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Apr 19th 2015 at 9:50:13 AM


Ai smiled at the woman's introduction and said, "Pleased to meet you. I am Ai. I came here with someone as well for some relaxation. But I seem to have lost her." When Molly mentioned the flowers growing under her seat she gave a small gasp and giggled a bit. "That seems to happen sometimes when I'm happy." she explained and waved her hand and the flowers disappeared. "I seem to have a strange ability of summoning flowers. My sister has it as well." she added to her explanation.

Hot Springs

"Ok!" Tali said and flew off to grab a towel than headed for the woman. The pink haired woman saw the fairy approach and looked up from her book with a raised brow. "Yes? What do you want?" she asked a bit confused. "Do you need a towel?" the little fairy girl asked in a happy tone. Xia wasn't sure what to think but shrugged. "Sure, I think I forgot one anyway." her tone was bored but friendly as she took the towel from Tali who looked excited about it. "Thanks." Xia said as kept reading her book.

"You're welcome!" Tali chirped and flew back. "She thanked me! So, where am I going to start?" she asked happily.

"Can you imagine an imaginary menagerie manager imagining managing an imaginary menagerie?"
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Apr 19th 2015 at 12:09:40 PM


"Oh," David decided not to press why she didn't have footwear. Her story might be long as she claims. "Well, I was going to head up to my room. My girlfriend's dropping off our stuff. If you want, we could head to the rooms and she if she packed an extra pair. She tends to, anyways."

As he was thinking in between sentences, he realized Camille probably wanted something else. He added, "Oh, but go ahead and get a room first."

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Apr 19th 2015 at 12:36:31 PM


Konrad sighed as he stepped through the doors to the lobby, happy to be free of the cold. As the warmth hit him he let out a grateful sigh, removing his snow-encrusted skullcap and placing it in his large duffle bag. He took in his surroundings hungrily. "Classy joint" he muttered to himself, "sure as hell beats lockup."

His brow furrowed he watched Tekumi approach, all sunshine and smiles. As he watched the sprightly well-clothed man attend to another guest, he recognized at once the exact kind of personality he didn't have the patience to deal with at the moment, tired and curmudgeonly as he was from his trip. He stepped up to Tekumi, interrupting his conversation with the other guests.

"Oh hello sir! I'd be happy to" Tekumi began cordially. "Bar?" Konrad drawled in reply. "W-what?" "Bar boy! A bar. You've got a bar don't ya? Fancy place where you keep the booze?" "Oh! Why, yes it's right ahead through those doors." "Cheers." Konrad replied curtly, shoving a wad of cash into Tekumi's chest. "Buy yourself somethin' nice."


Without wasting another moment, Konrad passed through the doors into the Lounge, sat himself at the bar, and ordered a double of high-shelf Scotch neat. He allowed himself a sigh and a smirk as he waited for his drink. It was good to be on holiday.

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At hearing that Ai could summon flowers, Molly couldn't help laughing on the inside. Of all the people to meet first...

"I have a strange ability myself. Any living thing that I touch rots within minutes. I'm not sure whether it's a side effect of being undead or the fact that my patron corrupted my previous powers. Either way, it has a surprising variety of uses. It's somewhat awkward that we've met, given the facts."

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Apr 19th 2015 at 3:44:47 PM


Isaac nodded in agreement and, Maroko's question about the Song for now forgotten, said, "it ain't even just the... nasty flavor it takes on back home, really." He studied his glass thoughtfully. How to explain it? He'd hashed it out some time ago in discussions with Sigmund, Alice, and later Kokabiel, and they'd agreed: there was a fundamental wrongness to magic. Not just the Eyes and Teeth, but the very concept of magic. Well, most of it.

"It... magic... I don't know how to explain it. But..." he searched his mind for a metaphor. "It sorta feels like it puts the Earth right back at the center of the universe, after all the work we — scientists — did to kill that notion. Y'know? Not literally, but..." he sighed, took a long drink of his soda as an excuse to let Maroko, if she was familiar with his feelings, possibly summarize them better. Alice would have a clever riddle or koan right now, and he was sure Sigmund would come up with some grand, sweeping metaphor, or at least a readied quote from some philosopher.

[Arcade of Time]

Qal again piped in, "enough that you can run a factory on hiring 'em!"

Izeri sighed and said, "true enough. Yes, we're pretty common. I've honestly never looked at the statistics, but... what Qal said. And countries can expect to have enough to form armies of firebenders. Or waterbenders, earthbenders... you get the picture." She frowned. "I don't know if it would be wonderful or terrifying to be one of a select few. I... truly can't imagine what it must be like for you..."

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Lara looked at the blue bracelet on her left hand.

"I suppose that makes me a 'waterbender' as well... Or icebender, I guess."

She looked up at Izeri in response to her question. "Where I come from, those kind of people are pretty rare. The requirements for getting powers is pretty much getting in a freak accident, or someone you know dies in a freak accident...or both..." As she approached the end of her statement, aggression started to leak into her handling of the arcade machine's joystick.

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Apr 19th 2015 at 7:27:14 PM


The Takumi in the Lobby walked over to Konrad, and handed him the money back, "everything's free here, you don't have to pay." He then walked back to the lobby to greet any other newcomers.

In addition, Mark served Konrad's drink. And you can assume he'll serve any other orders as well.


"Like it's a unnatural addition to the universe, something pasted on as an afterthought," Maroko said, "only accessible to thinking life and with no basis in the physical laws of reality? Defiling logic and reason to its most fundamental core?"

"Because if that's what you're thinking," she said, "I entirely agree."

"At least in my world, I actually have the 'pleasure' of knowing who added it in," she said, "although for no logical reason, they can't see it like I do."

[Hot Spring]

"I was thinking you could just go to wherever guests might need help," Takumi said, "that way you can assist as many people as possible, and won't get too bored."

"I think I heard somebody mention snowboarding earlier," she said, "they might need some help?"

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Apr 19th 2015 at 8:08:55 PM

Hot Springs

Tali nodded. "I'm on it!" she said with a grin and flew off back towards the snowboard and ski equipment shop.


"Un..dead? Rotting powers?" Ai repeated, sounding quite surprised but not frightened, "That certainly is very interesting. I'm not entirely sure where my powers came from. All I know is it seems to involve nature." She held up her hands as she said this then flicked her wrist which summoned an emperor butterfly. "My sister's powers seems to be more specific with just plants." she added with a small smile as she looked from the butterfly to Molly.

"In any case it is definitely interesting to meet someone else with strange abilities. I knew there was magic and magical beings here at the resort but haven't met anyone with magic outside of it." Ai explained, making the butterfly disappear with a wave.

"Can you imagine an imaginary menagerie manager imagining managing an imaginary menagerie?"
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Apr 20th 2015 at 10:05:14 AM


Virgil frowned.

"I don't know," he said. "I've got pretty wide shoul—" He stopped as Kyle pulled out a bright red coat.

Well, the color was a bit bright for Virgil's taste, but the coat was designed to be a bit big, so it actually looked like it would at least fit. It wouldn't be ideal for something athletic like snowboarding that would require a wide range of motion, but it would be fine for the walk to the rental facility. He shrugged into it carefully, putting it on over his jacket.

It was just a little tight around the shoulders, but it hung comfortably everywhere else. As long as he didn't try doing any somersaults, he'd be okay.

"I probably shouldn't actually wear it on the slopes," he said, "but it should keep me from freezing on the way to the rental place. Thanks! You ready to go? Are you planning on bringing your suitcase?"

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Apr 20th 2015 at 6:08:50 PM


Dr. Rose's face became a wide grin. "Exactly," he said, genuinely impressed to have found someone who so quickly grasped what he meant with his reference to the Copernican Revolution. "That is exactly it! Slapped to the fabric of space and time like a half-assed, cash-in, third party expansion pack to a classic game! And..." he looked around, nodding politely at the newcomer (Konrad), then rubbed his head.

There was an idea at the edge of his mind, just out of reach. A conceptual anomia. Some thought that, as a scientist, he should seek out, but as a sentient being, he instinctively recoiled from. It wasn't eldritch, or magical, just... deeply uncomfortable. Even if he couldn't put his finger on the thought, it reminded him of Alice, somehow, and he had to admit, he was happier not knowing exactly how his old friend's warped mind worked. "Fuck it," he said, oddly defeated, "this bullshit's givin' me a headache." Back to a topic that didn't press on his mind like a vise. "There's another thing we got in common, though. Both know our worlds' magic has a source. A something that put it there."

Then he tilted his head. "Or... you say you know 'who', not 'what'. That's an interesting choice of words, I gotta say — don't think I'd ever call my world's source of magic a 'who'." He shook his head, now rapidly clearing. "Implies personality, intent... humanity. Why, how something even remotely human would rejigger a cosmos like that..." he raised an eyebrow. "This I gotta hear."

[Arcade of Time]

And we need a new topic, Izeri thought to herself. "I, uh, see," she said, nervously, not quite willing to broach the subject.

Before she could find a smalltalk topic to escape, though, Qal proved slightly less tactful. At least she dropped her usual voice and was genuinely sympathetic as she said, "sounds like both. Sorry to hear that... if I had to choose between my powers and Izeri..." she gently put a hand on Izeri's shoulder and said, "I wouldn't have to think twice." She'd give up anything for her, that much was clear. Qal then, finally, caught Izeri's warning look and fell silent.

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"Magic is very rare where I come from, but not unheard of. I remember the days when magic users hid their powers out of fear of what others might do to them, but that ended recently." Molly sighed, thinking about a time when she was more carefree and innocent, not beaten down by decades of service. "Enough about my world, though. Tell me a little bit about where you come from."

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Lounge/Bar -> Lobby

"That would be appreciated," Camille replied with a nod, "Though if she doesn't want to part with them, don't try to force her to for my sake. Like I said, it's not overly important, and for all I know we might not even have the same foot size."

She made a small, nervous sounding chuckle before glancing in the direction of the lobby. "I was going to get a room, actually. I didn't think of it when I first got here, so...." She shrugged. "I'm going to take care of that now. I don't know how long it's going to take, though. Don't wait for me if it takes a while."

Unless David had something else to say to her at that point, she would then turn and head into the lobby proper, approach the front desk, and start the process of obtaining a room.

Apr 20th 2015 at 7:46:53 PM

[Lobby —> Bar]

"Ketlak, my dear, it is most advisable that you refrain from over-exerting yourself in your current state! I shall most certainly endure these burdens..." the speaker was a fairly typical looking Kykzavi. That is to say, he was an absolutely massive man, well over six feet tall, solidly built, heavily tattooed, ears significantly pierced, and of a distintly non-Terran ethnicity. Tan skin and a carefully manicured frohawk, eyes so dark his irises were almost black, and features that were a mixture of Germanic and Celtic. The tattoos were not the works of art of, say, the Maori, but a number of simple, thick, jagged markers, albeit artistically arranged. He wore a workmanlike, knee-length kilt with a diamond pattern in dark brown shades, an off-white leather apron over it, black leather boots, and a tied, sleeveless leather jerkin that was open enough to reveal perhaps a bit too much of his impressive paunch and a number of similar tattoos on his chest.

"Vizirik," Ketlak replied, cutting him short, "do take into your considerations that you do not deliver your well-intentioned but pontificating scoldings to a Temple-brainwashed doll. While I am pregnant, I know my own body most completely of any thinking mind — I shall determine what I am and am not capable of it, and you shall acknowledge." Ketlak was also very solidly built, and while she did not quite match her husband's height, she was still taller than most American men. She bore similar facial tattoos to her husband, and while the left half of her hair was completely shaven, the right fell in intricately woven braids to her neck. It was not immediately obvious, given her naturally large size, that she was with child; she couldn't be any more than two months pregnant. She was similarly dressed as well. The boots were more or less identical, and her kilt bore a far more intricate pattern of sawtooths and dots, in muted earth tones of the shades of blue, grey, and green. She was more conservatively dressed above the waist, however, with a loose white shirt and a sleeved leather jacket, presently unbuttoned.

Vizirik accepted his wife's words gracefully. "Your words bear eminent wisdom; I shall acquiesce to your judgment upon the matter of your abilities." Ketlak nodded, and they continued. The source of Ketlak and Vizirik's argument was the equipment they were hauling into the resort: a large wooden box, covered in dark red felt, which they managed, between them, to haul into the bar. Vizirk took a look around and said, "I should prefer to avoid the 'delights' of sub-freezing temperatures. This seems an optimal location."

The two opened the box and began to set up a film camera and other equipment; they seemed to be some sort of documentary crew.


Isaac didn't comment on the pair, but he actually recognized one of them from photographs of significant Kykzavi figures Western Amalgamated was keeping an eye on. Wait a... is that Vizirk Zai? You have got to be fuckin' kidding me. He wasn't worried about the man himself — Vizirik was naive documentarian, loyal to the Party's ostensible cause but not its brutal reality. Western Amalgamated had a betting pool on how long it would be until his idealism and conscience ended getting him thrown into a gulag or forced to seek asylum under another nation's banner. Still, the Party would send something more troublesome than apparatchiks eventually.

He shrugged and turned back to Maroko after giving what seemed only a brief once-over of the Kykzavi couple — a reasonable reaction to a pair of large, tattooed people striding in and setting up a camera. It wasn't something worth interrupting their conversation over.

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Kyle just rolled his eyes. "What, you think I'm gonna go skiing or snowboarding with these things in my arms? I'll probably just go down to the rooms and take 'em over to Zak. If he doesn't punch me again. He's probably calmed down by now, so there's not much to worry about." He ended with a chuckle.


The screen flashed "Game Over!" as Lara stood back while listening to Izeri and Qal. She raised an eyebrow at Qal. "Lucky you. At least you can actually choose. But you don't need to feel sorry for me—guy was an idiot."

"That's...kinda how he died in the first place." Rick elaborated, finally catching up to the group. Seeing the Asian and Inuit, he nodded approvingly. "Meeting new people, I see." He pointed out to Lara.

"Yep..." She confirmed blankly.

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The blond man shrugged. "I think she has small feet. A size... 6? It's been awhile since I bought her shoes," He smiled at that, even though it was awhile.

David waved her off. "Go ahead, I'll wait." He then plopped down on a nearby couch. He folded a leg over the other and sat back. He felt something crumple in his pocket. He plucked it out, and found it was a note from his business partner. It was an old one. It was probably washed a few times along with his pants. It was: If all comes to worst, Mr. Lindon, I want you to take the company. Don't let Mr. Balthazar take it. It reminded him of the state of the world- a hyper-capitalist state.

He shoved it back into his pocket and said, "Oh, hey, Miss, I've been wondering- where are you from? A friend told me all kinds of people would be here, so I was curious. If... Things were different from my world."

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[Hot Spring >> ???]

Takumi teleported away for the moment, to see how Tali would do by herself at the ski rental building. She'll reappear if Tali gets stuck or asks for her/help.


Maroko mostly had a look of confusion when Isaac became stuck on the 'and...' I wonder what it was he was trying to say? she thought. She also glanced at the newcomers, but didn't say anything else about them.

"I doubt they did it intentionally, especially since they seem unable to see what has happened," Maroko said, "but yes, they are remarkably human, at least on the surface."

"Wait - I think I have a picture, give me a moment," Maroko said, setting her mini backpack down on the bar and fishing through it before taking out a smallish photo print. "Here, these five are the ones who did it. They showed up last fall, and the world has slowly changed - retroactively - since then. Don't worry, the picture's harmless. Depressingly ordinary, even."

She handed Isaac the picture, or set it on the bar if he didn't want to touch it. The picture was a completely ordinary photo print, of a rather ordinary-looking Japanese street, with five Japanese-looking girls standing in front of a clothing shop. They all looked about 18 or 19, and as if they had just come back from an anime convention, or something similar. The first on the left was jumping in the air, and was wearing shorts, and a shirt with an equation: S = k_B ln Ω. She had bright red short hair, messy and chaotic, and was grinning dramatically at the camera. The second was standing perfectly straight, with a slight smile, and had waist-length blue wavy hair, and was wearing what looked like a school uniform. The third was doing a sideways pose, smiling, and had very long white hair, down almost to the sidewalk. She was wearing an off-white shirt with some sort of abstract art, a blue skirt, had circuit-board-like tattoos on her arms and legs, with some sort of electronic device clipped to her belt. The fourth was doing the double-V pose with her hands, and had shorter pink hair, tied up into pigtails. She had on a white shirt with a red heart outline on the front, and a red pleated skirt. And the last had moderately long, pitch black hair, cut formally, and somewhat of a pale complexion. She wore a white kimono-like dress, with black lining, and wasn't smiling at all.

"They claim to be personifications of five concepts: Chaos, Logic, Time, Love, and Death. They seem to have virtually unlimited ability to alter reality, and do so quite often," Maroko said, "but those intentional acts are always temporary, reversed, or happen elsewhere. The subtle changes around the world seem to be happening independently of what they do - and strangely, only Nanami and I can see them. Like my hair, for example. It's supposed to be black, but now it's purple - even in all my pictures from high school and as a kid. Everyone else, including the five concepts, are sure it was always this way."

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Apr 21st 2015 at 7:01:14 PM


Isaac shook his head and said, "don't look the part, gotta say. But," he smiled wryly, "that's why our boys 'n' girls try not to piss nobody off without info." Then his face grew serious. "Book of Suela says you can talk those sorts of beings outta existence with logic and reason..." then, realizing how that sounded, he hurriedly added, "not that me or any of mine would try it, obviously, 'less it's war." He shook his head. "Too many of my people been on the wrong side of some scientist wanting to try something without having to ask permission from the poor soul who'd hurt for it."

After a grim pause, he hurriedly changed the subject. "Man, though, I gotta say something about your memory. You seem confident you ain't going crazy, and you're obviously a mind of science. What experiment you and Nanami do, make sure you ain't just going nuts?" He had an approach he'd try in her position, but was curious to see what she'd come up with.

Will have rest later, had to dash.

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[Arcade of Time]

Qal was still very much in "I should shut up now" mode, while Izeri grabbed the offered lifeline. "Hello," she said, bowing politely. "A friend of Lara's, I take it? I'm Izeri, and my girlfriend here is Qal." Qal waved affably, but continued to maintain her policy of shutting up until she was certain she wouldn't say anything stupid. Izeri continued, "any luck finding anything interesting in this place?"


The Kykzavi finished setting up their equipment, and Vizirik gave the camera a fond wallop before speaking into a recording device — taking notes, he'd figure out proper narration later — while Ketlak panned the bar in general. "The Unmaker's vision was entirely accurate. The portal's destination appears to be a disconcertingly mundane resort of some fashion. All present appear to be human with the exclusion of a single unambiguously non-human individual," Ketlak let the camera rest on Mark demonstratively, "and a small multitude of individuals whom even brief examination suggests are transhuman or metahuman," here, Ketlak focused on Ila.

For now, nobody had particularly caught their attention, so they continued to scan the crowd, considering whether or not it was the appropriate time to actively involve themselves in a conversation or speak to somebody who was not engaged in one. Vizirik was hesitant about approaching anybody immediately, given that he'd received a thorough beating from the bare hands of an irate Uelane woman, over a foot shorter than him and old enough to be his mother, the last time he'd done so in ignorance of local social norms.

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"Nice meeting you." Rick nodded, "Well, the snow is the reason I really like this place. Name's Rick Flier. And this is Lara. I'm her-"

"Mentor." The girl finished. Rick chuckled somewhat awkwardly, and also apologetically. "Yeah, that, I guess."

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Apr 22nd 2015 at 10:09:20 AM


Virgil nodded. "Makes sense. Well, if you're going to stop by your room, then I'll see about getting us both something hot to drink while we walk. Should have it ready by the time you get back here. You drink coffee, or d'you want some cocoa?"

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Apr 22nd 2015 at 10:34:20 AM


As it turned out, it was a rather simple process for Camille to get herself a room. A short while later, she had herself a room number and the keys for said room. She had to say, it was going to be rather nice to have a comfortable place to stay for a while.

"I'm all set, I think," she said as she turned back to face David, "I could go to see it right now, but since we're heading that way anyway we might as well go together. For all I know, we could be neighbors or something."

She frowned upon being asked what her world was like. "Well...I'd say rather ordinary, but that doesn't mean a whole lot to someone who hasn't been there. Um...." She paused to think a little. "...I can at least say we don't have abominable snowmen running our bars. Besides that, there's a lot of...'modern' stuff, I think? I mean, there's still things like libraries and ladders and stuff, and no one's running around with jetpacks or anything. But there's stuff like mobile phones and the internet and...other things like that...." She sighed. "Admittedly, I'm not the best person to ask about it. I've just been trying to eke out an existence, and I don't think I've seen a hundredth of what's there."

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Apr 22nd 2015 at 2:50:36 PM


Ai listened with a look of wonder and said, "That sounds sad. But I'm glad it has changed" with a kind smile. When asked about her world she brightened again. "I'm from a little town filled with all sorts of gardens with cobblestone paths and little houses. There is a mansion that looks like a castle in the distance that belongs to the mayor. There aren't many people with magic but magic isn't looked down upon. In fact a lot of people appreciate it when others with magic help out using their skills. My parents own a flower shop which I believe is the reason I have the certain magic I have." she explained with a smile.

She then gasped a moment and with a worried look said while waving her hands, "Sorry, you told me to tell a little bit and I babbled."

Snowboard and Ski Equipment Building

Tali was so excited to start her work that she almost flew and crashed into a lineup of snowboards on the wall. Slowing down enough she kept herself afloat and went to the front desk. She was small enough she had to keep flying just to be seen, only her head and part of her upper body were above the desk. "Alright, I'm ready to go!" she cheered to herself, giving an arm pump. If anyone is curious, Tali is the size of a 3 year old human toddler. lol

"Can you imagine an imaginary menagerie manager imagining managing an imaginary menagerie?"
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Apr 22nd 2015 at 6:32:46 PM

[Lobby -> Upper Level Hallway ] David isn't there quite yet, but he will.

David sprung up from the couch. He said, "Yeah, should be." "I think Mari went..." He trailed off as he tried to remember which direction his partner went. Then he realized he didn't see her go. Whoops. He looked around and tried to navigate. But all the while, he decided to have conversation.

"Ah, we have mobile phones, but they're for the upper class. I used to have one- they were pretty bulky though. We also have cars that fly, and... Well, a lot of things," He then faced Camille, and wore a smile that indicated ignorance. "But internet. Haven't heard of that."

He then furrowed his brow, as if something bothered him. "But there's a huge divide in classes. You're either filthy rich or you're a worker who barely scrapes by. I don't know how it's been like that for so long. It's just- not right."

The blond man led, and eventually found the teleporter. He had to backtrack a bit into the lounge, much to his annoyance. He sighed.

David stepped up to the thing, but offered, "Oh, go ahead, Miss."

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Apr 22nd 2015 at 8:23:59 PM


"I doubt it would work," Maroko said, "one of them claims to be a personification of Logic, after all. And honestly, as much as they've caused all sorts of changes, they really don't seem evil... just irresponsible. So I really don't think I should try, or would even want to try, to destroy them. And honestly, if you spent even five minutes around them, they'd probably break the laws of physics just crossing the street, so it's not like they're really trying to hide their natures at all."

"And as for experiments," Maroko said, "we've tried a few things. For example, details don't change, unless they have to. Kazue still owed me the same amount from high school, and none of my or anyone else's previous grades were altered. Also, Nanami and I remember the exact same history, although no-one else does. What are the chances of two people making up the same fake history?"

"Did you have anything else in mind I should try?" she said.


Mark waved briefly at the camera as it focused on him.

When the camera panned over her, Ila said, "actually, I'm not human at all. This is just a convenient form for me in this nexus."

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Apr 22nd 2015 at 8:45:23 PM

[Arcade of Time —> Rooms]

Izeri looked at Rick curiously and said, "another of the empowered, I presume? I... won't ask for details, of course..."

"Hey," Qal said, "I think I've given myself enough of a headache tonight." She put an arm around Izeri and said, "I saw some hot springs outside. We can't stay cooped up in here forever, y'know!"

Izeri looked back at Qal and said, "you had me at 'hot'. Even if I know it's just for an excuse to show off."

"Show off what?" Qal said. "What I can do with a little water? Or how I look in a swimsuit? The answer is yes to both, by the way."

"Oh, you," Izeri replied, then said to Lara, "it was nice meeting you, and you're obviously free to join us." Izeri then headed off towards the portal.

Before following, Qal added, "and if you see that Nanami girl, tell her I might be giving that demonstration she was hoping to see!" Then, with a licentious grin as she glanced back at Izeri, she conspiratorially added, "we might take a while before we get back outta our room, though. If I'm lucky." And with that, she was off.


Isaac shook his head and said, "naw, sounds like you got it sorted. One person remembering a different history is probably crazy, but two remembering the same history — that probably means something's up. And like I said, I wasn't saying it was a good idea... just, y'know." He frowned. "Even if Supes is a good guy, don't hurt to have a chest of Kryptonite in the bat cave. Know what I mean?" He took a sip of his soda as he tried to consider how best to change the topic from methods of deicide. Finally, he decided: "man, time and space hopping around like that, only two memories to record what it was... anyone believe you?"


Ketlak and Vizirk looked at each other, then at Ila. It was Vizirik who spoke. "If I may be permitted some prying," he said, approaching with his recorder, "would you be willing to explain what precise manner of entity you can be accurately categorized as, if neither human nor metahuman are applicable?"

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