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Dec 4th 2022 at 9:28:35 PM


To: Dune

From: subdividedPsychedelia (SP)

Kendall's Lucario speaking.



There's a few chapters by me for Fighting-types. If you need further assistance, reach out.

Wyndon Stadium

Gail looked up from where she sat in the locker room, fixing the jersey on her shoulder as the television played, an old match on its screen.

She recognized who she was looking at one side - Colt, was his name? This must have been an old championship match.

She stood up as it continued playing, turning to attend her match.


"Well, what we know so far is that a journalist was found murdered, they tied it to Lamb of the Aurabolts - though the people who watch the cartoon might better know her under the name Vixen - and tied her to my Ninetales, Kamui," Kendall summarized.

"This might have been something that she had coming, though," he amended, drawing a calling card from his pocket. A real one. "I wanted to tell her these were a bad idea."

Legendary Hotel

"Wait, so this guy," he jerked a thumb at Voyd. “Is human? And you aren't?"

Xatu's words of warning returned to the forefront of his mind.

Kendall reached for his phone, hoping that would disguise the panic in his eyes.

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Dec 5th 2022 at 3:06:06 AM

Lavender Tower, past

Ann: -Runs towards the Magic Circle while her mons distract Colored Pencils-

Stormchaser, today

Chiyo: -Looking at a monitor- ...So it's finally done then.

Took a lot longer than I was expecting, but thanks to Trojan we've managed to decipher our true prize from that raid.

Chiyo: -Serious- One of the School's tissue banks.

They'll have the materials we need for the cure.

Chiyo: And they won't be expecting us either, they have no idea what we're doing, so why would they think there'd be an attack on a place that doesn't even hold escapees?

They'll probably have an inkling afterwards, however.

Chiyo: And that's why this needs to be done carefully.

Hugging a Vanillite will give you frostbite.
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Dec 5th 2022 at 1:21:08 PM

Battle Academy

-Xavier sits cross-legged on a stool, squinting at the Hisuian Braviary in the containment enclosure.-

-The Braviary squints back.-

-This has gone on for at least two hours today.-

Arubeg: You have no idea how tempted I am to just have the two of them duke it out and settle this.

Angela: That might actually help solve the "is she an Auric" question.

Dune: You know, she does have the Pokémon perfect to fight it in an enclosed environment.

-Both of the faculty turn to him.-

Dune: Yeah. The Houndour is immune to psychic attacks, she's also got a ghost, as well as a lightning bug. All she's gotta do is train them up.

-Angela and Arubeg look at each other.-

Angela: Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Arubeg: Therephit's "Three Ring Circus"?

Angela: Exactly.

Arubeg: She's not gonna like it.

Angela: Oh, she loves it when she's appreciated.

Dune: I'm missing context, here.

Angela: You're aware of Triple Battles, right?

Dune: Yeah. Nobody does them nowadays, but yeah.

Angela: Imagine that, but the positions get scrambled every so often.

Dune: ... I sense there's an "and" here.

Arubeg: And random stuff happens every few seconds. Like a sandstorm, or hail, or electric terrain.

Dune: Ooooh, now see, we call that a "clown fiesta".

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chaos catby with a flannel shirt addiction
Dec 5th 2022 at 2:12:18 PM

Stormchaser, with Tony

Saffy laughs again.

Saffy: I'm just messing with you! See you around.

Saffy leaves shortly after Tony does.

Stormchaser lounge, with Justice

Micro: ~Great.~

Micro grabs a USB stick from somewhere.

Mirco: ~Dr Coleman keeps all her experiment records on her computer. One massive [word] document if I remember correctly. Fortunately enough I happened to catch her password a while ago. If it hasn't changed, all we need to do is go in, copy the files, get Shelf if we can then get out.~

Jess and Robin happen to be walking in at the time.

Micro: ~But then, that raises the question of how we're going to get in there. I could get someone to teleport there, but they never told us where the facilities were in relation to other places so it'd be a pain to get to otherwise.~

Jess: Do you need teleporting somewhere?

Micro jumps.

Micro: <Chase!! You're-> ~Wait, never mind. You're just that person who looks like him.~

Jess: Wait, are you that tiny Espurr from a few months ago? What are you doing here?!

Micro: ~Long story, but we could really use your help getting to a school facility to get some of Dr Coleman's records.~

Jess's eyes widen at the mention of Dr Coleman.

Jess: I'm in, so long as I get a look at those files too.

Micro: ~Okay then.~

Jess turns to Justice.

Jess: I'm assuming you're here for this too? I'm Jess. What's your name?

Stormchaser, Saffy's room

Saffy arrives back after the Noctowl Nest fight. She takes off her jacket and goes to hang it in her closet. While putting it back, she notices her old Yellow Bandit costume hung up beside it. She looks at it nostalgically for a moment, before closing the closet and collapsing on her bed.

Saffy: Phew! That was great! I hope that guy ends up needing someone to do a couple more heists sometime.

Jasper: <We're lucky things were too hectic for him to notice you yelling about robbing that store.>

Xanthe: <I don't trust him yet. What if he's just pretending to like us to find things against us?>

Topaz: <Why are you all being such downers? That was so much fun it's almost worth the hypothermia!>

Topaz shivers and flies closer to a radiator.

Saffy: Nah, they've got a point. I mean, when I can't even trust my twin freaking sister to not stab me in the back, you really think I'm just gonna trust some detective right off the bat? Still, there's no harm in having a bit of fun in the name of doing some good.

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Dec 5th 2022 at 3:05:30 PM

Legendary Hotel

In the interim, Tommy and Jean return from a side hall leading to the lobby's toilets. They are now dressed as Milo Thatch and Commandant Cousteau, respectively.

Tommy: Wait? Waiver? What's this about needing a waiver to be in this place? They didn't say that earlier.

Jean: I'll explain the details on the walk back. It's, shall we say, a very long story.

Tommy: This really seems like something you should drop earlier.

Jean: I'm telling you, it's very long. And we've had more important things to discuss.

Tommy: Wonder how Shutter's weird things sensor is going at this point.

Jean: Eh, we have ways of silencing him

Tommy: Got him Lugia's autograph?

Jean: Like I said with Ivan, telepathy is cheating.

ThanosBoi Relationship Status: I wanna be your sledgehammer
Dec 5th 2022 at 3:27:44 PM

Stormchaser, Tony's Room (The Next Night)

While most people are asleep at this time, including Saul who has passed out on the bed and Stephen who's sleeping in midair, Tony is currently browsing away at his computer wearing his classic Marowak pajamas. He is currently looking at some news websites to find out what to investigate next.

Suddenly, his phone started to buzz. He checked it to find it coming from none other than the Chief of the Jubilife Police himself. He sighed, and then answered the call and started to talk.

Tony: Yeah, this is Tony, private eye. What's up?

Chief: So, you finally made yourself useful huh? I've noticed it's been difficult for you to find yourself at least one client ever since you arrived here.

Tony's face turned into a scowl for a second, but he shook it off.

Tony: Oh come on. You know I'm just only starting to grow my firm here.

Chief: And yet you still haven't brought anyone to justice yet. Need I remind you about the unknown whereabouts of Karasutengu? Tsk tsk tsk.

Tony: Look, this all may seem like a lot for me, but I'm totally capable of handling it, and so can my mons too.

The Chief grumbled, sounding annoyed for a bit before answering.

Chief: Then you might wanna start being more careful from now on. You don't want any more old enemies coming to find you.

Tony paused. He felt a shiver down his spine. One that he'd never want to feel again.

Tony: I thought we said not to talk about that. Besides, it's in the past, buried back at my early years as a detective in Hau'oli.

Chief: That's what you always say, then it always comes to haunt you back in the end.

Tony: Err...umm...this time will be different okay? I've made myself a new office here in the stormchaser, so hopefully I'll be able to help them out more and serve a little justice on a platter for ya.

Chief: Just try not to get into anymore trouble okay? I don't want to have to change my mind about you coming over to Sinnoh.

Tony: I promise I won't let you down, you have my word for it.

Chief: Then you'd better keep it, or else.

And with that, he hung up. Leaving Tony to stare at his computer screen in silence.

He hadn't come to terms with his old demons, but someday and somewhere, he knew that one day they'd show up to come for him again. All that mattered was when.

Walking over to his bed, next to Saul, he got under his covers and fell asleep for the whole night, his mind drifting away as he dreamed about the distant future.

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Dec 5th 2022 at 3:39:49 PM


"Yeah, don't date a member of the authority, no matter how cute her laugh is or how much she says her job isn't anything big," Vaughn admitted.

~She said she was in processing!~ Colt reminded him.

Vaughn groaned. "Okay so... Owen Odin, your ex. You're looking for her... How weird is this going to be?"


Silas handed Jared the autopsy report, as he opened the door to the shed with his metal hand. Hacks dug a bag of blue medical gloves out of a bag and handed them to everyone. ~Wear these, we can't leave fingerprints.~

"I've only got one set of fingerprints myself," Silas responded.

The autopsy reported detailed a knife wound and minor burn wounds around her body. It seems she bled out from the stabbing, it was a single clean wound. Death was about 12:42 am from what they could tell.

Pentigan Fwomph from The Underverse
Dec 5th 2022 at 3:51:42 PM

Hamlet, The Basement

The main room of the basement is theoretically unchanged. There's no gouges, there's no angry metal birds around (just the inert one splayed out on the table) and the only noise is still the thump-thump of the waterwheel in the other room.

Except, of course, under the red light of the lantern everything very much feels different. Something inside the bird-shaped mount of metal reflects red light back from its 'eyes', every darkened patch of aging looks almost like a bloodstain and the waterwheel's noise sounds uncomfortably like a heartbeat...

Thump thump, thump thump... Almost beckoning in its presence.

Meat Palace

-The inwards-facing eyes high in the room focus an unblinking gaze on Kingfish-

Shadow James Crowley: Oh you really are out of line. I'm keeping my heart right here in my chest.

-And then glide across to Lead Monkey as the meat-weaving machinery whirs to life and begins production-

Shadow James Crowley: See there's the difference between us little ape. I'm not a scientist, I have other eggheads to do the science for me.

-With a whirring sound the meat being woven on the loom peels itself off the weaving surface as a flat sheet with the same humanoid shape as say a gingerbread man. The machine immediately starts producing more-

Shadow James Crowley: I'm a businessman. I'm a tycoon! And that means I have other people willing to work, fight and die for me!

-Rakash scowls a bit, the blindfold over their eyes crackling with green flame as he surveys the meat-men being manufactured-

Scan says they're just cognitions, but they're still dangerous. Get trashing, I'll try and figure out how to shut this place down for good!

Orochi Tower, November 1st, 12:05AM

Lily Thane: Okay run me through this again. You think you've been betrayed or will be betrayed? Didn't know you were a precog.

Let's say I am for this. I've... I don't have much, but I have this vision of a black mask and a sense of betrayal... I just don't know who it is.

Lily Thane: Interesting. And you think that person straight up killed James?

Has to be.

-Lily Thane leans forward in her chair, brushing aside the holographic screen in the process-

Lily Thane: Tell you what, you tell me more about what the late Mister Crowley was up to and I'll see if that procs any ideas.

Alright, where to start...

Nuvema Town

-Pent snaps his fingers, turning on his heel-

Knives. Does Lamb slash Vixen use knives?

-Pent paused for a moment, realizing it needed to be explained-

Did the show preserve the modus operandi? Yaknow, Lamb slash Vixen's combat style and how it harkens to the source material? Because as far as I'm aware, Lamb's main weapon is a bow followed then by fire. A knife seems tertiary at best, especially because just going and sniping someone with a bow leaves less evidence. Unless, of course, you want to leave evidence.

Galvani-Morton Abode

-Pent seems more bemused than anything by the squabbles of the apprentices before Dezi turns up-

Heya Dez. Looks like the remote worked out.

-He nods and pauses for a moment-

Hey is Selene in? I thought maybe once I get the remote into the right hands I might need to... Sorry, shouldn't be rambling. May I take possession of the remote?

It's clearly a case of backroom political albumizing.
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Dec 5th 2022 at 4:16:08 PM


"Lamb has never even used real arrows," Kendall recalled. "She just keeps it around for style and precision," he noted. "A conduit, more fuel for the fire, a means to fire the… fire," he summarized.

"Hell, I'm pretty sure the use of it holds her back more than it helps," he admitted.

"Does it say anything about singed hair or burn wounds on her head?" He asked. "She would use Hypnosis given half the chance."

Meat Palace

"Eat the rich!" R n' L demanded, an idea crossing his and Ahemait's mind.

The Lycanroc's maw lit up with Fire Fang, cooking a meat construct as he bit into in holding down for a moment with intent to burn the construct into inedible charcoal in an inferno.

Hamlet Basement

Something something heart of it all, Kamui thought with annoyance, turning her attention to the metal effigy.

With suppressed glee, she ran her hand across it, before conjuring a flame to press into it.

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Dec 5th 2022 at 5:16:52 PM

Meat Palace

-To Rakash-

Alright, we'll hold them off for as long as possible!

Azumi-no-isora: -Stomps the ground hard as bits of the factory come down on the meat-men-

Zee's Cabin, today

Zee: -Is inspecting her woodshed-

Hugging a Vanillite will give you frostbite.
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Dec 5th 2022 at 5:38:29 PM

Zee's Cabin

Damien, who has been wandering around and is in currently more tattered outfit. He would certainly be cold if he couldn't easily generate his own heat.

Damien: "Got enough wood in there for today or you going to take me out with you to get some more again?"

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Dec 5th 2022 at 6:18:27 PM

Lumiose City (March 2022)

By now, Braker, Walter, Cuddles, and Caboose had searched all over Lumiose City for any sign of a Heracronite to give to Heracles. They'd asked everyone in the city and had been to multiple stores, in an attempt to find it. Nothing came up.

"...Well," said Braker simply. "This isn't looking good."

<It seems they don't have a Heracronite here,> said Walter.

<Do you happen to have a map on you?> asked Cuddles.

"I've got one on my phone, sure," said Braker, handing it to Cuddles, who promptly turned on the map. He scrolled through it for a few seconds, then typed in heracronite and began scrolling again.

Within a few minutes, his eyes widened, and he glanced up at Braker, holding up the phone.

<Lenny~!> he cried. <I found something~!>

"You did?" asked Braker, taking the phone from him.

He looked it over for a few moments, before grinning.

"Well, you certainly did, Cuddles," said Braker. "It appears that there is a Heracronite in the Santalune Forest."

<Well, then, what are we waiting for?> cried Caboose. <Let's go!>

Braker nodded, and with that said, the group headed out of Lumiose City at last.

Santalune Forest (March 2022)

Some time later, after a lot of travelling, Braker, Walter, Cuddles, and Caboose entered the Santalune Forest and immediately began to look around for any sign of a Heracronite. Multiple Bug-type Pokemon watched from the grass, some of them coming out of the grass to play with Cuddles, who gave all of them hugs (natch) before the group of Bug-types all began to play together. Walter and Caboose continued to look for the Heracronite— and then after around 10 minutes or so of looking, he noticed something sparkly in the ground. He picked it up, and sure enough, it was a mostly yellow stone, with an orange and blue DNA symbol in the middle of it.

Walter smirked.

<Braker?> he asked.

Braker, Cuddles, and Caboose all turned to face him.

"What is it?" asked Braker.

<Did you find anything?> asked Cuddles.

Walter held up the Heracronite.

Hulbury Stadium (March 2022)

<Huh. It's been a while, hasn't it?>


<I was actually thinking of doing something, chuu~!>


<Well, I figured that since Amity's evolution is really the only part that the readers need to see, we might as well just... skip the whole thing over and go straight to the end, chuu...>


<I don't think they'll miss much~! We all know Ingrid's going to win, chuu~!>


<Hmm... well, you do raise a good point, silly head-voice. Recap?>


<And now, dear readers, it's time for the highlights of the battle!>


<Well, folks, let me tell you, the Hulbury Gym Battle was a riot! After Amity knocked out Nessa's Quagsire, she proceeded to send out her next Pokemon— her Pelipper— and Ingrid sent out... well, yours truly! That battle was among the easiest fights of the whole match— that Pelipper had no Rock or Fire-type moves, meaning it only took a few Thunderbolts for that thing to go down, chuu~!>


<After that, it was the battle I'm sure all of you have been waiting for, as once again it was normal-sized Bindi against a Gigantamax Pokemon, chuu~! In this case, it was Nessa's Gigantamax Drednaw, and once again Bindi absolutely delivered! If anyone here remembers her complete domination against Milo's Flapple, it was nothing compared to this, chuu~! Unfortunately for Nessa's Drednaw, Bindi knew Seed Bomb— which meant TNT seed explosions everywhere on the field— and multiple Fighting-type moves which allowed her to smash G-Max Drednaw's rock wall to bits! You should have seen it, folks! It was extra-ore-dinary! Unlike last time, though, Nessa's Drednaw put up far more of a fight, and kept fighting against Bindi even after she'd been brought back down to Normal size. Liquidation actually did some pretty big damage to her— but then Bindi knocked out Drednaw at last with some rocks to the face from her own Rock Tomb! It was hilarious!>


<And then finally... Bjorn took on Golisopod, and this battle was the quickest of them all! Since Amity had already brought Golisopod to minus half health with that incredible Payback move, all that was needed was for Bjorn to use Tri Attack to freeze Golisopod— and then Steel Wing to finish him off!>


<...hey wait, since when do I care about not getting stuff? I'm crazy! Anyways... that's it! Ingrid Anderson is once again champion, and now has two badges under her belt! And now... back to your regularly scheduled programming, chuu~!>

Hulbury Stadium- Post-Victory (March 2022)

It was over and done with.

Just like that, Ingrid Anderson had won her second Gym Badge.

She returned Bjorn, delighted beyond belief, as Ananpi jumped back up on her shoulder and Nessa turned to face Ingrid.

"Well done," said Nessa. "I must say, you and your team had me on the ropes. Congratulations to your Drifblim, by the way."

"O-oh! ...Why, thank you," said Ingrid, blushing a bit.

"As proof of your victory against me, I'd like you to have this," said Nessa, reaching into her pocket. She then proceeded to pull out a badge with three water droplets on it. Ingrid glanced down at it in awe.

"I-is this the Water Badge...?" she cried out. "Thank you so much!"

She took the badge from Nessa, placing it in her medallion.

"You're welcome," said Nessa. "And here, take this too."

She promptly reached in and pulled out a blue disk. Ingrid took it and examined it for a bit.

"...Whirlpool?" she said eventually. "I... don't know if I have much use for this at the moment, but I might later."

Nessa nodded. "That's alright with me. You're heading to face Kabu next, I assume?"

By this point, Ananpi had jumped off of Ingrid's shoulder and was now drawing a Pikachu face on Nessa.

"...actually, I was thinking of doing something else first," said Ingrid.


"I'm planning on heading back home to Sinnoh," said Ingrid. "There's... someone who I need to talk to first."

"Ah, I see," said Nessa. "You've got work you need to attend to first. Well, then, in that case, I wish you luck."

"Thank you, Nessa," said Ingrid, not noticing Ananpi jumping back onto her shoulder and giggling to himself a bit.

Nessa nodded.

With that said, Ingrid and Ananpi promptly left the stadium, not noticing the crowd seeing the Pikachu that Ananpi had drawn on Nessa's face— and subsequently laughing to themselves.

Hulbury (March 2022)

Ingrid smiled for a few moments as she stepped outside, before petting Ananpi on the head.

"You did great, Ananpi," said Ingrid.

<Thanks!> Ananpi responded. <You said you were planning to go back home, though...>

"Well, not right away," said Ingrid. "I'm thinking of catching that Leafeon we saw earlier."

<You mean the perpetually nihilistic one?>

"Yes," said Ingrid. "I'm sure she'd like it on the team. After I get her, then I'll be going home to tell my parents about what happened to Amity."

Ananpi paused.

<Amity...?> he asked. <But... won't they freak out about hearing that Amity is a ghost? And a Pokemon?>

"I'm sure they will," said Ingrid. "But they miss Amity as much as I do. I'm sure they'll be delighted upon seeing that she's at least somewhat alive again."

<Alright, then~!> cried Ananpi. <In that case... Snowpoint, here we come!>


Veilstone City Pokemon Center- The Wheel Watch Party (March 2022)



The next few events were... rather hilarious for everyone there.

As Chris had gotten the question wrong, he was forced back down into the contestant wheel waiting room... only for him to be selected again seconds later. Everyone laughed a bit, even Teryx.

<Well, as [Mc Intyre] had said before, it is only one in three,> Nautilu noted. <Meaning any one of these contestants could come up at any time.>

"So, Chris," said [Mc Intyre] on the TV, "are we going to do the same thing again? Are we going to go for Boxing?"

<Don't do it,> said Chasmo simply.

"Right, so I'm gonna go with what I was torn between, which was Kids TV."

KIDS TV was lit up in gold.

<Yippee~!> cried Stipax.

<Ah, don't get yourself too worked up, now,> said Chasmo. <It's probably going to be some Galarian show you've never heard of.>

<I hope it's Galamory-related!> responded Stipax.

Nautilu rolled his eyes, as the wheel began to spin again, with Rhys in gold and [Smith] in red, signifying that he had been "shut down". Eventually, however, the wheel stopped...

" could be Denise, but it looks like it's going to be... Alexander..."

<Hooray! It's the Pointless guy!> cried Stipax.

<Oh, boy...> muttered Chasmo.

<If I remember correctly, he's actually been in a few children's TV shows, so this should serve him well,> said Nautilu.

<You read up on him?> asked Teryx.

<Indeed,> said Nautilu.

And then: the question appeared:

Who is the host of the children's TV show Deadly 60?

Stipax's eyes lit up, and Teryx hid away at the mere mention of the word "deadly"

A: Micheala Strachan

B: Steve Backshall

C: Kate Humble

D: Bear Grylls

And before anybody could even have a chance to react-

<B!> Stipax cried out. <It's B!>

Everyone instantly turned to face him.

<Hold up, you've seen this show?!> cried Chasmo.

<I love Deadly 60!> Stipax cried out.

<You're not even Galarian,> Chasmo said. <How many CGeebies TV shows did you watch?>

<Our family lived near a couple that had moved to Unova from Galar,> said Stipax. <We always caught wind of all the CGeebies shows. Deadly 60 was one of them, and I know my Deadly 60 enough to know that the answer is B.>

"I believe it's Steve Backshall," said Chris meanwhile on the TV.

<Seems like he knows the show, too,> said Nautilu.

<I've never seen this show,> said Crina.

<Neither have I,> said Saura. <But it certainly seems interesting.>

"Is it Steve Backshall?"

There was a few moments of tense music, and then— Backshall's name lit up in gold. note 

"Of course it is!"

<Hooray!> cried Stipax.

<Great work,> said Chasmo.

<Neat~!> said Crina.

<Um... Crina?> asked Teryx suddenly.

Crina turned to face Teryx. <Yeah?>

<Do pardon my interruption, but I've noticed that you... don't really participate in these episodes much,> said Teryx.

<Yeah... you're normally just there to make silly quips and jokes,> said Chasmo. <Not that there's anything wrong with that, but...>

<Oh, you know me,> said Crina, with a bit of a giggle. <I'm crazy! There's no way I'd be able to participate in these game shows! I'd get everything wrong~!>

<Aww, Crina...> said Stipax. <You've been right a few times before; you could get this next one!>

<Oh, I doubt that,> said Crina.

<Come on, Crina, don't say that,> said Stipax. <...why not try answering the next question on your own?>

<He picked Boxing again,> said Chasmo.

<It's about boxing!> responded Crina. <I couldn't...!>

<Teryx got a boxing question right,> said Stipax. <With your ability to think outside the box, something tells me you'll be able to get this next one.>

<Are you sure?> asked Crina.

<Of course we are,> said Saura.

Crina glanced down for a few moments.

<Well... that'll be a bit odd... but I like odd!> said Crina. <Let's do this thing~!>

<Alright! That's the spirit~!> cried Stipax.

<He landed on the expert,> said Chasmo.

<...this is for 10,000 fake Pokedollars,> Nautilu realized.

<Hopefully they can become real~!> said Crina.

"Alright. The question on boxing is as follows..."

Crina slapped herself in the face with her own tentacles to prepare herself.

Which of these was true of Olympic boxing at the most recent games?

A: Rounds lasted 90 seconds

B: There were five rounds in each bout

C: There were ten weight categories

D: Each event had two bronze medalists

<Oh... oh dear, I...> Crina started laughing. <I don't watch the Olympic games... or boxing... except for [Wii Sports boxing]...>

<Come on Crina, you can't give up now...> said Stipax.

<Well... I don't know how long a boxing match is, but— 90 seconds? How long is that, huh?>

<A minute-thirty.>

<A minute and thirty seconds?! I thought boxing matches were way shorter than that! Or at least they seemed shorter than that to me; they might be longer, who knows? I have no brain. Either way, I'm guessing it's not that... wait, 5 rounds? Aren't boxing matches 4 rounds? Or am I wrong on that again? There's gotta be less than 5 rounds, though! It can't be that!>

<They're actually far longer, but keep going,> said Nautilu.

<Alright... ten weight categories? What, like all the featherweight and lightweight stuff? I don't remember any weight categories in the Wii boxing, but there's gotta be more than 10 if there's such a thing as "flyweight"! There's gotta be something like... I don't know... "helicopterweight"!>

<There isn't—> began Nautilu, only to be interrupted:

<So I'm going to say... D! Each event having two bronze medalists?!> She giggled to herself a bit. <Now that's what I call so unbelievably silly it has to be true!>

<Hm,> said Nautilu. <She's going on the logic of her experience with Wii Sports boxing and assumes it's like the real deal. It's... a bit faulty, as per the usual, but coming from someone like Crina, it's somewhat surprisingly good logic... at least for Crina's definition of "logic" anyways.>

<...wait, what?> said Crina, tilting her head.

<We'll see if you got it right,> said Stipax.

" it each event had two bronze medalists?"

<Oh! Here it comes!> cried Stipax.

Everybody watched with baited breath— Crina and Chris especially on the TV and IRL respectively, and the suspense held for a few moments... before "each event had two bronze medalists" lit up in gold. note  Within seconds, an explosion of cheers came from the room, as the rest of the Jura5, along with Teryx, ran up to hug Crina, who was absolutely stunned by her correct guess.

<ALRIGHT!> cried Stipax.

<You did it, Crina!> cried Teryx.

<Well done,> said Nautilu. <Your logic still astounds me... but it's still logic nonetheless.>

<I... I got one?> Crina glanced at the screen for a few moments and practically jumped for joy. <I did it! I got one! I got one!>

Delighted as all get out, she happily proceeded to pull the rest of the Jura6 in for a massive hug.

Everyone returned it.


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Dec 5th 2022 at 6:58:30 PM

Mauville City

After a bit of searching, in matters of both soul and literalness, Halis realized something: this new friend of theirs might be exactly what they needed, a way to help them do something they were told was physically impossible or too dangerous. Naturally, Strobe is highly against this idea as well, doubly so given the nature of the blade, but Halis is convinced of the sword's worth in the matter.

Halis: "Now then, they should be..."

Having come to the city after reading online about a Collector of rare stones that had fallen behind on rent payments, and after the sword showed them an overview of said city before that, they finally find their quarry.

Collector: "W-who are you? You're not here about the payments, are you?"

Halis: "I might be, I might not be... do you know anything about Mega Stones in that whole little hobby of yours?"

Strobe simply hovers with equal amounts of menace and omen.

Collector: "Mega Stones? I don't know what you're talking about— HURK!"

Having grabbed him by the collar of his shirt and brought to Halis's level, they stare him down intensely.

Halis: "Was that a lie, mister? Are you lying to poor little me? I hope you're not~"

Their tone betrays their intent, and the Collector's face has gone pale from terror.

Strobe: <Alright, jeez, I think you can back off a bit, we're not trying to kill the guy after all...>

They let him go, and he starts crawling back... but Halis just keeps following him.

Collector: "I c-c-can assure you, there's nothing of the sort! I d-don't have anything like that! N-not anymore, at least!!"

Halis: "Anymore?"

Collector: "Y-yeah, a Loan Shark took it from me, I don't even have it!"

They check Strobe's PDA again, looking at the listing they found for the owner of the apartments needing a debt collector, realizing that it'd actually already been taken care of.

Halis: "...Alright, fine then, where's the Loan Shark you were talking about?"

Collector: "I s-see him walk by my house sometimes, probably to hound someone else about it, but I s-swear it's not about me anymore! I'm innocent!!"

Halis: "..."

They shake their head, backing off.

Halis: "Fine, fair enough. Thank you for your time."

The Collector immediately scurries off, clearly intent on getting as far away from Halis as physically possible.

Strobe: <Were you ALWAYS this violent and I just never noticed or something? Because I swear you never would have done that before.>

Halis: "The future's made by people who take initiative. Just happens that initiative is often paired with aggression. It's not like I was actually gonna do anything to him."

They glance off into the distance.

Halis: "I think..."

Strobe: <You think? That's the real revelation here, given what you just did.>

They're already walking off, looking for the one the Collector had mentioned.

Strobe: <Hey, don't you ignore me! You know I'm talking to you!!>

Strobe follows, clearly getting aggravated by being repeatedly ignored.

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Dec 5th 2022 at 7:20:26 PM

Outside the cafe, past

Channah: (looks around, nonplussed) Wait, huh?

Merix: (staring back and forth between the body and Chiyo) <-S-Scawy...>

Avallac'h covers Merix's eyes with his wings, which don't really help as they're transparent.

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Dec 5th 2022 at 8:08:15 PM

Outside the Café, past

Dactyl: -To Avallac'h- <I don't think that's working...>

Chiyo: -Battle high coming down as she steps in front of Merix at such an angle to block any further view of the bodies- ...What are you doing here Chloe?

Chloe: Well, after you and Channah left I noticed some Templar chick shadowing you both and I decided I'd better follow.

Chiyo: -Eyebrow raise- You mean Lydia?

Chloe: -Shrugs- Whatever her name was, saw her running out the café just before I got here. Then I found you fighting this guy and his cronies.

-She then takes a moment to spit on Jake's corpse after kicking it-

Fuck you for trying to kill my friend.

Chiyo: -Placing a hand on Chloe's shoulder- Stop.

Chloe: -Glaring- Why? You heard that guy, they'd do worse in our place.

-Gesturing to the other dead or unconscious Templars-

We both know that. This is about survival.

Chiyo: -Arms crossed- Even still, we ought to be better than they would be.

Chloe: -Looks as if she's not quite buying it but decides to drop the subject for now-

Chiyo: You changed your mind about joining us?

Chloe: -Snorts- Hardly, I still think it's dumb, I'm just not gonna let someone kill some of the only family I have left, you know?

Zee's Cabin, today

Zee: -An Appletun riding on her back, looking perturbed with the cold- We've got enough to last us the winter, but it needs to be prepared. You're helping me with that.

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Dec 5th 2022 at 8:19:29 PM

Zee's Cabin

Damien: "Yeah, okay, glad we don't have to go out again..."

"...So how Do we prepare the wood and all? Break off the branches and chop it up or something?"

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Dec 5th 2022 at 8:54:12 PM

The GM House

Deziree: I'm not sure where Selene's gotten off to. Last I heard she was at the Acad-


Lumi: I didn't do it!

-Deziree sighs, rubbing a temple.-

-She quietly hands the remote to Pent.-

Deziree: I'll let Selene know you're around. She might not answer her phone, but Satele does.

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Dec 5th 2022 at 9:11:51 PM

Outside the café, past

Channah regards the dead body with a blank face and shudder of revulsion, but she abruptly unfreezes and bends down to examine the body while Chiyo and Chloe talk, watching avidly as it moves when kicked. Avallac'h carefully leads a horrified Merix away once he realizes they've been forgotten.

Channah: Wow. (stands, still glancing back down) Hey. 's it still safe to be out here right now?

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Dec 6th 2022 at 4:58:56 AM

School Safehouse #???

-rather than fuss with the list of "Amarins" in her brain, Molybdenum rummages through the surface of Nitrogen's to identify-

Molybdenum: ~Sure, once.~

-Nitrogen might receive a dossier on a fine tactical mind hampered by unbearable sentimentality-

Molybdenum: ~Never as a primary asset—got a funny little history with telepaths, ahaha, got that much from the scars in their mind-wall.~

-...and blessed with absurdly powerful creatures at its beck and call-

Molybdenum: ~Tempting, though.~

-she blinks at Nitrogen, awaiting elaboration-

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Dec 6th 2022 at 6:47:04 AM

School Safehouse #???

-Nitrogen gives a short, dry laugh.-

Nitrogen: Yeah. She's a tricky son of a bitch.

-She shrugs-

Nitrogen: I could handle her alone. Almost did, the first time I met her, I had her begging for her life until some rando on a scooter showed up. That's the thing, she has a funny way of never being alone for long. Whitt and I are solving that problem, piece by piece, but the trick is keeping her from interfering in that process.

-She narrows her eyes.-

Nitrogen: Amarin somehow got through the whole facility in the north, with Psychics everywhere you look, and they didn't so much as make a dent on her mind. It's like, we've got an entire organization armed to the teeth with the Power Of The Mind, and yet it seems like you're the only one here who knows how to actually get into people's heads.

-She tilts her head.-

Nitrogen: Think you're up to the challenge?

Dec 6th 2022 at 6:57:42 AM

Veilstone - Hotsprings - Some other time

Silas was hyperventilating now, the thought of being effectively null to all forms of spectrum was running through his brain, and the comparisons to him. Roxy quickly gripped him and pulled him into a hug, Silas felt his breathing steady, his heartrate lowered.

"Easy there," Roxy said. "You're not like him, no matter how much he says otherwise. Keep focused."

Silas nodded and held her back. "Thank you."

Roxy smiled. "Yeah it's not easy keeping you focused. Bad enough I need to drag you to bed to sleep reasonable hours."

Silas let out a scoff. "Right, I promise I'll start pulling my weight and then some soon enough."

Roxy let him go, Silas stood up slowly. "Okay... so... blank... I am a blank... what does this mean?"

~Other than lacking a recognizable aura, it pretty much locks you out of auric abilities. Nobody could "loan" you there power, it wouldn't do anything,~ Hacks explained. ~Least that's how I know it.~

"At least?" Roxy asked. "Hacks you're our expert."

~Oh just because I'm part of a genus that literally channels the living auric force of existence and has access to its tricks and techniqu- I see your point.~

<Uh hoss, don mean ta interrup' 'ere, but yer a Lucario as well,> Snakeye said.

"Yeah?" Silas began.

<What does this new status o' yers do fer that?>

Silas turned paler than he had ever been and scrambled over to his bag and dug out his scarf. Quickly wrapping around him, he stared at his hands as he quickly shifted over. He looked over himself, still a Lucario still.

<Okay... good... That didn't change.>

Hacks was frowning as he attempted to scan Silas. ~But still no auric signature, completely invisible. A Lucario Blank, what does this mean? Try channeling some aura.~

Silas closed his eyes and remembered the breathing techniques, he felt his lekku float as he began to channel... it was still his he could tell that, it felt different though. He could still see with this aura vision, Roxy still showed up as pink, Hacks was a bright cyan blue, so was Snakeye. There was a man on a trail nearby, his was a darker indigo colour. <Good news I still have aura abilities.>

He raised a paw and channeled an aura sphere, it felt... weaker, like something was interfering. <Weird. I'm channeling the normal amount, but now it doesn't have any kick behind it.>

~Probably that blank status... try making your aura flow harder.~

Hacks continued to observe as Silas began to channel his aura through his body, a faint signature appeared. The grooves were still all there, it was still him through and through, though there were faint white wisps across his body. Hacks had seen that before... save it for after.

Silas even tested firing a aura storm, the beam was as bright and brilliant as ever, though it seemed... narrower, more focused. Silas was just happy his signature move was still in tact.

Roxy and Silas even broke out the Mega stones, Hacks watched as Silas evo'd, he took a deep shake. <Always forget the rush from that, it's pure adrenaline and endorphins. Dopamine and serotonin as well.>

"That's good and all," Roxy began. "But maybe try seeing how this affects you."

<Right. Right.>

Silas made an aura sphere. <There we go, that's better! Even feels back up to its old strength.>

"That's not exactly a good thing," Roxy said. "If you have to get mega-evo'd to get back to your old power."

~I don't think he's actually missing any of that raw output,~ Hacks noted stepping in. ~More that he just can't output it as hard as he can anymore. There are... faint white wisps around him, part of him now.~

Roxy looked over at that, Silas just seemed confused. <White wisps? What?>

"Silas when you got stabbed by Tobias last year, when you got back up, the aura surrounding you was a bright snow white colour," Roxy explained. "How did you get back up?"

<Being too angry to die, which with the undefined magic of that wi- oh... Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh... the sword.>

Roxy and Hacks nodded, Silas was now pondering why the lingering magic from the sword had made him a blank, or how it had happened. It had a year at least to do so, it had stitched him up pretty quickly and even gave him his left eye back. <Okay... so... Hacks care to continue to explain why the Wingbreaker's magic is hampering my ability to channel?>

~It's... hard to explain, I think the magic has melded with your own aura and become part of you, you still probably have that deep well of raw energy. Just now you can't use any of our techniques, I have no idea how long it'll take but you'll need to refine your skills to start using it.~

Silas let out a sigh. <Greeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaat...>

Roxy gave him a hug from behind, scratching behind one of his ears. "Just something new for you to experience."

<I'm gonna have words with Tobias...> Silas grumbled.

"Gonna have words? Or s'words?"

Silas shot Roxy a look, who just smiled in response.

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Dec 6th 2022 at 11:04:29 AM

School Safehouse #???

-does her gaze cool slightly?-

Molybdenum: ~Whitt.~

-nah, it's not even Nitrogen's imagination-

Molybdenum: ~...if you've got them begging, don't let them keep begging unless you're sure a little extra time won't become a lot more. Got taught that, early on.~

-she rubs her Ditto-refreshed wrists-

Molybdenum: -sigh, warm- ~Oh, Nitrogen.~

-and preens at the praise-

-what a keen understanding of how desperate Alumni are for you're going to have to try a lot harder than that to get into mine-

Molybdenum: -smiling- ~Then you really need to be more observant.~

-she starts lugging her cart again-

Molybdenum: ~I feel bad for you sometimes, windsock. Your Class never got the lock-in experience. Whispers at night, every night,, from brain to brain until there weren't enough brains to go around. There's things you learn.~

Molybdenum: ~Getting into people's heads is easy. Easier for me, but every experiment to crawl from the vat can hold a conversation through the door.~

-...she regards Nitrogen-

Molybdenum: ~Mostly.~

-and favors her with a kindly, condescending smile-

Molybdenum: ~Keep that in mind, huh? With thoughts like that.~

-she pivots aside, the well-meaning swish of her coat very like the woman who raised her-

Molybdenum: ~There's a lot of reasons there aren't more of me for you to resort to, and among them knowing what to do once you're there is the killer. It's easily confused by unfamiliarity—say, regular spats of turbulence—and you can hold an open sore in your hand and not know how to dig your fingers in.~

-her nose scrunches-

Molybdenum: ~She, like most J-Teamers, are masterclasses in "being so fucked up it takes a keen eye to ken what you're even looking at, here". Like most J-Teamers, she's sucked face with the direct line of Lucanus and Aiura—Mew rest their bones. She thinks she's inured.~

-she chuckles, in that quiet way of hers-

Molybdenum: ~But not in this universe or any other am I outdone by Kai Amarin.~

-and this little wallflower of an Alumnus smiles-

Molybdenum: ~What she doesn't get: alone is all you can count on. Alone is the only way to get it done and get out clean. Last-minute rescues are cute! Friends feel nice. And you can always, always count on them to show up when you need them.~

-she cracks open a bottle of Iron and takes a sip(?)-

Molybdenum: ~Because you'd do the same for them, huh?~

-and puts it down, because seriously, that's delicious-

(-this might be the most "words" Nitrogen's ever "heard" Molybdenum string together-)

Molybdenum: ~So, turned, broken, or dead? Some answers yield better outcomes than others.~

-she gives no indication of which is which-

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Dec 6th 2022 at 11:32:53 AM


Daydre is back to rocking on the balls of her feet, still weirdly eager.

Aislinn: "Ah, I misunderstood. Well.. I would be alright with this course of action so long as it doesn't damage the mask or being inside. Though I know from what I've been told that damaging the mask itself isn't so simple a task."

Daydre: "If you'd asked me a couple months ago I'd probably have said throw it in a volcano, but y'know I've really come around to seeing its historical and cultural value. So I'm down for this plan."

Aislinn: -looking conflicted- "I'm... glad you've come around...?"

Daydre: "Oh, that probably sounded weirdly impersonal. Dunno. Think the mask is cool now, would like to learn more about it."

Aislinn: "... Alright."

Battle Academy Employee Entrance

Ama is here! With a significantly younger, smaller her shyly standing behind her.

Or, well... Strontium's body language says shy but her face says "going into battle and she's outnumbered 100:1".

Ama herself is dressed a little more nicely than she usually is and her expression is a little more neutral than Strontium's. Something about this place is in fact weirding her out, but she can't put a finger on what.

off the shits
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Dec 6th 2022 at 4:13:18 PM

Battle Academy Employee Entrance

-The door slides open and a young(?) girl walks out, wearing sunglasses.-

Ludmilla: Man, Arubeg knows how to test-

-She stops.-

-She looks between Ama and Strontium.-

-She slowly removes her sunglasses, revealing her purple eyes.-

Ludmilla: ...

-She appears to be at an absolute loss for words.-

-She eventually finds one.-

Ludmilla: ... Hi.

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Dec 6th 2022 at 6:11:33 PM

Outside the Café, far past

Chiyo: -To Channah- No, we need to leave, the Templars always come back with reinforcements.

Chloe: I can't stay here much longer, it's too dangerous for both Chiyo and I to be here together.

Chiyo: Which is why you should be joining us.

Chloe: -Sharply- Like I said, I think you're just marching to your own doom, like so many of us truants.

-Turning to leave-

I'll see you... whenever.

-And she immediately dissipates into wind-

Chiyo: ...Let's get out of here.

-And starts walking-

-Having reached Veilstone's outskirts-

Chiyo: -To Channah as they're walking- I'm sorry you and your mons had to... see all that.

Stormchaser, past

This feels really sketchy.

-To Aislinn and Daydre-

I've got other things that need taking care of, but once that's done we can set things up.

Zee's Cabin, yesterday

Zee: -To Damien- We're chopping the logs into more usable bits for the fire.

Hugging a Vanillite will give you frostbite.

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