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Apr 19th 2019 at 8:27:46 AM

[up]Because i saw there's a official manga on her. While yes, she waifufied. Reminds me of finding a manga on the Mother of a Thousand Young. Yes, waifufied as well.

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Gacha Is A Lie.
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I stare through your soul
Apr 19th 2019 at 8:30:08 AM

I feel like I am almost done with this.

Sir Galahad God of Pure Heart Restrictions (Galaad, Sir Galahad the Pure/Chaste, Shield Bastard (by Mordred), Jenkins, Shielder, Saber Alter, Noble Knight Gwalchavad)
Sir Galahad by George Frederic Watts
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A white shield with a red cross on it
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Incorruptible Pure Pureness, Purity Privileges, Heroic Bastard, Chaste Hero, The Strongest Knight, The One Chosen to Find The Grail, Literally Escorted to the Heavens, Messianic Archetype
  • Domains: Knights, Purity, Children
  • Allies: Arthur Pendragon, Artoria Pendragon, Sir Gawain, Merlin, Solomon, Silver the Hedgehog, Bell Cranel
  • Enemies: The Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog, Yaldabaoth
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Clark Kent/Superman
  • Complicated Relations: Lancelot (his father), Mordred (more decisive with Sir Mordred)
  • Sir Galahad is the illegitimate son of Lancelot due of his mother's actions and one of the Kingts of the Round Table. He is known for his upmost purity, mainly due of it allowing to do things like sit on the Siege Perilous, use two swords what would cause harm to the wielder if tey were unworthy and being the knight to finally find the Holy Grail.
  • Has a really bad relation with his father, Lancelot, likely because he refused to marry his mother and generally not raising him since youth. In general, he is probably the one to call out his father's faults. Not helped by the fact that he has seen him turn into a villain once.
    • While he might have Bastard Angst regarding his father, he cannot really agree with Goro Adechi's actions to get back at his father, as Galahad would rather confront his father personally than conspire against him.
  • Didn't as much die as he was taken to Heaven by angels. This has impressed Eliphas due of him being able to ascend like that, a compliment Galahad is not sure if he should be flattered by or not.
  • His chastity is often mocked by other gods. Other gods try to test his chastity, such as tricking him into a castle full of horny women. He was "saved" by Lancelot before anything would happen, even if he insisted he would be fine.
  • Still seems to mess up if asked what is his favourite colour.
  • Is said to be the last descendant of King David. Because of this, Solomon and his wife build a ship containing knowledge from the past and David's sword so that Galahad would one day find it. He is grateful to finally have the chance to meet him in the Pantheon, though Solomon feels bit inferior to Galahad since while Solomon asked for wisdom from God, all what Galahad asked for was the ability to die when he wanted.
  • Mordred really never got along with him, even if they worked together as knights. When asked what he thinks about Mordred's rebellion since he had already ascended to the Heavens when that happened, he doesn't want to give a real answer, though learning that Mordred was also a bastard does make him think about few things.
  • Despite being "pure", most people find it incredibly difficult to get along with Galahad, due to being utterly impossible to relate to. Superman, due to knowing what it's like to face many of the same problems, extended a hand of friendship, though even he admits that Galahad is very difficult to get along with since he's "kind of a jerk".
  • In one world, he was portrayed by Silver the Hedgehog, something he is fine with.
  • Probably the one person who would rival Kenzo Tenma when it comes to purity. However, he is fine holding the position he has now. He is also impressed how pure Bell's heart and is happy to train if he wants to.
  • To counter the The Incineration of Humanity, he was summoned by Chadea Security Organization into the body of Mash Kyrielight as an experiment. However, he refuses to do anything due of being disgusted by Chaldea's experiments and merely stuck around to look over Mash. Ultimately he gave Mash his powers as a Shielder-class Servant in order to save her life.
    • Things took a turn for the worse on his part after the Incineration of Humanity was prevented. At first it seemed like he merely left Mash alone after the fact, leaving her powerless. But when a new threat starter looming in the horizon, he appeared in front of the Master of Chaldea to tell them that defeating Goetia only has made things worse, telling that they should just give up and refusing to offer any help to them before leaving. Many were flabbergasted by this, especially since this is effectively the third time he has refused to do anything directly to stop a crisis (including refusing to be summoned by the Lion King even to stop her). If anyone were to ask what is up with his bleak view on things, he would tell them to leave him alone about it.
  • Even though his most defining characteristic is his purity, there exits an Alter version of him. Contrast this with Jeanne d'Arc, who is so pure that it is impossible for her to have an evil side, with her Alter version being an Evil Knockoff of her. Fortunately Galahad Alter is less evil and more snarky with some inherit traits from his father.
  • Since he is the knight who found the original Holy Grail, Yaldabaoth thought that he would use him in his plans. However, Galahad is wise enough not to fall into his tricks, and says that his Holy Grail is a mockery of the real one.
  • One of people Mephisto wouldn't dare to make a contract with since he thinks that having his soul would be more of a problem than worth. Heck, just convincing him to make a contract with him would be an achievement as of itself.
  • He isn't overly familiar with his family from his father's side, but he knows that his grandfather is King Ban. So he is rather confused by certain thief carrying similar name.

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The Witch of Deep Staring
Apr 19th 2019 at 8:34:34 AM

[up]Going by some excerpts, he seems he Not Distracted by the Sexy since he would rebuke any females who went after him. Anarchy Panty meets a challenge.

Gacha Is A Lie.
Apr 19th 2019 at 8:43:31 AM

[up][up] Galahad could have interactions with Shazam and Luke Skywalker and they could discuss about what it means to be "pure of heart". Shazam and Luke have learned from their experiences that people aren't perfect, they can make mistakes, even if those mistakes are caused by the best of intentions. What matters is that those people learn from their mistakes and try to do better next time.

[down] If you are okay with this, I could write some interactions in the profile.

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I stare through your soul
Apr 19th 2019 at 8:55:07 AM

[up] I have already said that I do not know what to actually write about those two and if people still insist on it, add the text themselves.

The Witch of Deep Staring
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Apr 19th 2019 at 9:18:47 AM

Feedback Mode

Jodie Holmes and Aiden, Goddess and God of Psychic Links (Jodie: Elizabeth North, Jodie Gray | Aiden: The Entity)
The closest possible interpretation of Aiden
  • Lesser Goddess (Jodie), borderline Intermediate God (Aiden)
  • Symbol: The link that connects them
  • Theme Song: Jodie's Suite
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (Jodie), Chaotic Neutral (Aiden)
  • Portfolio: Psychic Link, Creepy Twins, Two Siblings In One, Synchronization, Initial Chained Heat
  • Domain(s): Psychics, Siblings, Trauma
  • Allies: Chuck Bartowski, Ariadne, Kitty Pryde, Totoro
  • Odd Friendship: The Doom Slayer
  • Enemies: Scott Shelby, any who wish to exploit her, those who mess with the afterlife
  • While investigating various worlds, the Court found a modern-ish Earth place infested with spirits and located a certain woman and her spirit companion. After concluding that it was probably safe to provide assistance, they did so, and once the matter was settled, Jodie was invited to the Pantheon. Naturally, being tied to her via a Psychic Link, this invitation was also extended to Aiden.
  • Thankfully for Jodie, there are a lot more people in the Pantheon who are understanding and/or more tolerant of her powers (to Aiden however, that depends on them and him). Having been faced with prejudice, abuse, and exploitation at every turn in her world with the only exceptions counted on just one hand, this is a relief for her.
    • That said, due to the story of her life, Aiden tends to be slow to trust anybody who isn't Jodie, and can get pretty violent. However, as long as Jodie is not being antagonized, he'll behave. Most of the time.
  • It's not known what happened at the end of her story, like who she ended up with, if anyone at all, before the epilogue, and she is not willing to answer.
  • With all the other supernatural entities in the Pantheon, there would inevitably be those who can actually see and interact with Aiden (who is seen as a floating torso with glowing eyes, and no defining features), much to his and Jodie's surprise. Unfortunately, this also means he has to watch out for himself now, not just Jodie, especially if threats can harm him directly. It's something they're still getting used to.
    • It's known that incapacitating Jodie will reduce Aiden's capacity to act, but it's not known what would happen if the vice-versa situation occurs. Probably Jodie's (limited) powers being reduced.
    • In some aspects, Aiden has been compared to a Stand, minus the tangibility, having a separate will of his own, and still being invulnerable by means other than breaking his link to Jodie. Then again, there have been many Stands that don't follow this pattern.
  • Jodie's powers (via Aiden) consist of moving objects, albeit only via one-time pointed bursts of force, as well as possessing people. Aiden himself can also cure wounds and even alcoholic poisoning, create barriers strong enough to repel bullets and freaking SWAT trucks, and has other forms of telekinesis fine enough to write on glass or sand.
  • Jodie has experience with playing the guitar and sometimes plays a tune on occasion.
  • Carrie White empathizes with them given how much crap Jodie's experienced. What's baffling however is when some idiots continued offending Jodie despite being fully aware of Aiden's existence, his powers, and his general attitude. Jodie however had difficulty returning the sentiment, given Carrie had gone on a full rampage and killer. Regarding the bullies at the birthday party, she most likely would've gotten vengeance, but she wouldn't have wanted them dead, even if Aiden might've.
  • Has disdain for organizations like the CIA due to the measures they resorted to in her world for the sake of their interests. Chuck resents that idea, but understands the feeling, given he's been forced to work for them, and how many times he's had to get himself in danger to take down various terrorists due to his INTERSECT. Besides, he's freelance now. Well, technically, he's in the GUAG and so is she, and they're more understanding overall.
    • Speaking of them, any who desire to control the afterlife, or any dimension filled with uncountable entities that can barely be contained let alone combated, will draw a lot of enmity from them, given that's what the CIA in their world tried to do, all for the sake of science. This resulted in an Odd Friendship with Doomguy, who's had similar issues with the UAC. That said, there is discomfort, mostly from Aiden, due to his lack of respect for authority or personal space, not to mention his experience with the supernatural and his track record with demons.
    • Merging two different worlds is also another reprehensible act in their eyes.
    • Speaking of afterlife, there's also any deliberate means to keep someone from going there by way of forced coma. That's what their world's CIA did with their birth mother, and planned on doing the same to Jodie.
  • Many are baffled by the actions of Jodie's bullies when they locked her in a closet under a staircase for gifting an Edgar Allan Poe book. If nothing else, it was probably at least worth a lot of money due to its rarity. And an offhand or insincere "thank you" would've sufficed.
  • Having been handed over to the government by her adoptive parents at the age of 8, she has issues with those who ditch their children and those who "acquire" children for their own purposes this way.
  • Having possessed a doll of him in her childhood, Jodie got a pleasant surprise when she saw Totoro in the flesh one rainy night (Aiden alerted her to his presence, given he's usually Invisible to Adults) by a bus stop. Wanting some comfort before returning to her temple, she shuffled to his side and snuggled against his fur, which Totoro was okay with, and so was Aiden. They stayed together even as their transport arrived, until they eventually had to part ways at their respective Houses.
  • Having seen a newspaper of the Origami Killer during her travels, and now knowing who he is thanks to his identity being common knowledge in the Pantheon, she's come to despise Scott Shelby for his crimes.
  • If she's ever given a mission that involves taking down a target, it's best that she is not lied to to about the target's intentions and goals if they prove contrary to the truth. She doesn't like to have a repeat incident of her mission in the Republic of Kazirstan. Especially if it turns out to be a peacekeeper being "portrayed" as a warlord.
  • Due to having gone through similar hardships, not to mention something unexplainable between them, Jodie has formed a friendship with Ellie. Although she's is wary of Joel, she appreciates that he genuinely cares about Ellie. As for that rescue that probably cost humanity a chance to cure the Cordyceps virus in their world, given her own experiences with being experimented on, she doesn't know what to say in response to that.

If you can't get around it, go through it fast. Personas and Nanos, make 'em here.
RokuAlhazared The Emperor Of Darkness
The Emperor Of Darkness
Apr 19th 2019 at 9:26:47 AM

@ Sir Galahad: Once respected Jaime Lannister as a knight, but his deeds leading up to his Character Development has left Galahad disappointed in him.

Also, Aphrodite and Isabela of Rivain has taken a shine to him. Hearing about how chaste he is, they plan on having him break those vows.

And there was that one time where he found himself at Castle Anthrax, populated by 150 nubile young women...

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The One Who Crosses The Sky In Flames
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Apr 19th 2019 at 1:27:41 PM

I'm not sure if I portrayed Kirei Kotomine correctly for this one. Should I change it to allies or teeth-clenched teamwork for his relation with Aldrich?

Aldrich, Ungodly Abomination Who Enjoys The Sound Of Screams (Saint of the Deep, Devourer Of Gods)
Click here to see what Aldrich may have looked like back then 
  • House: Cruelty and Sadism (House of Villains)
  • Leitmotif: Aldrich, Devourer of Gods
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: The Aldrich Faithful emblem.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Fat Bastard, Devouring So Many People He Became A Monstrous Blob Eldritch Abomination, Climax Boss, The Only Lord Of Cinder To Be Flat Out Evil, Completely Unsympathetic, Cannibalism Superpower, Theophagy, Luxuriating In His Victim's Screams, Was Once a Man
  • Domains: Gluttony, Cannibalism, Monsters, Blobs, Sludge, Darkness
  • Heralds: The Aldrich Faithful
  • Followers: Malacath, Akalich, Torg
  • Divine Servant to: Pontiff Sulyvahn
  • Allies: Darkseid
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Kirei Kotomine, Gilgamesh (Nasuverse)
  • Enemies:
  • Aldrich was formerly a holy cleric that originated from Irithyll, but after obtaining visions of a "deep sea", he began eating people to obtain power, and later founded the Church of the Deep, which provided Aldrich with a good amount of sacrifices to feed him. During his time, he shared his Ruby and Sapphire to his followers to show them the final shutters of life while enjoying his victim's screams. His vision of the "deep sea" often intoxicated his followers or even corrupted them into Deep Accursed, and even the Deep turned him into a rotting sludge, and still retained his hunger. At one point, he became a Lord of Cinder, though it's unknown if he was either forced to do this, or he become one through sheer might after being imprisoned in the Cathedral of the Deep. After seeing the end of the Age of Fire, he began to dream of the Old Gods of Lordran, and neglected his throne for devouring gods. Eventually, with the help of Pontiff Sulyvahn, alongside the Church of the Deep, he managed to devour Gwyndolin, and was implied to also devour Smough during his last stand at Anor Londo, and possibly Gravelord Nito's corpse as well. During his devouring of Gwyndolin, he dreamt of a pale girl in hiding, resulting in him gaining the power of Lifehunt. By the time the Ashen One came to return him to his throne, most of the damage was already done and was eventually finished off.
  • His ascension to the Pantheon was rather unorthodox: rather than receiving approval at the Court of the Gods, Aldrich instead ascended through sheer might, with many of the more moral villainous deities expressing horror at his temple, which was a Deep-defiled Anor Londo. Needless say, upon hearing of this, the Ashen One quickly prepared a massive armory to prevent the Deep from spreading all over the place.
  • His covenant, the Aldrich Faithful, protects him from any intruders that dare to interrupt his gourmet, and farm Human Dregs from their corpses to offer to their deity.
    • It's been also found out that the Ashen One used to be part of the covenant. However, the Ashen One has stated that they only joined the covenant because they wanted to learn the knowledge of the Great Deep Soul sorcery. After this, they later exited the covenant out of disgust, and later turned against him. The Ashen One has since tried to make up for this by assisting those who seek to defy Aldrich.
  • Aside from the Ashen One, Aldrich has also made a lot of enemies from his home realm too:
    • Lord Gwyn was appalled to learn that he not just defiled Anor Londo and corrupted his faithful Silver Knights, but also ate Gwyndolin. While he did raise him as the opposite sex, at least he would never resort to such debauchery.
    • Ornstein and Smough have the same reasons for opposing Aldrich, especially regarding Smough since he died during his Last Stand against the Church of the Deep. Ornstein in particular feels a bit regretful that he was unable to come back in time to save Smough from the defilers.
    • Knight Artorias also has a grudge against him for the same reason, but he also found out that his Greatsword can also inflict additional damage towards him, making him a viable threat to Aldrich.
    • The Chosen Undead, being a former Darkmoon Knight, was horrified to see the remains of Gwyndolin sticking out of Aldrich. To make things worse, reports from the Chosen Undead indicate that Gwyndolin is still alive yet not in control of his body. This left the Chosen Undead into a period of trauma, before taking up arms against Aldrich.
    • Surprisingly enough, even Manus appears to oppose the abomination. While the Abyss may have a neutral but corrupting influence, it has produced non-hostile entities. The Deep, on the other hand, used to be a place where souls peacefully rest until something corrupted it. While they may look the same, there are enough viable theories that they are very different.
  • Even since his ascension, the Aldrich Faithful have been seeking members to increase their strength into protecting Aldrich.
    • Kirei Kotomine, having sacrificed a lot of orphans from the Fuyuki fire to have their mana fed to Gilgamesh during the 5th Holy Grail War, has joined as of the enforcers. However, while he does indeed enjoy pain, the only reason why he even enjoys it is because he is still wondering why is he born evil in the first place, not helping by his moral compass tell him that's wrong. The same goes for the servant he brought over as well, Gilgamesh, also with different reasons; One, he was met with a cruel death with a similar entity called The Shadow at one point, and Two, his defilement of Anor Londo reminded him of Babylonia being drowned by the Primordial Sea of Life by Tiamat.
    • Darkseid, believing that the Age of the Deep Sea would bring despair and nihilism to the people that he eats, views him as an essential tool into bringing the Tyranny that was Apokolips into the Pantheon, and currently acts as one of the major members of the Aldrich Faithful.

Does this look like the face of Mercy to you?
Apr 19th 2019 at 2:21:32 PM

Felt like posting Richard Wagner. I haven't figured out a lot of interactions and text for him yet, so I'd like a bit of help in that regard. Some of the obvious interactions such as Brynhildr and Bugs Bunny I haven't pinpointed yet.

Wilheim Richard Wagner, Patron Saint of Leitmotifs (Wataru Otoha, Wa-kun, World Amazing Galaxy Never Ending Revolution)
As a Classicaloid 
  • Demigod (Lesser God as a Classicaloid)
  • Symbol: His signature
  • Signature Song: Ride of the Valkyries
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Opera (Prefers Them Being Called "Music-Dramas"), Various Leitmotifs including Theme Song Reveal, Mood Motif, and Fanfare, Having Notable Music Snippets Heard in Other Fictional Works
  • Domains: Music, Mindsets
  • Allies: Ludwig van Beethoven, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  • Admired by: Nazi deities
  • With a portfolio that includes iconic music-dramas (he doesn't like the word "opera") such as The Ring of the Nibelung, Richard Wagner was one of the most important figures of classical music. One of the most notable features of Wagner's music-dramas was leitmotifs, pieces of music used to associate a particular character, setting, or even idea. Even though he held some controversial viewpoints, Wagner's influence when it came to music can't be denied. His musical compositions have been referenced in later works and leitmotifs of all kinds have been utilized in not just music-dramas, but other types of visual media.
  • During his younger years, Wagner listened to Beethoven's 7th and 9th Symphonies, and also witnessed a performance of Mozart's Requiem. Beethoven was one of Wagner's major inspirations and made a number of early piano sonatas and orchestral overtures before his career went further, with a piano transcription of Beethoven's 9th Symphony as among one of Wagner's early works. Wagner himself ended up meeting Mozart and Beethoven again in the Pantheon and while the latter two are wary of some of his viewpoints, they still see him as a talented musician.
  • Like Beethoven and Mozart, Wagner also has a Classicaloid form; in this case it resembles that of a teenage boy. By pretending to be the long-lost son of Kanae Otoha, landlady of the house she and the other Classicaloids live in, Wagner decided to set forth a plan that would bring out a revolution of some sort. Despite being a "botched" Classicaloid, he was able to steal the other Classicaloids' Musik in addition to using his own to move further with his plans. In the end when things started getting chaotic while trying to get the Classicaloids' creator to acknowledge him, the other Classicaloids helped Kanae reach Wagner and she was able to get him to calm down.

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Apr 19th 2019 at 2:42:13 PM

Stefan is going up today

Galahad: [tup]

"What the fuck is the Pantheon?"

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Come on, Nasu! Just give us the TSUKIHIME REMAKE!!!
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The Last of the Myreque.
Apr 19th 2019 at 3:16:31 PM

[up][up][up] I'm pretty sure Pontiff Sulyvahn serves Aldrich and not the other way around.

I'm also wondering If The Hunter, Lady Maria, The Great ones and The Plain Doll would have some kind of reason to be enemies of Aldrich. Other than that it's looking good.

The Rosers were red, The Drownies are blue, I know What the Thunder Said, Do you?
Apr 19th 2019 at 3:32:11 PM

Lock@ Daniel Bryan uses the Ride of the Valkyrie as his entrance theme. He actually mentioned it be a cool entrance song.

Gacha Is A Lie.
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Apr 19th 2019 at 3:33:01 PM

@r-lock: some interaction with Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd given that they parodied Wagner.

Hello, my baby. Hello, my honey. Hello, my ragtime gal.
RJ-19-CLOVIS-93 from New Zealand
Apr 19th 2019 at 3:42:42 PM

@ Whirl: Fate will waifu everything and everyone it can

Again, what should be added to these two?

90's Dude, God of Drop-In Characters (formerly 90's kid. Real name: Evelyn)
  • House: Character Actions (House of Characterization)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His t-shirt acronym of wysiwygnote 
  • Theme Song: Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Fanboy of the The Dark Age of Comic Books and The '90s, Totally Radical, Extremely Excitable, Loves The 90s Because They Were Fun, Hidden Depths, Drop-In Character, Actually A Technical Savant, Idolizes Rob Liefeld, No Indoor Voice, Disco Dan, Embarassing First Name
  • Domains: The 90s, Slang, Excitement, Guns and Blood, Extroverted Personalities, Pop-Ups
  • Fanboy of: Again, The 90s, most characters that showed up in the Sega Genesis and comic book characters from the 1990s, the House of Firearms
  • Allies: Linkara, Wade Wilson/Deadpool, Spawn, Philip J Fry, Ash Ketchum, Blue Oak, The Venom Symbiote, Eddie Brock, Wander(Wander Over Yonder)
  • On speaking terms with: Ash Crimson and Lance Bishop
  • Enemies: MISSINGNO/THE ENTITY, Lord Vyce, Griffith, Emperor Ganishka, Ayana Sakanagi
  • Annoys: Guts (despite/because he's a fanboy of them), Alan Moore
  • Linkara is wont to riff on the 90s in comic books. The edginess, the attempts at being "extreme" and general ridiculousness. And when something ridiculous like that shows up, expect 90's Dude(originally 90's Kid) to pop up and explain in his own way about it. Though a gag, he has evolved into a more well-rounded character than you'd expect.
  • Obsesses over the 90s, he was upset to learn that Rob Liefeld, who he practically worships, wasn't in the pantheon. The House of Time and Space has questioned his credentials as an actual 90's kid, given if he really is a teengar he shouldn't have grown up in the 90's. Some think he was sent through a time vortex, others think he's just a Manchild.
  • Meeting Deadpool, he initially wanted a means of contacting Rob Liefeld as he was the one who created Deadpool. Linkara scoffed at this, believing Liefeld's Deadpool was an Early Installment Weirdness In Name Only and that Liefeld didn't make him the merc with a mouth. Deadpool didn't know or care for contacting Liefeld, but his humor is still something 90's Dude enjoyed.
  • Was overjoyed to learn so many characters from The Dark Age of Comic Books and characters that showed up in the Sega Genesis were in the pantheon. 90's Dude loves him some Darker and Edgier stories, being that he's a knock on the Dork Age of comics that Linkara sees a lot of the 90's as. Immediately fanboyed over Venom and Spawn, due to their iconic role.
  • It wasn't long until he annoyed Guts and Shadow the Hedgehog. While Guts did pioneer many '90s Anti-Hero tropes(in 1989), he's a much more subtle one and more complicated than 90's Dude gives him credit. He also annoys Alan Moore because he completely misses the point in his darker stories and Moore doesn't like him thinking he should take "credit" for the Darker and Edgier state of comics afterwards.
  • Though he loves edginess, he drew the line at Superboy-Prime killing a pregnant woman. He didn't care for Emperor Ganishka feeding pregnant women to crocodiles and mutating their fetuses to make monsters, or Griffith raping Casca and corrupting the fetus. And he was definitely in the "fuck Swim Swim" camp because she killed a pregnant woman.
  • Was impersonated by the Entity, aka Missingno. 90's Dude has had a recurring issue with being mistaken for turning traitor, since he was later working with Lord Vyce in an Enemy Mine situation since the Entity was Not Quite Dead. While Vyce would die a villain and turn on him, he is sad that it turned out that way. Due to being mistaken for treachery and impersonated by villains, he can relate to Ash Crimson and Lance Bishop.
  • Perhaps it's because of Missingno/the Entity, or perhaps it's because of his fandom towards the 90's, but he has sided with Ash along with Blue. He considers Blue's Jerkass days as what made him an effective rival in the games, and tends to refer to him as Gary more often. He gets along with Philip J Fry since he was like him, a slacker from the 1990s.
  • Is attempting to get his Bloodgun fan comics published, and make "the Bloodgun of Bloodgun" an object in Treasures. It hasn't gone anywhere. 90's Dude is content idolizing the various weapons and their holders in the House of Firearms.
  • He's actually pretty good at maintenance, and isn't as stupid as he seems. He likes the 90's because he felt it was fun, and the good parts specifically. Some part of him is well aware of the "so bad it's good" nature of the edginess he enjoys, but doesn't care as he's a For Happiness kind of guy. Which is probably why he supports Wander and his goals.

Margaret, Goddess of Dark Retcons (The Magic Gun)
The Magic Gun held by Linkara
  • House: Reveals and Twists (House of Narrative)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her current form, the Magic Gun
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Dark And Surprising Walking Spoiler (used to parody A Wizard Did It), Human Sacrifice By Her Own Parents Who Destroyed Them With Her Newfound Power, Spirit Advisor, Powered By A Girl's Soul, Not-So-Imaginary Friend
  • Domains: Magic, Guns, Sacrifice, Dark Rituals, Compassion
  • Allies: Linkara, The Heroic Protectors of Family, Leah, N, Satsuki Kiryuin, Sweet P, the Silent Hill protagonists, The Elric brothers, Casper, Seras Victoria
  • On speaking terms with: The Marionette, Altera
  • Enemies: Missingno/The Entity , Lord Vyce, The Child Abuse Supporters, Ragyo Kiryuin, Adrian, Diablo, Ghetsis Harmonia, Shou Tucker, Lord Tirek, The Incubators
  • Sympathy for the Devil for: Alma Wade
  • Wary of: The House of Otherness Abominations, The SCP Foundation
  • One of Linkara's most valued commodities is the Magic Gun. When asked how it works, he says "it's magic, I don't have to explain it" as a slight against Joe Quesada handwaving issues. In truth, it(or rather, she) was a child of cultists of the Entity, who tortured and killed her to forge her into a weapon. She used this newfound power to get back at her tormentors. Her name is Margaret.
  • Popped up missing from Linkara, in the House of Weapons. There she met Seras Victoria, who had her own tragic background(though involving her parents' suffering rather than them causing it) and love of guns, and who figured there was some intelligence within the gun. Margret found herself relating to Altera, being a Living Weapon.
  • Can manifest as a ghost, however only Linkara can see her. Despite the bloody ritual that made her the Magic Gun she has an optimistic outlook. The hate and pain of the experience manifested as Dolorem, who Mechkara used to gaslight Linkara into thinking he was the monster of her father, almost killing himself over it. Very much unlike Alma Wade, who remains consumed in her rage. She doesn't agree with her, but she can easily sympathize.
  • She is friendly with Casper as they are essentially ghosts of kids, but nice ones. She also likes to play with Sweet P. Sweet P is the reborn version of an entity arguably worse than the Entity, but wants to be a good boy. The Marionette, being a murdered child reborn, also relates to her. While Margaret appreciates this, she feels her methods are too much.
  • Her origin was something out of Silent Hill, with the cult leader Whately being involved. The protagonists of the Silent Hill series pity her condition. The SCP Foundation was more cold, as they initially wanted her to be contained as an SCP, however decided that it's best with Linkara. She doesn't like them, though. She also doesn't like the Abominations sub-house, mainly because of what the Entity is like and while they may not be interested in her, she fears their cultists are.
  • Because of how she became the Magic Gun, Margaret has nothing but contempt for the Child Abuse Supporters and those who would weaponize their offspring. She was horrified to learn of Shou Tucker due to how he turned his daughter into a chimeric abomination for a research grant. Linkara is all too happy to honor her wishes to blast him. The Elric brothers are working to make her current existence more comfortable.
  • Ghetsis is also on her hit list as much like how she was born only for her parents to later sacrifice, Ghetsis only adopted N to later use for his ambitions of power and planned to dispose of later. Or Ragyo Kiryuin for her atrocious treatment of her daughter/s. But Adrian is particularly high on her hit list since she raised her daughter as a host for ultimate evil, which hits home.
  • To prevent further abuse, she has sided with the Heroic Protectors of Family. Because of the situation with her own monstrous parents, she can easily relate to Leah, N and Satsuki Kiryuin. Margaret can be found in the House of Magic studying, and conversing on the different fields of magic. Naturally, she stays away from Lord Tirek. It's been discovered that she's holding back a lot of power, but mainly to make sure Linkara remains on the good side and stopped working at the time where he was about to turn evil. Now that he's more heroic, she can be expected to do more.

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