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General Sonic The Hedgehog thread

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Primis from Nsburg
Sep 5th 2019 at 5:43:25 PM

[up] I see the Death Egg Robot and Biolizard in there, too.

Night Vision Image Quality Cleanup Thread
Sep 9th 2019 at 6:00:57 PM

There's an episode of Sonic Boom where Amy and Eggman become fuzzy puppy buddies. It is a full-on tabletop experience with collectible figurines, and Amy teaches Eggman how to play until (inevitably) Eggman resorts to his villainous ways, forcing Amy to confront him... as a fellow player.

Love this version of Eggman, and I love that he and Amy stayed friends in the end. Always a pleasure to see this kind of villain.

Indeed, at least this Eggman is more of helping them get over with their own problems, like Eggman saw what was up with Tails' situation around Zooey then smacked Tails around to be himself instead of copying others.


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Sep 10th 2019 at 10:56:51 PM

Sonic's relationship with Eggman in Sonic Boom reminds me a lot of Kirby's relationship with King Dedede, which I like.

Pichu-kun ...
Sep 12th 2019 at 5:21:35 AM

This cover of "Dreams of Absolution" appeared in my feed. It's an unofficial fan-cover, right? I can't tell due to the comments.

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Rynnec Killing is my business Relationship Status: Healthy, deeply-felt respect for this here Shotgun
Killing is my business
Sep 12th 2019 at 5:27:11 AM

It's from Bentley Jones himself. It's official as fuck.

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Pichu-kun ...
Sep 12th 2019 at 5:29:07 AM

[up] Interesting. Making a music video thirteen years late.


The reveal of Project Needlemouse (Sonic 4) is a decade now. Wow, it doesn't even feel like 5 years have passed since then.

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ShirowShirow Play Langrisser from Land of maple syrup Relationship Status: Complex: I'm real, they are imaginary
Play Langrisser
Sep 12th 2019 at 6:55:21 PM

Hey anyone know if or where I can buy a print of that image linked in the pagetopper.

It is a thing of beauty.

Bleye knows Sabers.
Sep 12th 2019 at 8:27:27 PM

I found the deviant Art it came from at least.

ShirowShirow Play Langrisser from Land of maple syrup Relationship Status: Complex: I'm real, they are imaginary
Play Langrisser
Sep 12th 2019 at 8:44:32 PM

[up]TY. Deviantart's gotten a pretty big overhaul since last I saw it...

But, for the record, Godzilla vs Mobius would be an awesome miniseries.

... Both licenses are held by IDW comics too last time I checked.

Edited by ShirowShirow on Sep 12th 2019 at 11:44:48 AM

Bleye knows Sabers.
Sep 13th 2019 at 6:34:24 AM

Yeah I was curious about the overhaul myself. I don't use DA anywhere near as much these days but the redesign is... somewhat off-putting.

MightyMatilda Never Forget from New Jersey, USA
Never Forget
Sep 13th 2019 at 6:41:26 AM

Are you talking about Eclipse? Because you don't have to have it on.

De Romanīs, lingua Latina gloriosa non fuī.
Sep 13th 2019 at 6:51:28 AM

I haven't logged in for months and I don't think I toggled anything. Good to know it can be turned off.

Edited by Soble on Sep 13th 2019 at 4:02:24 AM

randomness4 S.M. from The Land of Inconvenience
Sep 16th 2019 at 11:08:46 AM

Who wants to hear some unused dialogue for Sonic game?

It's interesting to hear this, but a lot of it is unnecessary.

The dialogue during the transformation scene is pretty neat, but then Amy's voice is there and ruins the logic.

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