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Robert Kirkman's ''The Walking Dead''

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T448Eight XBOX: Turn on. XBOX: On. XBOX: Buy me a PS 4 from In Your Living Room
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Mar 25th 2013 at 4:01:18 PM

So, Rick vs Negan...

The world isn't ready for giant T4 combustion.
May 16th 2013 at 3:34:07 PM

Wow, I'm surpised that this thread hasn't gotten anymore post's considering how popular the comics are.

So anyway, I very recently got into the comics after having been a big fan of the Tv Show for so long. I bought a huge book that has the first 48 issues combined all into one book and I gotta say that I am loving this comic so far. Lots of interesting stuff has happend, though I'm curious as to what would possibly happen next since, ya know, 90% of the main cast is dead now after the 2nd prison attack, including Lori, Herschel and Tyreese amoung many others. Also, The Govenor is probably one of the best antagonist's I've seen in a long time now.

I really need to find a way to catch up now, since I hear that these comics have gotten up to issue 108. :P

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BigMadDraco Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
Aug 27th 2013 at 9:47:15 AM

The second compendium is already out. I'm kicking myself for not buying it with the first one because they where half off, that means I paid just 63 cents and issue.

Aug 27th 2013 at 10:29:48 AM

Andrea is a fucking badass. The show is much worse off for having wasted that character.

BigMadDraco Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
Aug 27th 2013 at 11:14:16 AM

I will agree on this, I she basically held off the first part of the governor's attack single handed. I think they could have held the prison had she not left with Dale and Michonne not gone after the governor with Tyreese.

Aug 28th 2013 at 3:09:54 PM

I dropped the comics after issue 100. I just got tired of everything.

Pblades Serving Crits from Chaldea
Serving Crits
Nov 29th 2013 at 6:46:04 AM

Okay. Well. I'm man enough to say that I totally didn't see Negan behaving like a (relatively) decent person with un-cartoonish villian-esque moral compass.

He's still a complete douchenozzle, but what he just did moves him that little bit up the moral ladder.

That said, Sex Vs. Violence: it's a real thing.

"The literal meaning of life is whatever you're doing that prevents you from killing yourself." Albert Camus
dreamedkestrel Relationship Status: Complex: I'm real, they are imaginary
Dec 12th 2013 at 8:59:10 PM

I still watch the show, but the comics (from what I remember), make it look like barf. I haven't been following them for a bit tho.

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Aug 11th 2016 at 10:17:41 AM

Phoenix down!

I'm reading these currently - and while I like the first season more, the characters are far more entertaining. Carol is the absolute best. It's neat seeing how much the show jaunted from the comic and all of parallels.

Can't wait for the Governor to show up. I'm at Issue 26, feels like it's going to be soon.

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Aug 11th 2016 at 6:52:58 PM

Issue 48.

My. God.

That was... that was so much more of a gut punch than the show. Jesus. Was Kirkman in a dark place when he wrote this.

Apr 17th 2018 at 3:29:24 PM

The Here's Negan special is a delight. A beautiful insight to such a villainous character.

Mizerous First Of Her Name from King's Landing Relationship Status: Brewing the love potion
First Of Her Name
Apr 17th 2018 at 3:51:11 PM

I forgot this thread existed lol

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