks him upwards, and leaves him vulnerable for a moment after.
      • Down: KoS kneels down before screaming violently, dealing little damage but dealing knockback as enemies get within twice melee range and increasing as they get closer. Like jigglypuff, after this attack KoS cannot take actions for a few moments, though this attack is not nearly as powerful as jigglypuff's smash.
  • Grabs/Throws
    • Grab: KoS uses his collar's tails to grab his foes.
    • Pummel: KoS hits the grabbed target with his ears as well as his firsts.
    • Throws: KoS lifts up the enemy with blue energy like with the spike balls before launching them in the chosen direction aggressively.
  • Aerials
    • Neutral: KoS generates his trademark red shield around himself, damaging anyone caught inside it. This attack sustains while in the air until either one of his directional moves consumes it, he hits the ground, or he takes enough damage. Note that melee attacks will have a hard time reaching him in this state due to the damage, especially if he decides to shield while in the air.
    • Side: KoS creates a spike ball in front of himself for a short moment, damaging enemies it intersects before it disappears. If his aerial neutral has already been activated, the spike ball spawns further out from his position, appearing the same distance from the shield as it would from him without a shield.
    • Up: KoS launches himself upwards a short distance, damaging enemies he hits. However, if his neutral aerial has been activated, it doubles his lift and increases the hitbox for the attack. However, once his neutral aerial has been consumed in this manner it cannot be generated again until he touches the ground or dies.
    • Down: KoS drops several spikes (pictured bottom) under himself that damage enemies once before disappearing. If his neutral aerial has been activated, the spikes will remain on the battlefield for several seconds after hitting the ground and will be able to damage enemies multiple times, but his neutral aerial will be consumed. If it is consumed in this manner he will be able to reactivate it without hitting the ground, but his down aerial will do nothing until he hits the ground.
  • Specials
    • Neutral Special: The King of Sorrow generates a spike ball on either side of himself, and begins charging them. The longer he charges, the faster they move and the more damage they do when released. Upon release, they move horizontally away from the King of Sorrow and can impact the same enemy several times
    • Side Special: The King of Sorrow spawns a portal in front of himself out of which 2 Flackannons spawn. They move forwards at the same rate as the KoS and after 1 second they explode. hey can be destroyed by attacks, but they will still explode, damaging enemies taking them out in melee range.
    • Up Special: The King of Sorrow lifts himself into the air, immediately applying the effects of his neutral aerial and down aerial to himself. In addition, a spike ball rotates around his shield as long as he is in the air.
    • Down Special: The King of Sorrow wraps his collar tails around his body, turning himself into Baguji for a brief moment. While in this form he cannot attack but will counter any attacks by replacing Baguji with a Flackannon that proceeds to explode on the attacker. Like with other counters, if he is not attacked for the duration the King of Sorrow becomes vulnerable.
  • Final Smash: The King of Sorrow disappears from the screen before floating up in the background and gaining a massive shield around himself. Any enemy within the shield's radius takes ticking damage, and the King of Sorrow gains control of two spike balls which he can freely move around the stage to chase down opponents. The spike balls appear at opposite ends of the screen and mirror each other's movements. They deal large amounts of damage to any player they impact, and if anyone is unlucky enough to be in the center of the screen between both of them it is a near immediate KO. At the end of the Final Smash any opponent within the shield's radius gets knocked back based on how far inside they were.
  • Taunts
    • Up Taunt: The King of Sorrow levitates for a moment, his collar tails flowing out behind him, before setting himself back down.
    • Side Taunt: The King of Sorrow spreads his arms and moves his mouth silently. Moments later, you hear his voice come across from the game console, with echoes and distortions, like so.
    • Down Taunt: The King of Sorrow sits down, his head in his hands. This taunt lasts until the player takes another action, taunts again to play a standing animation, or is attacked.
  • Victory Poses
    • The King of Sorrow stands neutral, staring into the camera
    • Rarely, instead of a neutral expression, the King of Sorrow will instead have a Slasher Smile.
    • When losing, the King of Sorrow is depressed and collapses. Instead of him clapping, Klonoa appears in shot and claps for the victor.

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Credit to the wonderful Black Mage Anolis for the picture. Credit to Beverly for just being wonderful.
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Personality: Based on his Sonic Heroes incarnation (which is why he's voiced), except that he doesn't see himself as the original Sonic. He's relatively more sane than he was in Sonic Heroes, but has a stronger desire to conquer worlds and shape them in his image.

Voiced by: Andrew Chandler (his voice clips for Cooler were used for Mecha Sonic in Super Mario Bros. Z). The voice change is explained by Metal Sonic himself that he knew that his voice was a deeper version of Sonic's, and he intentionally changed his voice to distance himself away from Sonic.

Music that'll get remixed in Smash for this character:

  • Doomsday Zone - Sonic 3 & Knuckles
  • Stardust Speedway Bad Future - Sonic CD
  • Death Egg's Eye ~ Never Let It Go - Sonic the Fighters
  • What I'm Made Of - Sonic Heroes

Reveal Trailer: Mecha Sonic shows up and starts terrorizing a random city as he stores some Master Emerald shards in his body. A rock remix of the Doomsday Zone plays as Metal Sonic shows up to challenge Mecha Sonic to a fight. After trading some blows they decide that playtime is over and transform into Super Mecha Sonic and Neo Metal Sonic. After trading even more blows, Neo Metal Sonic copies Mecha Sonic's Super form in order to become Super Neo Metal Sonic. As he uses his new golden upgrade to finish off Mecha Sonic, Sonic and Dr. Robotnik team up to put a stop to the carnage. A remix of "What I'm Made Of" plays as Sonic becomes Super Sonic and Dr. Robotnik uses his Big Arms mech to take on Metal Sonic as he turns into a golden Metal Overlord.


  • Metal Sonic
  • Neo Metal Sonic

Assist Trophy: Mecha Sonic


  • "I'll crush you!"
  • "Kneel before your master!"
  • "You hardly count as a warm-up!"
  • evil laugh

Fighting style: fast, hits hard, high defenses.

  • Neutral Special: Lock-On Missiles. Causes knockback and stun. In normal form he can use only 2 missiles at once, while as Metal Overlord he can use 5 of them.
  • Side Special: Laser Blast. In normal form he can use only 1 laser per attack via his hands, while as Metal Overlord he can use up to 3 lasers per attack via his hands and mouth.
  • Down Special: Copy Data. He can copy the attack that someone used last and use it against them.
  • Up Special: Rain Pain. He can sync up with satellites to release a few randomly-landing blades from them in his normal form and a storm of blades as Metal Overlord.

Has two Final Smashes that can be stacked on each other if you're quick enough:

Final Smash 1: Super Metal Sonic

Final Smash 2: Metal Overlord. Unlike in Sonic Heroes, those teeth aren't just for show as he eat an opponent whole for an instant knockout provided that the opponent isn't in a transformed state (such as Giga-Bowser).

Combined Final Smash: Super Metal Overlord

Victory Quotes:

  • "Some consider me a monster, I consider myself as ruler of everything."
  • "That was supposed to be a challenge?"
  • "What world should I conquer next?" (He looks and gestures at the viewer as he says this, hinting that his next target might be the real world)

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ITT: World of Supers
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General Information

  • Stats: Heavy fighter, a little heavier than Wario and about the same height as Shulk. Somewhat slow, but hits hard and jumps pretty high for his weight class.
  • Palettes:
    • Salmon overalls, red shirt, red hat, blue hair.
      • Fred Flintstone in the orbiting star is his normal self.
    • Orange overalls, blue shirt, black hat, black hair.
      • Fred Flintstone wears a salmon tunic and has blue hair.
    • Light pink overalls, white shirt, red hat, purple hair.
      • Fred Flintstone wears a dark indigo tunic and has purple hair.
    • Brown overalls, brown shirt, brown hat, black hair.
      • Fred Flintstone wears a black tunic with red markings, and has black hair.
    • Light blue overalls, black shirt, black hat, black hair.
      • Fred Flintstone wears a maroon tunic and has black hair.
    • Black overalls, cyan shirt, gray hat, gray hair.
      • Fred Flintstone wears a green tunic and has green hair.
    • Blue overalls, white shirt, yellow hat, beige hair.
      • Fred Flintstone wears a white tunic and has brown hair.
    • Light gray overalls, light gray shirt, light gray hat, light gray hair.
      • Fred Flintstone wears a gray tunic and has gray hair.

  • Entrance: GRAND DAD (high quality) rips through the background, emerging from a blue void. A very faint voice yelling "GRAND DAD!!" can be heard.
  • Special Abilities: GRAND DAD can crawl and wall-jump.


  • Jab: A relatively slow two-hit punch combo. The second hit knocks foes upward.
  • Dash: GRAND DAD skids forward on his feet, plowing over anyone in the way.
  • Tilts
    • F-Tilt: GRAND DAD throws a heavy punch forward.
    • U-Tilt: GRAND DAD does a very short hop upward, punching upward like on the title screen art.
    • D-Tilt: GRAND DAD's Flintstones star circles around his feet, sweeping nearby foes away.
  • Smash Attacks
    • F-Smash: GRAND DAD pulls out his stone club and slams it down at the ground in front of himself, like Dedede and Ike's F-Smashes.
    • U-Smash: GRAND DAD jabs his club straight upward.
    • D-Smash: GRAND DAD holds his club at ankle height and spins, knocking away foes in front of him, behind him, and in front of him again.
  • Grabs/Throws
    • Grab: The Flintstones star latches onto the enemy, holding them in place.
    • Pummel: The Flintstones star squeezes the enemy.
    • F-Throw: GRAND DAD swings his club like a baseball bat, knocking the enemy away.
    • B-Throw: GRAND DAD grabs the enemy around the collar and chucks them backward.
    • U-Throw: GRAND DAD uppercuts the enemy out of the star's grasp.
    • D-Throw: GRAND DAD does a quick axe kick down onto the enemy, bouncing them against the ground..
  • Aerials
    • N-Air: The Flintstones star moves behind GRAND DAD, grows in size, and twirls, essentially turning him into a buzzsaw.
    • F-Air: GRAND DAD kicks both his feet forward, like a forward version of Mario's B-Air.
    • B-Air: GRAND DAD swings his club behind himself.
    • U-Air: GRAND DAD sticks his fist up mid-air.
    • D-Air: GRAND DAD swings his club downward. Works similarly to Bayonetta's D-Air.
  • Specials
    • Neutral Special: GRAND DAD throws the Flintstones star like a shuriken. Quick and spammable, and can be aimed, but weak.
    • Forward Special: GRAND DAD kicks a wave of stones (flint stones) forward.
    • Up Special: The Flintstones star serves as a trampoline to bounce GRAND DAD upward.
    • Down Special: A large maroon number appears over GRAND DAD's head, starting at 1 and charging up to 7 the longer he charges. It can be dodge-saved like most chargeable attacks. Once the number hits 7, GRAND DAD will gain a glowing aura that increases all his stats for a brief while.
  • Final Smash - Holy Trinity: GRAND DAD rips open a hole to his blue void of a title screen. Anyone directly in front of him is doomed to be sucked in. Once inside, the enemy is pummeled first by a barrage of rocks, then by a cold, icy wind, and finally is blasted out by a deafening yell, which is liable to KO them.
  • Taunts
    • Up-Taunt: GRAND DAD turns into his 8-bit self, posing.
    • Side-Taunt: The Flintstones star puts its hand to its chest like in the title screen art.
    • Down-Taunt: GRAND DAD turns his head and looks directly at the screen.

Other Stuff

Palutena's Guidance:

Pit: Mario is looking kinda pale today... and kinda... blue-moustached. And just kinda off in general. ...Is this a bootleg or something?
Palutena: If it is, it's pretty low-quality if you ask me.
Viridi: Oh, please. Don't you know he's as high-quality as it gets? Everyone loves a good rip!
Pit: More like rip-off. And what is with that caveman sticking out of his star Orbitar?
Palutena: I'd keep an eye on that, if I were you. He can throw it as a ranged weapon, or even hold you in place while he prepares an attack!
Pit: Stop it! Anyway, what do I gotta do to beat this guy?
Palutena: Hmm... If he tries to throw that star at you, you should try bouncing it back at him. And once you knock him off the stage, try to meteor smash him when he bounces back up. He can't dodge or move horizontally during his recovery, so he's vulnerable then!
Pit: Thanks, Lady Palutena. I'm so glad you're a helpful and not-annoyingly-loud goddess.

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