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Apr 23rd 2021 at 6:59:53 AM

Bond or Break

The Leppa berry would vanish and the room would enter pitch blackness, hiding Ian from Raru's view...

Evelyn entered the room on the other side, and it entered darkness, Axon could no longer see her...

The Lights came back on, Ian and Evelyn would hear something-

~Alright. Ian, there are two doors but one says exit, the other says go again, take the door on your left!~ "Raru's" voice told him.

~Evelyn, there are two doors, take the one on your right, it says exit. The other is a do over, don't take it!~ "Axon" said.

In truth the actual Axon and Raru were sitting above staring at their trainers, the doors said "Win" and "Fail"... and to make matters worse their voices had been swapped to add a bit of a challenge.

Seems they'd have to convince their trainers they were telling the truth somehow.

Earth Orbit - Over [America], Orre Region

Ziltoid calmly sipped a frush mug of coffee, the commune had found out he was back in Sol, and while they weren’t happy, they had found ways to deal with it. Namely dumping stuff on him to watch over, Zitloid understood; he had the best suspension fields on any starship in the Commune after all, they could store anything here and it would be fine, helped that he used it for coffee beans.

So there he was, walking through his “museum” of artifacts, numerous little trinkets the Council wanted him to hold onto, it was glorious at times. The great spear of the Cubones of Zeta 2, the Blaster of the Traveller, the wheel from the fastest racecar in the galaxy, the music cassette of a great hero, and finally... the Vika-Scarab.

Out of all of those artifacts, the Scarab was probably Ziltoid’s favorite one, it once belonged to a powerful organization of Bug Types out at the edge of the galaxy. They were masters of technology, much like the Heeyem Commune, and had devised a unit to augment local populaces with bug and electric moves so they could begin a takeover. Sadly they had fallen apart years ago and this scarab was one of the few things left, as far as Ziltoid knew, it was part technology, part magic.

It had never worked for him, and Ziltoid had tried to study it as best as he could, but he wasn’t much of a scientist, like the nerds that he knew. He was a beheeyem of action! Music! Coffee! He was Ziltoid The Omniscient for Drax’s sake!

As he stepped into the bridge, the main viewscreen bleeped, Ziltoid sighed and said, “Computer. Play.”

A elderly looking Beheeyem appeared, their hard glare would wither most souls into teary eyed messes begging for mercy, for Ziltoid this was usual.



It was times like this that Ziltoid was glad that his ship came with telepathic software so they could communicate better.

~Do you know why I’m contacting you?~

~Science Division wants reports on the Solar System I’m spending my vacation in?~

~No. Somebody else has dibs on that, rather it’s about your museum. We want the Scarab.~

Ziltoid blinked and raised a non-existent brow, ~Wait what?~

~You hear me. We want the Scarab. We’ll be setting up a retrieval ship in Alpha Centauri so just warp over here as soon as possible.~

~Sure, I’ll even set up a supply pod so we can just exchange it, easy as pi.~


The two laughed and Ziltoid cut the call, knowing that using “pi” would get him out of further conversation with Taxx, the nerd.

It took only a few clacks on a keyboard to get the pod prepped for launch, Ziltoid stretched as one of his drones brought him another fresh mug of coffee, life was good and he was prepared for anything.

Except for the sudden sight of a caped Deoxys landing on the hull of his ship, looking through the viewscreen and suddenly saying, ~Ziltoid…~

Ziltoid screamed, he screamed even louder when the Deoxys’s eyes started to glow and from the cape an arrow appeared. In his panic, Ziltoid hit a button, and from the ship a pleasant automated voice could be heard saying, “Supply Pod Launched. Have a nice day.”

Ziltoid gulped as he watched the pod go flying down into the atmosphere of the planet, ~Welp…~

In a short while Ziltoid opened an external airlock and let the Deoxys step in, ~Nomad! Hiiiii… how are you?~

~Less well knowing you are here…~

Ziltoid laughed nervously, ~Oh just because some years ago I had to leave you alone… Sure it’s-~

~Don’t. I’m more worried about what you launched at that planet…~

~Oh don’t worry! It’s not a missile! I don’t have any planet busters… anymore…~


~Well nobody’s ever really successfully made a planet buster, I did know this one mon who was a planet buster supposedly but Herman never told me because he hated my music career and I don’t want to talk about it!~

Nomad sighed and rubbed his face, dealing with the Heeyem commune was never fun… He came to Sol because it was quiet and had only just found out that there was a Commune member in it. Now something had been launched at the planet due to the Beheeyem’s panic, sure Nomad hadn’t helped, but Zitloid had left him for dead and he was rather bitter about that.

~Ziltoid… what was in the pod you launched?~

~... The Vika-Scarab…~

Orre - Phenac City - Reynolds Auto Shop - Night

Robbie sighed as he stretched, his dad had gone home for the evening and had left him to clean up, Ben was in his ball and Robo was back home helping clean up. The Shop had a productive day and Robbie wanted to just get home, but someone needed to clean up and his dad had a bum leg, Robbie was fine with it.

It didn’t take long honestly, it was just tedious, and Robbie was starting to get tired of the tedium. He’d give anything for some excitement… or a chance to fight back against the numerous villain teams that kept popping up, why couldn’t they just be gangsters? Actually scratch that gangsters were still bad.

Robbie wasn’t a J-Teamer, or a hero, or even a big time trainer, so he was out of options. He let out a deep sigh, maybe he should have gone on a journey when he was 10, 10 year olds seemed incredibly capable of stopping bad guy teams.

As he stepped out, he saw something, a shooting star in the night sky, awww… headed right for him.


Robbie ran as the “star” proceeded to crash into the side-lot beside the garage, dirt and dust was kicked up, and when it cleared, Robbie looked over to see a silver gray and white pod with a blinking orange light in the crater. Robbie walked over to it, every rational part of him said not to, but he was too curious not to look in and see what it was.

The pod opened with a hiss and inside was something highly confusing, “A vikavolt?”

Robbie reached over, he knew he shouldn’t but something about the Vikavolt scarab drew him to it, and with purpose, Robbie grabbed the scarab.

“Gah! OW!”

The Scarab zapped him and Robbie dropped it, only the Scarab sprouted functioning legs and landed on his right foot. It began to crawl, right up the foot and up the pant leg. Robbie started to freak out, trying to process what was happening.

Robbie felt the scarab crawl up his body and onto his back, where it ducked under his skin, and suddenly his blood felt like he was on fire.

Robbie wanted to scream but no words would come from his mouth, he could feel something crawling all over his body, and yet it also felt like it was a part of him, like his own skin.

For Robbie it felt like an eternity, in reality it was about 15 seconds, the Scarab would have made it 3 but with an unfamiliar host of a species not catalogued it took 5 times as long.

<Scarab 42 is Online. Analyzing.>

Robbie opened his eyes, the pain had stopped, he looked about and saw faint glows around objects, with odd little boxes depicting something in a language he didn’t recognize, but could read somehow.


<No contact with Vira-Vika network. Running off standard protocol. Error, protocol error dump. Purpose. Need Purpose.>

“Okay who’s talking?”

<User confused. Will not overwritten? Body is unusual. What are you?>

“Uhm… I’m human?”

<Cataloguing human. Physiology is unique. Neural Pathways unusual.>

“Are you some kind of pokemon?”

<Accessing Archive. Error, term unknown. Accessing User Archive.>

“Wait what?”

Robbie then felt something buzz in his brain, probing away at it for info, Robbie felt a little self conscious as while his grades were good, he wasn’t a supergenius. It was at this time he noticed the black and blue metallic carapace covering his body.


<Negative. Unit 42 is Scarab Nano-package, utilizing nonrational energy to power matrix->

“Enough of that crap, why am I covered in metal?!”

<... Unit 42 is an armor unit that has bonded with you. You are the current user, you should be an infiltrator. You are not responding and are overriding programming.>

As Robbie looked over himself, he noticed certain details seemed similar to a Vikavolt, like he was wearing a Vikavolt cosplay. Only one made out of metal, Robbie could feel the intelligence’s exasperation with him as it proceeded to display a holographic readout of himself before Robbie. Robbie took this all as best as he could.

“So… I’m talking to myself… inside a living suit of armor…”

<Living is incorrect. This unit is programmed and meant to serve a purpose, of which it curre->

“You’re talking to me and you seem to have feelings. That’s living enough.”

Before the Scarab could respond, sirens were heard and emergency services were coming.


“Wait what do you mean run? Those a- WHOA HEY!”

The Armor sprouted wings and took off into the sky, Robbie screaming, terrified the whole way.

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Apr 23rd 2021 at 7:14:45 AM

Hammerlocke Banquet

-Rogue grins, not that it's visible behind the helmet, and sets down their drink.-

Rogue: Hey. Challenger 858, right? I think I've seen a couple of your matches.

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Apr 23rd 2021 at 7:44:17 AM

Federation Station - Luxury Hall

The Pen watched over Gale's shoulder as she got to work, reading off the ingredients, and of course slightly nudging spices around on the workspaces of the other chefs.

Well friendo, even if nothing happens, your cooking should be enough for them to want you back and to beg for it.

It grinned, the Pen knew some buttons to hit.

A waiter entered and the Pen tiled its head, Something is off about that one. Like there aren't a lot of psychic types here at all... but that one, that's a Medicham, it keeps eyeing us.

Federation Station - Archives

The staff there scrambled, didn't want to anger one of the federation's supporters, they collected the data slates and handed them over, <T-There is a reading section over there! Due to security policy we can't let you leave with the slates!>

In cyberspace Bishop rolled his head, "Excellent. Phineas, follow me," he said before diving through the opened pathway.

They'd enter into a large infosphere, Bishop gave it a spin, "Alright. We're gonna need to look for points relating to "Rebellion" "Origin" and "Motive", shouldn't take us too long."

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Apr 23rd 2021 at 8:24:31 AM

Hammerlocke Gym

Samurott and Stoutland stood beside each other, sharing a quick nod and smirking before turning to look at the Pokeball in Raihan's hand, bigger than his head.

Julius did what he could about Flygon to let his oldest comrade have a swing at the Steel-type.

Duraludon G-Maxed!

Julius used Play Rough! Flygon fainted!

Helmsman used Sacred Sword!

Duraludon used G-Max Depletion!

Both Pokemon were knocked back, damaged and a bit disoriented. Julius approached with intent to burn while Helmsman stayed behind with intent to freeze.

Julius used Fire Fang!

Helmsman used Ice Beam!

Not that the Steel-type thought much of the Normal-type's almost adorable assault.

Duraludon used Max Knuckle!

Staggering, Julius went back on the defensive, his back covered by the wall and the rest covered by a green shield of sorts while Helmsman finally came back in, ready to close it out.

Helmsman used Razor Shell!

In a detonation of red smoke, the Dragon-type reduced to normal size and was returned.

Hammerlocke Banquet

Colton stood up, his altered jacket taking form on his shoulders, still bearing his number. A cup of lemonade in his hand, he shook his head after catching sight of some vaguely familiar dragons.

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Apr 23rd 2021 at 9:31:05 AM

Hammerlocke Banquet

Hoops enters the banquet some time after it has officially begun, looking around nervously at the large crowds. They see Kim, Ian and Evelyn and immediately turn in the opposite direction, bending down slightly so that they are hopefully less likely to be seen. They stop briefly to grab some food and go and stand by one wall, content to just people watch until they can work up the courage to start a conversation with somebody.

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Apr 23rd 2021 at 9:35:45 AM

Post-Velvet Prison, TS

-Star wakes up in a room in Hotel Ionia. She rubs her eyes a few times before letting her arm flop on the bed next to her-

Star: Well, that was bizzare...

Circhester, TS, but less so

Star: Janice? Well— -she takes out Janice's pokeball and lets the Galarian Farfech'd out. She takes a spot on the bench next to Star, leaning her leek on the back rest-

— Anyway, as noted earlier, she kinda just does what she wants without much regard for rules or politeness. Weirdly, though that kinda makes her fun to battle with. -grins- She actually walked up to us one day in the Wild Area and was like "FIGHT ME" and that's how she got caught.

Hammerlocke Banquet, Now

-Star is here, taking pictures of the banquet as a whole, but conspicuously avoiding getting the two dragons into any of them-

-something told her that they really wouldn't appreciate that-

-surprisingly Agnes is ALSO here, but in a different corner of the banquet, viciously tearing into a Torchicken sandwich while looking over a notebook, eyebrows furrowed.-

-on the page it says "torment blocks move spam?? Liepard is squishy but gets that move off fast"-

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Apr 23rd 2021 at 10:47:04 AM

Hammerlocke Banquet

Aislinn: "Yeah, that's me! I'm Aislinn. What's your name?"

Blair: ~I guess we're lucky they don't remember that other thing we did...~

Aislinn: Oh shush. Only a few people should care about that message anyway.

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Apr 23rd 2021 at 12:33:27 PM

Hammerlocke Banquet

Rogue: Just call me Rogue. Nice to meet you, Aislinn.

-They extend a hand. The abnormal atmospheric heat subsides somewhat as they do, though the vague space-heater feeling is still there.-

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Apr 23rd 2021 at 12:37:26 PM

Ballonlea Stadium Lobby

Evelyn: Who knows?

Me: That's why we're studying anything we can.

Evelyn: If it's about the Ghost Lord, we're good.

Me: Pop culture, I'm your guy.

Evelyn: Magic, you've come to the right witch.

Me: Magical girls...


Me: Oh geez, that one's complicated...

Evelyn: Regardless, whatever the subject of the quiz is, we'll be ready for it.

Bond or Break

-Ian jumps slightly when the Leppa Berry disappears

Me: -telepathically to Raru- ~Raru? Are you okay? Your voice sounds different. Do you have a cold?~

Evelyn: -telepathically to Axon- ~Axon, did you get into the Helium again?~

Raru and Axon: ~Say what?~

Raru: -to Axon- <You actually sucked helium?!>

Axon: -to Raru- <That was ONE time, and I was still an Abra.>

Hammerlocke, Banquet

-Ian turns around and sees Kim approaching.-

Me: Hey, Kim! Long time, no see.

Evelyn: Oh! Kim. How's it going? Who's that with you?

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Apr 23rd 2021 at 12:48:34 PM

Hammerlocke Banquet

Aislinn: Hm, is this what you were talking about Blair?

Aislinn shakes the extended hand.

".. Pretty warm day out, huh?"

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Apr 23rd 2021 at 12:51:51 PM

Ballonlea Stadium Entrance Room

Kim: "Indeed. Hopefully I'll be able to do well on mine. Don't think I'll need any Pokemon for this one, so..." (She takes out her PokeBall and returns Peechee.) "Shall we get going?"

Hammerlocke Stadium- The Stands

(As soon as the Duraludon goes down, the audience erupts into cheers and applause. Braker and Walter are staring in utter disbelief, and Cuddles is jumping for joy.)

Cuddles: <YES—! THEY WON-! I want to go ask them if I can give them hugs~!>

Braker: "I would highly advise against doing so, Cuddles. I do not believe that that Trainer is the type who would easily accept hugs."

Cuddles: <Oh. Okay.>

Hammerlocke Feast

Kim: "Ian, Evelyn, this is Leonard Braker. He's a newscaster I met in Circhester."

Braker: (extends his hand) "Delighted to meet you. These are my Pokemon, Walter and Cuddles."

Walter: <Hello there.>

(Cuddles excitedly jumps off of Braker's shoulder and goes up to Ian and Evelyn.)

Cuddles: (happily) <Hello~! I'm Cuddles! Do you want a hug...?>


Braker: "I see... do you have any other Pokemon besides those two? What are they like?"

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Apr 23rd 2021 at 3:34:38 PM

Ballonlea Stadium Lobby

-Ian and Evelyn put their books into their respective bags.-

Me: Let's go.

Evelyn: Right.

Hammerlocke Banquet

Me: Sure thing.

-Ian gives Cuddles a big hug as Evelyn checks her Pokédex.-

Evelyn's Pokédex: Wobbuffet, the Patient Pokémon. A Psychic type. It hates light and shock. To keep its pitch-black tail hidden, it lives quietly in the darkness. It is never first to attack. If attacked, it inflates its body to pump up its counterstrike. If two or more Wobbuffet meet, they will turn competitive and try to outdo the other's endurance. However, they may try to see which one can endure the longest without food. Trainers need to beware of this habit.

Galvantula, the Elespider Pokémon and the evolved form of Joltik. A Bug and Electric type. When attacked, they create an electric barrier by spitting out many electrically charged threads. They employ an electrically charged web to trap their prey. While it is immobilized by shock, they leisurely consume it. It lays traps of electrified threads near the nests of bird Pokémon, aiming to snare chicks that are not yet good at flying.

Evelyn: It's a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Braker. I'm Evelyn.

Hat: <Nice to meet you.>

Piku-chan: <And the kid hugging your Galvantula is Ian, my trainer. I'm Piku-chan, by the way.>

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Priest of the Temple of Syrinx
Apr 23rd 2021 at 3:56:47 PM

Ballonlea Stadium Entrance Room

Kim: "Very well, then."

(And with that, she steps onto the pitch.)

Ballonlea Stadium Puzzle Room

(In stark comparison to all of the other puzzle rooms that Kim has seen thus far, the Ballonlea one is nothing more than an empty hall. There are no strange puzzles to complete, and the only thing Kim sees in front of her is a large projector screen. Kim looks up at it in slight confusion, before words flash on to the screen: BALLONLEA GYM QUIZ GAME.)

Kim: (to herself) "This should be fun."

(And then a voice comes on to the intercom.)

???: "Oh, great. Another one. Minutes after the first trainer was crushed to dust." (The voice sighs.) "Well, let's just go ahead and get this over with. My name's Bede, I'm the Gym Leader here, and I need to prepare you. Here's the quiz. It's a lyric test. You get it right, you gain attack and defense boosts and what not for the battle; you get it wrong... and let's just say you're gonna have a bad time. Hope you're ready."

Kim: (smirks) "I am indeed."

Bede: (over intercom) "Alright, then. Let's begin."

Hammerlocke Feast

Braker: "A pleasure to meet you, Ian and Evelyn. What do you think of Cuddles?"

(The adorable Galvantula promptly snuggles up to Ian and nuzzles him. He is soft and fluffy.)

Cuddles: <I love you already~!>

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Apr 23rd 2021 at 4:21:07 PM

Hammerlocke Banquet

-Looking around-

Feels weird to be here after I already beat the whole thing, if it weren't for my mission I would've left Galar by now.

I suppose the question then would turn to where. Iron and Neo-Illusion have been dormant for years, and Neo-Flare could pop up at any time. I think around this time we were busy in Oblivia, but I don't feel like going back...

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Apr 23rd 2021 at 4:43:46 PM

Hammerlocke Banquet

-Rogue's gloved hand is hot to touch. Not so hot as to burn, but it's probably a bit of a surprise.-

Rogue: Heh, yeah. It's too bad I have to keep this suit on while I'm here, otherwise I'd love to enjoy the weather.

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Apr 23rd 2021 at 5:39:21 PM


Star: Plenty. -she throws 5 other Pokeballs into the air, letting out the rest of her team. She then points to each member one by one-

There's Felix,

-She points to a Milcery who forms a hand out of milk to wave-


-She points to a Litwick who immediately tries to hide behind her trainer's legs the second she notices the camera-


- she points to a Chinchou who grins, blinking his antennae-


-she points to a Dubwool who lies down on the ground-

and Desmond.

-finally, she points to a Roselia who takes a bow for the camera-

Also my past teammates who are back home right now.

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Apr 23rd 2021 at 6:02:09 PM

Hammerlocke Gym - Reception Zone

Abilene: -tapping her foot- Can we skip the banter for once?

Megan: -whisper- But how're we gonna sell our "rivalry", then?

Abilene: -shrug- I've got enough PR from that dashing rogue contemptible buffoon to last me awhile. And you hate the spotlight.

Megan: ...yep! ^^;

Hiro: How'd you do that with your mouth?

Megan: -blink- Hiro, you look like garbage. -blink- ...wait uh,

Hiro: No, that's accurate. Getting blindsided by a brain break will do that. Eric?

Eric the Human: -critical eye- ~...sure, pal. I don't see why I shouldn't stick around in any case.

Hiro: Keep an eye on Parfait, huh? Don't drop this -he presses a block of wax into Eric's hand- and keep your senses peeled.

Eric the Human. -quizzically- ~Yes. My human-training medical senses.

Hiro: Those too.

Megan: -glancing around, nervously- this a good idea, actually?

Hiro: I've done all the other Gyms. And if a horrible accident befalls me, I can't think of almost anyone I'd rather have it next to.

Megan: uh,

Abilene: -cane-tap- Let's get to the point.

Hammerlocke Stadium - Raihan

Raihan: Oh! If it isn't our Challenger trio! Recovered from your health problem?

Hiro: It's kind of an ongoing thing.

Raihan: -tsk- Sorry to hear that!

-proud pose- Glad you could make it, though! You all blew past my personally-trained Gym Trainers no problem!

Megan: I liked Sebastian.

-raising a finger, her other hand to Vee's head- ...what...what Type is this Gym, exactly?

Raihan: -grin- Dragon, of course!

Hiro: -leaning over- Megan, he's a Weather trainer.

Megan: -eyes sparkling- …oh.

Raihan: -dramatic pose- Oh yeah! By beating that gauntlet, you all have earned the right to face Leon's very own rival, the great Raihan!

I've been looking forward to this—the J-Team brings so much excitement to the League!

Abilene: Excuse you, I'm— Hiro: Actually, I'm not— Megan: -shrug, sheepish grin- I'm kind of a freeloader?

Raihan: ...alright!

-he spreads his arms wide, and each Trainer banishes the awkwardness with the go-to interaction button worldwide—summoning a monster-

Tremulo (god dang it she could've named him Timbre), Rillaboom: <...hullo again.>

Curry, Fleet-footed Cinderace: <Hi!!> =:D

Fray D. , Inteleon-at-Arms: <...>

Triple-Multi Battle! Starter Trio RGB vs. Premier Gym Leader Raihan!

Raihan: Bring the storm!

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That's just how it is on this bitch of an earth
Apr 23rd 2021 at 6:25:55 PM

Hammerlocke Banquet

Aislinn is still smiling but she gets like, a "hey what the fuck" kind of look in her eyes for a second.

Aislinn: "Hey, you okay in there? You feel a little warm."

Blair, for her part, is just standing there and staring.

Courage need not be remembered, for it is never forgotten.
Asterisk395 No voice to cry suffering from Hallownest Relationship Status: I've got a total eclipse of the heart
No voice to cry suffering
Apr 23rd 2021 at 6:42:02 PM

Hammerlocke Stadium - Raihan

-Raihan must be used to throwing two Pokéballs, not three- -nevertheless his triple-toss occurs with consummate flair, dang him, releasing:-

-a Turtonator, snorting flame-

-a Goodra, dripping slime-

-and in the center a Gigalith from whom a dusty maelstrom springs instantaneously, blanketing the field in stinging pain-

Hiro: augh.

-the Turtonator's shell sparks to life, humming dangerously—

-Abilene considers the Types at play-

Abilene: You both are nimble, yes?

Curry: <?> =:?

Fray D. : <!>

Abilene: Leap aside.

Tremulo used Earthquake!

-he bashes his sticks against his drum—faster and faster, building fury until the ground itself shakes with the force-

-Fray with her spy's grace wastes no time leaping onto his back, Curry dashing to the far end of the field—-

-but the waves crash against the Gigalith's Wide Guard-

Hiro: -quickly- Abilene, I've seen that dragon before, don't break the shell with anything physical unless you want a lot to explode very quickly—

Abilene: Any suggestions, then?

Megan: Oh!! -raising a finger to the sky- Rain Dance! :D

Fray D. : -does likewise, firing a single droplet into the Sandstorm's eye- <...>

-the sand all transmutes into whirling, cascading rain, drenching everyone on the field-

Abilene: -soaked- ...this helps two-thirds of our party how?

Megan: -likewise- ...uh,

Gigalith: -grumbles, Wide Umbrella-

Goodra: -wobble- <Oh, my turn.>

Raihan: -laugh- There's the storm!

Goodra used Muddy Water!

-the sand-laden downpour floods the challengers' half of the field, the drum solo splashing to a halt-

Curry: <Augh!!> D:=

Hiro: -arms crossed, curious- Get on top of the wave.

Curry: =:D

Curry used Agility!

Abilene: -...shaking a soggy shoe- ...well, this is a pickle.

Damn League-legality while we're at it. Trident Bomb.

Hiro: If you're definite. Megan?

Megan: U-um. Sure?

Hiro: -shrug- I've warned you.

-he snaps his fingers, and what projects itself on the Gigalith's shield is a set of descending arrows—up, down, left, right—flashing as they near the ground-

Fray D. : <...>

Tremulo: <. .>

Curry: =:DDD

-she starts dancing to the beat-

Abilene: ...I hate you all.

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Ballonlea Stadium Lobby

-Ian and Evelyn follow Kim, Evelyn heading to the stands.-

Ballonlea Stadium

-Ian records Kim's challenge.-

Hammerlocke Banquet

Me: He's really nice and soft. -to Cuddles- I love you too, Cuddles.

Evelyn: Anyways, Mr. Braker. What brings you here?

Show me the wisdom of the world... Tell me the secrets of the heart... and the sweet~ mysteries~ of love~...
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Wyndon Skyline

-Pleth is blasted to earth by the Luster Purge-

-Muninn dives down after her-

-as a red and green blur yoinks her out of the way-

Muninn(?): <Aha. I was wondering when someone I actually recognized would show up.>

Marmalade: <Would someone like to explain what the fuck is going on here?>

Pleth: <Somehow, Muninn has returned.>

Marmalade: <He already did that.>

Pleth: <Different Muninn. Thanks for the save, by the way, but we are going the wrong direction.>

Marmalade: <Dear heart, you know that I like to indulge you, but I think away from the Latios is almost always the correct direction.>

Pleth: <Times change— and besides, someone should probably catch Ever, right?>

Marmalade: <Ever's here?>

Ever: Somehow, I always knew it would end this way. Where's that apple person when you need them? Must be out stopping a bank robbery or something.

Let's see. Just won't help, in the middle of a city I think Misery would go Morgrem and be no use at all...Spaghetti would probably inform me that it's my own fault for breaking some protocol I've never heard of. Why are ghosts that way? Oracle might have an idea, but I don't think it'd be of any real use to me...Arc I've already relied on, so that won't work twice, it'd just be lazy writing. And Glimmer...

Hm. Dreepy can fly, right?

Scramble: <:?>

Ever: Help please.

-the ghosts all flit around Ever as they fall, doing nothing particular to aid them-

Ever: Well, you are very small.

Scramble: <!>

Ever: Could you maybe evolve very quickly?

Scramble: <:V>

Ever: Yes, I know you're technically a pseudopod of an otherworldly and all-consuming tide, but I really think it's time you think for yourself a little, because if I splatter, your photography career ends very quickly.

Scramble: <...>

Ever: Think about it...

Scramble: <...>

-ground's looking real close-



-Ever sighs, and closes their eyes-

Scramble: <:Y>

Scramble used Phantom Force!

-as Scramble reappears, momentum is not conserved, and Ever flops from a few feet up, staring up at-

Congratulations! Scramble evolved into a Drakloak!

-a large lizard ghost, with several smaller ones still floating around-

Ever: ...Huh.

Scramble: -scoops up Ever's phone, and takes a picture of them-

Ever: ...Glad your heart's in the right place. So to speak.

Scramble: <:V>

-and then there's a ripple of dust as Muninn(?) plunges to the ground next to them-

Muninn(?): <There we go. Your Sceptile's out of reach, I'm afraid—>

Ever: We were having a moment, dude. Go talk to your dead alternate self.

Muninn(?): <The one with the false memories?>

Ever: Oh, they're extremely accurate.

Muninn(?): ...Even the—

Ever: Especially the bits you think are embarrassing. I am an artful purgator.

Muninn(?): <...Then in this world—>

Ever: Yeah, like a chump. Totally didn't even break any of my ribs or sternum or spine.

Muninn(?): <And the blue—>

Ever: Look, if we're picking one of us to have decided to kin the other, I think I know which direction that runs.

Every(?) (no, not that one): -poking out of Muninn(?)'s head- They've, uh, got you there.

Muninn(?): <So no matter which one of us kills the other, I'm still stuck with you forever.>

Ever: It would seem.

Muninn(?): <...The gods may be fickle, but they know their business. And you're sure you're not compromised?>

Ever: I would describe myself as universally compromised. Whomever you're worried about, she's probably not high on the list.

Muninn(?): <And this has all been a misunderstanding.>

Ever: It's about to be more of one.

Muninn(?): <What do you—>

Pleth used Acrobatics!

-as Pleth dives from above and stomps Muninn(?) into the pavement hard enough to crack it-

Ever: Heh. Does not get old.

Every(?) (no, not that one): ...Uh, hi, by the way, I'm your trainer's dead alternate self.

Pleth: <Yeah, sounds on brand for this kind of day.>

Hammerlocke, Macro Cosmos Bank

Salamence: <Hey, wait, that's—>

-Petal Blizzard-

-Jab is sent flying, and hits the ground, totally 100% unconscious, no bones about it-

-Salamence, for her part, looks moderately annoyed but not really-

It's not very effective...

Salamence: <Oh, come on. I've had that stuck in my head for days now!>

Cross: (weathering the Blizzard without too much issue— they are Grass-type after all) <Why? It's just a bunch of words.>

Salamence: <...Do you not know what music is?>

Cross: <Like, that guy whose dad sacrificed him? Ever talks about him sometimes but I always tune out.>

Salamence: <...Huh.>

Jab used Night Slash!

-yep. Totally fainted-

Cross: <He's stealing our thunder!>

Salamence: <Let him have it. We could use a breather...>

Salamence used Roost!

Cross: <...Hmph.>

Cross used Synthesis!

Salamence: <Isn't this supposed to be someone else's job? Why are we stopping supervillains?>

Hammerlocke, elsewhere

-Apple-A-Day is sunbathing on a roof, despite still being in costume. Next to them, Syrnewt is curled up, wings spread to catch as much sun as possible-

Apple-A-Day: Such a nice, relaxing day.

Syrnewt: <It really is.>

Sometimes what's needed is a change in perspective.
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Apr 23rd 2021 at 7:51:39 PM

Hammerlocke, Macro Cosmos Bank - And Really, Good For Apple-A-Day

Rosarade: -grin, rose-twirl- <That's not all that's coming to a head.>

Rosarade: -inhales-

Critical hit!

Rosarade: <OW!>

-turning to face Jab, peeved—he's kind of frail, isn't he?- <...just so you know, you brought this on yourself.>

-huff- <You put your right hand in, you put your right hand out, quick-acting contact poi-son and you shake it all about—>

Rosa used Pin Missile!

-rat-a-tat-a-tat goes the gatling thorn-

Rosemaster: Breathe easy, dearies.

Rosemaster waved the Pounce Wand!'s like a bad stop-motion animation-

-without any discernible means or reason of propulsion she zooms to the doorframe she targeted with her Apples-

-Malaise drops off early-

Malaise: -to Cross- <Synthesize this dialectic!> ;D

Malaise used Acrobatics!

-and Rosemaster lands badly-

-she stumbles, swearing, and drops the pie-

Malus: -mid-fall, to Cross- <That's the saddest thing I ever heard.> ;_;

-the...terrifying pound pie, which produces a tremor on hitting the ground-

Malus used Earthquake!

Hammerlocke Stadium - Rainhan

-the Turtonator's shell sparks again—this is ignored-

Raihan: Ho? What an interesting technique!

But can it keep up? Gigalith!

Gigalith: -soaked- <Drop 'til you drop.>

Gigalith used Rock Blast!

-and she fires-

-the arrows shift to meet them—rocks intersecting the plane at the same time and place as the arrows-

Curry: <Give us the power to bring revolution!> >:D

-a three-by-three square of earth dries around her feet—and from it, she kicks up sparks toward the directional inputs-

Curry used Fire Pledge!

-it's damp and rock doesn't burn—the stones fly clean through—-

Fray D. : <...>

-that is, until quick-draw targeting reticles appear overlapping the arrows-

Fray used Water Pledge!

-Fray targets them, firing to match Curry's pace and aim—the bursts of steam shatter the stone, blast for blast-

Raihan: Oh yeah! Gigalith, keep it up!

Gigalith: <Huh.>

Gigalith's Rock Blast redoubled!

-Tremulo raises his drumsticks-

-and the drum master takes the stage-

Tremulo used Grass Pledge!

Turtonator: <...why are you helping them?>

Gigalith: <Honestly, I want to see where this goes. And the song pops.>

-the seeds spitting like bullets from the fringe of the drum strike the meeting point of water and fire—and sprout and split in a burst of light and greenery and—-

-—force, scattering the Rock Blast like marbles on their way toward Raihan's team-

-the arrows accelerate—along with the targeting sights, the drum beat circles, doubling in on themselves, multiplying, a…swamp burning with rainbow fire forming in their wake, the Starters approaching manic as they rain down attack after attack on Raihan's-

Raihan: Now.

Three-Way Combo! Triple Fi

-Goodra extends a tentacle into the screen's crescendo and the whole thing goes dark-

Goodra's Sap Sipper!

Gigalith: -can stone pant- <Also that.>

Megan: .

Goodra's Attack drastically rose!

Goodra: <Glub glub.> ^x^

Curry: <Look out!!> DDD:=

Fray D. : <!?!>

Curry intercepted the blow!

-the flash-quick Power Whip is body-blocked by an even faster rabbit, sending her careening into its intended target-

It's not very effective!

Curry: @_@

Critical hit!

Fray D. : <...>

-her hands quiver a tad-

Megan: oh geez no—Frai—!

-Fray points her finger at the sky-

-rolls dice-

Metronome became Water Spout!

Megan: o-oh.

-and a titanic seadrop precipitates from the clouds-

Megan: Never mind.

-all eyes on the field look up in horror-

Abilene: Mm. While this side of the field's clear—

-she snaps her fingers-

Tremulo used Boomburst!

-a dreadful cymbal-clash—a crystal-cracking, carapace-caving crash of a cacophony dents every eardrum in the stadium-

Turtonator: <OW>

-it's not Physical, Leagually speaking, but the sheer force is just physical enough to:-

Turtonator's Shell Trap!

- —set off the Shell Smashes he'd been setting up this whole match-

Curry fainted!

Fray fainted!

Tremulo toughed it out, wanting to show his best side to Abilene!

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Apr 23rd 2021 at 7:54:49 PM

Ballonlea Gym Puzzle

Bede: "Alright, then. Here's the first lyric."

(And seconds later, a lyric appears on the projector screen.)


Hammerlocke Banquet

Braker: "Three reasons, actually. The first is food, the second is karaoke, and the third is for interviews with other members of this... group."

Cuddles: <Thanks~!> (he pulls out a cookie) <Do you want a cookie, too?>

Hi, I’m oghond, and I’m a Rushaholic. Sorry if I annoy you unintentionally. 😅
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Hammerlocke — Outside the Library

-The burst of sourceless flame fades as quickly as it begins. What seems at first to be billowing smoke turns out to be a dissipating Obscuric barrier around Mason, pulled up during the split second of abnormal pressure just before the fireball. The Espeon flicks his tail, staring directly at Mason.-

Mason: I knew I didn't like you.

-He sends out Namine-

Namine: <...Great, what are you getting yourself into this time?>

Mason: More fire, apparently! Help deal with the Espeon, please?

Namine: (muttering) <Which Entei did you piss off?>

-The Espeon tilts his head, and hacks up a Shadow Ball to spit at Namine-

Namine: <Eugh, why do you use it like that?>

-She conjures up a wave of water to wash of the weirdly gross shadows.-

Namine used Surf!

-Mason watches as Bren the Scorcher strides out of the library.-

Bren the Scorcher: The School wants you executed properly, I'm afraid, Mason. I'm to correct my failures from fifteen years ago.

Mason: Thanks, but no thanks, I'm past my death-wish phase.

Bren the Scorcher: Of course.

-A circle of flames surrounds the combatants. Namine and the Espeon exchange another pair of attacks.-

'Bren the Scorcher: I was given an affinity for destruction. The Phantom Class was resistant to tricks of the mind, so they selected me for my elemental focus instead. But wanton destruction, destruction of lives after showing so much potential? You have a keen mind, Mason, and I would never want to let it go to waste.

Mason: ...Then why hunt me down to kill me? Just let me go, and as far as the School is concerned, Carbon is as dead as ever.

Bren the Scorcher: I'm afraid that is not within the cards.

-Psychic pressure vibrates the air again, and Mason instinctively shields himself before the second gout of Mystical Fire.-

'Mason: Nngh...

Bren the Scorcher: You could put that keen mind to good use, if you wanted. You've learned so much from nothing but your own barely-tapped potential, after cutting short your own time under our wing. Imagine what you could do if you came back.

Mason: I've spent my whole life imagining. I think I've had plenty of time to make up my mind.

Bren the Scorcher: ...A shame.

Mason: I know. Namine, we need to get out of here now! Carve us out a path!

Namine: <Good! Running is good! You can work out your issues another time!>

-She conjures another wave, dousing the flames. Steam rises as Bren evaporates the water, rebuilding his wall of psychic flame bit by bit.-

Espeon: <Mrrr....>

Bren the Scorcher: You won't escape forever, Mason.

Mason: I managed for a decade and a half. I think I'll be fine.

-The ear-popping sensation occurs once more, but Bren the Scorcher's focus is broken by a jet of water blasting him backward.-

Namine used Hydro Pump!

Namine: <Bullseye!>

Mason:' Great shot, Nam, let's get the fuck out of here! They won't be stupid enough to follow us to the banquet!

-They scurry away as Bren picks himself up. The Espeon flicks his tail in irritation. trotting back to Bren's side. Bren sighs, and picks up his Espeon, letting him onto his shoulder.-

Bren the Scorcher: Don't you worry, Frumpkin. We will get through to him yet.

Frumpkin the Espeon: <Mrah.>

-Bren wrings out his coat and begins walking away through the steam.-

Hammerlocke Banquet

Rogue: Don't worry about it, it's fine. It's just a badly timed suit cooler malfunction.

-They tilt their head slightly at Blair-

Rogue: So, forgive me for asking, but I'm guessing you came over to meet me for more than just a handshake and a name?

-It's that point when Mason finally arrives, physically carrying Namine. Despite the ordeal he just came from, he seems just as well-put-together as ever.-


Scarlette: Hah, there you are, Mason. What took you so long?

Mason: ...Let's just say I needed to do a bit more studying.

Scarlette: Pff. Nerd.

who wants to go murder gods
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Apr 23rd 2021 at 8:06:51 PM

Hammerlocke Stadium, Raihan - Oops

-...and then the Water Spout hits, scattering Raihan's Pokémon like tenpins-

Gigalith: @

Turtonator: <...ow.>

Goodra: -yawns-

Abilene: Damn it all—?!

Hiro: -self-evidently- This is bad.

Megan: -high-pitched shrilling-

Scarf!Service Mon!Vee: -whistles- <Holy shit.>

Raihan: -grinning, easy as you please- Now—

Abilene: -turn- Send out your—!

Hiro: -Repeat Ball already out- Already done.

Abilene: Not talking to you—!!

Megan: aaaaAAAA—

That wa sa lot of fire even in the Rain what who do I

Pollen: -pop- <...>

-turning to Megan- < forgot what format we were going with, huh?>

Megan: -mid-command- Huh?

◓◓| • ◓| • ◓ vs. ◓◓◓◓◓◓

 Pippy's Pokéball 

Pippy's Dematerialized Essence: -twiddles its claws-

Megan: ...wait. wait frick,

Pollen: -Telekinese-ing a shield against the rain- <Mm.>

Scarf!Vee: -purrs- <Calm down, swamp fairy. Bug's been good.>

Megan: U-u-uh.


Abilene: Tactical retreat.

Tremulo used U-Turn!

-so drums can apparently make that truck-backing-up "beep, beep, beep" sound-

Sapinda: -pop, tsks- <Well this is—>

Abilene: Gain height. Now.

Sapinda used Fl—

Raihan: -grin- Thunder.

Goodra said <nope!>

Abilene: fffffffff—

Scarf!Vee: <...Hiro? Any pointers?>

Hiro: -shrug- I thought this'd be a fun thing to do together. Failing that, thought we'd learn something.

Scarf!Vee: -flat- <The latter's true?>

Raihan: -dramatic stance- Bulldoze!

-his Gigalith stomps, a moment before Chowder, Hiro's Arcanine, takes the field-

Turtonator's Shell Tr— Pollen's Powder!

Turtonator: -again- <OW??>

The move exploded!

Turtonator fainted!

Abilene: Oh...good, good, that's—

Allies' Speed fell!

-in the moment of weakness:-

Gigalith used Explosion!

-throwing everyone back, leaving the field clear for—-

Flygon used Boomburst!

Sandaconda's Sand Spit!

Arcanine used Play Rough! It's super effective!

Sapinda used Dragon Hammer! It's super effective!

Goodra used Counter!

Abilene: -gritted teeth, sweating-

-Pollen lets a Pollen puff into the re-sanded wind while Megan hems and haws, dashing against the Goodra—-

-and the Sandstorm *doesn't* finish him off, wearing on everyone but the smug Sandaconda it came from— -

-Dynamax is left-


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