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louisent31 Hello, I'm Kinda There Relationship Status: Longing for my OTP
Hello, I'm Kinda There
Mar 14th 2019 at 9:08:05 PM

Crownless [tup]

RJ I would rather drop Tauros because it only has like three tails (and also bevause I want to give it to Kurama) and Slowking because I'm sure there is one slowking in the pantheon already

Actually I would remove all of then except for the lake guardians and celebi

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Give us the Tsukihime remake!!!
RJ-19-CLOVIS-93 from New Zealand
Mar 14th 2019 at 9:59:41 PM

How many votes should be given before you are allowed to delete a profile of yours?

Stand repost of these GOI

The Church of the Broken God and Sarkicism, Divine Orders Of Conflict Between Machinery And Organics (The Church Of The Broken God: the Mekhanites (alternate, more accurate name). Sarkicism: The Sarkic Cults, the Flesh (alternate description), "Nälkä" (preferred description))

  • Votes: 3(nightelf37, Crownless Mimic, louisent31)
  • Date of ascension: 17 March(repost 15 March)
  • House: Technology (ambiguous ranking)
  • Rank: Varies from Quasideity to borderline Greater God for followers, Overdeities for their deities(at least when complete)
  • Symbol: Their respective religious symbols
  • Gods:
    • Mekhane: The Broken God, The Fragmented One, WAN, The Eternal Network, Fuxi, The Maker Of Machines, Hakhama, The Great Voice, Sophia, (hopefully) not SCP-001(Twisted Gears-Katus' Proposal) (The Church Of The Broken God)
    • Yaldabaoth: The Demiurge, The God Of Flesh, Važjuma, Saklas, Samael, God-Eater, Devourer, His Undulating Vastness, The Great Winnower, The God Of Flesh, Nüwa, The Dragon In The Great Brass Cage (Sarkicism)
  • Factions: The Broken Church, Cogworth Orthodoxy, Church of Maxwellism (The Church of the Broken God)
  • Alignment: Blue and Orange Morality as a whole, usually either Neutral or Evil to outsiders(and Sarkicism is the more chaotic of the two), though personal alignment varies
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Anomalies, Faith (both), Technology, Cybernetics, Division (Church Of The Broken God), Flesh, Freedom, Mutation (Sarkicism)
  • Interested in: Primus (The Church of the Broken God), Lucifer (Sarkicism)
  • Alliesnote :
  • Complicated relationship with: The Eliksni (The Church of the Broken God)
  • Enemies: Each other (more on the Church Of The Broken God's side), The SCP Foundation (not always with the Church of the Broken God), YHVH, The Imperium Of Mankind
  • On poor terms with: Zenyatta
  • The world of the SCP Foundation has many organizations surrounding the anomalous, and there are many gods and faiths found in this world. Two of the most noticable are the Church of the Broken God (or Mekhanites as they'd prefer) and the various Sarkic cults. They venerate technology and flesh respectively, hoping to see the world change for that. They do not like each other, though it's more one-sided with the Church.
  • Applies to both:
    • When it comes these faiths, none of the Grand Alliances appeal to them besides the obvious GUAM to the Church of the Broken God. While both can be mistaken as evil by some, they have Blue and Orange Morality as a whole. Cosmos wishes to regulate their behavior and encourage the more moral side of them, Melkor wants to encourage their negative attributes and Lucifer is curious about their ambitions.
    • YHVH had a unanimous opposition to both faiths. He detests either's plans for ascension using other anomalous objects and gods instead of using His own path. The Imperium of Mankind also fiercely opposes both faiths, believing Sarkicism is equal to Chaos and a perversion of Mars' machine worship.
  • Applies to the Church of the Broken God:
    • The Church of the Broken God has three important denominations. The Broken Church uses Clock Punk and believes Mekhane must be restored piece by piece. In the pantheon, they have a fascination with other clockwork creatures and believe Chronos is an important piece of Mekhane. The Cogwork Orthodoxy focuses on Steam Punk late Industrial Revolution technologies and ritualizes industrial mass-production, which intrigues some in the House of Commerce. The Church of Maxwellism is of the Cyber Punk variety and believes their deity will be reconstructed through connecting all minds into a computer network.
    • The Church of the Broken God is of the general belief that flesh is evil and "broken", and want to enlighten humanity, involving restoring their deity Mekhane. They believe a number of SCPs are pieces of this deity. Given this belief, followers are often seen rummaging in the Treasury, which the Court of the Gods has had to scold them multiple times for. They have asked Gate for help in deciphering technology.
    • As mentioned, they are staunch allies to the Grand United Alliance of Machines. They're the closest any group in the pantheon comes to their faith, though the different churches have different views on the GUAM. However they do not take kindly to the likes of SKYNET or Sigma, as while flesh is broken in their eyes humans should ascend rather than be completely destroyed and supplanted.
    • They hate AM for how he uses technology to warp and torture humanity. Zenyatta is wary towards some of their morally ambiguous or morally alien attitudes towards worshiping technology, as does Primus, but would rather leave the Church alone. The Church of the Broken God seems to venerate Primus to an extent, believing he has a close connection to Mekhane and might help them in restoring their deity.
    • In spite of their own resentment towards humanity the Eliksni, or rather most of them, would get along with the Church of the Broken God given their own fanaticism with technology. They especially get along with the Devil Splicers given their goals of transcending flesh to machine isn't all that different to their own. On the other side, Eliksni allied with the Scorn see them as disgusting for sharing beliefs not unlike the old ways with the Eliksni. For that, the Scorn believe they should be wiped out too in order to be 'reborn'.
  • Applies to Sarkicism:
    • Sarkicism is usually divided into two factions. Proto-Sarkicism is known for its acute technophobia and eschew modernity, so they stay away from the House of Technology and values both humility and self-sacrifice. Neo-Sarkicism is cosmopolitan and unified compared to the fractured Proto-Sarkicism, and embrace modernity. They also support hedonism and the right to achieve your pleasures and desires, so they naturally seem fond of Slaanesh. Both seem to have their eye on Nurgle and Shub-Niggurath for the flesh manipulation and association.
    • Sarkicism believe that God and possibly all gods are uncaring Blind Idiots who only exist to feed off reality(ironic, given the Imperium's stance on them) and they're parasites who will feed off and get strength from them. For this reason, Lucifer's cause actually appeals to them somewhat though he is yet to make a final decision on them or not. Yaldabaoth was upset by this as he thought being the namesake of their god, he could use this to manipulate them. Not that he has anything in common with their Yaldabaoth anyway.
    • Sarkic cults are often considered a Religion of Evil, given their common practices of manipulating flesh and hopes of conquering the world. However they believe these things to be good things, and some like SCP-2815 are peaceful communities, so it depends on the group and individual like any religion. All put a strong emphasis on the importance of family, so they don't like the Child Abuse Supporters. The Heroic Protectors Of Family doesn't look too favorably at them, though knows they aren't inherently evil and like that family is one of their virtues.

The Fifth Church, Divine Amalgamated Religion
  • Votes: 3(nightelf37, Crownless Mimic, louisent31)
  • Date of ascension: 17 March(repost 15 March)
  • House: Religious Practice (House of Faith)
  • Intermediate Deity-level as an organization, with some Overdeity-level feats
  • Symbol: See the image above
  • Theme Song: You and Me
  • Alignment: Blue and Orange Morality
  • Portfolio: Church of Happyology, Interfaith Smoothie, Believing Stars Have Power, Comical, Yet Dangerous, New Age, Assimilation Plot, Seeks The End Of Personality As A Good Thing, Apocalypse Cult, Reality Warper
  • Domains: Faith, New Age Philosophy, Religious Integration, Changing Reality, Assimilation, Ascension, Memes
  • Interests: The Chaos Gods, particularly Tzeentch
  • Interested in: Those with Star Power (especially Aurelion Sol), the House of Popularity
  • Allies: Keel Lorenz
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: The Old Gods
  • Rivals: The Illuminati, Yamato Hotsuin, Kiara Sesshouin, Cyrus, The Flying Spaghetti Monster, any faith for that matter
  • Enemies: The SCP Foundation, YHVH and especially Lucifer, Rosalina, Maxwell, The Emperor of Mankind, the other Neon Genesis Evangelion deities, Charles Victor Zsasz/The Question
  • Opposed by: Ostara, the House of Knowledge
  • The Fifth Church is a rather peculiar faith. A secretive religious society around astral symbolism, they come off as a hybrid of New Age belief and other faiths or philosophies such as Christianity, communism and whatever they can integrate in. They're a peculiar and influential church, but the Fifthists are not to be underestimated given their use of anomalous items and ideas.
  • They have a lot of celebrity members, their own cruise ship and even some SCP Foundation members. It reminds a lot of people of a sci-fi, lawsuit-happy organization. For this reason, they have their eyes on the House of Popularity and the various celebrities in the pantheon. The Foundation has increased their surveillance of "Fifthists" for this.
  • The Illuminati regards the Fifth Church as a rival towards their enigmatic goals and interests. This has not made the Illumati(or the Fifth Church for that matter) any easier to understand. The Fifth Church regards Kiara Sesshouin as a rival as well. Asides from conflicting long-term goals, they recognize how she incorporates and alters Buddhism in an angle very different from the original faith. It reminds them of how they incorporate other beliefs.
  • It's simpler to say that pretty much all and any faith is a potential rival for the Fifth Church. Ostara does not like their habit of co-opting different belief systems for their own, considering she was a victim of Christianity doing that to her. The Flying Spaghetti Monster finds them amusing if competitive, and its a mutual feeling by Fifthists.
  • Northern Fifthists think stars have power, though whether they are a source of power or not is unclear. For this reason, they spend a lot of time in the Planetary & Celestial sub-house. They are most fascinated by Rosalina and Aurelion Sol. While Aurelion doesn't care about what they're doing, Rosalina doesn't like their larger ambitions.
  • The ultimate goal of the Fifth Church is to ascend to the "Fifth World" and live as gods. This involves an Assimilation Plot that'd involve the Death of Personality for everyone involved. they see this as a good thing. Keel Lorenz is the only god so far that would wholeheartedly agree with it, which has gotten them the opposition of the other Evangelion gods.
  • Cyrus was more uncertain about where he sides with the Fifth Church. While he seems to respect their goals and conviction, it conflicts with his own opinions on what is best. This was something Yamato Hotsuin similarly felt, leading to both of the visionaries being rivals to the Fifth Church.
  • Neither Lucifer or YHVH like the Fifth Church. While many Fifthists belief systems preach on The Evils of Free Will, their hopes of ascension into a higher, divine form goes against YHVH's plans of making humanity His worshippers forever. The Old Ones were the Shin Megami Tensei deities who's goals for mankind were the closest to the Fifth Church. Even then, it's tenuous as Fifthists vary on where they stand with them.
  • Upon learning about them, the Emperor of Mankind rambled on them being yet another example of his belief of religion being bad. He got even grumpier when they started to co-opt the Imperium's beliefs for their own purposes, as they have throughout history. He believes that they are the most vulnerable to the taint of Chaos. To be fair, the Ruinous Powers were interested in them and their desires to shape reality made them attractive converts. Tzeentch is most interested in them as his countless gambits is even more enigmatic that the Fifthists.
  • While they seem goofy and harmless, they are far more than that. Most of their religion involves altering reality for one's own benefit rather than adjusting to reality. It's this reason why they targeted Maxwell and their book, given they almost destroyed reality with a self-help book . SCP-2456 allows them to Ret Gone those who learn too much of them, putting them at odds with the House of Knowledge. The Question, conspiracy theorists he is, was confidant that they were up to no good.

Representing New Zealand, TV Tropes addict
Mar 14th 2019 at 11:26:54 PM

Thomas the Tank Engine, God of Steam Engines
  • Rank: Lesser God
  • Symbol: His face
  • Theme Song: Thomas the Tank Engine Theme
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Attention Whore (Formerly), Breakout Character, Era-Specific Personality, Escaper of Seasonal Rot, Honor Before Reason, Remaining in Commission Despite Dieselization
  • Domains: Trains, Steam, Reliability
  • Heralds: The steam engines on the Isle of Sodor.
  • Followers: The Astrotrain, The Hogwarts Express, The Flying Dutchman, The Galaxy Express 999, The cast of Starlight Express
  • Allies: Ryotaro Nogami, Ressha Sentai ToQger, Mara Wilson, Anna Kozuki, Valerie Frizzle, Optimus Prime, George Carlin, Ringo Starr, SpongeBob, Sonic The Hedgehog, Link, Zelda, Many children deities
  • Enemies: Megatron, Starscream
  • The former high priest of Ryotaro Nogami, Thomas ascended due to being one of the more long-running examples of trains, especially during a time when steam engines were being replaced, as well as enduring through eras of differing quality.
  • His temple mirrors that of Big Station. All of his steam friends are allowed limited access to the area. One of Thomas and Friends' main roles in the pantheon is helping transport freight between houses. The means may be slow compared to that of other modes of transportation, but they have proven to be a reliable bunch.
  • Thomas has sometimes been summoned by Yukari Yakumo before his ascension. Even after ascension, Thomas doesn't mind being summoned, but he wishes she would give him a warning first.
  • Thomas was surprised to see Mara Wilson, as they once had an adventure that they somewhat regret.
    • Thomas was also pleased to meet Ringo Starr and George Carlin as both have told stories about him and his friends before his ascension. Some of those stories weren't that pleasant to his kin, but he does admit it was funny to watch.
  • Is rumored to be a transforming robot similar to a Zord or a Transformer, an idea Thomas has repeatedly denied. Still, he maintains a good relationship with the two groups. Megatron does not like Thomas' motto of being a really useful engine.
  • His theme song is considered by many rap gods to be the greatest rap beat ever made. Rappers all around the The Multiverse were amazed at how thoroughly the theme meshes with virtually every rap song imaginable.
  • Is considered a prevalent figure in modding, appearing in realms such as Skyrim
  • Robot Chicken once made a short about Thomas being hijacked. Many gods noticed that he sounded like Harry Potter during the scene. It... wasn't an enjoyable experience for any of the steam engines involved. Thomas also didn't think the Isle would ever replace them with Hummers.
  • Despite being involved in a few races on Sodor, Thomas is not too involved with many of the speedsters in the Pantheon. Thomas does get along with Sonic as both can relate to having an obsessive pink admirer.
  • Link surprised the tank engine when he revealed that one of his incarnations was also the Hero of Trains. As usual, Zelda was there to assist the hero of time, only this time she was in spirit form. One can now add train riding as one of Link's many skills, helping to direct the steam engines in Thomas' domain.

Yogi Bear, God of Delimitative Ring Collars
  • Theme Song: The Yogi Bear Show Intro
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: Hs head with the ring collar
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: The First TV Breakout Character who's "smarter than the average bear, Has 'Bear' as his last name, Loveable Rogue, Big Eater, a Funny Bear, will still give you a beating for hurting Boo Boo
  • Domains: Animal, Trickery
  • Herald: Boo Boo Bear
  • Allies: Casper, Mystery Inc.,
  • Enemies: Smokey the Bear
  • Feared by: Billy
  • Observed by: Steve Irwin
  • Uneasy Relationship: Winnie the Pooh, Paddington Bear
  • Odd Friendship: Lazlo, Raj, and Clam
  • Fears: Zangief
  • It all started with reports in the House of Nature that campers kept on losing their picnic baskets. Sherlock Holmes and Watson were hired to find the culprit. Holmes' stellar detective skills deducted that the culprit resided in the House of Beasts. Clues led them over to a forest. It was there that the two encountered two bears who had already eaten the food. While the bears made their getaway thanks to a clever diversion, the detective had enough information to reach a conclusion; that Yogi Bear and his partner Boo Boo Bear have established a home there. Parks have subsequently blanked the area with 'Do not feed the animals' signs, but it's unlikely that will stop them. After all, Yogi is smarter than the average bear.
  • Their ascension and subsequent mischief exposed a shocking revelation: there was no official park ranger in the Pantheon. As it is rare to have such characters as protagonists, the park rangers were divided into several fates. While Yogi was delighted that this makes the likelihood of the Park Ranger Smith ascending slim, he does miss the antics he played on him.
  • Steve Irwin was up to the task of tracking the two bears. But instead of capturing them, the Australian had decided instead to keep watch over the two. Sure he would try to get them to turn in any picnic baskets if he sees them in the act, but he figured it would be better if he teaches them how to eat a bear's natural diet. Steve has his work cut out for him on that, as Yogi has frequently voiced his disgust in such edibles.
  • One would expect for scouts to adhere to the notion not to feed the animals. Instead, Lazlo respects their free-thinking as bears trying things out of the norm. He has stopped short of openly helping the bears in their schemes, but he has offered food for them at times when pickings are low.
  • Shaggy and Scooby were already acquainted with the duo. While they haven't met before, he told a story of genies in their likeness in such a detailed way that one had to wonder if it was a real tale. Most would chalk it up to interpreting the classic Aladdin story, but the two bears have sworn that the tales were indeed true.
  • The two also were part of a crew that celebrated Casper's first Christmas. While things were delayed by a scrooge of a ghost, the gang was eventually able to change his mind on the subject. Yogi agreed to keep the friendly ghost company every Christmas since their ascension.
  • The wrestler Zangief was excited to have another bear to wrestle. Neither Yogi nor Boo Boo are the type to raise fisticuffs and instead have taken an astonishing amount of effort to avoid the Russian wrestler at all times.
  • Meanwhile, Billy has his own reasons for avoiding the bear. The two nearly assaulted him while he was walking down the park. The two admitted it wasn't their best picnic basket heist, blaming it on the last meal they had.
  • Bear deities Winnie the Pooh and Paddington do try to be friendly towards Yogi Bear, but have distanced themselves from their antics. It wasn't that they were antagonistic towards Yogi Bear, just that they didn't think it was nice to steal from others. Winnie the Pooh was especially against stealing from Christopher Robin. For their part, Yogi and Boo Boo have avoided doing so.
  • Smokey has been more antagonistic towards the two. While the two done a good job in preventing wildfires, he was not a fan of their basket-stealing ways. As the only park ranger deity, he tasked himself for keeping the bears from stealing food from campers.

nightelf37 The Keyblade, Mermaid, and Pony Seeker from Hadithi (it's Swahili for 'story') Relationship Status: Brony
The Keyblade, Mermaid, and Pony Seeker
Mar 15th 2019 at 12:09:53 AM

I think Smokey would merely oppose Yogi.

No-[tup]s Mode

Profile updated.

Yukari Yakumo, Ran Yakumo, and Chen, Goddess Triumvirate of Nested Ownership (The Yakumo Family, Yukari: Mastermind behind the Spiriting Away, Youkai of Boundaries, Gatekeeper of Gensokyo, The Gap Youkai, Elusive and Two-Faced Youkai, Yukarin, Sukima, Babaa, Ran: Shikigami of the Youkai of Boundaries, Shikigami of the Gap Youkai, Unusual Animal, Scheming Nine-Tailed Fox, Suppa-Tenko, Chen: Black Cat of Bad Omens, Shikigami of the Shikigami of the Gap Youkai, Hyperactive Monster Cat)
Left to right: Chen, Yukari, Ran

Edited by nightelf37 on Mar 15th 2019 at 12:11:43 PM

If you can't go around it, go through it fast. Personas and Nanos, make 'em here
RJ-19-CLOVIS-93 from New Zealand
Mar 15th 2019 at 12:27:40 AM

Pokemon I'm fine dropping and free their trope/have supplanted for better examples: Beedrill (it's not really a proper bee or wasp for Bee Afraid), Magcargo (only really applies to its dex entry), Delibird (Rummage Fail is more implied than anything with Present, it also doesn't necessarily need this move), Celebi (even in the same franchise, there are better examples of Kryptonite Is Everywhere), Drifblim (Living Gasbag feels better suited for an alien)

Representing New Zealand, TV Tropes addict
louisent31 Hello, I'm Kinda There Relationship Status: Longing for my OTP
Hello, I'm Kinda There
Mar 15th 2019 at 1:48:34 AM

[up][up] I want to see Ran interacting with Tails, because despite the fact he's not ana actual kitsune, he has two tails which has the ability to make him fly

I also want to see Ran interact with Kurama because he is also one and Naruto and Kushina because Kurama is sealed inside them (although for the latter, it's formerly)

Also Fox Mc Cloud, because while he doesnt have any multiple taisl, he is a capable man who doesn't need any some sort of superpowers and is also a good-hearted mercernary

For Chenn, Koneko Toujo because she is a nekomata

For both Ran and Chen, Ryuk and Rem from Death Note because they are both shikigami and I always get confused because shinigami and shikigami almost have the same letters and I always switch them with each other. And because of this, I also want to see them interact with Light Yagami and Misa Amane because I believe they are contracted with them

For the whole trio, the sub-house of Youkai (Koneko is actually in that subhouse)

Patrickthekid [tup] for both

There are more interactions I want Yogi to have despite giving hin a [tup]

He actually made a cameo in The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, I want to see how he addresses that

I also want to see him interact with the Care Bears

I want him to interact with Justin Timberlake bevause he actually voice Boo Boo in the live action film

RJ I'm actually now okay with deleting all of them after seeing your reasons. I think you need more people to agree with you so that they could be removed though

[down] I want to see her interact sith other foxes or also foxes with multiple tails sich as Tails, Kurama and Fox

I want to see her interact with Nero. I forgot if Nero actually knew about Tamamo's true identity and speculations about other identities, but I could see Nero having some sort of rivalry or some other relationship to Daji just because she somewhat reminds her of Tamamo because with the the whole kitsune and multiple tails thing and such

I could see Daji getting along with the evil aligned deities of the subhouse of demons

Also, did you find a trope for Mei Fang? Because I dont see anyone having the anime chinese girl trope or the huamnoid robots trope or the unfettered trope

[down][down] Yes because most of them aside from Ashe and the newly released hero has a fucking trope in the pantheon

Edited by louisent31 on Mar 15th 2019 at 5:45:06 PM

Give us the Tsukihime remake!!!
TPPR10 I am here from Finland Relationship Status: Squeeeeeeeeeeeee!
I am here
Mar 15th 2019 at 2:21:42 AM

I guess I could use approval.

Daji, Goddess of Impersonating their Dead Victims (Su Da Ji, The Thousand-Year-Old Vixen, Millennium Fox, The Nine-Tailed Fox, Dakki)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: The Paolao
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Huli jing, Corrupting Emperor Zhou, Really Likes Torturing People, Killed the Real Daji for Her Guise, The Hedonist, Shapeshifting/Demonic Possession (or both)
  • Domains: Foxes, Torture, Revenge, Evil
  • Allies: SCP-953, Desaad
  • Enemies: Ahri, Dougen, Yomi
  • Heralds: Pipa Jing and Jiutou Zhiji Jing
  • Daji was known as the favourite consort of Emperor Zhou of Shang. Well, the human named that. However, the one more well known by that name is the thousand-year-old huli jing who was tasked by goddess Nuwa to ruin Emepror Zhou's life and bring his rule to end for his lust forwards her. She did it by killing and possessing the real Daji and playing her role as Zhou's concubine to corrupt him while enjoying the privileges to appeal her sadistic desires and curiosity.
  • Daji thrives on torturing people. Partly out of pure sadism and partly because she is interested on figuring things out. She would have people dissected or something similar just because she is intrigued how humans work. She also designed and invented multiple torture methods, such as the Paolao, a bronze cylinder covered in oil, heated and placed over charcoal with the subject made to walk on it until they would slip and fall down, causing them to burn to dead. Other inventions of hers includes a pit full of spiders and snakes, and an elaborate set-up to get couples drunk and fed, after which selected few would be killed and turned into food for Daji to feast upon.
  • Once met up with SCP-953, another evil fox spirit. At first things went well, but then ironically, SCP-953 mistakenly called Daji a kuhimo, which lead Daji to rant about the fact that she is huli jing and the difference between them and other fox spirits, like how they are both good and evil and they mainly need masculine energy to survive (though they also eat human meat). But then she admitted that the whole rant was just a joke even if she was saying the truth, so all's cool.
  • Her temple is less of a temple and more of a large Chinese-styled palace like the ones she used to live. It is notably almost always under construction, mainly the outside areas, as she always has new ideas for torture methods.
  • Her fate in the mortal realm is bit of a mystery. Some say that she was exorcised by Jiang Ziya and eventually died, possibly as a punishment by Nuwa. Some say that she managed to escape her fate during the fall of Shang dynasty. Some say that she was exorcised but survived, leading her to appear around Asia couple of times before her demise under the identity of Tamamo-no-Mae. Some say that she had much grander plan all this time which she managed to fulfill, though fortunately the end result wasn't as bad as many would think.
  • One time Dougen approached her in an attempt to get her her in, in his own words, "reinvigorate" Orochi. Turns out that she has a liking for the giant snake and started helping him. However, she soon discovered that the Orochi he was talking about was completely different from the one she was familiar with, and lashed out at him. He ultimately escaped scot free, but Daji has plans to turn him into cinder inside a giant toaster.
    • On similar note, she doesn't have any plans to affiliate herself with Leopold Goenitz and his associated as she sees him Orochi to be some tree-loving hippie and not nearly as fun as Orochi should be.
  • We would say she is allies with Desaad, but in reality she is trying to stroke his ego to see if he really could try to usurp Darkseid or if he would be gone for good if he did try something truly outlandish. The reason why seems to be unknown, but it might be that she wants to get her hands on the Torture Technician position as well.
  • Once heard the story about Eric Cartman's "chilli", leading to a rather "meh" reaction from her, as she had done something similar ages ago. She has started thinking of writing down some meat pie recipes.

Homunculi naturally drive like crazy.
Mar 15th 2019 at 2:35:32 AM

Faso@Overwatch will become the next Pokemon here.

Gacha Is A Lie.
RJ-19-CLOVIS-93 from New Zealand
Mar 15th 2019 at 2:38:09 AM

How many people should I get approval of before deleting a profile of mine?

Representing New Zealand, TV Tropes addict
nightelf37 The Keyblade, Mermaid, and Pony Seeker from Hadithi (it's Swahili for 'story') Relationship Status: Brony
The Keyblade, Mermaid, and Pony Seeker
Mar 15th 2019 at 2:46:44 AM

@louisent: Umm, I'm pretty sure shikigami and shinigami (Rem and Ryuk) are two different beings. One's akin to a familiar while the other is another term for "grim reaper" or something like that.

And Nested Ownership isn't a Youkai trope.

Edited by nightelf37 on Mar 15th 2019 at 2:48:16 AM

If you can't go around it, go through it fast. Personas and Nanos, make 'em here
louisent31 Hello, I'm Kinda There Relationship Status: Longing for my OTP
Hello, I'm Kinda There
Mar 15th 2019 at 2:48:28 AM

[up] Okay. I think I understood what Nested Ownership is and I have one suggestion. Sorry for the misunderstandings

For the whole trio, Medea and Soichirou Kuzuki, because Kuzuki is a Master in the 5th Holy Grail who summoned Medea who is a Servant is able to summon her own Servant Assassin who is actually not the actual Assassin in the 5th Holy Grail War and is a irregular servant but Medea's unique nature as a Servant is able to summon him somehow twisting the rules (then again, the entire Holy Grail War as a whole is fucking mess up to begin with since the 3rd one (actually since the 1st one, it's just that the 3rd one made it more fuck up) and also other Grail Wars in parallel universes) and because the actual assassin of the 5th Holy Grail War is Hassan of the Cursed Arm

Have you also seen my other new edited suggestions above for like 5 posts earlier because I always do that whenever I think of new interactions

Also, I want to see your sandbox updated

[down] I guess 4? I don't know because I still don't know the all of the rules of the pantheon and the website as a whole. I'm trying my best because it seems nobody responded to you (and I didn't respond because again I still don' know anything about this website)

TPPR: I also don't see anyone having the Odango hair trope so maybe Mei Fang could have that (I'm desperate for TPPR giving Mei Fang a trope)

Edited by louisent31 on Mar 15th 2019 at 8:29:49 PM

Give us the Tsukihime remake!!!
RJ-19-CLOVIS-93 from New Zealand
Mar 15th 2019 at 3:08:48 AM

@ Whirl: Only because it's easier listing the Overwatch deities Fasoman didn't ascend. And again, when it comes to deleting my old profiles how many votes do I need to have the go ahead?

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Mar 15th 2019 at 5:06:50 AM

@SCP-035: Make the masks from Goosebumps his high priests.

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Mar 15th 2019 at 5:21:19 AM

@Whirl Funny way of spelling Kamen Rider.

OW is so far 28 profiles. It's unlikely to ever go past 50 in it's current state

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Mar 15th 2019 at 6:35:43 AM

[up] The amount of SMT deities on the single Pantheon page alone surpasses Overwatch.

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Mar 15th 2019 at 7:01:39 AM

There is also Warcraft, counting original characters from Hearthstone, though I'll need to finish Khagdar this week.

@krimzonflygon I am not yet done with William, please don't ask for [tup]s yet. I'm a little busy per say.

@Yogi Bear and Thomas: [tup]

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Mar 15th 2019 at 7:09:55 AM

I think its because OW is add new characters then add them to the Pantheon.

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Mar 15th 2019 at 7:18:12 AM

[up] Well all suggestions for Ashe and BOB were shot down and i'm not one to rely on generic tropes. If anything KR is a bit egregious on a few of it's reps and reserved profiles

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Mar 15th 2019 at 7:20:16 AM

@Faso Someone suggested Huge Guy, Tiny Girl for Ashe and B.O.B.

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Mar 15th 2019 at 7:30:14 AM

@patrickthekid I want to see Thomas interacting with other vehicle deities in the pantheon, because as far as I can remember watching Thomas and Friends as a little kid, I dont think Thomas has seen other vehicles, so I want to see what he thinks of them

Also, Harry Potter deities because of Hogwarts Express

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Give us the Tsukihime remake!!!
Mar 15th 2019 at 8:15:30 AM

@Daji [tup]

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Mar 15th 2019 at 8:19:56 AM

Eh i guess Daji is ok [tup]

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Mar 15th 2019 at 8:36:38 AM

@Patrickthekid: You wanna use the stuff I put in the version Thomas profile I made? Put that in, and a [tup].

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Mar 15th 2019 at 9:50:21 AM

[up] Yep, it's completely true (in-universe, I mean). J. K. Rowling describes the event in Pottermore. The guy in your link wasn't exaggerating at all.

Where exactly the Hogwarts Express came from has never been conclusively proven, although it is a fact that there are secret records at the Ministry of Magic detailing a mass operation involving one hundred and sixty-seven Memory Charms and the largest ever mass Concealment Charm performed in Britain. The morning after these alleged crimes, a gleaming scarlet steam engine and carriages astounded the villagers of Hogsmeade (who had also not realised they had a railway station), while several bemused Muggle railway workers down in Crewe spent the rest of the year grappling with the uncomfortable feeling that they had mislaid something important.

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