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God_of_Awesome Relationship Status: And here's to you, Mrs. Robinson
Aug 8th 2012 at 5:43:36 PM

The Curses

The Gifts were transplanted from the inhuman geothrope trolls and spliced into the humanoid genes; unintended side-effects came into play.

The Curse of Monstrosity

The Gift of Aesthetic Excellency draws directly from the core of one's mind the ideal shape of your body. However, in the process, sometime 'ideals' are mixed up, instead ideal of other things rather than the self, prejudices and simply random bubbles of thoughts that distort the Gift when it is Opened.

Sometimes, it is not even Aesthetic Excellency that is to be blamed but merely a function of another Gift, such as natural armors and other new or modified external organs that deform and twist the form of the Gifted into something strange and ugly. Of course, this is rather subjective, especially so in a world filled with a multitude of strange creatures but it can still be confusing and terrifying for the Gifted.

The Curse of Madness

There are some Gifted whose minds did not adapt to compensate for their power. In times of stress, especially when using their Gift, the Gifted's mind is ran into overdrive to compensate. Their is a sudden rush of megalomania as the Gifted's mind sees capabilities of its body beyond anything it could ever imagine before and is filled with the delusion that it can do anything. As thoughts barrel into the mind, fantasy is not sorted from fact and things like restraint are given a back seat as impulse is now in control. This is also known as Amniel's Curse.

The Curse of Rage

Not to far off from the Curse of Madness, the difference lies in whether or not they're talking. The Madness Cursed has no screen between thoughts and mouth, blithering a stream of pure consciousness. The Rage Cursed hasn't got thoughts except seething rage. Sometimes though, it can be another emotion, overcoming them to the point of mindlessness but rage is either the most common or merely the most common in popular culture.

The Cursed's Gifts

Some of those who suffer from the Curse of Madness or Rage actually garner more power while in the throes of suffering. However, usually, this comes with an increase in severity with the Curse and such figures are greatly feared and often put down when possible.

The Curse of Burning

'The Burning' it is called by the Gifted and greatly feared. It is when the Gift exceeds some sort of limit and the Gifted begins to 'Burn'. Many things can happen; they keel over dead, they explode, they evolve more Gifts and/or Curses, they devolve, nothing.

Broken Gifts

Their are also Gifts that have grown out of control or are more hindrance than help, lacking Required Secondary Powers or are just not very good sometimes.

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Aug 8th 2012 at 5:56:34 PM

Um... technically I can't because I only contributed once and haven't said anything about becoming a member (which I'm officially declaring to join now). tongue Anyways:

-Three Theories On the Birth of Celestial Gods: Yes, though I might edit that to "theories" so that G Ms can say "all of them are wrong!" and come up with their own (think how VII in new Vampire works).

- Edits to Sphinx entry: Yes

- Dornuf, Patron of the Ancient Dwarf Civilization, God of the Forge, Machine, Progress, Advancement: No, unless progress is taken out of the profolio.

- Hollic, terrestrial God of the forge: Yes. More terrestial the better.

- Tiergan Khalon: Yes

- Fuinnimh, Sceal's equivalent to caffeine: BIG YES. Make it so that it can make humanoids AND GODS hyper as well. tongue

- Kairosurgy, Temporal Magic: Yes (btw, the link to it is wrong)

- Legends: Yes.

- Ethrgy - Ethical energy: Yes, though the name looks weird.

- Cobblers: Yes. The free-willed ancient ones can be the soldiers who were sent by Chloe to fight against the Machine Empire eons ago.

- Cryptopolis - The hidden city, Potion sleeves: Yes to both

- Staff of constructification: I'm not quite getting how it works, so edit.

- Forever Warriors: Yes, but need fleshing out.

- Form Magic, Mercenary Guilds: both yes.

- Azalar Lifesbane: Yes, nice and horrifying.

- Summons: Yes

- Ateniloc, Bezylabalug Who Lies In Forbidden Chains: Both looks good. Yes to both.

- Cheaper Magic Metals: Yes

- Arc of Youth: Yes

- Rooted Fiber wood: Yes

- Soledad, the Lonely Star: Yes. No to Soledad, Ruleous and Ahulite and The twin sun gods

- Woolson: Yes. (I wonder if his name has been used as a joke amongst the gods. tongue).

- Graveyards in The Eastern Dominion, The stones of adaptability: Yes to both.

- Black Empire Facts: Necroturgy, Black Empire Facts: Martial Arts: Yes to both.

-Aethersheer, The animate storm: Yes.

-Art Gallery: Yes, seconded.

Sijo from Puerto Rico
Aug 9th 2012 at 5:13:03 PM

Thanks, Ira. And welcome, officially. :)

Proceeding with vote count...

Sijo from Puerto Rico
Aug 9th 2012 at 6:04:00 PM


  • Three Theories On the Birth of Celestial Gods- 2
  • Edits to Sphinx entry: 4
  • Dornuf, Patron of the Ancient Dwarf Civilization, God of the Forge, Machine, Progress, Advancement: 0
  • Hollic, terrestrial God of the forge: 3
  • Tiergan Khalon: 4
  • Fuinnimh, Sceal's equivalent to caffeine: 4
  • Kairosurgy, Temporal Magic: 4
  • Legends: 3
  • Ethrgy - Ethical energy:3
  • Cobblers: 4
  • Cryptopolis - The hidden city: 4
  • Potion sleeves: 4
  • Staff of constructification: 2
  • The Forever Warriors: 4
  • Form Magic: 4
  • Mercenary Guilds: 4
  • Azalar Lifesbane: 2
  • Summons: 3
  • Ateniloc: 2
  • Bezylabalug Who Lies In Forbidden Chains: 3
  • Cheaper Magic Metals: 4
  • Arc of Youth: 1
  • Rooted fiber wood: 3
  • The twin sun gods:1
  • Soledad, the Lonely Star: 2
  • Soledad, Ruleous and Ahulite : 0
  • Woolson, God of the dead as sacred: 4
  • The stones of adaptability: 4
  • Black Empire Facts: Necroturgy: 4
  • Black Empire Facts: Martial Arts: 4
  • Art Gallery:4
  • Aethersheer, The animate storm: 4


The following did not make it in, but received “Edit” votes:

  • Three Theories On the Birth of Celestial Gods edit
  • Dornuf, Patron of the Ancient Dwarf Civilization, God of the Forge, Machine, Progress, Advancement
  • Staff of constructification
  • Azalar Lifesbane
  • Ateniloc:
  • Arc of Youth
  • The twin sun gods
  • Soledad, the Lonely Star
  • Soledad, Ruleous and Ahulite

(Obviously, we are going to have to think our Sun God(s) more.)

I'll add the results to the Main Page ASAP. Then post the next ballot.

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God_of_Awesome Relationship Status: And here's to you, Mrs. Robinson
Aug 9th 2012 at 7:30:01 PM

So, fellas, whadya want out of the Theories?

Vyctorian ◥▶◀◤ from Domhain Sceal
Aug 14th 2012 at 1:43:11 PM

In-addition to re-working the ideas under edit on the previous ballot.

I think each round of voting, we should go back and edit some of the already canon entries. Not major edits, just stuff like grammar, spelling and punctuation. Nothing that we'd need a vote to fix. I think in order of how they are listed on the top page would be best for now, unless we happen to see one we created and can instantly edit it, for ones created by those no longer with the project, I purpose we just re-post it with the edits and change the links and provide a credit at the bottom of the post with a link to the original.

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Sijo from Puerto Rico
Aug 14th 2012 at 4:22:43 PM

That's OK by me.

Btw sorry about not having done the update yet, I've been VERY busy these past few days. I'll be doing it soon.

edited 14th Aug '12 4:23:03 PM by Sijo

Exelixi Lesbarian from Alchemist's workshop Relationship Status: Armed with the Power of Love
Aug 14th 2012 at 4:42:44 PM

That is called "editing," and is what I was doing before I broke my arm and spent a month tripping on drugs.

Mura: -flips the bird to veterinary science with one hand and Euclidean geometry with the other-
Vyctorian ◥▶◀◤ from Domhain Sceal
Aug 14th 2012 at 5:15:58 PM

Well you left so I figured we'd sorta pick up, but also try to release the edits publicly so the page entries look cleaner for those just coming into.

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Vyctorian ◥▶◀◤ from Domhain Sceal
Aug 18th 2012 at 10:52:50 PM

Time-release potions-

These potions have a spell laid on top of them or more their containers. It states they do not activate until a certain amount of time has past. The spell is usually cast around the rim of the bottle so that anything the passes through the top of the bottle gets the delay.

When timed correctly these potions can be effective in any number of scenarios. It's often used on poisons as well as a powerful bottle could delay the effect of a poison for several hours or days.

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God_of_Awesome Relationship Status: And here's to you, Mrs. Robinson
Aug 19th 2012 at 8:05:53 AM

I started running a live game in Domhain Scheal using a modified FUDGE system, incorporating elements of Exalted and Mutants And Masterminds.

edited 19th Aug '12 8:07:49 AM by God_of_Awesome

Exelixi Lesbarian from Alchemist's workshop Relationship Status: Armed with the Power of Love
Aug 19th 2012 at 8:08:47 AM

[up]Keep notes. Play testing is one of the most important things. Also, get feedback.

Mura: -flips the bird to veterinary science with one hand and Euclidean geometry with the other-
God_of_Awesome Relationship Status: And here's to you, Mrs. Robinson
Aug 19th 2012 at 11:12:41 AM

Well, beginning of the plot is that they are a government sponsored group of mercenaries in the Black Empire, meant to save and help the people at the behest of the government from the myriad of bull shit that ever goes down in a fantasy setting. I haven't much else of a plot yet.

We have a Sylvan Ice Wizard, a Human Time Wizard, an Elephant Beast-Folk Scholarly Thug and a Feline Beast-Folk Lightning Juggernaut.

edited 19th Aug '12 11:12:52 AM by God_of_Awesome

Exelixi Lesbarian from Alchemist's workshop Relationship Status: Armed with the Power of Love
Aug 19th 2012 at 12:52:55 PM

... You ARE keeping Kairosurgy only affecting a few seconds at a time, right? Time magic tends to fuck balance up the arse with a rake if you aren't careful.

Mura: -flips the bird to veterinary science with one hand and Euclidean geometry with the other-
God_of_Awesome Relationship Status: And here's to you, Mrs. Robinson
Aug 19th 2012 at 6:12:57 PM

Try this again...


Long ago upon Yaodune, their was an Stone Duergar called Jamal. Early in his life, it became apparent the elemental taint had welled in him early and rendered him sterile and impotent as any Dwarf Duergar. Jamal, though, had longed for children. Regardless of race, he came to see all children as his own, to replace the ones he never had. He set out then on a journey to bring comfort and joy to children the world round.

One story says he came upon a village and in that village there was great sorrow for their children were being taken away by wolves. Jamal set out then into the wilderness and found the wolf pack and slew them all. He could not though, bring himself to kill the pups, so he took them as his own. To prevent them from harming anyone again, he used mystic sympathy to endow them with his own sterility. However, he spared a select few, the calmest and most loyal of them, and allowed them to breed.

He did this over and over until genetic anomalies began to appear in subsequent generations. Jamal, by accident, had breed dogs from wolves. From his effort, they spread around the world and Jamal's reputation grew. He was the Protector of Children and the Father of Dogs and eventually the focus on him was so great, his own power potent enough and the auspices right, the divine spark was lit within and he found that he had become a god.

Jamal's dogs were the faithful hounds of humanity but it was not enough for the new divinity. The Protector of Children needed an extension of his will to do his work when and where he couldn't and as the Father of Dogs he had a means to do so. He gathered to him many hounds and he enlightened them with divine purpose, to protect children. He also gifted them with greater intelligence, semi to outright sentience in some case although he did so in a crude way, by grafting two more heads to them. The three heads then would share a hive mind that would compound upon each other to form an intelligence greater then the sum of their parts.

Within nurseries and schools and day cares, a cerberus may be found, three pairs of eyes keeping watch of their charges, driven by the holy mission handed down to their ancestors so long ago. They are huge compared to their base breed, a precursor of Dire Beasts and a possible inspiration for the creation of Dragons by the warring Terrestrial Gods later on, and tenacious and possibly violent in carrying out their duties. Children seem to love them although adult, even those who grew up with cerberus, may find them disconcerting. They have a stable breeding population but can also breed with dogs and wolves, even dire, and the litter will be the same sort of creature as the mother. The reach by with these creatures may travel is limited to where Jamal worship is strong enough, becoming weak if they travel outside it.

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Sijo from Puerto Rico
Aug 19th 2012 at 7:01:43 PM

Ok, all the stuff from the last ballot has been added in, with two exceptions:

  • The edits to the Sphinx entry. I thought Vyc might want to do it herself. If not I will.
  • The Art Gallery. I will add a link once its ready.

Speaking of the Gallery:

  • should we do it as a page here in TV Tropes, or should we post the images elsewhere (maybe even start our own wiki for it?)
  • which entries should have images? I'm thinking that our major characters and more unique concepts should. Also, do you folks want me to pick the images, or do you want to do it yourselves (Vyc probably has a better sense of what Elena should look like than I do, for example.) Remember to use free-to-use images (Google Advanced Search has options for that.)

Next Ballot up soon.

Vyctorian ◥▶◀◤ from Domhain Sceal
Aug 19th 2012 at 11:43:07 PM

The Eastern Dominion Outcroppings -

The outcropping are places that were once considered small nations and city-states which got relegated to collectively owned land during the forming of the eastern dominion. They have their own leaders and names but they have no say in affairs of the Eastern dominion and follow only eastern dominion laws and may not set laws of their own. In exchange they get military protection and any benefits that come with said laws.

While this does restrict the freedoms of the nations to pass their own laws, their people are often times more free then people in some of the big 7 countries that make up the dominion. If there is no collective TED law against a practice or behavior it can be openly done without prosecution.

Most of the areas are too small to deserve mention but there are a few areas which deserve a bit of mention due to their culture, or significance.

Aka'kov, The northern ridge-

This area of land is the furthest away from TED. It is a small archipelago TED secured during that last war when the area was under siege from a larger force, TED gave them back up and in turn TED had access to it's lands and more importantly it's very rare-double node. The double node is two nodes which are almost over-lapping but not quite though the area where the nodes energy is weakest is barely a few feet across. Two mages could stand 10 paces apart and still get a minor boost, granted they'd be standing in a ocean-river but that's beside the point.

Aka'kov is made up of six main islands and several dozen too small to live on islands. The two center islands have a closed in cove between them which connects them. They are still islands however as the mass connecting them is not earth but instead coral whose growth has been accelerated by the double nodes.

The nodes keep the water trapped in this cover from going stale plus new water from the ocean often blows over the the wind is high as the coral is only just breaching the surface around the edges which would connect the two pieces of ocean it's 20 to 50 feet down every where else. It's said the coral as actually formed caves that go several 100 feet deep and even have air pockets within them.

The Ava'kov natives are not of the same ethnicity as the rest of the Dominion, Their skin is much darker, as is their hair and While they are normal humanoids with normal looking eyes, their stare is for some reason both stunningly beautiful and haunting. This is often attributed to being exposed to the magical energies of two node though this is disputed by some.

The two islands have a city build on each side of the coral bridge and while each city has a different leader, they are referred to as The Twin city of Aya.

The area is known for it's fishermen, wild-life, delicious node fruit, Coral craftsmanship, and unique culture.

Though it is governed by dominion laws, it's culture is a mix between tribalism and feudalism and a class system is still heavily rooted in the culture. While each tribe is united by law, outside of the twin cities they usually keep to themselves culture wise, trading has always been very open but each tribe has it's own customs, rites, and clothing. Those in the Twin cities seem to be a mix-mash of the tribes around them and elements of TED.

In addition to the culture they tend to favor hero worship and the worship of terrestrials over celestial, though in recent years celestial worship has grown.

Coral weapons-

Oddly found and made on the islands due to the coral having magically properties which put it at a strength close to folded iron. While a good metal sword will still shatter it, a good metal sword cannot be healed as unlike coral it is not technically a living creature.

While many coral swords are made from dead coral, living coral swords are rare but exist.

The Terrail Strip-

Formerly the area owned by the Terrail city states, this strip exists on the edge of the east of the lower half of TED. The area is mostly mountains, rock deserts, and caverns, the area makes for poor farming land and is only a few dozen miles wide but is a strategic military chock point and makes it near impossible to enter TED from the bottom without exhausting valuable ground forces.

Most of it's cities are made of stone, though recent building have imported wood from the mainland. The culture is very meat and mineral based as plants are hard to come by or hard to eat.

((more to come))

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God_of_Awesome Relationship Status: And here's to you, Mrs. Robinson
Aug 20th 2012 at 10:43:32 AM

1. Just right now, whadya think of the Cerberus now?

2. So whadya'll want out of the Celestial Theories?

Vyctorian ◥▶◀◤ from Domhain Sceal
Aug 20th 2012 at 11:02:32 AM

1.) Eh, still needs work. I like the base concept but I feel it should have come after-dragons.


Pyre stake & Ash Vampires - Vampire rains, Ash constructs, Pyre Nosferatu

This stake allows it's wielder to not simply root a Nosferatu to the ground but turn them to ash, and allows the person who created this stake to turn the ash into a flaming ash construct which uses Andurial's powers against his wishes.

The stake is made from wood burned in a pyre and enchanted by some of the same runes used in Elemental branding.

The construct is made of ash and embers which keep burning as along as the aether lasts. It also has access to the same powers the Nosferatu*

had during it's existence, making it a powerful construct. Removing the stake from the construct only causes the construct to reform around the stake, the only way to destroy an Ash Vampire is too drench the ash in either liquid or a ton of sand, remove the stake and break the stake into more then two pieces or simply breaking the stake into multiple pieces.

Note: The stake will doing flaming damage to anything attacked with it, the creation of an Ash Vampire requires Andurial's energies be involved though.

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God_of_Awesome Relationship Status: And here's to you, Mrs. Robinson
Aug 20th 2012 at 12:38:11 PM

[up]I disagree on the basis that Dire Beasts came immediately after Dragons and Cerberus are meant to be a primitive precursor. That could be tweaked though.

Vyctorian ◥▶◀◤ from Domhain Sceal
Aug 22nd 2012 at 4:02:22 PM

Off topic but since Domhain Sceal is near finalization, I decided to start up something like this with the idea that it just be a setting and not a campaign setting. It's over in world building/ here.

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Sijo from Puerto Rico
Aug 22nd 2012 at 7:14:06 PM

For the record, there's a tropical storm (possibly a hurricane soon) that will pass near Puerto Rico very soon, and I've been busy getting ready for it. Also, this may or may not affect my ability to post in the next few days, depending on how my local server and power grids are affected. I'm not expecting anything too bad, just giving notice in case.

Vyctorian ◥▶◀◤ from Domhain Sceal
Aug 27th 2012 at 2:13:22 PM

Elena's Dragons-

Elena has created three types of dragons. One for each area of her domain. Air, land and sea.

Feather-ryn Dragon-

The Feather-ryn is an oddity among dragons, in that it spends 80% to 90% of it's life in flight. It's also an oddity because it has feathers, scales and fur. It has four large wings, and a long feathered whip like tail with rose like barbs coming from it, these barbs shed with age and damage and re-grow. It has no arms but as two hawk like feet. Much like sharks they do not stop moving while a sleep and more often then not simply ascend past the clouds and drift. They are the biggest of the dragons in terms of length, but the smallest in terms of girth. It also has a curved beak like a dinosaurs, it's often called the Air chimera, though druids often call them Rose dragons.

It's breath is a powerful gust of air, like wind sheer. Though it more often uses it's wings, tail, and peak to fight and hunt prey. The gust is more often used to push off cliff-faces or push away attacks it doesn't feel like dealing with.

It usually only stops flight to lay eggs, and care over them, though they do have a tenancy to have a cave where they keep mementos from their trips to the surface.

Skate-shark dragon-

This dragon is slightly smaller than a blue whale at full-size. It's called a Skate Shark because it has a set of massive skate like wings, that are in fact it's arms and the shark part comes from a massive neck guard which makes it resemble a great whites head when it's neck is down hunting. It's tail also look's like a much longer version of a sharks.

It's sprays a stream compressed and carbonated water as a weapon. Contrary to popular belief it can in fact fly and survive out of the ocean though they prefer the ocean and ocean caverns as their home.

Bark-wolf dragon- These are by far the ones which resemble animals the most. Instead of scales they have various brown and dark green shades of fur to them and bark patches on their skin. They have shorter necks and large manes of fur, they tend to have yellow, green or blue eyes which are said to glow at times. Their tail is long and prehensile, often being used to wrap around trees, they also have a set of whiskers which seem to float by their own volition.

They are they smallest in length but they have more girth to them then the Feather-ryn Dragon. Despite this they are still by far one of the biggest creatures you will find on land. Another oddity is that they have no wings capable of flight. This however does not mean they cannot fly, their flight is just aether assisted. Their lack of wings was compensated for by giving them power innate nature magic, in addition to this they also have a more traditional breath-weapon with a twist.

while they do breath a cone of fire, their fire does not damage plant life and is magical in nature. It also appear to be able to cast it's magic with it's mind this however is very draining.


Elena grew tried of the concept of dragons soon after she created the first few hundred of hers so all of her dragons alive today can trace their lineage back to the earliest of her's dragons but another trait she gave her dragons was the ability to mate with any natural wild creature of their environment. The offspring of which often have dragonic traits but lack the dragon's mind.

Dragonic animals-

Dragonic animals are rare as the chance of an animal surviving the dragon birth cycle is slim, the size and age of the animals are factors, though nothing has over a 50% chance of success.

Dragonic animals tend to have small traits which give them an edge over their kin. Keener eyesight is common, as are sharper teeth. They tend to be stronger and faster as well, with coats that match the coloring and patterns of their dragonic parents. What is even rarer are those that share small dragon-like traits such as a more dragon like tail or snout or something as simple as random scale-patches.

Because of their rarity Dragonic animals are coveted by collectors and hunters.


[up]I hope everything is okay on your end

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God_of_Awesome Relationship Status: And here's to you, Mrs. Robinson
Aug 27th 2012 at 3:58:00 PM

Stewing on the idea of a vampire-werewolf demi-race that use the Bishōnen Line (More like a bell curve), starting out human-like except with fangs and a small blood thirst, becoming more bestial until they are hunched over baboon-men (With wolf-like heads) with intense rage and need to tear things apart and then grow more human against as a sign of gaining control and focus of their power.

Vyctorian ◥▶◀◤ from Domhain Sceal
Aug 27th 2012 at 4:43:39 PM

I likewise have some vampire ideas but those are characters.

edited 27th Aug '12 4:43:53 PM by Vyctorian

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