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Daydre That's just how it is on this bitch of an earth from the trash Relationship Status: Gone fishin'
That's just how it is on this bitch of an earth
Apr 23rd 2021 at 8:21:27 PM

Hammerlocke Banquet

Aislinn: "Hm, if I have to be honest, Blair here was getting weird 'vibes' off you so I was curious why that could've been."

Blair makes this kind of scrunched face as soon as Mason comes near and gives Aislinn's cape a tug.

Aislinn: Speaking of vibes! What's up?

Blair: ~There's something up with that guy who just got here >_<. It's really distracting!~

Aislinn: Hm.

Courage need not be remembered, for it is never forgotten.
Asterisk395 No voice to cry suffering from Hallownest Relationship Status: I've got a total eclipse of the heart
No voice to cry suffering
Apr 23rd 2021 at 8:26:03 PM

Hammerlocke Stadium, Raihan - Wearing Away

-flame-resistant metal, Abilene thinks, hardened against Earthquakes and full of nuclear fire-

-if her veteran were fresh, flight-capable, not in a wretched sandstorm *perhaps*-

-that Goodra lands a terrible Poison Tail on Sapinda before Chowder brings her down-

Sapinda: -red-health beep- <oh.>

Sapinda was Poisoned!

-Raihan's still grinning, and the beat drops-

-Abilene beckons, and Megan leans in-

Abilene: -feeling around, grabbing Megan by the face- Megan Nguyen, you are the combination specialist among us. I don't know what bug crawled up your ass from your tragic backstory and bit your brain—




Abilene: -shaking her by the shoulders- —but right now we need the goddamn Fleetbreaker!

Hiro: -bland- ...we're in a competition for fun, because it's a nice reprieve from the Serious Business we're all up to.

Shoulder!Lanatus: -chorp!-

Abilene: -hiss- My thrice-blasted grandmother watches this network, Hiro! I cannot afford another name-shaming!

Megan: ...

Abilene: Just one! One person who applies their prodigious competency for day-saving to any other walk of life! Xerneas' heaving boughs, is that too much to ask?

Hiro: I'm learning a lot today.

Abilene: -hisses again-

-but her quip well's dried up-

Megan: -looking down- ...

Megan: Abilene. You've been saving something big for the Championship, right? A...a "show unveiling"?

Abilene: I—

Megan: -brooking no argument- Do it now.

Megan: -turn, shaky- ...Hiro?

Hiro: -easy, eyes flashing- All foes near full health. It'll put us through the Wringer.

-casually- …that skyscraper's Heavier Metal than species standard.

Megan: Truth is, we could use some leverage.

Hiro: Mmm.

Megan: Pollen?

Pollen: -Telekinesis faltering under the combined assault, staring up at the DURALUDON- <Y-yeah?>

Megan: Love you too.

Pollen: <. . .>

Pollen landed a critical hit, wishing to be praised!

-she flies off, intercepting a much larger, much sharper bug-

-DURALUDON targets a wide-open Chowder from the top floor-

-Abilene needs a clean break-

Abilene: ...Sapinda?

Sapinda: -indulgent sigh- <Only for you, my dear.>

-she draws herself from "lightning-struck palm" to her full height-

Sapinda: <YOU THERE!>



-her wings clipped by stone, she nevertheless flings herself skyward-

DURALUDON used G-Max Depl—

Sapinda used Dragon Hammer!

-directly into the dragon's maw-

-the boom shakes the stands, and the dragon itself-

-Sapinda crashes to earth, setting the swamp afire-

Megan: ...ow.

Scarf!Vee: -purr, gentle, to Megan- <Thương quá đi. Breathe, Meg.>

-Megan taps her fingertips together, too nervous—Vee scratches her behind the ear-

-Abilene pulls out Tremulo's Fast Ball-

Abilene: ...lend me a hand?

Megan: -turn- Hiro, hold them off?

Hiro: -wry- Abilene, don't waste it?

Abilene: -grumble- It's a bit unorthodox, I could use what finesse you could lend.

-all three raise their Dynamax Bands into the air-

-honestly, Pokedexes all confirm—it doesn't lend Tremulo any more power-

-this is a force of location rather than bond, and the Dynamax Spot only yields so much at once-

-but it means that when he emerges from the earth, grove of gargantuan pipes grown all around him, Abilene's already behind him-

-sweeping out the tails of her coat to sit on a long rectangular stump-

-resting her hands on the keys of ivory wood grown from his back-

Abilene: ...diamond dust, how long has it been?

-can't consider the tactics while doing this—not keeping Tremulo protected or empowered, not paying attention to the field, only the assurances of her…compatriots, that he won't explode from under her-

-cracking her knuckles—nerves, she hasn't done that in ages- ...too long. I am not prepared for—augh.

-even besides that—stage fright pervades-

-Tremulo presses his mouth to the hollow raised before him—his giant's lungs pressurizing steady and firm-

(-what are friends for, right?-)

Meloetta, let me not fuck this up.

-Abilene brings her fingers down-

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rmctagg09 The Wanderer from Brooklyn, NY Relationship Status: I won't say I'm in love
The Wanderer
Apr 23rd 2021 at 8:30:24 PM

Hammerlocke Banquet

-It's at that point that a certain someone else approaches Rogue's group-


Right I shouldn't act like I know who's under that getup because Kai only knows I know subconsciously.

Superhero, right?

-Looking briefly at Aislinn-

Apart from the magical girl/superhero aesthetic her Aura vaguely reminds me of-

Rakshasa: -Still wearing the hoodie and interrupting my thoughts- <They smell like frog. The one dressed like, what did Hitodama call them, Crobatman?>

They can understand you like I can, well Rogue and Mason can, don't know if this new person understands Monese.

-To Mason-

Sounds rough, last time I doing proper school that wasn't one of those tests I had to come out the woods to do was back when I was 12.

The polished outer shell hides the frayed inner core...

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Hugging a Vanillite will give you frostbite.
Apr 23rd 2021 at 8:32:16 PM

Orre - Airspace

Robbie finally managed to assert control and stop himself, "Okay! Enough!"

<This unit does not under->

"Stop! Stop! Stop! Let's get some stuff straight here!"

42 was quiet, Robbie took a deep inhale, and inspected himself, "So, you're armor... the armor surrounding me. But you're also hooked to my spine yes?"


"And your mission was?"

<Infiltration. There is no contact with my creators.>

Robbie would pinch the bridge of his nose, were it not for the helmet in his way, "So, you don't currently have a purpose."


"And... you're stuck to my spine. Is there any way to remove you?"

<Not without damaging host.>

Robbie facepalmed, he was stuck in a superhero origin story here... still, not too bad he supposed. He had wanted adventure in his life and this could be his call.

He looked over the blueish green armor, "Hm... Viridian. We are the Viridian Vikavolt... or Virivolt!"


"We're basically a superhero, we need a superhero name!" Robbie told the Scarab.

Asterisk395 No voice to cry suffering from Hallownest Relationship Status: I've got a total eclipse of the heart
No voice to cry suffering
Apr 23rd 2021 at 8:34:39 PM

Hammerlocke Stadium, Raihan - Showtime

Hiro: -sigh, shading his eyes from the sand- We're in the lead.

Megan: -twiddling fingers- Golly.

Hiro: -clarifying- As in, leading. Not the other way, Tremulo's at two HP.

Megan: Two what?

Hiro: Health Points?

Megan: No, I—I'm never used to you calling them that.

Hiro: Huh?

Megan: You kind of stop calling stamina that when you realize the numbers in the 'Dex are approxima—

Hiro: -eyebrow-raise- Am I looking at my Pokédex right now?

Megan: -wry- I know you're n—

Hiro: -brisk, waving his hands- Point is, no matter how many of those attacks— -gesture out- we block—

Megan: -eyes widening, realizing, shout- —Pollen heal!

Hiro: -continuing, sedate- —once that -gesture at the Gigantamax nimbus- fades, he's going to go boom from—

-he watches a Pollen Puff make its merry, windy way to Tremulo before the Sandstorm can shave away his last sliver of consciousness-

-Megan looks at Chowder—Hiro's Arcanine—roar, a Heat Wave preventing the Flygon's approach for the moment, provoking another spray of sand from the Sandaconda-

-DURALUDON's elevator core glows again, menacing Muzak piercing the air-

Hiro: -holding out a fist- Full force?

Megan: -...gulp, fistbump- Full throttle.

-Pollen dives in the way of a Sand Tomb aimed TREMULO's way, frantic-

Pollen's Shield Dust!

-Chowder, shining like Amaterasu herself, leaps high into the sky to meet Flygon's Dragon Rush-

Chowder used Outrage!

Megan: -!- Pollen, Navi! -point- Colossus!

-tiring, quickly—Pollen hides in the Draconic storm like a [clownfish(?)] in an [anemone(??)] to catch her bearings—a last-ditch Telekinesis holding the Flygon back, her palps catching hold of burning fur-

Pollen: -antennae quivering, Sandstorm-shorn- The Gyms here are so much louder than the Island Trial, and that's including the Kommo-O—

-she slips her Telekinesis toward Chowder, giving her just enough lift to ram the Flygon back toward Raihan's side with the next wave of fury-

- —a glancing blow, no, no, Chowder flies on past, Pollen atop her-

Flygon: -only slightly reeling, buzzing- <Piers has his part, but we rock hard in Hammerlocke!>

-BUZZING- <REAL hard!>

Flygon used Boomburst!

-the soundwave barely budges Raihan's DURALUDON-

-the shock sends another endless wave of sand spewing from his Sandaconda-

-and—too deep to evade—ends Chowder's Outrage, slamming her right from expressway of thought to cliffside existential dread, down and down-

Pollen: -grit- <Augh NO—> - —deep into Raihan's side of the field—-

- —on a bed of soft leaves that catch flame with her landing-

-sound overwhelms sound, shaking the foundations of the stadium-

Pollen: -palps over every hearing organ she can reach- <About time. Ow.>


G-Max Organ Solo!

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Pentigan Fwomph from The Underverse
Apr 23rd 2021 at 8:39:35 PM

Federation Station

Well, I suppose if anyone was going to be the poisoner, it's one of the waitstaff...

-Gale glanced up slightly from her cooking work-

Should be ready soon, but I would prefer to take this to the table myself. Apologies, friend.

-The eyes of the helmet flash yellow-

Keep an eye on them. If they mess with anything else we may have to ruin a few dishes.

Hammerlocke Banquet - A Lowkey Panicked Gale

-Gale takes a deep breath as she looks over the spread and then at the camera. She's done all she can to prep this food and thus as much as she can to just ignore the world and do her cooking streaming-

Alright guys, it seems like I've kinda hit the end of the cooking portion of this stream. But... Maybe I'll take the camera with me and we can talk to some folks aye?

-She gives a wink, trying to ignore the chat's demands to talk to 'cosplay girl' and instead turns to face the crowd who is actually here at the banquet-

Hey guys! Grub's on!

-The Gale may be approached-

Hammerlocke Banquet - A Highkey Unsettled Dragons

-At the mention of food being done and available the two dragons take a step back and wander over so that they're both standing next to each other-

Luperian: The bands are here.

Takcorian: Mmmmmthought that was cancelled. Especially given our matchee never set a time and place...

Luperian: Maybe we can win the whole thing by rocking at karaoke?

Takcorian: Oh. Oh we definitely could. Just need a good song.

-The two hum in unison to ponder this question and may in fact be approached-

Hammerlocke Banquet - A Keyless Entering Emerald

You immediately grab yourself a portion of the roasted meats (and a portion of salad and other sides; while Pal is a a strong influence you do like additional foods) and wander off to somewhere to eat. Wolfing that all down helps calm down Pal's excitement and you manage to turn down the power level enough to put the extraneous features away. You are trying to be approachable, occasionally wondering who might seek your attention.

It's clearly a case of backroom political albumizing.
Asterisk395 No voice to cry suffering from Hallownest Relationship Status: I've got a total eclipse of the heart
No voice to cry suffering
Apr 23rd 2021 at 8:42:50 PM

Hammerlocke Stadium - Raihan

-unhindered, the Sandaconda launches attack after attack at TREMULO—the song-driven vines sprout and batter at DURALUDON-


It's negligibly effective!

To: Abilene
From: Megan

Good, good, now:

-the falter in the music as text-to-speech takes effect is masked entirely by the earth-shattering whump of molten metal streaming from tower-top to sudden hedge-thorn-wall-

DURALUDON used Max Steelspike—TREMULO used Max Guard!

-Abilene grows more confident, her melody sprouting new rhythms with the earth, life dancing to her tune-

-Hiro observes his Pokémon and her ally backed into a corner, his hands clasped behind his back like a king surveying his keep-

- —no, kinder, closer—a Trainer waiting for his Pokémon's moment-

Flygon: -descending, wings fuzzing- <Sorry! End of the line, kids.>

Pollen: <W-well—>

-next to Hiro, Megan draws a long, thin white gem from its diamond-shaped seed crystal-

Megan: -enunciating- Here.

Pollen used Trick!

-which vanishes from Megan's hand, Pollen reaching up the ethereal vine tying their hearts-

-appearing in hers so she can level the Z-Needle, shining, from where she's huddled over Chowder-

Flygon: -pause- < that supposed to stop me?>

Pollen: -huff, Sandstorm-battered- <Sure.>

[Confused]!Chowder: -whine- <oh…>

Flygon: <Interesting. Well—>

Raihan: You've fought well! Played hard! But it's the end of the line—

-Megan taps her wrists together-

Raihan: -camera at the ready- Flygon, Sandaconda, Duraludon, finish this!

-G-Max Depletion counts down-

Sandaconda: -shatters the fading shield-

Flygon: -dives, an Earthquake forming around his talons-

-and Hiro plays the Yellow Flute—a sound like the death of confusion, clarity rising from the pyre-

Pollen: <oh—>

Sandaconda: <wh>

Abilene: Matched my tune without effort, blast him—

Megan: -tiny smile-

Raihan: -eyes wide-

Aware!Chowder: <!>

-she Teleports, straight up, with Pollen, the moment the Flygon's claws make contact with—the earth-

It missed!

- —the impact drives yet more sand from Sandaconda, who barely notices—-

Flygon: -in that tone reserved for "the slippery sound of metal against metal, at the precise instant one believes themself to have dealt with all enemies"—or that precise flute note- <...oh no.>

-he looks directly at the target of their plan—and a very large dog lands on his back, blazing-

Megan: -Z-Dance, Normal- Pollen, use it ALL!

Pollen: -rising from Chowder's back, needle raised- <aaaaAAAA>

Pollen used Z-Nature Power!

-she draws first from the giant vines burrowing beneath the field—plentiful, powerful—an Energy Ball begins to form and gather Z-Power-

-but the flow is rapidly interrupted—with Chowder's landing, they all begin to catch fire-

Nature Power became Inferno Overdrive!

Sandaconda: -still spewing sand- <?!>

-the conflagration catches all three Pokémon beneath Pollen-

-it melts sand to glass-

Chowder's Flash Fire!

-all three are pinned down within a growing pool of molten glass-

Hiro: -lowering the Flute- Chowder?

-she raises her head and vanishes in one more Teleport—he runs numbers in his head, weighing his instincts for center of mass and torque and-

Hiro: -point-    Strike true.   


-Abilene's music crescendoes, bright green verdure forcing the ground up into pieces—and crumbling away, burning all up in the earth beneath the foot of the tower-

-Pollen's attack surges, its glassblowing binding Flygon and Sandaconda to a very particular shadow-

-Hiro swipes his finger right, once—his Arcanine follows his stroke, slamming into the side of DURALUDON's head with all her fire and fury-

Critical hit!

-concentrated into a point-

-here is what the cameras see:-

-slow change, no change—a moment of sheer silence-

- —fire licking, surging, caving——

-broken by the great groaning thrum of a creature forty-three meters tall toppling segment by segment, story by story-

Flygon: -stuck, twitching- <Hold hold hold on a tiCK—>

Sandaconda: -buries her head in the Sand-

-directly onto their stupefied teammates-

• ◓| • ◓| • ◓ vs. • • • x x ◓


Pollen: -descends, levelling her nail-sized sword at the fallen dragon- <...>

-and the DURALUDON explodes, because of course they do-

-the crowd roars-

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AbsentCoder Some Rando from Doofenshmirtz Neutral Incorporated Relationship Status: RelationshipOutOfBoundsException: 1
Some Rando
Apr 23rd 2021 at 10:20:37 PM

Hammerlocke Banquet

"Someone say karaoke?" A certain Unovan asked, having approached the two dragons. "Whoever gets the bigger audience applause wins, that sound fair?"

Meanwhile Kamui waved to Gale from where she sat with Gail F.

[Insert Unoriginal Stinger Here]
Apr 24th 2021 at 1:59:36 AM

Hammerlocke Banquet

Hoops hears that the food is ready and goes to make themself a plate. As they load up they remember Kec always telling them to be polite, and approach the person that cooked and organised this whole thing - Gale, they think.

Hoops: nervously Hi, you cooked this, right. It looks delicious. Thanks a lot for putting this together.

BittersweetNSour She eats bug meat. Relationship Status: Armed with the Power of Love
She eats bug meat.
Apr 24th 2021 at 5:05:30 AM

Hammerlocke Banquet

Rogue: ...Ah, that would explain it.

-They lean in slightly.-

Rogue: It's an Aura masking technique. I can cover up my face and voice without issue, but anyone with a sixth sense could see who I was underneath if I didn't do something about it. Secret identities, and all.

-They wink at Aislinn. As Tagg approaches, they lean back, giving a wave.-

Rogue: Speaking of! Glad to see one of the J-Team's old guard is stick kicking around and living the classic Trainer life. And yeah, I'm one of the Aurabolts. Up to you to choose if "hero" is the right word, though.

-Mason, meanwhile, can't help but chuckle at Tagg's comment-

Mason: Heh. Nice to hear I'm not the only one who wanted to leave school and hide in the woods as a kid.

who wants to go murder gods
AnimeboyIanpower Empathic Kid Hero-in-training from Queen Mary's Castle Relationship Status: Brewing the love potion
Empathic Kid Hero-in-training
Apr 24th 2021 at 6:10:37 AM

Temporarily taking control of theoncominghoop's character with their permission.

Ballonlea Stadium

-Ian continues to record the puzzle.-


-Evelyn watches the Gym Battle, still reflecting on what happened during Hoops' challenge.-

Evelyn: -sigh- I feel bad for Hoops... They've had it rough for so long, and to face a crushing defeat like that must be devastating... I hope they're okay...

Hatty: <What happened to Hoops wasn't your fault, Evelyn.>

Evelyn: Then why do I feel so bad about it?

Hatty: <You have a good heart and understand how other people feel. Think about it... How they reacted to losing to Ian when we first met them and their belief that all that matters in battle is winning... Their animosity towards your father... Those are clear cut signs that Hoops had been abused by their father and wanted to get away from that level of toxicity...>

Evelyn: I understand... And yet, I can't help but wonder...

-Evelyn pulls her crystal ball out of her bag and sets it down on her lap. She places her hands on top of it, closes her eyes and takes a deep breath.-

Evelyn: -voice echoing- How will Hoops be affected by this?

-A mystical purple aura surrounds Evelyn and the crystal ball, causing a faint glow to emanate from both. When Evelyn opens her eyes and gazes into the crystal ball, a vision enters her mind...-


-A vision shows Ian, Evelyn and Hoops, all dressed in black, walking up to enter a museum. There, a question is asked and answered. The vision then shifts to a scene of the same museum under attack. Standing before Hoops are not Pokémon Evelyn's familiar with, but the silhouettes of an Ogre Scorpion Pokémon, a Tadpole Pokémon and a Gleam Eyes Pokémon, glaring menacingly at their apparent foe.-

Back to Ballonlea Stadium, Stands

-The mystical glow fades and Evelyn snaps back to reality, shocked by what she saw.-

Hammerlocke Banquet

Me: Yes, please. I would like a cookie.

-Piku-chan looks around the banquet and sees two very familiar figures.-

Piku-chan: -to TBD- <Hey! Don't I know you two from somewhere?>

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Daydre That's just how it is on this bitch of an earth from the trash Relationship Status: Gone fishin'
That's just how it is on this bitch of an earth
Apr 24th 2021 at 8:04:00 AM

Hammerlocke, Banquet

"Ah! I see. That makes sense. I have my share of secrets too, so I can understand the dedication to secrecy." A smaller, slightly more genuine smile.

Blair, meanwhile, has started directing her full attention to the next most psychically weird thing in the room- that being Mason.

Blair: <... Did I hear that man right? Both of you can understand us?>

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Courage need not be remembered, for it is never forgotten.
OPALGARNET16 Priest of the Temple of Syrinx from Nighttree, New Jersey Relationship Status: Abstaining
Priest of the Temple of Syrinx
Apr 24th 2021 at 8:19:59 AM

Ballonlea Stadium Gym Puzzle

(Kim smirks to herself— then looks down and notices a green button. She presses it- and responds immediately.)

Kim: "'Warriors of forever will sacrifice the right'. [Dragonforce], Where Dragons Rule."

(Beat. The screen flashes green and a ding! sound is heard.)

Bede: (over intercom) "...that was fast. Didn't need to state the song and artist, but whatever— give them the next one."

(Beat. The lyric shows up.)


(In mere seconds, she presses the button.)

Kim: "'Of how I struggled to survive.'"


Bede: (over intercom) "'re too good."

Hammerlocke Banquet

(Cuddles promptly gives him the cookie— and then notices TBD. And Colton.)

Cuddles: (to Braker) <Hey... who are those guys?>

(He points to TBD. Braker and Walter notice.)

Braker: "I have no clue, but they look like members of some kind of rock band."

Walter: (regarding Colton) <Braker... I believe that's the Trainer we watched at the stadium.>

Braker: " it is."

Cuddles: (excitedly) <You mean...?!>

Braker: "Yes."

Cuddles: <Eeeee~>

Braker: "But... I doubt we should say anything. If they want to talk to us, they will. Incidentally, I did hear something about karaoke..."

Cuddles: (delighted) <KARAOKE?!>

Braker, Walter: "<Shhhh!>"

Cuddles: (slightly nervously) <R-right... sorry~!>

(Kim, meanwhile, sees the three of them and remains completely silent, trying not to be seen under any circumstances.)

Hi, I’m oghond, and I’m a Rushaholic. Sorry if I annoy you unintentionally. 😅
Asterisk395 No voice to cry suffering from Hallownest Relationship Status: I've got a total eclipse of the heart
No voice to cry suffering
Apr 24th 2021 at 1:34:06 PM

Hammerlocke Gym - Entryway

-everyone's dusty, damp—redolent with victory-

Hiro: I have to admit, that was extremely satisfying.

Abilene: -exhale- I haven't played piano in years. How was the sound?

Hiro: Strangely familiar. Not bad.

Hiro: I'll be honest, (Abilene: Yes, always,) I'm sure everyone focused more on how it caused giant vines to come out of the ground and crush things.

Vee: -purr-

Megan: ...

-she turns to the group, hoarse-

Megan: Well, Abilene? Was that to your—satisfaction?

Abilene: -composure returned, exhale again- Exceedingly.

Abilene: ...thank you.


Henri, Abilene's Twin Brother (Bug): -sweeping her into a hug- Abilene!

Abilene: (-restraining a stab-) Wait what what what what

Darrin, Abilene's Triplet Brother (Poison): Good work, sis.

Henri: Beautiful performance! Brava!

-for her ears alone, warm- The song Dad used to play. Good stuff.

Abilene: That was—that was five fucking minutes ago!

Henri: -pat pat- Nothing stops family on a mission.

Darrin: Don't underestimate your elders, Abilene.

Abilene: I am older than you.

Darrin: That was never proven.

Megan: I'll just—be over here.

Henri: -winning grin- Oh? Hold on, sister dear never brings friends home—you must let me treat you to tea. Swap stories!

Abilene: -warningly- Henri.

Megan: I'm kind of—at my—

Scarf!Vee: -bares her teeth-

Henri: -blinks-

Eric the Human: -zooming up- ~Hiro, I think I found something!

Hiro: -un-wallflower-ing, instantly alert- What? Where?

Henri: -faint- ...oh hello, gorgeous.

Abilene: -despairing- Henri.

Henri: You won't let me meet anyone now, sis?

Abilene: -flailing, at his identical face- Shut—you—!

Darrin: Pleasure.

Megan: Yeah.

-she goes-

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rmctagg09 The Wanderer from Brooklyn, NY Relationship Status: I won't say I'm in love
The Wanderer
Apr 24th 2021 at 2:34:28 PM

Hammerlocke Banquet

-To Rogue-

Technically I did this already, I'm just here for the food and a deal with someone. Then it's back to doing more training.

-To Mason-

The leaving school part came first, my wood and mountain valley stay was for... other reasons.

-To Aislinn-

I don't think I caught your name?

Hugging a Vanillite will give you frostbite.
Asterisk395 No voice to cry suffering from Hallownest Relationship Status: I've got a total eclipse of the heart
No voice to cry suffering
Apr 24th 2021 at 2:44:18 PM

Hammerlocke - Side Hall

-Megan's huddled with her knees to her chest, her back to a wall-

-Vee's coiled her whole sinuous length around her, gentle-

Megan: That was—tighter, than I expected,

Vee: -worry-resonance- <Breathe, Meg, you did good.>

Someone: Hi! Sorry, just had to say hi—big fan!

-she cannot look this fan in the eyes right now-

Vee: -growl- <Come back later.>

Megan: nnnnno, it's fine. hi. ^-^

-she pets Vee, for something to do with her hands and her eyes-

Yeah, I just wanted, uh, to see if you'd autograph something—hi, hello—...but you don't look like you're doing too hot?

Megan: -wince- mmmmaybe not? i'll be fine, i'm fine. do not look fine.

Vee: -eyes her-

-murmur- It's rough, huh?

Megan: -blink blink- Huh?

No offense, but you look, uh.

-quizzical- Beaten. Kinda lost?

Megan: Beaten's a...good word for it, yeah.

-intrigued- feel like you've lost right now?

Megan: S-sort of. Uh. It's—


Sounds right.

Megan: I—shouldn't feel this way, right?

-laugh, a little manic- I made it to the League! Again! That's something to celebrate, right?

-there's a sound of rustling—a sheaf of paper-

But instead you feel've lost, to something. Society, maybe.

Vee: -...sniff, sniff- <?>

...the inexorable workings of your own brain?

Megan: ...yeah.

Good enough for me!

-the fan places her hand on Megan's forehead-

Megan: Wait wh

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Ballonlea Stadium

-Ian continues to record the puzzle.-


Hatty: <Evelyn! Are you okay? What did you see?>

Evelyn: -still shocked by the vision- I-I'll tell you after Kim's Challenge is done.

Hatty: <You sure? Because I can tell you look like you've seen a ghost.>

Evelyn: Oh, alright. I'll tell you.

Hammerlocke Banquet

-Ian accepts the cookie.-

Me: Itadakimasu.note 

-Ian then eats the cookie given to him by Cuddles.-

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Kim: "I do have one question... how many lyrics to I need to get right to win?"

Bede: (over intercom) "5. Give her the next one."

(And it appears on screen:)


Kim: (grinning) "'Broken your servant I kneel.'"

(ding!— and then, from inside his PokeBall:)


Bede: (over intercom) "...who was that...? Ah, never mind, you're three for three, here's the next one."

(And the fourth one shows up:)



(Kim barely needs to look before pressing the button.)

Kim: "'For those who wish to seem.'"


Kim: "Honestly, these lyrics are far too easy. See if you can trick me for the last one."

Bede: (over intercom) "...very well."

Hammerlocke Banquet

(Cuddles smiles, then turns— and sees Hoops.)

Cuddles: (blinking) <Oh?>

(He goes over to them.)

Cuddles: <Hello~! My name is Cuddles! Are you okay...?>


Braker: "Delighted to meet you all. Well, unfortunately we have to cut this interview short. Thank you so much for agreeing to do this."

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Star: No problem. ^^

Hammerlocke Banquet

-Agnes tears a page out of her notebook angrily and balls it up, throwing it into the crowd.-

Agnes: Geez, why cant I figure this out!?

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Banquet, Dragon Time

Luperian: Alright, sounds like a good way to finish this.

Takcorian: We're looking forward to beating you. But we will let you guys have first crack at it.

Luperian: Best for last and all.

Banquet, Gale Time

-Gale happily waves at her favorite foxen girlfriend before addressing Hoops here at the food table-

No problem! I was working on a properly dragon-themed meal for my show

-She gestures at the camera-

And thought 'hey why don't I do something nice for everyone and make a feast fit for a dragon' so yeah, enjoy! grin

It's clearly a case of backroom political albumizing.
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Hammerlocke Banquet

(Braker and Walter look at each other.)

Braker: "The Trainer's going first..."

Walter: <I see. I'm not sure if the dragons should be so sure about their chances of winning, though.>

Braker: "Cuddles! The Trainer's performing~!"

(And as soon as he hears, Cuddles turns back to Hoops.)

Cuddles: <Hang on a moment.>

(He goes over and jumps back on Braker's shoulder, excited to watch the performance. Kim, meanwhile, averts her eyes and walks over to Gale to get some food.)

Kim: "Hello... do you have any food?"

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Muninn(?): <You could be a little more impressed, you know. I put a lot of work into getting here.>

Ever: I'm gonna be honest? Alternate universe stuff just doesn't register the way it used to. your universe, you kill me and my team in Orre, and a few of us came back to haunt you. I guess that makes enough sense, all things considered.

Muninn(?): <And in your universe, you kill me. With the help of that Sceptile, I assume? And Mega evolution, and the rest of your team?>

Ever: Well...not exactly.

Muninn(?): <...>

Muninn: <I'm embarrassed about it too. Trust me.>

Hammerlocke, Macro Cosmos Bank

Jab: <...Oh dear.>

Jab fainted! Possibly for real this time!

Cross: <Hey, wait—>

Cross too! Actually definitely for real!

Salamence: <...>

-she glares down at Malus as the Earthquake hits her. She looks remarkably tired-

<Naturally, it is up to me.>

-she swells up, a red heat burning from within her-

-and then she bursts into flames, sending Waves of Heat everywhere-

(-a few fires are started. it's probably fine-)

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Banquet Battle of the Bands Unofficial Winner's Final

"Alrighty then," he allowed, either finding or conjuring a setup proper, a speaker system, a microphone stand, the whole nine yards.

"The Cast can't really join up right now due to reasons but I still have their recorded parts," he explained as it all whirred to life. "This is a little something very special we've been working on. A right [swan song], mind the illusions of them playing, I'm a bit too lazy to change things up right now."

     Fear Inoculum, originally by Tool 

The lights went black, only vague outlines of the entire group visible. One could almost see Max’s hand raise before it rested on the soundboard, but it distracted from Ammy’s hand pressing the keyboard down. A couple of high pitched notes came from the speaker before her hand darted to the left, hitting some lower ascending thirds, the high pitched notes complementing the sequence beginning every time.

The echo of the notes seemed to cause them to blend together, but at the same time, create a contrast between the silence and the notes.

Curtis’ methodical percussion kicked in, an almost tribal rhythm prefacing a set of twangs coming from Colton’s guitar before he let his silhouette fade and the rhythm take the spotlight once again.

The light fell on Curtis as he drummed with one hand before pointing at Julius’ silhouette, the bassist plucking strings with tranquility evidenced by his slow swaying that still kept time with the music.

Ammy and Max kept to the shadows while Colton played a set of ascending triplets much like Ammy had, but with somehow both more and less audible distortion. As the sequence was cast aside, the Unovan held the shaking strings as he leaned into the microphone, a voice riding the line between baritone and tenor.

Long o~verdue~
I exhale you~

A series of more aggressive chords came from his strings before he continued to sing, still strumming away.

I~ o~pen~
To you~
In mania

A succession of distorted chords, ascending and descending, played from the Unovan’s guitar as he plucked the strings with almost mechanical precision. He did this a few times before he went back to the more synthetic rhythm.

I exhale you~

The pitch bent before he aggressively whispered into the microphone.

Deceiver says, he says
You belong to me.
You don’t want to breathe the light of the others.

Fear the light,
Fear the breath,
Fear the others for eternity

But I hear them now,
Inhale the clarity,
Hear the venom,
The venom in. What. You. Say.
Bless this immunity.

A different, albeit still aggressive rhythm was strummed away, accompanying a couple repeated whispers of “Bless this immunity” before the music picked up.

Then it picked up again.

Re-cast, my tale
Weave my, allegorical elegy

The music died down a little bit, dying away to only Curtis’ playing percussion before some staggered rhythm was played.

All that I’m to do
Steps away from you

Swiftly it picked up again, a bridge to another chorus.

My own…
Growing through
Delusion from mania

Recast my tale
Weave my allegorical elegy

As the chorus ended and the playing broke down all that remained was a distorted rhythm from Colton’s playing. The others joined in, one by one, before pulling back for his singing to take center stage.

All control~...
You poison~...
You spectacle~...

He returned his focus to his playing, holding some power chords before palm muting some tetrads, his rhythm in conflict with Curtis.

Exorcise the spectacle
Exorcise the malady
Exorcise the disparate
Poison for eternity
Purge me and evacuate
The venom and the fear that binds me

The riff returned in earnest before falling away into something noticeably more intense, the microphone now giving Colton’s voice a more distant feel to it.

Unveil now…
Lift away~...
I see you…

The filter on his voice faded away.

Chased away
A long time

Curtis and Colton played their rhythms in unison, heavier distortion audible before the guitarist held some more power chords, fingers bouncing on the strings before he stepped down on a pedal, a simplistic riff accompanied by Julius’ fingers dancing on the lower strings before the song ended with the entire band, bass, drums and guitarist in unison despite the bizarre rhythm, the final chord punctuated by the illusions fading away and the Unovan turning from the microphone.

Meanwhile, almost in response to being waved to by Pent, the Rustic Ball in Kamui's pocket opened, and with an offered scarf, the now human Katsuragi approached Pent, nervously fixing his kimono's sleeves. "Etto... descendant of Joseph Umbranox... Gale, was it? Could I ask to speak with you?"

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[Insert Unoriginal Stinger Here]
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Ballonlea Stadium

-I don't even need to tell you that Ian is still recording.-


Evelyn: -to Hatty- I saw us... Ian, Hoops and I, dressed in black and entering a museum.

Hatty: <A museum? How educational.>

Evelyn: I don't think we were there to be educated...


Evelyn: I mean, we won't have had been there to be educated. Geez, English tenses are not meant for time travel or clairvoyance. Anyways, we were there for something big, because then, the museum would then be under attack by thieves.

Hatty: -Gasp!- <Thieves?>

Evelyn: Yes, Hatty. Then Hoops threw three Poké Balls and from them came these shadowy figures that resembled A Tadpole Pokémon, an Ogre Scorpion Pokémon, and a Gleam Eyes Pokémon.

Hatty: -shocked by this- <Wh-When did Hoops GET those Pokémon?!>

Evelyn: I don't know! I really don't know...

Hatty: <Well, we'll tell the others about it when we get the chance. Don't you worry.>

Evelyn: Thank you, Hatty.

Hammerlocke Banquet

-Piku-chan guides Ian to where the karaoke challenge will be.-

Me: What is it, Piku-chan? What's gotten you so jittery all of a sudden?

Piku-chan: -points at the members of TBD- <Look!>

Me: -remembering the figures of the two theatre kids from the Rebel Treble- That's them! That's TBD!

Piku-chan: <The very same ones I almost Thunder-fried back then.>

Me: But what are they doing challenging Shadow Cast? I mean, haven't they done enough damage?

Piku-chan: <That's what I'm wondering my own self.>


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(And the last lyric appears on screen.)


(Kim smirks.)

Kim: "Well, that is a trick question. Without further context I can't tell if it's supposed to be 'something lost and never seen' or 'you and I were meant to be'. So... the only proper answer is both."

(She presses the button, and... ding!)

Bede: " are way too good."

(And the door to the pitch opens.)

Hammerlocke Banquet

(And the crowd. Goes. WILD. Within seconds of the performance ending, all nineteen of Kim's mons exit their PokeBalls and start cheering and clapping. Braker and Walter applaud politely, and Cuddles...)


Braker: "We... really shouldn't, Cuddles."

Cuddles: <B-but that— that crazy illusion stuff— how the—>

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