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Sep 19th 2022 at 10:55:18 AM

Battle Academy

-Xavier is eating lunch. Madeleine had finished hers and was now working on a very stubborn lollipop.-

Peepa: Clefairy are famous for their versatility and broad move pool. They also have unusual Abilities that make them excellent for Orre-style double battles.

Xavier: Oh yeah, I wanted to ask. What's her Ability?

Peepa: Madeleine's Ability is the rare Friend Guard!

Xavier: Friend Guard?

Peepa: Any allied Pokemon on your team take less damage from all attacks! This also means that if Madeleine ever evolves into a Clefable, her Ability will change to Unaware!

Xavier: That... doesn't sound like a positive.

Peepa: Oh I assure you, it very much is! Enemy stat changes won't affect her, but her own stat changes will!

Xavier: Wait so like, if someone uses Swords Dance or something over and over...

Peepa: Madeleine would just ignore it!

Xavier: ... How does that work?!

Peepa: Dr. Mesquite theorizes it has something to do with "mind over matter", but the thesis on it is quite... difficult.

Xavier: Eh, whatever. But, that does bring up a good point.

Peepa: That you only have one Pokemon?

Xavier: Bingo. How do I get more?

Peepa: There are locations across Orre known as Poke Spots that would allow for you to catch wild Pokemon. Most of them require hover transportation to get to, but there happens to be a Pokespot down at the base of Mt. Battle that's been especially busy lately! We might not even require bait to find a Pokemon there!

Xavier: Alright! Time for a hike!

Madeleine: Cl'f'r'eeeeeeeeeeeeh!

Peepa: After we pick up some more Pokeballs from Mr. Dosey!

Xavier: ... Right!

Madeleine: Cl'f!

Cave Poke Spot

-Xavier, dusting the sand off of her new school blazer, slowly and quietly enters the cave. Aside from the path and the bait box, the caves seem to stretch on forever into a forest of columns, stalagmites and stalactites.-

Xavier: I don't see anything...

Peepa: We may need to place some bait fir- wait, I'm picking up something.

-Throughout the cave system, barks can be heard.-

Xavier: The heck was that?

Peepa: The resonance in this cave is making it hard to figure out exactly what kind of Pokemon that is.

-The sound of running get closer - they think, it's hard to tell in a cave with all the echoing - and before long they see a brief flash of light nearby.-

Xavier: ???

-A Wooper quickly runs past the Pokespot before diving into a pool of water nearby. Hot on his heels is a black dog-looking Pokemon with weird white shells on part of him.-

Peepa: Oh! That's a Houndour! That's weird, he's not supposed to be here! Houndour are most comfortable in temperate-to-warm areas were its dry. This little guy must have been abandoned here.

Xavier: ... I'mma catch 'em.

Peepa: Do be careful, and remember the type advantages for Madeleine's Fairy typing!

-The Houndour looks over just in time to see Xavier confidently step out and point at it.-

Xavier: I'm gonna catch you!

-The Houndour is taken aback by the brazen declaration, but soon bars its teeth and growls.-

Xavier: Go, Madeleine!

-The Clefairy pops out of her Pokeball, looks at the Houndour, and smiles. She takes the stick for the lollipop out of her mouth and flicks it away.-

Madeleine: Clef!

First Battle!

Battle Academy Student Xavier


Invasive Species Houndour!

Xavier: Madeleine, use Fairy Wind!

-Shaking her wings a little, Madeleine blows a shimmering mist at the stray Houndour. It winces at the sting.-

Xavier: Yea- wait, wasn't that supposed to do more?

Peepa: Fire-Types are resistant to Fairy, negating the advantage you'd get from its Dark typing. But it still hurt a bit more, since Madeleine is a Fairy-Type using Fairy-Type moves!

Xavier: Right, okay!

-The Houndour rushes up to Bite the Clefairy. It does so, causing Madeleine to let out mock cries of pain before indignantly shooing away the canine.-

Peepa: Dark-Type attacks, like Bite, meanwhile, are resisted by Fairies, and Fire-Type attacks don't have any interaction at all, meaning that this is an even playing field.

Xavier: It would be an even playing field, if I weren't here! Madeleine, use Metronome!

Peepa: Wait Xavier I don't think that's such a good idea-

-Madeleine holds her fingers up high and starts wiggling them back and forth.-

-The Houndour watches intently.-

-The fingers glow with light before finally flashing, and...-

-Madeleine starts winding up her fist as it starts to glow really bright.-

-The Houndour begins backpedaling.-

Xavier: What is that?

Peepa: I think that's a...

-Madeleine releases the punch, sending herself rocketing at the Houndour and hitting it square in the jaw in the blink of an eye.-

Peepa: Oh, yep, that was a Beak Blast. That's the signature move of the Pokemon Toucannon. I don't think I'd ever seen it be used by a Pokemon using Metronome before.

Madeleine: Clef~

Xavier: That was AWESOME!

Peepa: I do recommend caution when using Metronome, though. She might have landed on something like Explosion or Self-Destruct, and those would be very dangerous to use in an enclosed space like this.

Xavier: Oh, uh, right. Gotta remember that.

-The Houndour peels off of the nearby stalagmite and falls to the ground.-

Xavier: Oh! Right!

-She takes out a Pokeball and throws it.-

Xavier: I've got you now!

-The ball impacts, and sucks the canine in. There are a few, weak wiggles before the lock catches and confirms.-

Xavier: Woo!

Madeleine: Clef!

Peepa: Scanning. Houndour. Ability: Flash Fire. Nature: Brash. Gender: Male. Abnormalities: Mightyena heritage detected. Unusual moves potentially available: Thunder Fang, Sucker Punch, among others.

Xavier: Alright! Lets head back for a celebratory meal!

Madeleine: Cleeeeef!

Peepa: But... didn't you both just have lunch...?

Sep 19th 2022 at 12:40:04 PM


Hoops emerges from the bathroom, and all of their pokémon take a moment to gawk at their head, which now has a number one cut all over, and is notably brown. They sigh. "Get your jokes out now."

<No jokes> Led says. <It's just... most of us have never seen you with your hair this short. I always thought your hair colour was natural.>

<Seriously, were you dying it in secret this whole time?> Vul asks.

"Shut up," Hoops says. "Anyway, we need to sort out some new clothes. And against my better judgement, I'm letting you all make suggestion. What have you got?"

All of the pokémon hold up their design ideas. Hoops walks slowly down the line, commenting on them. "I need something practical, Tot. Bis, that's a suit of armour. Ray, that's an entirely differently styled suit of armour. That... Led, I do appreciate the effort, but I still don't think I'm ready for dresses yet."

They get to the end of the line, where Vul is holding up his idea. <This has elements from a few different of the others> Vul explains.

Hoops looks at it. "Yeah, okay."

The production of the clothes takes some time, but soon enough Hoops is wearing their new outfit: a sleeveless jacket with a diagonal zip that is purple on one side and blue on the other, a Kecleon-patterned sports glove on their good hand that becomes a leather bracer, a pair of ripped black jeans, and sturdy boots. And, at the insistence of Sno, a studded choker. Because why not, as she said.

"We'll call this a trial run," Hoops mutters.

Hearthome City Outskirts, a few days later

<So remind me why we're here again?> Sud asks, as she walks through the city next to Hoops.

"I feel like I've been a bad themfriend to Xaster lately," Hoops explains. "What with the leaving him to fend for himself, then basically ignoring him for days, and all that. So I came here to get him some poffins as an apology gift."

Sud takes hold of Hoops' hand. <You know it's my job to look after you. So I need to ask - are you doing okay?>

Hoops hesitates. "No. But I'm getting better."

They have stopped walking for this exchange, and due to the law of narrative convenience, they stopped just across the street from where Jess is.

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That's just how it is on this bitch of an earth
Sep 19th 2022 at 1:03:12 PM


Daydre follows them in.

Entree Forest, Ama's Encampment

Ama's sitting on the porch, drinking some kind of indeterminate beverage.


Something feels... off.

Strontium is late today.

Ama leans forward and considers her drink.

Strelitzia: ~You're worried?~

Ama: "Loathe as I am to admit it, yes."

Strelizia ~Th-that's... You're allowed t-to have feelings.~

Ama: "She was still trying to kill me even after everything. Maybe not... with intent, but I could feel it on her mind. I should be glad she's not today, no?"

Strelitzia: ~You could st-stand t-to be more honest with yourself.~

Both of them look sharply into the distance.

Ama: "..."

Strelitzia: ~Th-that...~

Ama: "... Mm."

Ama stands, and storms into the forest.

The Forest Outskirts

CW for descriptions of violence

What she finds is.. perhaps not surprising, but unpleasant nonetheless.

Knives have Strontium pinned by the hands to a tree, while a somewhat androgynous man with purple eyes stands over her clicking his tongue. He fiddles with a knife in his off-hand.

???: "Hm. I thought you'd at least be smart enough to take your liquidation notice with some grace. Guess I was wrong."

Strontium: ~Wasn't... trying.. to run...~

???: "Talk with your mouth. Pestering my brain with your thoughts is annoying."

Strontium: ~I... I-~

The Templar grabs her throat with his right hand and starts pressing in.

???: "Should I just crush your windpipe? You're not using it, clearly."

Strontium, for obvious reasons, does not respond.

???: "Let me guess. You thought you could prove yourself by killing the weird bitch living here and get your notice revoked? You should know we're not that lenient of failures, here."

Strontium: "..."

???: "... Why am I talking to you anyway? I should just get the job done and over with already. Ugh, this forest must be getting to m-"

-He's abruptly grabbed from behind and slammed into the ground hard enough to leave a crater.

Ama:-Snarling- "The only one doing any choking in this forest is me."

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Sep 19th 2022 at 1:15:00 PM

Hearthome outskirts

Jess teleports across the road to put some wrappers in a bin. They notice Hoops and Sud.

Jess: Do I know you? I feel like I've seen you somewhere...

Meanwhile in a nearby bush

Chase II, who either didn't have any errands on right now or was skipping out on one, had been hiding there for a while, watching.

Chase: Micro, this is great! The purple eyes, the teleporting, this has to be one!

The tiny Espurr hiding in their hoodie nods.

Chase: Maybe I'll finally get to do something more exciting if I capture this truant student and take them back! I need to stop them teleporting away, though...

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Sep 19th 2022 at 1:18:45 PM

Hearthome City Outskirts

Hoops and Sud share a look. They both stare at this person that as far as they know randomly started talking to them.

"I... don't think so?" Hoops says slowly. "Why, where do you think you know me from?"

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chaos catby with a flannel shirt addiction
Sep 19th 2022 at 1:24:37 PM

Hearthome city outskirts

Jess: I'm not sure. Have you ever gone on the storm-

???: Shelf! Blizzard!

An icy blast of wind and snow comes blowing out of a nearby bush at Jess, Hoops and Sud.

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Sep 19th 2022 at 1:40:28 PM


To: J-Team People
From: Rory/Mercury

Hey just fought some big metal monsters of a Templar. Best be on the watch for them, also I found this weird gem that gave me a big power boost. Took some pictures, threw up after. Any advice?

Attached Files

The attached files showed Rory in his burst mode, showing off the various angles of the form, as well as Nico in the last one shooting him a look.

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That's just how it is on this bitch of an earth
Sep 19th 2022 at 1:40:58 PM

Forest Outskirts

Strontium gasps for breath while Ama holds the mystery Templar to the ground.

??? "-cough- What, not going to finish me off? -cough-"

Ama squeezes a little harder.

Ama: "I've done it before."

??? "-ghk!"

Ama: "I would've preferred to not break my streak, but for you I'll make an exception. You're one of them, aren't you?"

???: "Why would I-"

Ama squeezes in again.

??? "- Urgh, if you want me... to tell you... why are you squeezing harder??!"

Ama:-blowing a strand of hair out of her face- "You've pissed me off."

The mystery Templar apparently has enough air to click his tongue. Wait, where'd the knife in his hand go?

A portal 20 feet above where Ama is crouched, apparently! The knife embeds itself in her shoulder, her grip loosening enough to let the Templar roll out from under her and pull another one from his duster.

???: "This forest really likes making people talk, huh? Oh well, it was to my advantage this time-"

He is once again cut off as Ama launches forward and tackles him to the ground. He shoves the new knife he just pulls out hastily into Ama's back, which is enough to make her flinch but not enough to make her get off. Ama reaches to punch his face, the angle making this hard but her vampire strength making this not matter as much. The Templar's eventually able to shove her off him again and scramble to his feet, but he looks quite harried as he does.

???: "What is with you? You're not even- you're the bitch who lives here, why aren't you using Obscura?!"

Ama: "Don't need... Obscura... to kick your ass..."

???:"... Whatever, I don't care about your weird reasoning I can-"

.... And Ama rushes forward with an Obscura infused punch aimed at his diaphragm.

The Templar can only make an undignified squeaking noise.

Ama: "Haha.. lying!"

He takes a few steps back.

??? Allegros: "Urgh... Whatever, whatever... You're probably fucked in that state, I'll just call it quits here... When you die, know it was Allegros that was your doom and all that. Urgh... Knew I should've brought that stupid crybaby with me..."

... And he teleports away.

Ama unsteadily gets to her feet and goes to help Strontium, who is, still pinned to the tree,

Ama: -looking at her back- "... That's gonna hurt tomorrow. I liked this hoodie too."

Ama: -looking at Strontium- "... Hold on.. I'll get those out of you. Get ready..."

Strontium, still shaken, looks up at Ama with slight trepidation but nods.

Ama pulls the knives out as quick as possible. Strontium winces, but doesn't make a sound.

Ama: "... Sorry."

Strontium looks at the knives still in Ama. Ama just shakes her head.

Ama: "Don't.. want to pull them out. It would just start the bleeding. I only pulled yours out because.. You'd be stuck."

Strontium cradles her hands while Ama starts muttering something to herself.

Ama: "No, not there, we can't... No no.... Hm. I guess there's only really one place suitable, huh."

Strontium: ~?~

Ama: "We're.. going to have to go to the Stormchaser, aren't we?

She sighs. Withdraws a pokeball. And...

The Stormchaser

There's a knock on the door.

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Sep 19th 2022 at 1:48:05 PM

Hearthome City Outskirts

As soon as Hoops hears the shout, they are already moving. Jess would feel something wrap around her as Hoops' bandage arm extends and grabs her, pulling her out of the way of the Blizzard attack. Hoops moves a second later, getting clearance from the bush.

Sud, of course, takes the attack, making a mental note of how strong it was.

The bandages unwrap from Jess. "Sorry about that," Hoops says. "Kind of had to react." They turn towards the bush. "Looks like it's going to be one of those days. Whoever you are, come out before I come in and start hurting you."

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Sep 19th 2022 at 1:53:27 PM

Hearthome city outskirts

???: Oh, come on!

A person and their Avalugg teleport into view. The person vaguely resembles a twig, what with their long and thin build and all black clothing. The bright purple eyes make it pretty obvious they're a templar out to do something or other. They look a bit offended that their blizzard attack was dodged.

Chase: Why can't anyone ever just stand still and let me capture them?

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Sep 19th 2022 at 1:57:04 PM

Hearthome City Outskirts

It takes a few moments for Hoops to do anything other than stare at Chase. If one were to get up close, they might notice that the bandages are moving, crawling over one another like snakes, as flow flexing. Preparing.

"You're a templar," they say. It's not really a question or a statement. It's spoken like it's something that needs to be said. Then, quietly, so quietly that Chase and Jess would barely hear it, they add: "Did you know Vana?"

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chaos catby with a flannel shirt addiction
Sep 19th 2022 at 2:08:19 PM

Hearthome outskirts

Chase thinks for a second.

Chase: Not personally. I was too busy delivering thin- I mean capturing escaped experiments to know any of them personally!

Jess: Who even are you?!

Chase: I'm Chase II the Courier! My title is just to throw people off though. I've actually captured a whole lot of kids like you so you might as well just surrender now and let me teleport you back to the facility.

Jess: Me?! I'm not even from the school!

Chase pauses for a bit.

Chase: You're not? I mean, that's just what an escapee would say! Now surrender or feel my wrath!

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Sep 19th 2022 at 2:09:41 PM

Hearthome City Outskirts

"Where is this facility?" Hoops asks.

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chaos catby with a flannel shirt addiction
Sep 19th 2022 at 2:17:02 PM

Hearthome outskirts

Chase: I'm not telling you! You think I'm trying to get liquidated or something? For your information I'm trying to do the opposite of that! Now since this doesn't concern you please leave so I can get back to capturing-

They pause their rambling for a second.

Chase: I never got your name. Or your name.

Jess sighs.

Jess: Jess, I guess.

Chase: Anyway, would you mind leaving so I can capture Jess?

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Sep 19th 2022 at 2:17:37 PM

Battle Academy

-The Houndour lays on the ground flat, his muzzle between his paws.-

Houndour: Grrrrr...

Xavier: Oh c'mon, big guy. I got you out of that musty old cave! Now look! Carpet!

-She runs her hands over it. Madeleine does the same.-

Madeleine: Clefa!

-The Houndour just blows air out of his nostrils in a huff.-

Xavier: Hmmm. Are you... hungry?

-The dog's eyes shoot daggers, but his tail starts twitching.-

Xavier: Oh, is that it? You want food?

Houndour: Grf.

-His little tail was now going back and forth.-

Xavier: Hold on, let me go grab something!

-She heads out of the room, leaving just the Clefairy and Houndour together.-

Madeleine: <She's trying her best, you know.>

Houndour: <Oh shove it, you stupid puffball.>

Madeleine: <I thought you Houndour were supposed to bond with their Trainer really well?>

Houndour: <Don't know where you heard that, but that ain't me.>

Madeleine: <How do you know? Ever tried it?>

Houndour: <Nope, never plan to.>

Madeleine: <I'd be careful saying that~>

Houndour: <And you'd better be careful messing with me.>

Madeleine: <Oh please, I kicked your butt!>

Houndour: <You got lucky!>

Madeleine: <And there are million other ways I could have gotten "lucky", and all of them still end with me winning~>

Houndour: <Alright, jeez. What's your problem, anyway?>

Madeleine: <I just like messing with people who take themselves too seriously.>

-The door opens back up.-

Xavier: I return! With snacks!

Madeleine: Clefa~

-Xavier tosses Madeleine a bag of Scuttles. The Clefairy carefully tears it open before she starts popping the little flavored sugardrops into her mouth. She then tosses a bag of chips for herself onto the bed, before opening the last bag and taking out... something. Something flat and wavy and long.-

Xavier: Mister Chazten at the shop said canine Pokemon love this stuff!

-The Houndour huffs and turns his eyes await what's that smell.-


-Sniff sniff sniff.-

-Despite himself, the Houndour is now lifting his head and wagging his tail.-

Xavier: It's one of those protein strips! Supposed to taste pretty good, too.

-She tosses it to the Houndour.-

-The Houndour looks at it. Sniff.-

-The Houndour promises himself that he is strong. Sniff sniff sniff.-

-The Houndour will absolutely not reach over and grab it like what he's doing right this second.-

-The Houndour will not start chewing on the treat like it's the best thing he's tasted even though his mouth is drooling because of how good it tastes.-

-The Houndour chews and chews and chews and is soon on his side, holding the treat between his paws, as he chews and chews and chews.-

Xavier: Alright. I think we have a winner.

Madeleine: Clef~

Xavier: Now we need a name for you, little guy.

-She reaches down and scratches behind the Houndour's ears. On top of his chewing, his back leg starts twitching as Xavier hits The Spot.-

Xavier: Hm... How about Bandit?

-The Houndour just sits there, chewing and scratching and just not really caring about all that "pride" stuff before.-

Sep 19th 2022 at 2:25:26 PM

Hearthome City Outskirts

"No, listen," Hoops says. "Here's how this is going to go. You have exactly ten seconds to tell me where this facility is, so that I can spend the rest of my day breaking it open like an egg and letting all those kids out. If I don't get my answer within that time, I will beat the information out of you. And if I don't get it out of you personally, I'll take you to some friends of mine who have a very small room that keeps people like you inside it, and they'll get the answers. So your last option if you want to avoid any of those things is to run, run very fast and very far, because I have a particular hatred of templars like you."

They pause. "Ten. Nine. Eight."

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Sep 19th 2022 at 2:34:07 PM

Hearthome outskirts

Chase: Okay, okay! But you're really putting me on the spot here. It's hard to think of them when you're stressing me out like this!

Jess: Can I tag along? I'd love to help deal with this asshooooooooooooooo-

Before Jess can reach for a Poke Ball she is zapped by Thunder Wave from somewhere. A tiny Espurr runs out of the way to avoid being squished by the person they just stunned.

Chase: Nice one, Micro! Oh I love you so much, I'll get you extra poffins once we deliver this.

Chase looks up at Hoops.

Chase: Looks like we'll be going now. I hope you find that facility you're looking for.

Chase appears to be preparing to teleport out of the area.

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Sep 19th 2022 at 2:41:07 PM

Hearthome City Outskirts

Chase attempts to teleport... but when they do so all they sees is a giant eye filling their vision, and they fail to go anywhere.

Hoops points to behind Chase, where their Cofagrigus is slipping out of the shadow of the bushes.

"You didn't think you were the only one doing a distraction, right? Isn't Mean Look a bitch. I'll be honest, the escape option wasn't a real option, I want that information."

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chaos catby with a flannel shirt addiction
Sep 19th 2022 at 2:46:40 PM

Hearthome City

Chase: How am I supposed to know where they are? I can tell you what they look like on the inside but the only ones I know the actual locations of are full of old files! What more do you want from me? Now just let me deal with this escapee! Shelf! Crunch!

Micro lifts up Shelf with Psychic, and flings the Avalugg at the Cofagrigus, mouth wide open and ready to bite.

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Sep 19th 2022 at 3:09:27 PM

Hearthome City Outskirts

"Protect," Hoops says coldly.

Cof grins. <One extra special wall coming right up!> He waves his hands, creating a wall of force that blocks Shelf's attack.

"Now Hammer Arm." Sud responds quickly, rushing forwards and swinging her branch upwards in an uppercut towards Shell.

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Sep 19th 2022 at 3:15:58 PM

Hearthome outskirts

Chase: Stop it! But look, we can do that too!

Shelf summons a barrier to protect it from Sud's attack. Without needing to be commanded, Micro fires off a Dark Pulse at Cof.

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Sep 19th 2022 at 3:35:00 PM

Hearthome City Outskirts

Cof fires off a Shadow Ball that clashes with Dark Pulse in mid-air. It is initially unclear which of the two moves is stronger.

Meanwhile, Sud waits for the shield that Shelf created to drop, then slams her head into them in a Head Smash attack.

Hoops begins to advance on Chase, their bandage arm rippling.

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Sep 19th 2022 at 4:54:13 PM

Battle Academy

-Xavier looks up at the sign. "Pokemon Care and Health".-

Xavier: Looks like this is the place.

-She heads inside. Inside is what appears to be a girl only a year older than Xavier, max, having an argument with a walking egg with whiskers.-

Peepa: Ah, that is a Blissey, known for their excellent medical care. That particular Blissey, though, is Doomsday, one of Ludmilla's team.

Xavier: "Doomsday"?

Peepa: She has a particularly... um... angry disposition.

Xavier: Oh.


Therephit: And I'm telling you that if I catch you messing with my crash carts again, I'm gonna cook you over easy!

Xavier: ... Should we come back later...?

Peepa: Not necessary, one moment.

-A fairly nondescript man in a black suit with black hair wanders in.-

Retek: Oi, Therephit? What's going on here?

Therephit: She tried messing with my crash carts when I wasn't looking!


Retek: Alright, look, I said it once and I'll say it again. Doomsday, if you've got a problem with her organizational methods, you go through Ludmilla, who then brings it to our attention. Starting shouting matches in the patient ward isn't a habit I want developing around here, okay?

-Doomsday crosses her arms in indignation.-

Retek: Look, I know you're used to being top dog on the totem pole, but you know the conditions Angela and Doc Mesquite came to.

Doomsday: ... Bliss.

-Doomsday goes walking off in a huff.-

Therephit: Thanks, beanpole.

Retek: After everything we've been through, you still insist on calling me that...

Xavier: Um... hi?

Therephit: Oh!

Retek: I was wondering how long it would take for you to notice her.

Therephit: You're Xavier, right?

Xavier: Yep, that's me.

Therephit: I'm Therephit, and this is Pokemon Care and Health. I'm in charge here. (though this should really be Desech's job...)

Retek: Look, Angela's considering it. She said you'd have the most experience with medical sciences after our last job.

Therephit: But this was Desech's job before even THAT!

Retek: Yeah. And you remember how that all went in the end.

Therephit: I... hate it when you make a good point.

Xavier: Should I...?

-She points to the door.-

Retek: Well, while Therephit is cleaning things up, I'll take a walk with you.

Therephit: Just don't talk her ear off about how good Champloo's stew is.

Retek: I wasn't gonna!

-Retek heads outside, motioning for Xavier to follow. He lets out a sigh once they're out there.-

Retek: So. What do you think of Battle Academy so far?

Xavier: Well. Um. I don't really have any fair sort of point of comparison. Everything else feels equally bad compared to here.

-Retek laughs.-

Retek: That's the exact kind of feeling I had when we got here. "A philanthropic venture to build a school for upcoming trainers? This has to be a tax fraud scam or something, or some sort of twisted experiment setup." And yet, here we are. Sitting in a clean, air-conditioned, thermally-powered piece of wondrous technology with the blessing of the local volcano god. You don't get much more legit than a volcano god having your back.

Xavier: I keep hearing about that, yeah. I was... too young to remember when all that started.

Retek: Fair enough. So. Heard from Dune how you got here.

Xavier: I'd... rather not talk about that first encounter.

Retek: Hey, no judgement. Don't gotta bring it up if you don't want to. Just... wanted to see you for myself.

Xavier: Why?

Retek: The crew and I? Arugeb, Therephit, Desech, all of us? We came from someplace bad. Real bad. Ended up here. Our particular expertise with handling big facilities earned us a look at our resumes by Doc Mesquite when she was looking for faculty. And here we are. Where we're from, her just... agreeing to all the ludicrous demands we made felt surreal. Like we were being played. But... what was it Chazten said earlier? "We played ourselves"?

Xavier: I think the proper turn of phrase is, "Congratulations, you played yourself".

Retek: Ah, right, that was it. Now, a lot of the people here... they're not used to being as sociable with strangers as they're supposed to be now. Like Dosey, or Amkoh. Especially Amkoh.

Xavier: Yeah, Dosey felt a little... um... like he was being pulled away from something important.

Retek: That's him on the nose. Anyway, that's only part of why I wanted to talk to you.

Xavier: Oh?

Retek: I kinda want to see how you work physically. Like, what your limits are with your own muscles, rather than your Pokemon's.

Xavier: Oh. I... really can't measure up to someone like Dune.

Retek: You kidding? I can't measure up to Dune. The man is built like a brick house made of smaller, brickier houses. He beat Arubeg in a fight, and she's the strongest person I know, hands down.

Xavier: ... Oh.

Retek: Which is why I wanna see what you can do myself. You haven't even hit puberty yet, but I still heard that you hiked three miles around the base of Mt. Battle to the Cave Poke Spot and back and you didn't even stain your uniform with sweat.

Xavier: I mean, three miles isn't that bad. And these clothes are really good...

Retek: Yeah they are- wait, no, getting distracted. Anyway - I'd like for you to come up to General Admin so I can gives you a good workout to see just what you're capable of.

Xavier: Alright! I may not have been a Trainer for very long, but physical stuff? Now that's my speed!

Retek: Good mindset.

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Café Cabin, past

Templar: -Putting a hand to her chin, as if she seems to view Chiyo and Channah as particularly amusing while sizing them up- Why bother fighting the School? You have to know that it's a doomed crusade, so many before you have tried and failed, your return would certainly be a boon, Iridium.

Chiyo: -Irritated- If you know so much about me you already know why, I'd rather live free than as a slave. And it's Chiyo.

Templar: And that J-Team guy that the higher-ups say Adelinde isn't allowed to try killing yet? One of those PEFE scientists? What's your relationship to him, Chiyo? I get the impression it goes much further back than the J-Team.

Chiyo: -Stony faced as she scans the café again- What makes you think I'd tell you that?

Trying to be chummy when she's basically cornered us...

Templar Lydia: -Shrugs- I guess I ought to expect that. I'm Lydia, by the way. Lydia the Syllabary.

-To Channah, smirking-

Frightened? Why would you be with such a dangerous fugitive with you?

-Now, Channah might also start to notice that while the rest of the café is seemingly paying them no mind, there is indeed an unusual amount of patrons and waitresses with purple eyes amongst the assembly-

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Hugging a Vanillite will give you frostbite.
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Hearthome outskirts

Shelf was clearly hit hard by that, but seems more miffed that her trainer got them into this mess. Nevertheless she stomps around, summoning an Earthquake.

Chase meanwhile is slowly backing away from Hoops.

Chase: Look, I lied earlier! I'm not actually that high ranking, I'm just a courier who delivers stuff! They don't tell me anything important!

Micro stops trying to deal with Cof and runs over to try and defend Chase by using Psychic to push Hoops back.

Jess starts to pick themselves up off the ground.

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