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General Sonic The Hedgehog thread

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Envyus Dark Hero from Behind you Relationship Status: Above such petty unnecessities
Dark Hero
Feb 11th 2019 at 8:40:49 PM

Yeah his issue he was a creep and shitty. While he did not do anything unforgivable from what it appears. The fact that he kept up this behavior for more than a decade is what makes all of this so bad.

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Axel on Stage I am also known as Saya1
Feb 12th 2019 at 5:46:50 PM

The one time Omega sounded off was when Maddie Blaustein voiced it, and that may be blammed on the weird diction choices that made it feel too robotic.

06 Omega wouldn't go WORTHLESS CONSUMER MODELS. And that is a shame.

randomness4 Black or White from The Land of Inconvenience
Black or White
Feb 12th 2019 at 7:28:11 PM

I mean, that effect on the voice didn't really help either.

(ART) Rules of the Internet 18: One cat leads to another.
Feb 12th 2019 at 7:54:56 PM

I'm think Blaustein did confirm that she was told make Omega monotone in '06, not unlike what happened with Samus in Other M. She also voiced Omega in one of the Mario & Sonic games and sounds much closer to Omega's original voice there.

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agent-trunks from Every-where, but there
Feb 12th 2019 at 8:13:10 PM

Before I forget, thanks Star Outlaw for answering my question. I would've said a lot earlier but life got in the way.

I still think Sonic Boom is one of the better thing that came out in the last half of a decade. I'm sure most people would say Sonic Mania but hey

Feb 12th 2019 at 9:57:37 PM

Omega's always been such a cool character

A shame that his chance for a relevant moment [Forces] was completely fizzled out sad

Feb 12th 2019 at 11:51:31 PM

I wonder why Sonic Adventure 2 was first released three months after the Dreamcast was discontinued?

BorneAgain Trope on a Rope from Last House on the Right
Trope on a Rope
Feb 14th 2019 at 1:44:33 PM

Happy Valentine's Day.

Still waiting for a Legion of Losers movie...
randomness4 Black or White from The Land of Inconvenience
Black or White
Feb 14th 2019 at 2:43:05 PM

What did that have to do with F14?

(ART) Rules of the Internet 18: One cat leads to another.
BorneAgain Trope on a Rope from Last House on the Right
Trope on a Rope
Feb 14th 2019 at 3:56:51 PM

[up] Because it celebrated the most wholesome relationship of love within the Sonic franchise...

Eggman and mustaches.

Still waiting for a Legion of Losers movie...
RJ-19-CLOVIS-93 from New Zealand
Feb 14th 2019 at 4:29:26 PM

Eggman's moustache only gets greater as time progresses. Also, anyone think that Eggman actually lost some weight going from Classic to Modern? They're both fat, both Classic Eggman looks like a sphere with limbs while Modern Eggman's arms are much better. Though despite both of them skipping leg day, they are able to outrun Sonic

Representing New Zealand, TV Tropes addict
Feb 16th 2019 at 6:34:21 AM


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Feb 16th 2019 at 7:45:52 AM

I wish we got more "Knuckles-style" characters and less "Power characters". Out of the current Power characters, the one who ever played similarly to Knuckles is Vector (who had wall climbing and air dashing in Chaotix).

Fedetropes Nothing I do makes you disappear from Doomed universe Relationship Status: Shipping fictional characters
PhysicalStamina Relationship Status: It's so nice to be turned on again
Feb 17th 2019 at 12:24:19 PM

Eeeeeeeehhhhhhhhh not quite buying it yet.

BlackYakuzu94 CHADhan Player. from Easy Coast/NY Relationship Status: Longing for my OTP
CHADhan Player.
Feb 17th 2019 at 3:54:41 PM

Given how much they're shilling Mania, I can buy it.

A lazy millennial who's good at what he does.
Pichu-kun ...
Feb 17th 2019 at 4:24:10 PM

[up][up][up] Meh. If a new cartoon came out a decade ago, it would have been nice to see a Sonic Unleashed or Sonic Generations adaptation. But there's nothing interesting right now to adapt and an original cartoon doesn't sound particularly interesting.

On a different note, I swear, I'd almost like a SA 1 and SA 2 remakes just for Tikal and Maria to have a decent English voices. Their voice actresses have always sounded off to me.

Feb 17th 2019 at 5:22:02 PM


People responded well to Sonic Mania Adventures because it's well-animated, cute, and nostalgic, yes. It was living proof that somebody remembers what people liked about Sonic before he started experimenting in the 2000's.

But don't just drop your pants, shelve Sonic Boom, and start pushing out more from the SMA team like that. Have some class.

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Feb 17th 2019 at 5:23:15 PM

Isn't the SMA 'team' just one single guy?

Feb 17th 2019 at 6:13:34 PM

One person isn't going to make that much fully colored animation by himself that quickly.

There's a whole team of animators working with Hesse and a pretty decently sized one, too.

Feb 17th 2019 at 6:55:04 PM

I mean, on one hand, there's people like the late Monty Oum who did stuff like Dead Fantasy, and Toby Fox, Scott Cawthon, and Dean Dodrill who've made Under Tale, Five Nights At Freddy's, and Dust An Elysian Tail almost entirely on their own.

That said, I didn't think SMA was a solo effort either for some reason. The length might have been a symptom of that, but either the animator was extremely talented and had a lot of lead time, or there were more people behind it.

Feb 17th 2019 at 7:06:13 PM

Toby Fox isn't a one man show by any stretch. Temmie Chang and several people helped him with animation and spritework. Photoshop Flowey was made by someone else entirely.

Cawthon barely animates his games and mostly relies on still images and atmosphere for his spooks - the entire reason FNAF became a thing is because he was and frankly still is a fairly poor animator, and so he used the stiffness of his animation to scare people.

Oum was both working with pre-made models and animations and would take a very long to finish any one sequence he was working on.

One person can produce something ambitious but nowhere near as fast as this series happpened.

StarOutlaw Time to roll the dice from Frontier Space Relationship Status: Drift compatible
Time to roll the dice
Feb 17th 2019 at 8:23:27 PM

New question; I know that SA 2 Battle created a Newbie Boom, but what I want to know is were a lot of those new fans fangirls? When I look at the kind of fan content that sprung up, a lot of it seems more like what you'd expect from a fangirl than a fanboy. Like all the fanfiction.

And I realize this sounds kind of stupid, but what if Elise was supposed to be kind of like an audience surrogate for young fangirls who crushed on Sonic?

I don't think its a stretch to view part of this broken base as classic fanboys angry that fangirls ruined their game with shipping and melodrama. I'm not saying it's excusable, but it's something I haven't seen discussed much.

Maybe it's less about old and new fans, and the divide is between boy and girl fans that want different things, or did at one point. This is only speculation though; I'm only assuming that Sonic has a higher than average female fanbase that most games, and the kind of people who dislike Sonic seem the type to loathe fangirl stuff.

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