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What are some great reads on the following topics? (HRS related)

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Apr 8th 2013 at 6:42:55 AM

Trying to study up. Aiming be a chef, but want to be rounded out.

  • Restaurant strategies to attract customers
  • Impact of incentives to employees
  • Effective customer care
  • Hotel guest satisfaction
  • Problems that occur in hotel and restaurant

blackcat Relationship Status: A cockroach, nothing can kill it.
Apr 8th 2013 at 7:07:47 AM

I can't recommend titles but I can suggest strategies for finding them.

There were a bunch of industry magazines that discussed that stuff back in the day. But, I've been out of the industry for a long time and I don't even know if they exist any more. If you live near a place with a culinary/hotel management school, go to their library and wander around the stacks to see what you can see. Also, if there is a second hand book store close to the school you may be able to find used text books that can give you a leg up.

Most of the stuff I would know about is anecdotal, like Anthony Bourdain's first book Kitchen Confidential and even he admits there was some exaggeration going on in there.

We never go any where without our swords and boas.
Euodiachloris Relationship Status: Is that a kind of food?
Apr 8th 2013 at 3:08:34 PM

Watching shows like Kitchen Nightmares: what not to do is an important guide in what to do, even with the dramatisation that occurs (suggestion: try to grab the British version for less fluff). <shrugs>

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