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Japanese names for evil wolves.

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Dec 28th 2011 at 2:14:24 PM

I'm stuck on names. It's been so long since I've studied Japanese that I can't even seem to remember anything good.

Well anyways, I've got three villainous, wolves (intelligent magic talking wolves) that need names. They're all male, and siblings, and the naming scheme of the setting is Japanese in general. I was thinking of short, one or two syllable first names, and no family name.

I can't exactly think of how to describe their personality. They were based on the secret police from The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe though. Maybe that helps.

These wolves are commanding a small tribe of goblins, and have formed a shaky alliance with an outlaw that the main characters have fought before, and his followers.

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Dec 28th 2011 at 3:17:49 PM

Akuma means demon, Oni is a type of ogre, Yami is dark, Yoru is night, Yori is trust (could be a hint if you want one to pull a Heel–Face Turn), Ryuu is dragon, Yuu can mean superiority and is also a part of the names Yuuki, Yuuma, Yuuto, and Yuuta.

That's a preliminary list if you want names with "evil" or "dark" meanings. I suggest Yami and Yoru, with either Yori or one of the Yuu names, so that they sound similar. To continue to suggest, if one will pull a Heel–Face Turn, use Yori for his name, otherwise, give Yuu (or one of it's variants) to the leader of the three wolves, or at least the oldest if they have no default leader.

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Jan 3rd 2012 at 11:54:36 AM

If you aren't completely determined to go with the Japanese names, you could always do Fenrir and his two sons, Skold and Hati, from the Ragnarok legend (in the legend, Skold swallows the sun, Hati the moon, and Fenrir slays Odin, King of the Gods).

The Romanji (what the Japanese call the roman alphabet) version of these names would be Fuenriru, Sukorudo, and Hachi.

Or if you want to do Japanese but keep the Ragnarok reference, you could always call the three wolves Numachi ("fen"), Tsuki ("moon"), and Taiyou ("heaven's light", a.k.a. "sun"). Fenrir refers to his dwelling place, in a fen, or mashy woodland, while moon and sun refer to the prey which Skold and Hati are hunting and will devour one day.

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Mar 8th 2014 at 12:34:29 PM

Is this still a thing? I'd really avoid using 'obvious' names like that (who names their kid 'night' or 'darkness'? "Night, where are you Night?") and just pick simple sounds for their names - they are wolves, right? Japanese naming being what it is, there WILL be a meaning for it - 'Yuu' would be 'courage' (or 'friendship'); 'Toh' would be 'fight' (or 'sword'); 'Gou' would be 'strength' (or 'karma').

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Mar 8th 2014 at 1:42:56 PM

And how old is this thread?

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Nov 1st 2022 at 3:15:02 PM
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