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What Japanese pronouns would your characters use?

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MurkyMuse Magical Girl Relationship Status: Shipping fictional characters
Magical Girl
Oct 25th 2012 at 11:23:28 PM

My characters are from a fantasy land based mostly on European fairytales. So no, japanese characters are not necessary.

People are mirrors. If you smile, a smile will be reflected.
Oct 27th 2012 at 9:33:41 AM

Wel I have many stories. But this one in particular happens in japan in the mid nineties and as such I have already thought of it. The story is called "A Fox Tale"

Haruka: A misogynist, chauvinistic and extremely rude jerkass alpha bully. As the story progresses he changes the pronouns he uses. In the begining he uses both Ore and Ore-sama, after the shock caused by his Zero Awakening he cannot help but using boku under pressure, eventually defaults to watashi and to atashi as she mellows and comes to terms with her own identity to finally settle on uchi

Haori Lidaishi: Extremely formal in her own way, permanently defaults to Watashi for almost everybody. She always uses watakushi when speaking to Haruka, even before becoming her unwilling teacher. She let's out her softer side to Seijiro, and uses Atashi and even Atai when speaking to him.

Seijiro: He uses Boku all the time, except those times when he would have to be more formal. Part because of being bullied most of his life and part because he is just a nice guy.

Juudai: He uses Washi as a default, though sometimes will use watashi on a despective form. With his sister (Kazumi), Seijiro, Haori and Haruka's alter ego he uses Boku as a way to show familiarity.

Kazumi: She uses Atashi and even Atai. Extremely obsessed with cuteness.


The Warlock: Constantly uses Ore and even Ore-sama when addressing Haruka. When leading his servants into an uprising he uses Shousei

Saitani: His default pronoun is Soregashi, double so when addressing King Shena though soemtimes uses Shousei when talking to his followers. Switches to Chin after seizing control of the country

Kiirat: A savage and relentless masked killing machine and Dragon to Saitani. Uses Jibun, but would usually address Saitani with Ware.

Djinn: A blue Oni and Co Dragon to Kiirat, way less rutless and more honorable. He uses Sessha

Sylphid: A later addition to the cast as Saitani proves being uncompetent. She uses Watakushi with everyone. She could be considered to use Atashi or even Atai when speaking in private with King Shena, but such conversations happen on another language.

King Shena: Uses Yo. He could be considered to use very informal pronouns when speaking to Sylphid, but they speak to each other in french or spanish, sometimes both at the same time.

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JHM Apparition in the Woods from Niemandswasser Relationship Status: Hounds of love are hunting
Apparition in the Woods
Nov 4th 2012 at 1:13:09 AM

Why are you answering this a second time?
I had a series of stray second thoughts on the subject, and I wasn't sure where to put them. Not sure why I actually posted them, though, or just have put them in my first post. Maybe I just liked the symmetry of the alphabetical list too much—I'm quite fond of making lists of things.

I'll hide your name inside a word and paint your eyes with false perception.
Oct 16th 2013 at 1:16:38 PM

Oh, hey again, this thread.

  • Ujasiri - watashi. Can slip into atai when she's getting angry. Post-timeskip she can also use jibun.
  • Eon - ore.
  • Luther - watashi. Can use washi when in a good mood.
  • Latiana - watashi. Watakushi when having to be official. Can on occasion slip into atashi when around Ujasiri.
  • Adeon - boku. Slips into ware when things are getting serious.
  • Drakonas - ore. Becomes jibun when sufficiently angered.
  • Mordimer - warawa, to further emphasize her nature as something unnatural.
  • Jautis - wagahai.
  • Jumalan - jibun and jibun only.
  • Baltazar - yo.
  • Genn - ore. Chin when having to be official.
  • Balor - soregashi, complimenting his somewhat doormat nature.
  • Gausybes - boku.
  • Eberhard - ore-sama, though mostly for comedic effect.
  • Aldorius - maro, emphasizing his ancient heritage.

Kesar Relationship Status: Hoping Senpai notices me
Oct 16th 2013 at 3:30:54 PM

It's interesting to phrase character development in terms of pronoun use; this was really harder than I thought. Plus I'm writing in an archaic setting, so I get to use the weird old ones.

Sifer: Boku, later Watashi.

Emmier: Yo, perhaps Ore-sama when he wants to rub people's faces in his authority. Boku as a little kid (pre-crowning). Later Ore with his family and very close friends.

Ansen: Jibun, at all times. Even after he steals the throne right out from under Emmier.

Civan: Boku, despite being way, way to old. In-his-twenties-and-thirties too old. Later Yo, after being Offered the Crown.

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ThnikkamanLostHerCookies ...And Steven! from Cincinnati Relationship Status: THIS CONCEPT OF 'WUV' CONFUSES AND INFURIATES US!
...And Steven!
Oct 16th 2013 at 7:41:49 PM

For a work currently in the planning stages (I will begin writing tomorrow and pick it back up after Nano) :

Main Characters:
Ember Oaks (Dishing Out Dirt; Genius Bruiser; Occidental Otaku)— watashi/atashi (+male particles) under normal curcumstances, boku when she's feeling energetic.
Brooke Uston (Light 'em Up; Cloud Cuckoolander; Brilliant, but Lazy)— atashi
Jade Ranch (Psychic Powers; The Stoic; Teen Genius)— watashi (watakushi with strangers)
Gabriel Page (Badass Normal; Action Survivor; Only Sane Man)— boku
The Countess (Evil Is Sexy; Human Alien; Take Over the World)— wagahai/yo
Unus "Boy" (Empty Shell; Our Homunculi Are Different; Creepy Child)— sessha/jibun
Duae "Girl" (Uncanny Valley Girl; Knife Nut; Our Homunculi Are Different again)— sessha/jibun

Ashuna (Human Alien; Action Girl; Space Master)— jibun
Uti (Human Alien; Moe; "Well Done, Son" Guy)— atashi
John Smithnote  (The Mentor; Muggle Born of Mages; Almighty Janitor)— boku
Andrew Yats (Ridiculously Human Robot; Pinocchio Syndrome; Invisible to Normals at first)— ore
[curently unnamed male] (Smug Snake + Tomato in the Mirror = The Atoner/Pinocchio Syndrome) ore-sama in the Smug Snake stage; sessha following the Tomato in the Mirror revelation, boku after he adjusts to the change
[currently unnamed female] (Creepy Child; Reality Warper; Stepford Smiler)— chin
Virginia Page (Cool Old Lady; Hero Of Her Own Storynote ; Older and Wiser)— watashi/watakushi
Juna Vespa (Starving Artist; Nerves of Steel; Robosexual with Andrewnote )— atashi
Charles Yats (Gadgeteer Genius; Impossible Genius; For Science!)— ore

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My name is Susan.I was The Thnikkaman, but then my cookies were borked and I forgot my password.
Dec 18th 2013 at 3:48:20 PM

Okay, let's analyze what pronouns would the characters from my RPG Maker faux-JRPG use.

The main cast


  • Reaves (Big Bad, Dark Messiah): ore before he reveals himself for what he is, wagahai afterwards
  • Smeezer (Goldfish Poop Gang #1, bold and shameless rogue and pirate): ore-sama
  • Sakura (Goldfish Poop Gang #2, idiotic catgirl rogue): nya (yes, even in the Russian original she uses "nya" as her word for "I", making her the only character really using a non-standard form of "I")
  • Father Inigo (a deeply religious inquisitor with Knight Templar tendencies but without the self-righteousness): watashi

Supporting characters

  • Roxanne von Ruritania (Empress, Melle's mom and Presto's and Solomon's boss, self-described Big Good but in fact very ambiguous): chin, what else?
  • Chamberlain Roloff (a Comic Relief old courtier): washi
  • Headmaster Kammerer (Oscar's and Mira's mentor): watakushi
  • Archmagister Zimischus (a well-meaning but naive mage used by Reaves as puppet): watashi

dRoy Ready to Rant from The Happy Place Relationship Status: A cockroach, nothing can kill it.
Ready to Rant
Dec 18th 2013 at 5:20:46 PM

Not exactly pronouns, but the main character of a fanfic I'm writing right now will use Keigo to everyone, and by everyone, everyone.

Mother of god...You turned one of the hardest and best Champions into an absolute joke. - Zelenal
Dec 18th 2013 at 6:35:25 PM

For my current novel project...

Female main character: Jibun, because she's detached and impersonal.

Male Deuteragonist: Boku, but he'd use watashi when flustered for various plot reasons.

FMC's best friend: Watashi.

Deuteragonists's best friend: Ore or boku, but it'd depend on the situation.

Deuteragonist's little sister: She's really feminine so atashi.

Random ghost guy: Ore.

The random ghost guy possesses a girl at one point too so you can guess how that would go.

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TheSirenNymph Siren of the Brook and Nymph of the Trope from Undisclosed,USA
Siren of the Brook and Nymph of the Trope
Jan 11th 2014 at 10:52:37 AM

I would since one of my stories is in a Japanese-esque environment ,but unfortunately I have Loads and Loads of Characters

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NonTroper precure from pretty cure universe Relationship Status: Non-Canon
Mar 3rd 2019 at 12:59:48 PM

My Pretty Cure OC Random Girl refers to herself with "atashi." Takchi of Dream Candle uses "warawa." Takchi's father is a samurai who uses "sessha."

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Wild-Starfish Relationship Status: -not set
May 29th 2022 at 2:20:16 PM

i've thought about this a bit and i have a character who'd go from boku to watashi (as a professional pronoun then as a feminine pronoun after realizing she's trans) to atashi but i want to know at what age boys stop being seen as children and i hope it's 11 or below EDIT: it is such a Double Standard that young boys aren't allowed to use watashi in an informal context that if i'm not allowed to use it as a default nuetral pronoun then in my story noone will use it in an informal context if I even allow the pronoun to still exist yes I am petty

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luisedgarf from Mexico Relationship Status: I won't say I'm in love
Jun 1st 2022 at 10:26:12 PM

In my fanfic Liberi Fatalis: The Theriantrope Chronicles, since there's lots of Bilingual Dialogue in many languages, Japanese included, not to mention there's many Japanese characters with important roles in the story, and that without mention the fact that the anthros were created by a Japanese man, many characters, when using Japanese, had their own pronouns.

Original human characters - 20th-21th Century Earth arcs:

  • Yoshinori Komatsu:
    • First person pronouns: Boku (when speaking with his parents or closer friends, but only when he was younger), Watashi (when speaking with his seniors), Ore (when he feels high and mighty against someone he dislikes), Jibun (when addressing his parents and seniors)
    • Second person pronouns: Kimi (when talking neutrally with everyone else), Omae (when feeling angry against someone he dislikes), Kisama (when being in homicidal rage against his enemies)

Katmandu characters (originals/humans):

  • Sargeant First Class Akane Araki/Ariana Mutombo:
    • First person pronouns: Atashi (when speaking with her friends and closer ones, like Liska, Kaguya and many others), Watashi (when speaking formally with her seniors or using formal language), Uchi (when speaking informally in Kansai-ben)
    • Second person pronouns: Anta and/or Omae (when speaking in a rather peyorative way to others), Kimi (when speaking in a more subdued way to others), Anata (to her boyfriend, Satoru), Temee or "Kisama" (when adressing people either she dislikes, like Kebec, or when she wants to see someone really dead)

  • Kaguya Hoshino
    • First person pronouns: Atashi (when speaking with her friends and closer ones), Watakushi (when speaking to others in a rather haughty way or in more formal situations), Watashi (when speaking formally in a more neutral way with her seniors or using formal language), Washi (in some comical situations, as she is from Osaka)
    • Second person pronouns: Anta or Omae (when feeling angry to others, which happens a lot)

Katmandu characters (originals/anthros): (WIP)

  • Asami Tobikage
    • First person pronouns: Atashi (when speaking with her friends and closer ones), Watashi (when speaking formally in a more neutral way with her seniors or using formal language), Sessha (when speaking in a more formal way to either her seniors or the Empress of Hinowa, Sakura.

Katmandu characters (canonical): Only characters that speak or understand Japanese in the fanfic are included.

  • Liska Mitsel-eman
    • First person pronouns: Atashi (when speaking with her friends and closer ones), Watashi (when speaking formally with her seniors or using formal language)
    • Second person pronouns: Anata (when speaking to either Akane, Rial, her wives, her closer friends and her children), Kimi (when speaking with strangers), Omae (when being angry with someone), Kisama (when being really angry against someone she really hates, like Rakon)

  • Rial Hada-ro-seg
    • First person pronouns: Boku (when speaking with Mother Sanna, his grandmother, and certain seniors), Ore (when speaking with anyone he feels superior to him, like Liska, Akane, and anyone else)
    • Second person pronouns: Kimi (when speaking neutraly with relatives and closer friends), Omae (when speaking peyoratively with people he doesn't trust or like, like Akane or Markree), Kisama (when being really angry against someone she really hates, like Rakon)

  • Pyndan Kota-te-mar
    • First person pronouns: Boku (when speaking with Mother Sanna, his grandmother, and certain seniors), Ore (only in certain contexts, when someone really piss him off enough), Watashi (when speaking formally with her seniors or using formal language)
    • Second person pronouns: Kimi (when speaking neutrally with relatives and closer friends), Omae (when speaking peyoratively with people he doesn't trust or like, like Rakon)

  • Mother Sanna Hada-ro-seg
    • First person pronouns: Atashi (when speaking with her friends and relatives), Watashi (when speaking formally with her seniors or using formal language)
    • Second person pronouns: Anta (when feeling angry to others)

  • Chief Pownetkee
    • First person pronouns: Ore (when speaking to juniors and everyone else), Watashi (when speaking formally), Ware (when speaking in a more formal way when speaking as the chief of the Highland tribe)
    • Second person pronouns: Omae or Kimi (when speaking to juniors), Kisama (when speaking on people he dislikes)

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Nukeli The Master Of Fright & A Demon Of Light from A Dark Planet Lit By No Sun Relationship Status: Showing feelings of an almost human nature
The Master Of Fright & A Demon Of Light
Nov 15th 2022 at 5:23:24 AM

One of my series drafts, Mustarastas Myrsky, is set in a based-on-the-real-world universe, but their planet is and has always been mostly matriarchial, so maybe female characters using ore, boku etc. wouldn't be weird?

There's a lot of factors to think about, but i'm pretty sure what the protagonist and her on/off girlfriend would use.

  • Myrskyore-sama / ore
    • She inflates her ego and wants to look and sound tough because she hates herself. She does get over it eventually at some point, but still wouldn't use pronouns she'd find "groveling" and wouldn't be particularly concerned about perceived rudeness.
  • Esra Hurmeboku, watashi, shoukan
    • She's (mostly) normal and nice. She also ends up in charge of 1/3—1/2 of the country when there's a civil war. That doesn't go very well, but at least she doesn't power trip.

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