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Madrugada Zzzzzzzzzz Relationship Status: In season
Aug 6th 2011 at 6:48:42 PM

Dungeonmaster's Girlfriend: Definition was changed to the actual outside the wiki definition back in January. Wicks and examples need to be checked to be sure they match the current definition: a person who gets special privileges or treatment because they are the love interest of the person in charge.

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TripleElation Diagonalizing The Matrix from Haifa, Isarel
Diagonalizing The Matrix
Aug 10th 2011 at 7:52:04 AM

The Mario: Has been renamed to Jack-of-All-Stats. Also, during the discussion we've reached the conclusion that this is a stat trope. The thing that's balanced should be stats, or at least something that functions like stats. So someone who's reasonably adept at picking radish, doing cartwheels and chess would not be this trope. This means some of the wicks and examples on the page should be removed.

Link to wick list.

edited 10th Aug '11 7:53:13 AM by TripleElation

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blackadder98 ///////////
Aug 12th 2011 at 10:59:02 AM

Verbal Backpedaling: Formally Er I Mean, need help cleaning up wicks and indexes to reflect new name. Also, accidently redirected to Verbal Backtracking, and was re-redirected.

edited 12th Aug '11 11:04:29 AM by blackadder98

Always hiding my keys in the bug bucket, you bastard dog.
Aug 25th 2011 at 8:17:14 AM

The example pages for Mr. Fanservice need a lot of cleaning up. The trope was just renamed from Mr. Fanservice because the old name kept being misused to mean "hot guys" or "characters with estrogen brigades", and the example pages still contain a lot of this. We need people to help cleanup who are more familiar with certain works listed so they can judge what is a real example and what isn't, and people who can stomach dealing with this Perverse Sexual Lust stuff more than I can.

Oct 3rd 2011 at 7:30:10 PM

The Comically Serious still has a hundreds of links to it's old name scattered around.

Also, the 20 Bear Asses page needs a clean-up, badly. Most of the examples are full of whining.

Oct 12th 2011 at 7:39:20 PM

This page has a ton of YMMV garbage on it that needs to be purged/moved.

EDIT: This page, too.

EDIT: And this one.

edited 12th Oct '11 7:46:22 PM by Insignificant

Merlo *hrrrrrk* from the masochist chamber
Oct 12th 2011 at 7:40:22 PM

Fetish Fuel Station Attendant was redlinked, so if you see it delete.

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wuggles from Miami, FL Relationship Status: With my statistically significant other
Oct 15th 2011 at 12:33:40 PM

Lady Gaga headscratchers page needs to be cleaned up. Is it okay if I just clear everything, because it seems that nothing on that page is appropriate.

edited 15th Oct '11 12:33:55 PM by wuggles

TuefelHundenIV Watchman of the Apocalypse from Wandering Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
Watchman of the Apocalypse
Oct 29th 2011 at 4:25:29 PM

Super Soldier has gotten cluttered. Specifically the War Hammer40k Entries. I am not quite sure where to begin.

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Deboss I see the Awesomeness. from Awesomeville Texas
I see the Awesomeness.
Oct 29th 2011 at 5:49:27 PM

Took a chainsaw to the "oh, and there's this too" parts, rearanged them to list the character first and bolded the name. Easier to read?

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Nocturna Seeking for Light
Seeking for Light
Oct 31st 2011 at 7:43:04 PM

This page desperately needs more cleaning (I stumbled across it doing Discontinuity cleanup). Everything is unnecessarily verbose and there's a large number of grammar and spelling errors, too.

I cleaned the description and the tropes through B, but I feel like my brain's about to break, so if someone else could do some, that would be great.

(And if this is the wrong thread for this type of cleanup, please point me to the right one.)

LouieW Loser from Babycowland
Nov 10th 2011 at 1:05:17 PM


As far as I know this is the right place to ask for help with that kind of thing.

Anyway, I took out all of the other spelling errors I could find on that page for the time being, but I can return to it to try to fix some other stuff if you would like.

edited 10th Nov '11 1:05:33 PM by LouieW

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FinalStarman from Clinton, Massachusetts
Nov 30th 2011 at 2:53:16 PM

Acceptable Hard Luck Targets has a few problems: some items are listed with no elaboration and no examples and some examples are listed without a header as to what they're examples of. The section on the bottom of the page about undesirable physical traits is overly vague and only has Real Life examples.

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Nocturna Seeking for Light
Seeking for Light
Nov 30th 2011 at 7:14:46 PM

As I was working on cleaning the Lampshaded Double Entendre wicks, I discovered that we have two Heartwarming Moments pages for fanfiction — here and here — which are partially but not entirely identical. The latter is the one actually linked on the Heartwarming Moments page.

nrjxll Relationship Status: Not war
Nov 30th 2011 at 7:53:49 PM

I'm confused - aren't "moments" pages supposed to be for individual works, not genres?

FinalStarman from Clinton, Massachusetts
Dec 5th 2011 at 6:44:30 PM

The entire Title Scream page is just one big mess. Up until just now, it was an All-Blue Entry with no description. I quickly wrote up a pretty lousy one-sentence description and cleaned up a tiny bit of the page, but the examples will be difficult to salvage. How will we get rid of the All Blue-ness?

I'm not crazy, I just don't give a darn!
suedenim Teutonic Tomboy T-Girl from Jet Dream HQ
Teutonic Tomboy T-Girl
Dec 10th 2011 at 6:58:14 PM

Dropped a Bridget on Him was recently renamed to Unsettling Gender Reveal.

The examples still have quite a lot of language that refers to the old name. Stuff like "Alice dropped a Bridget on Bob in Episode 31, but in Episode 54, the Bridget drop was from Bob to Imhotep," that sort of thing.

I cleaned up a lot of this stuff, but the Anime/Manga section could probably use cleanup from someone more familiar with the works. A lot of them I couldn't really figure out what scenario was being described well enough to rewrite.

wuggles from Miami, FL Relationship Status: With my statistically significant other
Dec 13th 2011 at 3:09:20 PM

Undermined by Reality seems quite bitter, especially the Disney and Fox News examples.

Deboss I see the Awesomeness. from Awesomeville Texas
I see the Awesomeness.
Dec 13th 2011 at 10:48:52 PM

I'm thinking of TR Sing that to have it cut. That's pure bitching right there.

Fight smart, not fair.
lebrel Tsundere pet. from Basement, Ivory Tower
Tsundere pet.
Jan 12th 2012 at 3:40:10 PM

I don't think this is worth TR Sing, but I've seen a lot of misuse of Armor-Piercing Slap for Pervert Revenge Mode. I have too many things that I'm supposed to be doing already, so does anyone want to volunteer to check the ~550 wicks for Armor-Piercing Slap? Also, since Pervert Revenge Mode traditionally and still commonly involves slapping the offender, howabout Pervert Slap (or something) for a redirect?

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nrjxll Relationship Status: Not war
Jan 27th 2012 at 6:29:39 PM

There's been a request to rewrite the examples on Pietà Plagiarism so they aren't quite so full of spoilers. Anyone up for it?

edited 27th Jan '12 6:29:51 PM by nrjxll

SeptimusHeap Token Good Teammate from Bern, Switzerland Relationship Status: Mu
Feb 15th 2012 at 11:43:21 AM

This editor went around today deleting examples of FanFic.Decks Fall Everyone Dies, claiming that the author requested it to be removed from TV Tropes. Fast Eddie restored the relevant work pages citing "authors don't get to tell us what we can write about", but there are a lot of wicks to repair. Can we get a bit of help here?

EDIT: Nevermind. Looks like I and Eddie restored the damage already.


edited 4th Mar '12 7:18:21 PM by Madrugada

Treblain Not An Avatar
Not An Avatar
Feb 20th 2012 at 8:13:58 PM

The page Riddle for the Ages has been attracting a lot of "just post any unanswered question" examples. Some would better belong on What Happened to the Mouse?, Left Hanging, and Fan-Disliked Explanation, and some are just silly. Either way, the example format is increasingly becoming a list of "Why is X?" without any explanation.

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HersheleOstropoler You gotta get yourself some marble columns from BK.NY.US Relationship Status: Less than three
You gotta get yourself some marble columns
Mar 6th 2012 at 2:10:43 PM

I've cut every Real Life example on Undermined by Reality that could possibly fit into Role-Ending Misdemeanor, though it looks like the complaining has been taken care of.

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lebrel Tsundere pet. from Basement, Ivory Tower
Tsundere pet.
Mar 7th 2012 at 5:14:10 PM

Cute Shotaro Boy has been renamed to Adorably Precocious Child. We've done about 500 wicks, but there's over a thousand left. Most of the examples (90% plus) are straight-up misuse for "cute boy" (which is why it was renamed), and have to be deleted (or changed to a different trope) rather than re-named, so it would really help to have people familiar with the works take a look at the examples where it's used to see if it actually applies, rather than just mechanically changing them to the new name.

If anyone feels like helping, reading the definition at Adorably Precocious Child and then checking the related-to for Cute Shotaro Boy for any series you're familiar with would be very appreciated.

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