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Umbramatic Meet The New Boss from WAAPT usually, sometimes WHABP or maybe PEFE Relationship Status: Gay for Big Boss
Meet The New Boss
Oct 19th 2021 at 2:18:18 PM

Wyndon Stadium

Jared: "Go Balthazar!"

-An Infernape is sent out-

Neon: "Go Petey!"

-Petey is sent out-

Jared: "Balthazar, Shadow Claw!"

Balthazar: <On it!>

-Lunges at Petey with Obscura claws, sending him flying back-

Neon: "Oh no... Petey Psychic!"

Petey: <Agh... All... All right!>

-Blasts Balthazar with psychic force, making his head spin-

Balthazar: <Oogh... Pretty lights...>

Jared: "Flare Blitz!"

Balthazar: <It's go time!>

-Charges, wreathed in flame-

Neon: "Petey, Psychic again!"

-Petey blasts Balthazar with more psychic force-

-Stopping him in his tracks and K Oing him-

Neon: "YES!"

Jared: "Aw man... Well, go Monty!"

-A Sandaconda is sent out-


Neon: Quick, uhh, Grass Kno-

Monty: <Take it easy man.>

Sharp spikes rise out of the background rapidly in a path toward Petey-

-Hitting him and knocking him out-

Neon: "...Oh."


Cavendish: <Wait, can't Alolan Raichu float?>

Dakota: <Don't question the type and ability laws. You'll just get a headache.>

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rmctagg09 The Wanderer from Brooklyn, NY Relationship Status: I won't say I'm in love
The Wanderer
Oct 19th 2021 at 3:28:47 PM


-As the portal to the Palace opens-

This is just weird.

Kalos Forest, August 31st

Ann: -Thinking- Wouldn't that make him at least over 3,000 years old?

Wyndon Stadium, September 16th

Diplo: -Is sent to the red before he fires off a Thunderbolt-

Wild Area, October 9th

-Decides to instinctively stand in front of Chiyo as the launched Gyarados make it clear that the bird isn't quite done yet-

Chiyo: ...What are you doing?

If they decide to attack it'll be me taking the hits first and not you.

Chiyo: -Standing in front of me- I don't need protecting, can you make barriers like mine? Besides out of the two of us you're more important.

-To Chiyo, angrily-

You should value your own life more! What am I supposed to tell Nicky, Kendra, and the other Oasis folks if Zapdos decides to use your head for a soccer ball?

Chiyo: -Angrily back- I could tell you the same thing! How am I going to explain to people on the Stormchaser that you died?

Muddy: -Looking between us as we bicker- <This is getting ridiculous, their Atlas complexes are competing for dominance.>

Dactyl: -Doing the Minor equivalent of a sigh- <I'll say...>

-By the time Zapdos makes their way over we've managed to begrudgingly agree to stand side by side-

We had a deal, I catch you, you join the Council.

Chiyo: -Pulling out some birdseed- We can sweeten the deal if you'd like.

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Hugging a Vanillite will give you frostbite.
Umbramatic Meet The New Boss from WAAPT usually, sometimes WHABP or maybe PEFE Relationship Status: Gay for Big Boss
Meet The New Boss
Oct 19th 2021 at 3:36:32 PM

Kalos Forest

-As the group exits they find a weird, crumpled lump in a leadf mpile-

-It's twitching-

Wyndon Stadium

Neon: "G-Go Fret!"

-Fret is sent out-

Fret: <Woah hey, is this that Jared guy you told me about?>

Jared: "It sure is!"

Fret: <Dude.>

Jared: "Duuuuuuude."

Fret: <Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude.>

Jared: "Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude."

Monty: <Dudes don't we like, have a battle going on?>

Neon: "Right, uh, Fishous Rend!"

-Fret charges and chomps down on Monty as he hisses in pain-

Jared: "Dragon Rush!"

-Monty launches himself like a spring at Fret, coated in dragonfire, and collides with him-

Fret: <YEOWCH>

Neon: "Another Fishious Rend, quick!"

-Fret bites down on Monty again-

'Monty: <Like, not cool mon...>


Jared: "Nice one dude! Go Snorp!"

-An Arctovish is sent out-

Fret: <Woah, dude, you're... You're like me! What is uip with your head though?>

'Snorp: <Hmph. My head is perfectly fine, thank you very much.>

Jared: "Icicle Crash!"

Snorp: <Goodbye, plebian.>

-Spits out icicles, which arc up and rain down on Fret-

Fret: <Ow...>


Neon: "No..."


Cavendish: <Talk about a chilly reception.>

Dakota: <I'd say that's more of a cold open.>

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OPALGARNET16 Priest of the Temple of Syrinx from Nighttree, New Jersey Relationship Status: Abstaining
Priest of the Temple of Syrinx
Oct 19th 2021 at 8:01:11 PM

The Wild Area

(Ingrid smiles.)

Ingrid: "Alright, Bjorn! Let's get this battle started! Use Energy Ball!"

(Bjorn nods, before the three blinking dots on his hands start to glow in a uniform green color. He promptly forms a green ball of energy between them, before grabbing said ball with his hand and tossing it like a bowling ball directly towards Bindi.)

Bjorn: <Strike time~!>

Bjorn used Energy Ball!

(It hits the Aipom, throwing her back a bit. Eventually, though, she stands back up, giving a mischievous grin towards Bjorn.)

Aipom: <Oh, I see what's goin' on! Two can play at that game, y'know!>

Bjorn: (delighted) <You know Energy Ball, too? Wonderful!>

(The Aipom smirks.)

Aipom: <Nope!> (and then she forms a Shadow Ball in her hand-tail) <But I got something even better!>

Ingrid: "Shadow Ball?!"

Bjorn: (not fazed at all) <Ooh! Excellent strategy! Must have noticed my Psychic typing.>

Aipom: (smiling) <Awww, thank you!> (then, as she throws it) <Now... time to let 'er rip!>

(She throws the Shadow Ball directly at Bjorn— only for Bjorn to Teleport away and the Shadow Ball in question to instead hit a tree and explode into bits. The Aipom scratches her head with her tail.)

Aipom: <Huh? Now that's weird.> (she looks around) <Where'd he go? I thought for sure I had him!>

(And then she hears a voice behind her.)

Bjorn: <Unfortunately, simultaneously forgot about my Psychic typing.>

(Hearing this, the Aipom turns- and sure enough, sees Bjorn standing directly behind her.)

Aipom: <HUH?!> (She quickly moves her head from left to right.) <What- how- you were just over there!>

Bjorn: <Used Teleport. Very useful move. Mainly use it to avoid supereffective attacks. Helps me to attack the opponent from behind. Or to the side. Or someplace where they would never think to find me.>

(Beat. The Aipom facepalms.)

Aipom: <Oh, fiddlesticks! I should've remembered! Silly me!> (And then she pauses, and then:) <Well, lucky that I've got this move then!>

Bjorn: <Oh? Eager to see it!>

(The Aipom giggles.)

Aipom: <Okie-dokie! But you're gonna regret it!>

(And she promptly throws a punch made of darkness directly at Bjorn.)

The wild Aipom used Beat Up!

It's super effective!

(It throws back Bjorn a bit, but despite the attack, Bjorn still remains as jovial as ever.)

Bjorn: <Beat Up! Even better strategy! However, did not hit me that hard. Increases in power if more party members attack. You are solitary Pokemon. Hence, joining Ingrid's team would be best thing. Strategy will work better that way.>

Aipom: <Goodness gracious, you talk too much...!> (then, after a bit) <Wait... you're giving me advice?>

Bjorn: <Of course! Want to help whenever possible. Especially towards opponents.>

Aipom: (scratches her head) <But... doesn't that mean they'll have a better chance of winning?>

Bjorn: (beat) <...Sometimes, admittedly. Enjoy helping other Pokemon, however. Especially weaker mons, or mons that Ingrid wants to join her team. Such as yourself.>

Aipom: <...alright, ya got me. That's sweet of you.>

Bjorn: <Not a problem. Now- will make you easier to catch!>

Aipom: <Easier to catch?! How're ya gonna do that?>

Bjorn: <Simple. Like this!>

(He holds up his hand, and the three dots on it promptly glow in three colors: yellow, orange, and blue. Soon afterwards, an electric attack fires from the yellow dot, a fire attack from the orange dot, and an ice attack from the blue dot- heading straight towards the Aipom.)

Aipom: <Oh dear.>

Bjorn used Tri Attack!

(Seconds later, the three beams of light hit the Aipom, with the electric light overpowering and knocking the Aipom backwards again. When she stands back up again, she is crackling with electricity- and looking very dizzy.)

The wild Aipom was paralyzed!

Aipom: (spinning around in a circle) <Owiee... I'm seeing sparkles...>

(She promptly shakes her head, before turning back to face Bjorn.)

Aipom: <Well, you were right! But if you really want to catch me, you're gonna hafta defeat me! I'm not surrenderin' easily, ya know!>

(And seconds later, a poisonous ball of gunk forms in her hand-tail, and she throws it at Bjorn. It hits.)

The wild Aipom used Gunk Shot!

It's not very effective...

(Bjorn is barely affected, and instead grins over at the Aipom.)

Bjorn: <...seem to have forgotten my Psychic typing again. Gunk Shot Poison-type move. Not very effective against Psychic type Pokemon. Still, though! Very commendable moveset! Poison moves! Dark moves! Normal moves! Ghost moves! Any other moves you can use?>

Aipom: (grinning) <Oh, you'll see~! I've got some pretty crazy moves on board, that's for sure!>

Bjorn: <Excellent! Will help you a lot against Fighting-types. Or any type, really! Have a pretty strange move of my own, though. Not sure how Beheeyem can use it. Probably has to do with the 51.>

Aipom: (she scratches her head) <"51"? What 51? What do you->

(But she doesn't have any more time to answer the question, because seconds later, Bjorn's body suddenly floats up into the air, and two massive metallic wings are promptly created out of psychic energy. Seconds later, Bjorn's fingers glow white, and he shoots the wings out directly towards the Aipom, hitting her with them and knocking her to the floor.)

Aipom: <Gah-!>

Bjorn used Steel Wing!

(A cloud of dust goes up, and when it fades, the Aipom is lying on the floor with swirls in her eyes and waving a white flag, while comically sticking her tongue out and being surrounded by birds.)

Aipom: (weakly) <Oh... that 51...>

The wild Aipom fainted!

(Ingrid smiles and runs up to hug Bjorn.)

Ingrid: "Oh, that was wonderful! Excellent work, Bjorn."

Bjorn: (hugging her back) <Happy to be of service!>

(Seconds later, the Aipom gets up, looking a bit worse for the wear, and then proceeds to slap Bjorn on the back playfully.)

Aipom: <Say, you're not half-bad! Didn't know you could use Steel Wing. That's pretty cool!> (then, holding out her hand-tail) <Alright, a deal's a deal. Looks like I'll finally have a chance ta use that Beat Up strategy thingy you suggested!>

Bjorn: (smiles) <Delighted to have you!> (then, thinking to himself) <Still need to decide on a name, though...>

Ingrid: "Yes, that is very much true. What should we call you?"

(At that moment, the Aipom, delighted to finally be owned by a Trainer, jumps on top of Ingrid's head again and wraps her hand-tail around it before scratching her head. Ingrid giggles for a second- and then all of a sudden, she snaps her fingers as the name comes to her.)

Ingrid: "I've got it! How about Bindi?"

Aipom: (jumps down to the floor, scratches her head) <Bindi? Oh, ya mean like [Irwin]! Well, I do like camping...>

Ingrid: "N-no, not like that. It's... it's a female version of 'Bendy'."

Aipom: (beat, and then) <Oh~! The ink machine guy! Well, that certainly seems to work for me~! Fitting name if I've ever seen it.>

Ingrid: "Alright, then." (She promptly takes out a PokeBall, before going up to the newly-christened "Bindi".) "Welcome aboard."

(Bindi promptly hugs her new Trainer, before doing a rubberhose-era esque loop-de-loop with her hand tail and pressing the button, instantly sucking her inside. Seconds later, the ball falls down to the floor and shakes three times, before the center eventually glows yellow, signifying capture. Ingrid smiles, going over to pick up the PokeBall.)

Ingrid: (smiling) "I've done it... That's number seven!" (then, taking out her Pokedex) "Let's see..."

(She promptly scans the PokeBall with her Pokedex, before eventually, information appears on the screen.)







Ingrid: "Pickup? Well, that is certainly interesting."

Bjorn: <Will be very useful in battle, too. As well as after it. Might allow you to get some TMs.>

Ingrid: "Really? I don't have many TMs with me, so that's great."

(And then she scrolls down and reads the moveset, and her eyes widen in shock.)


(Ingrid turns to face Bjorn in complete shock.)

Ingrid: "O-oh dear... I was not aware that Aipom could learn this many moves..."

Bjorn: <Indeed! Can learn more, though.>

Ingrid: "My word..."

(Bjorn nods. Seconds later, a ping comes from Ingrid's phone, and she turns to look down at it. A message appears soon afterwards, reading:)


wishfulDexterity (WD)

(Ingrid smiles, and then puts her PokeBall away.)

Ingrid: "Oh, Bjorn... this is great! Bindi knows so many moves... I can't wait to use her in the first battle of the Galar league!"

(Ingrid and Bjorn promptly continue on through the Wild Area in delight.)


wishfulDexterity (WD) joined the conversation.

WD: *Göödness me! This lööks fun*

WD: *Hellö everyöne~! Ingrid just caught me! And I have a name, töö...*

gluttonousWaterloo (GW) joined the chat.

GW: oh! are you the aipom from the *W*ild area?

WD: *Yöu bet I am!*

GW: yaaaay~! it's a ne*W* friend! no*W* *W*e can eat all sorts of food together and be food buddies!

GW: *W*hat's your name, by the *W*ay?

WD: *Bindi*

GW: bindi? that's a nice name! i have tons of friends for you to meet...

WD: *Well, I've already met three öf them!*

GW: oh, right- *W*ait, three? *W*ho's the third?

WD: *This Beheeyem named Björn* note 

GW: you met bjorn?! that's great!

WD: *Yeah, we had a really neat battle*

WD: *It was töns öf fun! That Björn's göt the stuff tö gö all the way, lemme tell ya!*

GW: he sure does! but there are more friends for you to meet...!

gluttonousWaterloo (GW) invited dancingQueen (DQ), superTrooper (ST), and angelEyes (AE) to the chat.

WD: *Ööh, whö are these Pökemon?*

dancingQueen (DQ), superTrooper (ST), and angelEyes (AE) joined the chat.

AE: u-um... hello bitey... w-why did you invite us here...?




And who is "WD"?


GW: hi everyone~! ingrid caught a ne*W* friend!

DQ: mf He did? Why ' that is simply < f MAAAAAAAAARVELOUS-!! > mf I must know more about this new friend of ours! Do introduce yourself ' if you please. ||

WD: *Awww... shöuldn't I get ta knöw yöuse first?*

DQ: mf Well // I suppose that sounds reasonable enough. Very well ' then! My name is < f FRIDAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-! > mf Well // for short ' anyway. My full name is Annafrid. I am Ingrids Shiny Altaria ' and her starter! It is a pleasure to meet you. Of course ' now youll have to deal with Captain No-Fungi over here // ||

WD: *Whö's he?*






WD: *Hee-hee! That's a funny nickname!*




It is most certainly not, and I personally believe that nickname that DQ referred to me as is stupid. Though I will begrudgingly respect her referring to me as "Captain". Even still, DQ, your incessant ego is decidedly showing here.


DQ: f < YOU DARE! ||

WD: *Awww, cöme ön, Bravö! That was hilariöus!*

AE: u-um... h-his name's benny...

WD: *Benny? I- ööööhhhhh-! Nöw I get it! Sörry, I missed the NATÖ thing the first time aröund...*




...I have a feeling that you're going to be a very frequent annoyance.


WD: *Yöu're a smart öne, aren't ya! Dön't wörry, thöugh*

WD: *Yöu'll get used tö it; there are Pökemön that deserve it far, far möre than yöu*






superTrooper (ST) left the chat

DQ: mf Well! Good thing hes gone. ||

AE: y-you were in a battle with bjorn... oh dear... i hope you didn't get too hurt... do you want me to heal you...

WD: *Ah, dön't wörry! I'll be fine*

WD: *I'll be raring ta gö the next time aröund!*

AE: o-okay then...

AE: so... you're an aipom...

WD: *Yöu betcha!*

AE: o-oh that... that's nice...

WD: *Even better than that! It's the best thing in the wörld! Nöw all I need tö dö is find a way tö evölve...*

Circhester Stadium Stands

(Braker continues to film.)

Elton: <WHOA—! Didja see that, Kim?>

Kim: "I did indeed. Something tells me that'll be enough."

Spikemuth Stadium Gym Battle

(Kim nods towards Elton, eager to start the battle off.)

Kim: "Alright, Elton! Let's do this! Use Pyro Ball!"

(Elton nods, and then proceeds to kick up a rock in front of him. Seconds later, it flares up into a ball of fire, before Elton looks at the Morpeko.)

Elton: <Sorry, adorable Morpeko, but a battle's got to be won 'ere!>

(And with that said, he aims the attack at the Morpeko, hitting him.)

Elton used Pyro Ball!

(The Morpeko is thrown backwards, but stands back up pretty quickly, glancing up at Elton all the while.)

Morpeko: <Owie! That hurt! How about this?!>

(Seconds later, he surrounds himself in a blue wheel of light, before charging directly towards Elton- and hitting him, causing him to be thrown back a bit further.)

Marnie's Morpeko used Aura Wheel!

(Elton is thrown backwards, stumbling a bit on his feet, but eventually manages to stand back up, giggling to himself a bit.)

Elton: <W-whoa! That move was more powerful than I thought it woul' be! You're pre'y good at this!>

Morpeko: <Awww! Thanks!>

(And then Morpeko's stomach begins to growl.)

Morpeko: <Uh-oh...>

Elton: <What is it? W-what's wrong?>

(Seconds later, he gets an answer, as Morpeko begins to glow in a bright yellow light. Kim, Elton, Freddie, and Jagger all look on in shock, and seconds later, when the light fades, Morpeko is now in his Hangry Mode.)

Morpeko: (jumping around angrily)    <GIVE ME FOOOODDDDD-!>   

Elton: (shocked) <W-wha—? Wha' 'appened to the sweet li'le Morpeko?!>

Freddie: <I-it's his Ability...>

Kim: (nods gravely) "Hunger Switch. Which means... now's our chance."

Spikemuth Stadium Stands

(In the stands, Braker turns his camera to the Morpeko, while Cuddles' eyes grow wide with shock.)

Cuddles: <Oh no...>

Walter: <Yep. As I thought. That's Hunger Switch. Don't worry Cuddles, he'll be back to being cute by the next turn.>

Braker: "Or if someone feeds him."

Walter: <That too.>

Hammerlocke Dressing Room

Kim: "Alright, then."

(beat, she looks back down at the messages on her phone and sighs, before shaking her head and putting it away)

Lee House Construction Room

Braker: "Ah." (then, to himself) "Now it makes sense... I should find out more about this group..."

Kalos Forest

(beat, Ringo looks up at the giant tree in front of him)

Ringo: (cheerfully) <Well, I feel silly now! Sorry 'bout tha', I thought you were some kind of enemy! 'Ello there! Congrats! My name's Ringo!>

Kim: "I'm happy we were able to help."

Braker: (starts writing down notes with intrigue)

Cuddles: <Ooh~! Cool! Hiii, trees~!>

Kim: "And thank you so much. For everything."

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Hi, I’m oghond, and I’m a Rushaholic. Sorry if I annoy you unintentionally. 😅
Umbramatic Meet The New Boss from WAAPT usually, sometimes WHABP or maybe PEFE Relationship Status: Gay for Big Boss
Meet The New Boss
Oct 19th 2021 at 8:33:36 PM

Wyndon Stadium

Neon: "Agh... Kofun, go!"

-Kofun is sent out-

Kofun: <How may I be of servi- by Dialga what happened to your head?!>

Snorp: <My head is not your concern!>

Neon: "Gyro Ball!"

-Kofun spins and collides with Snorp, sending them reeling-

Snorp: <Rude.>

Jared: "Crunch!"

-Snorp whirls their body around to bite down on Kofun with Obscura-coated fangs-

Kofun: <YEOWCH>

Neon: "Gyro Ball agan!"

-Kofun spins while the jaws are still clamped onto them-

-And specifically spins Snorp with great force straight into the ground, K Oing them-

Jared: "Woah dude! I gotta step up my game... Huey!"

-A Morpeko is sent out-

Kofun: <Hm? What can this tiny thing do to m->

Jared: "Crunch!"

Huey: <So long, sucker!>

-Bites Kofun-

-If anyone reading this has experience with hamsters you know they bite HARD-


-Falls unconscious-

Neon: "KOFUN NO!"


Cavendish: <Well that was tooth and... tooth.>

Dakota: <I'd say it bites.>

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BittersweetNSour Smells like bug meat. Relationship Status: A cockroach, nothing can kill it.
Smells like bug meat.
Oct 19th 2021 at 8:38:14 PM

Chateau d'Avarice

-Paula leans in closer, smiling-

-with the slightest hint of deviousness-

Paula: I can tell there's more to you than just some perfect little Schoolgirl. It's something you even have to tell yourself, but we both know, deep down? There's so much beneath the surface, just waiting. You've gotta do what it takes to get what you need — and what you want. But while you're here? I want to pull away all those layers, and—

???: <Hey, Paula? I found something!>

-Paula stops mid-sentence, holding the most strained "I was in the middle of something" smile she can.-

Paula: ...and I'm going to keep it PG-13 for now, apparently. Right, yes, what was it?

-She turns to the person intruding on the moment — or rather, the plush-doll impersonation of... Molly???-

Changeling: <I found a creepy bug!>

-She triumphantly holds up a jar.-

-Seems that's what happened to the first Ariados that disappeared, apparently.-

Paula: Oh, that's— that's cute. Really. Let it outside, now, okay? Safely — it's our guest's, we don't want to hurt our guest's friends.

Changeling: <Okay! There's a lot of them. Going to the library.>

Paula: I know, kid. Necronomicon's gonna have to suck it up and let them live. Listen, the boss was busy, okay?

Changeling: <Runaway said to tell you, and she's also the boss...>

Paula: Well, tell Runaway that her co-boss told her to shove it up her tiny, self-loathing ass! Use those words specifically, kiddo. You're allowed to use bad words.

Changeling: <...Um, okay!>

-And the plush tears itself apart and re-sews itself into a vaguely Ariados-esque shape, before skittering off with the jarred spider. Paula slumps, and looks at Molly again.-

Paula: Holy fuck. I almost miss being out in the real world. Almost. Still staying here anyway, but goddamn.

-The Ariados find... a library.-

-It's a goddamn mess in this library. Books are scattered, pages are crumpled and dog-eared, any books on the shelves are essentially tossed into place without any care to set them upright.-

-In particular, there is one book in the exact center of the room. A cloud of Unown is hovering around it, revolving around the room and attempting to sort through the chaos of misplaced texts.-

   -They're whispering. They're whispering so much. They're screaming but they're whispering, words and syllables that don't exist. It's so much whispering. It's too much whispering.-   

-They all freeze in place and turn to stare at the Ariados.-

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Daydre That's just how it is on this bitch of an earth from the trash Relationship Status: Gone fishin'
That's just how it is on this bitch of an earth
Oct 19th 2021 at 9:50:51 PM

[Venice], July 7th

"Yeah the side effects have pretty niche uses don't they? Though I guess it helped us out this time-"

Azure: <You wouldn't get it, it's thematic.>


Azure: <Oh, and you might want to move.>


A combination of Vee and Azure grabbing them by the scruff saves not!Daydre from being Fire Spun, but they don't have time to go after Ironspine.

"Um, shit.."

not!Daydre becomes aware of a few things at once. One, the obvious that Ironspine is trapped. Two, the groaning of the Mecha Volcanion's pipes. And three, that Suiko's end has gone suspiciously quiet.

I have to go check- wait, no, this thing obviously won't just let us go without attacking, so we have to beat it first?? Or at least distract it enough that it doesn't notice some of us leaving-

not!Daydre sighs.

.. Okay. Here we go...

"Azure, deal with those nets. MONARCH...we're gonna try to overload it."

A current of freezing water runs through the net binding Ironspine..Hopefully cooling it down before Azure tries to yank it off.

MONARCH, meanwhile, does one of the things he does best.

He starts blasting.

MONARCH used Hydro Pump!


"... Huh. This is.. different. Not exactly what I was expecting."


"So uh, we going in?"

Crown Tundra

Daydre, not one to want a pissy Legendary on her hands, walks a little faster.

"So uh.. Where're we going?"

off the shits
Pentigan Fwomph from The Underverse
Oct 20th 2021 at 5:49:46 AM

Lee House, The Place Gale Was Mere Moments Ago

Franc Harri: Man, I heard you hero types were nonchalant but straight ignoring one of your gals vanishing to who-knows-where is going above and beyond.

-He glances at where the portal was and then back at the assembled J-Teamers-

Franc Harri: So uh... If it's all the same to you guys can you leave? You're not cops and that wasn't our portal so like, ANM isn't culpable anyways.

Wyndon Stadium

How is this going so wrong? I need to turn this around somehow...

-James almost clings on but ultimately faints-

The story should be in my favor; I'm the plucky underdog who cares deeply about her team members and has public support. How am I losing? How come he gets every fucking type counter off against me?

-The Nightingale says nothing verbally as she lets out Acolyte who mostly just takes his own initiative in attacking with Thief-

Kalos Forest

-Gale puts away her keytar and hums a few fading notes from the music-

Man, hate to see someone all crumpled up like that...

-She carefully tries to fish the lump out of the leaves and flatten them out again-

It's clearly a case of backroom political albumizing.
Oct 20th 2021 at 8:29:43 AM


ToTo looks up at the descending icicle fireworks from Arctozolt's attack.

Xaster: Now, Toto, use Metronome again!

Toto waves her hands in the air, and begins to generate a random power.

Xaster: Now, Mesdames and Messieurs, what effect will we get this time. Will it be a helpful -

Before he can finish his sentence, Toto releases her move. It is a streak of orange energy that splits into many parts, one for each of the raining icicles. They are all struck and destroyed, leaving orange energy dazzling the spectators. The judges all give Xaster points.

Toto used... Judgement? note 

Xaster: Huh. I guess that... worked?

Giant's Cap

Cof cannot move with Hoops inside him, so the other pokemon pick him up between them.

Kec: We'll be going now.

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Oct 20th 2021 at 10:12:37 AM


Justice: "Oh no... The ultimate move...Quick, Icicle Crash!"

-The Arctozolt yelps and sends icicles that explode against the judgement bolts in a shower of glitter. All the judgers give Justice points-

Crown Tundra

Regidraco: <The Reminiscence Ruins! It's not far!>

-Indeed, another ruin looms in the distance-

Kalos Forest

-The lump unfolds into... a human?-

Human: "You... You saved me!"

Wyndon Stadium

Neon: "G-Go Haku!"

-Haku is sent out-

Haku: <I must stay strong...>

Huey: <Why the long face?>

Jared: "Aura Wheel!"

-Huey switches to Hangry forme-

Huey:    <You won't have much of a face when I'm done with you!>   

-Rams into Haku, sending him flying-

'Haku:    <...Bad move.>   

Haku's Beserk activated!

Neon: "Draco Meteor!"

-Haku roars and spits meteors at Huey-

Huey: -switches back to Full Belly Mode- <Now THAT'S a gooey kabloo-:>

-Is unceremoniously K Oed-

Jared: "Sick dude. Go Scraps!"

-A Flapple is sent out-

Flapple: <Heyhohey, I'm Scraps!>

Neon: "Drag-"

Jared: Dragon Rush!


-Slams straight into Hakuu, K Oing him-

Neon: "...aaaaaaagh."


Cavendish: <Well this one is un a-peel-ing.>

Dakota:' <A bad apple for sure.>

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Oct 20th 2021 at 1:14:24 PM

Kalos Forest, August 31st

Ann: -To the person- Did you see who did this to you?

Wyndon Stadium, September 16th

Diplo: -Faints-

Go Magtail!

Magtail: -Appears-

Use Fire Lash!

Magtail: -Whips her flaming body at Acolyte-

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That's just how it is on this bitch of an earth
Oct 20th 2021 at 1:20:54 PM

Crown Tundra

(Looking at the ruins in the distance) ".. Huh. Okay then. Sounds.. promising."

off the shits
Oct 20th 2021 at 2:18:09 PM


Xaster: ToTo, use Metronome again!

Now that the chaos of the last few moves is done, ToTo is free to move her arms and perform her random move once again.

She plunges her hands into the ground, which shifts and changes to creates a well tilled field which would be excellent for planting.

ToTo used Rototiller. It had no effect.

Xaster loses points from everyone except the MC, who is very passionate about proper farming procedures.

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No voice to cry suffering
Oct 20th 2021 at 3:46:12 PM

[Venice], July 7th

-Dr. Ironspine's bubble pops-

-she screeches, air escaping her lungs—gun tangled uselessly in cable-

It's super effective!

-and Suiko appears from the ether-

Suiko: <<No.>>

Suiko used Stored—

HUD!Vee: -urgent, loud- [[blue:<<It's got one of ours!!>>


-rather than striking for center mass, Suiko's...rage made manifest?? dents one of the Mecha-Volcanion's two pipes-

-hammering it down at the same time MONARCH overwhelms the other with an absolute deluge of pressurized seawater-

-bolts warp and spring free, the monitor snaps in half, pipes clog and burst—-

Mecha-Volcanion: -cracks chassis from top to bottom- <@&$@$*%$&@!>

Suiko: -snarl, resonant- <<You do not touch them.>>

-the Vee not surrounding Daydre flexes away for a moment, riding out the brainwave-

-Azure's chill current does its job perfectly, but Azure himself finds him gripped by the inescapable urge to grab anything but Ironspine to pull-

-and the Mecha-Volcanion obliges, venting another gout of superheated foam directly and solely over Suiko-

Mecha-Volcanion used Steam Eruption!

Courage: -behind the person who isn't Daydre, not touching- <Y-yeah, we should go.>

-easier said than done—the Mecha-Volcanion rips more coolant pipe from the foundations to replace those it lost, even waterlogged and venting vapor from its face-

-and the few cyborg Lanturn Suiko hasn't yet knocked out swim up far behind, unnaturally persistent-

Wild Area, October 9th

(-it really is a good thing they got that conversation out of the way before Zapdos found their way over-)

(-exploded to the bottom of a lake and chewed on or no, they radiate terrible, unholy spite-)

Galarian Zapdos: <...>

-...but let's make something clear-

-if Spectrier's very presence inspires rot and decay- -and Eternatus' ambient dark makes one feel unbalanced, tight in one's skin—and puny beyond what any mere Dynamaxed Pokémon can inspire-

Galarian Zapdos: <>

-...Zapdos feels more or less like any other Pokémon-

-unspeakably powerful, inscrutably sentimental- Galarian Zapdos: <...DEAL?!>

-that HONK sends "big bird super mad" right to the hindbrain-

Galarian Zapdos: -to Tagg- <You think I'm some Fairy, to be bound in chains of words?! did not catch me.>

-birdly shrill, clawing the ground- <You scrambled about like a Corvisquire with its head bit off while your compatriot did the dirty work.>

<...and she.>

-...and then they turn, eyes wide and rolling in their sockets-

Galarian Zapdos: -at Chiyo, pure menace- <And YOU…consider me so base that a paltry bribe will ship me off to the hall of the gods...?>

-muscle and spite-

-anyone who's met any groundfowl will attest to how they behave when their territory is threatened-

-and that glare—this bird's taken as theirs the whole of Galar, for long enough and hard enough to gain a possessiveness and pride that's nearly human-

-it's those thousands of years that ring in their tone when they open their beak once more:-

Galarian Zapdos: <You would be right.> -v-

-they snatch the bag(?) from Chiyo's hand, popping a clawful in their craw-

Galarian Zapdos: -regardless of how it actually tastes—gizzard grinding amiably, to Chiyo- <You did catch me, and brought an offering besides, so sure, why not.>

✨Chiyo cleared the Test of Speed…?✨

-they plop on their rear to enjoy their goodies-

(-the inner edges of their beak are very serrated, and they sound very pleased with themself-)

 Chateau d'Avarice 

-the smile on Molly's face doesn't get any less wide but ye gods is it getting red-

Molly: -leaning forward, verging on sultry- Oh I always do what it takes to get what I need. As for what I want...

-tapping a finger on her (flushed) cheek, grinning- Well, what if I said what I want is—


Molly: fuck


-...nevertheless, just seeing this...Aspect...?-

-sparks a very definite interest-

Molly: -shaken, looking at that little piece of her-

(-because what the fuck-)

-but there she goes, and there's a time and place for everything-

Molly:, folding hands around her teacup- Shame about the staying. You're the first person I've met who I've actually considered taking for a ride.

-she's got a big brain-

-and so she takes a long, slow sip, smiling-

Molly: ...seriously though, I am Not Used to someone treating my bugs. gently

Molly: -tilting her head, toward where Changeling went- also what's...that one's story? the pair of you don't seem to fit the usual fluidity/stability mold

-she's possibly a little drunk-

Molly: also don't you bosses both share an ass

(-she twists her rings, and spiders around the Chateau start behaving themselves-)

(-they are now very orderly inquisitive Ariados-)

-did we say Ariados? nah, the bugs skittering through the library are bookworms—Caterpie with [[blue:big round nerd glasses

-anyways what the fuck-

-what the fuck-

Caterpie: -...extend feelers toward this (painful) mental whateverthefuck, because what is this doing here-

Galar, Hammerlocke - today

-someone in a Ranger uniform dismounts from what looks like a grainy JPEG of a Corvisquire and starts chatting up a Café owner-


Café Owner: I'm sorry, but I'm not looking to catch a Toxtricity. Usually requests are filed through the Poké Job system?

Logan: Well, not my Pokémon...or anyone's. Just somemon looking for a place to try out a gig or two? ^_^;

-said in the tone of someone who's said that a lot in a short period of time-

Café Owner: -dubious look-

A Corvisquire, And Definitely Not A Latias: ~I'm starting to think this isn't the best way to go about this.~

Stormchaser, Hallway

-a rather tired-seeming Megan wanders toward one of the Stormchaser's labs, rubbing her eyes-

-she's got a long, skinny Vaporeon with a tiny torso draped over her shoulders and is leaning on an Empoleon as she goes-

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Oct 20th 2021 at 3:54:02 PM

Stormchaser - Risky Business

Silas made a smirk, "Trust me it was a long process to even get this down."

"Also he sees that I'm smiling, makes it easier," Roxy said with a smug grin, "He at least has an idea of what emotion he should display."

Silas stopped smiling and returned to his perpetual frown, "Roxy..."

~Comedy club sounds amusing with these two,~ Hacks noted, ~Though it'd most likely be Silas just saying cursed things.~

<What could he probably say that-> Khan began.

"Dang that sure is totally poggers my good bitch," Silas said in complete even (and somewhat creepy) monotone.

Khan looked like he had just taken psychic damage, <Is it possible for Legendaries to have a broken brain?>

"You're not a legendary... Pseudolegendary," Roxy pointed out.

Khan stumbled a bit, his eyes crossed and rolling about, <Not the point!>

CorvusAtrox from the Dueling Arena Relationship Status: Don't hug me; I'm scared
Oct 20th 2021 at 4:09:35 PM

Stormchaser, Hallway

As Megan and the Empoleon walk past and the Vaporeon is draped around Megan's neck, a Venusaur bounds out and jumps within 6 inches of the human unless something is done about this.

Venusaur: <Hey hey there, sleepy head! Wake up and smell the flowers!>

She moves her seed-containing bloom almost close to touching Megan's face before she is pulled back by a psychic force.

Hypno: <I *told* you that wasn't a good idea.>

Venusaur: <Hey! I didn't pounce on her, or touch her.>

The Hypno walks out and addresses the group.

Hypno: <Really sorry about that, apologize if she put you on edge.>

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Oct 20th 2021 at 5:00:50 PM

Chateau d'Avarice

-Paula takes another drink.-

Paula: Changeling? They're another one from the previous tenant. Modeled after a Mimikyu she had in the waking world. Figured they could stay, because why not? They remind me of some of the younger Team Skull kids anyway. The ones not really trying to cause real trouble, just looking for a place to fit in.

-She pauses, a pensive look on her face.-

Paula: ...Damn it, that wasn't supposed to hit close to home. Fuck.

-She downs the rest of her drink.-

Paula: Anyway, of course me and Runaway share an ass. But she's the one with the self-loathing problem. And not just about the aforementioned ass. But, ugh, we made a deal. She's keeping my ego in check, and I keep her from curling up in a hole, so that the woman upstairs can be a functional fucking human being. All the rest are just there to help sort through the mess, and occasionally fight things that cause real mind problems. Which, y'know, could've been you, but so far? I like you. You've been playing with fire, sure, but don't we all? I know I do, and I love every bit of it.

-She manages another smile. Too soft to be a grin.-

Paula: And you've definitely been the most interesting company I've had. No exaggeration, no coy flattery, no mindgames. Just a really delightful surprise. Besides, speaking of fire — you're, like, super hot. Not to be too forward, but— who am I kidding I'm always being forward, that's my best quality.

-And there's the grin.-

-The painful mental whateverthefuck is watching intensely. But only watching, for now.-

-There's more to this singular book than the rest. It's impossible to make sense of the contents, but the air around it seems turbulent, chaotic, unpredictable. And very aware. Self-aware, even.-

-But, there's books! So many books, and such a goddamn mess. So much to explore, if they don't mind the company.-

(-This would be Bren's dream if it wasn't someone else's mind.-)

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Oct 20th 2021 at 5:50:57 PM

Wild Area, October 9th

-Would respond that nowhere in their talk was it agreed that outside help wasn't allowed and as Chiyo was assisting it would count as a capture... but thinks better of it-

Considering how capricious this bird is I'll just take the deal before we're chasing them again... Though I suspect it wouldn't be for a while...

Chiyo: Just like that? Well, okay then.

-And while Zapdos is preoccupied with their birdseed, we share a celebratory fistbump-

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Oct 20th 2021 at 6:26:16 PM

S Xtormchaser, Silas Zone

Risky: "baja blast NFT."



Justice: Yes! We have an opening! Thunder!

-The Arctozolt cheers as arc lighting bursts out all around them, netting Justice more points-

Remoniscence Ruins

-Regidraco gets to the door-

-And knocks-

-One of six circles on the door glows red and it creaks open-

Kalos Forest

Human: -to Ann- "Oh it's bad. Real bad. These horrible folded guys just showed up and started foldiong people left and right! Most of us got folded before we could ask what was going on. What do they have against us? It's not fair! This is human abuse! Augh, I just retraumatized myself!

Wyndon Stadium

Neon: "Go... Go Emma!"

-Emma is sent out-

Scraps: <Hey hey hey witchy lady!>

Emma: <...You annoy me.>

Neon: "Dazzling Gleam!"

-Emma casts sparkles at Scraps, causimg him to recoil-

Scraps: <Yeeeeeowch that smarts!>

Jared: "Grav Apple!"

-Scraps yeets an apple from up on high at Emma, clonking her on the head-

Emma: <...Ow.>

Neon: "Dazzling Gleam again!"

-More sparkles-

Scraps: <Ah... ha... ha...>

-and goes down-

Jared: "Aw man! You pushed me to my limit... But I'm not done yet! Go Bugs!"

-A Cinderace is sent out-

Bugs: <What's up, doc?>


-Bugs swells in size, and so does the fiery soccer ball he just generated-

Bugs: '<I said, what's up doc?>

Emma: <...Well I am currently fighting you in a League battle and->

-Is hit with a G-Max Fireball and K Oed-

Neon: "No... No no no no..."


Cavendish: <Well that's hare-raising.>

Dakota: <Looks like he ra-bit off more than he could chew!>

Cavendish: <...Okay, that was especially bad.>

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Oct 20th 2021 at 6:44:58 PM

Stormchaser - Risky Business

Khan collapsed over, Roxy and Hacks stared at him, <Leave me here. I have seen all I wish to see and all I wish to hear.>

Silas looked to Doug, then Risky, and a grin appeared on his face, "Never thought I'd meet a kindred spirit."

Roxy laughed a bit, "This is why we get out and meet people. Trust me, if he had his way he'd hang out in orbit all the time."

Silas frowned once more, Roxy kissed him on the cheek and the frown soon became clearly hard to keep going... he turned his attention back to Risky, "So investigating a murder? Sounds more interesting than why we're here. What have you learned?"

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Oct 20th 2021 at 7:02:35 PM

Hammerlocke, Café

-A certain pair who have not shown up in a very long time are seated along the wall, facing inward. The girl stares intently at the "Corvisquire".-

Zeal: Uh... whatcha doing?

Gui: Staring.

Zeal: At?

Gui: That Corvisquire.

-She narrows her eyes.-

There's something very off here.

Zeal: Oh, rea—

Wait, no, yeah, you're right, even I can see that.

-He now joins in on the staring, covering half his face with his drink as if that makes it any less conspicuous.-

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The Wanderer
Oct 20th 2021 at 10:56:57 PM

Kalos Forest, August 31st

Ann: -To the person- Were you able to see where they went?

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That's just how it is on this bitch of an earth
Oct 20th 2021 at 11:16:35 PM

Reminiscence Ruins

Daydre whistles.

"Fancy door.."

off the shits
Oct 21st 2021 at 7:48:05 AM

Sector 5

Arthur said nothing, holstering the weapon on his hip, he gripped onto a hilt, the crucible blade igniting. He grunted in affirmation, before tossing out a ball and letting Cayde out.

<Aaaah, bought time for us to show up and save the day?>

Arthur nodded and stepped near the teleporter.

Bishop made the final calculations, looking over the blueprints, "I think we are ready, we are fully shielded and our teleporter and cloaking device are fully upgraded as well. Our weapons can disrupt the enemy and we have a defense drone and an combat drone."

Silas nodded, "Make it work, swap power to whatever you can, keep us flying..."

The Defiant Wing exited Jumpspace, just as the Rebel Flag dropped out itself. The large orange warship bared down on them... Just as Silas slammed the teleport button, sending Gale and Arthur over to the missile control.

Kings Ransom - July 7th

Glad you asked, this is gonna take a bit more effort out of you, you might feel a biiiiiiit woozy but it'll be worth it friend.

The Pen stuck its head through the doorway and looked about, We can move onto the next step, find us somewhere inconspicuous and then...

It conjured the image of a suave blonde haired gentleman in a tux, We're gonna need to make that, I'll puppet it. We're just a couple who got a bit lost where we shouldn't have, happens all the time.

Dr. White waved her off chuckling, he looked forward to further interactions with here.

"Seems there's a bit of faction play going on in Pokefutures," Bishop commented into Rosalinde's ear, "Should I start researching ways to cause massive infighting that kills the Remnants?"

There was a slight chuckle, "Perhaps we could forc-" he paused...

A brief moment, and then, "Ah good. Network is down, I have access. Tell me Rosalinde, what would you like to know? Guard movements, shipment plans? Warehouse vaults? Or perhaps their HQ of which I now have telemetry for?"

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Oct 21st 2021 at 10:07:13 AM

Hammerlocke Café

-there's a Low-Key Toxtricity lounging on the back of that JPEG, and she opens an eye for the mortifying ordeal of being seen-

Toxtricity: -raising a claw, lazily- <Hey, man, take a [pic]. It'll [last longer]>

-the JPEG jitters slightly at the sound of her voice-

Toxtricity: -patting it- <Digging my [sweet ride]? Super [tricked-out], isn't he?>

Low-Res!Corvisquire: -to Zeal and Gui- <Right, um. Yes! Practical...practical effects. It's promotional.>

-that sure sounds like "Latias Latias Latias"-

Low-Res!Corvisquire: -looking at them...probably- <...>

-the JPEG winks, like it makes the whole affair seem any more normal-

-and suddenly [ZOOM]+[ENHANCE]s to look like a normal Corvisquire, because that's normal-

High-Res!Corvisquire: -to Gui-

Toxtricity: -to Zeal- <Hey. Buy my [mixtape].>

Stormchaser, Hallway

-as it turns out, the human does do something about this-

-she flinches-

-and when she flinches, so do her Pokémon...- 😮

...I guess you'd call that Avalanche? the form of two bursts of startle-ice-

-not like. battle-quality, or well-targeted, but oof-

-the Empoleon relaxes fractionally at the Hypno's intervention, but the human seems to grow more wary-

Pippy (the Empoleon): -to the Hypno, weakly- <it's fine>

Vee (the Vaporeon): -hisses fangily-


(-the human still looks like she's trying to get her heart rate back down-)

(-...and something between hiding behind her Empoleon and holding onto him real tight-)

Pippy: <haven't seen you around before> ^v^

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