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God_of_Awesome Relationship Status: And here's to you, Mrs. Robinson
Mar 19th 2012 at 1:50:59 PM

Perhaps... sample Bearers?

Sijo from Puerto Rico
Mar 20th 2012 at 7:10:33 AM

FINALLY! Here are my votes. Sorry but I wanted to re-read everything first and I'm a slow reader. sad

  • Half Human Hybrids: Yes
  • The Eight Crystals of Undeniability: Yes
  • Masked spirits: Yes
  • Cults of the mask: Yes
  • The Nobles of Conflict (Celestial gods): Yes
  • Elena and the Gods of the hunt: Yes
  • Uwindo, celestial Goddess of the hunt: Yes
  • Artorius, God of the glory of the hunt: yes
  • Hawk, God of treasure hunts and searching for items: Yes
  • Natalia, Goddess of bounties and bounty hunters: Yes
  • Progenitor animals: Yes
  • Dire Beasts: Yes
  • Titans, the Promethean Men:Yes
  • Ogres, the Dire Men: Yes
  • Demi Ogres: Yes
  • Treasure Drakes: Yes
  • Spells: Yes
  • Disciples: Yes
  • Biourgy The Medicine Man's Magic: Yes

Looks like everything passed again (we are really in sync now! wink ) will check to make sure later and do the update.

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God_of_Awesome Relationship Status: And here's to you, Mrs. Robinson
Mar 20th 2012 at 10:23:59 AM

Wait... all the way back there? Sijo, I've been waiting for a new -ballot-.

  • makes an exaggerated rage face*

Exelixi Lesbarian from Alchemist's workshop Relationship Status: Armed with the Power of Love
Mar 20th 2012 at 12:35:38 PM

We update once a week. Usually on Wednesdays. That's been the schedule for a while now.

I might not be very active for about a week. You know that guy who completely blows off schoolwork for two months and then spends 140+ hours straight making everything up? That'd be this guy.

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God_of_Awesome Relationship Status: And here's to you, Mrs. Robinson
Mar 20th 2012 at 6:47:33 PM

Sample Cultures #6

The Iron Men The Lost Children of Palatron

Palatron was a Protogenoi that had settled into the Southern Iropian Plains that make up a majority of the Black Empire today. He was shaped as an armored knight and his children were smaller versions of himself. They fought to protect the peace, prosperity and freedom of all the people and kingdoms while maintaining as much of a non-interference policy as possible. They were not strongly organized, each Palatronian sent out to do good as he will. They only gathered together once, to protect the people of the plain from the invasion of the Black Prince.

Palatron and Hrod met upon the field of battle and the Black Empire would not be if Hrod had not won. He knew Palatron or his children would never give up, not even if Palatron died. However, Hrod found the idea of slaying a whole race distasteful. He killed Palatron and wrought upon his life force, his heart spheres, a spell of wizardry and mysticism. He wiped away the memory of Palatron from his children, rending it from their minds.

He put into such a working a portion of his being, the Black Prince, his desire to wring order from the might of his rules, and such a thing effected the Palatronians deeply, breaking their spirits. When the smoke had cleared, no longer were these Oremna the self-sufficent and fiercely independent people they had been before. Still they desired the prosperity of all people but order and safety was held above freedom and self-determination. Hrod offered them that and he became their surrogate father, his Iron Men.

Once each had a unique and individual appearance, an expressive face they only covered when necessary. Now they have modified themselves to near-conformity and welded their helmets shut. They are represented in every aspect of the Empire's working to some degree, their age winning positions of seniority and authority. They are at once a great asset to the Emperor and a great fear, fear for what would happen if they ever remembered. As for Palatron's corpse, it now lays inside Hrod's lab, inside a black casket.


One of the few Orc societies to exist before the discovery of the New Lands, Streiten and Batter were a pair of neighboring orc nation. Now they are a pair of neighboring sub-sectors in the Black Empire. They are thought of lazy and hedonistic the both of them, with the Streiten being thought of as more violent. Nearly a third of the year is taken up by holidays in which great fairs are thrown but mostly they have competitions.

They love the shit out of competitions.

The way other Streiten and Battersi think of their fellows is decided by how well one does in competitions, so mostly social status but then that can affect every other aspect of one's life as their peers use this information as a large portion of their judgement upon you. Fortunes and powers were made by the weight of a competitor's abilities. Unfortunately, this does make them lazy as once your status is decided in competition why else should you strive outside them? Also, competitions are mostly physical or aesthetic in nature and intelligence is not as prized as it should be.

Goblins are treated as pets, produced in large amounts and adopted by anyone who cares to take them before being strutted out like dogs in a dog show. Unwanted goblins are then given over to outsiders to use as slave labor and for the longest time before Hrod even when they became orcs non-orc owners would keep them as slaves. Their was an entire thriving slave trade based on the excesses of these two nations.

Stupid, brutish, lazy, hedonistic. Hrod has stamped out and curbed much of this out of that area, first by taking power from them and handing it to more competent neighbors. The descendants today hold this against Hrod still, seeing how they were before as a golden age. Hrod's is of the opinion of surprise they could even sustain themselves. Orcs from outside them, many descendants of slaves, still suffer under this stigma and outside the Empire and even outside the continent Iropa their is still a slave trade of orcs.

It is through these lenses many view the Orcs of the New Lands too.

Begkyordo The Swamp Men

Trolls that live in and rule the vast swamp that comprises a swathe of the North-Eastern portion of the Black Empire. Their's is hierarchical kingdom, ruled by the queen-pair. Under the pair is all their children and then all their children's children and so forth. When both queens die, the eldest daughter and her mate will take their place. Not having a mate and children means not having a clear line of succession and not having a clear line of succession means war. Further rank is decided by closeness of relation to one of the queen-pairs, no matter which one was actually the daughter of one of the last. So other then confusion with dealing with hermaphrodites, and they are all tiny organisms psychokinetically controlling plant bodies living in a giant swamp, pretty standard medieval affair. Of course under them you have non-royal trolls, who are peasants, and non-troll peasants who are still peasants but a little worst.

When Hrod rolled around, their we were currently trying to workout an unclear line of succession with a lively game of civil war so he rolled over them. Once done, he established that the queen-pair will remain in charge as the sector governor and easily raised the standards of livings for the peasantry which was less outright malice and more negligence and ignorance.

Begkyordian nobility have learned how to turn their psychokinesis and apply it to plant-based biourgy, creating much of their buildings, vehicles, weapons, etc out of plant matter such as themselves. Hrod finds them to be a refreshing people to deal with, they respect the fact that he conquered them and both know they'll rebel as soon as guaranteed opportunity presents itself. Very honest.

Exelixi Lesbarian from Alchemist's workshop Relationship Status: Armed with the Power of Love
Mar 20th 2012 at 6:58:22 PM

Orcs are native to the New Lands. As such, an Orcish society that existed before the age of exploration kicked in would still be in the Spine.

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God_of_Awesome Relationship Status: And here's to you, Mrs. Robinson
Sijo from Puerto Rico
Mar 21st 2012 at 6:21:41 AM

GOA: I need to catch up with everything that's been posted in the last week, too. I'll do the update tonight, then post the next ballot.

Vyctorian ◥▶◀◤ from Domhain Sceal
Mar 21st 2012 at 8:25:33 AM

I'll be editing the Flash blades too make them more plausible later on but for now:

Cloe, celestial Goddess of (technological) progress-

Cloe has existed for ages under many names, ever since humanoids started using tools. She watches over all aspects of technological progress, and she is at odds with Elena (like many celestials) as technological progress usually comes at the expense of nature. She usually manifests as an object, lately a flying clockwork throne with an Orremna sitting on it.

Though not their creator, she has a soft spot for the Orremna seeing them as her people as they are in her words "The mortal manifestation of progress."

Her worshipers tend to be inventors, repair mages and just generally fans of technology. Factories, shipyards and even blacksmith shops tend to have an amulet blessed by her church hanging somewhere as a token of luck. Worship of her seems to be growing more and more as time passes. While an aether entity herself she encourages her worshipers to work through problems with technology first without resorting to magic. Leaving magic as a last resort.

Her symbol is a spider made of golden, as in the early day that was the form she appeared to people as.

Natalia's Dragons-

Natalia experimented with drakes and dragons like most gods, but instead of trying to make hers bigger and tougher she tried to make hers smaller and stealthier.

Theses dragons are split up into two groups:

Shade dragons- Shade dragons were an attempt to make drakes smaller and stealthier. Theses dragons are typically around the size of a lion or horse. Their scales are black and they tend to have very slender bodies. They have no wings though they do have skin-like flaps between their body and limbs to allow for gliding. Instead of breathing fire they instead breath out an aetheral smog of darkness they blocks out sight and dampens spells.

Faux-dragons - Theses aren't created from drakes they way dragons are. Theses are actually created from lizards instead. Unlike the drakes who lost their ability to fly and were made smaller.Theses creatures were made a bit bigger and even given the ability to fly as well as poisonous barbed tail to make up fro their lack of a breath weapon.

Both of these dragons were made to be of use to her follows, one as a superior hunting partner for taking on bigger enemies, they other as a non-combat focused cohort/ companion. As the life as a bounty hunter can be a lonely one.


They have two elongated crocodile like mouths one is smaller and housed inside of the other. Their teeth are jagged and don't seem to follow any kinda pattern just appearing randomly where their relatively thin scaly flesh allows. Their eyes sockets are hollow and have skin over them which resembles melted wax.

They have humanoid shaped body, and arcs to their backs. their hands and feet are large and have three claws as well as a thumb-like appendage. They often have spines down their backs and along their bodies. They have a second set of bones in their body which do not connect to each other and grow between the skin the and muscles on the chest and on the thighs.

Despite not having eyes, they can see their small hole son the side of their head. They see in thermal and have a blind spot directly in-front of and behind them. They have a shrill shriek which unsettles most creatures they encounter.

They are somewhat intelligent and often form into packs but they are not much above animals.Note

Though they have been known to use crude weapons. They live deep underground, and are rarely seen on the surface due to how badly sunlight effects their thermal vision.

They are brutal and animalistic, having no issue taking on and eating any creature. even their own.

Origin: They are an abomination, That dates back to the same era as the tattered beasts. Another attempt by the gods of old to create life, instead of attempting to make a dragon though they attempted to make a humanoid. This was not a mistake like the others, this was more of a steeping stone in the path to the creation of another creature and they just never bothered to clean it up.


Rune-wagon's are round magic powered wagons. Which use a levitation Rune to float a few inches or feet off the air, also known as Wizard tops due to their shape. They are popular in the Eastern dominion where young mages often modify them to use flight spells over simple levitation spells, so that they can race them. Many want to see this practice outlawed as it's seen as a way to circumvent the "No airships" rule.

They were originally designed and intended for traveling spell-casters, and were used as a way to transport small libraries with them. As there is usually a center ring which books were stored on. They also had runes pre-inscribed into them to allow for easier spell casting.

In most cases they use up the casters own aether to work, which meant they require a lot of concentration to use properly. Although some have crystals or other sources of power to levitate or stabilize flight at the least.


Dhaul- is a term for people who have had their minds whipped magically, or who are under a spell which controls their minds and cannot be broken by normal magic. Though it is sometimes used(slang) it describe anyone under someones control, even non magically.

It's said the origin of the term came after a wizardry college was brought into investigate the lab of a defeated mad-wizard that had mind whipped half the town. One of the young wizards commented that they seemed more like dolls than people, only for one of the victims to utter the word and have it come out as d'haul instead of doll.


The Warrior Crystal-

The warrior crystal is a mythical round gem stone, with is infused with amazing abilities. The person who posses it will under-go amazing chances but not without effort. While they do gain a boost to strength and speed the stones full potential can only be unlocked through effort.

It comes down to when one takes the action towards becoming a great warrior, the stone rewards them. Muscles recover quicker after working out, and chemicals which create a minor high are released form the brain as a reward. The more the person build towards becoming a great warrior the greater the rewards get and because the rewards comes through magic forcing the body to enhance naturally rather than simply augmenting. Removing the stone or disenchanting the person does nothing to them.

Those who train long enough with the stone seem to exhibit other traits as well. They seem to become slightly more perspective, and they seem to have a sense of charm to them. Holding themselves very easily in social encounters.

Finally once they've trained as much as their body can the begin to produce and aura around them which effects those within it with the same recovery effects as the wearer.

The stone is currently in the possession of Aria Son a human training deep within the Under Jungle of the Eastern dominion.

Under Jungle-

The under jungle is located deep under the jungles of the dominion to many it is a rumor, as few have ever found the place and made it out. Those who have say it is found deep beneath the caves systems and mines. It as an illuminated roof which mimics the effects of the sun causing plants to grow unfettered with deep rivers that the plants draw from. The jungle is dense in some areas and open and spacious in others. All kinda of weird wild life live deep within the jungles, it's even rumored that several tribes of primitive humanoids live down in the under jungle.

Many have gone missing searching for the place and are assumed dead, but that's not always the case.

Aria Son-

Meta-Note: Aria Son is base character, she is a strong female human warrior in the possession of The Warrior Crystal and was last seen by someone who escaped the Under jungle. Beyond this she will not be expanded upon beyond within any source materials this is the job of D Ms / G Ms and players.


Naga -

Naga are legendary snake-like creatures that are said to live along river banks and in jungles. They are said to be age-less, and great mystics. They can grow to be between 60 and 280 feet long, Their body is that of a snake but their head seems to be a fusion of a human and serpents.

Each Naga is different but they all share a few common traits:

Armor - A Naga's scales are just beneath dragons scales in thickness and durability.

Regeneration - If they don't die from bleeding out, the Naga's regeneration will kick in and have them back up to full health within a week or two.

Minor shape-shifting - All Naga can morph their upper body and head into a more human shape, even including arms. This is useful for luring prey and working with items that require hands.

Innate mysticism- Naga's are magical creatures and have innate magical abilities which they can instinctively tap into for spells.

Gift/Curse- Each Naga has their own special curse and gift, which grow more powerful with age.

While Naga do exist across the old lands and The spine of the world, it's said they originate from the new lands. In addition they are all female and seem to have no means of natural reproduction, due to the rarity of encounters with them this has left people to speculate how they are able to survive within the world and to their origins. Note

—- The Painted City - Location

The painted city was originally just a small township, and it's size hasn't really changed much over the years but it has grown bigger. Around 50 years ago strange murals started to pop up all across the city, and the paintings did not come off with water, magic or even acidNote

. Mages in the town were able to deduce however that the paint was magical in origin. Soon the city was covered in murals and art work, even the ground outside the city had a wall painted on it.

Til' this day the painter is unknown, but the effects of theses paintings are famous across the old lands. When looking at the city from the outside the wall is simply a painting but once instead the city, it is very much a physical wall around the city. In the middle of the main road their is a painted set of stairs which lead down to a river. When crossing it it is a normal road except for the part where the stairs begin going down that leads down to a small market area and circular river which is surrounded by trees and soil. The local library has a painting of an icy mountain on it.

Those trekking across the icy mountain found a wall on the other side made of brick but one that could not be broken, a few years latter someone remodeling their house removed a brick only to find the icy mountain on the other side, even though logically it should have lead into their dining room.

All kinds of strange murals lead into wonderful places within the city, a second market, beautiful palace, ever flowering gardens, a factory, a housing district, a harbor that goes out a few hundred feet and is filled with fish.


I actually have more ideas all written out, I just don't want to dominate the setting or over load people.

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Mar 21st 2012 at 9:10:11 AM

If my Taur get approved, the Naga are stated to be a type of Taur.

Still, you're particular could work out to be something related or simply parallel.

Vyctorian ◥▶◀◤ from Domhain Sceal
Mar 21st 2012 at 9:19:23 AM

I kinda wanted them to be similar to dragons in feel but not dragons, in India and Asia they are basically minor gods so I felt dragons were close enough without creating a class of snake gods. I really don't like the idea of them being grouped with Taurs.

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Mar 21st 2012 at 9:33:53 AM

We could also have a case of Parallel Evolution, except more with Parallel Intelligent Design.

Exelixi Lesbarian from Alchemist's workshop Relationship Status: Armed with the Power of Love
Mar 21st 2012 at 9:57:10 AM

280 feet?

-Does conversion-

Only if each has its own supply of scared Japanese townsfolk screaming "RUN AWAY IT'S GODZIRRA" at all times.

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Mar 21st 2012 at 10:26:22 AM

Proto Beast-Folk Cont

Lycanthrope *

A case of parallel creation, the lycanthrope are not the were, or the single wolfin breed left of them, although they look similar, very similar but are two very different creatures. The original were druidic worshipers of some bestial god, possibly a masculine aspect of Elena, who sought power and spiritual enlightenment both. Through mystical and wizardly biourgical practices, they infused themselves with the essence of beasts and shapeshifters and gave themselves the power to transform into animal and half-animal forms.

A lycanthrope's bite bears no transformative venom, his transformation no connection to the moon. A wolf lycan is noticeably smaller and less feral looking then a werewolf but more so then a wolf furre. The originals chose wolves as their beast of choice but the infusion process has been repeated a number of times with different animals although less frequently as one approaches the present as knowledge of the process start becoming mysteriously eliminated. The new generations are now nearly entirely those the descendant of the old.

Vyctorian ◥▶◀◤ from Domhain Sceal
Mar 21st 2012 at 10:38:04 AM

The Naga of myth were pretty big, they're not very wide though in comparison. I do admit I made them a bit bigger though so that they could have a larger than life quality to them, and so that they could be used in place of Sea serpents.

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Mar 21st 2012 at 11:20:00 AM

Maybe the Taur are the Proto-Proto Beast-Folk, naturally occurring beings like Naga, Centaur, Minotaur, etc, that acted as inspirations for the later creations.

Vyctorian ◥▶◀◤ from Domhain Sceal
Mar 21st 2012 at 1:24:00 PM

That could work :3

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God_of_Awesome Relationship Status: And here's to you, Mrs. Robinson
Mar 21st 2012 at 1:41:26 PM

I feel like I need to re-write the whole Proto Beast-Folk entry.

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Sijo from Puerto Rico
Mar 21st 2012 at 6:09:54 PM

OK, the update is done! One question though, are the Titans supposed to be the same thing as the Prometheans? Or are the latter a subrace of the former? I wasn't sure so I included both, someone please correct this if its wrong.

I will post the latest ballot ASAP.

Vyctorian ◥▶◀◤ from Domhain Sceal
Mar 21st 2012 at 6:54:20 PM

The First Ones -

The First Ones are beings who are the first of their kind to do a certain action. The first to use tools, the first to use a weapon, the first to cast a spell, and so on.

They may not be famous but the aether has an effect on them regardless, these actions cause them to retain their consciousness upon passing and allows them to be a soul. They can even manifest a semi-material form to allow them to walk the earth and interact with it.

Often times when creatures finally effect the aether enough to create of god for the concept behind these action. Said god will seek out The First One to make them an avatar.

Action: The actions have to be major ones, being the first person to cast Curse laughing on a person isn't enough but being the first to ever use the aether to enchant someone is.

They are not gods but they tend to have slightly more power than an ordinary soul. Some gods and immortals are first ones but since they never passed on, they count for the being the first being to do said action but not as a First One.

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Mar 21st 2012 at 10:05:01 PM

[up] Sounds like the Primal Blade

[up][up] The Titans are a reworking of the Promethean, they are the same thing.

Vyctorian ◥▶◀◤ from Domhain Sceal
Mar 21st 2012 at 10:16:28 PM

[up]That was a bit of inspiration I just took it and expanded it and made it apply to creatures.

edited 21st Mar '12 10:16:38 PM by Vyctorian

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Sijo from Puerto Rico
Mar 22nd 2012 at 7:03:24 AM

[up][up]Thanks I'll correct it.

I like the concept of the First Ones, if only because all cultures like to, at the very least, remember, and at times even worship, those figures that *they believe* were the first to do anything. It also reminds me of Lorien the First One, the *very first* sentient lifeform in the galaxy in Babylon Five. Who appeared as an old man, but was nothing of the sort, it was just A Form You Are Comfortable With.

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Mar 22nd 2012 at 8:36:05 AM

I'm thinking of completely rewriting the Proto Beast-Folk and all related entries (So all the Lycanthrope ones).

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