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Asterisk395 No voice to cry suffering from Hallownest Relationship Status: I've got a total eclipse of the heart
No voice to cry suffering
Oct 23rd 2021 at 7:05:21 PM

Hammerlocke Café, a couple of days ago

Toxtricity: -yawns- <Fair. Chase your bliss, dude.>

-so chill-

-she changes her tune as Logan walks in-

Logan: Oh hey!

-they seem to run through a mental register of everyone they know-

Logan: ...always nice to meet new people.

Eric, apparently: -making his illusion of a bird grin- ~Logan help me~

Logan: -they raise their eyebrow, listening to a telepathic...something-

Logan: ...what's happening here is helping an artist gain exposure! ^_^

Toxtricity: -shrug- <Or like, whatever.>

Eric: -waves a wing- ~I'm on vacation.~

Logan: -sincerely curious- What brings you all to Galar? :o

Stormchaser, Hallway

Pippy: <Nice to meet you, too!> ^v^

-Vee stares just a bit longer...then snickers-

Vee: -a bit brighter- <...sure.>

-Megan's own are brown and worried and...kind of ditto on the frayed softness, from a certain perspective-

-they're warm-

Megan: -to herself- ...not purple. Not gold, and not purple.

-she stretches her arms over her head, looking more awake-

Megan: ...huh. You've heard of me? :o

-there's that awkward moment where someone really obviously feels like they should know who someone is and doesn't want to say they don't-

Megan: -re: the teleport disruptors- Oooh yeah those things terrify me. I wonder if the Stormchaser uses those to get rid of waste…? I know it's got Teleport pads stashed somewhere…

Pippy: -squints at Maggie, a hint of...something like recognition, before it's gone-

Vee: <We're, like. Ever's apprentices.> .3

Pippy: <You know, I not sure they ever said yes to that? Or we ever asked…??>

Vee: <'m a cat, P. I make sweepin' declarations insertin' myself into people's lives and they gotta deal with me.> ~w

Megan: -awkward grin-

Wyndon Stadium, Ever vs. PEFE!Every

-also, there's some blues in the stands-

Vee: <WOOO! Kick their ass, Ev!!>

Megan: -eyeing the other peoplemon, wondering whomst- ...who are we rooting for, again...?

Vee: <I'm an equal-opportunity cheer squad.> uw

Pippy: (<The pronouns are kind of a giveaway...>)

Thespi: <YEAHHH! Thematic coherency!!>

-she waves a sign cheering for the overarching plot that this battle and its participants are a part of-

-no, she doesn't have arms-

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memyselfandI2 Dunsparce Cloud from The Biosphere Relationship Status: Hooked on a feeling
Dunsparce Cloud
Oct 23rd 2021 at 7:23:48 PM

Galar League Stadium

-PEFE!Every and Ever both wave up at Megan-

Ever: "I came up with a strategy for every possible team you might field against me. I've planned out every way this battle could go."

PEFE!Every: Uh.

Ever: Right ballpark?

PEFE!Every: More or less.

Ever: Yeah, I can do it too, Pef. This isn't going to be that kind of match. If you want to win here, you're going to need to learn to improvise. -spooky jazz hands-

PEFE!Every: Hm. I think you may be following the antagonistic prerogative of underestimating me.

Ever: Yeah, you never really did get around to finding that rival, so I guess that's the role I've gotta play. But I did say that it wouldn't work out for you, and I won't be called a liar.

PEFE!Every: Step one of my plan carried seamlessly into motion, then.

-and she sends out-

Scuttle: <Oh! Hey! Uh. Long time no see.>

Ever: (deeply uncomfortable-looking) Ah, yes. Very sensible strategy. You know I'm afraid of Ariados, so you're using that as a means of disrupting my focus for the rest of the battle. Smart. Good idea. Didn't see it—

-they send out the mon in the ball they were holding-

Just: <Bug battle!>

Scuttle: <...Oh boy.>

Ever: —coming at all.

-Memito smile-

I am completely surprised by this turn of events.

Dunsparce didn't stop being a thing or anything.
rmctagg09 The Wanderer from Brooklyn, NY Relationship Status: I won't say I'm in love
The Wanderer
Oct 23rd 2021 at 8:08:30 PM

Isle of Armor, past

Moltres: -Begrudgingly in a calm, haughty tone- <I guess you're not all that boring.>

-To Channah-

I think I'd like to take a nice long rest now.

Stormchaser, yesterday

-To Ama-

What happened in your verse then?

Wyndon Stadium, today

-Is watching the battle in the stands, possibly near Megan and co-

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AZealousIndividual Relationship Status: watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ
Oct 23rd 2021 at 8:13:17 PM

Hammerlocke Café, Oct. 20

Zeal: Weelll, originally I came to participate in the league challenge along with my sister, but then some stuff came up that forced me to drop out, and then some more stuff came up and I dealt with that, and then even more stuff came up and I'm dealing with that present continuous tense. And, incidentally, there are some old friends here I want to try to reconnect with. I kinda don't want to drag them into things, but the stuff they're up to is always leagues more complicated than my shenanigans anyway and in all likelihood I'll be the one swallowed up.

...Anyway, none of that matters in the slightest! Right now I'm just enjoying a cup of tea.

-He punctuates this with a theatrical sip.-

Gui: Um. I'm here too!

-Zeal sets his cup down and tilts his head.-

Zeal: ...Y'know, I forgot to ask, who are you, exactly?

Asterisk395 No voice to cry suffering from Hallownest Relationship Status: I've got a total eclipse of the heart
No voice to cry suffering
Oct 23rd 2021 at 8:15:01 PM

[Venice], July 7th

Dr. Ironspine, drowning: -tugs her lab coat over her head, shielding herself from the fey noise-

-the Lanturn evolved (not Evolved) away arms a long time ago-

-but they do have weapons! the cybernetic power cores acting as armament vibrate and go still-

Cyborg?Lanturn: <...ow.>

-they go belly-up, unconscious but not dead-

-...possibly would benefit from getting away from a criminal org that surgically implants generators into them-

-and MONARCH…-


Mecha-Volcanion: ?!

-goes through this thing like a knife through hot butter-

Mecha // Volcanion: \-\-\- .-\-

-just cleaves it through its core, steam escaping through the hole (and maybe over MONARCH)-

-...and because it's a Futureseries thing, it starts going critical-

Suiko: -gasps, breathing in that sweet, cool seawater-

-oh look, she's fine-

HUD!Vee: -holding a Pokédex- <...Vaporeon's Water Absorb protected them from the blast wave, but the human's suffering minor to major heat stroke and the Vaporeon showing symptoms of being fucking pissed—>

-...that's fine-

-Suiko seems...dazed, acting entirely on instinct-

-and her instinct very sensibly tells her to murder the shit out of that thing that's threatening her-

-what looks like a Last Resort gathers in her hand-

(-not the world-rewriting kind a person who actually is Daydre would be familiar with, just kind of a fuckoff massive laser-)

Courage: -dives forward toward her-

Ex-Mecha // Volcanion: -high-pitched teakettle sound, on the verge of detonation-

 Campus Palace 

"Cloud": -antenna-twitch- <Probably, yeah.>

-Suiko's disembodied voice plays in everyone's ears or ear-analogues:-

Suiko (comms): -crackle- This place is rather expansive. It has the usual facilities—Cafeteria, Dorms, Class Buildings, Dueling Arena—

"Bug": Given that this Palace's occupant hasn't been to, like...a normal physical college, I dunno why it's got so much Stuff.

"Cloud": -twitch again- <Maybe because it obviously isn't made of just her?>

Suiko (comms): You'll want to head to the Library.

-"Bug" and "Cloud" float right over the grass, blending in amongst the-

Minerva: <zzzzz>

-...well, they look like one-eyed Natu-

-with a Hoothoot foot apiece-

-but yeah the Navigator seems to be letting the practiced Thieves trace their own paths, indicating direction as the Minerva fly-

Wyndon Stadium, Ever vs. PEFE!Every

Pippy: -squinting- <...Ever's kinda scary when they wanna be.>

Megan: -fond sigh- Yeah. ^_^

Hiro: I'm more intimidated by Every, personally. But then I've seen one and not the other with their enemies.

-Megan startles-

Hiro: -watching this, blink- You invited me along. To spook off whomstever?

Megan: ...oh yeah.

Hiro: -shrug- Granted, that was weeks ago, and now I'm just curious how Every fights.

Megan: Oof.

-they turn and watch the Bug-off

Megan: you're not rooting for Just?

Hiro: -longsuffering, flat- We're more than Type-centric solidarity, Megan.

Vee: <...'m honestly surprised Ev left her hidey-hole t' be surrounded by> -gestures broadly-

<...pretty proud of her, tbh>

Thespi: <yesss antagonistic protocol> :33

-Megan blinks at seeing another familiar face, waving to Tagg-

Megan: -wearing a blue hoodie- Oh hey, you!

Hiro: -pulling out Zoom Lens (like opera glasses, but for Sports™) for himself and Pippy- Ever's one hell of a fighter, but Every's terrifyingly smart. Both of them, really, but...well.

-he inclines his head to Tagg, acknowledging his presence but not much more-

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OPALGARNET16 Priest of the Temple of Syrinx from Nighttree, New Jersey Relationship Status: Abstaining
Priest of the Temple of Syrinx
Oct 23rd 2021 at 8:21:41 PM

The Wild Area

(Ingrid, Bjorn, and Bindi are still searching the Wild Area for someone to battle.)

Ingrid: "Oh dear... We've had no luck..."

Bjorn: <Seems to be no other Trainers in this facility.>

Ingrid: "I think you mean 'vicinity.'"

Bjorn: (blushes with slight embarrassment)

Ingrid: "It's alright, Bjorn. I'm mainly worried about Bindi..."

Bindi: <Awwww, why d'ya need to worry 'bout me? I'll be fine.>

(And then the grass in front of them proceeds to rustle.)

Ingrid: "Huh?" (she returns Bjorn) "W-what's that?"

Bindi: <I think it's another Pokemon!>

Ingrid: "Well, of course it is... but which one?"

(And they get their answer mere moments later, as a massive Bewear lumbers from the tall grass, staring down Bindi.)

Ingrid: "O-oh dear..."

Bindi: <A Bewear! Awww~! Well, aren't you the cutest thing~!>

Bewear: <Hey! Who you calling cute?!>

Bindi: (giggling, with a mischievous grin on her face) <Oh, it's so hard ta take you seriously when you look so darn cute~!>

Bewear: (getting up in her face, all while still maintaining the same derpy Bewear expression) <SAY THAT TO MY FACE AGAIN! I DARE YOU!>

Bindi: (continuing to grin) <Oh... do you wanna battle, Mr. Wet Blanket?> (She winds up her tail-arm.) <Come and get it!>

Bewear: <OH IT IS ON!>

(And with that said, the Bewear's arm promptly glows white, and he slams it down, attempting to hit Bindi with Hammer Arm- only for Bindi to immediately move out of the way, giggling.)

Bindi: <Oh, silly you! It's gonna take more than a Hammer Arm to take me down like that~!>

Bewear: (growls)

Bindi: <Here, how about this?>

(She promptly jumps up into the air on her hand-tail and begins to glow blue, before zipping around in the air and eventually hitting the wild Bewear, throwing him back.)

Bindi used Acrobatics!

It's super effective!

(Eventually, the Bewear stumbles, but gets back up, glaring over at Bindi all the while.)

Bewear: <Alright, you pesky monkey! Take this!>

(His arm glows white again, and this time around he slams it down on Bindi's hand-tail, preventing her from using it and also causing her to jump a bit.)

The wild Bewear used Hammer Arm!

It's super effective!

Bewear: <Heheheh... How do you like that?!>

Bindi: <Pretty good... but I still have an idea...!>

Bewear: (scoffs) <How can you possibly use moves without your tail?>

Bindi: (smirking) <Oh, I dunno... maybe I could do this?>

(And with that said, she opens up her mouth and releases multiple green seeds directly at the Bewear's face, each with a TNT symbol on them. Seconds later, they explode, knocking back the Bewear and releasing Bindi's tail. Delighted, she lifts it up.)

Bindi: <Thanks for that~!>

(The Bewear is now stunned beyond belief.)


Bindi: (giggles) <Oh... you'd be surprised by how many moves I know~!>

Bewear: <Heh! We'll see just how quickly you fall!>

(His arm glows white yet again, and he tries to hit Bindi with it— only for Bindi to dodge.)

Bindi: <Hee-hee! Missed me~!>

Bewear: <Why you little—!>

(He tries a Hammer Arm again— only for Bindi to jump up into the air as her tail begins to curl up like a spring.)

Bindi used Bounce!

Bindi went up into the air!>

(The wild Bewear, meanwhile, looks up in Bindi's direction.)

Bewear: <...dang it.>

Bindi: (coming down from the sky) <Yoo-hoooooo~!>

(And then Bindi comes back down from the sky— with her tail-hand glowing white.)

Bewear: <...oh no.>

Ingrid: (realizing what is happening) "Oh, yes!"

(Bindi proceeds to land on the Bewear's head, knocking him backwards, then jumps up into the air again and hits him multiple times with her glowing white hand-tail.)



(The last hit knocks the Bewear backwards into the grass, and as Bindi lands and the dust fades, said Bewear is now lying on his side with swirls in his eyes.)

The wild Bewear fainted!

Bindi: <Any second now...!>

(And then Bindi begins to glow.)

Bindi: (cheerfully, holding out her glowing hand-tail in a flicking motion) <Thank youuuuu~!>

(She flicks the Bewear backwards until he becomes no more than a Twinkle in the Sky, and then, as Ingrid looks on, the transformation begins.)


EVOLUTION SEQUENCE: Bindi (Aipom --> Ambipom)

(As Ingrid looks on at Bindi's form in shock, it suddenly starts to change, albeit in a very cartoony, rubberhose-esque fashion befitting of Bindi's personality (though not at all befitting of the music that plays in the background during it). Bindi's body shoots upwards, and her arms grow longer, while her prehensile hand-tail suddenly grabs and begins to pull on itself. The tail promptly grows longer with each pull, until eventually, the hand-tail lets go of itself. Seconds later, a tuft of fur comically poofs out from the base of the tail, and soon afterwards, the now-elongated tail splits into two and two more tufts of fur shoot out from Bindi's hips, at the bottom of each tail. The two tails, as if they each have minds of their own, then proceed to take out a pair of scissors, a comb, and a brush, before one of them pulls a mirror and a barber chair from hammerspace. They then plop Bindi into the barber's chair and cover her with one of those barbershop bib thingies and promptly begin to "style" Bindi's hair into that of an Ambipom's. Glowing hair pieces proceed to fall to the ground and Ingrid looks on, struggling not to break into a fit of laughter. Eventually, however, Bindi's hair is now akin to that of an Ambipom's, and one of her two hand-tails proceeds to remove the bib and the chair, before another one pulls out a mirror from hammerspace. A (still-glowing, mind you) Bindi looks into it, and upon seeing her new look...)

Ambipom!Bindi: (giggles) <Ooh~! Looking good!>

(One of her hand tails proceeds to give her a thumbs-up, before the tip of each finger "inflates" itself into the shape of the fingers on an Ambipom's hand-tail. Seconds later, they wrap around Bindi, who spins around so rapidly that her body practically becomes a tornado, and soon afterwards, the blue light snaps off of her body as the tails unwrap themselves.)

The Wild Area- Post-Evolution Sequence

(The newly-evolved Bindi proceeds to strike a pose, winking at the camera and holding out one of her hand-tails in a peace sign. Ingrid, meanwhile...)

Ingrid: (Corpsing)

(Bindi promptly goes up to her and nudges her in the shoulder.)

Bindi: <Heeeyyy~! Ingriiiiiidd~!>

(Ingrid turns to face her, still laughing.)

Ingrid: (in tears from laughing so much) "That- that was the funniest evolution I've ever seen...!"

(She promptly collapses in a fit of laughter, and Bindi proceeds to hug her with her head-tails.)

Bindi: <Awwww, glad ya found it so funny~!>

Ingrid: (eventually stops laughing, then looks up at Bindi with a smile) "Congratulations, Bindi."

Bindi: (winks at her Trainer)

Circhester Stadium Stands

(Elton is instantly up on his feet.)

Elton: <YES!>

Kim: "I have a feeling that'll do it."

Spikemuth Stadium Gym Battle

Morpeko:    <WHAT DO YOU MEAN, "NOW'S OUR CHANCE?!">   

(Kim smirks.)

Kim: "I'll show you! Elton, use-"

(But before she can say "Double Kick", she looks over at Elton— and notices that he is glowing with an orange light. Kim's eyes widen, as do the Morpeko's.)

Morpeko:    <WHAT?!>   

Kim: "No way..."

(Freddie and Jagger, meanwhile react accordingly.)

Freddie: <No way...>


(Elton turns to face her and winks, smirking at her.)

Elton: <What do you say we finish 'im off?>

(Kim pauses for a few moments, and then nods.)

Kim: "Elton... use Counter!"

Spikemuth Stadium- Stands

(Upon seeing this, Braker turns his camera towards Elton.)

Braker: "He learned Counter..."

Walter: <It was bound to happen sooner or later.>

Cuddles: <Yaaaayyy~ Go, Elton~!>

Spikemuth Gym Battle

(And sure enough, Elton promptly runs towards the Morpeko and strikes him with a punch that is so powerful that it throws the Morpeko back against the wall.)



It's super effective!

(Elton jumps backwards and stops glowing, and when the resulting smoke cloud, Marnie's Morpeko, still in its Hangry mode, is lying on its side with swirls in its eyes.)

Morpeko: (weakly)    <I'm still hungry...>   

Marnie's Morpeko fainted!

Kim: "Alright! That's four down. Great work, Elton."

(Elton, in response, runs over to Kim and proceeds to hug her.)



Hammerlocke Stadium Locker Rooms

Kim: (nods) "Alright."

(And with that said, she steels her courage and steps out of the locker room, now fully dressed in her uniform...)

Hammerlocke Stadium Entrance Room

(...only to find the man who she had been talking to before she went to the locker room on the floor, with a "fuwaaa~" look on his face. Braker is there, looking slightly embarrassed, while Walter is unfazed as always. Cuddles, meanwhile...)

Cuddles: (to the man, in tears and freaking out) <Oh my gosh I'm so sorry...! I didn't mean to make you faint...> (taking out a bottle of water) <Do you want a bottle of water...?>

(Kim takes a glance at Braker.)

Kim: "Let me guess, he got a hug from Cuddles and fainted because Cuddles is the cutest and softest and fluffiest Galvantula on the planet."

Braker: "...Pretty much, yes."

Lee House Construction Room

(Braker is writing down everything, while Cuddles has birds flying above him and spirals in his eyes.)

Cuddles: (spinning in a circle) <This is so confusing...>

Kalos Forest

Kim: "Oh dear. That is... disturbing."

Ringo: <I 'afta agree wit' ya there...>

Braker: "Hm."

Cuddles: (waving) <Hi, origami person~!>

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memyselfandI2 Dunsparce Cloud from The Biosphere Relationship Status: Hooked on a feeling
Dunsparce Cloud
Oct 23rd 2021 at 8:24:47 PM

Galar League Stadium

PEFE!Every: I have a plan for this too.

Ever: -Be-my-guest motion-

PEFE!Every: String Shot, Scuttle.

Scuttle: <Darn, I had a one-liner for this, but I forgot.>

-nevertheless, he spits a line of string at Just-

Ever: Overreliant on status moves, still. That'll come back to bite you—

-the string hits Just-

-and bursts into plumes of thick white smoke-

Just's White Smoke prevented her stats from falling!

Ever: Any second now.

PEFE!Every: Keep going!

Scuttle: <Mouth getting a little dry here.>

-he continues firing off streams of silk, each one carbonizing instantly-

Ever: ...Ah. I see.

-as the smoke ripples out to cover the battlefield-

Just and Scuttle worked together to use...Smokescreen, maybe?

Ever: Okay. Not bad. Just, Coil. Let's clear out some of this smoke.

Just: <There's probably a joke in here about justice being blind— ack!>

Scuttle used Shadow Sneak!

Ever: ...Alright, then, what was that?

PEFE!Every: If you want the punchline to the joke Just was about to make, it's that Scuttle has been laying down silklines for the last minute.

Scuttle: <And boy are my spinnerets tired! No, seriously, if I could get some water and a dead Mareep, that'd be great.>

PEFE!Every: You've got this. (to Ever) Ariados use the pheromones and vibrations of their silk to track prey over great distances and lay out traps around their territory, even in areas where visibility conditions and distance make tracking difficult. In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man may get some traction, but it's adapting that really puts you on top.


Ever: ...Alright then. You have my attention.

Dunsparce didn't stop being a thing or anything.
AbsentCoder Some Rando from Doofenshmirtz Neutral Incorporated Relationship Status: RelationshipOutOfBoundsException: 1
Some Rando
Oct 23rd 2021 at 8:52:46 PM

Lee House, Gale's Disappearance

"Hey, cut us some slack, she-"

"She WHAT." Kamui demanded, fire in her eyes and around her hands. "You are entirely to blame for this, playing with these Arceusdamned portals and letting someone fall through the cracks. I don't care that we have a reputation for being reckless, you are so much more so for letting a client fall victim to something we should have already showed you isn't worth playing with!" She sighed, done ranting.

Wyndon Forest

"I'll tell you what they have against ya," Kendall started. "You're not papercraft. These guys are turning the world around them into paper in some twisted definition of beauty. And we're gonna do something about it."

He turned to look at Olivia as he said that, nodding.

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rmctagg09 The Wanderer from Brooklyn, NY Relationship Status: I won't say I'm in love
The Wanderer
Oct 23rd 2021 at 10:08:52 PM

Wyndon Stadium, today

-Waves back to Megan-

Muddy: -To me- <Who do you think has this?>

-To Muddy-

Too early to tell. If Pef keeps control over the battlefield, then she'll prevail, but if not, Ever will.

Campus Palace

-Looking at the Natu-

They seem vaguely familiar to me...

Hugging a Vanillite will give you frostbite.
Asterisk395 No voice to cry suffering from Hallownest Relationship Status: I've got a total eclipse of the heart
No voice to cry suffering
Oct 23rd 2021 at 11:04:42 PM

Hammerlocke Café, October 20

Logan: -chuckling, wry- It's like they say! Stuff keeps happening, and never stops from happening.

-they glance left, glance right-

-shielding their words with a hand to the side of their mouth- (I'm 'they'.)

(-their eyes sparkle, too-)

Logan: But yeah I'm Logan, and I'm a Ranger. More of a coffee person.

-they do the most subdued Ranger pose imaginable, possibly because they're in the middle of a street-

Logan: And this is my partner, Addie.

Addie, a Pachirisu: -nibbling on a scone- <Hi.>

Eric: ~I also am here!~

Toxtricity: <Hey can I get a lift back to my place?>

Eric: ~...I am no longer here.~

-what Corvisquire?-

-Eric vanishes—and a few seconds later, a sonic boom resounds somewhere in the distance-

Logan: -the kind of half-smile that tugs up the corner of their mouth- Call me nosy, but can I offer a listening ear? I've got experience with both distant old friends and excessive shenaniganry.

Addie: -cheeks stuffed- <'s true. You should see their graduating class.>

Logan: -musing, poking her on the cheek- And ah…a bit of a distraction from some of my own friends going through it.

-apologetic, grin- It's been a lot lately, and I could use a new problem to wrap my head around.

Galar League Stadium, Faemito Zone

Megan: -eyes sparkling- PEFEdex entry PEFEdex entry--

Hiro: Ah, there we go. I approve of this tactic.

Vee: -Eeveehat-on-Meg- <Because—>

Hiro: Because it's Fire, yeah. I did say more than Type-centric solidarity, not lacking it.

Megan: -to Tagg- Oooh, I wouldn't wanna bet on that. Ever fought me once, and—

Megan: ...well, they knew pretty exactly how to take me apart. ^_^;

Vee: -grin- <Every knows 'em, too, an' she's got plans on plans. Improv rocks on a good frame.>

Pippy: -...leaning into frame- < be clear, "fought us once" outside the time we fought everyone. [-Also when did this happen…?>

Hiro: ...I do wonder if a specific niche adaptation of Centiskorch will come into play…

Megan: :?

Hiro: -glancing at her- Heat rises.

Megan: Isn't that smoke coming exactly from ground level?

Hiro: -turning back- We'll see.

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memyselfandI2 Dunsparce Cloud from The Biosphere Relationship Status: Hooked on a feeling
Dunsparce Cloud
Oct 23rd 2021 at 11:07:15 PM

Galar League

-a cloud of smoke covers the battlefield. Nothing is visible but the two trainers-

Ever: Let's recap, for anyone who just tuned in.

PEFE!Every: They can figure things out as they go along, I think.

Ever: Then let's get to it. Just, Flame Wheel.

Just: <If there's no way out, I'll just have to make one!>

PEFE!Every: I did plan for that, in fact. Electroweb.

Ever: Heh. Yeah.

-there's a crackling from within the cloud-

Just: <I'm not giving up now. Just...a—>

Ever: Thunder Fang the web.

Just: <...Huh.>

-the crackle intensifies-

-and then there's a sound like a thundercrack, the lights in the stadium flicker, and Just is launched straight out of the smoke cloud-

Just (temporarily) used Magnet Rise!

PEFE!Every: What

Just: <You see, by pitting two electrical charges of equivalent sign against each other, I was able to generate an intense repulsive force that allowed me to— well, see for yourself.>

Ever: Kill your darlings, Pef. The string sight was a good plan, but if you'd let it burn and taken the opportunity to counterattack, you'd have come out ahead in the aftermath. Instead, you handed me some lift.

Scuttle: <Where'd she go?!>

Just: <I'm up here! You're not a villain...but you will make good practice!>

Ever: Coil!

PEFE!Every: Night Shade, then Shadow Sneak!

Just: <You can't hide!>

-they coil into a ball midair, whirling, the smoke around them already fading out as they fall-

Just's Attack, Defense, and Accuracy all rose!

Scuttle: <Don't be so dramatic.>

-dozens of shadowy threads spear out, angling towards Just as she plunges towards Scuttle-

Ever: Thunder Fang.

-this time, it's actually visible what Just does as she shimmers with heat, the air around her drying and crackling-

-lightning bounces between her and the threads of Night Shade as she lands on one, sprinting down it at her top centispeed-

Scuttle: <Ah!>

-he's forced to scamper back as Just arrives at the ground ahead of schedule, her pincers only narrowly missing him-

Scuttle flinched!

Just: <Not so excited for a fair fight?>

Scuttle: <So rarely.>

-another Shadow Sneak rises from the ground as Just lunges. She doesn't even quite seem to notice as it strikes against her back, as she slams into Scuttle, wrapping herself around him-

Just: <Now, by applying a simple principle of leverage…>

-if you've never seen a Centiskorch suplex an Ariados...well, you still haven't, because as Just flips Scuttle into the air and slams him into the ground with the back end of her body, it's obscured by a plume of fire-

Just used Flame Wheel!

Scuttle: <...Ow.>

Just: <Done yet?>

Scuttle: <...Nah.>

Scuttle toughed it out to show his affection for PEFE!Ever—

-Just heats up-

Scuttle was burned!

Scuttle took damage from his burn!

Scuttle: <Okay yeah we're good.>

Just: <Uh-huh.>

Scuttle is no longer able to battle!

-she lets Scuttle go, pauses to dart over to PEFE!Every and collect a few pets, then runs back to Ever's side-

PEFE!Every: ...

Ever: ...

Scuttle: <I think I might be in love.>

PEFE!Every: (waspishly) It's just infatuation.

-she recalls him-

Dunsparce didn't stop being a thing or anything.
Asterisk395 No voice to cry suffering from Hallownest Relationship Status: I've got a total eclipse of the heart
No voice to cry suffering
Oct 23rd 2021 at 11:20:04 PM

Galar League, Faemito Zone

Hiro: -staring intently- Well, something rose.

Megan: That's what he said.

Hiro: -gives her a Look™-

Megan: -Mareepishly- I'm physically incapable of swearing, I gotta get my kicks from somewhere.

Hiro: -examining- They're from Unova, right? They—singular, specifically Ever? They've got a bit of that accent...

Megan: ...I have no idea where either of them are from.

Hiro: You...never asked?

Megan: Mostly we play with Arc and lay on the ground and feel like garbage.

Pippy: -also looks at her-

Megan: Slight hyperbole, geez. -_-

Vee: -uncertain- <...Every's got this. She totally does.>

Megan: -emphatic- Ever is clEver.

Pippy: <Hold on gimme the scarf I gotta take notes of all of this>

Hiro: -continuing his thought- My point is I'm wondering where they stand on truth vs. ideals.

Thespi: <Awww. Smite-smitten.>

No mind to think. No will to break.
memyselfandI2 Dunsparce Cloud from The Biosphere Relationship Status: Hooked on a feeling
Dunsparce Cloud
Oct 23rd 2021 at 11:23:31 PM

Galar League

Ever: This battle's over now, I think.

PEFE!Every: You won one round.

Ever: Mhm. And now we zigzag to the bottom. Have I discussed this with you? In order to tie up the score, you'll need to be able to take out two of my team in a row, and...well, I'll be surprised. And impressed.

PEFE!Every: Alright then. I'll impress you.

Ever: By all means.

PEFE!Every: Caretaker!

Caretaker: <Hello, dears.>

Just: <Huh. Are you longer than I am?>

Caretaker: <I don't think that's really germane.>

Just: <Aw, I want to know, though.>

Ever: Why don't you measure? Skitter Smack.

Just: <Sounds good!>

Caretaker: <You won't be getting that close.>

Just: <Now that is a challenge if I've ever heard one.>

-she bolts towards Caretaker-

-PEFE!Every frowns-

Can't use Roost tricks. Skitter Smack will just drain away the boosts.

PEFE!Every: Dodge this. Hyper Voice.

Caretaker: <No challenge. Just FACTS!>

-PEFE!Every clamps her hands on her ears, Ever stumbles back, and the microphones around the stadium all squeal with feedback as Caretaker's bellow ripples out, a sphere of energy around them tearing apart grass and sod-

Just: -Centiskorch can't really smile, per se, but her mustaches twitch into something very much like a daredevil grin-

-as she slams herself headlong into the expanding wave of force-

Just: <Nnnrgh!>

-another ripple hits her-

Just: <You're out of lung before I run out of endurance! There's a Just fact for you!>

Caretaker: -screaming, still-

Just: <Come on!>

PEFE!Every: Dragon Pulse.

Caretaker: <Goodbye.>

-the scream cuts off into a low, bone-rattling thrum, and Just stumbles forward-

-running headlong into Caretaker's Dragon Pulse-

Just: <Ack.>

-she's sent flying back towards Ever, who ducks out of the way, recalling her before she lands-

PEFE!Every: So.

Ever: You haven't quite disproved my theory. Try not to get cocky.

...Wish I could disagree.

Dunsparce didn't stop being a thing or anything.
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That's just how it is on this bitch of an earth
Oct 23rd 2021 at 11:25:55 PM


"The world wasn't a full-on police state but I wouldn't call it all fine and good either. I was and am not the most knowledgeable about politics, but I can say that much. I haven't seen hide nor hair of that pond scum of a politician I killed in my timeline here so you all may be better off, but I suppose it might be too soon to tell."

She shrugs.

".. Oh, right. I killed a Unovan politician and had to go into hiding for a few years so I wouldn't get arrested. So my memories of specific historical events are admittedly a little vague. I'm not even really sure what impact my actions had- another guy probably just sprung up in his place."

[Venice], July 7th

not!Daydre promptly exits panic mode and relaxes.

...and then unrelaxes as they realize, (thanks to HUD!Vee) no things are not over yet.

"-shit. MONARCH, get over here!"

MONARCH (suffering from some minor steam Burns) seems like he still has something to say to the Volcanion, but relents and jets over to not!Daydre. not!Daydre grabs onto him and they change course towards Suiko, whom they try to grab on the way (avoiding the laser, hopefully). Ideally daisy-chaining her and Courage together and getting the fuck out of there.

Azure, sensing shit starting to hit the fan, forces himself to grab Ironspine (net and all) and starts making a beeline out.

Campus Palace

"Do colleges not have a lot of Stuff? They always seemed to have stuff in like, movies."

Daze mostly sticks to the paths and going where directed. She doesn't seem to want to fuck around, at least not in this specific Palace.

off the shits
rmctagg09 The Wanderer from Brooklyn, NY Relationship Status: I won't say I'm in love
The Wanderer
Oct 24th 2021 at 1:13:34 AM

Stormchaser, past

-To Ama-

Killing does have that issue, you kill one guy and you don't even know if someone even worse shows up in their place, especially if they happen to become a martyr.

Wyndon Stadium, yesterday

Come on Every, show us what fruits your training has borne.


Ever's Unovan, Pef's sperm and egg donor were Angelan but they were born within the HQ.

Hugging a Vanillite will give you frostbite.
Pentigan Fwomph from The Underverse
Oct 24th 2021 at 3:11:39 AM

Sector 5

-The rush of teleportation through technological means was something that never really became commonplace to Gale throughout this month amid the stars. But it was all too brief before she stood in what she assumed was one of the weapons control centers. She looked for any kind of crew before giving her ultimatum-

This is your last chance to surrender. Are you going to make this difficult?

King's Ransom

Alright. Bit of a biggie but we can handle it. They'd likely just assume any woozy on my part to be drinks...

-The Nightingale took a deep breath and tried to well up her power-

Alright, let's get rolling, my 'date'.

Lee House

Franc Harri: I told you, this frame right here—

-He gives the incomplete metal circle a thump-

Franc Harri: —isn't even hooked up to power. We can't 'open a gateway' to wherever she went because frankly, I have no clue where that was and even if I did the only one to figure out how to write coordinates for these machines sold out for a corporate job!

-He stomps about a bit, retrieving a manila folder full of small pieces of paper with written descriptions of the odd places seen so far in the exhibit and also a few that due to plotting we never actually encountered. Attached to each description is a set of numbers-

Franc Harri: That's all we have, and it was enough for us to be aware of where we were breaching into and to put in the proper safeguards and negotiations. This is the absolute first incident we've had all season, because we put in the effort to make the places we actually intended to use safe for our patrons!

-He levels his gaze at the group and shrugs-

Franc Harri: But fine, if you lot have the temporal-spatial-dimensional coordinates for wherever your friend turned up, I can pop open a portal there and you can go hero rescue her. Do you have coordinates?

Galar Mountains

You let a ripple of uncertainty flicker through you as you try and come up with the right way to answer the question.

"I'm uh... I'm not really a trainer. I just... Explore, yaknow? Just me and— just me."

Wyndon Stadium, J-Founder Clash

-Gale emits a low-pitched synthetic sound and pulled her cape around her-

Just work on the type advantages. Drill Peck...


-Gale rolls her eyes a little once she realizes that the crumpled mass is a human-

Right, of course. Hey next time can we get a name out of one of these folks? Just for my own curiosity yaknow?

It's clearly a case of backroom political albumizing.
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Trans Terminus Homo
Oct 24th 2021 at 5:43:17 AM

Galar Mountains

If Alyesha thought this was even remotely weird, she didn't show it, instead only smiling.

Alyesha: "Heh, I know the feeling, mostly a traveller myself, you know? Just my team, me and the food-cart."

Having said that, Alyesha finished her last bite, leaning back with a content sigh.

Alyesha: "Tell you what, how about we exchange numbers? That way, we can reach eachother when one of us wants a partner for another adventure~ How about it, Emer?"

"One may feel fear in the face of danger so long as one banishes fear when danger actually arrives"
CorvusAtrox from the Dueling Arena Relationship Status: Don't hug me; I'm scared
Oct 24th 2021 at 7:35:12 AM

Stormchaser, Hallway

Scientist: "Oh, huh, Ever's apprentice. Didn't expect them to take one but I guess if that's how things work out, then hey."

M. Bush: <Maybe Tagg'll be asking 'you' for grandapprentices next!>

Scientist: "I dunno about that..."

SleepyHead: <I mean he's pretty chill, but... well, never say never.>

Maggie: "But well, yeah, I guess having them as waste disposal could be a thing... I guess since the Stormchaser is alive, if a living thing's got waste, it's gotta have some sort of system for disposing of it."

And then se has a look of realization.

"Oh, yeah, right, I just realized I never gave my name, I'm Maggie. My knowing you is more because of the TV show and fan community than RL people saying stuff. Yes Ever I did just pronounce a text acronym as the letters."

M. Bush: -to Vee- <Oh, yeah, right, I remember seeing a bit of you in that, you're much more subdued in person!>

SleepyHead: <Sorry if this is your first exposure to like the fanbase side of stuff. I'm pretty sure you all came here when we started being less present though so I dooon't think this is your first time hearing about this kind of thing?>

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"life is just a series of increasingly canon-eluding ao3 tags" ~ everydunsparce "Keep your hellfruit away from me, tempter" ~ also Every
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Oct 24th 2021 at 8:47:57 AM

Hammerlocke Café, Oct. 20

Zeal: I go by Zeal. I'm a... swimmer... trainer... person?

-He finishes off his drink.-

Anyway, you can certainly offer an ear, but I'll respectfully decline. At least for now. Ranger or not, we literally just met. And as much as I'm dying to exposit I'd rather not announce my whole life story to a total stranger.

-He looks at Gui, sees she's lost in thought, and adds-

And this is Gui. She... travels with me?

Gui: Yes. Side note, how do you spell "Addie"?

Zeal: Is that really important right now?

Gui: Highly.

Zeal: Uh, well, anyway, I'll confess you've piqued my curiosity now, too, but it'd be more than just a little hypocritical to press after rejecting your own questions.

-He gives a tiny grin.-

memyselfandI2 Dunsparce Cloud from The Biosphere Relationship Status: Hooked on a feeling
Dunsparce Cloud
Oct 24th 2021 at 9:35:48 AM

Galar League

-Ever covers their mic. PEFE!Every, who took hers off the second she got out on the field, raises her eyebrows-

Ever: I'm impressed so far. You've demonstrated yourself to be adaptable and you're at least, strictly speaking, even with me. Caretaker's essentially unharmed and we're each down a Pokemon.

-they hold up a finger-

But I have most of the measure of what tactics are available to you, right now, because you've picked two offensive moves and I've seen how you and Caretaker fight together. Which means I get to make my most effective counterpick. -uncovering mic- Oracle, you're up.

Oracle: <Oh, that sure is a dragon.>

Caretaker: <Hi, dear. If you'd like to surrender now, I can spare you a lot of difficulty.>

Oracle: <Were you always so creepy?>

Caretaker: <Easier to win by intimidation, I figure.>

Ever: ...Hm. Ice Beam.

Oracle: <Mhm. I'll make this quick.>

-he points fingerguns at Caretaker-

Ever: So much for non-anthromorphizing—

Oracle: -tears leaking down his face- <It's about water pressure.>

Ever: Sure, kid.

-Oracle fires-

-and the Ice Beam melts away before coming within fifty feet of Caretaker, as heat ripples out and the grass in the stadium fades to brown-

Caretaker used Heat Wave!

Ever: Three out of four offensive moves. Heat Wave in a single battle.

PEFE!Every: It covers more ground. Negates Oracle's speed advantage. And with Caretaker's raw output, even resisted, it's more than he can handle for long.

Oracle: <It's...admittedly true.>


Ever and Brie do this all the time. You just have to look confident, right?

I told you. I have strategies in place for every available matchup. This is how Caretaker beats Oracle. It's simple attrition.

Ever: …

-thin smile-

Good. Really good. But that's not quite your plan, is it?

...Damn it.

Ever: I'll remember that for later. For now...we can go slow, sure. Oracle, Dark Pulse! Keep at range!

PEFE!Every: Dragon Pulse!

-another thrum and stream of blue light-

-but Oracle is gone before it hits, a burst of shadows fired from his palm at Caretaker-

Oracle: <No hard feelings?>

Caretaker: <None, dear.>

Oracle: <Whew.>

-PEFE!Every scowls-

PEFE!Every: Hyper Voice!

Ever: Back five feet!

-Oracle skids back as Caretaker screams again, the radius of the Hyper Voice stopping just short of him as he fires another Dark Pulse-

PEFE!Every: Hyper Voice!

Ever: Soak.


-Oracle points and fires, a stream of obscuric water piercing Caretaker-

-in the same moment that Berserk activates, Caretaker's soaked to the scales-

-STAB and one stat stage more or less perfectly cancel out, and the Hyper Voice falls short again-

Ever: Sorry. I did figure you were going to try that.

-PEFE!Every grits her teeth-

Ever: Will you use Roost? I liked that strategy.

-PEFE!Every sighs-

-does not use Roost-

-and the round finishes up fast-

Dunsparce didn't stop being a thing or anything.
Umbramatic Meet The New Boss from WAAPT usually, sometimes WHABP or maybe PEFE Relationship Status: Gay for Big Boss
Meet The New Boss
Oct 24th 2021 at 10:36:08 AM

Reminiscence Ruins

-There seems to be something... Moving inside the lights?-

-Looks touchable-

-Go on.-

Kalos Forest

Olivia: <I'll take that as a yes!>

Human: -from a ways away- I heard that! And I'm holding you to that vague affirmative gesture J-Team!

-runs back off-

Olivia: <Anyway, back to the ex-Palace!>

-heads off-

Contact Me!
Asterisk395 No voice to cry suffering from Hallownest Relationship Status: I've got a total eclipse of the heart
No voice to cry suffering
Oct 24th 2021 at 10:47:14 AM

Hammerlocke Café, October 20

-Logan blinks-

Logan:'d be amazed at how many people spill their life stories when I walk up to them. Not gonna lie, this is kinda refreshing.

Addie: -faint- <The owner of that café's got this huge collection of imported fancy soda cans.>

-she seems like she takes questions in general in stride-

Addie: -gnawing- <Well, you spell it> -squeak-squeak-squeak-squeak-squeak- does monese handle human-language-specific stuff, anyhow-

-Logan snickers and types out 'ADDIE' on the tiny, tiny screen of their Styler-

-they turn it around to show Zeal and Gui, easy-

Logan: -laughing, brighter- Oh no no, I don't mind in the least.

-they fold a hand to their chest, prim-

Logan: I am Logan Shockley-Voltaire, parents from [Texas] and Kalos, currently serving as a, uh…

-they twirl their fingers around each other, momentarily lost in thought-

Logan: Consultant? Liaison, attaché—from the Rangers to one of the teams of adventurers wandering about. Keep the environmental damage low, you know?

-glittering- I'm sponsoring a Trainer through this League as a favor to a friend. Not exactly proper Ranger Regions conduct, but...well, friendship, and it doesn't hurt anything else I do. She's another swimmer-trainer-person, actually. I like playing the guitar, and also sky races when I have a chance.

(-the subtle whoosh of a Latias invisibly returning-)

Logan: -wince- Just...stay out of Corviknight Taxi flight lanes.

-they rub the back of their neck, and one of the lightningstruck scars on their arms-

Stormchaser, Hallway

-Megan looks faintly terrified at the thought of great-grandapprentices-

-and more than faintly fascinated at the conception of the Stormchaser as more deeply akin to a lifeform-

Megan: -wondering, eyes big- I wonder if the circulatory pipes have a heart

Pippy: -sighs, thinking up ways to evade-and-or-facilitate efforts to seek the Stormchaser's beating heart-

-and Vee snaps her claws-

Vee: <That's where I know you from! You're the person with the—!>

-she stops-

Vee: -to M. Bush, boggling- <More subdued?!>

Pippy: <The flanderization is real.> uvu

Vee: -squirming- <Hol' on, I gotta fight somethin' right now immediately. I refuse t' be outdone by some hacks evading royalty cheques—>

-Pippy grabs her off of Megan and hugs her in place—it looks roughly as difficult as holding a catmon usually is except also the cat is a bucket of water with no bucket-

Megan: -to Sleepyhead- Oh yeah no the first thing I did when I realized I joined the J-Team was binge the whole show to try and figure out who everyone was. And then I forgot most of it because it was extremely unhelpful and also I didn't like it. Hi Maggie ^_^

Pippy: -struggling to maintain a grip- <Our Castform—writes RPF on AO 3! ...I actually hadn't conceptualized of it as RPF until now!>

-lifting her above his head, Vee screeching- <This realization is deeply uncomfortable but also highly entertaining!>

Megan: I think someone got wind me and Tagg had a conversation at some point bc there's been a rash of shipfics. Most of them kinda suck as much as you'd expect but there's some surprising artistry in some of 'em.

-she's dug out her phone mid-conversation, and to prevent faux pas and also sharing whatever those are Vee eats it-

Megan: Aw.

Wyndon Stadium, Faemito Zone

Megan: Huh.

Hiro: -zoom in- She does have that valley girl twang, huh?

Vee: <Haha yeah scary grandmas!!>

Pippy: <...Just would know how to deal with heroic determination, huh?>

Vee: <GILF.>

-Pippy pets her, and she purrs-

-...Hiro taps his little headpiece, and frowns-

Pippy: -points at Oracle- <I know that Inteleon!!>

Audience Member: Uh.

Pippy: <Granted I know most of these Pokémon but that one specifically I have somewhat trained with.>

Audience Member: O...okay…?

-...Hiro lets out a low whistle at Ever's technique-

Hiro: Precise.

Pippy: <...I did not teach him that.>

Vee: <...damn.>

Pippy: <I didn't know we could do that>

Megan: -fingers interlaced- Five steps ahead.

-she watches Ever take apart PEFE!Every's strategy, considering-

Megan: -to Tagg- ...wait she was born in your Pokédex lab place

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memyselfandI2 Dunsparce Cloud from The Biosphere Relationship Status: Hooked on a feeling
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Oct 24th 2021 at 10:51:46 AM

Galar League Stadium

They've been right so far. I need to figure out some way to change the game…

PEFE!Every: Tuft.

Ever: Grass and Water isn't the ironclad matchup you think it is.

PEFE!Every: I think there's good odds I know more about the intricacies of Pokemon type interactions than you do, actually.

Ever: Hm. Fair point. Ice Beam.

PEFE!Every: Double Team!

Ever: o_o

Oracle: <You won't get the chance.>

-he quickdraws, fires-

-and the beam passes through a duplicate, as the real Tuft appears nearby in a shower of cotton-

Tuft's Prankster raised the priority of his status moves!

-that's not even the right commentary-


Ever: Ugh...Pef, this is bad manners.

PEFE!Every: Which is in my idiom.

Ever: Admittedly, yes.

PEFE!Every: Leech Seed.

-Oracle looks from side to side, as Whimiscott flickers back and forth-

-a handful of seeds swirl around, latch on, and sprout-

Oracle was seeded!

Oracle: <Good grief.>

Ever: Two can play at this game. Swift.

-Oracle flings out bubbles, flipping onto his hands and using his legs and tail to control the hydrokinesis-

-as bubbles shoot out in every direction, too fast to evade-

Tuft: <Ow!>

Ever: You can take attacks now?

-Leech Seed drains away some energy-

PEFE!Every: Protect.

Ever: Swi— Oh for fuck's sake!

PEFE!Every: You're the one trapped by the four-move rule, now.

Ever: That is...admittedly true.

-as another round of bubbles goes out, some of them pinging off a brief flicker of protective energy-

Tuft: <Can't hit what you can't see! It's good advice!>

Ever: -frowns- Alright.

PEFE!Every: Double Team again.

Ever: Really bad manners. This'll work. Oracle, return.

PEFE!Every: Wait, what?

Ever: That is the problem with some of your traps. Good trick, really a huge pain to stop, can't actually make them go any faster, can you? Spaghetti.

Not Misery? I would've thought…

-while Tuft's flickering speeds up, Ever recalls Oracle and sends out Spaghetti, who looks deeply unimpressed by everything going on-

Spaghetti: <Sit down so I can talk to you.>

Tuft: <Not a chance, old...person.>

Spaghetti: <Oh, I'm only a year old.>

Tuft: <...>

Spaghetti: <...>

Tuft: <What's wrong with you?>

Spaghetti: (sanctimoniously) <If having standards is wrong, I don't want to be right.>

PEFE!Every: Shadow Ball.

Ever: Curse.

Tuft: <Take this!>

-he snaps his tiny wooden fingers, a sphere of obscura dropping from nowhere into his hands, the flickering of the Double Team briefly tinged with purple-

-he fastballs it at Spaghetti-

-who doesn't so much as flinch as they're struck from behind-

Tuft: <...Uh.>

Spaghetti: <Now really—>

-they whistle, and the sound deepens out, flattening into the mournful peal of a funeral bell-

<   S̕̕͢ì̸̸t̶͡ ̨͟d͜͠ơ̶̵͢͡w̵͏́n̸͜.̸̢͘͞҉.҉̸̨   >

-that flattening spiritually, and almost physically, centered on Tuft-

-Spaghetti lets out a cloud of steam, falling to their knees-

-for a moment, Tuft is frozen in place, a cloud of purple smoke pressing down on him-

Tuft: <...Erk.>

Spaghetti: <Mhm.>

PEFE!Every: Come on, come on— Shadow Ball!

Ever: Protect.

-a sphere of obscura pings harmlessly against Spaghetti's pot as they slip into it-

-as the purple smoke presses harder, Tuft wobbling in place-

Need a new plan…

-PEFE!Every recalls Tuft, sending out Sharptooth-

-at the same time as Ever recalls Spaghetti, sending Oracle back out-

Oracle: <Hey again.>

Sharptooth: <You appear to me to be fatigued. Are there fresh Pokemon after you, or is this going to be merely the cleanup phase?>

Oracle: <Worry about the battle you're in.>

PEFE!Every: …

Ever: What are you waiting for, Pef?

-the Leech Seed earlier attached to Oracle, now collapsed on the stadium, blows by in a stray bit of wind-

Ever: Draw.


PEFE!Every: ...Earthquake!

Ever: Ice Beam.

-Oracle leaps off the ground as Sharptooth stomps, the earth cracking and uprooting. The shockwave catches the flaps under Oracle's arms, carrying him further up, as he sights down-

Oracle: <Bye.>

-he fires-

Sharptooth: <Don't count yourself the victor yet! I'm not so easily bested!>

-Sharptooth staggers, and turns that stagger into a second step of Earthquake-

-as the ground already stirred up explodes skywards, meeting the descending Oracle-

-who does not land cleanly-

Oracle: <...Yeah, ow, okay, I'm done.>

Sharptooth: <Sing, muse! Calliope, lend me your voice, that I might carry my exploits to all and sundry!>

Sharptooth's Moxie raised his attack!

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AZealousIndividual Relationship Status: watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ
Oct 24th 2021 at 11:06:48 AM

Hammerlocke Café, Oct. 20

Zeal: Team of adventurers, huh? There's a familiar sound.

...I am now interested in meeting this friend. Also I cannot play the guitar and have never participated in a sky race. Also-also why did you lower your voice and why did I follow suit?

rmctagg09 The Wanderer from Brooklyn, NY Relationship Status: I won't say I'm in love
The Wanderer
Oct 24th 2021 at 12:02:06 PM

Wyndon Stadium, yesterday


When you're doing official matches like this, you have to think two or three moves ahead, it helps to trick your opponent into using up all their move slots so they can't fight you back properly. Are you willing to trust in your mon's ability to dodge or tank a move, or will you give up a slot that could be used for another move for that near-guaranteed Protect?

-To Megan-

That was back when it belonged to Pokefutures. Considering how [Japan] is the closest national body to our island I suspect its Mirage Spot defenses are the only reason no one picked it up before we took it over.

They were abandoned, I found them about a year before all the Missingno stuff happened.

Hugging a Vanillite will give you frostbite.

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