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phoenixdaughterAM Since: Jan, 2010
#301: Apr 17th 2013 at 6:13:28 PM

-nods- New game now. New game.

And here's something I found on tumblr.

And tumblr is full of Malcom fangirls. And Eddie as well.

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SpaceJawa UTINNI! from Right Here Since: Jan, 2001
#302: Apr 17th 2013 at 11:10:03 PM

Ding, dong, the witch is dead! Which old witch? The crazy witch! Ding, Dong, the crazy witch is dead! grin

[up] [lol]. Seriously, I laughed out loud over that.

FrancisUno Pontif from The Vatican Since: Mar, 2013
#303: Apr 18th 2013 at 11:20:43 AM

they still could've beat the immunity trio.

(when malcom OPENLY found the new idol, stealthRus should've assumed he had the unnacounted for one, then voted for erik, who had shown all season that he was unpredictable. if the 4 women voted him only, there'd be a tie & revote, where if the idols weren't played, malcom'd be vulnerable, otherwise erik's treason would be exposed, and he'd be gone)

as it is now, i'd hope malcom or eric wins, (if eddie or reynold wins, i'd be ok with that too) stealthRus is kaput.

phoenixdaughterAM Since: Jan, 2010
#304: Apr 18th 2013 at 2:24:59 PM

I think what Erik has said was that people should go and inform him who to vote for 20 minutes beforehand. That...makes for a very hidden Wild Card as they REALLY don't think he's going to vote outside of the alliance.

PorcelainSwallow Minor Feyling from The mystic realms Since: Mar, 2013
Minor Feyling
#305: Apr 20th 2013 at 6:54:28 PM

Survivor: Detroit

My name is Harold Darvy, and I think that I might not be on this Earth tomorrow.

I know, the title sounds like this is going to be completely lame thing about that reality show, but this time, I seriously think that this is horrifying.

So, I was flipping threw the channels and tread across the new survivor show, and it said it was going to take place in Detroit. That hooked my interests, as that was NOT typical of these shows. I watched it. The people on the teams, which had been named something finally good (The 'Insomi' and the 'Grey'), I also noticed that nobody was really attractive. However, I continued watching. The first challenge was for each team to repair a house faster. In that one, Grey won. Insomi lost mainly because one of the guys fell off the roof and broke his leg. It was almost heartbreaking. When the voting happened, the next thing I saw, I will not forget. The rest of the team voted on the guy who broke his leg. They then were handed baseball bats. The unfortunate man screamed in horror, but it was too late. Oh god, what they did was horrifying. They just all sorta converged on him and is head was just...smashed open. So much blood and brains and skull material...I think I both puked and then fainted at the sight.

Anyway, when I searched it up, the computer screen froze. Suddenly, the screen went black, and then, some words appeared in the center of the screen in small, white text:

-0SEE YOU 0-

I don't know what to do, or who is seeing me. I think I'm done now. Please, I hope that there is a merciful god who will strike me with amnesia so this horrifying sight would not appear.

Bye. I hope I will still be alive to post again.

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He's here!
SpaceJawa UTINNI! from Right Here Since: Jan, 2001
phoenixdaughterAM Since: Jan, 2010
#307: Apr 20th 2013 at 9:08:38 PM

...yeah. Commencing Ignore Mode.

maxwellelvis Mad Scientist Wannabe from undisclosed location Since: Oct, 2009 Relationship Status: In my bunk
Mad Scientist Wannabe
#308: Apr 20th 2013 at 9:20:46 PM

Should we report that or not?

Of course, don't you know anything about ALCHEMY?!- Twin clones of Ivan the Great
TiggersAreGreat Since: Mar, 2011
#309: Apr 21st 2013 at 2:26:23 PM

It's about time Phillip got the boot. He may have borrowed pages from Boston Rob's book, but he was no Boston Rob! evil grin

Of course, now that he's out of the picture, I wonder what will happen next? The next is, he had been telling people what to do for so long that a lot of them are going to be rudderless with him gone. Which is probably what might benefit the Three Amigos.... <Chortles>

Oh, Equestria, we stand on guard for thee!
phoenixdaughterAM Since: Jan, 2010
#310: Apr 21st 2013 at 2:34:21 PM

Eh, everyone seemed to be using him as a Puppet King. Leadership? Nah.

But, next week shall be fun.

JMQwilleran Let's Hop to It! Since: Nov, 2011 Relationship Status: Singularity
Let's Hop to It!
#311: Apr 21st 2013 at 2:55:03 PM

Yeah, things really get interesting next week. Will there be a bit shift in how things go, or will Stealth R Us remain together without their founder?

phoenixdaughterAM Since: Jan, 2010
#312: Apr 24th 2013 at 6:25:22 PM

-sighs happily- No more usage of Stealth-R-Us. YES!

Oh wait, I guess I should be sad about Bartender getting voted out. Quite honestly, I thought the lead-up was going to be that Brenda gets voted out. Strange. Why would they pull this? Unless Brenda wins the entire thing.

So yeah, ah well. Farewell Bartender. May you be a fun jury member.

Really, something about Andrea makes me not like her. Anyone else can win but her. Must be my Bartender fangirlism giving in.

So next week. The team of six evidently thinks Reynold and Eddie are nothing to worry about and Andrea targets Dawn and Brenda. Welp. That sure was fast, the split within the team.

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JMQwilleran Let's Hop to It! Since: Nov, 2011 Relationship Status: Singularity
Let's Hop to It!
#313: Apr 24th 2013 at 7:35:22 PM

While it's fun to see Cochran winning challenges, I have to wonder, is he still being facetious about being a "challenge monster," or is he actually believing his own hype?

phoenixdaughterAM Since: Jan, 2010
#314: Apr 24th 2013 at 7:43:46 PM

-shrug- This time, I'd go for the cheat that helped him win. He can't, outright, beat Reynold or Eddie at a very strong physical challenge. (See, last week's challenge) So...-shrug- We shall see if the challenge gods favor him some more.

SpaceJawa UTINNI! from Right Here Since: Jan, 2001
#315: Apr 24th 2013 at 9:44:47 PM

Doesn't change the fact that he has won two of the challenges thus far. Really doesn't matter how you win 'em so long as you do, so it's not out of the question that we might yet get more challenges that turn out to be something he can win.

JMQwilleran Let's Hop to It! Since: Nov, 2011 Relationship Status: Singularity
Let's Hop to It!
#317: Apr 25th 2013 at 7:06:08 PM

That's fair enough, and I certainly give him plenty of credit for the two challenges that he did win. I just worry that he may be getting a bit overconfident— he had one challenge that was well-suited to his talents and another that he won largely because of an advantage. It was funny when he called himself a "challenge monster" the first time because it was obvious he was joking around, but two wins maketh a challenge monster not. He's going to have win more than that.

Still, maybe if that works for him and it keeps in a good mental place, then it's a good thing for him. Just so long as he also keeps an eye on actual strategy and just didn't rely on the idea of winning challenges, because that's really not something he can just rely on.

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JMQwilleran Let's Hop to It! Since: Nov, 2011 Relationship Status: Singularity
Let's Hop to It!
#318: Apr 28th 2013 at 5:21:05 PM

Interesting promo for the next episode. Two Tribal Councils and Cochran stating in an interview "I feel like I've turned into something that would scare my mother if she saw me."

Flapjackmaka A Mulberry is a Tree... from Pennsylvania Since: Nov, 2011
A Mulberry is a Tree...
#320: May 1st 2013 at 6:41:39 AM

>Cockrun makes joke >Probst orgasms

The edit is really telling who the winner is.

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phoenixdaughterAM Since: Jan, 2010
#321: May 1st 2013 at 6:33:20 PM

Okay! Now anyone can win and I will be happy. smile So yeah, Andrea got the boot. Oh, and Reynold as well. Geez, I don't LIKE this back to back tribals.

Some how I'm getting the inkling that Erk's going to win. Maybe. We shall see.

Wait, wait, scratch okay with everyone winning. Sherri is not one I want to win

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JMQwilleran Let's Hop to It! Since: Nov, 2011 Relationship Status: Singularity
Let's Hop to It!
#322: May 1st 2013 at 9:44:49 PM

Yeah, I'm fine with almost anyone winning as well, though I definitely have favorites. In any case, regardless of what's happening, I think it can safely be said that if nothing else, this season has been quite interesting, which is more than can be said for some seasons. Definitely some surprises, some big moves, and some good viewing.

SpaceJawa UTINNI! from Right Here Since: Jan, 2001
#323: May 1st 2013 at 10:48:04 PM

It's gotten especially entertaining since the eviction of Boston Phil, what with a person who think's they're on top of the world one week subsequently goes home the following week as everyone thinks that they're the one in charge of the game.


phoenixdaughterAM Since: Jan, 2010
#324: May 8th 2013 at 8:51:14 PM

I just browsed the tumblr tag. It amuses me that there is all this hate at the fact that Brenda was voted out since she was Out of Focus for almost all of the season.

So, I shall witness this evidently emotional episode tomorrow. Shall I nab some popcorn?

FrancisUno Pontif from The Vatican Since: Mar, 2013
#325: May 9th 2013 at 2:37:06 AM

My aunt really hates Dawn this season. (voting out brenda despite all the nice things brenda did for her, like getting her false teeth in the water)

btw, why is Eddie voting against erik? I thought they were bros.

BTW, it was really cruel what the survivor guys did to brenda, making her give up family time so the others got more family time.

And dawn is the biggest crybaby in survivor history!

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