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Apr 6th 2015 at 12:57:30 AM

Gwion nodded. "American English. Yeah, quite a bit of difference. Thanks to American films and television and having spent some time there, I understand them better than they understand me. New Zealand English is closer to British English, but even then there are big differences - like the whole "dinner", "tea" and "supper" mess."

He looked over at the towering yeti and caught sight of the name tag. "A soda for the young lady, please, Mark," he looked at his own, nearly empty, glass, "and a lemon, lime and bitters for me, please." Sure, he wasn't exactly buying her a drink - not here, anyway - but etiquette demanded he offer and place her order as if he were. Mark? A yeti called Mark?

"A lot of jobs," he agreed, "all over the world."

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Apr 6th 2015 at 6:50:27 AM


Rick smiled at Gwion's answer. He fit the description, so what could go wrong?

He quickly unzipped a pocket on his suitcase, felt inside it and pulled out a small cylindrical bundle the size of a small soda can. He put it on the table then put a small coil of cord beside it.

"Recognize this?"


Lara didn't know if it was safe to walk by the man, risking him recognizing her. Then, her attention was captured by the strange woman opening a certain door. Walking through into the enormous arcade, Lara didn't even notice the two women that had already walked in.

Just a few machines away from the Pac Man machine that the lady was perusing, Lara looked at a machine that demonstrated a very different game.

It looked like a 2D side-scroller. The main character running around was a young man with mostly brown clothing, followed by a girl, younger than Lara, that had pitch-black hair and a body pale enough for a ghost. The two, pixely figures ran through what appeared to be abandoned classrooms and hallways that have fallen into disrepair. The name on the machine read, "Secret Remnant".

Lara cracked the trace of a wistful smile. She could remember when times weren't nearly this trying. True, they had been reduced to no more than trace wisps of recollection, but they were there nonetheless.

"Secret Remnant" is one of the many game ideas that I'll likely never get around to actually making, in case anyone thinks it actually exists.

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Apr 6th 2015 at 9:32:13 AM


Xia wanted to glare at the man as he made a comment about her to the woman he was talking to, but she decided to play it cool and when the Yeti replied to her said, "That is very generous. I'm sure the rich will have as much fun as the poor. I know I will." With those words she thanked the bartender for the drinks and got up and walked away from the bar with her bags. She still had yet to actually look at her room and decided to do that first and then head for the hot springs for a soak.


"Another you?" the girl said with a tilt of her head but shrugged it off since he was willing to let her help. Smiling big she said, "Thank you sir! I'll head there right away!" She then flew fast, looking at the map as she went and nearly bumping into people along the way until she reached the equipment room.

Equipment Rental Building

Tali looked around in wonder and awe, this place had everything! Skis, snowboards, tubes, whatever you needed to play around on the mountain they had. "Hello? I'm here for an orientation!" she called out.

Hot springs

Once Xia had everything settled in her rooms she put on a black bikini and wrapped herself in a provided robe and walked down to the hot springs. She set her robe and things down on a pool chair then slowly put her foot in the springs before sitting halfway in. Sighing happily she lay back with her arms behind her outside the springs and snapped her fingers. Vines popped out of the ground behind her and started giving her a shoulder massage. "This is great." she said quietly.

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Apr 6th 2015 at 10:37:37 AM


Camille decided to say no more on the subject of her situation. She wasn't trying to fish for sympathy and certainly didn't want it to seem like she was. She wasn't exactly happy with her life right now, but at the same time she wasn't completely desperate. Besides, no one liked a beggar.

Fortunately, a convenient subject change just so happened to be nearby.

"Sage advice," she replied to Isaac's comment with a smirk of her own, before glancing over her shoulder at the person he was most likely referring to. Her grin just got bigger when the apparent gold digger's reaction was simply to pack up and leave. She shook her head before turning back to Isaac. "She gave up pretty quickly. Must not have been very determined that time."

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Typin' strangely
Apr 6th 2015 at 1:15:49 PM

Lounge/Bar - Gwion

Gwion looked at the items the bald man put on the counter top and blinked. If there were any things he he wasn't expecting to see here, those would be them.

They were completely unmistakeable - a neatly folded and rolled 8'x10' "tarpaulin" made of thin hyper-lightweight laminate and a coil of 4mm Spectra. He had loaned them out in a completely different universe and had, quite frankly, written them off, as one does with fairly inexpensive and easily-replaced items.

They brought back memories of an unforgetable meal at a strange diner - come to think of it, that meal had rather set the tone for his last "holiday" and he should have taken it as a warning at the time: if you can't get through a meal without someone fire-balling someone else's pizza, then it's probably not going to be a relaxing stay.

He recovered from the initial surprise and the reminiscences and laughed then looked at the man quizzically. "OK, so have you been wandering around with those on the off-chance you might bump into me somewhere in all the possible universes accessible from Capital City or did Joshua somehow know I was going to be here when he gave you that?" The third option - that he had been followed - was unlikely as he had made a brief trip back to his own Earth and time after leaving the Capital and prior to arriving here - and not even natives of that Earth could track him through it.

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Apr 6th 2015 at 3:09:46 PM


As Gwion stared at the unexpectedly returned items, Rick took the time to order a Bud Lite from Mark, who gave him just that.

When Gwion recovered and asked his questions, the bald man chortled at his humor. "Well.... Mostly the former, I guess." He answered. "Joshua said that he tried looking for you so he could return what he borrowed, but didn't have much luck. And he's a man of his word, so he was kinda bummed to have to take it with him back home. He told me how his bike was on the fritz, and someone gave him a tarp to help out. And since I was planning a little getaway, I asked if I could take it with, on the impossible odds that I'd run into you. Joshua did say it was kinda dumb to count on it, but I eventually wore him down and he let me have it."

Rick paused a moment to open his bottle. "And here you are." He concluded, smiling as he took a drink.

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Apr 6th 2015 at 3:26:17 PM



His route planned to his satisfaction, Ulf straightened up from the window, his shoulder tweaked in pain bit it was hardly a new sensation. He moseyed over to the now quite crowded bar and aimed for the more empty seats.

A name drop of Capital caught his attention spoken by a fairly familiar cyborg with a ponytail and a fucked up left arm. In front of him was a tarp, also quite familiar. Ulf laughed, his shoulders buckled and the pain only reminded him of that saga and made him laugh more, wheezing chuckles rocked his frame.
Thank god pizza isn't a "cabin food." he said as he passed, wry smile firmly in place.


"Здравствуйте!" the man from her right greeted her. She had long ago abandoned the thought of fellow native speakers, the pronunciation was a bit too sharp to be completely native but she appreciated the gesture regardless. She repeated in kind, a smile on her face that she didn't have to remember to give.

"It is nice to meet another speaker of the motherland's tongue." she said.
"Nope, no peanuts at all," the yeti clarified and handed her a mug of brown liquid with a sheen of pale steam rising.
"Wonderful.", she took a sip, the drink tasted of hot water and some cocoa. It didn't have quite the depth of a morsel of chocolate but she enjoyed it regardless. The heat echoed from her stomach, perhaps it would've been better to have after winter's chill.

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"Probably the smart call," Isaac replied. "Girl's pretty, young, catches the eye... she ain't gonna have trouble finding way easier prey then a guy who still don't feel right buying name-brand cereal." He shrugged. "Good luck to her. Separating rich idiots from their money's a fuckin' public service. Keeps 'em from doing really dumb shit, like..." he bit his tongue. Nope, he was not getting into politics. "...well, Imma just leave it there." He wasn't actually sure where to go from here. Perhaps best to let Camille guide the conversation for a bit. He glanced past the bar thoughtfully, noting where Xia had ended up. Maybe now he'd made his point, he'd head over and meet her on his terms? What'd he have to lose? As he'd said, he bore her no ill-will.

[Arcade of Time]

Izeri continued to wander, noticing a machine that seemed a little out of place. A vibrant, painterly game played on its screen, starring a strange little man in a suit who seemed to have a curious relationship with time.

"That's different," Qal said, watching for a bit, paying attention reading the instructions on the side. "Hmm," she said. "Might as well give it a shot." She did so, while Izeri watched, occasionally checking up on what the others were doing. Gathering thoughts and contemplations.

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Apr 6th 2015 at 11:53:30 PM


"Thanks," Maroko said, taking the clear, bubbly soda from Mark. She sipped it quietly, not taking her eyes off the group.

"I'm guessing this Capital City is another place like this?" she said. Surprisingly, one I haven't heard of, although could they have possibly picked a more generic name? she thought.

You don't have to wait for Maroko for the conversation between the others in this group, as she's mostly just listening and watching at the moment.

[Equipment Rental Building]

"Hey there!" said a woman appearing behind the counter, who looked very similar to the Takumi at the front desk. She had a nearly-identical appearance, except had longer, wavy black hair, and was wearing a sky-blue blouse and a black skirt instead. "I'm also Takumi," she said, "I can split myself into multiple copies, which is really useful when running a place like this!"

"Anyways, if you'll just fill out this paperwork," she said, handing Tali a relatively-standard but surprisingly short application form. "Then I'll give you a tour and describe some of the tasks you can help us out with - I'm thinking helping with equipment rental and activities would be best, as that's the area which is the least automagic." The form just has things like name, age, etc.

[Arcade of Time]

"Ooo, that one looks like fun," Nanami said, walking up to the machine Qal was playing, having already lost on her game. "I don't think I saw that one here last time."

However, before she could say any more, a new person appeared playing on a machine between Lara and Qal. She was 152cm/5' tall, had straight black hair with blue highlights in a pixie cut, blue eyes, and a completely undefinable ethnicity. She was wearing a black t-shirt, and blue jeans, but had nothing else of note visible. "'sup, noobs," she said, not taking her eyes off the game, which looked like a mirror-image version of Missile Command that she seemed to be playing perfectly. Those with supernatural senses would certainly be able to tell that she was a kind of spirit, and not entirely what she appeared to be.

"Hey Sainia," Nanami said nonchalantly, despite the fact that the newcomer had appeared out of thin air. And Sainia will teleport away if anyone tries to touch her, or get too close.

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Apr 7th 2015 at 12:19:59 AM

Lounge/Bar - Gwion

"And here you are." The man smiled and took a swig of his drink.

Gwion laughed. "Well, that's the most amazing coincidence I've ever heard. I very much doubt we'll top that one."

At that point a familiar figure walked past and said, "thank god pizza isn't a 'cabin food'."

Gwion stared at Ulf in astonishment. "On the other hand, I've been proved wrong before. Has someone been playing with the controls of the Infinite Improbability Drive again? If my arms start drifting off or I turn into a penguin, I'm going to be most put out."

He broke into a huge grin. "Ulf, me old China, what brings you here?"

"I'm guessing this Capital City is another place like this?" Said Maroko.

Gwion turned to her. "Somewhat. It's a meeting place of worlds, like this place. And - though it's hard to believe - at the same time as I met that lanky bugger there, I loaned my tarp and some cordage to another bloke, who is a friend of this guy and now the tarp and Ulf have turned up within thirty seconds of each other. If there's a guy with two heads, three arms and appalling dress sense sitting at the bar, I wouldn't at all be surprised right now."

Lounge/Bar - Gwion et al.

"It is nice to meet another speaker of the motherland's tongue."

"Sadly, that's nearly the limit of my knowledge of Russian," Wolfe admitted, "aside from 'da' and 'nyet'. I only learned a basic greeting from a guy I worked with about twenty or so years ago. But it's only polite to learn at least a basic greeting in other people's languages."

He looked at Teri and Kris who were still chuckling over "Gesundheit". "These two cackling chooks are Teri and Kris. I'm usually just called Wolfe."

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Apr 7th 2015 at 12:38:51 AM


"I doubt you have to worry about any strange physical changes," Maroko said, "at least not here."

"Also, I have found coincidences and repeat meetings to be ridiculously common in places like this," she said, "so I can't say I'm surprised at all." Although I don't get the reference to the weird-looking person... she thought.

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Apr 7th 2015 at 1:04:20 AM

Gwion nodded. "I'll take your word for that, this is only the second all-world's meeting place I've ever been to."

He turned to the bald man. "I can't just call you 'Joshua's friend' and I don't believe I caught your name."

I gather Maroko has never heard, read or watched any of The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy

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Apr 7th 2015 at 8:40:21 AM


The grin came back of its own volition, and Virgil chuckled to himself. This kid was Davenport's spitting image, right down to how "Chopper" had gotten his call sign: Because Captain Bartlett thought he was a motor mouth.

"Ah, I've gone and made it sound more dramatic than it really is," he said, determined to keep the mood as light as he could. He wasn't here to ruin anyone's vacation. He took a sip of his bourbon. It wasn't as good as the spilled drink had been. The bartender hadn't added enough bitters to this one.

"I'm a pilot in the Osean—" He paused. "Sorry, Usean Air Force. Just here on leave for a few days. I'm Virgil, by the way."

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Apr 7th 2015 at 11:38:40 AM


Rick lifted the corner of his mouth as Gwion called him 'Joshua's friend'. It would've looked like a smirk, if it didn't look as...disagreeable.

"Don't let the explanation fool you, buster. Me and Joshua are more like acquaintances, at best. Sometimes, we don't see or even communicate in years, so when I happened to see him as I was planning this little fling, I realized this was a once-in-a-lifetime chance to help him out when he told me about this tarp."

"Rick Flier, by the way." He finished, giving Gwion a heavy pat on the shoulder.


Lara jumped at the sudden voices. Now she realized there were people next to her. There was an Inuit woman standing right next to her.

Lara blinked and looked in both directions. Though the direction that led away from the entrance was unlikely, as the place was literally a forest of arcade machines.

"Wha... Where'd you come from??" She asked, convinced that she had just appeared out of thin air.


"I'm Zachary." Zak returned, "People just call me Zak. This is-"

"Kyle." The other boy finished, turning to Virgil and back again to the bar as Mark put their orders on the counter top.

"You're in the Air Force?" Zak asked. He pointed a thumb at his companion, "His dad actually used to know a scientist that did some stuff for the American Air Force." He paused, realizing that the place where Virgil came from might not have such a country.

"Um... You have that, right? The United States?" Zak asked, finally.

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Apr 7th 2015 at 12:08:51 PM


Virgil frowned deeply. On the one hand, he should be highly disturbed by the idea that he was from a world unfamiliar to the people here.

On the other hand, he was drinking a bourbon old-fashioned that had been served to him by a yeti.

On balance, he supposed neither was such a big deal.

"I don't think I'm from this world," he said mildly. "I was scheduled for a flight to Sapin to take my vacation, but a young lady at the airport stopped me and offered me a voucher to come here instead. Since there was no extra cost and the accomodations were free, I figured it was worth the change in plans. In retrospect I should have realized something was up when we flew through an aurora borealis. My employers will probably be upset when they find out I didn't get on my scheduled flight, but..." He made a face and took another sip. "Fuck 'em."

The glass still at his lips, he glanced sidelong at the kid and lowered it. "Er. Sorry. Military and all. I've got a bit of a mouth on me."

Everything is about to change.
Apr 7th 2015 at 6:22:25 PM

[Arcade of Time]

"...wait," Qal muttered to herself, " I can only use the green key once, so..."

When Lara finally noticed her and said something, Qal paused the game, looked over, and said, "Republic City. Or, if you mean more recently," she waved over at the entrance to the bar, "that magick-y resort place." She looked between Lara and Sainia, but it was Izeri who spoke next.

"Strange, how a place can be so open and yet so isolating," she said. "So full of light, and yet so dark."

Qal sighed and said, "uh, sure, sweetie." Then, "waitasec, if I just use that green key on that first door, it's the exact same puzzle! Of course..."

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Apr 7th 2015 at 8:19:43 PM

Equipment Rental Building

Tali's eyes widened in wonder at the woman's words about being able to split herself into multiple copies. She took the paper from the woman and nodded in understanding at what she was saying, except when she mentioned automagic. As she filled out the paperwork she asked with a raised brow, "What's automagic?" On the paper it had her full name, Tali Lin.

"Can you imagine an imaginary menagerie manager imagining managing an imaginary menagerie?"
Apr 7th 2015 at 8:32:00 PM

Crap! Wrong thread! Sooooooo sorry!

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Apr 7th 2015 at 9:39:04 PM


Maroko sat quietly, observing the conversation, not having anything to say at the moment.

No, she hasn't - but Nanami has read the books.

[Arcade of Time]

"Have fun," Sainia said, before disappearing as quickly as she had arrived.

"Bye," Nanami said as Sainia left. Then, realizing just what Qal had said, Nanami thought, wait. Did they just say they're from Republic City, like as in from the Legend of Korra, like the Avatar universe? That's so cool!

Nanami's eyes visibly lit up, as in they literally seemed to glow with a soft white light, as she thought, wait! I must control my fangirl nature!

Obviously failing, and looking incredibly exited, Nanami said, "eeee! That's so coool! What's it like there? Is it nice? Have you met the avatar?"

Don't worry, Nanami won't tear a hole in the space-time continuum. Probably. :P

[Equipment Rental Building]

"Oh, I'd say it's kind of like programmable magic," Takumi said, "where you can combine effects together which can then run automatically without supervision."

"Well, let me demonstrate," she said, taking out a deflated snow tube, and tossing it onto the pathway outside the hut, where it promptly inflated itself until full. "See, that's magic, but since I didn't need to cast anything specific, it's automagic. Pretty convenient, right?"

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Apr 7th 2015 at 10:27:59 PM


Even though she was well aware such things happened all the time, Camille still had a strong dislike of people who screwed others over for their own benefit. Granted, she probably wouldn't sympathize with a rich idiot should one wind up on the receiving end. It was the idea of an otherwise decent person getting targeted and possibly losing a lot from it that got her goat. As such, she disagreed with the idea of wishing that woman any sort of luck.

This was all in her thoughts. Outwardly, her only response was to frown and reply, "Here's hoping her next target actually deserves it."

She sipped her soda before taking another glance around. There were a few new people who showed up in the time since she first started talking to Isaac, or maybe they'd been there for a while and she just didn't see them earlier. Her eyes briefly lingered on the man with the prosthetic arm, but apart from him none of the newcomers really caught her attention and they all seemed to be occupied anyway.

It did appear that the purple-haired girl she had noticed earlier didn't appear to be talking to anyone. Maybe once she was done speaking to Isaac she could try introducing herself to this person and seeing what happened. She wasn't about to get her hopes up, however; even if all the stars aligned right, chances were she wasn't going to see anyone here ever again after she left.

She shook her head before returning focus to her drink. At that point she also noticed Isaac appeared to be pondering something. Given where he was looking and what they were just talking about, it didn't take her long to come up with an idea as to what it might be. "Thinking about going after her?"

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OOC: Hmm, this sounds like fun... And I'm experiencing some dire writer's block for two of my characters I'm in an RPG with, so maybe this could help.

At the Entrance

Two (relatively) ordinary-looking humans arrived at the interdimensional door at the same time. They were a boy and a girl, and both looked to be about in their teens - and yet, while they seemed to know each other a bit, they didn't seem romantically involved; in fact, if anything, they had a bit of apprehension towards each other, judging by the fact that they seemed to avert each other's gaze.

The boy was a couple of years younger than the girl, and had darker skin. He appeared to be of Asian descent, judging by the straight black hair, narrow and dark eyes, and light yellowish-tan skin colour. His hair was slightly unkempt and just long enough to cover his neck, and he also had small traces of a moustache. He looked like he had just gotten out of bed, what with the red plaid pajama bottoms he was wearing, and the soft black T-shirt with a smiling yellow star design on it. As he approached the resort, he gazed upward at it in awe.

The girl, on the other hand, was pale, scrawny, and kind of mangled-looking, with the bags under her eyes and the many linear scars on her left forearm. No wonder she seemed off-putting to the boy: if that wasn't enough, the black band-logo T-shirt she was wearing and the skull design on her purse certainly was. Not only that, she had folded the long purple sleeves underneath the tee up as if to deliberately show off the scars, and even bothered wearing dark skinny jeans when her legs were already overly skinny to begin with. Her ears stuck out a bit through her curly yet thin brown hair, and the buckles on her black boots jingled as she walked in, pressing a pondering finger to her chin as she did so.

"Uhhh, Amanda, where exactly are we?" asked the boy, rubbing the back of his head as he always did when nervous.

"Beats me, Gon" she answered, not bothering to look at him, instead admiring the chandelier in the lobby. "Kind of unfortunate, really. Our master seems to be playing a rather cruel game with us."

"Ehehe, cruel is right," the boy named Gon sheepishly admitted. "It's like he's like, trying to force us to get to know each other better or something."

Amanda stopped and glared at him for a second, and then returned her gaze forward. At that point, something caught her eye. "Ohh, they have a bar. Niiiiice." A wicked smile played across her dark purple lips.

"Uhhhh... Amanda?" Gon pointed an uncertain finger at her. "You know you're not supposed to..."

"Shut up!" Amanda interrupted him. She reached over to a charm on her purse, consisting of a red ball with black bat wings on the sides, and pulled it out. The wand, as it turned out, had this at the tip, and was about the length of her scarred forearm. She rolled it playfully between her fingers as she walked towards the bar. "And remember, if worst comes to worst, I always have thisssss."

Gon looked especially uneasy at what Amanda just said... but then he noticed something else that made him lift his head. "Oh boy, an arcade!" He didn't even bother saying goodbye to Amanda as he made his way towards the bright lights and flashing images across the screens.

The Arcade

Gon spotted a couple of other people near one of the games, and they seemed to be having a lot of fun. With a brief smile at them, he made his way over to one of the adjacent games. It was Fancy Dance Evolution, one of his favourites, and one he had fond memories of playing together with his little sister Ari.

As he stepped onto the flashing neon arrows, he began to make his way to the selection screen. As he did so, he shook out his legs a bit and made sure his sandals fit snugly over his socks, as he would be in for a lot of arrow-stomping fun. Eventually, he came to the song list. He already know exactly which song he wanted to dance to: the song "Queen of Hearts" by Candy and Andy, the (relatively) famous bubblegum dance duo of whom he had seen several quirky music videos back at home.

Man, I wish Ari were here, Gon thought as he started the song and stepped back to centre himself on the square of arrows. She and I used to always do this song together.

The lively and cutesy dance-pop melody came on as arrows moved across the screen, and soon came the vocals, the harmony of the high-pitched and almost squeaky voice of Candy and the low soft grumbling one of Andy. Gon stomped/danced along as the song went on...

Candy: Sitting at the table, waiting for a chance
You got that card, yeah, right there in your hand
You cannot play it, don't get rid of me
You have nothing to put me with, you see

Andy: I'll put down three aces 'cause I think that they're the best
Candy: But I am the one card that's cooler than the rest

Candy: I am the queen of the hearts
Tra la la la la, tra la la la la
The queen of the deck of the cards
Tra la la la la...

The song was about halfway through, and yet, Gon could not get his little sister out of his mind. He even made a few more mistakes than he usually did, but wasn't really paying attention to all the mismatched arrows.

The Bar/Lounge

Amanda strolled into the bar with a confident smile on her face, not even minding the, erm, hairiness... of the bartender. She instantly knew what she wanted.

"Hello Mr. Bartender. Warm in here, isn't it?" She decided this was a nicer alternative to making a direct remark about his hair. "Anyway, I am rather in need of a glass of wine. Would you mind pouring me one? A Chianti would be preferrable, but any red would do."

At that point her stomach growled, and she rolled her eyes, for she knew she wasn't hungry. She was still holding her wand, but kept it hidden under the counter as she leaned forward.

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[Arcade of Time]

Qal paused her game, and the weary, here we go again look she exchanged with Izeri spoke volumes. Qal said, "it's alright, I guess. Got its share of problems. I should know, I'm usually arresting them. Which works on Triad thugs and poor folk who think they've got no other option." She closed her eyes for a moment, lost in thought, but just a moment. "Not so much on unrepentant knuckleheads who can," she unconsciously clenched a fist in rage, "buy their way into a cushy cell."

Izeri added, "I suppose it's nice, but I haven't got any place to compare it to, since I was born and raised there." A slight smile; she seemed to have fonder memories than Qal. "We've never met the Avatar, either, and not likely to with her still recovering from..." she shuddered, "whatever really went on with her and Zaheer."

Qal nodded grimly at this, then added, "our friend Zhi has, though. Mixed bag in her opinion; Korra threatened her cousin because she didn't like what he was saying with that megaphone..."

"He was an Equalist supporter," Izeri pointed out.

"Saying stupid things isn't illegal, though, and threatening him like that only made Amon's goons look better. Anyways, she also restored Zhi's sister's bending after Amon. So... kinda fifty-fifty reputation with the only people we know who've met her."

That was when Qal looked over to see Gon doing his best with that... dancing game, for lack of better words. "He looks like he's... not quite in the game," she said. Not that she planned to join him, at least not quite yet. She'd probably do worse. Best to stick to her favorite thing, figuring out puzzles.

Isaac as soon as I can.

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Equipment Rental Building

Tali's green eyes sparkled as she watched the inner tube go from being flat to inflated in a matter of seconds. "That's amazing!" she exclaimed, getting more excited to work in this wondrous place. Fluttering around a bit she asked, "So, where do we start our tour?" She couldn't wait to meet the people who worked here as well as the people who came to stay thinking maybe she could make some friends. Not to mention see all the magic this place had.

"Can you imagine an imaginary menagerie manager imagining managing an imaginary menagerie?"
Apr 8th 2015 at 8:51:35 PM


Zak took his cocoa and sipped quietly, listening to Virgil's story. Apparently, someone walked right up to him and asked if he'd like to come. Zak wasn't very comfortable of how it unfolded.

"You just accepted an invitation for a place you never heard about?" He asked, ignoring the pilot's cursing, "What if it was to get you on an airplane that was hijacked by an enemy country? At the risk of sounding like a six-year-old, I think I'd actually call 'Stranger Danger' on that lady." Again, the silver-haired boy paused. Finally, he scratched his neck, looking apologetic and embarrassed.

"Uh... S-sorry. I'm...kind of a pessimist sometimes."


"Oh..." Was all Lara said. She looked toward the door she had walked through, realizing she might have been in a trance as she walked in. She had recognized the game she was standing in front the minute she walked in.

"I was just..." She continued awkwardly, fishing for words to save face, "gonna start playing...."

Lara placed her hand on the joystick and pressed start. She sighed, trying to remember what she could of this game.

If anyone's concerned about this "Secret Remnant" game idea, the only thing you need to know is that it's a paranormal-themed Metroidvania, where the enemies are all nothing but ghosts, taking place in an abandoned high-school building. I'll start it off if you'd like. Other than that, make up whatever details you wish.

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"Doesn't bother me," Mark said to Amanda, and poured her a glass of 2082 Chianti Superiore. "Here you go."

[Equipment Rental Building]

"Oh, well, here!" Takumi said, taking the completed application form, glancing over it quickly, then putting it under the counter. "Here we rent out any equipment one would need for fun around here, like snow tubes, skis, ice skates - even winter coats if anyone forgot theirs."

Walking though the counter, phasing as if she was a hologram, Takumi stepped onto the pathway outside the building, and tossed the tube back into the building. She then began walking towards the ski lift across the river bridge.

Once arriving at that building, she said, "and here we have the ski lift, and more ski-specific equipment. There are also snow tubes and ice-slide mats here as well."

[Arcade of Time]

"Oh, that makes sense," Nanami said, sounding more settled, "and sorry to hear you've had such a challenging time. I guess I've just heard so much about Republic City and it looks like such a cool place to visit - I never really thought too much about all the problems people would have living there. A lot has happened recently, hasn't it?"

"Ooo! Wait - do you two know any bending?" she said, looking exited again, "I've been practicing a little myself, but I'm not that good yet."

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