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Asterisk395 No voice to cry suffering from Hallownest Relationship Status: I've got a total eclipse of the heart
No voice to cry suffering
Sep 14th 2021 at 10:49:35 AM

[Venice], July 7th

-there's another spike of irritation before—oh Flipnote's gone-

-regardless, Dr. Ironspine grumbles, pulls a magnet from her satchel, and sticks it to the side of her skull, wiping emotion from her silicon nerves-

Dr. Ironspine used Iron Head! (kinda.)

Magnetized!Dr. Ironspine: -toneless- <And if they're waiting for us, my subterfuge went unnoticed. Shame.>

-she presses a button-

-the crate the cigarette guy was sitting on emits a jaunty jack-in-the-box jingle-

Bomb Disposal!Crime Guy: uh…

-and explodes-

-in the distance, a thin plume of smoke rises-

Dr. Ironspine: <And good riddance.>

Dr. Ironspine used Present!

Suiko: Um…

Dr. Ironspine: -still entirely lacking inflection- <One transmitter down. Cover blown. What else?>

-hopping off the roof- <Storm the damn thing.>


-their range might not extend that far, or be that specific-

-...the person who's not Daydre may just become aware of a faint, rising haze of agitation from the warehouse they're watching-

-and Suiko holds out her hand to them, behind her-

Suiko: -quietly, staring at their target- ...subterfuge, or strife?

-her other hand stretches a hole in the air—the canal to the warehouse's side starts to bubble-

Not The Fallen Train Car (they ran away)

Hiro: -slowing from a sprint to a power walk, picking frustratedly at his broken Pokéballs- More School nonsense. As you surmised.

-his glare lights up the forest around them-

-...and, apparently satisfied, he leans against a tree to attempt more delicate work-

Hiro: -pulling a pair of tweezers out of his Bag, fiddling- It confirms at least that we're absolutely never going to let that Ariados get anywhere remotely near the people who had them last. That train car is a wreck from…

-huff, dark- One of their vehicles. For transferring "resources". Or chattel.

-gesturing with the tweezers, the points moving in a tight little circle- Someone broke them out, though. From the angle of the scorch marks—and cuts, and all—they busted through or out of the back of the train and fought their way up to the Burst Heart user...and killed them. Their ashes coated the inside of the car we were in.

-he goes quiet for a moment-

Hiro: ...the...power, or skill, necessary to match someone using one of those…

-...and shakes off the awe, returning to his work- Those kids we saw were...more of their Students. Sent to remove the rest of the evidence, no doubt.

...that man with the broom. He was collecting the ash—could you tell? Certainly to see if any genetic material was still salvageable.

-and here Hiro snickers, with genuine mirth- ...set his ash bag on fire. Might set them back a little.

Stormchaser, Percy's Place

-Logan blinks again, then facepalms, with a chuckle and self-directed wryness-

Logan: -self-effacing- That...came out wrong, sorry.

-chewing on the words, at length- ...there's something those Ranger shows get pretty wrong, in one of two ways. One has us running around punching people all the time since we haven't got any Pokémon. In the other…

-gesturing, broadly- ...we're wide-eyed Pollyannas?

Much as I subscribe to the philosophy that anyone can change for the better, it's kind of my job to, uh...triage that.

-crossing their arms, tapping a finger idly- ...malicious actors have driven more talent out of cinema than telling them to shut up and behave would've. The same concept applied, -gesturing, vaguely—apologetically—at Percy- is a thousand times worse.

-frown, sparkle dulling to a soft, steady glow- person refusing to be anything but a dick is a tragedy. Cutting short dozens'—more—of others' chances to be anything leaps across the line to atrocity.

-clicking their Styler- I think I'll always have changing minds in the back of my mind, but the immediate step on a broad scale is to take the swords away first. I've got backup.

-grin- And I'm notoriously hard to kill.

-they hold up their arms, the Lichtenburg scars all up and down them made evident-

-burns, bites, and more miscellaneous signs of injury—mostly gray and fading-

Logan: -Mareepish, static and all- ...Not as good as you, though. I'll keep that in mind, about the witnesses. I think I was expecting someone a bit more like the one that showed up here a few months ago, before we brought the ship to life.

-making a very strange gesture- ...mind wipes, and all that. Adelinde is not remotely as subtle with the telepathy.

-Addie glances left, glances right-

-...a little pointlessly, given that they're standing in a hallway and everyone in the room that Percy's standing in is asleep, except maybe for the telegraphed message which would be her concern, perhaps-

Addie: -pulling Logan's Styler to her on a web strand, pulling up a hologram and grinning- <Or so I hear. Lots of rumors on the grapevine, but this one likes sometrainer here well enough to come when they call...not naming names.>

-the image is of Ho-Oh himself, engulfed in prismatic flame-

-beam- <, yeah, protection. We've got it.>

Stormchaser, Daydre's Room, Yesterday

-...a Megan head, and Megan arms, sitting in a red-and-black puddle on the ground-

Megan's Head: ……...hi

-the arms are holding a box with a big blue bow on it, and the head is holding something of a Deerling-in-the-airship-lights expression-

Megan: ...I don't know why

Megan: I thought this would be sneakier

-she sets the box down, twiddles her index fingers-

Megan: than just tiptoeing to the door

-and flushes-

Megan: and walking away terms of facial expression, to clarify-

-she does not flush herself down this weird puddle, which giggles-

No mind to think. No will to break.
memyselfandI2 Dunsparce Cloud from The Biosphere Relationship Status: Hooked on a feeling
Dunsparce Cloud
Sep 14th 2021 at 7:35:56 PM

Stormchaser, Percy's Place

Percy: I, uh. Yeah. I've never met this Molybdenum person. It's usually a safe bet that Adelinde's worse, though.

Aware: <Ooh, Ho-oh! Percy always says that the gods are a scam invented by Pokemon to get humans to feed them, though. Which seems fair.>

Percy: Can I...invite you in or something? I'll make you a cup drink.

Dunsparce didn't stop being a thing or anything.
Umbramatic Meet The New Boss from WAAPT usually, sometimes WHABP or maybe PEFE Relationship Status: Gay for Big Boss
Meet The New Boss
Sep 14th 2021 at 8:08:35 PM

School Trainwreck

Ein: <Some cover-up job.>

Owen: "Maybe now we're not in immediate danger we should get out of here... And focus back on freeing this Ariados."

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memyselfandI2 Dunsparce Cloud from The Biosphere Relationship Status: Hooked on a feeling
Dunsparce Cloud
Sep 14th 2021 at 11:22:54 PM


-a young woman in gray, a Solosis floating behind her, marches up to the Toxapex girl-

PEFE!Every: Hi. Volunteer for a study?

-she holds out a sheet of paper-

Dunsparce didn't stop being a thing or anything.
Asterisk395 No voice to cry suffering from Hallownest Relationship Status: I've got a total eclipse of the heart
No voice to cry suffering
Sep 15th 2021 at 1:34:51 AM

Not Fallen Train Car ("not" applying to "car", not "fallen" or "train")

Hiro: That's likely, yes. Now I—

-it's odd, looking at him-

-at no point does he attempt to hide the degree to which he's in pain, nor the exact process he uses

-Molybdenum's gnats wriggle beneath his skin, slow burrowing leaving luminance, immune system-like, in its wake-

-...Hiro glances back the way they came-

Hiro: ...well, this is an opportunity.

-not blinking, glowing rather more intensely- For them, clarifying.

Psychic!Curry: =:c

Hiro: Hiro all alone, without a Teleporter or a horse to ride or so much as a belt to hold his pants up. Feeling merciful...

-he shakes his Pokéball belt like bells on a string—the plastic-on-plastic sound it makes is separately biodegradable and exceedingly unsatisfying-

Psychic!Curry: -walking around upside down, on her hands- <You could take the Pokéballs off the belt! Or as a point of fact have killed that entire roomful of people.>

Hiro: -sincerely- Thank you, Curry. I was making a rhetorical point. As for the latter...Reshi blast it, Mason.

-to Owen, stepping between him and the way they came- You should be clean. My fire is thorough—go on ahead back to the Stormchaser? Keep that Ariados away from them while you look for someone who can help—it's a miracle they weren't discovered already.

-cracking his shoulders- I will buy you time.

-and he plants his burning sword in the ground, Curry taking his hand and Libero flashing back to Fire-

-more of that painfully bright white fire-

(Hiro: -idly, shakes his hand free of the forest dirt from Curry's handstand-)

Stormchaser, Percy's Place

Logan: -laughing, mirthless- Oh yeah no a friend of mine's got her eating out of their hand. Kind of literally? The whole thing is weird—that seems reasonable to take as praxis, yeah.

Addie: -laughing- <Eminently fair! The more I meet, the more evident it is that the Legends are, like...people.>

-fur briefly bristling with static, Addie grooming it back into place- <Powerful people! But people nonetheless. All the way to the top, probably.>

-Latias, Eternatus, Regieleki-

Addie: -lingering on the last- <...not very nice people, sometimes.> |:c

Logan: -very visibly perking up, glitter aura intensifying- Oh I would love an energy drink. :o

Addie: -tugging on a loc- <I will remind you of the increasing chance that this is gonna have heart implications someday.>

Logan: -petting- Counterpoint, Addie. Caffeine. If the lightning couldn't do it...

-they proffer a sunny smile for Percy's sake specifically-

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No mind to think. No will to break.
MetamorphicHalis Luckiest of Stars from Generica High Relationship Status: I-It's not like I like you, or anything!
Luckiest of Stars
Sep 15th 2021 at 7:42:54 AM

Mt. Coronet, Caves

Unfortunately, Halis is still lost inside the cave system... not that they seem to have noticed much, given that they somehow keep going in the same circle time and time again.

Halis: "Ok, no, definitely has to be this way. I'm sure of it."

In fact, this is about their 28th loop through, give or take a few missteps. Chances are if someone doesn't intervene, this may never end.

Umbramatic Meet The New Boss from WAAPT usually, sometimes WHABP or maybe PEFE Relationship Status: Gay for Big Boss
Meet The New Boss
Sep 15th 2021 at 2:50:37 PM


-The girl just kind of. Stares at Pef. With a neutral expression.-

???: "What is it? Make it quick. I'm looking for something."

School trainwreck

Owen: "R-right. I WILL find someone. Come on guys."

-He recalls his team and heads back to the Stormchaser, glancing worriedly back in Hiro's direction all the while-

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memyselfandI2 Dunsparce Cloud from The Biosphere Relationship Status: Hooked on a feeling
Dunsparce Cloud
Sep 15th 2021 at 3:00:37 PM

Stormchaser, Percyplace

Percy: ...Uh, okay. That's incredibly weird and makes me not trust your friend. But okay.

Aware: <Hm, and people are mostly good but terrible when given power, and legendaries have a great deal of does scan.>

<...Well, gain power by being terrible, but.>

Percy: Come in, I guess. Please keep your voice down though.

-she attempts a halfhearted smile as she goes to fetch some Gatrade-based tea-

-despite much of the rest of her face being a skeleton, her smile is pretty normal-


PEFE!Every: I need a blood sample and a quick psychic scan.

-the Solosis's eyes glow briefly, and PEFE!Every blinks-

And then I'll find your thing for you.

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Dunsparce didn't stop being a thing or anything.
CorvusAtrox from the Dueling Arena Relationship Status: Don't hug me; I'm scared
Sep 15th 2021 at 4:09:29 PM


A pink-haired scientist is here, relaxing on a bed.

Scientist: "Definitely feels nice to be here again. Of course, our module's nice, and can't complain about the places the X-Nauts set me up with, but this place has still got a feeling of comfort to it."

Hypno: ~Yeah, does feel good to be back here, though suppose with how this place works you could slip in and out and no one would notice either way, huh?~

Sunflora: <Hope this doesn't mean you're not planning on getting back into all that mess.>

Scientist: "Hey, after spending most of your life with this stuff it hasn't gotten like second nature to you at this point?"

Sunflora: [crossing her leaf-arms] <No. Well, suppose there's some level of calm in what you've made out of this whole thing and guess I can live with that. Still not gonna welcome if you get back into the wackier stuff. And frankly, still not comfy with some of your hangers on.>

Impidimp: <Aww, that's not very nice of you.>

Sunflora: <I don't think I was ever nice to begin with.>

Scientist: "Anywayyy, well, we'll see, I might, guess even after a few years the yearning for adventure doesn't always go away, does it?"

Sunflora: <Well, long as you keep me away from the wilder parts of your wanderlust, guess I can live with it.>

"life is just a series of increasingly canon-eluding ao3 tags" ~ everydunsparce "Keep your hellfruit away from me, tempter" ~ also Every
Daydre That's just how it is on this bitch of an earth from the trash Relationship Status: Gone fishin'
That's just how it is on this bitch of an earth
Sep 15th 2021 at 4:43:08 PM

Stormchaser, Past

"... Huh. The more you know I guess."

She listens to Tagg's explanation patiently and puts a hand on her chin.

"Wow. Explains that interview, I guess. I'm not really sure how we'd go about getting it back aside from like, breaking into her house and stealing it. It's not sounding like she's just gonna give it back if we ask, so... Maybe we should give the you know what a check?"


"Then again raids are usually like, semilegal so maybe breaking in is still on the table."

Wedgehurst, Past


"I'm going to choose not to respond to that reference, what's important about this knight in particular?"

[Venice], July 7th

"Wait, what are you-"

The person who's not Daydre stops and stares at the smoke in the distance for a while.

They're not good enough to stalk someone across an ocean yet, but they do at least get a couple pings from the warehouse.

(taking hold of Suiko's hand) ".. Well, stealth seems to be out so..."

Stormchaser, Daydre's Room, Yesterday

Daydre blinks.


A couple times.

Give her a second.

"... Hi!"

And instinctively kneels down and pets Megan on the head.

Wait what am I doing

"... So uh.. What brings you here?" She says, in full view of the box Megan is holding.

Courage need not be remembered, for it is never forgotten.
rmctagg09 The Wanderer from Brooklyn, NY Relationship Status: I won't say I'm in love
The Wanderer
Sep 15th 2021 at 5:04:47 PM

Parfum Palace, far past

Ann: -Stumbling slightly- This is like having my brother's arms...

-Noticing the fold-


-She reaches for it-

Stormchaser, past

-To Daydre-

Luckily the train station is right there so we can try it out.

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AnimeboyIanpower Empathic Kid Hero-in-training from Queen Mary's Castle Relationship Status: Brewing the love potion
Empathic Kid Hero-in-training
Sep 15th 2021 at 6:25:39 PM

Circhester Stadium, VS Gordie and Melony

-The dust cloud settles, revealing that both Gordie's Shuckle and Melony's Mr. Rime had been knocked unconscious, both of their eyes spiralling.-


-Melony and Gordie call their Pokémon back to their Poké Balls.-

Melony: Your skills have improved significantly since you started.

Gordie: But now we're all warmed up!

Melony: Froslass!

Gordie: Gigalith!

Melony and Gordie: I CHOOSE YOU!

-Melony and Gordie throw their Poké Balls into the air and from them appear a Froslass and a Gigalith.-

Gordie's Gigalith: <GRAAAARGH! I'm all fired up!>

Melony's Froslass: <My my... So cute are our opponents... And so powerful...>

Me: Evelyn. I request permission to withdraw Blossom from the battle for the time being.

Evelyn: Why are you asking me for permission? She's our Pokémon.

Me: Exactly. And she's more than that... She's our friend. Besides, you bonded with her first.

Evelyn: True...

Evelyn and I: Blossom, return for now. You've earned a rest.

-With that, Ian calls Blossom back to her Ball.-

Evelyn: Now, may I ask what your plan is?

Me: You'll find out soon enough.

-Ian takes a Poké Ball off his belt and throws it.-

Me: YUKI-SAMA, DETEKOI!Translation 

-The Poké Ball opens and from it comes Yuki, Ian's own Froslass.-

Yuki: <Gokigen yo, Yukimenoko-san.>Translation 

Rebel Island Dressing Rooms

Emilie: Ah... well, y'see... I'd rather not say. It's... kind of embarrassing...

Spikemuth (because Time Shenanigans)

-Ian and Evelyn fly into Spikemuth on their broom. Literally.-


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Daydre That's just how it is on this bitch of an earth from the trash Relationship Status: Gone fishin'
That's just how it is on this bitch of an earth
Sep 15th 2021 at 7:03:59 PM

Stormchaser, Past

"That's true. It wouldn't hurt just to check, at least."


... And so the two are here now!

"... So uh. Guess we start looking?"

Courage need not be remembered, for it is never forgotten.
rmctagg09 The Wanderer from Brooklyn, NY Relationship Status: I won't say I'm in love
The Wanderer
Sep 15th 2021 at 7:11:55 PM


-To Daze-

Okay, let's see if we can find anything.

-Typing into the Metaverse Navigator-

"Morata Macraul" "Mementos"

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Daydre That's just how it is on this bitch of an earth from the trash Relationship Status: Gone fishin'
That's just how it is on this bitch of an earth
Sep 15th 2021 at 8:06:08 PM


The search doesn't return anything.

"So.. she's a shitty person, but not the right kind of shitty person?"

Courage need not be remembered, for it is never forgotten.
Umbramatic Meet The New Boss from WAAPT usually, sometimes WHABP or maybe PEFE Relationship Status: Gay for Big Boss
Meet The New Boss
Sep 15th 2021 at 8:15:33 PM

Wedgehurst, PEF Every Zone

???: "I can do the psychic scan but will pass on the blood sample. I'm looking for someone to help me with something the cops don't touch."

-her expression stays neutral and her voice a monotone-

-A Low Key Toxicrity pops out of one of her Pokeballs-

Toxicrity: <Yeah, like, we're just kinda trying to solve a mystery... rewrite history...>

Wedgehurst, Daydre Zone

Merlin: He and I assisted Zacian, Zamazenta, Caleryx, and other knights and kings back in the time of the Darkest Day...

-he sighs wistfully-

He and I were also... Very good friends.

Fou: <...You literally kissed him on the mouth.>

Merlin: Very good friends.

Fou: <You two also had->

Merlin: Very good friends!

Parfum Palace

-The wall tears away to reveal a passageway-

Square!Gudrunn: See?! I TOLD you!

Olivia: <You guys are getting the hand of the 1000-Fold Arms!>

-They head through the passageway. It would be wise of everyone to follow probably-

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AbsentCoder Some Rando from Doofenshmirtz Neutral Incorporated Relationship Status: RelationshipOutOfBoundsException: 1
Some Rando
Sep 15th 2021 at 8:21:23 PM


"Yeah, see, the problem with the "view", is that it's actually host to a whole list of problems that, if unchecked... well, I don't want to talk about it," he summarized. "I've seen it before, and I recognize what beast he's trying to keep chained up."

"What," Kamui said simply.

"He's playing a dangerous game, both allowing access to what we saw, as well as simply having what we saw at all."


Parfum Dungeon

Kendall nodded, following but staying as ahead as he could.

[Insert Unoriginal Stinger Here]
rmctagg09 The Wanderer from Brooklyn, NY Relationship Status: I won't say I'm in love
The Wanderer
Sep 15th 2021 at 9:35:14 PM

Parfum Palace, past

Ann: -Follows-


-To Daze-

That means one of two things I'd imagine, she's either got a Palace instead, or like you're alluding her heart has no distortions, she's just a terrible person and perfectly aware of that, so there's no Shadow to manifest, or at least not the ones we're more used to that are the negative aspects of a person's nature that are hidden.


I suppose if there's nothing to be found in Mementos we might as well leave.

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Asterisk395 No voice to cry suffering from Hallownest Relationship Status: I've got a total eclipse of the heart
No voice to cry suffering
Sep 16th 2021 at 1:18:15 AM


-Hiro watches Owen leave, with an entirely neutral expression...-

-...and permits himself a moment to exist, as nothing but...exhausted-

-head tilted back toward the canopy-

Hiro: -worms trying to core his nerves- …

-standing there listening to the birdsong for one second, two, five-

-before Teleport sounds all around him-

-appearing in pairs, a good dozen purple-armored soldiers emerge from the ether to surround Hiro, taking cover in the trees and brush-

Hiro: -earnestly, fatigued- ...we don't need to do this, you know.

-they confer silently, layers and layers of barriers forming-

Hiro: You could walk away. There are places you could go, other than here.

-compressing—constricting—into a spherical prison, hexagon-plated-

Hiro: If all of you take it, no one is here to stop you.

-through the barrier wall, he hears the faintest snort-

-each of them, he notes, carries themselves with the self-importance of a Templar-

-each of them balancing basic fear and cultivated glee, filling the bubble with soporific Dream Mist-

Hiro: ...

-it would be a disservice to describes what radiates from Hiro as killing intent-

Curry: -bounces a pebble from foot to foot, sparks lighting-

-such intent implies aggression—the heat he brought to bear against Mason, in the aftermath of leveled city blocks and injured friends-

   Hiro: -mourning intent- All of you are about to die.   

-...the barrier flickers-

-the sword in the earth and the belt in his hand each catch alight, ordinary red-orange flame heating to supernatural white-

-candle flames light the woods beyond the prison-circle of thought, shouts ringing out-

-and Hiro catches Psybeams in his cape, tossing his belt upward—the damaged Pokéballs on it cracking and bursting like plastic in a microwave-

[Venice], July 7th

-Suiko nods, a bit rueful-

-and then they're gone, a brief water spout depositing them much closer than they were-

-the warehouse is full of freezers-

-the Warehouse, of course, deals in illicitly-obtained Pokémon parts; it's little surprise their cover would include more ordinary cuts of meat-

-but the warehouse, also, is full of Tentacool and Tentacruel, dangling like dry-aging game—from the rafters, preparing a barrage, Suiko points these out to her partner (in crime? 🤔) as like recognizing like—-

-...but said partner may notice Stunfisk and Skrelp by that eagerness that rises before a battle, Camouflaged thoroughly amidst the machinery-

Dr. Ironspine: -taking readings- <Ugh, they have it primed to shunt to a backup. If we shoot it, it'll just migrate operations onto the cloud—...which they haven't done already because of Fenestration updates? amateurs—I need to get down there.>

-...she says, prompting Suiko to scoop her up like a football-

Courage used Focus Energy!

Suiko invoked Laser Fo—

-Suiko, creeping forward, treads directly on a slumbering Beartic trap-

Camouflaged!Stunfisk: …!


-all the guards look up-

-Courage just fucking shoots one of them, because why not-

Courage: <Poachers.>

Mini-raid! Suiko and    {???} vs. Second Node Stooges!

Stormchaser, Percyplace

Logan: -to Percy- That's the appropriate response! That is the appropriate response.

-and, following her inside, they favor her with another of their kilowatt grins (higher power ratings reserved for more intense scenarios)- [—-For what it's worth, though, I'm not sure anyone knew what was going on, there.

-Addie's grin, meanwhile, resembles something more of a grimace-

Addie: <H a h a h a yup.>

-...scratching her noggin- <...I can't really recommend inheriting power over actively, horribly gaining power as a ward against terribleness. The opposite, really.>

-it's with a deep fascination that the pair of them observe the Gatrtea-


Logan: -murmur- If the Legend were a mere fisherman, they'd have earned my respect.

-...Logan peeks around- Violent, vocal, radiant—their exercise is cruel, and cruelty has no claim to power.

-Avery, Mallory, Apple-A-Day-

-they contemplate each of them—not sizing any up as any kind of threat, as Percy may be overfamiliar, but...observing the levels of comfort present-

Logan: ...and so long as I live, may I speak against cruelty.

-rooms on the Stormchaser aren't that big, and here they all are-

Logan: -warm-'ve surrounded yourself with some pretty good people, haven't you?

Addie: -to Aware, again- <...our universe hasn't turned upside-down yet with these showrunners...though not for lack of trying. Much as I think any number of them could benefit from people to talk to, I'm considering that a success.> ^^

Stormchaser, Daydre's Room, Two Days Ago

-the Megan head squeaks and goes very, very red-

-and scoops up the box to proffer, in lieu of other actions, such as leaning into the pets-

Megan: -holding it out- I-I look at the painting you gave me. A lot.

-mind going...a bit blank- I did not bring the painting here. Because—because I like it where it is. A lot.

-sitting upright, from treading water in the void- But I brought!! A thing!!

(-the box has at no point stopped being a box-)

Megan: ...I um. Don't know how much art is my specialty. But I have things, and make things, so I made, uh…

-...proffer- ...instead.

-it's a bit larger than a bread box-


-a cloud, a bug, and a fog walk into a bar-

-they get arrested-

Pollen: -groggy- <...bwuh…?>

-what's the punchline, here?-

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rmctagg09 The Wanderer from Brooklyn, NY Relationship Status: I won't say I'm in love
The Wanderer
Sep 16th 2021 at 1:32:25 AM


-The cloud, bug, and fog find themselves in a separate cells, unable to see one another. In front of them are two golden-eyed Magnemite wearing hats, one spelling "X-M-R-N" and the other "O-Y-O-O", and what appears to be an Abra plushie with an unusually long muzzle sitting at a desk in the center of the room-

X-M-R-N!Mite: -Zaps Pollen's bars- <Get yourself together, Inmate XVI-B! Our master wishes to speak with you!>

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CorvusAtrox from the Dueling Arena Relationship Status: Don't hug me; I'm scared
Sep 16th 2021 at 9:37:38 AM

Route 117, Daycare

A Pokemon Breeder is tending to the counter when an Aroma Fellow walks in along with his Roserade, carrying some plants.

Breeder: "Hey, Hajime, Buddy, thanks for getting that order in for us, hope the Pokemon at the Daycare like those new plants and berries."

Aroma Fellow Hajime: "Oh, no problem, Kaisei. Always happy to do deliveries to this place."

Breeder Kaisei: "Heh, always glad to get stuff from your place too. Been busy recently with the Thornes making sure the Pokemon here are properly immunized and all."

Hajime: "Yeah, makes sense that'd have you busy..."

"...Y'know I wonder, you still doing stuff with the Team?"

Kaisei: "Huh? Hehe, funny, friend from Mauville asked me the same thing last night. But, well, I guess I'm part of it still but Daycare's busy and all, Blitz and Tori have largely been helping out recently, trainer's still in another dimension, sometimes contacts me. So I guess... feels like it's been true in an association sense if not in an action sense. Heck, association sense is part of what gets us still talking on occasion, eh?"

Hajime: "Yeah, that's true. Been thinking about it myself, too. I guess I'm happy to keep working in the flower shop and it's definitely less stress but... well, I left Slateport for a reason in the first place, huh?"

Roserade Buddy: <Well, supposing we did for old time's sake, the shop should be able to handle it in the meantime.>

Hajime: "Yeah... still, weird to go from stability to adventure again."

Kaisei: "Hehe, don't worry, done it some times myself, takes a bit to get used to but you learn to manage fine. Good luck if you go ahead with it, might see you in the Stormchaser and not just behind the counter."

Hajime: "That'd be something, yeah..."

[Hajime and Buddy then work together with Kaisei to bring the new plants out to the yard]

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Sep 16th 2021 at 9:58:11 AM

Defiant Wing

Kanako tilted her head, <And you have the means to beat the Rebel fleet?>

"The Flagship is the key," Silas responded, "It runs the entire Fleet's battle net, and it is kitted for Cruiser Killing. We need you all to keep the Federation fleet supported, they may overlook some of your crimes."

Kanako sighed, <That's not much of an offer.>

"Better than being crushed by the Rebellion."

As food was set out, Hacks smirked, ~Eat, enjoy, and we'll let you decide over dinner.~

[Venice] - King's Ransom

Kincade laughed and lead Ivan and his girlfriend out, "Come, come follow me!"

Dimitri looked to his Mistress, who grinned, the players were falling into place.

Dr. White sipped his drink, "The company I work for would be glad to help, so long as my superior gets her way. I swear Corporate is too up their own ass in insane plans, hers however are simple and effective. Surprising what basic management can do. And here, special people can provide you what you need, if you know the right questions."

I say just walk in and look important, you're killing it in the outfit, nobody will ask, The Pen noted, Go in and show them who is boss.

memyselfandI2 Dunsparce Cloud from The Biosphere Relationship Status: Hooked on a feeling
Dunsparce Cloud
Sep 16th 2021 at 1:19:37 PM

Stormchaser, Percyplace

-Percy blinks at Logan a few times, and takes a sip of her "tea"-

Percy: -slight smile- I like them okay.

-she glances at Mallory, who is snoring a little-

Some of them are harder to get the measure of than others.

-and at Avery, Facade snoozing on her head, and Apple-A-Day asleep in full costume-

But they seem like they've got their hearts in the right place.

-Aware floats out of the camera, turning into lightning to slip into the room, hovering over Addie's head-

Aware: <Ooh, therapy for legends. That sounds lucrative. Or maybe dangerous, I'm not sure. It's hard to gauge these things when you're immortal and mostly indestructible.>


PEFE!Every: Hm, I need the blood sample, though. I can also pay...

-she checks something on her phone-

10000₽ if that will motivate you.

But I'm not going to help you with your thing otherwise.

Cytosol: -eye glow-

PEFE!Every: -frowns- No, that just applies to people on the Stormchaser. Dr. Tagg said.

Cytosol: -eye glow-

PEFE!Every: I think it's fine.

-she turns to the Toxtricity-

How about you? You seem like a reasonable person. Do you want my help and are you willing to volunteer?

Forest outside the Magic School Train

-there's a low whistle-

???: So this is what you do with your free time, huh?

-from an blue enby sitting in a tree, legs dangling in the air, a Mimikyu on their shoulder-

Ever: I guess I can't...really criticize. Want a hand?

Dunsparce didn't stop being a thing or anything.
Metanoia like christ, but with more nails from Antarctica
like christ, but with more nails
Sep 16th 2021 at 1:34:15 PM

Parfum Palace Dungeon, past

Kamon: Thousand folds?

Gingivere: -looking at Ann's transformation- <...How singular.>

Wild Area

-a Barraskewda and a Fletchinder are playing a game of high speed chase-

Channah: <Wings hurt... Lo makes it - look so easy...> -lands clumsily on a branch above Ingrid to rest, then notices the sound of crying- <...Fuck is going on here?>

There is no disdain in nature, there is no humiliation.
rmctagg09 The Wanderer from Brooklyn, NY Relationship Status: I won't say I'm in love
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Sep 16th 2021 at 1:37:01 PM


Chiyo: -Is floating within a tank near a seemingly impossible machine, naked and with her eyes closed, but at an angle where it would be impossible to see her more explicit parts-

???: Chiyo.

Chiyo: -Still floating-

???: -More directly- Chiyo.

Chiyo: -Eyes open as she finds herself fully clothed in what appears to be a cavern, its floor showing a crude approximation of Sinnoh and its three major lakes-

???: -Floating above her- It is a pleasure to finally make your acquaintance, Chiyo. Generally the realm of dreams falls under Cresselia and Darkrai's domain, but we of spirit have our own influence on the realm as well, as do many legendaries.

Chiyo: -Confused- Who... are you?

???: I am Uxie, the embodiment of knowledge. We have been watching you for quite some time.

Chiyo: Uxie, the legendary? I'm surprised you'd appear to someone like myself.


I know you know who and what I am.

Uxie: It is not the circumstances of one's birth, but what they do with the gift of life that makes them who they are, that is true even for those constructed by the School like yourself.

Chiyo: So why now? I've always felt like you all have been watching, but I've never been able to prove it.

Uxie: The School has been a plague on the Earth for centuries, seeing powers like yours as a resource to be ransacked, and has treated countless beings as little more than chattel, but the time has not been right to finally put an end to them. That has started to change, thanks to the efforts of both yourself and the J-Team, which is why I have chosen to appear to you now.

Chiyo: The J-Team?


Do you talk to Tagg about this stuff or something?

Uxie: Yes, he is the one I speak you though normally he comes to me. It is good that you two have managed to meet once again and join forces, it will likely play a great role in the events to come.

-The scene shifts to Galar, but from the starry night sky, Minior falling towards it, the sky itself containing four constellations-

I tasked Tagg with one mission in Galar, and it serendipitously allowed you two to meet again, but you Chiyo, have your own part to play in all this, as one directly harmed by the School's actions. That is, if you're willing.

Chiyo: -Hand on chin- I've been thinking since the whole business with the Train, maybe I don't just want to run and hide, only fighting when we get cornered, maybe I want to try being proactive rather than just reactive when it comes to dealing with the School. And not just for me, or my Batchmates, but for everyone.

Uxie: Then find your way to this spot, and you may gain a powerful ally.

-A spot in the mountain range between Galar and the Crown Tundra glows-

Chiyo: -Eyes narrowing with determination- Alright then, I agree. ​

Uxie: A warning though, Chiyo. The future is always in flux, and as you know, the School is not done with you yet. I see what is, what was, what will be, what could be, and what could have been. This relative peace you have found may be the eye that comes before the eyewall tears everything apart, and you must be prepared for that possible eventuality. If not, you may lose everything and everyone you hold dear.

-She lets the words hang for a few moments-

But for now, I will leave you to it. Goodbye Chiyo, it was a pleasure to finally meet you directly instead of merely observing you.

-And Chiyo's sight is filled with mist-


Chiyo: -Wakes up- Dactyl, we're heading out.

Dactyl: <Where to?>

Chiyo: -Getting up- I'll explain on the way down to Wedgehurst.

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