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Why do some people seem to have a problem with Dan Slott?

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StarformDCX Starform from Ontario Relationship Status: Abstaining
Feb 18th 2018 at 4:14:29 PM

I'm a wait-for trade guy. Here's a list of Spider-Man trades by Slott that I like: Spider-Man/Human Torch

Learning to Crawl

Graveyard Shift

Renew Your Vows

Worldwide vols. 1, 2,3,4, & 6

Here's a list of Slott trades I don't like:

The Parker Luck

Spider-Verse Prelude


Worldwide vol 5 (Maybe I'll appreciate it more if I read the miniseries it ties into, but it doesn't work well in isolation)

I haven't read Superior Spider-Man or the Dan Slott ASM stories that came before it (I skimmed Big Time in the library once and didn't like it.)

Conclusion: Slott is sometimes a good Spider-Man writer.

I have no intention of reading Worldwide vol 7 or 8.

One reason why some people dislike Dan Slott is his unfortunate tendency to be a Lying Creator (he said Superior Spider-Man was permanent, he said he wasn't allowed to use Ben Reilly, etc.)

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