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Removing complaining, bashing and other negativity from the wiki

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Inspired by this thread, I've noticed that this wiki doesn't have a dedicated cleanup thread for negativity.

As we all know, Complaining About Shows You Don't Like, Creator Bashing and other negativity isn't desired on the wiki, except in a few selected areas like reviews and several Darth Wiki pages (and even then, with limitations). And yet, it's one of the most common sins wiki contributors can make.

So, if you find a page, YKTTW or discussion whose content seems like a straight-up insult or any other bitching - including complainy soapboxing -, you might ask here for help with removing said content.

Edited by Berrenta on Dec 19th 2018 at 6:31:01 AM

Jun 11th 2019 at 10:00:00 PM

MisaimedFandom.Newspaper Comics has a lot of character-bashing and fan-bashing, especially on Garfield.

WarJay77 A rogue creation from Upstate New York Relationship Status: Armed with the Power of Love
A rogue creation
Jun 11th 2019 at 10:05:18 PM

Last time I'll ask about Annoying Laugh before I give up.

Edited by WarJay77 on Jun 11th 2019 at 1:05:39 PM

Hi, I'm a female troper with an interest in ARGs, Pokemon, Writing, and more. ZCE sandbox
Jun 12th 2019 at 9:24:24 AM

YMMV.Sailor Moon Crystal seems to have an awful lot of complaining in its examples.

Night Vision Image Quality Cleanup
Jun 12th 2019 at 9:38:44 AM

[up]Most of the examples were added when it was still ongoing. Even the Broken Base and Base-Breaking Character ones.

Gacha Is A Lie.
Jun 13th 2019 at 1:17:33 PM

YMMV.Pokemon Sword And Shield has been attracting a lot of complaining following the announcement that there won't be a National Dex and that there won't be new Mega Evolutions and Z-Moves. I had to remove an Overshadowed by Controversy example regarding the exclusion of the National Dex since OBC now has a six month waiting period to avoid kneejerk complaining like that. There's also an Internet Backdraft example regarding Mega Evolutions and Z-moves that has been removed and just added back. If this keeps up, we may need to lock the page until release.

Update: Someone readded Overshadowed by Controversy, but it was removed again with a note on top saying not to add until six months after release.

Edited by ADrago on Jun 13th 2019 at 6:14:18 AM

Jun 13th 2019 at 3:03:45 PM

Serebii, the site we use for reputable info, has confirmed the Mega Evolution and Z-Moves thing.

But at this point all that's going on on the page, and all there is to add until we get new info, is back and forth over this issue. I'd be for locking.

Before that, would all the current Internet Backdraft (which has a TRS that's unanimous for removing all examples as misuse and complaining) fit under Tainted by the Preview, as this all comes from pre-release?

Jun 13th 2019 at 3:13:17 PM

[up] I think YMMV.Pokemon Sword And Shield should be locked until the game releases and both examples of Internet Backdraft should be moved under Tainted by the Preview since they fit better there. One suggestion the Internet Backdraft thread was to turn it into an index of items that deal with negative fan reaction, and Tainted by the Preview is one of those items.

miraculous Their emancipation will be my gift to you. from South Africa
Their emancipation will be my gift to you.
Jun 13th 2019 at 3:15:10 PM

Let's just lock the page till release

You'll believe...Once I make a believer out of him.
Crossover-Enthusiast Neck Acquired from somewhere doing something Relationship Status: Chocolate!
Neck Acquired
Jun 13th 2019 at 3:22:26 PM

Fourthing the lock. This Is Why We Cant Have Nice Things...

"I can finally draw Steven's neck in public." — Rebecca Sugar, 2019
Jun 13th 2019 at 5:09:55 PM

[up] I would like to add my vote to locking down the Pokemon Sword and Shield YMMV page until the games release on the grounds that it looks like a flame edit war is about to happen any day now. Also, Ferot_Dreadnaught, someone has been changing your edits back to the old ones on the grounds it fit better. Personally, I'm not really sure how much I care, but I thought you should know.

Edited by Maiko2853 on Jun 13th 2019 at 5:10:20 AM

Jun 13th 2019 at 5:15:28 PM

Speaking of YMMV.Pokemon Sword And Shield, this was just added:

  • Snark Bait: Masuda's response to the the controversy of Pokemon being cut that it was for balance to spend time on animation, despite virtually all the models being the same since X and Y and the animations shown having barely improved in quality despite now being on hardware that four times as powerful, has been met with mockery over weak a justification it was.

This is not only redundant with the Tainted by the Preview entry, but this is also misuse because Snark Bait is for works that are the subject of mockery, not poor responses to controversy.

Jun 13th 2019 at 5:17:36 PM

[up]Clean up and Lock.

Gacha Is A Lie.
Jun 13th 2019 at 7:26:56 PM

I've posted the request for a lock here. Anything else to do?

UPDATE: Dynamax was added under Replacement Scrappy even though it's not a character and pre-release is too soon to judge. I'm think it's safe to cut.

Edited by Ferot_Dreadnaught on Jun 13th 2019 at 8:13:12 AM

Jun 13th 2019 at 11:19:51 PM

YMMV.Pokemon Sword And Shield has been locked. I think most of the misuse and complaining was able to be cleaned up before it was locked.

Edited by ADrago on Jun 13th 2019 at 2:21:07 PM

Jun 14th 2019 at 2:50:34 AM

I requested a lock for YMMV.Heroes In Crisis, which is approaching One More Day levels of bashing.

rjd1922 Spooky DJ from Illinois Relationship Status: Love is for the living, Sal
Spooky DJ
Jun 14th 2019 at 12:02:43 PM

Disneytoon Studios and its subpages have an awful lot of complaining, especially the Quotes page.

really not feelin up to it right now. sorry.
Brainulator9 Regular garden-variety troper. from US Relationship Status: I get a feeling so complicated...
Regular garden-variety troper.
Jun 14th 2019 at 12:13:38 PM

[up] I pulled two of those quotes for complaining and being external.

We'll need to scrub the YMMV and Trivia subpages of Played With examples.

Important Trope Repair Shop thread under construction for four closely-related items.
Lymantria "Mordor!" from Toronto Relationship Status: Seeking boyfriend-free girl
Jun 14th 2019 at 12:19:13 PM

YMMV and trivia items* by definition cannot be played with unless used In-Universe.

  • They technically aren't tropes, but they're usually called tropes.

Join the Five-Man Band cleanup project!
Jun 17th 2019 at 1:05:49 PM

Trivia.Pokemon Sword And Shield


  • After an analysis of the YouTube like to dislike ratio surrounding every game revealed or covered at E3, it was revealed that Pokemon Sword and Shield were the most hated game(s) shown off at E3 2019 with a dislike ratio nearly twice that of the second most hated game shown off at E3 that year.

I'm inclined to cut because complaining that doesn't fit an objective trope. Is this valid meta?

I've questioned why we have non-tropes under Trivia, is that valid?

Edited by Ferot_Dreadnaught on Jun 17th 2019 at 1:05:59 AM

rjd1922 Spooky DJ from Illinois Relationship Status: Love is for the living, Sal
Spooky DJ
Jun 17th 2019 at 1:11:23 PM

[up]Non-tropes under trivia are allowed, but that seems like complaining.

VideoGame.Darkwing Duck (the TurboGrafx-16 game, not the Capcom NES one) is a very complainy, unindexed stub with no tropes.

Edited by rjd1922 on Jun 17th 2019 at 3:13:59 AM

really not feelin up to it right now. sorry.
Jun 17th 2019 at 2:59:03 PM

[up] I went ahead and brought that page up to the TLP Crash Rescue thread.

Update: The page was cut and the creator has been messaged.

Edited by ADrago on Jun 17th 2019 at 8:08:06 AM

Pichu-kun ...
Jun 17th 2019 at 3:01:25 PM

[up](x6) I wrote the Disneytoon page a while back. The Main page doesn't seem complainy, but the subpages are the problem. Many of the works have mixed receptions so they attract complaining.

[up](x4) It doesn't seem valid. People dislike bombed the video not because of the game itself, but because of one little issue with the Pokedex. The game itself has a very good reception.

Edited by Pichu-kun on Jun 17th 2019 at 3:02:52 AM

bwburke94 My Ice Cream Waifu from Remnant Relationship Status: Longing for my OTP
My Ice Cream Waifu
Jun 17th 2019 at 10:32:10 PM

[up] I wouldn't call that a little issue.

Misspelled trope names dealt with... for now. Moving back to the Understatement project soon?
RAlexa21th Angel Flare, ready to go! from California Relationship Status: I <3 love!
Angel Flare, ready to go!
Jun 17th 2019 at 11:00:15 PM

It's rather little in the grand scheme of things.

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