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OPALGARNET16 Priest of the Temple of Syrinx from Nighttree, New Jersey Relationship Status: Abstaining
Priest of the Temple of Syrinx
Sep 16th 2021 at 1:42:05 PM


Elton: <YES~! They won!>

Cuddles: <Yaaaaay~>

Braker: (smiling behind his phone) "And that... is another defeat, ladies and gents."

(And then a Gigalith and a Froslass enter.)

Walter: <A Gigalith and a Froslass? This should be fun. Weather battle, perhaps?>

(And then Yuki enters.)

Kim: "Yuki? Heh. Froslass on Froslass battle."

Rebel Island

Howie: "Oh, no, it's okay."

Pepper: "Yeah, you don't 'aveta tell us about it if you don't wan' to."


(Kim and Braker hear the crash and turn around.)

Kim: "Well. It looks like they're here."

Braker: "Indeed."

Cuddles: <Hello~!>

Parfum Palace

(Kim and the rest of the group promptly turn to the passageway.)

Kim: "Oh?"

Peechee: <A secret passageway? Let's itty~!>

Kim: "Yes, let's."

(And then everybody heads down the passageway.)

Cuddles: <Yaaaaay~ Lenny, this is fun~>

The Wild Area (Ingrid and Ananpi)

(Ingrid looks up, in tears.)

Ingrid: "Oh... a Fletchinder..." (sniff) "H-hello, Fletchinder..."

(Ananpi pets his Trainer, before he hears the Fletchinder.)

Ananpi: (to Channah) <Hello~! My name is Ananpi, it's very nice to meet you, chuu~> (beat, he looks back at Ingrid) <Oh, she... that's my Trainer, Ingrid. She thinks she gave me rotten berries for some reason, chuu~>

Ingrid: (in tears) "C-could you... can you please help my Galvantula? I think I might have given him rotten berries... he usually loves eating berries, but this time around he just shocked them for some reason and didn't eat them... I hope he's not sick..."

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Hi, I’m oghond, and I’m a Rushaholic. Sorry if I annoy you unintentionally. 😅
Metanoia like christ, but with more nails from Antarctica
like christ, but with more nails
Sep 16th 2021 at 2:19:01 PM

Wild Area

Channah: <Alrighty then.> -transforms, forgets she's on a tree, falls out of the tree facedown- aRGH - Oof.

Owen: -rotates to a stop, nudging Channah- <Did you know both Dennis Wilson and Mike Love were married 5 times? Not to each other, that'd be weird.>

Channah: -sits up- Yeah, I'm fine, Owen. -to Ingrid- Well, uh, kid, according to your... -looks dubiously at the cosplay- Galvantula... you didn't actually give them rotten food? I guess? So, I wouldn't cry. Bug-types are pretty hardy, anyway.

There is no disdain in nature, there is no humiliation.
OPALGARNET16 Priest of the Temple of Syrinx from Nighttree, New Jersey Relationship Status: Abstaining
Priest of the Temple of Syrinx
Sep 16th 2021 at 2:23:32 PM

The Wild Area

(Ingrid pauses for a few moments, and then...)

Ingrid: "Was... was that what you were trying to tell me?"

(Ananpi nods. Ingrid breaths a sigh of relief before wiping away her tears.)

Ingrid: "Oh, thank goodness! I'm sorry, Ananpi. I was freaking out for no reason." (beat, her eyes suddenly grow wide as she stares up at Channah) "Wait a second— d-did you— were you— you could understand him?! A-and where's the Fletchinder?"


Ingrid: "...wait— WHAAAAAAAAAT?!"

Hi, I’m oghond, and I’m a Rushaholic. Sorry if I annoy you unintentionally. 😅
rmctagg09 The Wanderer from Brooklyn, NY Relationship Status: I won't say I'm in love
The Wanderer
Sep 16th 2021 at 2:24:45 PM

Wedgehurst, on a train

Dactyl: <...So we're going to some spot in the mountains because Uxie said so?>

Chiyo: -Looking over her phone- Pretty much.

Dactyl: -Orbiting- <Works for me, though I don't think we'd get a convenient train stop.>

Chiyo: It'll be a bit of a hike, yes.

-Looking outside the window-

It was a dream but I can see the spot where we need to go in my mind as clearly as a Milky Way night. Shouldn't be too long now though.

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Metanoia like christ, but with more nails from Antarctica
like christ, but with more nails
Sep 16th 2021 at 3:43:41 PM

Wild Area

Channah: -stares blankly for a second- Erm. Oh. Oops. Would you feel better if I went back to bird forme?

There is no disdain in nature, there is no humiliation.
OPALGARNET16 Priest of the Temple of Syrinx from Nighttree, New Jersey Relationship Status: Abstaining
Priest of the Temple of Syrinx
Sep 16th 2021 at 4:11:02 PM

The Wild Area

(Ingrid's eyes go wide, and she shakes her head.)

Ingrid: "W-what? Oh, no, no, no! I-it's fine. It's just that— well— how did you do that?!"

Hi, I’m oghond, and I’m a Rushaholic. Sorry if I annoy you unintentionally. 😅
Metanoia like christ, but with more nails from Antarctica
like christ, but with more nails
Sep 16th 2021 at 4:32:08 PM

Wild Area

Channah: Uhhhh. -sighs- Long story short; a drugged-up fetus turned me into a bird once and it stuck. -holds up the Flame Orb on her necklace- See this? Lets me change at will. There. All up to speed. Name's Channah, hi.

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There is no disdain in nature, there is no humiliation.
rmctagg09 The Wanderer from Brooklyn, NY Relationship Status: I won't say I'm in love
The Wanderer
Sep 16th 2021 at 5:17:34 PM

Galar Mountain Range

Chiyo: -Walking up a path in hiking gear- Okay, I think we're almost there.

Dactyl: -Floating beside her <I hope so, we've been traveling for hours, it's already past evening.>

Chiyo: -Stops- Hmm...

Dactyl: <Huh?>

-In front of them are skeletons with Templar gear, many of the bones looking as if they were scattered by scavenging wild Pokémon upon death-

Chiyo: These Templars have been dead for a while, safe to assume whoever Uxie wants us to meet did this.

Dactyl: -Looking around- <Some of the bones look blackened as if they were hit by a Fire-type attack, others blunt blows, others from energy-base concussive force.>

Chiyo: -Bending over a skeleton- Possibly a Dragon-type, claws don't match a Salamance or Garchomp though...

-Getting up-

Let's keep moving.

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Pentigan Fwomph from The Underverse
Sep 16th 2021 at 6:40:45 PM

Defiant Wing, Space

-Gale stood aside and anxiously watched as the food was set out. There was so many ways this could go wrong; from misjudging the dietary restrictions of unknown other-universal species to just bungling the taste that could sink this entire meeting... And even if her food was alright, there was still a lot of work that would be required to get them to agree to what she dreaded was a suicide mission-

Lee House, Pokaemart

A Normal Mouse Cashier: Well we'll talk with our organizer and see if we need to ditch that space for next season.

A Normal Mouse Staffer: Maybe we should put up a content warning? I did bring up how some people might be adverse to the gore during the last team meeting...

[Venice] - King's Ransom

-The woman in black nodded a little and just started walking towards the back area. She was just going to walk in like she owned the place and hope noone calls the bluff-

-After all this is a casino, it's not like calling bluffs is thematically important here...-

Galar Mountains

You marvel at the food preparation, especially the knifework at hand. You were never really one for cooking, but you had definitely made basic dishes before a number of times when it was just you and Palka out in the wilds on your adventures.

"You're really good at this."

Your stunning observation leads you to flinch at how stupid it sounded.

Parfum Palace Dungeon

-Gale's been kind of quiet for a while, hanging around the back of the group mostly because Face Gudrunn has put her into so much of a horrified state that she just wants to not look at much-

I kind of feel like I was not properly prepared for how paper physics would look in an otherwise non-paper reality...

Wyndon Stadium, Locker Room

-This was it, the metaphorical mountaintop for Gale's League run. It'd taken way too long to organize this match between the adventures going on but now it was time-

-Gale Knight held her helmet in her hands and gave it another look over as she prepared mentally for the battle. There was a lot of meaning riding on this even if most of the fans didn't know it; two of the original J-Team battling each other, both in their own ways dealing with the pressure of that legacy...-

-Gale Knight shivers as she slips the helmet on and slings a cloak patterned with the logos of her various sponsors over her back. Time to go see how the coin flip falls...-

It's clearly a case of backroom political albumizing.
rmctagg09 The Wanderer from Brooklyn, NY Relationship Status: I won't say I'm in love
The Wanderer
Sep 16th 2021 at 7:13:41 PM

Galar Mountain Range

-Chiyo and Dactyl continue traveling up the mountain, the former being thankful for her change of clothing as it starts snowing slightly despite it still technically being late summer-

Dactyl: -Floating over a skeleton wearing a scarf and non-Templar armor, their notes scattered around- This one was a scientist I think.

Chiyo: -Looking down as she briefly dons an uncharacteristic scowl that shifts to a more neutral expressionr- Probably complicit in plenty a liquidation, and most likely chose to be there, being food for mons is possibly a more dignified death than they deserved. Maybe that's not fair, maybe this person was someone who made some bad choices but...


We're not alone.

-Both look up as the head of a Drampa looms over them from a higher cliff, the rest of its body still hidden by darkness-

Drampa: <You smell... like them, but not of them.>

-The Drampa moves just enough into the low light conditions that the odd markings covering their body are visible-

<Who are you?>

Wyndon Stadium Other Locker Room, tonight

-Dressed not in the usual competitor uniform, but those given to the Trainers who've entered Galar's Hall of Fame, though with some alterations, such as the PEFE symbol on the back-

Feels weird being on the other side of this sort of thing for once, but it needed to be done sometime. Little do these people know, there's more at play here than a simple Challenger's match.

-Standing up-

Alright then Gale, win or lose, let's see what you've got.

-And exits the locker room-

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AnimeboyIanpower Empathic Kid Hero-in-training from Queen Mary's Castle Relationship Status: Brewing the love potion
Empathic Kid Hero-in-training
Sep 16th 2021 at 8:02:28 PM

Circhester Stadium, VS Gordie and Melony

Melony: Froslass...

Me: Yuki-sama...

Melony and I: USE HAIL!

-Both Froslass let a melodic cry echo through the heavens, the harmony of which stirs the clouds and brings an intense, relentless hailstorm down on the battlefield. The figures of Melony's Froslass and Yuki become shrouded in mist.-

Gordie: Mooom, you ALWAYS make the battlefield covered in Hail... It's my turn now! Gigalith, use Sandstorm!

-Gordie's Gigalith lets out a mighty roar as it swirls the sand around it and generates a sandstorm, at this time of year, at this time of day, in this part of the region, localized entirely around the Compressed Pokémon.-

Melony: I see you're already familiar with the power of Snow Cloak...

Me: Indeed I am. And I'm more than ready to battle you.

Evelyn: Simon, the sandstorm obscuring Gigalith won't let your Hypnosis attack get through! Try to blast through it with Shadow Ball!

-Simon creates an orb of shadows between his hands, but this time, he forms three little holes in the shadow ball for two fingers and his thumb. He then goes to run up to Gordie's Gigalith, but stops and swings his arm, releasing the Shadow Ball as it rolls down the pitch at the sandstorm.-

Rebel Island Dressing Room

Emilie: Thanks. Also, I would like to hear what you'll be called when we're out in the field.

Lee House, Pokćmart

Evelyn: Thank you, but it wasn't the gore I was concerned about...

Me: -still dizzy from being violently shaken, spiral eyes and all- What did I do to deserve that?

Piku-chan: <It's official: There was something he wasn't telling us. What this entails for his relationships with Evelyn and I all boils down to what will happen to us now that we know.>

Parfum Palace

Evelyn: Good work, Ann!

Me: Now...

-Ian bows to Evelyn, making a sweeping gesture with his arm directed towards the secret passageway.-

Me: Ladies first.

Evelyn: -chuckles- Thank you, good sir.

-Evelyn enters the secret passageway, with Ian following behind her.-


-Ian and Evelyn fall to the ground, dizzy.-

Me: -dizzy, spiral eyes and all- Classic us, crashing a broom...

Evelyn: -dizzy, spiral eyes and all- Yeah... guess it is true what they say... Dark beats Psychic...

Show me the wisdom of the world... Tell me the secrets of the heart... and the sweet~ mysteries~ of love~...
rmctagg09 The Wanderer from Brooklyn, NY Relationship Status: I won't say I'm in love
The Wanderer
Sep 16th 2021 at 8:58:50 PM

Galar Mountain Range

Drampa: -Still looking- <Well?>

Chiyo: -Staring the Drampa back- Well, I'm Chiyo, and this is Dactyl. I was created by them, yes, but I haven't been with them for more than two decades now.

Dactyl: <Uxie sent us, said we'd find a powerful ally if we climbed this mountain.>

Drampa: -Headtilt- <Oh?>

-Sniffing them again-

<I've been around for a very long time, long enough to see fact fade into legend and then myth, so I've gotten pretty good at sniffing out liars, which you two aren't.>

Chiyo: Do you have a name?

Drampa: <I have had many names, young one, along with my fellows who are marked as I am, but we will go with Qinglong.>

Dactyl: <Those are pretty funny markings, I've never seen them before.>

Drampa Qinglong: <I am what some may call an EX-Pokémon, those regular Pokémon who are blessed by the gods and work closely with them.>

Chiyo: EX-Pokémon, huh? Interesting.

You know, if that's true, Uxie said Tagg basically works for them, but none of his Pokémon that I've met had any funny markings. Well, that Chandelure of his was kinda odd, but I suspect it's a different sort of odd. Guess I'll have to ask him next chance I guess.

Qinglong: <I've spent centuries watching over the world, primarily in the east, but this School, I find particularly wretched.>

-Snorts fire-

<Those gogil are everything we Drampa tend to despise, especially because they have no issue harming children.>

Chiyo: -Nods- We have common cause then, there's so much I and so many others have suffered from because of them, and you hate precisely because of that suffering they cause. I imagine that's why all these Templars litter this mountain.>

Qinglong: <They thought they could do as they pleased here, despite being given multiple warnings, such was their arrogance. I taught them otherwise and allowed the local Pokémon to gnaw on their bones.>

Chiyo: So can we form a partnership then?

Qinglong: <My domain is wide, so I cannot stay with you all the time, like your Minior. But, I can still offer my assistance, so at least until our mission is done, we may form a partnership. I will allow you to catch me for this purpose.>

Chiyo: -Throws a Poké Ball at Qinglong, which wobbles and clicks as the Drampa-EX immediately releases himself- I'll keep the Ball, as per our agreement.

Qinglong: -Nods- <I hope our partnership bears fruit then Chiyo.>

-Spreading his wings-

<But for now, I will take you off this mountain before I depart. Get on my back.>

-The Drampa then flies off with two in tow-


Qinglong: -Touches down near the Stormchaser before flying off-

Dactyl: <We could've gotten dropped off closer to the station.>

Chiyo: Didn't feel like dealing with the train, and I'm tired enough that I don't want to misjudge a teleport, let's just spend the night in the Stormchaser, I'm sure it can definitely squeeze in two more if the J-Team can live in there comfortably.

-And the two head inside-

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Pentigan Fwomph from The Underverse
Sep 17th 2021 at 6:55:38 AM

Wyndon Stadium

-She moves like a blade through the wind, albeit there is no wind of any note in the stadium tonight (the flowing of her cloak is a mere aesthetic flex of her power). She takes one last deep breath before the microphone in her helmet clicks on. Showtime-

And so it comes down to this; the Champion and the Challenger. Thank you for this match we are about to partake.

-The Nightingale bows, cloak billowing-

Tagg? I might not agree with how your Team functions but whatever happens here I respect you as a trainer and a hero; Remember that. So, shall we begin?

It's clearly a case of backroom political albumizing.
Asterisk395 No voice to cry suffering from Hallownest Relationship Status: I've got a total eclipse of the heart
No voice to cry suffering
Sep 17th 2021 at 11:07:21 AM

Stormchaser, Percy

-Logan takes a commensurate sip of their own cup, appreciating it more than they probably should-

-and, watching Percy watch her friends...fond smiles for fond smiles-

Logan: -softly- Long as you've got that, the rest is details.

(-what's the opposite of schadenfreude?-)

Logan: -fidgeting with their little cube, aware of Aware- ...Mesprit exists, right? As a person, in embodied form—Uxie showed up for the Stormchaser's birth, and Galactic made that chain out of something. Does it mean anything if the embodiment of knowledge shows up as your airship's...midwife? Godmother, actually.

Addie: -chokes-

Logan: -click click- point is, I'm...curious, suddenly, what it'd be like to try and lend an ear to that.

-...they sound like they're stifling a lot of excitement-

Addie: -snort- <Outright ancient being, with perspective on the subject to match...I think she'd run circles around us if we tried.>

Logan: -glittering again- We don't know, though.

Magic School Train, Murder Station

Hiro: -glance- Do you have one to spare?

Templar: Wh—how did you get this clo—

-and the Pokéballs in his upward-flung belt explode like flashbangs-

-four Pokémon go flying, crackling with the fallout from unfolded space-

-Hiro's Rapidash bangs against the shield and lands poorly, whinnying agitatedly; his Arcanine vanishes for parts unknown-

-Hiro catches his Torkoal in both hands, his fire igniting the coal within Chips's shell-

-Parfait lands on her feet, spits, and attacks-

Parfait used Sucker Punch!

Hiro: -huff- Believe me, Ever, I'd love to be doing anything else right now!

Alumnus: Ev—!

Hiro: I won't say no!

-Hiro draws a hand along Parfait's arm as she passes—all her fire burns white, and the shockwave from her punch throws up a cloud of dust and three whole Templar on the other side of the bubble, readying to strike-

~You have got to be FUCKING KIDDING ME.~

-she draws her fist back again—-

Elite Templar: Hold the shield! You were chosen for this, made for this—can't handle the heat?

-that cloud settles faster than naturally possible—Gravity intensifies within, crushing Hiro and all his Pokémon facefirst into the Mist-

-they all stagger, eyelids dragged shut-

-...Hiro's fingers fist in the grass, setting it alight and burning the Dream away-

Alumnus: -to Ever- ~You need to get out of here. Now.~

-pillars of fire erupt from the earth outside the barrier, singeing in fact, Ever Memito leaves before she can see them. They leave before they can see another body.-

-they leave and never come back.-

Elite Templar: -placing a hand on the shield- First one to cut and run goes on permanent record. Don't let me down.

-she drags her hand upward, shearing negative ions from positive-

Hiro: !!

Parfait: -dives for him-

-and lets them go-

Zayna the Fulminous used Telekinesis Shock Wave!

-blinding light, and a sound like thunder-

??? @@

Pollen: -startling awake- <aaaaAAAAAA what the fuck??>

-she's surrounded by a lot of metal-

-she reaches for Telekinesis, intending to rip the chains away-

But it failed!

Pollen: -fatigued- <What—master…? What is this?>

-struggling- <Who are you?>

Thespi: -opening her eyes- <...huh.>


No mind to think. No will to break.
Umbramatic Meet The New Boss from WAAPT usually, sometimes WHABP or maybe PEFE Relationship Status: Gay for Big Boss
Meet The New Boss
Sep 17th 2021 at 11:25:55 AM

Wedgehurst, PEF Every Zone

Toxicrity: <I gueeeeeeeeeeeeeess if it means my Trainer doesn't have to do it I will.>

-The girl looks over at the Toxicrity oddly. Like she doesn't fully understand but is concerned anyway. Or at least as much as she CAN look like that with her expression still looking fairly neutral-

Parfum Palace Dungeon

-The group makes their way up a long, winding staircase-

Square!Gudrunn: Hey! Slow down! I'm walking with my face here. Nobody makes Gudrunn walk with her face. I mean they did... But they won't get away with it!

-And eventually reaches a door light is shining through-

-The group should probably go through it-

Contact Me!
memyselfandI2 Dunsparce Cloud from The Biosphere Relationship Status: Hooked on a feeling
Dunsparce Cloud
Sep 17th 2021 at 11:57:29 AM

Stormchaser, Percyplace

Percy: Ha. Fair enough.

Aware: <I think it'd be fun to try! You could get a little fairy-sized couch and they could sit on it. Floating all day is probably hard so you could talk to them about that.>

-to emphasize their point, they zip into Avery's phone-

Aware: Or maybe you'd get counter-therapy. Which could be productive.

Percy: ...I feel suddenly as though I've missed something.

Magical Murder Forest

Ever: -kicks legs, face going somber- Don't be rude, Hiro. If you're going to be like that I'll just leave you to i—

Muninn used Shadow Sneak!

Muninn: <For fuck's sake.>

Ever: Ow! Hi, Molybdenum!

-that edge is still there in their voice-

Picking a fight with a pyrokinetic in a forest. I wasn't built in a lab to be an expert strategist, of course, so maybe I'm missing something...

-their eyes shimmer-

But I have to wonder if your heart's really in it.

-there's a rustle through the trees-

-and as everything turns to lightning, the flash shifts-

Pleth: -absorbing the Shock Wave as she drops down to the forest floor- <Are you seriously making me fight alongside Muninn?>

Ever: (terse) You two really will have to start getting along sometime.

Muninn: <Don't count on—>

Pleth used Dragon Pulse!

Ever: You almost hit me there, you know.

Pleth: <Hmph. Almost only counts with horseshoes and handgrenades.>

Muninn: <You've been spending too much time with humans.>

Ever: Can we maybe cool our collective jets and go separate ways, or does this have to be a thing?


PEFE!Every: Cool, thanks.

-there's a slight pressure in the Toxtricity's brain, which will probably distract from PEFE!Every poking them in the shoulder with a very small and largely painless needle-

PEFE!Every: (to the girl) Alright, what needs finding?

Dunsparce didn't stop being a thing or anything.
AbsentCoder Some Rando from Doofenshmirtz Neutral Incorporated Relationship Status: RelationshipOutOfBoundsException: 1
Some Rando
Sep 17th 2021 at 12:38:01 PM

False Mart

"Probably a good idea," Kamui considered, while Kendall reached for his phone and texted something, under the projected illusion of him stepping back to acquiesce to Kamui's statement.

To: Thieves

From: Rn'L

I think we have another Palace? Not exactly certain what's going on in there, but it looks a bit like a factory, so my first instinct is that the guy is living to work and not the other way around? I 'unno... ^^;

Parfum Stairway

Kendall and Kamui stayed back, refusing to get thousand-folded for anything and wondering if they were about to get ambushed.

[Insert Unoriginal Stinger Here]
rmctagg09 The Wanderer from Brooklyn, NY Relationship Status: I won't say I'm in love
The Wanderer
Sep 17th 2021 at 12:41:58 PM

Parfum Palace, past

Ann: -Goes through the door-

Wyndon Stadium, last night

-To Gale-

And I would say the same, but now....

-Throws a Poké Ball-

Let's do this!

Yew: -Is released-


Abra Plushie: Now now, Caroline.

X-M-R-N!Mite Caroline: -Snorts as she floats off-

Abra Plushie: -To the group- I am Igor, and this is my Velvet Room, located between dreams and reality, mind and matter. You three have been deemed to be in need of... rehabilitation.

Stormchaser, today

Chiyo: -Wakes up-

-The room she and Dactyl laid their heads in is comfortable but somewhat spartan-

Dactyl: <Do we head back now?>

Chiyo: -Getting up- Probably, longer I stay here means the higher the chance of a School attack.

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Pentigan Fwomph from The Underverse
Sep 17th 2021 at 4:04:22 PM

Wyndon Stadium


-Gale sends out her starter Inteleon (who outside the showmanship of the arena is still named James) and the two pop matching poses to prompt a little pop from the crowd-

I'll refrain from type advantages, just to start. Agent, you have license to faint.

-James nods and starts running sideways, keeping the Dubwool in his sights-

"Agent"/James: <Sorry if this hurts too much!>

-He suddenly stops and lines up a Snipe Shot-

It's clearly a case of backroom political albumizing.
OPALGARNET16 Priest of the Temple of Syrinx from Nighttree, New Jersey Relationship Status: Abstaining
Priest of the Temple of Syrinx
Sep 17th 2021 at 4:45:17 PM


(Kim and Braker have both taken out umbrellas to shield them and their Pokemon from the hail and sand. Elton giggles a bit upon seeing the Shadow Ball bowling ball, and Cuddles...)

Cuddles: (happily) <Yaaaaay~ bowling ball~>

The Wild Area (Ingrid)

Ingrid: "O-oh... hello there..."

(Seconds later, a PokeBall of hers promptly opens up— revealing...)

Frida: (in a sing-songy voice, to Channah) <He-LLOOOOOOOO THEEEEEEREEEEE~!!>

(Ingrid looks up at her partner and smiles.)

Ingrid: "Frida? Did you want to say hi, too?"

Frida: (to Ingrid) <You know I did! I just cannot resist meeting someone new~!>

Ingrid: (blushing) "I'll... take that as a yes."

Frida: (to Channah) <Greetings~! I am Fridaaaaa~! I see you've already met my wonderful Trainer, and also...> (blink, she turns to face Ananpi; then, with a sigh as she barely manages to hold back her disdain) <...him.>

Rebel Island Dressing Room

Tommy: "Sure thing!"

Howie: (setting down the outfits) "A-are we supposed to set up any barriers or anything like that, so that you don't see us... um... you know... g-getting changed?"

Parfum Palace


Kim: "Aaaand now there's a door."

Braker: "Should we go in?"

Walter: <That would be advisable.>

Kim: "Very well, then."

(Kim, Braker, Walter, Cuddles, and Peechee promptly head through the door.)


(Kim and Braker giggle for a few moments upon seeing Ian and Evelyn fall, before the former goes over to help them up.)

Kim: "Are you two okay?"

Hammerlocke (SPOILERS: By this point, Geddy and Jagger will be fully-evolved. Their pages will not be updated to account for this until their evolutions in Spikemuth happen.)

(Kim is standing in front of the Hammerlocke Gym with a grin on her face. Braker promptly follows her from behind.)

Kim: (with confidence) "Well. Here it is. The last step on my Galar Gym Challenge has finally arrived." (to Braker) "Braker, I hope you are ready for this."

Braker: "I certainly am. And I must say... I'm really proud of all that you've accomplished."

Kim: (smiling) "Thank you, Braker."

(Then, she looks off in the distance.)

Kim: "Ian? Evelyn? Are you two ready for this as well?"

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MetamorphicHalis Luckiest of Stars from Generica High Relationship Status: I-It's not like I like you, or anything!
Luckiest of Stars
Sep 17th 2021 at 5:14:46 PM

Eterna City

After about the 207th loop, Halis finally noticed a different path in Mt. Coronet, taking it and eventually ending up in Eterna City as a result.

Halis: "Which city was this? Veilstone? No, no, that's not it, it's... uhh..."

Of course, they're not watching where they're going and end up walking into a statue.

Halis: "Oof! H-hey, wait a minute... what is this?"

They can't tell what it is, but something seems... interesting about it.

Halis: "Is this some sort of art exhibit?"

Interesting, as in 'they don't know what it is to begin with', rather than 'they know what it is but don't know why it's here'.

Halis: "Hmmmmm..."

They ponder the mystery of the statue.

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Stormchaser, Percyplace

Logan: ^_^

Addie: <Heh. I know I couldn't handle it.>

-still, one Magnet Rise and she's floating as well-

-...Logan's looking at Percy like they've had a mild suspicion confirmed, though-

Logan: ...I keep forgetting someone doesn't come up and apply this to...everyone who sets foot on this airship. Normally everyone's more than happy to spill the beans on sight.

Addie: -zap- <Get to the point.>

Logan: -twitch- I was getting there! Geez, give me a minute to figure out how to maybe show someone something weird without waking up the entire room.

-they chew on a thought for an uncharacteristically long half a second before:-

Logan: So, I've got a scalesona.

Psionic Death Grove

Alumnus Alumnus: ~For fuck's sake—!~

-mask dispassionate and deadly, in private- ~I didn't pick this fight! This time!~

Zayna the Fulminous: -watching the lightning streak away- Hm.

-to the nondescript Alumnus standing uncomfortably to the s—fuck it, it's me- Make yourself useful, kid. -to the grunts- Finish him off! Those Pokémon are fair game—take them for breeding stock.

Lesser Templar: -pull out Pokéballs-

Molybdenum: ~Do not underestimate him! What those Pokémon know isn't worth the risk—~

-the light clears...and Hiro's not inside-

Zayna the Fulminous: -crackling -You don't give the orders here—

Molybdenum: ~Kill them! Kill them all now!~

-jointly, Zayna and Molybdenum strive to override Pleth's motor functions—Zayna's lightning drawn inexorably into Pleth's neurons, Molybdenum's thoughts inserting themselves between Pleth's own-

Pleth used Leaf Blade on Ever!

-within the barrier bubble, Hiro's Pokémon breathe Flamethrowers—turned back by its Mirror Coating, temperature rising-

Templar: -extending blades- (...where)

Templar: -Miracle Eye flashing- (where is he hiding? behind that Embo—)

-Hiro comes crashing out of the sky on Rapidashback, a twenty-foot radius scoured clean by flame-

Fritte the Rapidash used    True Flare Blitz!

-Templar, debris—Zayna's sent flying-

-faster than mundanely possible, she rights herself midair, impulse crackling through her limbs as she skids to a halt-

Fritte: -pants, worn-out-

Hiro: -hearing Ever, hand on the reins-'ll be killed if you don't bring me in, won't you? Some of you.

-tilting his head- ...not you, perhaps. Not at first. But you don't intend to let me go, no matter how wise it would be.

Zayna the Fulminous: ...heh. You really are full of yourself, aren't you?

Hiro: -to Ever- ...I have no intent to leave them capable of hunting me or anyone else down.

Zayna the Fulminous: -getting up, wiping blood from her face with the back of her hand- ...I reiterate my stance.

-widely, merciless- Hold the shield.

-inside the shield, a sun is growing-

Chips the Torkoal's Drought!

Ribot: -Teleports in- ~Salut, ancient one.~

Ribot grabbed Muninn!

Ribot: -attemptleports out-


Pollen: -squirming- <By whom?!>

Thespi: H-hah! Cages, even cages lined with velvet, can't contain the sky. You have no idea what you're dealing with.

Pollen: <Wh—Thespi??>

Thespi: Pollen, we're in the Cognitive Realm! Spare a thought for the occasion. ~_~

Pollen: <Stop being smarmy! What's going on??>

Thespi: -utterly thrilled, exceedingly tense- No fucking clue.

-upon being observed, the mist coalesces into-


Megan: The last time someone came into my mind, we made her regret it. Who are you, Igor, to take us out of ours?

Pollen: <...>

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Wedgehurst, PEF Every Zone

Toxicrity: <...Now that feels freaky.>

???: I need to find someone or someones who can help me find leads. For a murder case.

Parfum Palace

-The group emerges from the door onto another balcony, on which there is a bigger door-

-From that emerges Origami Julius and what appears to be a Shiny Yamask-

Origami!Julius: Why are you still so... flat? Why haven't you joined me in folded glory? Come, we can reshape you...

Origami Shiny Yamask?: <Patience, prince. This will do just fine.>

-turns to the group-

<So, you're the J-Team. Prince Julius' friends, right? Yes... you'll do quite well. Very crisp, bright colors, I can see it now...>

Square!Gudrunn: Hey, I'M crisp!

Origami Shiny Yamask?: <So what do you say? Will you volunteer your paper body to the cause? Or will we have to get... Crumply? Join us! Yes or no...>

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Wild Area, past

Channah: -smiles a little at the cute Altaria, then shares a glance with Owen at her disdain- Heya. Yeah... Gotta say I've never seen a Galvantula dress up. -gestures at Ananpi- Is this a, uh, contest thing?

Parfum Palace, past

Big Savings: < come to the dark side we have cookies >

Kamon: -confused, but fascinated with the origami figures- But... Pretty sure no one here is named Mario? Or are we roleplaying?

There is no disdain in nature, there is no humiliation.
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"Yeah. I guess we could check if she has a Palace, but that doesn't need to be done here and we'd probably need to research her more anyway."

Unless Kingfish says something else, she starts heading back out.

Wedgehurst, With Merlin

Daydre nods but her expression says she doesn't believe a word of the 'just friends' bit.

"... I see. Just good friends, huh?"

"So this research, you want to find out what happened to him or something like that?"

[Venice], July 7th

not!Daydre realizes the presences of the camouflaged mons just a bit too late.


... And mutters a string of curses before trying to pry the Stunfisk off of Suiko. Half of their attention goes to pulling out not!EMPEROR's ball again and send him out.

"Well if stealth wasn't out already it is now- Er... uh, MONARCH, distraction!"

not!EMPEROR MONARCH: (Looking around) <Who?>



He raises his flippers.


Nothing happens.

... Actually, give it a second.


There we go! A wave from the canals outside washes into the warehouse, hopefully sowing some confusion among the guards.


Stormchaser, September 13th

Daydre stops the petting to take the box. She looks kind of surprised when Megan mentions the painting.

"O-oh! I'm, um, very glad you like it!! Not that I gave it to you expecting you to not like it (okay I was a little worried but) but I'm glad to hear you're enjoying it!!"

"It's- I'm sure if you made it it's going to be great!"

Wait what if she thinks that's an empty platitude and I'm just giving her a blanket compliment and I'm really going to think it's bad-

Flipnote: ~LEGENDS ABOVE just say thank you like a normal person I swear to fuck~

When did you get here??

Flipnote: ~I'm always here~

~In your thoughts~


Flipnote: ~I'm just kidding~

~But for real I can feel your anxiety from my ball~

"But uh, yes, thank you."

Courage need not be remembered, for it is never forgotten.

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