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Welcome to the Trope Pantheons thread! Please read the rules:

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Rules. The following are not suggestions or tips, but things that have to be followed:
  • Gods can't be followers or high priests for obvious reasons.
  • When you suggest a God, please explain why they fit the trope. Not everyone is going to understand just "X should be the God of Y because they exemplify the trope" off the bat, especially if they're unfamiliar with the work.
  • No hype profiles, please.
    • So you ask, what exactly is 'hype profile'? It is a profile based on ongoing events that hasn't been around very long, but generates a lot of hype, possibly because of elements such as Wham Episode or Memetic Mutation or Large Ham or overall 'OMGAWESOME!!!' They're all not bad tropes, but building a portfolio solely for that is a bad idea, as they do not say a thing about representing the trope best (unless it's those trope concepts that they are trying to embody for a long time). You can see one if the profile is only showing off how awesome they are or suddenly pushing how 'significant' they are thanks to the just very recent events rather than respecting the longstanding good representations of the trope. And usually having... minimum portfolio or flavor texts and being a bit too generalized or self-contained to events from within their home series instead of interacting with other Pantheon members.
  • The Pantheon is not a mouthpiece for you to voice your opinions on certain characters. You may like certain characters more than others, but don't make the profiles for characters you like look like Character Shilling.
  • DO. NOT. put a link to these Pantheon pages into the main wiki page. The moment you want to add in a main Characters page that the character is a God of this trope, don't do it. If you see leftovers of this practice, do yourself a favor and delete it from that main page. This also goes to the Trivia page. The only exception to this rule is if a page in the Pantheon could be confused for a page in Main, like Good Colors, Evil Colors and Good & Evil Colors.
  • You must use the Trope Pantheons discussion thread in the forums if you wish to add a new deity, story, something else of importance to the Trope Pantheon canon, or reworking an existing deity (be it simply improving their existing profile or changing their title).
    • For new and reworked deities, 3 [tup] means the profile will have a one week waiting period.
    • For new and reworked deities, 4 [tup] is a 3 day waiting period.
    • 5 [tup] is an automatic ascension for new and reworked deities.
    • Speaking of reworks, for anyone that wants to improve such profiles, they have to review the current trope the character(s) has and see if it still holds up or if there is a better rep for their trope.
    • For adding new Treasures to the Treasures or new Dominions to the Dominions, the following rules apply:
      • For new Treasures or Dominions, 3 [tup] is a 3 day waiting period.
      • 4 [tup] is an automatic addition to the Treasures or Dominions.
  • Do not include fan reception in any profiles. It has nothing to do with the character themselves and will create unnecessary conflict.
  • Write a detailed explanation on why the character is the best candidate for deity of that trope. If people disagree with you, do not force it on the people.
  • Keep in mind that if you still want to try to find a trope for a particular character, you're only given three chances on such. If a suggestion goes past three possible tropes, then it will come off as shoehorning a character into the Pantheon just for the sake of that character to be there.
  • Rule of Cautious Editing Judgment ALSO applies here. Do not bring things that would incite fights, even if it is what's currently the hot topic and might be 'urgent'. For example, the political scene and some really bad politicians. We are not here to fight at each other, so don't suggest things that go to that direction.
  • Do not create a trope page for a story until the story is fully completed.
  • Don't repost a profile in the forums more than twice in a day if noticeable changes haven't been made in between. If a profile is posted a third time in a row without noticeable alterations, it will be downvoted. This is so spamming of no-effort profiles is less frequent and to prevent tropers from getting aggravated seeing the same profile over and over. The minimum acceptable change has to be a single flavour text.

    Instructions and Tips 
Here are some tips one should keep in mind when editing:
  • Please use the Trope Pantheons discussion thread in the forums if you wish to add a new deity, story, or something else of importance to the Trope Pantheon canon. You can also get some assistance in the forum thread. Submissions that are added without discussion are likely to be deleted.
  • If the character you are about to add to a House already exists in another, make sure to mention that this god has spots in other houses as well.
  • When writing facts/trivia about gods, try not to contradict what has already been written elsewhere.
  • When writing down the name of a Theme Song, try to avoid calling it "Theme of God X" or "Theme of (Show where God X originates from)". If possible, try to find out if the song has an actual name.
  • When adding an image for your God, make sure that it is not too big unless you wish to write more about the god you have chosen.
  • If you feel the need to remove a god for some reason and replace him/her with another, please see what the other tropers think about this in the discussion thread before doing anything hasty. If you're lucky (and they're from the same franchise), maybe both of them can share the title "Gods of (Insert Trope Here)".
  • Certain tropes can have more than one God. It is not advisable, but it is not forbidden. Just ensure that this second God will bring in new flavor of the trope. If you have doubts on how to bring the other flavors, consult the Trope Pantheon Discussion forum. Case in point: In the original Greek Mythology (and later Roman Mythology), both Ares/Mars and Athena/Minerva share the title of 'God/Goddess of War', and even then, they differ in flavor: Ares is about brutal warfare, Athena is about war strategies and finesse, while Mars took up some of Athena's elements that he kinda differs out than Ares. If the original myth can do this, why the hell not for the Pantheon?
  • Be creative! If you need some time to work out your potential deity's profile, use the Pending Gods or Pending Gods 2 page to get help. Incomplete and/or low-quality entries are more likely to get deleted or replaced.
  • When writing about a God who just happens to be a person in real life, just try to be very careful about what you decide to say. See also the Rules section. Especially the 1st bullet point.
  • All deities should be sorted by their divine ranking. Put Overdeities on the top of the page and Quasideities on the bottom. Also be sure to add them in alphabetical order by their first/given name.
  • Occasionally there will be Gods that carry a title without a trope. This is not forbidden, but it's well advised not to abuse them. Aside from introducing too many niche concepts, there are still chances for new tropes related to your chosen deity's title to be launched through YKTTW...
    • Additionally however, the only house that a tropeless profile are wholly allowed is the House of Food. Mainly due to most food items lacking tropes, and adding tropes about said foodstuffs is slightly unecessary. However, the character being ascended for their choice of a food, or food-related thing must be a decently good representative of said item. IE: Their Trademark Favorite Food, or something that they're closely associated with In-Universe, or both (example: Gangplank and his oranges).
  • Maximum number of tropes what a god should have is three, but don't try to abuse that fact. If you need to use a second trope to specify a certain thing about their position, that can be excused.
  • Some series will eventually have greater representation in the Pantheon than others. This is unavoidable, but a little diversity helps, as well. Try to ensure that if you add a deity from a popular series, make sure that it's because they're a good representative for the trope in question, and not just because they're connected to another deity in their respective canon.
  • As far as deities from actual mythologies (Greco-Roman, Norse, Japanese, etc.) are concerned, try not to replicate the default myths about their characters and use a fictional counterpart instead. In other words, if you want to use the Greek/Roman god Ares/Mars, you can't add him as the "God of War", but you can use him as part of another trope as long as it's a different version of him. For example:
    • Zeus, while having elements of his persona from Classical Mythology, draws more from his portrayal in the God of War Series.
    • Thor and Loki's Pantheon portrayals are influenced heavily by their appearances in their Marvel Comics series.
    • Amaterasu is a woman in her Japanese mythology portrayal, but her Pantheon counterpart is the dog goddess from Ōkami.
  • Don't depend too much on the hype/meme train, don't just jump onto that train willy-nilly in order to put on some events or entry in the Pantheon. It might not last very long or represent the trope best. This is Trope Pantheons, not Trope Hype Train!
  • Unless the character proposed is specifically from the Abridged version, the character should represent the tropes in their canon selves. If they also happen to possess the trait of the Abridged self, good! But otherwise, get the abridged stuff onto just the flavor texts.
  • To prevent any surprising need to rework profiles due to new development, please restrain from ascending gods from a series before the thing is either released or for longer-running series, there is a good enough of a break from story. This also applies to already existing series if there is a new thing coming out.
  • Please be sure to ask in the discussion about what you want to work before making the profile. This is done to see if your proposal is the best representative and so, in case your profile is turned down, you don't waste time writing something that others might not find suitable.
    • In the same vein, if you adopt a profile from another troper, it is recommended that you make an announcement that you have done so on the discussion thread. More often than not, a trope that was reserved for something was given away to someone else.
  • It is much more recommended to word the title like "God of X" instead of "The God that Xs". This will give off the vibe the God actually ruled over that trope instead of just 'did X', giving more credentials to how it's the best example of the trope.

    Divine Ranking System 
  • Rank: This can range from Quasideity, Demigod, Lesser God, Intermediate God, Greater God, to Overdeity, based on representation of power.
    • Overdeity: Omnipotent-level Reality Warpers capable of manipulating the entire universe (or at least the world) at will. Within their own universe they are believed to be omnipotent, or at least impossible-to-completely-destroy embodiments or concepts.
    • Greater Gods: High-level Reality Warpers and that are extremely powerful (capable of destroying or changing anywhere from a large city to a planet at will) and very strong non-reality warpers capable of doing the same thing.
    • Intermediate Gods: Deities at this level are capable of strong but specialized powers such as hydrokinesis, pyrokinesis, etc. without major drawbacks and low level Reality Warpers capable of affecting their immediate area at will.
    • Lesser Gods: Capable of highly specific or little power on their own, or suffer from Power at a Price. However, they may be able to ruthlessly exploit their power or combine it with just being badass enough to make up for it.
    • Demigods: Basically the Badass Normals of the pantheon, making up for their lack of abilities with strength, strategy, and/or planning.
    • Quasideities: Any otherwise normal human, human equivalent, or below without any special powers or training will fall here.

    Deity Template 
Template for adding a new deity:

God X, God/dess of (Insert Trope Here) (Alternate names/Nicknames, Fan Nickname)

  • An image, if possible. Please use official art or a screenshot for a picture.
  • Potential House:
  • Rank: This can range from Quasideity, Demigod, Lesser God, Intermediate God, Greater God, to Overdeity. This doesn't always have to be a representation of power, but it can also represent influence in the Pantheon.
  • Symbol: An image or icon used to represent the deity.
  • Theme Song: Song that usually is used in affiliation with the character. If the deity is a musician, this will most likely be their Signature Song. If possible, give a link for reference, preferably on YouTube.
  • Alignment: Good, evil, neutral etc. Forget about The Great Character Alignment Debate here, the Pantheon is one of the few places where you can assign Dungeons & Dragons alignment to characters that don't have alignment system. After all, the Pantheon is based on D&D.
  • Gender: For Pokémon deities only. Defines the gender of the Pokémon; if genderless, it instead defines what gender they identify as.
  • Ability: Provides the Pokémon's ability. If they can Mega Evolve, the new ability is listed as well.
  • Moves: Defines the four moves used by a Pokémon. A Z-Move may also be listed.
  • Portfolio: Tropes associated with the character.
  • Domains: Things that the character has influence over.
  • Herald: Non-ascended loyal character that is from the same series as the ascended character.
  • High Priest: Non-ascended like heralds, but not from the same series, and can serve as a worthy replacement in case something would happen. They can be served as part-time workers in case the originals are busy with some jobs. Co-Godhood is accepted depending on the approval of the originals, usually if the co-deity is from the same series.
  • Followers: Non-ascended characters that are not part of the Pantheon, but would probably worship this character by the fact that they share the ascended character's trope.
  • Allies: Members of the Pantheon that are allies.
  • Rivals: Members of the Pantheon that are rivals.
  • Enemies: Members of the Pantheon that are foes.
  • Additional Character Relationships: Members of the Pantheon that have various relationships (examples include Enemy Mine, Vitriolic Best Buds, Teeth-Clenched Teamwork, Headbutting Heroes, Friendly Enemy, Friendly Rival, Just Friends, etc.) other than allies, rivals, or enemies.
  • Partner: Defines a partnership with an ascended deity and Pokémon.
  • Respected by/Respects: A deity whom the members of the Pantheon respect or are respected by.
  • Pitied by/Pities: A deity whom the members of the Pantheon feel pity for or find pitiable.
  • Opposed by/Opposes: Not necessarily the same as "Enemies", but this is used for any deity whom the members of the Pantheon directly opposes or is opposed by, regardless of alignment.
  • Conflicting Opinion: Sometimes, the Deities argue over specific themes and philosophies.
  • Add the Intro. The intro is made up of two trivia, the Ascension Text (or just the Ascension) and The Bio. Both are necessary, but which order you use for them may vary depending on the profile in question. It may be better for one profile to have The Bio first and the Ascension second or vice-versa, although for the most part the order is irrelevant:
    • The Ascension Text: This the story of how the character got into the Pantheon and/or was ascended. There are many ways for this to happen. They may be tricked into it or have simply wandered into the Pantheon, they may have had an already ascended character bring them in, they may already be in the Pantheon (via being another deity's Herald or sharing a trope) and got "promoted", or some combination of the above. Anything is possible in the Pantheon, so use your imagination, but try to incorporate their trope into the story, if possible.
    • The Bio: A brief synopsis on the character's backstory. No need for the character's entire life/production history, but just give enough that those who don't know the character can get an idea of how the character works.
  • Now add some random trivia/facts about events/alignments/moments/fights/friendships/relations etc.
  • And some more trivia/facts.
  • And a couple of more.

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May 22nd 2020 at 9:03:09 PM

Adding some commentary regarding Maruki.

How much of it is actually his fault is debatable.

One one hand, he had a palace (non evil) as early as October. Laboratory of Emptiness (also known as Despair). Its implied a combination of his girlfriend’s murder and what happened with Sumire made him quietly cross the Despair Event Horizon.

On the other hand, he basically got his mind poisoned by the Yaldabaoth incident. His persona got corrupted, went rogue, and it in turn started to corrupt Maruki’s mind. That’s right, the true antagonist of the third semester is actually the persona itself. Normally, the persona was meant to be a Bat Man Grabs A Gun scenario such as with Sumire.

RJ-19-CLOVIS-93 from Australia
May 22nd 2020 at 9:07:40 PM

Anything to add to these two?

Drednaw, God of Jagged Mouths (The Bite Pokemon)
Click here  for Gigantamax Drednaw
  • Votes: 2(Super WIKI 1, crankers)
  • House: Facial Attributes (House of Personal Appearance)
  • Lesser God (Intermediate as Gigantamax Drednaw)
  • Symbol: Its nasty jaw
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Ability: Strong Jaw
  • Gender: Male
  • Moveset: Jaw Lock, Crunch, Razor Shell, Head Smash
  • Portfolio: Jagged Mouth, Based Off An Alligator Snapping Turtle, Water and Rock Type, Man Bites Man, Use Your Head, What It's Jaw Lock Does, Blastoise Suspiciously Similar Substitute, Has A Nasty Attitude, Hates Grass Types, Super Mode
  • Domains: Biting, Turtles, Monsters, Water and Rock
  • Varied relationship with: Sharptooth (Vitriolic Best Buds with the film version, enemies with the novel version)
  • Allies: Ash Ketchum, Bowser, The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Sobek, Ramon, the Koopa Troopas, Feraligatr
  • Odd Friendship with: Groundskeeper Willie
  • Rivals: Blastoise
  • Enemies: Team Rainbow Rocket, Alduin
  • Opposes: The House of Plants
  • Avoided by: Master Oogway
  • Early in the Galar region, one can encounter the turtle Pokemon Chewtle. It evolves into the Water/Rock type Drednaw. Based off the common and alligator snapping turtle, Drednaw has a serrated jaw like its real life inspiration. And it gives a nasty bite, even able to shear through steel rods. Drednaw has a nasty and ferocious attitude that makes it hard to train.
  • Its signature move of Jaw Lock prevents the opponent from leaving. As Gigantamax Drednaw, it can attack with a Rock Dyanamax move and set up Stealth Rock simultaneously. Blastoise accuses Drednaw as a rip-off, what with it being a water turtle. The two compete over who is the superior turtle/tortoise in the pantheon.
  • Drednaw first arrived in the pantheon taking Bender's "bite my shiny metal ass" literal, which thanks to its bite force left a serious mark. Rather than getting mad, Bender calmed down as he has a fondness for turtles, so much so that he'd lay his life down to save them. Plus Drednaw is a bit of a jerk so he got along with Bender because of his own jerk-ness. Bender at least didn't introduce Drednaw to alcohol, though he did make Drednaw his partner.
  • Tends to associate with fellow turtles/tortoises. Having a nastier attitude Master Oogway doesn't like Drednaw all that much, but this means Drednaw's more willing to hang out with Bowser and his Koopa Toopas. That's not to say that he won't help out the heroic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, as Drednaw is morally neutral and could go either way. Just never bring a Green Thumb near him.
  • Drednaw also likes to hang out with alligators and crocodiles, as it is based on an alligator snapping turtle. Granted, it isn't really an alligator, but Drednaw doesn't care and they share a habit of biting and being temperamental.
  • Oddly enough, Drednaw is also friendly towards Groundskeeper Willie. They both come from the British Isles, though Galar is England and Willie is Scottish. Despite his insistence that "Englishmen and Scots are natural enemies", and the time turtles attacked him, Willie came around to Drednaw's temperamental attitude.
  • Like most Pokemon, Drednaw doesn't care for Team Rainbow Rocket(although he's more "meh" on Archie). He doesn't care for Alduin either. Understandable for anyone, but for Drednaw it's because Alduin is a fearsome and deadly Draconic Abomination that reminds the Bite Pokemon of Eternatus. However while Eternatus is Ambiguously Evil, Alduin is wholly depraved and deserves Drednaw's contempt more than the Gigantic Pokemon.
  • Drednaw likes to show of its ferocious "teeth" (technically its jaw), and soon came to compare this with Sharptooth. Normally, Sharptooth is more a bad-tempered predator than anything so while the Bite Pokemon is creeped out he does find some kinship in their nasty bite. However the novel incarnation of Sharptooth is a serial killer in dinosaur skin that Drednaw wants nothing to do with.

Dragapault, Goddess of Throwing Your Allies As An Attack (The Stealth Pokemon)
  • Votes: 2(Super WIKI 1, crankers)
  • House: Unorthodox Combat (House of Combat)
  • Intermediate Goddess (her offspring are Demigods)
  • Symbol: Purple darts
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Ability: Infiltrator
  • Gender: Female (the Dreepy are male)
  • Moveset: Dragon Darts, Phantom Force, U-Turn, Lock On
  • Portfolio: A Ghostly Dragon That Was Once An Ancient Species, from Magikarp Power to Infinity -1 Sword, Fastball Special With Its Children As Darts, Fragile Speedster, Jet Prehistoric Salamander Dragon Ghosts
  • Domains: Dragons and Ghosts, Darts, Archers, Jets
  • Interested in: Artemis, Eros
  • Allies: Ash Ketchum, Tyrantrum, Rexie, Rodan, Relicanth, The Heroic Protectors of Family, Black Cat Mantaray 5-4
  • Complicated opinion on: Daenerys Targaryen, Chuck Brown
  • Rivals: Nergigate
  • Enemies: Team Rainbow Rocket, Alduin, Sindragosa, The Dovahkiin, The Meg, The Child Abuse Supporters, The Sorceress (especially her Dreepy)
  • Annoyed by: The Ghostbusters
  • Fears: Beerus (Dragapult; the Dreepy less so)
  • The psuedo-legendary of Galar is the Dragon/Ghost type Dragapult. Part catapult, part prehistoric amphibian and part stealth bomber aircraft, the species was once extinct but came back as a ghost. They fire their Dreepy offspring as darts at an incredible speed, something of which they're thrilled at. It's an extremely fast Pokemon, but defense-wise is lacking compared to other psuedo-legendaries.
  • Technically not one deity, but three, however the Dreepy kids stuck with their parent. The Dragapult that ascend is female, and her children are male. Being a devoted mother Dragapult has contempt for the Child Abuse Supporters and became a natural ally of the Heroic Protectors of Family. She'll tear into anyone who'd harm them. Some ask how responsible it really is for her to use them as Weaponized Offspring, however the Stealth Pokemon has stated that Dreepy are perfectly safe being jettisoned like that.
  • Dragapult is both disgusted and terrified by the Sorceress, due to her plan to rip the wings off baby dragons and kill them. Granted the Dreepy line doesn't have wings, but that doesn't stop Dragapult from being worried. This eventually led to her teaming up with Spyro to kick the Sorceress' ass. Due to his heroic endeavors and having saved dragonkind on a number of occasions, she chose to be her partner.
  • Because of how her Dreepy enjoy being shot out as fast speed, they like to join in with the Angry Birds in being catapulted and try to match Sonic the Hedgehog's speed. Their mother watches over to make sure they don't get into too much mischief. Baby Bink likes playing with the Dreepy because they, link Bink, are rather fearless. Of course the Dreepy have more of an excuse by being ghosts and thus being less dangerous for them.
  • Along with Giratina, Dragapult holds the dubious distinction of being weak to both its types. This is why it relates to Nergigate, though the creature's aggression leads to them being more competitive over their strength than being friendly. In part because Ghost is a secondary typing, Dragapult doesn't find herself relating to the ghosts of the pantheon, though she shares an annoyances of the Ghostbusters and a fear of Beerus due to his ability to destroy even ghosts.
  • Besides Team Rainbow Rocket, Dragapult opposes Alduin due to being a cruel and power-hungry Destroyer Deity in the form of a dragon. Basically a way worse and more evil Eternatus to her. She doesn't get along with the Dovahkiin for obvious reasons, nor does she like Sindragosa. The Stealth Pokemon is technically a Dracolich like Sindragosa, but her ice powers and Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds nature is not something Dragapult wants to tango with.
  • Her opinions of Daenerys are varied. She is the Mother of Dragons after all, however Dany has bad memories of a Dracolich due to the Night King turning Viserion into one. On the other end, Dany became a Fallen Hero, though only in one continuity and her fate in the books is unclear. Dragapult has a varied opinion on Kite-Man as well; she enjoys joining him in flight and considers what happened to his son a tragedy, but doesn't much care for his criminal side.
  • Dragapult can be seen in the House of Ranged Weapons, testing both her Dreepy and her signature move of Dragon Darts' aim. She's come to enjoy testing her archery skills against Green Arrow and Hawkeye. Dragapult is also intrigued by the arrows of Artemis and Eros/Cupid, though tends to refrain from too much interaction with the two because of what Greek gods are like. The idea of love arrows is particularly interesting for Dragapult, who might be able to combine Dragon Darts with Attract through Eros' teachings.
  • Was once a prehistoric Pokemon, and is based off the Diplocaulus or "hammerhead salamander" of the Permian era. As such, she tends to drift in the House of Prehistoric Beasts. Dragapult finds the Meg terrifying and ferocious, perhaps because of fear from her formerly aquatic ancestry, and certainly repulsion at the Meg's willingness to devour her own offspring. Dragapult is perfectly happy to hang out with the likes of Rexie and Rodan, though.
  • Dragapult's design(well, its head) is also based on the B-2 Spirit aircraft, which is why she can be seen flying high in the House of Air-Based Travel. She particularly enjoys flying with Black Cat Mantaray 5-4.

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Seller of Peace, Politician and Vigilante
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Ahead Of The Curve
May 22nd 2020 at 9:52:33 PM


Did you know Rose Quartz is the High Priestess of Gaea? Because I didn't.

Review Mode (No [tup] or [tdown])

Rose Quartz/Pink Diamond, Goddess of Absences Which Affect People (Rose, Pink)
Click here to see her as Pink Diamond. 
  • Potential House: Narrative
  • Presents herself as an Intermediate Goddess, actually a Greater Goddess as Pink Diamond.
  • Symbol: Her sword and shield.
  • Theme: Rose Quartz’s Theme
  • Alignment: Started out as Chaotic Neutral, became Neutral Good over time (with flashes back to Chaotic Neutral).
  • Portfolio: Lack of Empathy, but not sympathy, Dark and Troubled Past, Breaking the Cycle of Bad Parenting, Nice Girl, Innocently Insensitive, Pink Diamond is Dead, Has numerous psychological issues because of how the Diamonds treated her, The Heart, Death by Childbirth, Two Aliases, One Character.
  • Domains: Motherhood, Life, Leadership, Pedestals (Both Broken and Rebuilt).
  • Followers: Rachel Amber, Ellie, Joyce Summers, Della Duck, Lu Ten.
  • Herald: Bismuth, one of the other Crystal Gems (despite their… complicated… relationship).
  • Allies: Greg Universe and Pearl, Garnet, Amethyst, Connie Maheswaran, Peridot, Izanami-No-Mikoto, Bojack Horseman, Gaea.
  • Complicated Relationship with: Steven Universe.
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: The Emperor of Mankind, and the other Diamonds.
  • Opposes: The Child Abuse Supporters.
  • Enemies: The Sleeper.
  • Rose Quartz/Pink Diamond is one of the most important characters in her universe, in terms of how she has directly or indirectly influenced nearly every character in the series to some degree - in many cases, how her absence has affected them.
    • The original rebellion against the other Diamonds was started by her and Pearl, and her decision to fake her death when the other Diamonds refused to let her stop the colonization of Earth led to the survival of the human race, the corruption of nearly every other gem on Earth, the start of Era 2, and the Diamonds more or less disintegrating as a family unit.
    • Her decision to fake her death also led partly to the deterioration of Jasper’s mental state, given that Rose was her Diamond. As well as the “Famethyst” being sent to watch over the Human Zoo (though they are in a much better state mentally than Jasper is).
    • Later on, after giving birth to her son Steven, her passing was part of what caused the character arcs of the Crystal Gems in the main storyline, since she was previously their Living Emotional Crutch (a role that her son Steven took up later).
  • Her son Steven has issues with her, to say the least, considering that most of her actions came back to haunt him. While Steven knows that Rose never wanted her mistakes to cause him problems and the fact they did before he even turned 18 was more or less sheer coincidence, her attempts to fix things in the Pantheon or apologize haven’t been able to fix all of Steven’s trauma and issues with her.
  • Was previously the main thing keeping the Diamonds a semi-functional family unit before she faked her death and ran away. She claims to not miss the Diamonds, and has been avoiding them since her first encounter with them in several thousand years, when they ascended to the Pantheon at roughly the same time. They tried to talk to her. Rose's response was loud and (according to other people) expletive-filled.
    • To clear things up - she knows that they are trying to change, and was not opposed to them joining the GUAG's Ministry of Atonement. But eons of abuse at their hands has left her with very little love for them, and not much of a desire to try to mend that relationship on her end. No matter how much the other Diamonds are sorry... in the distant future, she might reconsider. But for the moment, them being sorry is too little, too late.
  • Due to the circumstances of her disappearance when she gave birth to Steven, it wasn't clear at first if she was actually dead or if she continued to exist dormant in his Gem, which was a contested subject that prevented her from ascending to the Pantheon. However, the Diamond Days arc finally concluded through the Pink Steven that emerged from Steven's Gem when White Diamond forcibly extracted it from his body that she was definitely gone for good, and so she was finally cleared as dead and therefore permissible for Pantheon ascension.
  • Is never found in her temple (which looks like her Room in the Beach House on Earth), partly because she prefers to be roaming the Pantheon and partly since she is the goddess of Present Absence.
  • Currently, she wants to spend time with Steven, since she has never had the chance to know him before. She was horrified to learn what had happened after she died, but is not sure how she can make it up to him. However, after some… initial friction… between the two, she is willing to give him his space until he is willing to approach her.
  • Don’t call her Pink Diamond or “My Diamond”. It’s not quite a Berserk Button, but it isn’t a name she wants to use anymore. Comparisons have been made that it’s similar to deadnaming someone who’s Transgender. This particular fact has not helped the attempts of the other Diamonds to bond with her again.
  • The Emperor of Mankind (and thus, the Imperium) have a somewhat… conflicted opinion on her and the Crystal Gems. On one hand, they’re all aliens, but they also saved humanity despite being aliens, and in her case alien royalty. For that, he's willing to give them a pass, and if the Imperium’s alien issues ever boil over the Crystal Gems would likely be spared their wrath. Rose herself, on the other hand, sees the Emperor's treatment of the Primarchs as being far too similar to the Diamond's family relationship - and while he is more sympathetic and understandable in some ways than the Diamonds are, the Emperor is in a lot of ways the human version of the Diamonds. Considering what he is capable of and how he would probably react, she has never voiced this opinion to his face.
    • It should be noted that the Imperium’s opinion on the other Diamonds and Homeworld Gems in general is far clearer. If any of the Homeworld Gems, especially the Diamonds, ever backstabs the Imperium or betrays the GUAG, or gives them any reason to think they have done so, they will be ground to dust beneath humanity’s boots.
  • Heavily opposed to the Child Abuse Supporters due to her own history with the other Diamonds (said history of abuse is also why she avoids them even within the Pantheon despite their attempts to turn over a new leaf).
  • After learning that her sword had been destroyed by Blue Diamond when Connie Maheswaran tried to use it on her, she quickly went to speak with her, and assured her that there was no real grudge on her part. And that if she did have an issue, it was with Blue Diamond, not Connie herself. She also is trying to strike up some sort of friendship with both Connie and Peridot, since they are the newest members of the Crystal Gems in the Pantheon (Lapis is new too, but she is not currently present as a deity).
  • While things were awkward at first when she arrived in the Pantheon with the other Crystal Gems, given that they all now knew everything she had been hiding, things are... not going back to the way that they were, but the newly arrived problems between them are being worked out. If nothing else, Pearl and Greg were both overjoyed to have her back without anything happening to Steven.
  • Currently seeing a therapist in the GUAG to help her work through her many psychological problems. Given how long said issues have had to sink in, it's slow going.
    • It should be noted that Rose currently does not seem to be capable of accessing her more destructive abilities, such as the ones used in "Pink Mode" by her son Steven. Some people think this is just due to her own regret at having cracked her first Pearl, "Volleyball", while others theorize it is a mental block she unknowingly placed on herself.
  • Has started developing a friendship with Izanami, originating at first because they both succumbed to Death by Childbirth. However, their lives being similar at several points beyond that started cementing a deeper relationship between them. Izanami herself is trying to get Rose to realize that she has changed over the years and become a better person, like Izanami herself did.
  • While she and Bojack Horseman are very different people, their similarly Dark And Troubled Pasts caused them to bond, considering they both involved Abusive Parents. Their shared self-loathing and issues with relating to other people even though they cared for them have led each to consider the other a kindred spirit of sorts. Albeit, considering said low self-esteem their friendship has had its share of rough patches.
  • The Sleeper brings up… some bad memories, to say the least. The whole “turning everything into gems/crystal” part, and the infant Eldritch Abomination inside the Magic Meteor itself… yeah. Basically a more disturbing version of gem reproduction, essentially.
  • Nobody’s sure what Wonder Woman’s Lasso of Truth would do to Rose if she ever came into contact with it. Wonder Woman isn’t really in a big hurry to create additional stress for her fellow heroine, and has stated she only plans to use it on Rose with her permission.
  • Rose was Gaea’s High Priestess before she officially entered the Pantheon, and while she isn’t always a fan of her methods, or an official member of the Grand United Alliance of Nature (yet), the two of them remain on good terms. Gaea is grateful to Rose herself for protecting Earth instead of trying to create another Gem colony, and if nothing else, makes an effort to treat Rose better than the other Diamonds did (whether it’s to ensure she’s semi-loyal to her, out of gratitude or kindness, both, or something else entirely depends on who you ask and/or Gaea’s mood).

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@RJ: In the original tale, Tamamo-no-Mae is just a fox spirit wanting to take advantage of the ruler she was serving at the time but in Fate, she is instead an incarnation of Amaterasu who is curious about living with humans. So yeah, I think you nearly got it except she is still dickish in Fate.

Also [tup] for the two Pokemon.

[up] I'll give you a [tup] just so you can be done with it quick.

rofl i got none
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Day 1.

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Anyone know who would befriend specific Crusaders among them besides Scoots?

Okay, who's ne—


Apple Bloom, Scootaloo, and Sweetie Belle, Deities of Finding Their Destiny (The Cutie Mark Crusaders, Gabby Gums | Apple Bloom: Apple Blossom | Scootaloo: Scootachicken | Sweetie Belle: Sweety Bell)
The CMC in the Distant Finale 
  • The Mane Six goddesses, Applejack and Rarity specifically, voiced their concern on not only why were the fillies allowed into the Pantheon but also where they were to be placed, but after being told it would be the House of Ambiguity, they felt more at ease.
    • Sometime later, after… certain chaotic incidents, the Mane Six decided to move them to the House of Prophecy (details below) since it would be much safer for them. That doesn't stop Wreck-it Ralph from babysitting them every now and then.
  • Their temple takes the form of their tree house base, at least on the surface. On the inside, it's considerably larger, containing several amenities for self-sustained living and all other needs for any child deity who has no business living independently already from their parents (if they're in the Pantheon already under different positions if they aren't Heralds). Naturally, there are teleportation systems installed so that Rarity, Applejack, and Rainbow Dash can reach their temple in a jiffy from their own temples.
  • Ever since their arrival, the Pantheon has had a rash of various accidents as they attempt to obtain their cutie marks. Despite the constant reprimands of Applejack, Rarity, and all the House of Justice, they never seem to stay put.
    • Twilight Sparkle once told a cautionary tale about one Asagi Asagiri whose desire to become a main character, which mirrored the Crusaders' desire for their Cutie Marks, put her at risk of removal from the Pantheon. Instead of heeding her warning, the CMC saw Asagi as a potential ally and wish to have her join them, especially since Asagi was able to find a place in the House of Theater. Asagi, impressed to see the Crusaders able to pursue their dreams and get a happy ending, sees them as an inspiration for her future game.
  • Aside from Fluttershy, there are only two other gods that can manage to make the trio obey: Fred Rogers and Carl Fredricksen. The former has shown the patience to truly comprehend their needs (plus his puppet friends are wonderful teaching aids), while the latter formed a special bond with the young fillies as they remind him of Ellie and her spirit of discovery and adventure. The fact the CMC enjoy listening to his tales is an added bonus.
  • Whenever a loud buzzing hum along with the steady sound of wheels are heard approaching, everyone clears out of the way knowing that Scootaloo in her scooter and the rest of the Crusaders in their wagon are on their way to their next plan to obtain their cutie marks.
    • Her speedy maneuvering and stunts have attracted the attention of fellow deity on wheels, Subaru Nakajima. Both acknowledge their corresponding skills on scooter and skates respectively and have been known to have friendly races in the House of Travel.
      • The duo of racers became a trio after PaRappa demonstrated his skateboarding skills, impressing the two. Parappa also inspires the Cutie Mark Crusaders to continue their trek to finding their Cutie Marks by always saying, "You gotta believe!"
  • Due to their shenanigans, some gods in the House of War who have a penchant for sarcasm have taken to calling them a Cuban Missile Crisis (since it shares the same first letters as CMC). Other derisive/humorous CMC acronyms have circulated across the Pantheon.
  • The Cutie Mark Crusaders stay far away from Queen Chrysalis after an incident where she kidnapped them to lure the Mane 6 into action.
    • They also stay away from Discord since they were the ones who (accidentally) let him loose in the first place (although theories assume that Discord's prison already was weakening and their scuffle was the straw that broke the camel's back).
      • However, certain reports have shown that after he was reformed, that Discord did try to use his powers to help the Crusaders get their Cutie Marks. To make a long story short, Discord's assistance failed to get the CMC their Cutie Marks, but the CMC appreciated his help and even offered to make him an honorary member of the CMC, Discord has has shown to be surprisingly grateful and has been on good terms with the trio ever since.
  • The Mane 6 have a vested interest to have the crusaders NOT decide their destinies are to be bad guys. As of such, they make certain that any attempt for villains like Kane or Palpatine to make them an Unwitting Pawn to theft or evil is met with a quick hoof to the face, and a stern talking to of all the Crusaders. Knowledge of the existence of the Incubators is to be kept from them AT ALL COSTS. And now with Homura Akemi on the loose, that warning still applies.
    • They also make special note that Apple Bloom and Scootaloo stay FAR AWAY from Hansel and Gretel (preferably Hansel), because Hansel's voice can sound so similar to Rainbow Dash (and to an extent Applejack) at times and that they are known to butcher people who get close to them.
  • They once tried to get many gods together by brewing up what was a "love potion." However, they soon found out later that they brewed love poison making all of their would-be targets (whose names are confidential at this moment) to start giving too much sugar coated sweet talk. This resulted in them having to get multiple gods to restrain the people who drunk the poison away from each other for a whole hour. As a result, they had to clean up most of the mess they started throughout Pantheon in regards to separating the lovers.
    • Then there was that time that they made a gossip column under the name of "Gabby Gums". That also ended in failure when they started spreading gossip on some of the more villainous gods and hurting other gods' feelings (to the point that when they mentioned how Fluttershy had "tail extensions", many gods saw that was an absolute low blow). This wasn't a failure because what they were saying wasn't true, per se. It was mainly because Lex Luthor, God of Villain with Good Publicity was upset they were intruding on his position of laying smear on other gods.
  • The fact that they represent a concept of not representing a concept has broken a few brains in the pantheon.
  • Gordon Ramsay's legendary temper (and restraint around kids) got put to the test the day he met up with the Cutie Mark Crusaders coming into his Temple screaming, "CUTIE MARK CRUSADERS MASTER CHEFS! YAY!!!" What happened next is between him, the CMC and the other Equestrian gods.
    The CMC: We're sorry, Mr. Ramsay.
    Gordon: …That's okay, kids. Uh… let's forget about this, alright?
  • One day, the CMC visited Jack and Annie and were amazed at their tree house giving them the ability to travel into books. The group is currently trying their hardest to make their own magic tree house while Jack and Annie have stated that it was all right for them to hang out in their own as long as they don't go jumping into any of the books inside. The groups find it kind of hilarious that Jack and Annie's world is normal yet their treehouse is magic, yet the Crusaders live in a magical land but time travel is known to be a pretty difficult spell to master (then again Jack and Annie's treehouse was enchanted by Morgan le Fey).
  • Vanellope von Schweetz does her best to help the Crusaders find their cutie marks and was amazed at how Apple Bloom created her own cart. Apple Bloom, for the most part, has been humble about her skills in building. The Crusaders have lots of play dates with Vanellope whenever she arrives, under the supervision of one Wreck-it Ralph.
    • Ralph is now a part-time bodyguard for the Cutie Mark Crusaders whenever the trio visits the House of Ambiguity. He nearly had to fight off Gangrel when Luna (back when the CMC were gods in said house) accidentally scared them off by snarling at them because the CMC only wanted to know who was ascending into the House. This also didn't stop the Cutie Mark Crusaders to become "CUTIE MARK CRUSADER VAMPIRE WRESTLERS YAY!!!" Let's just say that Gangrel has put a "No ponies allowed" sign on the temple door after that, although he did admit that at least they didn't state that he and Luna lived Gothic lifestyles.
    • However, as time went on, as well as a lot of shenanigans, the vampire wrestler as he has grown to truly love them as close friends. While it's a pretty odd friendship (them three adorable fillies, him a vampire wrestler), many of the Gods in the House of Ambiguity has fully embraced this change and have offered to babysit the Crusaders during their free time. Many gods (mostly wrestlers) aren't sure what to make of this… especially when BROKEN Matt Hardy got to them and… done crazy terrible things to them.
  • Much to their sadness, their fourth member, Babs Seed, eventually earned her cutie mark. This meant she could no longer stay in the Pantheon and was sent back to the mortal plane. The Mane Six pleaded before the Judge to allow her to stay, but the decision was final. He did say, however, he will try his hardest to make sure the remaining three Crusaders stay in the Pantheon if by any chance they ever earn their cutie marks. He does have a special spot in his heart for them, after all. She might ascend on her own, however.
    • Right after that news, an unknown god kidnapped Apple Bloom and chucked her into the TV World. Naturally, the other Crusaders were quick to call for help. Thanks to The Machine, their cries were eventually heeded, the kidnapper was punished, and the Investigation Team was notified to stage a rescue, with Applejack insisting she be at the forefront (thankfully, despite the high chance it could've happened, the rescue op was not interrupted by an appearance of Shadow Applejack). By the time they found her however, Apple Bloom had encountered her Shadow, and it was in the process of tormenting her in a series of layered nightmares about getting her cutie mark. With their help, the filly was able to wake up and come to terms with her fears (as well as obtain her own Persona, to boot).
    • After that incident, Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle have been quick to volunteer to face their true selves in the TV World as well after hearing of some of the awesome things Apple Bloom has been able to do with her new Persona. The Investigation Team are now having headaches trying to explain the dangers of doing that, and the consequences if they ever decide to ignore their Shadow should they not like what they see. Thankfully, the trips were a success. Unfortunately for them, these Personas can only be used in the TV World. but the Crusaders are hoping to use their new powers to help others in the near future.
    • Another glimmer of hope came regarding Babs. While she cannot be a deity like the other three, she can serve as a herald, since getting a cutie mark doesn't necessarily mean no longer being a Crusader, as she has set up a branch in her hometown Manehattan.
  • As a result of acquiring Personas, limited though they may be, they've gotten mostly acquainted with the other canon Persona-users in the Pantheon, mainly the Investigation Team, their collective "little sister" Nanako (whom they've already met among the other kids of the Pantheon, long before she also became a Persona-user, but that's a different story), Ken, Ulala (through Maya Amano talking about her), and their own High Priestess Maki (who's also had a similar crisis, on top of being used by the DEVA System) even before her own ascension.
  • After helping their former Sitcom Archnemesis Diamond Tiara undergo a Heel–Face Turn, they were finally rewarded with their cutie marks. At this, several gods, some evil, some trolling, and some that were just fed up with all the trouble they've caused since their ascension, demanded that the three be stripped of godhood as they finally found their purpose in life, only for the Mane Six and the Judge to stop them. The Judge proclaimed that while it is true that they have their cutie marks, they received them by helping others find their purpose in life and are therefore true epitomes of trope godhood as they now have the job of helping other deities and followers find their purpose in life. Further protests were squashed literally by the Judge slamming an enormous gavel down on them.
    • And with that maturity, they have since renounced all notions of evil, as well as know to refuse Kyubey immediately. And their shenanigans gave toned down considerably to everyone's relief.
  • The trio tried their best to befriend the vampire wrestlers — back when they were all Ambiguity gods — but after a long time of trying, failing and then getting to the point of grown accustomed to each other, Gangrel and Luna Vachon decided to leave the House of Ambiguity and move to the House of Undead, deciding that they wanted nothing to do with Lucifer or the GUAC at all. While happy for the move, the Crusaders learned that many of the vampire gods aren't as friendly as the wrestlers, so they won't be able to hang out as often. What followed was a huge cry-fest in the House of Prophecy for the Crusaders while the wrestlers promised that they could still see each other after all is said and done.
    • It took a lot of soul searching and the trio realized that, while they liked being close to the vampires, a long distance friendship was no longer reasonable and the groups weren't compatible. So the two groups parted ways, with the Crusaders eventually getting along extremely well with a trio of wrestlers called The New Day who offered to dress up as the Brood to ensure that things are in good hands. With that, the two groups are known spreading positivity, optimism and fun whenever and wherever it's needed.
  • The Crusaders have recently opened a detective agency and go about solving crimes in the Pantheon. Many gods were amazed at how they had a destiny all on their own trying to stop a villain from obtaining a powerful artifact known as the Helm of Shadows, forged by Princess Luna back when she was Nightmare Moon because the door to obtain the artifact could only be unlocked by three ponies with identical cutie marks. Better yet, they did this without the interference of their sisters and using nothing more than their wits (and a special device that could rewind time from Twilight Sparkle). Gods are now willing to bump them up to Demigoddess status now because of this. And, for those who are wondering, the mission with the Helm of Shadows came before they opened the Detective Agency.
  • Now that the finale of their series has finally occurred, there were a few last gifts bestowed to the trio.
    • One was a special trinket shaped like a certain wishing flower. This worried them, given the last time they used that flower, but they were assured that the shape was the only thing similar to what the trinket is meant to do. Namely, it grants them access to their older forms seen in the Distant Finale for three times a day and with a time limit of 60 minutes each before being forcibly reverted to normal.
    • Another was a special scooter that has a connection to the flower trinket. When the CMC turn into their older forms, this scooter sizes up accordingly so that Scootaloo can still drive it without worrying about being too heavy for it.
    • The third was a wheelbarrow with similar connections to the flower trinket as the scooter in that it becomes bigger. This is not only in the event that Scootaloo still needs to carry the other two CMC, but for carrying cargo or other passengers (besides carrying kids on their backs now that they're big enough and strong enough to do so).

  • Exclusive to Apple Bloom:
    • Felix has gotten interested in Apple Bloom's skills in carpentry and wishes to tutor her, but Apple Bloom has refused. She's more interested in potion making, and sometimes goes to the House of Magic to practice her skills.
    • Speaking of potions, she still remembers her time in Potions class at Elysium Academy under Severus Snape. While it's true that he knows his art very well, his mean attitude has left her with a bad impression of him.

  • Exclusive to Scootaloo:
    • Scootaloo is slowly becoming friends with the Katawa Girls of the House of Love, Emi in particular, as the two of them share a great enjoyment for high speeds. Lily has lent a kind ear to Scootaloo's fears that she may never fly. Although Scootaloo at least appreciates Lily's comforting presence, it's pretty clear she's not taking Lily's words to heart, instead expressing a deep envy of her and how far she's gotten in life despite her inability to see.
    • For the longest time, many gods believed that Scootaloo was an orphan or suffered from Parental Abandonment. It was later revealed that her parents traveled to exotic lands to find rare wildlife for scientific research and she stays with her aunts. Scootaloo has become absolutely enamored by Steve Irwin for this regard because he reminds him of her own dad, Snap Shutter.
    • Despite what one believes, Scootaloo actually likes the idea of swimming since it's the closest that she'll ever get to flying. She gained a friendship with Melody, who wished to become a mermaid in order to swim beneath the water and hopes to be able to find away to swim in the various waters of the House of Nature.
    • For reasons pertaining to her disability (in a diminutive body part) and refusal to let it let her down (most of the time), Marlin is reminded of his son Nemo whenever he catches sight of her.

  • Exclusive to Sweetie Belle:
    • Sweetie Belle has been given hundreds of invitations from the House of Music so they can hear her sing. While originally shy, she's now gained the confidence to sing more, but she prefers show tunes.
    • She was once banned from the House of Food after her attempt at "cooking" breakfast made people question her abilities. Particularly how she was able to burn juice.
  • Despite being a unicorn filly, she surprisingly physically strong. She once dragged a cart that's positively crammed with Rarity's suitcases and other junk uphill, albeit with visible effort. Fortunately for everyone else, she's much less likely to resort to hooficuffs than her friends, so that's usually not a worry.

Applejack, Goddess of Instant Knots (AJ, The Most Loyalest of Friends and Most Dependable of Ponies, Applesmack, Cowgirl, Workhorse, Applejohn, Mistress Mare-velous, Apple Jewel, Appleshack, Apple Chord, Orange Poppy)
Applejack in the Distant Finale 

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Fate Tamamo is weird. At first it seems to play her as an innocent monster who got curious about humanity and was reborn without knowing her true identity, with her only becoming monstrous after being exposed as being a kitsune as a retaliation. But then they pulled the card that Tamamo is actually a nation-destroying monster as described by Hokusai (while Tamamo=Daji wasn't necessarily his invention, he also added other Lady Macbeths into the mix) and others constantly held her accountable to what she did, saying that she hasn't really changed and that she will become the monster she once was eventually, no matter how much she denies her past. Combine dubious connections to Amaterasu (who in her brief screentime has shown Adaptational Jerkass qualities to the point that she is portrayed as being Tamamo's true monster form) and you get a huge mess in your hand.

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One [tup] For Fritz

Fritz the Cat, God of Disowned Adaptations

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A wild Dragapult and Drednaw have appeared!

I brought up the No Ningens Allowed Club, should I add more people to their antithesis and who?

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> Deleted Adrian Shephard's profile

Why though? And are there plans to rework his profile and put it back?

[tup] for Fritz.

Edit: Oh, so there is a rework plan. Do mention the HECU and Black Ops in detail now that those two groups are in the Pantheon.

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@Fritz: Some interaction with Oggy.

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Got some ideas. What do you think?

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[up][up] [tup] for Dib's dad and Carl.

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@nightelf37 [tup] for Apple Bloom, Scootaloo, and Sweetie Belle as well as Applejack.

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@nightelf: [tup] for the CMC and Applejack if I haven't already.

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The Overlook Hotel, Unholy Seat of Haunted Hotels
The Hedge Maze 
  • A resort hotel with spectacular mountain views located in the Colorado Rockies nearby the small town of Sidewinder that is famous for various gangland hits, suicides and murders that have happened there.
  • Symbol: The hotel's logo
  • Alignment: Open to interpretation; but Chaotic Evil to most deities
  • Portfolio: A Haunted Hotel, Mirrors are Everywhere, Eldritch Location, Built Over an Indian Burial Ground, Has a Hedge Maze On the Outside Grounds
  • Domains: Hotels, Horror, Ghosts, Murders, Ghosts, Temporal/Spatial Anomalies
  • Sacred to: Jack Torrance and its ghostly staff and visitors. Ghosts regardless of type or alignment are also free to visit.
  • Unholy to: Everything that lives, including Jack's family and Dick Hallorann
  • Similar Locations: Gregory House, Hotel Pánico, The Bates Motel, Hotel Ruenheim, The "Castle"
  • Welcome to the Overlook Hotel, an abode for those wanting a peaceful getaway in the Colorado Rockies! It's a wonderful place, full of large, comfy suites, a fully-stocked kitchen, ballroom and amenities...except not really. This idyllic lodge was built on top of an Indian burial ground and that unfortunate decision led to countless unexplained deaths, suicides, gangland hits and suspicious changes of ownership. It was under the charge of one Stuart Ullman that Jack Torrance became the place's winter caretaker (snowstorms pretty much destroy public access to the place). And isolation does not do wonders for an alcoholic father's mind. It was closed after Jack went crazy and froze to death in the hedge maze outside and later burnt down from an exploding boiler when his son Danny was possessed.
  • The place technically already existed in the Pantheon as Jack's temple, but concerns of reckless attacks on his more powerful residents forced a move to the Dominions. Electric fences have been installed to prevent unauthorized entry. What is left of Jack's temple is a halfway house on standby for if he ever gets back into the sub-house. An anonymous caretaker is employed (two in the winter season) to monitor the place and make sure whatever's in there (including Jack) doesn't get out, and burn the place down if need be. The few that are known include Rainbow Dash (she's had experience), Larry Daley, Ayumi Shinozaki (caretaker of the Book of Shadows in Maximum Security) Stanley Kubrick and its creator Stephen King.
  • While not much is clear about the nature of the hauntings, it has been established that the hotel's ghosts feed on the psychic ability of 'shining'; that is, the ability to hear people's thoughts and contact them from far away. Deities with Psychic Powers such as telepaths and psykers have been heavily advised to stay away from the vicinity of the Overlook. Those who don't have this ability and are unrelated to those who do cannot see the ghosts. This is exactly the reason why burning down the hotel is only as a last resort: without a hub, the ghosts will run amok. Even with dedicated ghost hunters in the Pantheon, there's already a war going on and no one wants to test the waters by doing anything unwise.
  • The paranormal occurrences that happen in the Overlook's hallowed hallways are legendary. A lift that gushes blood, saloons filled with cobwebbed skeletons, and ghosts of its former patrons, visitors and staff. Charles Grady was the last winter caretaker, and his time there culminated in him 'correcting' his family when his daughters tried burning the place down. His two daughters now roam the corridors looking for children to play with. Visions of their bloody corpses appear whenever someone comes into contact with them. Other hauntings include Depraved Bisexual Horace Derwent and his dog-costumed partner and sixty-year old Lorraine Derwent, a decrepit old woman and child rapist who lives in Room 217 (or Room 237) of the hotel.
    • For some reason non-Overlook ghosts and monsters are are left undisturbed in the hotel. Probably not because the Overlook ghosts don't mind them but because the few that come don't die from their shine being fed on. One of many Draculas once tried to remodel the place as a sister branch of his own hotel but ended up getting chased out and stoned. He didn't try again.
  • It's a matter of growing speculation as to what exactly happened to Jack Torrance after he died. This picture of a 1921 staff party mysteriously appeared with him front and centre. A butler in one of his ghostly hallucinations appeared to be Charles Grady but introduced himself as Delbert Grady, who also claimed that Jack has always been the caretaker. It's a fact that the ghosts were converting Jack to their side so he would kill his wife Wendy and Danny, but the rest isn't so clear.
    • Kubrick claims that Jack was a re-incarnation of the man in the photo while others claim that Jack was instead absorbed into the hotel's history, with the photo symbolizing all the people it has claimed over the years. If either is true, this means a Timey-Wimey Ball is afoot for Time Police to unroll.
    • Jack however is very much alive and himself here, and that's not very comforting when you hear him scream: "Here's JOHNNY!". The only difference now is that he claims to be the rightful caretaker of the hotel, and woe betide anyone sent to usurp his duty. More than once has the paranormal unit of the TPPD been forced to stop him from kidnapping psychic meals for his 'ghost family', though admittedly subduing a man with a fire axenote  isn't too hard.
  • There's a Hedge Maze on the outside grounds for the adventurous to explore but that too was cordoned off after Jack's frozen body was retrieved for resurrection in the House of Life and Death. And a good thing too, since Kubrick stupidly got himself lost in an attempt to prove to his crew that the maze would be easy to walk through. If the maze also has paranormal elements in it, all the more likely that unlucky people will never find their way out.
  • Mr. Burns tried bribing the caretaker for the day to let him 'punish' a protesting employee with work in the Overlook but was rudely rebuffed and fined by the authorities. The Simpsons are relieved because they don't want another case of The Shinning happening to Homer. Drunk and Foolish Homer is far more preferable to Insane Homer.
  • A snowcat is nearby in case the caretaker needs to make a quick getaway, and the engine compartment is biometrically-locked and coded to whoever is the caretaker at the time to prevent any 'corrections'. The same goes for the radio, internet connection (yes, for real) and phone lines which as far we know are indestructible.

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[tup] for Fritz and the MLP reworks.

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[up][up]You already have. I keep track of the names. [tup] for the hotel.

I think the "gushes blood" line should pothole to Kensington Gore instead.

MLP REWORK PROGRESS: 50%: Cutie Mark Crusaders COMPLETE. Applejack COMPLETE.

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Overlook Hotel looks real good as usual, so [tup].

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@Overlook Hotel, Luigi probably won't like it, considering how his third game had him face off against a haunted hotel, "The Last Resort". Director Morty however would have nothing but praise for the place as a director, respecting it for hosting and giving atmosphere towards one of the most classic horror movies, "The Shining".

Got 3 more ideas for deities. Any objections to these characters getting these tropes?

Linkle, Goddess of Missing The Obvious

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Black Cube Of Darkness, God of the Monster Sob Story

Reasoning: His home life is so terrible that everything in his world is literally colorless. He has a dirty appartment that he can only barely pay for, lost his girlfriend, made fun of, is a Burger Fool that isn't treated with respect, and his attempts at being nice fall flat due to others fearing him.

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[up][up]I dunno about the latter two, but I'll [tup] Linkle.

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