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MysteriousStranger from We Are Everywhere Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
Jun 29th 2019 at 7:14:54 AM

@caivu, I red the fic you linked to. It's really good (Batwoman is one of my favourite DC characters, although she isn't in The Supermen since it's more Justice League focus than Gotham focus). I expect the only reason it hasn't got a lot of hits is because it's Gen and a one-shot. It's really well written, you write action scenes in particular very well.

JDRod_2 Looking for Reviews from Rico Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
Looking for Reviews
Jun 30th 2019 at 8:13:45 PM

Finally got the sequel, "After The Case Report", finally done. I hope more folks gets to check it out.

Keep in mind, my English isn't going 2 B off. I grew in a Spanish region, so expect that. Fics
LiquidOxygen 匚卂𠘨𠘨口&#1997 from THE RICE FIELDS MUTHAFUKA Relationship Status: YOU'RE TEARING ME APART LISA
Locksoli They're working in tandem from MUDAMUDAMUDA!!! Relationship Status: I-It's not like I like you, or anything!
They're working in tandem
Aug 22nd 2019 at 10:58:48 AM

I've got a few that I've made, hoping one at least gets a trope page or recommendation.

In Another World with [Star Platinum](JJBA/Naruto Xover): Spacebattles

Dance, Dragon Dance!(Pokemon SI/OC fic): Spacebattles

Fudo no Ryu (Tokyo Ghoul AU, not as popular as the other ones): AO3

Edited by Locksoli on Aug 26th 2019 at 12:37:35 PM

Zarius Relationship Status: Dating the Doctor
Aug 23rd 2019 at 5:43:31 AM

New York Minute

Short post-Far From Home Spider-Man piece I wrote based on the Sony/Disney drama going on

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