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OPALGARNET16 Priest of the Temple of Syrinx from Nighttree, New Jersey Relationship Status: Abstaining
Priest of the Temple of Syrinx
Dec 4th 2021 at 4:26:11 PM

Turffield Stadium

(Milo glances down at his Bellossom in concern.)

Milo: "Bellossom! A-are you okay?"

Bellossom: (smiles a bit) <Oh, don't worry~! I may have been burned, but I have a feeling I can still fight! Let's see now... what move should I use...? Ooh~! I know!>

Bjorn: (excited) <Another new move? Can't wait to see it!>

(Seconds later, her body becomes surrounded in rainbow-colored energy, which expands outwards and hits Bjorn, knocking him slightly backwards.)

Milo's Bellossom used Dazzling Gleam!

(Bjorn shakes the attack off a bit, then laughs.)

Bjorn: <Excellent! Unfortunately, not very useful against Psychic-type Pokemon, but great move nonetheless!>

Bellossom: <Awww...>

(And then:)

Bjorn: <However, do believe that now is time to end you. Had lots of fun battling, though! Good luck in future!>

Bellossom: <Awwww, thanks~! Even when defeating me, you're so sweet~!>

(Bjorn blushes a bit, then giggles, and then his head proceeds to glow a bright pink. He lowers it downwards, and then:)

Bjorn: (plays fanfare) <Charge!>

(Seconds later, he rams his head into the Bellossom, knocking her backwards and into the wall.)

Bjorn used Zen Headbutt!

A critical hit!

(A cloud of dust goes up, and when it fades, the Bellossom is on her side with swirls in her eyes.)

Bellossom: (weakly) <Yippee~ that was fun~!>

Milo's Bellossom fainted!

(Bjorn smiles, and then runs over to a delighted Ingrid, who hugs him.)

Ananpi: <Awwww~! Well, that was certainly a sweet way to end things, chuu~! Bjorn has defeated Milo's Bellossom... which means now there are only two mons to go~! And I have a feeling as to who she's going to send out next... note  Yep, chuu~!>

Circhester Stadium Entrance Room

Kim: (nods) "Indeed." (then, turning to face Braker) "So... where will you be going next?"

Braker: "Not really sure, exactly. I might interview that 'Rever' person that you mentioned... if I can find him."

Kim: "Alright, then. Well, I certainly hope everything goes well for you."

Braker: "As do I."

Cuddles: <What about you, Kim?>

Kim: (pauses to think) "Not sure, really. Probably go back to the Stormchaser until something interesting comes up."

Cuddles: <Okay, then~!>

Kim: (turning to face Ian and Evelyn) "And... you two?"

Spikemuth Entrance

(Kim turns to face Braker.)

Kim: "Well? Should we follow them?"

Braker: "Indeed we should."

Caboose: <Alright~! Let's go~! Spikemuth, Spikemuth, lalalalala~>

(And they proceed to follow Ian and Evelyn.)

Wyndon Stadium

(Upon hearing the announcement, Kim glances upwards.)

Kim: "Right."

(And then she hears Hoops and smiles.)

Kim: "Thank you, Hoops." (then, to herself) "And thank goodness..."

(With that said, she enters the changing room— with thoughts running through her mind.)

Kim: (thinking to herself) Thank goodness. I mean, I wasn't too concerned about Hoops that night on Halloween, but it's good to hear that. The real problem now is... which mons besides Grohl should I use...

(She goes through her mind for a second, and then:)

Kim: (thinking to herself) Elton, Geddy, Freddie, Dio, Grohl, and Peechee. I think that should do it.

Wyndon Pitch

(Some time later, with Kim having changed into her clothes, she enters onto the pitch.)

Kim: (thinking to herself) Thirteen opponents... and a massive audience... how in the world are they going to react when they hear "The Pretender"?!

(And then she sees Hoops.)

Kim: "Well, Hoops... I hope you're ready."

Spooky House- Kim's Room (which I have retconned to take place post-Party)

CW: bullying, self-hatred, torture, gaslighting, verbal abuse

(Kim glances down at the paper in front of her with tears in her eyes, pain evident on her face, and an absolutely broken expression— and then, as if Jigsaw heard her question and wanted to test her... she hears them. Two voices, usually filled with nothing but love and optimism, now filled with anger, hatred, and disgust.)

You'll never fit in with the J-Team...

(And the minute she hears that, the already-broken Kim rips off the headphones.)

Kim: (broken) "NO—!!"

(She slumps down in her desk, sobbing.)

Kim: (sobbing) "N-not them, too... a-anyone but them... I... I can't..."

(She looks around the room, then over at the headphones...)

Kim: (sobbing) "E-everyone else is already right as is... y-you don't need to..."

(...but despite her having taken them off, the voices keep coming, echoing throughout the entire room.)

We've fought glitches of world-ending power and dined with gods...

What have YOU done?

(Kim shakes her head.)

Kim: (sobbing) "N-nothing..."

(She turns to face the paper, and the utterly broken Kim returns to cipher decoding as the voices around her get closer and closer.)

Taking solace in a career that doesn't exist? Talk about pathetic.

Who hypnotized you into thinking we were EVER friends?

Kim: (sobbing) "I..."



(And yet despite that... she's no longer paying any attention to the words she's writing. She's no longer paying attention to the importance of what she's just uncovered. Her mind is frantic as she scrolls through the alphabet, trying to figure out the last few symbols.)

Kim: (sobbing, trying to keep her mind off of it) "O-okay... t-there are only a few symbols left now... C... Q... Z... w-which one is which I... don't know yet... b-but of course I wouldn't know that— no one likes me—"

(She glances up at the clock. 1 hour left. The voices keep getting louder.)

We only hang around you because we pity you...

Kim: (in tears) "It has to be true... it has to be... t-there's no way it can be true, but it has to be...!"

Face it... We've just about lost faith in you...

Kim: (sobs, glances around the room frantically) "No... no...!"

(And then— a cavalcade of overlapping voices, saying things that Kim is too broken and frantic to make out, but is able to catch a few words of:)



...relentlessly annoying...

...entitled... arrogant...

...can't believe... terrible person...

...awful friend...

Kim: (sobbing) "'re right... you're all right..."

What are you even doing here?

Why did you think you could join us?

Why did you ever think you were special?

(Unable to bear it any longer, Kim, desperate to take her mind off of what she is hearing, and yet sobbing her eyes out from sheer desperation, turns to face the paper and practically flies by the seat of her pants in regards to completing the cipher:)



(And then, as she finishes the cipher, all the voices come together, practically screaming at her:)


(Terrified, Kim curls herself into a ball, runs out of the seat, and heads into a corner of the room, grabbing the UBese papers. Seconds later, she looks up— to find illusions of everyone she ever called a friend glaring down at her with looks of rage and disappointment. Braker. Hoops. Kendall. Kamui. Ian and Evelyn. Even 9-Volt manages to pull off a Death Glare despite being in Galvantula form. Kim looks up at them as they approach her and shakes her head, sobbing.)

Kim: (in tears, desperate) "I... I'm sorry... I'm really sorry...! Y-you all are right... y-you have every right to hate me... I don't belong here... I'm wasting all your time... I... I-I've been n-nothing more than— than a terrible person and an awful friend and I don't even know what I'm doing half the time, o-or why I even w-wanted to be here, o-or why I ever thought I could—"

"Ian": (interrupting her) " Did you have to remind me of what I did at the Final Shell?"

Kim: (sobbing) "I— I'm sorry- I d-didn't know why I r-reacted the way I did at the meeting, I just—"

"Ian": (coldly) " Thanks a lot for THAT, Kimberly Bond..."

(Kim's eyes go wide, and she runs towards who she thinks is Ian.)

Kim: (sobbing) "Nononononono—! Please... please don't leave... I- y-you're right. Y-you're all right. I-I'm selfish and stupid and annoying and I probably never should have joined the J-Team in the first place, but I got some great f-friends out of it...! A-and you were one of them...!" (then, more quietly) "Please... Ian... y-you believe in me... d-don't you...?"

(Kim glances up at "Ian" with despair... but all "Ian" can do is give her a Death Glare and a final, chilling remark.)

"Ian": (coldly) " I believed in you."

(And then "he" grabs her by the shoulders and pushes her up against the door.)

Kim: (sobbing) "NO! IAN— IAN PLEASE— P-PLEASE DON'T-"

"Ian": "Goodbye."

(He opens the door and shoves her outside.)

Spooky House- Outside of Kim's Door

(Kim lands on the floor, glancing up at the door to the room she was just in, broken beyond belief. Her thoughts are running rampant as she chokes back her sobs— and then she runs out of the house without a second thought, frantically sobbing all the while.)

Kim: (thinking, to herself) Is that... true? I-is that really... what they've thought of me all this time...? I-it has to be... t-there's no other option... t-this is what they think of me— this is what they all think of me— this is what the J-Team thinks of me— Kimberly Bond— stupid, arrogant, boring, a burden, entitled— I'm all of those things and more— why did I think this was a good idea— why did I EVER think this was a good idea— I'm relapsing again— I'm relapsing again— like I always do— like I'll probably keep doing until the day I die— I'll never be a good friend— I'll never be true J-Team material— I want out— let me out— LET ME OUT— LET ME OUT— LET ME—-

Outside of the Spooky House

(She stops. She takes a glance back. The words are still echoing in her mind. Jigsaw's voice is still echoing in her mind. Without even a second thought, having been so thoroughly broken by Jigsaw's words into believing it to be true, she takes out her phone and tearfully sends a message:)


From: 43347Bond

To: Anyone who sees this

Outside of the Spooky House

(And then, after a few moments, Kimberly Bond, now thoroughly having been broken by Jigsaw, falls to her knees and lets out a tear-filled scream of agony and despair as another panic attack— this one more frantic than the one from the meeting— starts to set in.)

Hi, I’m oghond, and I’m a Rushaholic. Sorry if I annoy you unintentionally. 😅
rmctagg09 The Wanderer from Brooklyn, NY Relationship Status: I won't say I'm in love
The Wanderer
Dec 4th 2021 at 4:39:24 PM

Wyndon, September 16th

-To Gale-

Hmm. Perhaps a pivot to the Contest venue then, if you're not really up to doing the Sinnoh League? Me, I have an anniversary run to take of.

-Feeling a sudden back ache-

We'll probably end up going next year so that'll mark approximately a decade since Annoski happened.

Crown Tundra, November 26th

-Again, Glastrier is hardly the quickest of equine Pokémon, whereas Rapidash, whether Kantonian or Galarian, is one of the fastest-

Glastrier: -Kicking up huge chunks of ice with their hooves as they enter a tight valley-

-However, there is something to be said about the fact that the path is covered in deep snow, making this less of a one-sided race-

Ginny: -Using telekinesis to move most of the snow in front of her aside, as she slices through a wall of ice with a Psycho Cut fired from her horn, though it's still slightly slower going than it might've been on open ground- ​

Glastrier: -Bashes against the wall of the valley we're running in, sending rocks down on us-


Ginny: -Hooves glow as she weaves between the rocks, jumps over an ice wall, and then starts running on the canyon wall-

Glastrier: -Turning their neck around- <And here I thought I was facing a Rapidash and not a Gogoat.>

Campus Palace

Pink: -Has Galen shift into attack mode before firing a Fire Blast at Revy-

'Azumi-no-isora: -Pops up from behind Revy-

Azumi-no-isora used Dig!

Hugging a Vanillite will give you frostbite.
MasterJayAM Relationship Status: Married to the job
Dec 4th 2021 at 5:07:57 PM

Hammerlocke, October 31

After deciding against going as his alter ego, Tommy finally arrives at the Geographic Society's Halloween event in Hammerlocke, dressed in an open purple plaid shirt, black undershirt, jeans, and a rather large-ish pair of white sneakers that Gimbal accidentally ordered for him once. They actually fit quite well, but were disproportionately much larger than his feet were from the outside.

Hey, it works for what he's going for.

Shutter: Wait a minute. [Jeremy] from [Zits]? I thought we agreed we were all gonna be the cast of [Cowboy Bebop]?!

And sure enough, Shutter was dressed, upon close inspection, as a haphazardly made closet cosplay of Spike Spiegel.

Anthony, dressed as an uncharacteristically tall Rock Okajima: [Cowboy Bebop]? I thought we were gonna be the guys from [Black Lagoon]?

Adrian, dressed as Sebastian the Butler: Surely, you meant [Black Butler], right?

Lars, dressed in an Edwardian-era suit: I thought we were doing [Downton Abbey]?

Jonathan, dressed as a spot-on replica of Arachna-Guy's costume: See, this is why you prepare your group costumes in advance.

While nobody else was looking, Tommy sighs in relief before cringing a bit.

Adrian: Show-off

Tommy: Alright. That was awkward. Well, now that the acknowledgment of the fiasco is out of the way. I need to talk to Gavin for a bit.

Shutter: Would you excuse us, please?

The duo walk away, followed by an Alolan meowth.

Shutter: So, did you consider my offer or what?

Tommy: Yeah, the fellas and I were talking and we really needed to expand the team.

Shutter: Tired of the crab lady getting the better of you?

Tommy: Oh, absolutely.

Shutter: Well, that's good to hear.Flash and I appreciate the company.

Tommy: Am I gonna be a third wheel or is anyone else coming?

Shutter: Galen's back from college. He needs a babysitter.

Tommy: Of course he does.

Shutter: So, you need to brush up on the field guides or do you already have a pokémon in mind?

Tommy: I do have a few on mind. And did catch another pokémon on the way here, too.

Felicia, mentally: ~Another meowth. A rather bombastic one. Would you be interested in a trade.~

Meowth in another ball, mentally: ~Arceus et mon droit!~

Shutter: Gonna keep it on-brand?

Tommy: Probably. I also got a few others. I growlithe-eared the field guide already. And yes, I that's figurative. I had a bunch of bookmarks here and there and used them. Like I'd mess up a perfectly good glossy fresh-off-the-presses copy of The Pokémon of Galar: A Definitive Guide: Pocket Edition.

Shutter: Yeah, I know you wouldn't. Even if we both have the heavy coffee table version of that book.

Tommy: So, when do we hop on the train.

Shutter: About two days from now. Flash and I have wedding planning in the next two days. Go pick out a suit. I don't want my best man wearing anything off the rack on that day. You have a budget for that now, Mr. Moneybags.

Tommy: Oh, ha ha. Seriously. You cash out on a day of a short squeeze—

Shutter: So, you drop by a large fortune the same way all the other rich dolts do. By sheer dumb luck.


Tommy: How long do you think Jon was planning that?

Shutter: He said he got the idea from his ex and spent about a month on research to get everything right.

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AnimeboyIanpower Empathic Kid Hero-in-training from Queen Mary's Castle Relationship Status: Brewing the love potion
Empathic Kid Hero-in-training
Dec 4th 2021 at 5:18:20 PM

Circhester Stadium Lobby

-Ian takes a Poké Ball off his belt and stares at it for a hot minute.-

Me: I think Evelyn and I will be heading to Hearthome City... To learn about someone's past...

Evelyn: It's gonna be cold up north, so we're gonna have to layer up.

Piku-chan: <As are Hatty and I.>

Spikemuth, Path to the Gym

-Ian and Evelyn run down the path, when suddenly, a group of Team Yell grunts jump out and challenge them to a battle.-

Team Yell Grunt A: Oy, you two! If ye wanna get t'Marnie...

Team Yell Grunt B: Ye're gunna hafta go through us!

Me: Bring it!

Evelyn: We're ready for anything!

Battle! Esper Lovebirds Ian and Evelyn VS Team Yell Grunts!

Team Yell Grunts: GO!

-The group of Team Yell Grunts, of which there were three, throw their Poké Balls into the air, and from them jump a Thievul, a Scraggy and a Galarian Linoone.-

Evelyn and I: I CHOOSE YOU!

-Ian and Evelyn throw their Poké Balls into the air and from them jump Mirai and Piper.-

Mirai: <Ready when you are~♪>

Piper: <Let's go!>

Turffield Stadium, Lobby

-Emilie continues to watch the battle.-

Ballonlea (Halloween)

-Ian's Xtransceiver blips as he receives a text message.-

Me: I'm sorry, Mrs. Promeneau. I got a text from a friend...

Agnes: It's okay, Ian...

-Ian then checks his Xtransceiver, only for his eyes to widen in pure shock.-


To: 43347Bond
From: Pollyanna

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Show me the wisdom of the world... Tell me the secrets of the heart... and the sweet~ mysteries~ of love~...
BittersweetNSour Smells like bug meat. Relationship Status: A cockroach, nothing can kill it.
Smells like bug meat.
Dec 4th 2021 at 6:11:16 PM

Hammerlocke Halloween Hall

-Kai's expression increasingly puts their growing panic on display, despite their best efforts to keep themself contained.-

Kai: ...

Tell him.

He can't know. Nobody can know.

People already know. Why is this any different?

The more people who know, the worse risk it is. I can't. I just can't.

Tell him something, damn it.

Kai: ...There's another person involved. His— his name is Livius. He's another vampire — a very old one, one who's survived for centuries. I— I got on his bad side. K-killed his partner, who did this to me. So— so now he wants revenge, and— and he's using this Rogue impersonator to do it.

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what if horses were persistence predators
OPALGARNET16 Priest of the Temple of Syrinx from Nighttree, New Jersey Relationship Status: Abstaining
Priest of the Temple of Syrinx
Dec 4th 2021 at 7:27:05 PM

Outside the Spooky House

(Kim sits there, sobbing— and then gets the notification. She takes out her phone, and— still in tears— responds.)


It's true. I'm sorry.

Hi, I’m oghond, and I’m a Rushaholic. Sorry if I annoy you unintentionally. 😅
AnimeboyIanpower Empathic Kid Hero-in-training from Queen Mary's Castle Relationship Status: Brewing the love potion
Empathic Kid Hero-in-training
OPALGARNET16 Priest of the Temple of Syrinx from Nighttree, New Jersey Relationship Status: Abstaining
Priest of the Temple of Syrinx
Dec 4th 2021 at 8:47:39 PM

Outside of the Spooky House

(Kim doesn't respond. She just shakes her head and puts her phone away, continuing to sob. Her thoughts grow in her head, and they get more and more frantic.)

He hates you. You shouldn't respond to him.

You're a failure.

You shouldn't be a member of the J-Team. You keep relapsing into doing stupid stuff, even when you try to be better.

(She starts breathing heavily.)

Why should you even bother with continuing to try to be a member of the J-Team?

Why should you even bother with any of this?

You made 9-Volt feel self-concious. You snapped at Ian at the J-Team meeting. You envied Kendall and Kamui for years and haven't gotten any better. Everyone hates you. And frankly you deserve to be hated.

(Her sobs get louder, and she is suddenly unable to focus on anything else but her thoughts as the panic attack starts to come on her.)

What have you done with your life, Kimberly Bond.

What are you doing with your life.

(Someone passing by might be able to hear.)


Kim: "I see. Well... good luck then."


Kim: "By the way... I'm curious to know... What exactly happened at the North Pole?"

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Hi, I’m oghond, and I’m a Rushaholic. Sorry if I annoy you unintentionally. 😅
MasterJayAM Relationship Status: Married to the job
Dec 5th 2021 at 11:00:48 AM

Tronci Motors Building, Wyndon Central Business District

Otis, via speech device: Hahahahaha! With this new network, I shall take over both the physical and digital worlds. Muwahahahahaha.

Herbie: Otis, relax. We don't need to acquire power to enjoy the perks of privilege. It's being handed to us on a silver platter. We're in the 1% now.

Otis: It's basically the aquarium but with better tech. Look, I heard Louis was a nobleman, but he certainly did not strike me as one. He sometimes has the bearing right but it's as if he doesn't want to act like it sometimes.

Herbie: Oh heck, he's still on the phone. We should keep it down.

Otis: That is not how a nobleman does a diva tantrum.

Louis, meanwhile, is pacing, wearing an uncharacteristically bespoke suit in a neat, tastefully furnished modern office. He is in the middle of a call on his cellphone, one that he does quite frequently when he vents all his problems on one of the few other blood relatives he's still in contact with: Abilene.

Louis: I still can't believe it. First thing I knew I was applying for some middle management position for this auto company. It's like the moment they saw my surname or some fancy degree in my résumé and they put me in this big chair with a lot of authority plus a corner office with a big screen and an absurd view of Wyndon. I'm a cabbie; I'm not cut out for this.


Louis: So, you're probably thinking. Yeah, I'm finally getting a cut of that nepotism our other relatives are getting constantly. Yippee, right? Well, I'm now their head of marketing, and they're expecting me to make this big flashy promotional stunt for this new car they're releasing. And you know what this company's called? Tronci Motors! And it get's worse. They've an R&D department I'm scheduled to meet in a few minutes and I swear they're all mad scientists! Some new subcompact they're releasing and need to promote.

A domesticated indeedee with a collar arrives.

Mathilde, via speech device: Young master, breathe. You mustn't overwhelm yourself or Madam Abilene in your, what's this, biweekly, semi-weekly vent sessions. Arceus knows you need to keep in touch with more family members. And just a tip, your WideLens meeting on the big telly is coming up.

Louis: Oh, thanks, Mathilde.

He continues.

Louis: So, you got any idea how I'd get myself out of this one, cousin?

Asterisk395 No voice to cry suffering from Hallownest Relationship Status: I've got a total eclipse of the heart
No voice to cry suffering
Dec 5th 2021 at 3:14:10 PM

Tronci Motors Building, Wyndon Central Business District - Past

-as implied, one of his dearest cousins is here as well—suit jacket off and draped over the back of her plush rolling chair, seated sidesaddle with her legs dangling over the arm-

Abilene: Honestly, cousin, it's a wonder you've made it this long without rolling with the punches. Are you feeling well?

-her odd white Roserade trots up with a tray of tea and Grepa-

Rosa, poking a speech device strangely: Master Louis, would you like sugar with all that tea you're spilling?

Abilene: -throwing a grape at his head- Mercy, don't call him that. You're making me feel old.

Rosa: -shrugs- I'm serving as a butler.

-the grape makes contact with a petal and dessicates instantly, falling onto Rosa's leaf-

Rosa: -taking it between a pair of thorns, passing it back to Abilene- Let me buttle.

Abilene: -popping the raisin in her mouth- Really now, this is the problem. Who uses cars in this day and age?

Rosa: -holding her phone, attached to the translator device- The demographics skew heavily toward those uncertified for Fly transit and commonly embark on long-distance treks that would strain—

Abilene: -throwing her arms up- No one! Train a Pokémon, when it crashes into someone you can say it was intentional.

Rosa: Ouch.

Abilene: Yes, quite.

-Rosa hears the company name just once more and nearly drops the tray, wheezing as flowers do-

Abilene: -raises an eyebrow-

Rosa: Tronci. Y's mercy. That's on par with the [Nova], good grief.

-Abilene, fully sober, rights herself in her chair on hearing the vent's urgency-

Abilene: -beckoning, finger-wise- Far be it from me to turn aside my what's this, biweekly, semi-weekly sodium intake. Come, share the specs with me. Let's see to what fools this could possess marketability.

Wyndon Stadium, Abilene vs. Megan - less past than that

-Abilene fingers her Lure Ball-

-the crowd roars-

-Pippy totters over to Megan and slumps on her shoulder; Abilene concludes her inspection of Sapinda's health-

Abilene: times, I forget you are as familiar with my growth patterns as you are.

Megan: -snicker- I made some of these with you!

Abilene: Be that as it may, you so rarely display it! How refreshing it is to be understood.

-they share a strange grin, in-sync for once-

Abilene: -uncharacteristically gentle- ...and, posturing aside, your bird must be at his limit.

Pippy: -still leaning facefirst in Megan's shoulder, mumbles something inarticulate-

-his eyes are shut; Megan feels the ebb and flow of his Torrent aura soaking through her soul-

Abilene: -hands splayed- Two of mine to your one was a fantastic display; you have done your dear ones proud.

-Megan smiles; she's strangely gratified to see Abilene redden slightly as Lanatus describes it-

Abilene: -cough-

-she knows in her heart of hearts that, whatever else she might feel, it's best to keep going-

Megan: No.

Abilene: No?

-Pippy cranes his neck to look at her face; his gaze drifts to her belt-

-Megan hears the roaring crowd-

Pippy: <Ah yes, that's right.>

-keep going-

Wooloo: <Hm.>

-everyone's watching-

Abilene: Hm?

Megan: -grinning- You're still underestimating us, aren't you, Abilene? You'd think we'd learn after a few tries, huh?

-interlacing her fingers, stretching- Just sit back and let us blow your mind.

Abilene: ...well, alright, then.

-she pauses a moment, Pippy heaving himself upright-

Abilene: ...a moment to breathe, regardless?

Pippy: <Oh yes p>

Megan: -hands in her pockets, nodding to him- Yeah, sure.

-and Megan turns to Pippy, Abilene releasing the car that—on closer inspection—hardly resembles [Volkswagen] anything at all-

No mind to think. No will to break.
MasterJayAM Relationship Status: Married to the job
Dec 5th 2021 at 4:48:23 PM

Lou's office, Wyndon

Louis, hanging up on the phone: Good, you're here. Thank you for coming.

He takes some of the tea Rosa offers.

Louis: And thank you for the tea. That ought to ease the nerves. Well, large metropolitan areas tend to be the hotbed for most people who drive. Tronci seems to be gunning for the areas of the planet where people prefer motor travel. Unova, the Ryme City and Fula City metro areas, Lumiose of all places. We have a cab model in the works, apparently. Arceus knows a car like this is gonna be a hit in Los Phiones.

Mathilde, via speech device: I certainly hope you had a good journey, Madam Macraul.

Louis: But let's have the engineers speak for themselves. I've worked with cabs for many years, but I've never seen a car like what they made. Seems a touch over-engineered. You've got to see it to believe it.

Mathilde: The WideLens meeting is ready to start.

Louis: Otis, put it on. That's an order.

He turns to the screen, which flickers to life. At the other side are a bunch of wacky-haired [German] engineers who seemed to be a touch too eager to test what appears to be a sleek, modern looking car that doesn't quite seem to know what it's supposed to be. It's too nice to be a regular suburban minivan, with flourishes usually reserved for supercars like vents reminiscent of Lugia. Yet its profile evokes a midrange minivan meant for boring suburban families.

And also there's like 15 snorlaxes on top of it at the moment.

Louis: Cous, I still don't get who it's supposed to be priced for. I keep asking but never quite say... wait are those snorlaxes?

Lead Engineer: Fifteen and counting! We went as high as 20 ze last time and plan to go for 30 in our next stress test. Hello Herr Macraul. You've brought company. Good. Ve need more witnesses to the final stress tests of our prototype.

Louis: Is that... a live test driver inside? You're not using a dummy? Isn't that against protocol?

Lead Engineer: Sir, please. We are not dummies. This has been crash tested on mannequins already, and ve are so confident that we didn't bother any more! But enough stress tests for now. We'll go to the impact test.

Assistant Engineer: Oh, trust us, Herr Macraul. You and your little lady friend have nothing to worry about. Ve are serious professionals.

Louis: She's my cousin.

The lead engineer turns to the others in the floor and mutter something in [German] about removing the sleepy snorlax pile and getting the conkledurrs ready for the next test.

Engineer, who appears to be riding a large metal ball: I came in like ze wrecking baaaaalllll!

And sure enough, a wrecking ball hits the car with great force, with an engineer riding it. Louis could only watch mortified at the scenario. No six-figure annual paycheck was worth this.

Lead Engineer: I must varn you that our engineers are also licensed professional stuntmen with years of experience.

And sure enough, the engineer is okay, if a bit woozy from the experience. The wrecking ball... wasn't. The car was perfectly fine with nary a dent in it, and the occupant's face was obscured by an airbag, giving a thumbs up.

Louis: Dare I ask why?

Lead Engineer: Because ve're not foolish to take on excessive student loans and daredevil work pays vell.

Louis: Oh, it's those things that my friends back in Berserkley keep complaining about.


Louis: I'm legit impressed. This still doesn't answer our question. Who are we selling this concept vehicle to?

Mathilde: You've mentioned an Angelan market for the vehicle.

Louis: Yeah, but I'd like to know who else is gonna buy something like this.

Lead Engineer: You can print out ze specifications soon. Feel free to peruse zem and zey shall answer all your questions. Just do your marketing mojo and make our dream car available to ze market. Included is our proposed convertible version. It is, of course, ready for ze test drive.

Louis turns to his cousin, perplexed at what he just saw. The porygons, meanwhile, revs up the printer, which spits out a very detailed look at the specifications of the vehicle.

Louis: I don't suppose you have any use for a garishly overdone mall crawler?

Mathilde hands Abilene a copy of the finished vehicle specs. The high end model boasts of plush leather seats with warmers, ample seating for a family of 10, several convenient cup holders at strategic locations, and, most pleasing of all, ample provisions for pokémon drivers.

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Metanoia like christ, but with more nails from Antarctica
like christ, but with more nails
Dec 5th 2021 at 5:35:10 PM

Crown Tundra, past

Channah, having sent out the much-faster Lo to ride on, ducks to avoid a falling rock, but it suddenly crumbles into tiny pieces over her head and a comically-deep [Northern Irish] voice rings out, the vibrations rattling the valley:

Gwen: < ALLOI ME TO HELP. > (uses Bug Buzz to break up some of the rocks via resonance frequency, then boosts the party with a Tailwind)

Channah: Go Ginny!

There is no disdain in nature, there is no humiliation.
memyselfandI2 Dunsparce Cloud from The Biosphere Relationship Status: Hooked on a feeling
Dunsparce Cloud
Dec 5th 2021 at 5:40:01 PM

Snowslide Slope, past

-Glastrier whistles a tune as she makes the trades-

Glastrier: Yes, some of the gods have...lost dignity in recent times. It's gratifying to observe. There's no point in grace when it's automatic, is there, Abilene Macraul? It must be cultivated and preserved.

-she giggles, and beams-

Capitalism horse! Nobody's ever called me that before!

Not twice, anyway.

Yes, yes, things improve. Not so equitably as you might assume, not so universally...but see, here's the thing.

Yeah. I'm still here, waiting at the end. Isn't it exciting, to have a bit of certainty? It makes the way there so much sweeter.

-she scoops up the carrots laid out by Abilene-

Au revoir?

Morata Manor

Avery: Okay, I think we've officially spent too much time on this. Come on.

Wyndon Stadium, stands, past

Ever: Come on, Megan. Don't lose to a car. I'd have to make fun of you for years, and I don't know if I can come up with that much material.

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Dunsparce didn't stop being a thing or anything.
Sergey_Smirnov Trans Terminus Homo from Everywhere and Nowhere (With a german accent) Relationship Status: Consider his love an honor
Trans Terminus Homo
Dec 5th 2021 at 6:19:55 PM

Galar Mountains

Alyesha fell silent, subconciously leaning a bit forward cuiously when Emer agreed to show her her secret.

Upon seeing the crystal, Alyesha tilted her head slightly curiously, as did Krasnaya on Emer's lap.

After Emer's explanation, Alyesha's eyes went slightly wide.

Alyesha: "I... can't say I fully understand how this all works but it sounds awesome. So... when you climbed back then, he...?"

She leaned forward a bit more, looking at the crystal containing Palka while letting the question hang in the air.

Alyesha: "And... Palka can come out? Is this like a Pokéball for him?"

Meanwhile, Krasnaya waved at the crystal, eying the Lycanroc within.

"One may feel fear in the face of danger so long as one banishes fear when danger actually arrives"
rmctagg09 The Wanderer from Brooklyn, NY Relationship Status: I won't say I'm in love
The Wanderer
Dec 5th 2021 at 10:28:35 PM

Crown Tundra, past

Ginny: -Uses her increased speed from Gwen's Tailwind to leap from the valley wall and land right in front of Glastrier, sending a Psycho Cut at their limbs-

Glastrier: -Leaps over the Psycho Cut before stopping, the two equine mons sizing each other up- <Do not think a mere evolution puts us in the same League, you're barely even used to that new body, the human weighing you down.>

Ginny: -Ambling in place- <First time for everything.>

Glastrier: -Lashes out with their front hooves-

Ginny: -Bobs and weaves as she slashes with her horn-

Glastrier: -Takes the blow without flinching before attempting to ram Ginny again-

Ginny: -Summons a Protect barrier, but the sheer force of Glastrier's attack nearly causes it to crack as the Galarian Rapidash trembles under the force of the blow- <We need to figure out how to end this!>

Tyl: -Fires a Fire Blast at Glastrier from behind, the Altaria staying up high to dodge the resulting Icicle Crash fired by Glastrier-

Glastrier, born of the cold of the tundra, the same weaknesses as their counterpart, heat and light!

Hitodama, lock us in!

Hitodama: <Really?>

-As Glastrier charges again using the ice to increase their speed, Ginny barely managing to dodge-

It's our best shot!

Hitodama: <Fine...>

-Creates a wall of flame, separating Ginny and I from everyone else, and keeping Glastrier in-

Glastrier: -Looking at the flames- <You think mere fire is enough to stop me?>

-Rearing up angrily as a sent out Pugh wraps her limbs around them in an Octolock-

<Your Chandelure's divine spark still pales to mine!>


Helios: -Creates another ring, barring us in further-

Getting kinda hot in here, if Glastrier doesn't kill us the heatstroke might.

Now Ginny!

Ginny: -Unleashes a Mystical Fire as the third ring-

Glastrier: -Whinnying in rage-

-Holding the reins-

Time to end this!

-Whips out the reins towards Glastrier's neck, Aura flowing from my hand to Glastrier-

Glastrier: <You can't hold me like this forever Yhap-Waite, my power far surpasses yours.>

-Hearing hoofbeats from afar as a shadowy figure approaches-

No, but they can.

-And said figure on Spectrier-back leaps over the thrice-layered fire ring before their paw takes the reins from me-

And I'd prefer Tagg.

Hugging a Vanillite will give you frostbite.
Dec 6th 2021 at 10:42:49 AM

Campus Palace

Knight flew by the Shadow?Revy, Jackal rolled his head as he took stock of the situation.

Gonna have to rely on steel and what few dark type moves I have.
Immunity to fighting type.
Range preferable, can't close the distance.
What do I have in my pocket?

Knight raised his left arm, his palm glowing. "Hey, genius. How do you like flash photography?"


A brilliant beam of light shot from his hand right at the Shadow. Jackal stepped forward as he did so, still pondering the course of action. "I'll attempt to draw Aggro, Knight is durable enough. Still, how do we handle something like this quickly?"

Defiant Wing - Lounge - Dec 6

Silas looked over the listing and sighed, Hacks by his side as the two pondered the names on it. ~So, where we gonna go this year?~

"Quite frankly, why do I need to host?"

~Gets you out, gets people to visit you. Makes use of the fact that we keep amassing resources and we should probably connect with people more.~

Silas grumbled as he read through the listing. He had no idea where he'd host the christmas party for the J-Team this year, and he wasn't sure if he should. He scratched his head as he read down the names of venues he had checked out; he wanted to find the right one.

Roxy walked in. "Hey babe, whatcha up to?"

"Finding a venue to host the Christmas party this year."

Roxy nodded a bit and then said. "Your hamlet was unavailable?"

Silas and Hacks blinked, and then looked to her. Roxy frowned. "You forgot that you own land?"

~Honestly we'd rather forget we did. It's more a 'Paige' land than it is Grant land, plus it doesn't feel right knowing that we're technically land owners,~ Hacks admitted, Silas nodded.

Roxy rolled her eyes. "Bishop please call Henderson."

There was a ringing noise, and then. "Hello you have reached June Halmet, Grant Manor. How can I help."

Roxy shot Silas a look, who shrugged. "Hey Henderson."

"Ah! Master Grant, so good to hear from you. How can I be of assistance?"

"Well, we're looking at hosting a christmas party for my friends, would it-"

"Of course!"

Hacks blinked. ~Pardon?~

"The people of the Hamlet actually quite enjoy Christmas time. We have a large pine tree ready each year. We could very easily get the manor ready to host a party!"

Roxy smiled. "Thank you Henderson, that would be lovely."

"My pleasure! I shall begin preparations at once! Such a large party will take time and planning, I'll need to hire chefs! Send me a list of names once you are ready!"

Henderson hung up, Roxy handed Silas his phone, kissed him on the nose, and walked off to grab some lunch. Silas sighed and began to type a message.

To: J-Team Mailing List
From: Silas

Hey everyone. I got us a spot for this year's christmas party, an old hamlet in Galar. Some will already be familiar with it due to previous encounters. Big manor to host in, hope to see you guys there once its time.

Metanoia like christ, but with more nails from Antarctica
like christ, but with more nails
Dec 6th 2021 at 6:32:47 PM

Crown Tundra, past

Lo pulls back and wheels around the wall of flame set up by Hitodama.

Channah: Bro what the hell!

They try to fly in, but the increasingly large fire wall prevents it. Channah is about to transform when Spectrier enters the scene.

Channah: Tagg if you're dead in there, man...

There is no disdain in nature, there is no humiliation.
Daydre That's just how it is on this bitch of an earth from the trash Relationship Status: Gone fishin'
That's just how it is on this bitch of an earth
Dec 6th 2021 at 7:31:34 PM

Mansion Music Because I Keep Forgetting

Morata's Mansion, Kitchen, Nov. 1

The inside of the fridge is surprisingly mundane. There's a couple expensive looking food items, leftovers (but not Leftovers), and thankfully no severed heads. There are, however, a disconcerting amount of protein shakes.

Two doors lead out of the kitchen, one against an oddly curved wall and the other looking like it leads into a walk-in pantry.

Morata's Mansion, Study, Nov. 1

Odin ends up here! With Aislinn and Daydre, natch. The door swings shut behind him.

The room... well, it's a study. Lined with shelves, the left wall occupied with a desk. The floor is carpeted, so any footsteps (not that Odin has any) are absorbed.

On the desk is a safe, with a note taped on it. Daydre and Aislinn are busy staring at it with perplexed expressions on their faces.

Morata's Mansion, Main Hall, Nov.1

The footsteps continue as their owner makes her way down the stairs. An older woman, she has her grey hair pinned in a neat chignon. She wears a maid uniform with a long skirt. Some circular thing made of metal hangs off of her apron. Judging by the feather duster in her hands she's just doing some chores.

She walks over and gives the base of the Braviary fuck statue a light dusting when out of the corner of her eye she seems to spot the door to the study closing. With a small hm, she starts making her way over.



"Oh, wonderful."

Daydre runs.

Campus Palace

Acting quickly, Daze swaps out for Kaguya and has her use Iron Defense.

... It's not nearly enough, but hey, it sure as hell could've been worse.

Both she and her Pokesona are flung into one of the shelves with an uncomfortable smacking noise and fall to the floor. Daze isn't out yet, but she's not looking too good. She struggles to get to her feet.

July 8th

They blink at the mention of eating the Pokemon. ... Oh wait okay they're not going to be doing that.

It's a pretty comprehensive set of plans. They don't really have a problem with it. Though, they do realize they probably wouldn't have had the forethought to come up with an exit strategy for... well, everyone already in the base.

... Something to think about, they supposed.

".. Infiltration sounds like the best option to me. Save some of the more.. extreme stuff as backup?"

off the shits
ParadoxialStratagem The Eccentric Electric from San Electrisco Relationship Status: Yes, I'm alone, but I'm alone and free
The Eccentric Electric
Dec 6th 2021 at 8:27:57 PM

Sinnoh Region, Jubilife City, Generic Hotel:

For the next several moments, Travis and Mark would catch up on old times, recapping the separate adventures the two had went on since they last saw each other. During this time, Tricky would continue subjecting herself to the television, initially feigning interest before finding herself unconsciously captivated by the light box of sound and flashy color. At the moment, the TV appeared to be playing an advertisement for a future episode of a TV Show very roughly based on the J-Team, albeit with numerous creative liberties very loosely based on true stories that the Manectric wasn't really paying attention to, followed by tacky advertisements for various products and services that would prompt Tricky to look around and discover the TV remote.

Having no idea what it was actually used for, but noticing that it was small enough to fit into her mouth, Tricky would instinctively bite the remote out of boredom, happening to hit one of the channel switching buttons which caused her to yip in alarmed surprise, dropping the remote out of her mouth and getting Travis' attention once again.

"Tricky! How many times have I told you to stop trying to eat random objects?! They're not good for you!" He scolded before grabbing the remote and proceeding to channel surf. After flipping through various channels, Travis would set down the remote, stopped by the start of an advertisement for the very Pokemon Tech Exposition he would be attending just a couple days later. This advertisement would feature several grandiose shots of the cityscape and key attractions before focusing on the Poketch Company HQ and opening with an announcement from an unseen female voice.

"The future is right around the corner ladies and gentlemen, in a matter of days the Pokemon Technology Expo will arrive in the heart of Jubilife City! Attendees of the Tech-Expo will be able to get a look at some of the most promising, most popular, and futuristic technologies expected to hit the public market next year! New types of Pokeballs, trainer tools, and even glimpses into new fields of technology are just some of the highlights of this highly anticipated event! Tickets are selling out fast, so get yours while you still can! It's the Pokemon Technology Expo: A sneak peek into the future!"

Every course is a crash course when you live without direction.
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Dec 6th 2021 at 8:30:31 PM

Morata's Mansion, Study

-Owen eyes Daydre and Aslinn curiously, then scoots over toward them to inspect the sticky note-


-As they run, they burst through the misdt again, and find Luis and his team trying to communicate with a Nihilego-

Regodraco: <I think we're getting closer! We need to get there before the Memory Stalkers get US!>

Contact Me!
rmctagg09 The Wanderer from Brooklyn, NY Relationship Status: I won't say I'm in love
The Wanderer
Dec 6th 2021 at 8:34:34 PM

Morata's Mansion - Dining Room, November 1st

Shamhat: -Looking in the fridge- This many protein shakes can't be healthy... what did you say Morata looked like?

-To Shamhat-

I doubt these are for her, maybe for Ynos or those other servants of hers, she didn't exactly look like she'd done a day of hard labor in her life when Daydre Yoko and I cased the manor back in September.

Shamhat: We should totally take some of this food, your backpack should be able to hold it all.


Shamhat: You sense something?

-Eyes glowing-

I think it's the older servant, but she's over in the main hall, more the other team's problem. Is that really a Braviary fuck statue, someone's pretty horny.

Shamhat: Really? Damn, I gotta see that one for myself. We should try to warn them.

-To Shamhat-

Not enough time, if we try running over it'll definitely put the manor on high alert before we manage to secure the mask collection. Pains me to say it, but we'll just have to hope they can handle it themselves. I'm sure Yoko's got it at least, we've had experience with this sort of thing before.

Shamhat: -Eyebrow raise as she starts putting some food items in my backpack- Oh?

I might explain better when we're done here.

Shamhat: -Smirking- Fair enough, keep your secrets.

-Looking between the two exits as she starts moving towards the curved wall exit-

Splitting up more than we already are would be kinda dumb in this kind of place, you mind seeing if she's got a secret key hidden in there or something Newt?

-To Shamhat-


-Uses Aura Sense to scan the pantry as Shamhat peers into the other exit-

Crown Tundra, past

-With a wave of Calyrex's paw the flames all dissipate, revealing them on Spectrier-back keeping Glastrier at bay with the reins around their neck, and a human on Galarian Rapidash-back that has opened their layers in an attempt to avoid a heatstroke-

Fuck, that was hot, and not the sexy kind.

Glastrier: -Calmly- <I suppose you've won this one, Tagg. Ginny.>

-Looking at the reins around their neck-

<How did you get two of these in the first place?>

-To Glastrier-

Funny story about that.

Crown Shrine, earlier in November

Calyrex: -To me- <I feel that our odds of success would increase if we had a second pair of reins made, but who would have the skills at such short notice?>

-To Calyrex-


Crochet: -Speaking up- <I could do it! I make and maintain Tagg's armor so these reins would be pretty simple I think.>

Calyrex: <A Pokémon capable of creating the reins, truly remarkable!>

Crochet: -Headtilt- <So what do I need to make it?>

Calyrex: <Well...>

Crown Tundra, past

Yeah so, you can thank Crochet for all this, really couldn't have done it without her help.

-To Glastrier-

So, will you try seeing things our way?

Glastrier: -Snorts- <Working with this "king" as part of the Council? I suppose I have no choice now, and not just because of these reins around my neck.>

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Hugging a Vanillite will give you frostbite.
Pentigan Fwomph from The Underverse
Dec 6th 2021 at 10:45:21 PM

Galar Mountains

You hum a little and let the minor expression of power flow through you, the ears and tail of a Midday Lycanroc practically popping into existence in corresponding places.

"It's kind of like a Pokeball except instead of borrowing his power by letting him out directly, I channel his power through me. So when I was climbing back then, I used a little Rock-type roughness to make the climb easier!"

Your secondary pair of ears flick.

"I also feel his presence a lot more when I'm actually channeling like this, makes him feel closer to me."

Outside Wyndon Stadium

Hm... A decade since the Twilight. I might have to make a pilgrimage to the Cathedral, maybe confront whatever the heck caused me to go Hex back then.

-She lets out a little laugh-

... I think I have a halfway decent idea on how to be around without quite being part of the J-Expedition. I suppose I shall see you in Sinnoh, or at a party if you decide to come out of hiding for one of those.

White Forest, Melodious Meeting

Meloetta: Right, I thought I heard something like that... Still I think on your concerns about Evelyn, if she's supportive and isn't going to report you for your secret then you aren't in a bad situation. Sounds like she could be an ally for your cause... Whatever that cause actually is.

Hamlet, Luiza's House, Gate

The interior of this mysterious old woman's equally mysterious snack box was divided into three sections: One containing one of those biscuit sandwiches with the fake cream inside, one containing about five fruit gummies and the last section had a rustic-looking glass phial with a note. Inscribed on the note were the words "not for you, for the artist-named".

Alas, the clearest way into the area of the house was currently barred by a metal gate. The wall around it was brick with a damaged-looking metal topper, perhaps at some point it was broken enough to allow entry? Abutting the wall next to the gate was a slightly ramshackle outbuilding from which there was the sound of movement... And human voices.

???A: -Younger, a woman's voice perhaps- Are you able to get up?

???B: -Old, male- Yes, but if we can't get the gate open...

???A: We could check the wall, see if there's a gap...

J-Team Textspace

Told little songbird about the party. I'll personally be busy over the holidays but little songbird will probably be along to celebrate. She said something about having 'history' with that place, sounds interesting. smile

It's clearly a case of backroom political albumizing.
Asterisk395 No voice to cry suffering from Hallownest Relationship Status: I've got a total eclipse of the heart
No voice to cry suffering
Dec 7th 2021 at 5:30:43 AM

Snowslide Slope, past

Abilene:, not remotely equitably. >_<

Hiro: -tinder-dry- No indeed.

-at Glastrier's statement—Abilene levies a silent query in Hiro's direction; he responds with a quiet "yeah"-

Abilene: -sighing- Much as I'd like to state that explains quite a bit about the state of our world among others, I know far better than to underestimate human capacity for indignity—nor to think that that differs much from generations past.

-her expression turns rather wry—self-deprecating, almost-

Abilene: And as much as I mourn the graceless—the graceless child I was. I am proud of what I've built.

-she sniffs—and even the undignified moment of trying to stoke warmth back in her lungs contains a bit of that grace-

Hiro: -to Glastrier, nodding- I appreciate the truism. It's given me time to prepare.

-that certainly is an honest statement-

Hiro: -mutter- ...your sibling's given me trouble. But acceptance of all things, in time.

Abilene: -to the tune of a song, coughing- I come from the land of life and death—

-she shakes her head-

Abilene: No, I know better than to think myself capable of circumventing that certainty. But I do intend to cling until my fingers give out. And give out they will—sweet is the fruit indeed.

-she tsks-

Abilene: Allez, au revoir.

Hiro: Farewell for now, She Shod In Ice. Would that more kindnesses were so certain.

Abilene: Enjoy the carrots.

Tronci Motors Building, Wyndon Central Business District - Past

Rosa: -to Louis, bowing- Yes, cars do have the benefit of being tidy in all that urban sprawl, don't they? No shedding, no shoving, no sh—ehem.

-he neglects to mention the bit about the rather fraught history of emissions regulations-

-various Regions' history of pollution aside, no one wants to be on the wrong end of an angry Poké-environment-

Abilene: -to Mathilde- Oh, the airfare was tremendous. I had to fight three Corviknight on the way here. Three!

Rosa: -watching a steel feather the size of a surfboard slide off the side of the building- And I thought the Unovan cabbies were aggressive.

Abilene: -to Louis, donning her jacket, snort- I suppose I'll live in disbelief, then. Lanatus, come.

-she straightens her spine, smooths any rumples, and crosses her legs in her seat-

-petting her seeing-eye melon just so, she's the picture of a supervillain judging a minion's performance review-

-and thus, the call begins-

Lanatus: -snuffle-

-in deference to Louis's territory, the stony countenance of 'Madame Macraul' contains many fewer stones than it so often does-

Abilene: -to Louis- Typically when an answer fails to come forth, it's either that no one stopped to consider the answer or there's an answer they know you won't like. In this case—

-her unflappable expression yields a single eyebrow arching in surprise-

Abilene: ...fifteen?

Lanatus: -tallying- ~And counting. The engineers direct the Snorlax off and send for several Conkledurr lifting a wrecking b—~

-the crash, even through the screen, sends Rosa scrambling to catch his [china]ware—Abilene raises the other eyebrow to join the first-

Abilene: Truly—serious professionalism reassures one that it is on the regular, yes.

-but she favors them with a contemplative posture, maintaining her measured, thoughtful interest until the conversation ends-


Abilene: it off?

Rosa: <Yes.>

Abilene: You're certain?

Rosa: <Certainly.>

Abilene: Lights dimmed, mic silenced, all semblance of contact severed?

Rosa: <I won't hesitate to unplug his computer if it will make you feel more secure, but to the best of my prodigious computational ability, yes, the call has ended.>

Abilene: Excellent.

-and she breaks into helpless, wheezing laughter-

Abilene: -shoulders shaking- Louis, your coworkers are insane.

-Lanatus accepts the papers in her stead, skimming with his little melon eyes-

Abilene: You—you must understand. I've boarded spaceships less sturdily built than that thing. Plural.

-taking tea to—somehow—steady her nerves- If it has no features other than that shell, I'm certain we'll find a buyer. Its price tag can't possibly be higher than that of keeping even half of those Snorlax sated, goodness.

Rosa: -reading along, over Lanatus's…"shoulder"- Oh, that's far from all.

Lanatus: -trills, shooing him back a foot-

-Abilene is silent, now, listening to Lanatus' dictation-



Abilene: ……

Rosa: Fucking luxurious.

Abilene: Louis, we're going for a test drive.

-sounds excited-

 Campus Palace 

-this is very obviously the story of a killer-

-and Revy, legacy Steel-Fairy, calls his Steel-Fighting Myrmekes to form ranks—an impenetrable shield-wall of wing and scale reflecting the light-blast back at Knight-

Revy's Shadow used Mirror Shot!

-Revy starts forward to finish Daydre off when Azumi-no-Isora bursts through the ground beneath him, sending the Serpent's scales flying-

Shadow?Revy: -thrown by the force, recovering faster from leg-snapping Ho! Someone's sneaky.

-flicking his hand- Can't have that, can we.

-the scattered Myrmekes flap midair to orient drill down—and spear toward Azumi-no-Isora all at once-

Revy's Shadow used Beat Up!

-his phalanx wall, pinned by Knight's Flash Cannon, melts beneath Galen's Fire Blast-

Shadow?Revy: Gh…! My Dunsparce!

-spearing deadly Smart Strikes at Galen and at Knight with a wrist-mounted drill- You'll pay tenfold for all you've done to—

-he shouts the names of Dunsparce lost to time-

-the Serpent, disoriented and diminished, coils around him with a chainmail rattle-

-there's the quick tmp tmp tmp of approaching footsteps…-

Morata's Manor, November 1st

Kappa: -near-silently- um um uh

-she starts lubricating the hinges and lock/knob on their door with Vee, gesturing frantically toward the maid with her free hand-

Wyndon Stadium, Abilene vs. Megan

-the vibe is very...'boxer in the corner of the ring, getting water and a towel-down'-

Abilene: -laying a hand on the door, murmur- Botanica, how is the carriage holding up? No spillage? Appropriately moisturized?

-the turn signal clicks in the affirmative before shutting off-

Abilene: -drumming fingers on the chassis- How does she handle? If any part shows the remotest sign of deterioration, inform me now—risk to you aside, we can't go on while—we cannot.

-the quietest horn-beep; Abilene sighs, relieved-

-and smiles-

Abilene: Well, it's high time sentiment gave way to the tide of self-interest. Ready to show off?


Abilene: -calling, a hand cupped like a megaphone- Hello, Galar!

-the crowd makes a great variety of noise, some of it positive-

Abilene: Lovely.

-louder- You've seen quite a bit from my Botanica today! But you may not know aught about its origin—let me educate you, you screaming masses.

-the masses, obligingly, scream-

Abilene: -rolling up her sleeves, just a tad- If only you're interested in purchasing anything not produced by Macro Fucking Cosmos.

-laughter, rippling-

-she spreads her arms and waits for it to die down, aided by a timely honk from the seaweed in the vehicle-

Abilene: -gesturing to her side- Tronci Motors's flagship vehicle. It slices. It dices. It can withstand pressures beyond three million psi—

-internally- Thank you, you magnificent bitch's-cousin.

Abilene: -pointing unerringly toward a camera- And Louis, you owe me fucking big.

-she grins uncharacteristically wide—her pointing finger becomes a finger gun, and she expounds for the crowd-

Lanatus: ~Megan draws her hands over Pippy's form. She pulls light out of the crystal bud on his chest.~ ~They are preparing.~

-in Megan's corner, slightly earlier-

Pippy: -promptly- <I can't do this.>

Vee: <Huh??>

-Megan grimaces; Pippy quickly, honestly, and earnestly replies:-

Pippy: -blunt- <I have energy to spare—> -he knocks a wing against Megan's incandescent Z-Ring- <—but if I go out there right now I will be too frazzled to do more than get run over immediately.>

-his chirps are clipped and urgent, leading to his conclusion-

Vee: <P, should we, like—quit?? She had a point about—>

Pippy: <Fuse with me.>

-her expression is startled—and wanting—and wary-

Vee: <<...P, I dunno if I can keep this subtle.>>

Pippy: -giggling, conspiratorial- <It's fine. Let's break the rules. No one cares.>

-he flicks his gaze to the referee corner, where the one who'd spoken earlier seems on the verge of either an aneurysm or a drink-

Pippy: <I don't, Megan doesn't—>


Pippy: -nodding, finally- <—and if Abilene doesn't know already, I'll eat my feathers.>

-while they're talking, Megan's focusing: she clenches the hand attached to her Z-Ring wrist in front of her eyes—Vee, prompted, permits the steady trickle of Aura to become a flow-

-the Crystal's light bursts from blue-white into many colors-

Pippy: -hesitant- <We've always wanted to see how far we could go...!>

-Megan cups the sides of his face,

Megan: My prince.

Pippy: <My knight.>

-the dragon in her tower seems unconvinced-

Pippy: -to Vee, eyes aglitter- <...wanna fight in the League with me?>

-Megan outlines Pippy's body with her hands at a distance, his feathers set aglow with light like flowing armor-

Vee: -longing- <...>

-the practical effect, of course, is ass nothing—the Defense increase from the Aqua Ring grows ever more elaborate, her influence seeping deeper and deeper-

-and Vee sings Synchronoise from the depths of her soggy heart-

Vee: -inaudible, mostly- <<Uh—at first I was afraid; I was petrified—>>

Pippy: -clasping her paw- <Louder.>

Vee: -starting over- <<Woke up; such a bad dream—>>

Pippy: -pleading- <More.>

Vee: -on the edge of her restraint- <If I told you this was only gonna hurt—>>

Pippy: -giddy- <Come on, Vee, drain me of every last drop—>

-Vee shrills a shrieking note past the limit of human hearing-

-and sings nonsense-

-in his Mindscape, the clouds part—and the little fishing dinghy of his mind is swept aside by the sky opening up and the sea pouring in-

-Botanica trundles out onto the field-

-Pippy steps out in turn, droplets rising around his feet-

-they pace: a bird and a car circling each other, dragging tracks through the mud-

(-Vee grins, back on Megan's shoulders, and keeps up a steady hum-)

Pippy(?): -Torrent flaring- <Let's get this done.>

-and at shouts from their Trainers—all at once, they lunge-

Megan: -calling- Sorry about this, Abilene!

Abilene: -biting her lip- No, by all means, continue. The further you go the more effective this will be.

-Megan's baffled—excited—advancing-

Pippy used Cut!

-the tenor of his moves have changed—smooth arcs and razor wire replaced with organic tension-

Abilene: -hand to her cheek- Oh, but I forgot! Your fine selection proves -cactus dry- profoundly incapable of affecting this Pokemon.

Megan: -snicker- You've been there with me, too! Just watch.

-what this Hidden Machine possesses in efficiency, it gains by sacrificing its ability to pierce Infinity Energy-

-fully honed, it can pass through ordinary trees without stopping—yet struggles against even basic opponents-

Pippy: -spins aside, the mud under his feet shoving him a hair's breadth out of Botanica's path-

-no, Pippy couldn't truly Cut anything alive with this move-

-but then he couldn't Cut Botanica herself anyhow-

-water beneath him, he springs into a backflip—aiming to cleave the car clean in half with the water pressure at his disposal-

But it had no effect!

-that ship-killing wing skates harmlessly off of ordinary metal tempered like a nightmare-

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Hamlet, Luiza's Gate

"Are you trying to get in, too?" Kamui looked into the booth, having eaten one or two of the gummies the moment she spotted them, only to close the box in slight shame upon reading the note.

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Crown Tundra, past

Channah: (deflates at Tagg's reappearance) Well that wasn't ill-advised at all.

Gwen: <This Crochet sounds interesting.>

Channah: Yeah, pretty talented. Leavanny are cool. (Glastrier speaks) Yep, you deserve it. Sucks to be you.

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