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DarknessAwaits from R'lyeh Relationship Status: You cannot grasp the true form
Mar 14th 2022 at 3:24:23 PM

Outside Hearthome City Contest Hall ~ Present Day

The Emissary of Darkness Cometh! (4)

   "Yes! Relent not, my servant! Strike our foe again, for all that is evil and improper! Go!! Beast King Extermination Wave!!!"   

-So they proclaim loudly, seemingly ignoring their opponent's banter and commands, before again giving the command in a normal fashion.

   "Earth Power!"   

And so, Pungiglione gathers energy, and prepares to strike the ground to unleash it, when... He is sent flying backwards, landing on his feet still, but panting and looking hurt! The Aqua Jet the opposing Samurott unleashed was effective, and DARKNESS💀DEVIL has to take notice of it. They are at a loss for words for a few seconds, before speaking up again.

   "It seems our enemy is more resourceful than we anticipated...! Pungiglione! Oh incarnation of devastation! We shan't give up yet, no, we shan't give up!! Slash Barrage of Infinite Demise! Fury Attack!!!"   

They point their finger and command. And so, Pungiglione, grunting, charges at Dew, attempting to strike her with his horn multiple times, though most strikes go to the area protected by the Samurott's shell- be that intentionally for some reason, or due to the damaged status of the Nidorino delivering this barrage.

OPALGARNET16 Priest of the Temple of Syrinx from Nighttree, New Jersey Relationship Status: Abstaining
Priest of the Temple of Syrinx
Mar 14th 2022 at 4:24:42 PM

Hammerlocke Stadium

(As the Discharge hits and the Duraludon's windows start flashing like crazy:)

What if I say I'm not like the others?

What if I say I'm not just another one of your plays?

You're the pretender

What if I say I will never surrender?

What if I say I'm not like the others?

What if I say I'm not just another one of your plays?

You're the pretender

What if I say I will never surrender?

(And then, as Grohl and Kim watch with awe from above and Piku-chan and Hatty start loading up their final attack...)

So who are you?

Yeah, who are you?!


(And then the attack hits and Duraludon falls to the floor, unsconcious as "The Pretender" ends and the audience goes absolutely wild. Kim and Grohl stand there for a few moments— and then Kim breaks out into a grin.)

Kim: "We... we won!"

(She laughs with delight and hugs Grohl, who returns to his regular Ampharos form.)

Kim: "Great work, Grohl!"

Grohl: <Thanks!>

Wyndon Stadium (vs. Hoops)

(Grohl eventually manages to pull his head out of the hole, and shakes it a few times.)

Kim: "Okay... that probably wasn't the best idea."

(She notices that Jas has emerged from the ground.)

Kim: "Grohl! She's out! Use Shock Wave again!"

(Grohl stands there for a few moments, then eventually stirs.)

Grohl: <R-right!>

(He promptly releases more blue bursts of electricity towards Jas.)

Grohl used Shock Wave!

Turffield Stadium Stands

Ingrid: "She started with Swords Dance again... that's interesting..."

Ananpi: <I hope this goes well. note  Well, that Bisharp knows Guillotine and is really powerful, so...>


(Mito, Teru, and Uefo notice what's going on and approach Radon.)

Mito: <What's happening? Is everything okay?>

Teru: <I think you're glitchin' or something.>

Uefo: <O-oh dear... t-this has to require some kind of medical attention...>

(He holds out his arms and floats forwards, attempting to place them onto Radon's chest.)

Mito: <Um... Uefo? What are you doing?>

Teru: <I... don't think those things are defibrilators.>

Outside of the Techspo

(Eventually, Owen, Stipax, Nautilu, and the Shiny Turtwig all make it outside of the Techspo and closer to the road to Oreburgh City. They stop running, and Owen takes a few breaths, before turning to face Stipax and Nautilu.)

Owen: "I... I think we lost them..."

(He suddenly sees Mark and Travis and starts waving to them.)

Owen: "Hey! We're over here!"

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Umbramatic Meet The New Boss from WAAPT usually, sometimes WHABP or maybe PEFE Relationship Status: Gay for Big Boss
Meet The New Boss
Mar 14th 2022 at 4:36:50 PM

Macraul Safehouse

-Odin starts fumbling with the ohone in his sandy, sandy appendages-

Jublife, Mitchell Zone

Jade: Oh, um, sure. And good to know.

-gives him her phone number-

Jublife, Tagg Zone

Horatio: ...Oh! Okay!

-he starts heading west-

Garchomp: <Um...>

Jublife, Contest Zone

Justice: Yeah... Some line, huh?

Route 8

-The Yamask sighs and removes his fingers from the orb when he realizes he's in for a fight, and lobs Shadow Balls at the gang-

Contact Me!
PhilosopherStones Anyways Here's Darude Sandstorm from The North (lots of planets have them) Relationship Status: You can be my wingman any time
Anyways Here's Darude Sandstorm
Mar 14th 2022 at 4:43:07 PM

Jubilife Contest Hall

Lita looks at Justice, her one good eye looking dead but her face still trying to do its best impression of a smile.

"Justice. That's a pretty name. Interesting name. Pretty interesting name."

AbsentCoder Some Rando from Doofenshmirtz Neutral Incorporated Relationship Status: RelationshipOutOfBoundsException: 1
Some Rando
Mar 14th 2022 at 4:47:20 PM

Hamlet, Past

Kamui almost felt her ear flick as the buzzing grew louder. She reached a hand up for her ear as though she could rub it away.

"… y'hear some'in?"

[Insert Unoriginal Stinger Here]
AnotherMan Person, or Idea? from a solitary place Relationship Status: Non-Canon
Person, or Idea?
Mar 14th 2022 at 4:57:46 PM

Jublife City, Outside Pokemon Center

Mitchell kindly accepts Jade's phone number, then provides his own to her.

"Right, then," he says. "I'll be right back." Then, after returning his [phone] to his pocket, removes the solitary Pokeball on his belt and enlarges it. Turning to his Pokemon, he asks, "Ready, Gav?"

<Way ahead of you, Boss.>, Gav replies, as he jumps into the Pokeball in Mitchell's hand.

With Gav safely secured on his belt, Mitchell turns and enters the Pokemon Center.

Mar 14th 2022 at 4:59:03 PM

Wyndon Stadium, past

True, Raru was able to see what Jas was about to do through reading her mind, and prepare a counter. However, the thing that Ian failed to consider is just how fast Jas is. In the time it takes for Hoops to blink, Jas has moved out of the way of the attack and appeared behind Raru, hitting him with the X-Scissor attack.

Then a second later he receives Grohl's Shock Wave attack, because no matter how fast he is he can't dodge forever.

The problem with Jas is that while she can be incredibly fast, and dish out a lot of damage, there's very little she can do once she actually gets hit.

Hoops grimaces as they return their unconscious pokémon to the pokéball. With this, they're now officially losing. They needed to get some big hits in, which was why they selected their next pokémon.

"Pol, come out!" With a flash and a shower of rain, their Poliwrath appears on the field.

<Not the best matchups here, chief> she notes.

Hoops nods in reply. "I know. But even so, do you think you can help out?"

<I'll do what I can. But you owe me for using me like this.>

"I sure do. Use Belly Drum!"

Pol slams her hands into her stomach, sending ripples of power through her body. It hurts, and but she's as strong now as she'll ever be.

Jublife City, present

Hoops and Xaster have come together in a park in order to get some practice in. They also wanted to get some fresh air, after their disastrous hotel stay the night before - due to a mix up with the reservation, there was only one bed.

"Now," Xaster is saying. "The most important thing when you're in a contest is that it's not about being strong. You could have all the strength in the world, but without finesse you'll get nowhere."

Hoops shrugs. "I've been reading the rule packet you gave me. There are battles involved, right? And it's a win for me if my opponent gets knocked out."

"True. In fact, that's where most of my losses come from, and why I'm having you teach me to battle."


"Regardless, to even get to that stage you need to be able to show off what's great about your pokémon. Lesson one."

He reaches into his bag and pulls out all five of his pokéballs, and throws them up into the air. The pokémon assemble in a line in front of him.

"So," he explains. "Contest judges are looking for appeal based on one of five categories: Cool, Tough, Beauty, Cute, and Smart. Sometimes the entire contest will stick to the category, sometimes they'll have it set up so each co-ordinator has their category assigned individually, and in smaller contests they often don't bother."

Hoops has their finger in one ear. They twist it around and pull it out, examine it, and then blow it away. "Okay. What's the point of telling me this?"

"Look, I listened when you told me about battling. If you don't make any progress, perhaps I'll leave you somewhere to find your way back. Like a department store."

At that threat, Hoops snaps to attention. They have no confidence in their ability to find their way out of any shop that doesn't sell food, after all. "I'm listening, then."

"Each of your pokémon should really only be prepared for one category, two at the most. So for example ChuChu can be Cool or Tough and we plan all his moves combos around that."

Hoops looks at the Pichu and raises their eyebrow. "Tough?"

ChuChu flexes, to little effect.

Xaster sighs. "So, before we do anything else, we decide what pokémon of yours are going into which category. Bust out the pen, paper, and croissants, because this could take a while."

Celestic Town, present

"So what are you running from?" Professor Carolina asks.

Vana considers answering honestly for a moment. If more people knew about the School... but then, the last person she told was almost killed. She only found out they were still alive when they saw a re-run of their league match in the window of a television store.

"I ran away from home," she says finally. Not a lie. Not really the whole truth either.

The Professor sighs. "Well, I'm sure whoever your parents are they're very worried about you. Maybe we should try and get in contact with them so -"

"No!" Vana realises this desperation is too much of a hand being shown, so she pivots to another half lie. "They don't treat me well at home. Please don't make me go back there!"

She can see this woman is hesitant, so she presses the point. "I... they did this." She points to the stab wound on her stomach, with the Professor had dressed only an hour or so before. Once again, not technically a lie. But now she knows that she has it.

AnimeboyIanpower Empathic Kid Hero-in-training from Queen Mary's Castle Relationship Status: Brewing the love potion
Empathic Kid Hero-in-training
Mar 14th 2022 at 5:35:13 PM

Hammerlocke Stadium, Raihan


-The Galar Particle-laden aura fades from Piku-chan and Hatty, causing them to shrink back down to their normal size. The swirling storm of Dynamax Energy that once hovered over the battlefield disperses, and the sun shines as brightly as it once did.-

Evelyn and I: -jumping up and down cheerily- Yatta! Yatta! We did it! We did it!

-Raihan calls Duraludon back to his Poké Ball.-

Raihan: Well... There you have it! That was quite a spectacular battle, you three!

Me: Thank you so much for the battle, Raihan.

Evelyn: Yes. Thank you very much. I sincerely enjoyed our battle.

Raihan: -to Ian and Evelyn- I knew that the two of you were able to put on a show. You've been able to prove it in all your other Gym battles, and you definitely did not disappoint. Your friend is also incredibly impressive. And to commemorate your victory in Hammerlocke and your ultimate triumph over Galar's Gym circuit...

Ian Pollyanna Salberg...

Evelyn Sapphira Promeneau...

Kimberly Bond...

Please step forward.

-Ian and Evelyn nod and step forward.-

Wyndon Stadium, VS Hoops

-Raru gets caught off-guard by Jas' X-Scissor attack and is thrown to the floor. "How did Jas manage to avoid the Thunder Cross Split Attack?" was the thought running through his head in that very moment, but he was quick to roll when he hit the ground.-

Raru: <Okay, that was rude.>

Me: Alright, Raru! Use Magical Leaf!

Evelyn: Simon, use Psyshock!

-Raru surrounds himself in a magical flurry of rainbow colored leaves which he launches at Pol, while Simon fires a pink blast of psychic energy at the Tadpole Pokémon.-

Turffield Stadium, Emilie VS Milo

Milo: Now, Eldegoss! Use Max Strike!

Emilie: Levy, use the blast to boost your grand jeté!

-Milo's Eldegoss jumps into the air and slams its body into the battlefield, cracking the ground in Levy's direction. Levy, however, jumps slightly into the air as the Pillar of Light rose up from the fissure below her and strikes her on the feet. The impact of the Max Move launches Levy high into the air. The Sword Blade Pokémon performs a grand jeté as she is thrown into the air, high above the Dynamaxed Eldegoss.-

Circhester, School Hunting Trip

-Radon looks over at Uefo and shakes his head.-

Radon: I-I'm fine... It's just a recent development... I guess?

-Radon gets into position to attack. Platinum, still holding the hypnotized hostage by the scruff of his shirt, turns toward Vana.-

Platinum: Hold my hostage, Vana. Make sure he doesn't wake up too soon.

Jubilife Contest Hall

Evelyn: I'll say.

Me: Hey, Evelyn. Want me to sit down and sew us some new costumes for our Contest debut?

Evelyn: Be my guest.

Me: Thank you.

-Ian leaves the line and sits down at a table in the Contest Hall's lobby. He rifles through his backpack to pull out his sewing kit and set of Colorful Fabrics, now with some purple, silver and gold-colored fabrics (he did some offscreen shopping at Ersatz Alliance between Arcs.) He thinks out the kind of outfits he and Evelyn might want to make their flashy debuts as Pokémon Coordinators.-

Route 8

-Piku-chan makes his tail glow with a metallic sheen as he swings it at the Origami Yamask's Shadow Ball attack, slicing it in two, while Hatty surrounds her braids in a dark aura of violence and spins around to knock a Shadow Ball away from her.-

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Pentigan Fwomph from The Underverse
Mar 14th 2022 at 5:36:21 PM

Hamlet, The Crimson Manor

As the buzzing reaches a fever pitch this swarm-mass of... What kind of look like winged insectile creatures that are individually far smaller than any Bug Pokemon flood into the room, forming three masses of roughly human height. The buzzing resolves a bit into something like... Voices.

Swarm 1: O̴͈̓h̴͚͝ ̸̛̤l̷̗͊ó̸̙o̸̦͠k̵̺͒ ̶͍͌š̷͍i̷̢̕s̸̹̋t̸̖͒e̵̮͝r̴̘̈́s̵̠̓.̷͔̆ ̵̻̔F̴̢͒r̷̠͊e̶̳͝ṡ̵̱h̴̢̃ ̴̘̄ḅ̴͝l̷̛̙o̷̽ͅo̶̤̎d̸̀ͅ ̷̟̈i̸̪̊n̵͇̕ ̵̲͆t̴̠͒ḧ̷̯ë̵͓́ ̷̺͛m̶̒ͅa̶̺͘n̸̨͠ọ̴͌r̸͚̿.̴̫͘.̵͈̿.̴̣͋

Swarm 2: S̵̝̉h̵͙̿ó̶̻ù̶͈l̶̗͐d̶͕̋ ̵̧̈ŵ̴̘e̴̘͐ ̵̨̇f̵͕̌ẽ̵͖ṭ̶͝ĉ̵̗ḫ̷͆ ̴̣̓m̷̄͜m̴͚̅m̶͖̕m̴̜̈́o̸̦̚ţ̵̇ḫ̶̒è̸͍r̵̡̿?̷̱̈

Swarm 3: Ö̶̩́ṟ̷̈́ ̸̥̕b̵̊ͅȑ̷̫ȋ̵͍n̴̜̊g̷̗̀ ̷̳̑ť̷͓h̵̬͛e̶̳͒ ̵̞̒b̴͍̈́l̸̝͋o̷̪̿ơ̵͔d̵͖̊ ̵̭̄t̷͔͌õ̵̺ ̴̠̉h̴̼̾ê̵̲ṙ̶̪ ̴̍ͅi̵͈̓ñ̶̥s̷̘͐ť̶̪e̷͙͗å̸͖d̷̩̀?̵͖͠

The swarms roil threateningly.

Meat Palace, Infiltration Team

-There's three pings of 'friend' coming from the direction of the door likely leading to the lobby; that's probably the other half of the team. Seems like most of the rooms in this factory form a fairly linear chain leading 'upstream' of the production line-

Meat Palace, Distraction Team

-The Shadow at the desk slams down the phone as the desk is tapped and looks at Joybringer with its nothingness below the hard hat-

Worker Shadow: Appointment-ment-ment-ment!?

Kanto Route 8

Huh, a Groudon shrine in Kanto. Neat.

-Gale seems a little bemused, examining the door before glancing at the thief origami-

Wonder if these paper folk are weak to fire... Can someone check that while I uh... Check out these carvings, yaknow.

-She pops a smile, as though her actual intent is obvious but should go unsaid. How obvious her intent actually is might be up for debate-

Jubilife Contest Hall

-Gale steps up to the counter, handing over an already pre-filled registration form before looking at the rest of the competition. Some of these faces were familiar, J-Team members that she was pretty sure were here because of course they were the kinds of people to jump onto an aesthetics-driven thing like Contests. Kendall and thus likely Kamui being here was a nice surprise at least-

-She took the offered ball capsules and seals, even though she was pretty sure buried in the depths of her backpack was some from the last times she'd been to Sinnoh. Besides, she was pretty sure she could use the Pen to make her own seals for the aesthetics she was aiming to produce...-

It's clearly a case of backroom political albumizing.
AbsentCoder Some Rando from Doofenshmirtz Neutral Incorporated Relationship Status: RelationshipOutOfBoundsException: 1
Some Rando
Mar 14th 2022 at 5:54:59 PM

Hamlet, Past

"Try it," Kamui offered, holding out a swirling fireball like a torch warding off feral beasts.

To be fair, she was warding off beasts, though.

Kanto Route 8

"Indifference? Then pay with your… pulp? Fibers? I'll just…"

Without another word Kendall flicked up his fingers and summoned Firescura to burn the offending Yamask, stepping away to avoid any further hits to himself.

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ThunderKitty86 Relationship Status: I won't say I'm in love
Mar 15th 2022 at 3:02:15 AM

Jubilife Techspo

-The trainer doesn't seem to take much notice of Hailee-

Hailee: Well, okay then...

-Hailee slowly backs away-

Hailee: Okay, Timothy, looks like my job is done. No-one seems to need me, so guess I better just stay out of this as it's finishing... and we haven't even gotten to rescuing-

Banjo: Free at last! Hailee, it's me!

Hailee: Wait. Doesn't that sound like...

-Hailee turns as Banjo is revealed to have been freed, as he then leaps into her arms-

Hailee: Banjo! You're... freed! Thank goodness!

Banjo: Yeah... something tells me I shouldn't have gotten excited and ran away like that...

Timothy: Don't worry! The battle's just about wrapping up!

-The trio then hear police sirens, doubled with the faint sound of... a helicopter?!-

Hailee: Uh oh. Looks like the police arrived, guys. We better get outta here before they lock us in and think we had a hand in all the hijacking!

Sergey_Smirnov Trans Terminus Homo from Everywhere and Nowhere (With a german accent) Relationship Status: Consider his love an honor
Trans Terminus Homo
Mar 15th 2022 at 3:31:32 PM

Sinnoh, Jubilife City, Tech Expo Interior, Main Floor

With the TV-Man finally defeated, Alessio sighed relieved - only for all air to be forced out of his lungs as his entire team (including trainer and the Grubbin who by now had woken up once more) glomped the little Bug, all of them showering him with praises, there wre many nuzzles causing what was best described as a bubble of wholesomeness and cuteness surround the team, being almost physically projected into reality and thusly shielding them from the ensuing chaos and sensory overload that the TV-Man caused - in reality, they likely simply did not notice from being too focused on celebrating the sweet victory.

It was only when the police showed up and Travis and Mark made a run for it that the girl grabbed Alessio and ran after the others - building up a surprising speed as she did so, the Beedrill oviously having trained her well from the looks of it.

Minerva: "Mister, waaaiiiit for meeeeeeee!"

She shouted while following the two first to the Devon Corp. Booth (where the rude employee also got a rather physical no-swear order courtesy of Alessio) and then outside the expo itself.

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"One may feel fear in the face of danger so long as one banishes fear when danger actually arrives"
OPALGARNET16 Priest of the Temple of Syrinx from Nighttree, New Jersey Relationship Status: Abstaining
Priest of the Temple of Syrinx
Mar 15th 2022 at 4:50:49 PM

Hammerlocke Stadium

(Kim nods, and returns Grohl before stepping forward.)

Wyndon Stadium (vs. Hoops)

(Grohl and Kim look at each other, slightly intimidated by the Belly Drum attack.)

Grohl: <That's Belly Drum...>

Kim: (nods) "Her attack's as high as it can be." (She turns to face Grohl.) "Grohl?"

(Grohl turns to face Kim and nods.)

Grohl: (taking out an Ampharosite) <It's time.>

(The audience, seeing the Ampharosite, immediately go nuts and lose their mind. Kim immediately holds up her Key Ring and Key Stone and places two fingers to it, and in the background, the opening notes of "The Pretender" start to play. Seconds later...)

Keep you in the dark—

<You know they all pretend...>

(And then:)

Keep you in the dark and so it all began...

(Seconds later...)

Grohl Mega Evolved into Mega Ampharos!

(Kim nods at Grohl.)

Kim: "Alright, Grohl! Use Thunder Punch!"

(Grohl nods, throwing his arm back as it starts crackling with electricity.)

Grohl used Thunder Punch!

Turffield Stadium Stands

Ingrid: "Whoa..."

Ananpi: <That is incredible, chuu~! note  I have no idea!>


Uefo: <Oh, okay. That's good.>


Celestic Town

(A brown-haired 21-year-old in a blue hat, with blue eyes and square glasses, is wandering around the town with a Magnemite by their side. They appear to be looking for something, but what exactly it is is unclear. They are also wearing a navy blue shirt with some yellow accents on it, along with blue jeans, black socks, and blue shoes. They turn to face their Magnemite.)

Person: "So... any signals yet?"

(The Magnemite looks up at their antennae and then shakes their head.)

Magnemite: ~No signals yet, I'm afraid. But don't fret, my friend! I'm sure that this place has got at least some signals around here!~

(The person in question- Laurie Hitoki- sighs.)

Laurie: "I certainly hope so."


celticCatalyst (CC) joined the chat.

CC: =8o Well, h(o)w-dy, every(o)ne! H(o)w are y'all d(o)in' t(o)day, huh? ===(HELLO)

tectonicTimidity (TT), thundersManager (TM), sulfuricSympathy (SS), and fivefingeredFormality (FF) joined the chat.

TT: Ɛ[U]m... hi [Th][Er]e. I... I gu[Es]s I'm good...>

SS: eh

SS: II mmean II 6uuess II'mm fIIne

FF: I'm Doing Very Well, D'Autry.

CC: =8o Well, that's great! Hetfield? H(o)w ab(o)ut y(o)u? ===(?)



CC: =8o (O)h, I'm sure they're d(o)ing great! ===(O)


CC: =8o ...(O)h. Well, t(o) be h(o)nest, I'm n(o)t really sure ab(o)ut that (o)ne... but we can wait. ===(O)

FF: What Will You Be Doing In The Meantime?

SS: sendIIn6 oouut letters too thAt 6oo2 II'mm bettIIn6


TT: ƐI... I [Th][In]k [Th]ey [W]ill.>

SS: II mmean II'mm noot 6ooIIn6 too stoop yoouu buut juust knoow that there's A vvery hIIgh chAnnce that they wwoon't respoond

CC: =8o Awww, c'm(o)n! I kn(o)w that! That d(o)esn't mean that it'll st(o)p me fr(o)m c(o)ntinuin' t(o) d(o) it...! ===(O)

SS: oof coouurse

FF: There'5 Alway5 A Chance, I5n't There?



FF: I Doubt It'5 Non5en5e To D'Autry.

Celestic Town

(Laurie and their Magnemite- MC-DC, or simply just Emcee- are open for interaction.)

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Hi, I’m oghond, and I’m a Rushaholic. Sorry if I annoy you unintentionally. 😅
AnimeboyIanpower Empathic Kid Hero-in-training from Queen Mary's Castle Relationship Status: Brewing the love potion
Empathic Kid Hero-in-training
Mar 15th 2022 at 5:55:25 PM

Hammerlocke Stadium, Post-Raihan Battle

Raihan: I present to the three of you this... The Dragon Badge... With this, you are finally able to participate in Galar's Champion Cup, where you can battle for the title of Galar Champion. Good luck, you three.

-Raihan shakes hands with the three trainers, with Raihan handing them the Dragon Badge.-


Piku-chan: <VICTORY~!>


-Using their psychic powers, Ian and Evelyn's badges begin to hover in midair as they fit together like a puzzle. The fruits of their journey through dangers untold and hardships unnumbered have paid off as the eight Galar badges form a completed medallion. Grass, Water, Fire, Fighting/Ghost, Fairy, Rock/Ice,    Dark    and Dragon... The Galar Gym Challenge is now complete.-

Raihan: And one more thing before I send you off.

-Raihan then hands Ian and Evelyn a royal blue colored disk with orange on the edges.-

-Ian and Evelyn obtained TM Breaking Swipe-

Raihan: That's the TM for Breaking Swipe. It's a move that lowers the attack of every opponent that it hits by one stage. It's an incredibly powerful move and I'm sure you can find a Pokémon that can use it.

Evelyn and I: Thank you very much, Raihan!

Turffield Stadium, Emilie VS Milo

Emilie: Now, use Guillotine!

Milo: Can't letcha do that, partner! Use Max Overgrowth!

-Milo's Eldegoss fires a barrage of seeds infused with the power of nature at the airborne Bisharp, whose blades sharpen and grow, glowing a blood red and she rushes at the barrage of seeds.-

Emilie and Levy: <RULES OF NATURE!!

-Levy appears behinds the barrage at lightning-like speed, and the giant seeds end up getting sliced in half, exploding seconds after the bisected seeds split completely.-

Circhester, School Hunting Trip

-Aurelia, glowing gold, arrives at the scene where the signal flare was released.-

Aurelia: I am here! Where is the danger?

Jubilife Contest Hall

-Ian, with sewing patterns in view, gets to work in cutting out the designs for their Contest outfits and sewing together the perfect color combinations for both Evelyn and his debuts into the Contest world. He considers the outfits carefully, with catching the eye in mind.-

Meat Palace

-Joybringer and Evelyn quickly recoil as the Desk Shadow turns around.-

Joybringer: Get ready, Evelyn... We don't know what this Shadow will do...

Evelyn: Especially since we don't exactly have an appointment...

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ParadoxialStratagem The Eccentric Electric from On Melancholy Hill Relationship Status: Hiding
The Eccentric Electric
Mar 15th 2022 at 5:55:42 PM

Sinnoh Region, Jubilife City, Techspo Exterior -> City Streets:

After briefly getting disoriented by the amount of events going on in the background, Mark would notice Owen waving toward the rest of the party that was still following along to follow. With Travis, Tricky and Chopper following close by, Mark would follow Owen, focusing on his lead until he overheard Minerva shouting after him.

"Keep running kid, don't fall behind!" Mark would order, shouting without looking back to see whether her or Hailee were even following. Travis would glance behind to see the Techspo grow smaller and quieter along with the police sirens the further the party ran away. "Keep it up everyone, we're almost out of here!" Travis would say between breaths, struggling to keep up due to physical limitations. After a couple more minutes scrambling toward the opposite end of the city, Mark would then announce, "Alright, I think we've gone far enough to regroup...Nice job everyone!"

"I'm sorry we got cheated out of a full Techspo experience dudes, I don't think anyone could have predicted this would happen," Travis apologized after taking a moment to sit on a nearby bench.

"It's fine Trav, I was able to get a lot of info from this lead if nothing else," Mark replied before explaining, "Now I know those Team Lightning punks were responsible for vandalizing my home, and it seems they have an operation in the Sinnoh Region. I'm gonna need more info if I want to get back at them for what they did though, and there's no telling how long that'll take."

Travis would scratch his head with uncertainty before mentioning, "That's great and all, but I'm probably not gonna be much help. My next semester's about to start in a few days and I've got some important business to take care of back in Hoenn."

"That's fine bud, in fact I think it'd be better if we all split up for a while and lay low. These punking fuck—-I mean fucking-punk...these scumbags are probably going to remember us for a while with how badly we beat them," Mark replied with a shrug before pointing out, "This is my fight anyway, I appreciate you all helping out, but I don't want to drag any of you into something you don't want to be a part of. Especially when you all have your own goals and lives to live."

A few moments later, a bus would suddenly arrive revealing the bench Travis was sitting on to be a bus stop. "I guess I'll head back to my room and get ready to return to Hoenn. It's been fun hanging out Mark, even if it was nothing like the old days," Travis said, waving goodbye as he and Tricky boarded the bus and departed.

"Well, I don't know where you all live or plan to go, but I'm going back to a secret base I set up on the city's outskirts," Mark would simply say before he and Chopper would walk away, disappearing past the city streets.

Jubilife City, Generic Hotel, Later That Evening:

After having managed to escape The Techspo Fiasco, win several battles and ensure he was ready to leave Sinnoh the next day, Travis would take a much needed break and let himself fall into the couch and switch on the TV to relax...but just when he thought he had gotten away from all the chaos, the TV would remind him of what just happened with the start of the hour's news drumming up the headlines, including the Techspo.

"Good evening viewers everywhere, I'm your host Liam James. We open up tonight's episode of Sinnoh News Net's Evening Report with what is quickly becoming known as The Techspo Fiasco. Earlier today what was once a highly-anticipated event quickly turned into a scene of chaos and disaster as stands were smashed, televisions were destroyed, and attendees were sent fleeing from the Pokemon Tech Expo when a group calling themselves Team Lightning were able to hijack the venue's PA systems and crash several featured events. We now turn to Oliver Hobbes, bringing you live coverage on the scene."

"Liam what you see behind me is the aftermath of yet another heinous villain team looking to make a name for itself. We've got reports that police are on the scene and have established a perimeter, locking down the Poketch HQ building," Oliver began, shouting over the sounds of police sirens and shouting in the background, "There is still much to be determined in the aftermath of this attack, but we are getting reports of property damage estimated to be in the thousands. There are also reports of several prototype technologies having been stolen, including a rumored Pokemon Translator device that was replaced with a fake duplicate. It's important to note: The full extent of this attack is not known, as this is still an ongoing crime scene that needs to be stabilized before any detailed investigations can take place, and finally we have just received word that ambulances have been called to the scene to provide aid to epilepsy victims from an earlier broadcast, back to you Liam."

"For those who might not know them, Team Lightning is yet another villain team that has become a public menace as of late. While previously thought to operate out of the Kalos Region with reports of Team Lightning having attacked a record store near the PR Video Studio and briefly causing an outage at the Kalos Power Plant lasting 4 hours, it appears Team Lightning has set their sights on Sinnoh having also taken credit for temporarily crashing the Global Trade Station's network infrastructure that took roughly 9 hours to restore. Local authorities are uncertain of the Team's motivation, but urge the public to report all sightings of the Team to their local police station."

Living The Fever Dream
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Kanto Route 8, past

Exu: -Dodges the Shadow Balls- <Lol.>

-Immediately starts mocking and slapping his butt in the Yamask's direction-

Exu used Torment!

Jubilife City, past

-We've ended up running into outskirts of the park Chiyo and Dactyl were in not too long ago-

Chiyo: -Stopping- Suppose here's good enough to make a stand.

-Turning around-

Yeah, let's.

They've probably blocked communications so there's no point in trying to inform the others until we've actually gotten out of this. Okay, where to try staying for the time being since we should probably not try leading them to the Stormchaser...

Nudi, Rain Dance!

Nudi: -Wiggles as the rain starts falling hard and freezing-

-As the Templar forces start catching up-


Luxray: -Starts picking off enemies with Thunder at range-

Alvin: -From the back- You're not gonna let some truant and hedge Auric embarrass us like this are you?

-One soldier lets out a Rhydon, who starts absorbing said Thunders, as they continue advancing-

Gaia, take them out!

Gaia: -Shoots some Seed Bombs in the Rhydon's direction-

Chiyo: -Sends a barrier at a Primeape that manages to get close enough that smashes them against a wall, before bouncing Dactyl between a Staraptor and a Lickitung- They're lucky we haven't needed to get nastier yet.

-Wrapping an Aura chain around a Templar's limb to slam them into the dirt-

...Yeah, I get you.

Probably because between the two of us we don't really need to like if we were fighting alone.

Garchomp: -Crunches down on a Kadabra-

Rampardos: -Has been going back and forth through the enemy forces, every once in a while a snap is heard-

Gaia: -Starting to get hemmed in even as she faints the Rhydon- <Don't you think for a second, that you've bested me.>

Roc: -Flying above- <I see an escape route, but the Templars are blocking with some Mr. Mime assisted barrier.>

Chiyo: -Half-jokingly- Stealing my thing are they?

Kricketune: -Cutting through the competition- <The fight can't end now!>

-To Roc, looking at Gaia-

Gonna need a big barrier buster then.


Gaia: -Glows green as thorny vines erupt from the soil, taller than a two story house, lashing everything in front of them as they break though the barrier, Roc weaving through the thorns to attack whoever hasn't been fainted yet with his beak and talons-

Let's move!

-Recalls Gaia before starting to run again-

Meat Palace

-Getting the readings-

If something happens, we ambush that Shadow.

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Wyndon Stadium, past

Pol is not fast, so she doesn't even try to avoid the Psyshock and Magical Leaf attacks, instead choosing to raise her arms and attempt to withstand the damage. She does so successfully, then looks up to see Grohl approaching as he prepares to use Thunerpunch.

"Let's meet him head on," Hoops suggests, prompting Pol to nod enthusiastically in response. "Reversal!"

Pol takes all the power of the damage she has taken, as well as her power increase from the Belly Drum, and channels it all into one fist which she swings so that it meets Grohl's attack head on. The force of her swing is so great that some of the crowd in the front few rows find that their confections are ripped from their hands by the wind that it creates.

Hoops feels the force of the wind as well as it threatens to throw them backwards, but they remain standing.

Pol stumbles backwards, still standing, though the electricity of paralysis arcs across her body.

"Can you battle?" Hoops asks.

<Ask me that again...>

School Hunting Trip

As soon as Aurelia shows up, Vana less leaps into action and more slips into the state of being in action, like how one quietly gets into a swimming pool.

"Spinny, Hummy," she begins, summoning her two pokémon, an Alcremie and Porygon-Z respectively. "Why don't we start off by making this conversation a bit more private."

The two quickly respond, with Spinny using Misty Terrain to explore the area while Hummy puts up a Trick Room, in case anyone wants to make a quick break for it.

"Now, welcome everyone to this family reunion. I'm sure this will be an enlightening time for all of us."

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Hammerlocke Stadium

(Kim looks on in awe as she takes the Dragon Badge and puts it away. Her medallion is now complete. She grins as she looks down at it.)

Kim: "Thank you so much, Raihan. I'm extremely grateful."

(And then she is given the Breaking Swipe TM.)

Kim: "Oh? I think Freddie can learn that... I might teach it to him. Thank you, Raihan."

(She puts it away in her bag, then turns to Ian and Evelyn.)

Kim: "Well. I suppose with all that said and done, we should head outside?"

Wyndon Stadium

(Grohl is thrown backwards, but his new form allows him to better withstand the Belly Drum-boosted Reversal. Still, though, he looks much worse for the wear.)

Kim: "Grohl! Are you alright?"

(Grohl nods, shaking it off a bit.)

Kim: "Alright, then! Use Dragon Pulse!"

Grohl: <R-right!>

(He promptly releases a burst of purple energy towards Pol.)

Grohl used Dragon Pulse!

Turffield Stadium Stands

Ingrid: "W-what?!"

Ananpi: <T-that's crazy!> (beat, then) <Of course, I like crazy, so...>


(Seeing Aurelia there, Mito, Teru, and Uefo run over to her.)

Mito: <Y-you're here! Thank goodness!>

Teru: <Hey there. My name's Teru. Nice to meet you.>

Uefo: <Come quick! T-the fire one's glitching out...!>

Outside of the Techspo

(Owen waves towards Mark and Travis, as do Stipax, Nautilu, and the Shiny Turtwig.)

Owen: "Bye! It was nice meeting you!"

(He turns to face Stipax and Nautilu.)

Owen: "Well, now that that craziness is over... we can head over to Oreburgh City!"

Stipax: <Yippee~! I'm so excited!>

Nautilu: <Finally.>

Shiny Turtwig: <Wait, you're heading over to Oreburgh City?>

Stipax: <Of course we are! We're going to fight the Gym Leader.>

Shiny Turtwig: <Really?> (then, to Owen) <Can I come, too?>

(Owen blinks, then turns to Nautilu.)

Owen: "What's he saying?"

Nautilu: <He's asking if he can come, too.>

Owen: "O-oh! Of course you can come! There's room for another member!"

Shiny Turtwig: <R-really?! Yaaaay~!>

(Owen chuckles, then takes out a PokeBall.)

Owen: "Alright, then! Go, PokeBall!"

(He throws the ball, and the Shiny Turtwig goes up and bonks it with his head, causing him to be sucked inside. The ball lands on the floor and shakes three times, before the center glows yellow, signifying capture— and a small explosion occurs. Owen, Stipax, and Nautilu blink.)

Owen: "H-huh?"

Stipax: <What happened?>

Nautilu: <I think the Voltorb on his back went off.>

Owen: "Ah. That explains it."

(He goes to pick up the PokeBall and grins.)

Owen: "Welcome to the team... Steggy."

Stipax: <Steggy? He's not a Stegosaurus!>

Nautilu: <He will look like one when he evolves, though. I think it's fitting.>

(Owen puts the newly-named Steggy's PokeBall away and turns to his Pokemon.)

Owen: "Alright, then! To Oreburgh City!"

(Stipax cheers, and gets back up onto his Trainer's shoulder. Owen returns Nautilu, and they head off.)


fineTurtle joined the conversation.

FT: [Hello!] [I am a Stegosaurus!].asdf

dentalOptics (DO), reliableBastille (RB), diffidentDefeatist (DD), and drowsyBorealis (DB) joined the conversation.

DO: YOooOu are? That's sOooO cOooOOooOl!

RB: [I] [d[o[n['t] [t[h[i[n[k] [h[e] [i[s,] [C[r[i[n[a.]

DB: O(=), t(=)at's neat

DB: A new Pokemon

DD: w-what's your name, new friend,

FT: [I'm Steggy!] Didn't you [hear] him?.asdf

DD: n-no, i don't think we did,

RB: [N[i[c[e] [t[o] [m[e[e[t] [y[o[u,] [S[t[e[g[g[y.] [Y[a] [g[o[n[n[a] [h[e[l[p] [u[s] [i[n] [O[r[e[b[u[r[g[h,] [I] [a[s[s[u[m[e?]

FT: Yep!.asdf

DO: Why dOooO yOooOu keep ending yOooOur messages with "asdf"?

RB: [H[e[h.] [L[o[o[k] [w[h[o'[s] [t[a[l[k[i[n'.]

FT: The same reason I put links into my messages, of course!.asdf

DD: w-what does that mean,

DB: Guess we'll never know

extinctLogistics (EL) joined the chat.

EL: ~We're heading to Oreburgh at the moment.~ [1]

[1]- ~Hope you're making yourself at home, Steg^2y.~

FT: Oh, I think I'm going to love it here!.asdf

En Route to Oreburgh

(Owen and Stipax are now far away from the Techspo and are walking to Oreburgh City.)


A Random Hotel in Jubilife

(Watching the broadcast is Leonard Braker, accompanied by Walter, Cuddles, and Caboose. He is furiously scribbling down notes, and when the newscast is over, he turns to his friends in horror.)

Braker: "Oh dear. Wish I'd been there to see that."

Walter: <Braker, you're in Jubilife right now. You're just lucky the police didn't get you while you were here.>

Caboose: <That would have been fun!>

Braker: "No, it would not have been. Besides, this wasn't even the reason we came here."

Cuddles: <It was to investigate that... that old region, right?>

Braker: "Hisui, yes." (He puts away his notebook.) "And to catch some new Pokemon of our own. That begins tomorrow."

Cuddles: <Oooh~! I can't wait! Will we be going to the Grand Underground, Lenny~?>

Braker: (smiles) "Of course."

Cuddles: <Yaaaay~>

Caboose: <That sounds fun!>

Braker: "Hopefully, it will be."

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Hammerlocke Stadium

Evelyn: How about a picnic?

Me: Yeah! We had one after we beat the Turffield Gym, so why not have one to celebrate our victory in Hammerlocke?

Wyndon Stadium, VS Hoops

Me: Raru, use Hypnosis!

-Raru's eyes glow a calm pink as he sends soothing waves of psychic energy in Pol's direction, telepathically relaying the command "Sleep!" into Pol's mind.

Evelyn: Simon... it's time to finish this...

Simon: <Y-You don't mean... use THAT MOVE?!>

Evelyn: I'm sorry, Simon...

Simon: <It's alright, Evelyn... I'm always happy to battle alongside you...>

Turffield Stadium, Emilie VS Milo

Emilie: Now use Aerial Ace!

-Levy retracts the guillotine blades and then pushes off of the air to slash at Milo's Eldegoss for massive damage.-

Levy used Aerial Ace! It's super effective!

Circhester, Aurelia Under Attack

-Platinum, still holding Oliver by the scruff of his shirt, glares at Vana.-

Platinum: -telepathically to Vana- ~Vana, you idiot! You were supposed to take the hostage... THEN accost Aurelia! Don't leave me hanging here!~

-Aurelia looks around in abject confusion as the mist of Spinny's Misty Terrain swirls around her. She steps back in surprise as Vana appears.-

Aurelia: V-Vana? What are you doing here?

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Jubilife City, past


-To Horatio-

It's to the south.

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Wyndon Stadium, past

Hoops yells. "Use Liquidation!"

Pol covers herself in water and flies forwards, meeting the energy of the Dragon Pulse in mid air. For a moment she is like a warrior in some ancient myth holding back a great tide, but then the Hypnosis works its way into her mind.

Fortunately, the paralysis that she already suffers from means that she can't fall asleep - she is incapable at the moment of relaxing. However, it does cause her to falter for just an instant, which is long enough for her to be overpowered by the attack and sent flying. She struggles to her feet once again, but electricity runs through her body and forces her to one knee.

"Pol!" Hoops yells. What can they do against three pokémon at once? Not for the first time since this battle began, they curse their own hubris. There has to be something. There has to.

<Don't worry> Pol says struggling to her feet. <I have never gone down without claiming victory against an opponent, and I do not mean to do so today.> She focuses her energy, pushing herself to her absolute limit. Storm clouds gather in the sky above her, and rain begins to fall. Hoops spreads their arms and lets the heavy rain soak them.

"Right then, let's do this! Pol, use Liquidation once again!" They notice that Evelyn seems to be planning something with Simon, and so directs Pol towards him. She flares up her power, the water surrounding her being like the breaking point of a tsunami. She rushes forwards towards Simon, moving faster than before due to the rain, looking like a force of nature. Behind where she moves, a deep trench is carved through the field.

School Hunting Trip

Vana glances towards Platinum and rolls her eyes. "Come on, Platinum. I thought you were smart. I was never here to follow your orders. And I didn't come here to hunt down your sister."

"I'm going to say something to you and Radon, and you're going to listen to me, and then when I'm done you're going to join my side. The School needs to be destroyed. It's a cancerous organisation that has been allowed to exist for far too long. They created us, then used us as tools for their own ends without even bothering to acknowledge us as living things. What else can be true when they don't even give us names."

She turns towards Aurelia. "You asked why I'm here? Simply put, it's because I owe you. In the moment when I was the weakest, you helped me rebuild myself and begin to realise what I had to do. This is me paying you back by getting your sister out of the School."

Vana folds her arms. "Any questions?"

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Meat Palace

Lead Monkey: -to Tagg, smiling a bit too wildly- <Duly noted!>

-starts stealthily creeping toward the lobby entrance-

Jublife, Contest Zone

Justice: Er, yeah, I hope it is, picked it myself. Is he gonna lose his place in line?

Jublife, Mitchell Zone

-Jade taps her foot waiting-

-Aros taps his foot faster and more impatiently-

Jublife, Tagg Zone

Horatio: ...Oh, right, south is thaaaaaaaaaat way.

-Pivots and heads the correct direction this time-

-before stopping and turning around-

"Say, before I go... Is that girl there?"

Kanto Route 8

-The Origami Yamask collapses into a literally crumpled heap-

Torkoal 1: <Woah! I haven't seen that kind of power since I watched a documentary about the Earth Vellumental itself!>

<...Are you all going to watch it? I don't want to spoil anything for you. Ah, and you should really see the exhibit first... and the other four Shell Stones are still missing!>

Olivia: Ooh, how frustrating they ran off with your precious stones... And I really want to see the exhibit for myself...

Jackie: "Something tells me we're already in way over our heads weither we like it or not."

oLivia: <Let's head off and find these Shell Stones, J-Team! I'm sure these Torkoal have already searched around this temple.

Jackie: "...Yep."

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Jublife City, Outside Pokemon Center

Shortly after entering the Pokemon Center, Mitchell exits the Center, looking slightly less nervous than he was before. He turns and sees Jade and her Flygon, both tapping their feet. His face promptly falls at the sight.

"Nuts," he says. "Sorry to keep you waiting."

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Schrödinger's Hospital, sometime between November 1st and now

-someone's been talking-

Megan: …so yeah. I…walked in, saw what happened…

-she's saying this somewhere from the floor-

Megan: -audibly wincing- And all I could think about was how I regretted what I did so much more than what anyone else did, especially to me. And…it kind of…jammed? Priority-wise?

-she is laying on a hospital room floor, and apologizing-

Megan: -miserable- I'm sorry.

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