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rmctagg09 The Wanderer from Brooklyn, NY Relationship Status: I won't say I'm in love
The Wanderer
Sep 9th 2021 at 8:23:57 PM

Parfum Palace, past

Ann: -To Gudrunn, taking in her shape- ...Were you messing with an object of terrible power again?

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AbsentCoder Some Rando from Doofenshmirtz Neutral Incorporated Relationship Status: RelationshipOutOfBoundsException: 1
Some Rando
Sep 9th 2021 at 8:33:59 PM

Parfum Palace Dungeon

"TL;DR," Kendall started after turning to Kim, extending an arm to manipulate an illusory glove to undo the clothespins keeping her in place. "yeah, she had gotten her hands on some terrible artifacts that hosted some long-dead ruler's soul, got corrupted and after a year or two of being made to chase conquest, she's basically a mother to a bunch of Whismur. A bit like [Rosalina], but with headaches rather than plushies."

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memyselfandI2 Dunsparce Cloud from The Biosphere Relationship Status: Hooked on a feeling
Dunsparce Cloud
Sep 9th 2021 at 8:53:37 PM

Stormchaser, past

Ever: Cool.

-and they're gone-

Wyndon Alleyway, August 21

Ramphyros: <Augh!>

-Dragon-type, thankfully, but she and Brie are forced to pull up, zigzagging around the Air Slash-

Brie: Challenging me to a dogfight? Kai, Alice, you've got this creep, right?

-uh, no they don't seem to, Brie-

-...there she goes all the same-

Brie: Don't worry! You won't be here for very long. Psychic!

-Ramphyros dives again, this time towards Rogue. Around her and Brie, the air gets heavy, and there's a short, sourceless thunderclap around the Crobat-

Dunsparce didn't stop being a thing or anything.
SwiftSeraph pain peko from The Void Relationship Status: Shipping fictional characters
pain peko
Sep 9th 2021 at 10:26:40 PM

Castelia City - August 17th, 3:00 P.M.

"Reports of Shaun Sapphire attacking innocents continues, this time sighted with a strange Houndoom. Authorities say none of the wounds inflicted are life-threatening, and are all treatable without any lasting effects, at least physically. No one knows why the trainer is attacking civilains, nor why he and his Pokémon are so precise-"

-Jesica angrily tosses the phone to Cereza, who scrolls through the footage of Orpheus.-

Cereza: <That building...and you can see that from there...>

Jessica: "Just...we have to find him!"

Qrow: <We found him. Downtown.>

Shaun: "No time to waste. Thanatos?"

-Thanatos looks up, a necklace clenched tightly in hand.-

Thanatos: "Ready.'

"Dang that sure is totally poggers my good bitch"
Sep 10th 2021 at 10:53:26 AM

Castelia - Outskirts

Silas walked along the edge of Castelia, phone in hand, "You sure about this?"

"Positive!" Roxy's voice came over.

"That idiot is a lot like you, positive he can solve many problems," Roxy said walking along, a metal briefcase in hand, Muggy by her side.

"Ouch," Silas's voice came over.

"So I'm gonna try and meet up with Jessica, help her find her boyfriend, you're out on the edge to keep a close eye to make sure they don't get out. Bishop is monitoring transmissions to keep us updated... and to make sure Interpol doesn't interfere."

"Glad to be of help Commander," Bishop said.

Silas sighed and stepped forward, "Fine fine. Shaun insists this is his problem to solve, so let's keep our distance... the universe has a sense of humor and these kinds of things-"

Roxy blinked as the line went dead, "Silas?"

She paused, she could wait... investigate... or go help Jessica. She grumbled and ran off to go find Jessica, Silas was capable of taking care of himself, and Shaun was the bigger risk here.

Unity Tower - Rooftops

Silas blinked and almost stumbled, there he stood on top of one of the city's skyscrapers... how did he get up here?

"Hello Silas," A voice said.

Silas turned around and grunted, "Tobias... you asshole."

"Good to see you two," Tobias said stepping out, hands clasped behind his back, "You're probably wondering why I brought you here."

"Not really, standard fare for jackasses like you, monologue."

Tobias scoffed, "You see me as some villain... and yet all the actions your friends have taken have endangered this world more than anything."

"Yeah? How can you be sure?"

Tobias smirked a little, "I was asked by Kalter to observe them... I have many reports on our alternate selves."

Silas turned pale, "What?"

"Here and there where I could. It's harder than it looks, observing without being caught. But I've done what I could... and today I'm bringing Orpheus in hopefully... So I need you out of the way."

Silas grimaced, "Little late for that."

Tobias frowned, "Right... so... let's talk."

SwiftSeraph pain peko from The Void Relationship Status: Shipping fictional characters
pain peko
Sep 10th 2021 at 1:13:43 PM

Castelia City, Downtown - 3:10 P.M.

-Shaun's group makes their way further in.-

-Orpheus awaits them somewhere in the city.-

Castelia, Elsewhere

-Jessica makes her way downtown atop a gorgeous Arcanine, the dog barreling down the sidewalk.-

"Dang that sure is totally poggers my good bitch"
Umbramatic Meet The New Boss from WAAPT usually, sometimes WHABP or maybe PEFE Relationship Status: Gay for Big Boss
Meet The New Boss
Sep 10th 2021 at 2:22:35 PM

Parfum Palace

Square!Gudrunn: I didn't nab anything weird this time I swear! These guys just kinda... Showed up! Just get me down from here!

Stormchaser, Former Ever Zone

Jade: ...Where'd they go? I blinked and they were gone...

-Deep breath-

Okay Jade don't panic, I know you're a multiversal refugee on a weird airship populated by even weirder people and Pokemon, but there is no reason to panic probably maybe...

Swift: <At least we should be safe from all forms of Rocket for now...>

Jade: I don't know if they can track us here. I don't want to find out.

Swift: <Maybe you should get to know the people here... Maybe that will calm you down.>

Jade: ...I guess. But first. I should find a room like that weird enby said. And rest.

-she recalls Swift and goes off to do so-

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Metanoia like christ, but with more nails from Antarctica
like christ, but with more nails
Sep 10th 2021 at 6:30:46 PM

Parfum Palace Dungeon, past

Kamon: -takes in the new info with both eyebrows raised- ...Curious. Oh, uh, your highness, let me just - -tries to undo the string trap, but pokes himself with the pin in the process- Ow.

Male Galarian Rapidash: -pops out from Kamon's pokéball looking annoyed, attempts to undo the string with his horn- <Just as inept as I was informed.>

Kamon: I had it, Gingivere, but thank you.

There is no disdain in nature, there is no humiliation.
Sergey_Smirnov Trans Terminus Homo from Everywhere and Nowhere (With a german accent) Relationship Status: Consider his love an honor
Trans Terminus Homo
Sep 10th 2021 at 7:27:34 PM

Galar Mountains

Alyesha once more gave a thumbs up, a noticeable grin on he face as she did so.

Alyesha: "You won't regret that, I promise~!"

She exclaimed before continuing with her preparations, taking out some ingredients out of her backpack. After having prepared everything, Alyesha shortly gave a sign to Krasnaya who turned to face the small stove her trainer had put on the ground and quickly lit it with a weak stream of flames, earning her both a thumbs up an a snack, the latter of which Alyesha tossed over for the Cubone to catch.

With the stove now running, Alyesha continued to prepare the food, and, though she wore thick gloves, all her knife-work was done with a grace as if she wore nothing at all encasing her hands, giving Emer a hint of how familiar her newfound friend was with her work.

Alyesha: "Alright, give me just a moment~"

Alyesha cheerfully declared as she continued working her magic on the ingredients before her, some of which Emer would notice would be rice, [[LAMB]] and flour.

Alyesha: "This'll be a proper mountaneer's meal~"

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"One may feel fear in the face of danger so long as one banishes fear when danger actually arrives"
Sep 10th 2021 at 8:14:26 PM

Unity Tower - Rooftop

Silas stared at the coated man before him… another him in a sense, Tobias stared at him, his eyes barely visible behind his mess of matted jet black hair, an intense glare from the deep blue. Silas checked his belt… the pokeballs were missing, “You separated me from my team.”

“They’re safe… I just didn’t calculate them as part of your body mass,” Tobias answered.

Castelia Outskirts

Hacks opened the pokeballs one by one, popping out the entire team, ~Where the hell is Silas?~

Unity Tower Rooftops

“So… talk… talk about what?” Silas commented, he glared at his alternate self… son of a bitch knew to separate him from his team, take away his major advantage.

“Why do you all persist? Why do you continue?” Tobias asked, “We are an inevitability, why do you continue to fight me? I’m the smarter of the two of us, look at what I did. I made a device to travel existence itself.”

Silas stepped carefully, “Hm, sure of yourself aren’t you?’

“Have to be, nothing really matters, it can all be taken away so easily,” Tobias commented.

Silas took notice, he wasn’t an auric but he didn’t need to be to notice the lack of a distinct Lucario beside his counterpart… Every universe he had visited that had a him, also had a Hacks in some form. What was the story there?

“You don’t deserve what you have… look at you, you’re a roided up musclehead who is more likely to shoot first. You lost your damn arm in the process and replaced it with that silvery thing,” Tobias spat, his voice laced with venom.

“I’d say my partner and I are equals, I hope she’s doing well on her job.”


Roxy picked up her phone and called Jessica, “Come on… come on… Muggy hold this.”

Muggy took the brief case.

There was a beep, hopefully not a answering machine, “Hey Jess, it’s Roxy! We got something that can track your boyfriend, where can we meet?”

Unity Rooftops

“Not her… him. Why do you still have him, you don’t deserve him at all, you’re drifting away from him…” Tobias accused.

Silas frowned, it made sense, “You lost him… you lost him long ago before you could handle this stuff and this is who you became.”

Tobias blinked a little taken aback, “Hm… seems there’s more brain in there than expected.”

“Yeah I can figure out what you mean by Kalter. An alternate Kai, that’s who you work for?” Silas continued.

“Aw, seems he can think after all, I felt the name would help you distinguish between my Kai and your Kai!’

Silas stepped forward, “So this is what you are, a petty bully who never grew up. Hacks and I are still brothers, we’re just getting older, things change, and we’re changing for the better. You, you stagnated, you regressed, and here you are as someone who doesn’t know how to process your feelings or your grief.”

Tobias’s eye twitched, “You don’t get to say that to me.”

“Oh trust me,” Silas said, a wicked grin on his face, “I’m just getting started. I was worried about you at first, now I see that you’re just a sad miserable individual, I pity you. You couldn’t handle your grief and without the friends around you to help you through it, you never got to move on. You’re trapped, stuck in the pain of your past, you’re envious of what I have because it means I represent something you can’t stand… the ability to move forward and change. Were Hacks to die today, I’d be saddened yes, but I could manage my pain and eventually move forward… you never did. What was it like… during that day in Orre?”

Tobias stumbled a bit, nearly jumping, “How did you-”

“Know? I reasoned it out and took a guess, Tae was my first mon after Hacks, he had been picked up in Orre, followed by Snakeye shortly after,” Silas said, a cool tone as the grin spread from ear to ear.

Tobias grunted, anger welling up within, “Who are you to lecture me?”

“Someone who knows how to press an advantage,” Silas commented, “Bitch.”

There was a sudden jolt and Silas realized he was very high in the air just by unity tower now, he had forgotten about the teleporter rig, and right now he was regretting angering someone who could adjust his position in spacetime.

Tobias clenched his hands, balling them into fists as he felt tears roll down his face, anger at the surface. He had never intended to kill his alternate… at least not yet, but now, he didn’t care. Nobody talked about Hacks or him that way… at least he’d reduced chances of detection, it’d look like an accident, or suicide.

He just needed to calm down first.

Silas fell, he was really regretting pissing off a teleporter right now. He was just out here to help a friend, and now he was falling to his death. Depending on the top air speed of Wayne, he’d still go splat upon hitting the pavement below.

Keep calm, think straight, he dug into his bag… he needed something, anything, there had to be something among his connected hammerspaces, a quick fix, divine intervention, deus ex machina, anything!

He felt the cold touch of a beskar shell… he dug it out and smiled, his mando jetpack! He strapped it on as quickly as he could and let the neural band kick in, firing retros he aimed towards the ground below, firing as fast as he could… and then… he stopped.

Silas wanted to cheer, but that could wait, with imminent death averted… he rocketed back up to the rooftop.

Tobias heard the roar of rocket boosters, and looked over, as landing on the roof was Silas, who looked rather angry. Tobias was left dumbfounded… then he saw the jetpack.

“You and I,” he said, “We’re destined to end this in bloodshed… I wanted to make this clean.”

“You just tried to kill me,” Silas said, the area getting somewhat colder, “I don’t take kindly to that.”

Tobias didn’t have time for this, Kai wanted Orpheus back and the animal was attacking innocent people. He shot one last look to his counterpart and warped out.

Silas collapsed as the adrenaline of nearly falling to his death wore off, Tobias… this wasn’t going to end well.

Umbramatic Meet The New Boss from WAAPT usually, sometimes WHABP or maybe PEFE Relationship Status: Gay for Big Boss
Meet The New Boss
Sep 10th 2021 at 8:19:47 PM

Parfum Palace Dungeon

-Puilling on the string with the horn helps-

-But it seems this one may require multiple people-


-Merlin and Fou aren't IN the Stormchaser but they are BY it-

-Merlin is inspecting... something-

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AbsentCoder Some Rando from Doofenshmirtz Neutral Incorporated Relationship Status: RelationshipOutOfBoundsException: 1
Some Rando
Sep 10th 2021 at 8:25:54 PM

Parfum Palace

Noticing the pain from pulling the second string, the Unovan’s illusory remote hand tugs on it with a bit of effort, tragically lacking weight behind it but still tugging with the same force Kendall would impart if he were there.

[Insert Unoriginal Stinger Here]
Daydre That's just how it is on this bitch of an earth from the trash Relationship Status: Gone fishin'
That's just how it is on this bitch of an earth
Sep 10th 2021 at 9:14:55 PM


There is a Daydre around! She's fiddling around with the amulet in the shade of the Stormchaser when she notices Merlin.

Hey isn't that the guy who gave me this?... Might as well go say hello.

She walks over, noting that he seems to be looking at something.

"Hey again, what's up?"

Courage need not be remembered, for it is never forgotten.
AnimeboyIanpower Empathic Kid Hero-in-training from Queen Mary's Castle Relationship Status: Brewing the love potion
Empathic Kid Hero-in-training
Sep 10th 2021 at 10:16:10 PM

Parfum Palace Dungeon

Me: Need any help?

Evelyn: Don't worry, your majesty.

-Evelyn curtsies to the folded-up Gudrunn.-

Evelyn: We'll help you down.

-Ian and Evelyn move to assist in untying the string trap.-

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rmctagg09 The Wanderer from Brooklyn, NY Relationship Status: I won't say I'm in love
The Wanderer
Sep 11th 2021 at 2:04:23 AM

Parfum Palace, past

Ann: -Also starts assisting with the string-

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OPALGARNET16 Priest of the Temple of Syrinx from Nighttree, New Jersey Relationship Status: Abstaining
Priest of the Temple of Syrinx
Sep 11th 2021 at 10:37:15 AM

Parfum Palace

(Seeing everyone helping to untie the string, Kim suddenly looks down and takes out a PokeBall as an idea comes to her.)

Kim: "Red alert, Peechee!"

(Peechee promptly emerges from his PokeBall, giving a derpy look over at Kim.)

Peechee: <Hello, Kim! What do you—>

(And then he sees Gudrunn all tied up and folded, and his eyes flash red.)

Peechee: <WHO... WHO DID THIS?!>

Kim: "I have no idea, but those guys over there will need your help. Peechee, use Slash!"

(Peechee nods and raises his claw. Soon afterwards, Peechee jumps into the air and slashes at the string.)

Peechee: <I'LL SAVE YOU—!!>

Peechee used Slash!

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Hi, I’m oghond, and I’m a Rushaholic. Sorry if I annoy you unintentionally. 😅
Umbramatic Meet The New Boss from WAAPT usually, sometimes WHABP or maybe PEFE Relationship Status: Gay for Big Boss
Meet The New Boss
Sep 11th 2021 at 10:59:12 AM

Parfum Palace

-Gudrunn is eventually cut and tugged free of the clothespin and string!-

Square!Gudrunn: ...Oh. Kinda thought I'd just. Unfold or something. Ugh, never mind. There's a hidden exit in this room, those creepy origami mons were talking about it. We need to hurry up and find it!

-There are more flimsy-looking boxes nearby-


-Merlin notices Daydre-

Merlin: Oh hello! Still enjoying that amulet?

Fou: <...Oh no.>

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rmctagg09 The Wanderer from Brooklyn, NY Relationship Status: I won't say I'm in love
The Wanderer
Sep 11th 2021 at 12:22:54 PM

Parfum Palace, past

Ann: -Has Genmei start moving the boxes-

Stormchaser, today

To: Daydre

From: Tagg

You busy? There's something I've been meaning to talk to you about, but it's something I'd rather discuss in person.

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Hugging a Vanillite will give you frostbite.
Daydre That's just how it is on this bitch of an earth from the trash Relationship Status: Gone fishin'
That's just how it is on this bitch of an earth
Sep 11th 2021 at 12:36:57 PM


"Oh uh... Yeah, actually. Thanks a lot!" She says that genuinely, if a little sheepish.

"What're you doing over here?"


To Tagg
From Daydre
im free! id ask what's up but you already said you wanted to talk about that in person

where's a good place to meet?

Courage need not be remembered, for it is never forgotten.
rmctagg09 The Wanderer from Brooklyn, NY Relationship Status: I won't say I'm in love
The Wanderer
Sep 11th 2021 at 3:18:11 PM

Stormchaser, today

To: Daydre

From: Tagg

We can talk in my room in the Stormchaser.

Wyndon, today

Chiyo: -Looking at her tea but not drinking it-

Dactyl: <Something up?>

Chiyo: I was thinking about, you know, Boron.

Dactyl: <Ah...>

Chiyo: -Sighs as she gets lost in memory-

September 2006

When was it, six years after I'd met Tagg. Dactyl and I had managed to avoid or fight off the people the School sent against us, but this, this was different.

Chiyo: -Staring across from her opponent- Boron.

Boron: -Staring right back- Iridium.

When we did our escape from the facility on Poni, Gallium, Curium, myself, and a couple others, we tried getting Boron to come with, but she feared the School's wrath and considered our attempt a pipe dream, and so she stayed.

Chiyo: -Dactyl rotating- It's Chiyo now, or Ida, I'm still deciding. So you chose to stay with them instead of escaping?

Boron: -A frost to her Aura- What choice is there, you know what happens to those who defy the School, they always die eventually, either due to their age or at a Templar's hand. I chose to survive.

-Slightly sad-

I'm an Alumni now, you know. Haven't figured out what I want to be called yet though. Does Layla sound good?

Chiyo: You don't have to fight, you know, you can pretend you didn't see me.

Boron: -Retorting- We don't have to fight, if you come back quietly. If I fail here, I'll probably be liquidated.

Chiyo: -Pleading- No, there has to be another way, I don't want to fight you, I don't really want to hurt anyone for the most part, but especially not someone from my own Batch.

Boron: -Serious- No Iridium, either you come with me back to the School, or I end your life right here.

Chiyo: -Barriers forming- I'm not going back to the School, if we fight, I can't guarantee your safety.


Don't make me do this, Boron!

Boron: -Angrily- The choice was already made years ago when you and the others left and I stayed!

-Forming a sword construct-

And I'm not going to be the one getting liquidated today.

-And so, the Aurics clash-

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Hugging a Vanillite will give you frostbite.
Daydre That's just how it is on this bitch of an earth from the trash Relationship Status: Gone fishin'
That's just how it is on this bitch of an earth
Sep 11th 2021 at 3:53:33 PM


To Tagg
From Daydre

Stormchaser, Outside Tagg's Room

There's a knock at the door.

Courage need not be remembered, for it is never forgotten.
Umbramatic Meet The New Boss from WAAPT usually, sometimes WHABP or maybe PEFE Relationship Status: Gay for Big Boss
Meet The New Boss
Sep 11th 2021 at 4:38:45 PM


Merlin: Very good! Hmmm, were you at that one assault on the Macrauls? If not you still owe me for that thing.

Fou: <Here we go..>

Merlin: As for what I'm doing here? Someone did ME a favor and now I'm helping out the J-Team.

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MasterJayAM Relationship Status: Married to the job
Sep 11th 2021 at 5:50:28 PM

Vali Hospital

Deep within Lightwave's system is Ma'at. She had earlier downloaded herself into the system after an arduous yet thorough exploration of all the system's weaknesses. It was more formidable than most of her obstacles. She hasn't gotten a challenge like this since Orochi Plaza, which was fitting; these two buildings ultimately belonged to the same company.

At the end, though, Ma'at's expertise and the upgrades Sphinx had gotten for her have won out against her opponent's systems. Vali's system was formidable and a worthy opponent to a PorygonZ of her caliber. Lightwave's, as impressive as it was, never stood a chance, though it did put up a very good fight.

Let's just see what happens next.

Wyndon, a Boutique near the Train Station

Protium looked at his new duds: It was the first time he actually had the chance to pick out real clothes for himself. He seldom bought clothes even when he was posing as Pratchett. He wore uniforms quite a lot, despite the grunt's generous paychecks. Outside, whenever he could fake it, he used illusions. And he did the same for his siblings. All three of them looked forward to the time where they could pick out their clothes, and Tritium was happy to come up with ways to customize their rags in the absence of it.

He wasn't unaware of the idea of buying clothes; as with everything, he learned it from the recesses of Pratchett's memories. An awful man he may have been, the late grunt was responsible for almost everything Protium ever knew. Even the intonation of his voice, which is apparently very common in Galar.

He and his sisters were almost unrecognizable for once, and for the first time, all three of them could let their guard down. Their rescuer's generosity was most appreciated, though he could tell a bit of discomfort brewing within Iron. Something about credit card bills.

Protium: I'm so sorry.

Big Iron: Don't be. You know, you don't have to wear exactly the same thing that you did before, right?

Protium: Hey, if it works.

He wore a baggy hoodie and a pair of cargo pants with too many pockets, as he did before. Most of his other clothes were similar, though Iron had suggested he and his siblings buy more appropriate clothes for warmer weather and sleeping.

Meanwhile, his sister Deuterium has transformed. She decided to opt for a new look. A blouse and cardigan with un-torn slacks. Her outfit is a bit more form fitting now, but by her admission, was just as warm as the tattered hackets she used to wear.

Deuterium: Arceus, this feels like a dream come true. How do I look?

Big Iron: You look fantastic.

Protium: You've been more than generous, mate. This is enough. And it kind of feels weird, doesn't it. To wear something that I had to choose for myself. Deuterium certainly took to it well.

Big Iron: As is your little one.

Tritium followed her older brother in wearing something she normally does, with a twist. She didn't bother layering a jacket like she usually does. The end result is something quite akin to Iron, who she seems to have taken a liking to.

Protium: Aurabolts. What the fuck is that?

Big Iron: It's a cartoon series about edgy superheroes. Adolescents love it. My own Freshman sibling loves the show. Tritium and them are gonna be fast friends, I just know it.

Protium: So, this Oasis of yours.

Deuterium: Hey, it even sounds like home.

Protium: Yeah, what's it like.

Big Iron: It's a sanctuary of sorts for people in unusual circumstances who need a place to stay. We started off with fallers, though there are a few escapees who found refuge there like me and my sister. You'll be meeting them soon. They're great company. You'll be safe there for the moment.

Deuterium: I can't thank you enough for coming to our rescue. And to think I thought you were Ferrum. I recalled that they disposed of the guy they cloned him from.

Big Iron: Small world, ain't it? So that's what they called my genetic remix. What in tarnation are they smoking down there at the facility?

Deuterium: I'm guessing they just keep all the good hallucinogen batches for themselves.How'd you manage to give them the slip? Play dead.

Big Iron: Actually pretty spot on. As it turns out I can slow down my life signs pretty well; that's something that apparently even regular people must have years of training to do.. Can this Ferrum fella do that?

Deuterium: I dunno. I don't think he ever tried.

Big Iron: I'm not gonna lie, this is hardly a 100 percent guarantee that the Templars won't go after y'all. But you've got the Oasis backing you now. And we've got a few friends in high places of our own.

Protium: That's surprisingly comforting.

Daydre That's just how it is on this bitch of an earth from the trash Relationship Status: Gone fishin'
That's just how it is on this bitch of an earth
Sep 11th 2021 at 7:02:23 PM


Well, I should've expected this.

"I was there, yeah. Though I think you gave this to me after that so if you're implying what I think you're implying then, uh, I still, maybe owe you?"

Daydre gets into a squatting position and puts a hand on her chin.

"Oh? What's the favor you have to do?"

Courage need not be remembered, for it is never forgotten.
rmctagg09 The Wanderer from Brooklyn, NY Relationship Status: I won't say I'm in love
The Wanderer
Sep 11th 2021 at 7:35:27 PM

Stormchaser, today

-Opens the door-

September 2006

CW blood, death

I guess you could say it was easier than most of my fights because Boron and I had sparred before, or harder precisely because unlike everyone else who'd been sent against me Boron knew how I fought, even with the new skills I acquired. However, either way, the battle itself I don't remember that much, but its aftermath...

I can't say whether it because I was in full control, or my instincts did the fighting for me but I couldn't commit to one path or another, but either way...

Chiyo: -Ducks under a slash before kicking Boron away as two death discs slice her chest in an X-shape with an accompanying spray of blood-

Boron: -Eyes look on in shock at the blood pooling on the ground from her wound, the wound itself, and then at Chiyo- I...

-Before stumbling and falling motionless to the ground-

Chiyo: -Staring for a few seconds as the gravity of what has just happened starts to hit her-

Of course I'd killed before and would kill afterwards, but it's a lot different when it's someone you knew.

Dactyl: <Chiyo, let's get out of here, you know the School always has more people waiting for us!>

Chiyo: -Bites back some tears as she prepares to leave-

Boron: -Barely audible- P-Please don't leave me...

Chiyo: -Cradling her- I'm not going to.

Boron: I'm sorry, I wasn't as strong as you, or the others, and look at where it's gotten me.

Chiyo: That's.... not true.

Boron: I'd say it is. Maybe I wouldn't have ended up like this if I'd been braver.

-Looking at the sky-

What do you think... happens to us after we die? Do we have souls, like people who weren't created like we are do? Or do you think there is no "after" for us at all, whether good or bad. That this life is it for us, and when the end comes, we're just little more than fertilizer.

Chiyo: I... don't know, I try not to think about it.

Boron: -Starting to drift away- Chiyo... I feel... cold.

-Reaching her hand out-

Iridium... I'm scared.

Chiyo: -Openly tearing up as she grasps Boron's hand- Save your strength, I might be able to do something.

Maybe if there was an Audino or other healer nearby, things could've been different, but there was nothing like that on that day.

Boron: No Iridium, I think it's very much over for me, but it isn't for you yet.

-Weakly chuckles-

You always were the one of the most idealistic out of us, that and your warmness was one of the things I liked most about you. Just, promise me this.

Chiyo: -Nods-

Boron: -Using the last of her strength to grab Chiyo in an embrace- Survive Chiyo, and if you meet any of the others again, tell them... I'm sorry...

-With a smile-

I guess if there is more than the darkness closing around me, I'll see if I'll see Gallium again, and when your time comes, but hopefully not at the School's hands, we'll see you again... But now... Goodbye... Chiyo...

-And with that, Boron gives up the ghost-

Chiyo: ...

-Just sits there weeping for at least a minute-

Dactyl: -Looking around- <Chiyo, we definitely need to go now, they'll be here any second.>

Chiyo: -Trying to regain her composure- Just... give me a couple more seconds Dactyl.

Dactyl: -Lightly pressing against Chiyo's back in the Minior equivalent of a hug- <Okay.>

Chiyo: -Looking at Boron's body as a barrier forms around it after she takes an object from it- I'm not letting the School have her.

-And the barrier serves as an impromptu crematory furnace-

Now let's go.

-And the two immediately run off-

Why did they send Boron in particular after me instead of one or more of their Templars as per usual? Was it because to them it was a win-win? Either she'd kill or re-capture me and they'd be rid of a thorn in their side, or I'd kill her and rid myself of a potential ally. Or maybe it was some sort of sick punishment they concocted since she said if she failed they'd liquidate her. Who knows?

Obviously, I didn't like the School to begin with, hence why I and the others ran away. But I think that moment when they made me watch my friend bleed out and die in my arms and at my hands, that's when I truly started to hate them...

Wyndon, today

Chiyo: -Sighs as the memory rolls over- Percy... I hope things turn out better for you and Nitrogen than it did for Boron and I.

-She then pulls out her phone and starts texting-

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