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Apr 1st 2021 at 11:23:43 AM


Racoon City - Beneath the Streets

Roxy awoke slowly, “Claire? Claire can you hear me?”

She saw Sherry, before she blacked out again… and was greeted to another sight… a woman with facial features similar to Gabi/Sherry shining a light into her eyes.

“No signs of turning… clearly not infected… good.”

“Who are you?” Roxy asked as she got up.

“Annette Birkin, I saw you were with my daughter,” Annette responded.

Roxy blinked, “Sherry is your daughter?”

“She was supposed to wait at the police station. It’s safe there.”

“Uh… NO, it is not!” Roxy pointed out, “I was in there for… I don’t know how long but the entire place is full of zombies and had a very angry gray man in a hat!”

Annette looked at Roxy, and shrugged, “Whatever the case… she’s gone now. William’s probably gotten to her.”

Roxy turned pale, “What?”

Annette clenched a fist for a moment, and relaxed it, “There… I-I have other work. William has to be stopped, millions of lives are at stake.”

“What about your daughter?” Roxy asked accusingly.

Annette sighed, “I, I can’t.”

Roxy frowned, “Well I can!”

She dropped down below, Annette could only stare… a little impressed.

Silas awoke and grunted, his left shoulder hurt, he tapped at it and felt a torn sleeve, and several bandages, “Ada…”

He got up slowly and looked about the room, Ada/Alice was gone. She had gone ahead, and Silas could only remember that she’d need some help… he didn’t remember how. For now, the next step was to trudge through the sewers… and fight large mutants called Gs.

He entered the sewers and made sure all his weapons were loaded, he looked ahead towards the path before him, “Okay…” he began, “Bring it fucking on.”

Roxy picked up the VHS tape, she had heard of these… The first time she had asked Silas about these, he doubled over and proclaimed himself “An old man”. Far as she knew they were an old form of media playback. The soldier in heavy gear and a gas mask it was next to, wasn’t a good sign…

Roxy shivered a bit as she considered the implications, and opted to leave him alone. She shoved the tape into a bag and marched off, she had to get through this crazy area and there was only one path ahead.

Roxy grumbled and continued on, she hated wading through the sewers… but she had no choice.

Silas entered the overlook area, he looked down, there she was, “Ada…”

“Sherry!” Roxy exclaimed, pressing her face against the glass, she lay unconscious on the garbage.

“Sit tight Ada, I’ll get you out,” he said, looking over to the security door, there was a note on it. He stepped over and picked it up.

To: Silas and Roxy

Hello there, it’s me, the one responsible for all this. Just to let you both know, fantastic job so far! But we’ve hit a snag, we’re faced with an area rife with backtracking… So to be easier on all of us. Just go to the side area listed here on the map, grab what you get from this spot, get the plugs, finish this puzzle.


Love ya both!

Roxy stared at the note, but was thankful it wanted to get this all done and over with, she stepped past it for a moment and saw a large TV with an old media player. She remembered the VHS and pulled it out, popping it into the TV.

Tape 1 - A. Kirkpatrick

It was from a first person view, some form of helmet cam to a pair of gloved hands, the dead soldier, crawling forward, another in sight, “Please… don’t hurt him!” Kirkpatrick begged.

“Over here you freak!” The other shouted, he was quickly swatted aside by the sight of the heavily mutated Birkin.

The Birkin gripped a metal suitcase and seemed to gobble something from it, broken vials dropping to the floor, Kirkpatrick collapsed. The camera focused on the broken vials, various rattata came up and started to nibble on the remains.

<Oh god we’re so hungry!> one proclaimed.

Racoon City - The Sewer System

Silas blinked, “So that’s how the infection spread… god damn it, don’t they teach them to not eat everything they can get their hands on?

Roxy sighed, of course scavengers ended up being the unfortunate carriers, it was a tale as old as history itself.

She headed off across the lowered bridge and into the side area. Following the map’s path, she avoided a zombie attack and grabbed the reinforced parts for her revolver, according to the note next to them, she could now fire magnum rounds. She didn’t have time to focus on the tape right now.

That’d be helpful for certain, passing by another zombie she dropped down into the ick, “I hate this place.”

Silas entered the storage room and looked about, it had been awhile but the area was… different. There was no puzzle, no order of doors, not even a zombie or two, and a flamethrower awaiting him.

He picked up the flamethrower, it wasn’t very large and could be easily slung over his shoulder with a strap, he found a note next to it.

This’ll be useful against ivies, you better be fucking grateful.

Silas wasn’t certain he liked this being responsible for his suffering. Quite frankly he was learning to hate the being…

Roxy reentered the overlook room and installed the plugs, following the map’s directions, “Man this thing must really hate going through this…” she muttered.

The door opened and she marched in, the lever to the disposal area was clearly depowered, she didn’t even need to bother… She knew how these things went. Roxy sighed and stepped into the back room and flipped the power switches, the lights came on… and something in the back of her head told her to be careful around the door…

The feeling was made correct as a Birkin claw came down and tried to attack her, Roxy panicked and started to scramble around the room looking for an exit, the claw struck down a few more times… before it ripped a metal security door out. Birkin-2 was not pleased looking… despite the dumb looking ditto face on him.

Roxy sprinted past him, “Okay asshole…” she muttered, “I’m getting tired of this!”

Down Roxy dropped onto a rainy construction platform, and before her stood a cargo crate, a crane, and a set of buttons.

Silas slammed on the crane controls, the cargo crate swung out as Birkin-2 marched out. Silas swung around and tossed a flash bang, “Alright bastard, you want to play?”

Birkin groaned in pain, his giant eyes blinking, “That’s what you get for having so many eyes.”

Silas slammed on the return button, and watched as the crane began to swing the cargo crate around once more.

Birkin-2 stood up and roared, ready to take it, Roxy however raised her revolver and loaded a magnum round, she fired right into the giant eyeball and Birkin-2 collapsed in pain. He needed to collect himself and heal… shame for him a giant cargo crate was flying his way.

Roxy gave a curt little wave as the crane struck Birkin-2, and sent him flying off the edge.

She breathed a sigh of relief and headed across the path, she had learned not to question too much at this point… besides Sherry needed help. She trudged up to the disposal room and opened it.

Roxy grunted a bit, she was getting exhausted from all of this, but she knew the night wasn’t over yet. She stepped in and picked Sherry up, “Hey Sherry, it’s alright, I’m here.”

Sherry barely responded, “C-Claire…?”

“Save your strength Sherry, we’re almost out…”

“C-Claire… thank you,” Sherry muttered.

“Hey, it’s what I do,” Roxy responded.

There was a burst of spotlights, Roxy looked up and saw a blinking red light on a camera, “Annette.”

“You want to help my daughter… I have work to do, I have to stop William, he can’t be allowed to live or else millions more will die.”

Roxy frowned, “And do you want me to leave-”

“NO! Take her to the Cable Car, it’ll lead down to my labs at the NEST, there you’ll find the vaccine to help her!”

Sherry mumbled a bit, “Mom…?”

“Sherry, I am so sorry for not being there more for you, this is the best I can do for now.”

Roxy nodded, “Annette! Thank you.”

She walked off to the cable car.

Silas stepped in, “Ada.”

Ada looked up and smirked a bit, “Leon… good to see you.”

Silas stepped over and looked at the jagged piece sticking out, “Can’t exactly walk with that in you, can you?”

Ada frowned, Silas set out some medical supplies, “Ready?”

“Just… get it done and over with,” Ada told him.

Silas nodded and pulled the shard out, Ada shrieked in pain, and soon found the disinfectant cloth being tightly wrapped around her leg. “I guess I owe you one,” she grunted.

Silas smirked, “We’re even. You’ve saved me twice, let me do this for you.”

Ada couldn’t help but smile a bit, “You know for a monotone man, you’re rather friendly.”

“I do my best.”

Silas helped Ada to her feet, and the two slowly headed out. They crossed the bridge and approached the railcar down the fulcrum. This would be the last stop here, after this… no turning back.

Silas stepped on board and helped Ada on, “Ready?” he asked.

“Take us to the nest,” Ada responded with a smile.

“Your mom’s lab is this way,” Roxy said to Sherry, “We can get you help.”

Sherry could feel the parasite digging around in her, trying to take hold… she was fighting it as best as she could. She wouldn’t end up a monster like her father became… Sherry was certain of it.

“L-Let’s go,” Sherry said.

Roxy nodded, and pulled the lever.

The Cable Car descended down into the depths, the Underground lab of Umbrella awaited… as well as the last boss fights. Little did Silas or Roxy know what horrors lay in the depths.

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Apr 1st 2021 at 11:33:30 AM


-Alphos and Steve are sitting in that one Caterpie cafe, sipping lattes.

Alphos: "So when are we doing the joke?"

-Steve nearly spits out his coffee-

Steve: "Er, That's the problem. There is no joke."

-Alphos ACTUALLY spits out their coffee-

Alphos: "WHAT? It's April Fools! There HAS to be a joke!"

-They narrow their eyes-

"...Did somebody explain the joke?"

-Steve shakes his head!-

Steve: "It's not that! The joke never existed! There was no joke prepared!"

-Alphos' eyes widen-

Alphos: "What?! WHY?!"

Steve: -flails wildly- "The writing muse! She's been missing for AGES!"

Alphos: "Oh no! We've got to find her!"

Steve: -Headtilt- "But where do we start?"

Alphos: -gestures around- "In this RP of course!"

Steve: -Smiles- "That makes perfect sense! Let's do it!"

-They dash off-

A Caterpie: -slurps the leftover coffee-

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Apr 1st 2021 at 11:49:58 AM

SPOILER: Took control of Animeboyianpower's character for this interaction with his permission.

Hunter's Guild Hideout, Wyndon

Deep within a posh terraced home was a hideout, workshop, and laboratory, a supervillain lair located in some of the most sought-after addresses in Wyndon. Inside, Malacostra, clad in her armor, taps her feet impatiently. For the past month, Salem had been working non-stop in the laboratory, ordering various implements such as smelting devices and extra ventilation from the higher-ups to refine the ores of hard-to-acquire metal. These were, fortuitously, the secret ingredients they needed to create their next big weapon.

Specializing in hunting psychic- and fairy-types, Salem was no stranger to the arcane. To combat creatures with powers that could best be described as magic, he turned to science. And his creations were wondrous enough on their own. But a wizard comes neither too early nor too late. And his work was finished at the appointed time.

Mal, it seems, did not share the sentiment. She wasn't too confident working with anything magic-related and only relented to this when told of the power they could wield.

Malacostra: Ugh, you've been working on that thing for weeks now. When is it gonna be done? You said it was gonna be ready today!

Salem: And it will be. Calm yourself, Lady Malacostra. You can't rush art. These final details are essential to getting this device to work exactly the way we want it. It's a good thing I swiped those ores when I did. They were just the right purity to make my custom conductors. And you said those ores were useless.

Malacostra: Well, you did overhype that rather large one. Like, "check out this big-ass piece of gold I found."

Salem: Okay, so I can't identify fool's gold at a glance. It's a common mistake. But it did give me plenty of cold iron to work with. Now, let me work in peace. The device is almost ready.

He resumes work. After a few seconds, he turns to Malacostra while holding a pair of long tongs. Salem had ditched his outfit in favor of a smock, welder's mask, and leather overalls. The clothes were darkened with soot and carbonization. He's been working with a lot of hot metal.

Salem: Hand me the locket with the anomalous crystal.

Malacostra casually gives Salem the locket containing their secret weapon. Salem had deduced that it was an anomalous substance, capable of fielding unpredictable psychic power during the right time.

With the tongs, he gently opens the locket and removes the pink, glowing crystal. He places it in his invention—a lantern-shaped device with arcane runes plastered alongside it. In between the runes appears to be circuitry. Once within, the device whirred to life.

"It works," Salem muttered under his breath. He turned to Malacostra and the Pokémon he shared the room with.

Salem: Lady and Gentlemons, presenting my newest creation. With this amplifier, we can channel the anomalous energies of this crystal when it is at its most powerful. Controlled chaos is at our fingertips.

Malacostra: Excellent. Will it work?

Salem: We've been running the tests all week and we know what it can do on a small scale.

Malacostra: Oh, I know. Sokar?

Sokar, within the house's on-board computer, brings down a projector and plays a video of one of the early tests of Malacostra's larger crustaceans dancing while hypnotized as Astronomia by Tony Igy plays in the background, all while carrying a smiling hypnotized Marion on their backs.

Sokar: That'll never get old.

Salem: Its power grows with each day but will only reach truly massive levels on the first of April.

Malacostra: Good. The Galarian Museum's collection contains an exhibit of treasures and antiques said to belong to the Ghost Lord himself. We'll steal it! NO ONE WILL EVER KNOW! The city will never know what hit them.

Malacostra's Imagine Spot

The museum is enveloped in mayhem as Chibi Malacostra and Chibi Salem open the lantern and unleash the dark forces while their chibi mooks steal everything belonging to the Ghost Lord. Meanwhile, Chibi Galarian police walk around in confusion, swatting at floating objects yelling oi oi oi. Two Chibi J-Teamers are wedgied and pinned to the corner doing Ocular Gushers, while Arachna-Guy and Ian the Pikipek lie on the ground, bloodied and injured.

Chibi Arachna-Guy: Curse you, Malacostra and Salem! The Hunter's Guild is too much for us!

Chibi Malacostra and Chibi Salem high-five while Malacostra's crustaceans once again carry around a smiling hypnotized Marion.

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Umbrella Secret Underground Lab - Insert dramatic music here

Sorry couldn’t resist.

The Cable car halted, Roxy picked Sherry up, her condition was getting worse, “Don’t worry Sherry. We’ll get you fixed up,” She assured as best as she could.

The doors opened slowly, Roxy stared at the 3 airlock doors, “Does this place really need this many?”

Once they had finally opened, Roxy darted in and into a side room, there was a bed and medical equipment there, as well as more ammunition for her grenade launcher. She loaded up and looked to Sherry, “Wait here, try to keep strong.”

Sherry nodded, took a deep breath and closed her eyes, the infection was spreading, Roxy would have to work fast… “Here, you’ll need this,” Sherry said, taking off a wristband.

Roxy picked it up and looked over it, “This’ll get me through the labs won’t it?”

Sherry nodded. Roxy smiled, “I’ll be back as soon as possible,” she promised, setting her jacket over Sherry.

The car landed, Silas stretched, “Alright, let’s get moving.”

Ada grunted, “Sorry, I don’t think I’m going to make it like this…”

Silas stepped over, “Ada, come on, you’ll be fine, we’ve almost got the G-Virus.”

“No, just go on ahead without me,” Ada told him.

Silas frowned, “I’ll support you, we can make it through this tog-”

She pulled Silas in and kissed him, and for a moment, Silas forgot where he was.

Ada handed Silas the wristband, “Go, you’ll need this. Get the virus sample and let’s take down Umbrella.”

Silas stepped back, looked at her, and then put the wristband on, he stepped out of the cable car and headed off into the labs, gripping his shotgun once more. The kiss… it had been nice, reminded him of Alice, but all it did was remind him that she wasn’t actually Alice. He had been getting… too into the story around him, he was only an actor in this play.

He sighed, he’d have a long talk with the actual Alice about this, hopefully that’d help clear his head. He entered the side area, the next piece that would get him lab access would be past-

-The cafeteria, Roxy had just narrowly avoided getting bitten by several zombies in there, she stepped into the back area. Another soldier was spotted, missing his helmet, groaning and moaning, well just great.

Roxy popped his head open with another magnum round, she was disappointed in herself at how used to the use of firearms she was getting. Killing was one thing, especially killing for survival, that’s how the pokemon world worked, sometimes you end up food… and it was debatable about how alive these things were. She still didn’t like it…

Into the NAP Room, which she found a little amusing, the Umbrella scientists worked such long hours that they got benefits such as being able to literally nap on the job, she grabbed the key from the wristband stuck out of one of the bed doors, they reminded her a bit of the bunks seen on Asimov’s rockets to Mars.

With the new keyband on her wrist, she could advance into the labs, she loaded her weapons and headed out the door.

Silas crossed the bridge carefully, he wanted to rant about the safety violations these bridges were and their severe lack of railings. For now he just had to bottle it up and get the last security keyband to get into the G-Virus samples office, and for the final confrontation with… Ada…

It was probably his feelings for Alice at the back of his head speaking but he desperately wanted this story to turn out differently… but he knew the history and knew what was coming. No matter how different things seemed, he was stuck.

He entered the NEST labs and stepped into the heavily vined areas, he could hear the horrific clicking around, he swung the flamethrower out and clicked the safety off. Before him stood one of the Ivies, in the game they were simple plant mutations, here it looked like some form of Chesnaut Trevenant blend with some poor human in the middle… it clicked and stumbled, Silas wasted no time and pulled the trigger.

The Ivy roared in pain and stumbled to the ground, flailing madly as the flames licked it. Silas however knew it was faking it, and turned the flamethrower up to full burn, the only way to be safe was to ensure this thing wouldn’t be getting back up again.

Roxy entered the seminar room, the podium and the overturned chairs made that clear. Stuck to a window by a mutated plant, the poor bastard still had his keycard, and Roxy knew that was the last one to get to the G-Labs, that’s where the vaccine was held.

Annette hadn’t been seen in awhile, presumably she was still chasing after William/The Birkin monster. She advanced into the next room and saw a large screen overlooking a lab map, and a solution sprayer, that had to be weedkiller. She hit the button and watched the sprayers go.

“Dispensing solution now,” the pleasant computer voice said… only for the solution to do nothing.

“Great… another puzzle,” she mumbled, taking the empty solution canister.

Something by the screen caught her attention, she dug into her pocket and pulled out the crumpled note that listed all the code combinations… couldn’t be, could it?

In she put the code ‘|=iK’ and watched as the screen beeped and a lock sign changed, yep this was the end of the code puzzles.

Silas filled the herbicide into the container and looked at it, it was rather hot to the touch, “Yeah that makes sense…” he mumbled, thankfully his left hand couldn’t get burned. He stepped out and rushed over to the ladder, the sound of more clicking filled his ears and he picked up the pace.

“Damn ivies,” he muttered as he slid down the ladder. The lower levels, he loaded his weapons once more, more lickers were down here, but he was ready for them… With a dramatic pump of his shotgun, a loud CHU-CHAK that echoed, he marched forward.

He charged in, kicking a zombie that had ducked around in the chest, it toppled over, before its head was reduced to a meaty pulp. Silas swung around and gripped onto the CM 86 and opened fire, 3 round bursts into the heads of each, and then grab the frequency modulator to get the hell out of here.

Attune the frequency, shove it into the wall, watch the lights come on. Silas swung around just as a licker dropped, it received a face full of steelboys buckshot… if that even counted as a face at this point. He kicked it aside and entered the cold room, checking his remaining bullets, he’d have enough to face whatever came next.

Only one thing left to do… freeze the solution.

Roxy shivered as she took the herbicide and put it in her bag, only one key left to grab. She headed out the door and up the stairs, the clicking of the plant Monster, the Ivy was heard and she sighed. Loading another flame round, she swung around the corner and popped it, the Ivy collapsed and rolled around in the flames… bad for it as thanks to the solution in the fire round kept burning.

Roxy rushed past and up the stairs, into the safe room, and then to the overlook room. She only had to dispense the solution, and then the last key would be hers. The nightmare was almost over, she could feel it…

In the container of herbicide went, and down rained the weed killer onto the overgrowth. The researcher dropped down, even the Ivies withered underneath the solution, Roxy smiled, pleased at the substance doing its job. She tried to imagine how annoying it would be if the weed killer didn’t hurt the Ivies at all and she’d have to fight her way through.

She stepped in-

-to the room, Silas looked pleased and holstered his Lightning Hawk and darted for the keyband. Only one room left to go, and then he’d be out of here, the nightmare almost done. He grabbed the Keyband as the automated voice of the lab went off.

“Warning: you have dispersed a dangerous solution without authorization. Your actions have been logged and you may be subject to disciplinary action.”

As the computer said that, Silas looked up and saw him.


The Chris-X Tyrant punched through the glass and dropped down, right as Silas had already darted back through the labs, thankful that he didn’t have to obey the same arbitrary sprint speed. His lungs burned, but he couldn’t focus on that, he had a mission to finish, to find the G-Virus and get out of here.

Across the terrifying bridges in the NEST he sprinted, and into the final rooms. The ending was close… he knew it deep in his soul, he picked up the last VHS tape, “Alright…”

“Let’s see what you hold,” Roxy said entering the room. Frequency modulator pressed onto the last circuit box and on came the lights, she pulled up a stool and sat down… Last tape to go.

In it went, the TV clicked with some static for a moment, and then-

Tape 2 - J. Martinez

The scene from the helmet cam took place in an air vent, someone looking down through a scope at what appeared to be a scientist. Part of his facial features would seem similar to Sherry’s, as well as having thick brown hair and a set of grey eyes.

a detonator went off and the vent dropped, and down went the Umbrella Soldier. He landed as two others ran up, all of them pointing what looked to be LE5 model submachine guns, all pointed at this one scientist.

The one in the lead spoke up, “Dr. Birkin, you’ll come along with us quietly…”

“Did you think I didn’t expect you, that I wouldn't know you are coming?” Birkin said tucking a silver suitcase under his arm and reaching into his coat, “This is my life’s work… I’m not handing over anything!!”

The Soldier in lead kept a hand raised, “We have our orders, please, just come along with us Dr. Birkin, we don’t have to-”

Birkin drew his hand from his coat, Martinez opened fire and riddled Birkin with bullets, “Stop! Hold your fire!”

One of the others inspected Birkin’s neck and cursed.

“The fuck were you thinking? Our orders were to bring him in alive!” the one in the front said, he pushed a hand against his helmet and spoke.

“We’re in, we had a snafu, the target resisted and drew a firearm, we had to take him out…” Martinez’s breathing became a little more audible as they tried to calm themselves down.

“Roger that sir, collecting the samples,” the Leader commented before picking up the samples.

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Glimwood tangle

-Ivy and Oliver are here.-

Oliver: Hmm, maybe the weirdness would be coming from here?

Ivy: Who knows.

I used to plug my deviantart here but turns out the link was too long.
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(Kimberly Bond is asleep. Her Pokemon, meanwhile, are all happily chatting on Hasslemon.)


Everybody joined the chat.

EL: 'Ello there!

ML: Hi.

   devilishTaxus: Oh goodie! My favorite day of the year! I cannot wait to get into all sorts of shenanigans! What do you guys say to me scaring you on repeat?!   

SB: t-that would be a terrible idea ;;

   DT: What? Oh, come on, Freddie, you know pranks are my thing!   

MP: Well, usually a bunch of weird shenanigans happen on this day. I'm a bit surprised nothing's happened yet.

UR: "Shenanigans"?

SK: Unusual happenings.

NN: It is not a Newspeak word, is it?

SK: No, it is not.


UF: Well, I must say, I have never experienced this kind of day before.

WM: Yeah, I wonder what's going ta happen this time around.

BC: Probably nothing really all that weird. Might as well take it as it comes, y'know?


gutteralNirvana: Why are you shouting...?

clashingSatirist: I think he's just loud, mate.


(And then, back on Earth, suddenly a burst of light shoots from the sky and towards Kim's PokeBalls. They all glow bright blue, before the light promptly fades. Kim doesn't even notice it, but back on Hasslemon...)


ML: Um... hello? Can somebody tell me what just happened...? Are you guys alright?


ML: O-okay, Geddy... you don't have to shout, geez...

HG: Kaylan's right. You really don't have to type in all-caps.

ML: ...D-Dio? Are you okay?


EL: p-please... please stop shouting... i-it's scaring me ;;;;

SB: Oh, come on, Elton! They're just having fun!

SK: Yeah! This is really fun! What do you think, Dalt?

ML: Did... did Ozzy just call him "Dalt"?!

CV: I... would not necessarily say it is fun, Ozzy. However... I could not help but notice that you are now referring to me as "Dalt", rather than Daltrey. And... it seems as though I now have your more sophisticated speech patterns and demeanor.

GN: Indeed. This is very unusual.

ML: W-what's going on...?! Paul? Sinatra? A-are you guys okay?

BC: Never better! Now who's gonna get me a Casteliacone?!

WM: Ah, I wouldn't worry too much about that, y'know; you'd have to go all the way to Castelia for one of those.

BC: Touche.

ML: GAH-! A-are any of you guys noticing this besides Dalt? Am I the only one who's not affected by this? I still love marshmallows...!

FM: Whoa. Calm down there, buddy.

CS: Yeah, dude. Relax. Nothing strange is happening... but I do feel a lot more calm than usual...

ML: Oh no... nonononono... this is bad... Gilmour? What's your favorite holiday again?

PM: April Fools Day, of course! What else do you think it is? I get to scare my friends out of their wits!

   DT: Halloween... is my favorite...   

ML: ...

NN: Um... Kaylan? Are you... are you horrorshow?

RP: Yeah, mate, you don't seem right.

ML: ...Peechee? What do you think about battles?

UR: B-batts?! U-unremind me... they are torture...

ML: ...


HG: Is something the matter?

UF: Ooh! Maybe you want a marshmallow? I can get you one of those!

ML: ...


Kaylan: (from inside his PokeBall) <AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH—!!>

(Seconds later, he emerges from his PokeBall and desperately tries to shake Kim awake.)

Kaylan: <KIM! W-wake up! Something's wrong with your team...!>

(Kim is still asleep. Kaylan looks on in horror.)

Kaylan: <Oh no...>

(He returns to his PokeBall.)


ML: <Somebody! H-help...! Please...! Something's wrong with Kim's team...!>

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Imagine Spot

"Y'know the funny thing is, I don't even need to move. I just need to be conscious and you didn't even notice I already freed myself."


"I gotta stop getting lost in power fantasies. Don't want to end up like... well, name a villain." Kamui chuckled in response to her trainer's musings.

"If we're powerful enough we can win a fight with eye contact..." she trailed off, earning a fist-bump from her trainer.

"I wonder..." he trailed off, gripping his Sun Stone and letting the transformation wash over him. A Cobalion stood where he once did, fortunately still in their dorm.

<Lovely,> he nodded before reverting to humanity. "Well, I just need pitch to get things done. The question is how."

"Are you asking if you want to go [Vegito]? Never go [Vegito]. You don't have the charisma for it."

"You wanna bet?"

"Well, it is April Fools' day. Let's see if it works."

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Apr 1st 2021 at 12:40:53 PM

Glimwood Tangle

There's a splashing noise coming from a pond nearby.

Courage need not be remembered, for it is never forgotten.
Apr 1st 2021 at 12:42:22 PM

Glimwood Tangle

Hoops smiles up at Evelyn.

Hoops: I'm fine, just some mild bruising. I just remembered the time you and I met, when we were kids. By the way, the ability to float gives you kind of an unfair advantage in this game, and I'm not bitter about it or anything, but like, come on.

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Apr 1st 2021 at 12:45:29 PM

Glimwood tangle

Oliver: What's that noise?

-The two of them head over to investigate.-


-Kat(?) is walking around when she notices Kamui's ears and tails. She stands back listening to the conversation not particularly inconspicuously.-

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Apr 1st 2021 at 12:51:41 PM


Umbrella - NEST G-Lab

Silas blinked as the tape ended, he recognized the voice of the leader, that was Interpol Agent, Kevin Hudson. Leader of the SRD…

“Wait he ends up being HUNK while I’m here as Leon?” Silas said a little annoyed, “I could be a cool mysterious killer.”

He left the tape alone, and crossed through the lab’s testing area… why so many evil labs needed big open areas like this with ominous bridges that could cause serious injury he never understood. It didn’t matter, he was nearly out, he just needed to get the G-Virus and hope things went differently…

Into the last room he went, and there he stepped to the storage unit, pulling out a vial of G, the little retrovirus inside seemed so harmless yet so ominous… probably wasn’t helping with the other test subjects staring at him from behind enclosed glass.

Roxy ignored the test subjects and stared at the control unit, there was a weird indentation in the controls… and then she realized. Roxy smiled and she pulled out Sherry’s pendant and carefully inserted it into the control unit, there was a hiss and the storage opened.

“Yes!” Roxy did a little fist pump as she reached in and pulled out the vaccine and the G-Vial, she ran off, back across the bridge area.

She was almost past when down from the ceiling came the Birkin Monster, more mutated than ever before, “Oh come on!”

Out appeared Annette from behind the door, she raised what looked to be a flare gun and fired at him. G-Birkin roared and collapsed, the acid round eating through the mutated flesh upon his body.

“Okay what the fuck is going on?” Roxy asked.

“That’s my husband, what’s left of him,” Annette answered, “I have to put him down!”

“Okay and how in the hell did this happen? He was dead, I saw it on tape!” Silas responded, his frustrations with the evening starting to catch up to him a little.

“He... injected himself, gained one last burst of strength and took the only vial he could grab, the G did the rest,” Annette explained, sounding a little remorseful.

“You had a chance to stop it didn’t you?” Silas asked, “You had one singular moment where you could have prevented any of this from happening.”

Annette nodded solemnly, “I held back, seeming him alright again. Thinking about Sherry growing up without him, I couldn’t do anything.”

Silas ejected the Lightning Hawk’s magazine and inspected it, “So, where do we go from here?”

“The Lab is locked down, until he is dead…” Annette said, advancing a bit forward, raising the flare gun, “We have to kill him.”

G-Birkin awoke, and swung a large claw, Annette was struck and slammed into the wall panneling behind her, it dented, she coughed up a bit of blood. Roxy weighed her options, and then handed Annette the G and the Vaccine Base, “Here, take this and save Sherry.”

Annette looked up, “I don’t know how to mix these, I’ll handle William,” Roxy stated with ice in her voice.

Annette was going to protest when Roxy hit the controls, and the bridge lowered, “Come on you son of a bitch! Let’s dance!” she shouted diving into the pit.

Annette could only blink, somewhat impressed, she had to go see Sherry, she stumbled out of the lab area and headed towards the NEST reception, Sherry needed her.

Roxy rolled her shoulders, she loaded her revolver with magnum rounds, “Alright! Let’s go!”

Annette laughed a bit, “Okay calm down that looks serious,” Silas said digging through his supplies for something to help.

Annette continued, “Your little friend, the woman in the dress, this is what she wants to get out.”

Silas sighed, “She wants to sell the G-Virus doesn’t she?”

“Not as dumb as you look huh? No, she’s a merc, only looking for number one. Shame nobody is leaving until William is dead.”

Silas looked to him, “I know.”

Annette sighed wistfully as she threw the lever, the bridge descending, Silas standing before G-Birkin.

Silas rolled his left shoulder as he stared at G-3, calmly loaded his lightning hawk and checked the fuel tank on his flamethrower, “Heaven or hell,” he muttered, “Let’s rock.”

Birkin-3 swung hard and Silas tucked out of the way, firing the Lightning Hawk, popping the mutant eyes across the body, the creature roared and collapsed to its knees. Its chest cavity opened up and a swarm of eyes appeared, Silas slung the flamethrower out, and opened fire, letting the inferno swallow the monster whole.

Roxy fired an acid round right into the chest cavity before swinging the SMG out, she roared as she opened fire, “JUST DIE ALREADY!”

This had been a long night, she had only eaten a few pre-wrapped sandwiches, drank some water bottles, the last time she had rested had been maybe an hour of unconsciousness. She was desperately missing the warm comfort of her home on the Wing, she was missing Silas, she had a little girl depending on her to kill this damned thing already.

In short, Roxy was stressed out and was ready to vent her frustrations… violently.

It was times like this when she wished she had her sharp fox sylveon teeth.

Silas watched as Birkin-3 stood upright and roared… which looked somewhat silly with its Ditto face, he didn’t care however. He chucked a flashbang and swapped out to his shotgun, he was ready to finish this thing.

Birkin-3 stumbled, it’s many eyes watering in pain, Silas raised the shotgun, gripped the trigger, and slam fired. It’d risk wrecking the internals but he was done, he was done with this thing and he wanted out already. He wanted to go home, he wanted to cook a hot meal, he wanted to wrap himself up in a blanket and watch something dumb with Roxy, he wanted to see his team. Silas wanted out...

Birkin-3 continued to stumble, it roared, as Silas pulled out the lightning hawk, “Smile,” he told it, right before pulling the trigger.

Roxy watched as the monster fell over, dead once more… but for how long was the question. She rolled her shoulders and reloaded her weapons, tears were streaming down her face, the night was getting to her.

She wiped her face a bit, “Okay… keep this together, you’ll see him again when this is over. Silas can handle this, so can you.”

Silas had collapsed on the lift from exhaustion and was lying face down, he missed Roxy.

Umbrella - NEST infirmary

Roxy stumbled into the side room, there she saw Sherry and Annette. Annete had collapsed, Sherry was just waking up, her hand clasped in Annettte’s hand.

“Sherry I-I’m so sorry, I couldn’t be there more for you,” Annette told her, “Please just… look out for yourself.”

Sherry didn’t know what to say, Roxy stepped over tentatively, “Sherry…”

Annette held up her wristband, “Y-You’ll need to use this-” she coughed, a splatter of blood appeared on the bed, “-Get her out, to safety. Take care of her!”

Tears streamed down Sherry’s face, Roxy held her close, “I know, you are hurting right now. We have to move, and I promise you will have all the time you need to mourn,” Roxy promised, “This place is dangerous.”

Annette smiled a bit, Sherry bit her lip, sniffling, “O-Okay.”

The two rushed off for the elevator.

Silas stepped out and saw Ada using a device on the elevator control, “Come on… come on…” she muttered.

“Ada,” Silas called out, stepping forward, G-Virus clenched in his left hand.

“Leon! Great, you got it, hand it over and let’s get out of here!” Ada said dashing over, she seemed excited.

“About that… I talked with Annette, she had some things to say about you,” Silas continued.

Ada stared at him, an incredulous look on her face, “Leon you know she’s a liar.”

He wanted to believe her, it was the face of Alice telling him, Alice he could trust, Alice he did trust… but she wasn’t Alice. So, he played his hand, “That you’re not an international mercenary who has been using me to get to the G?”

Ada continued to stare at him, bemused by his statements, before she sighed and drew her pistol, “You just had to make it difficult.”

Silas drew his, “Drop it, Ada, it doesn’t have to be this way.”

Ada kept his pistol drawn, Silas knew the storybeats well, he wanted to avoid them, to change them… but dread it, run from it, fate had called and destiny always arrives. He lowered his pistol and holstered it, “Fine, if you’re really that cold blooded… shoot me.”

Ada kept her pistol pointed at him, he stared at her directly. She kept it raised, before faltering and dropping it, Silas smiled a bit, “Knew you couldn’t do it.”

Ada sighed, “So what no-”


Ada was hit and stumbled over the side, Silas darted and grabbed onto her, dropping the G-Virus, it fell into the depths below. Annette stood, slumped at a door, pistol in her hand, “Now, nobody will have their hands on it,” she said with a weak smile, before collapsing.

The facility shook, Ada looked down, then looked up at Silas, she weighed her options, “Leon…”


“I’m sorry…”


Ada let go, her hand slipped from Silas’s grasp, and down she plummeted into the depths below. Silas cursed and stood up, the Umbrella facility falling apart around him. A dark glare turned towards the elevator, he had a story to finish, a monster to fight, and a home to return to.

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Stormchaser - Somewhere

In a bright flash the two vanish, and in the place, slowly descending to the ground and landing gracefully, is what can only be described as some hybrid of the two. The gray ears and tails are there, but the ears poke out of a head of short brown hair and the tails are somewhat suspended by a gray jacket tied around their waist, a bit redundant given that they're wearing another gray jacket the normal way. A pair of headphones rested around their neck, a second collar around a light blue shirt and dark blue jeans.

"Arceus' unholy flank, I know what today is but..." they trailed off, two voices in unison. An ear flicked, and they turned to look at Kat.

"Pretty awkward time."

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-Kat continues to stare in confusion.-

Kat: Sorry, am I interrupting something? Is that a normal thing in this world?

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"On a day like this, normalcy does not exist. We didn’t think this would even work," they conceded, running a hand through their hair. "Should really start expecting anything, this'll take a while." As they mused to themselves mostly, they held out a palm and some flames tinged with shadowy wisps began to form, eventually taking on the form of a Great Ball they held up and examined. "Cold steel, damn I'm good!"

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Apr 1st 2021 at 1:15:58 PM


Kat: How did you do that?

Kat: Wait... Would a day like this do something like transport people from other worlds to this one?

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Apr 1st 2021 at 1:23:37 PM


"Hmm... while today would be more prone, it seems this can happen even without its influence." Their tails waved lazily behind them. "Colton had an otherworldly entity under his care and Kamui had to face some foe from some sort of video game. Hell, we've gone to other worlds, too."

"And how I did it, well, Colton has darkness and Kamui has fire. Me? I'm both, so I got both!" Their posture seemed a bit more high-and-mighty. A shame, they weren't any taller than 5’6”.

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Apr 1st 2021 at 1:27:58 PM


Umbrella Facility - Self Destruct Countdown

The elevator descended, Sherry looked up to Roxy, “Claire?” she said, her eyes still a little red from crying.


“Thanks, for being so kind to me.”

“Don’t mention it, it’s just the right thing to do,” Roxy replied

Sherry smiled a bit, a little bit of kindness in this nightmare, it was enough…

Silas stared at the facility as it broke down, the computer voice announcing that self destruct had begun. He looked at the wristband, and took it off, stomping it under foot. He wanted out, he wanted to be home, he wanted a hot shower. He could only ponder how the others were making out.

MEANWHILE - In Avernus

Hacks looked back at the horde of demons following them on Infernal machines, ~Muggy how is this fair!?~

<I rolled the dice! This is how many you have!>

Tae grumbled, <Snakeye make us move faster!>

<Sacrificing another soul, coming up!>


“Behold! The Power of an angel!” The Archangel Gabriel shouted, raising his glowing sword high.

Bishop gripped the revolver tight, and flipped a coin.

Umbrella - Lower Levels

Roxy and Sherry darted out, the Ivies had been terrifying to handle for once, and they crossed into a large room, a single train car sitting there. Roxy and Sherry inspected it, “Claire, wait here,” Roxy told her.

Sherry nodded, handing Roxy a large plug set, “You’ll need this.”

Roxy nodded and stepped into the control room, shoving the plug in… and spotting a Minigun. She smiled a bit, flexed her biceps a bit and picked it up, just as Silas appeared in a video monitor.


“Silas!” she shouted, darting over, “We’re almost free! What about you?”

“I’m on my way down, stock up on whatever you can find, we’re almost out of the woods.”

Roxy nodded, and rushed onto the platform, it started to move.

Silas dropped the flamethrower, it was empty and he had no more fuel for it, the Ivies were burning behind him as he gripped the lightning hawk tight. He entered an area when there was a loud slam and there appeared Chris-X.

“Oh for fuck’s sake, the entire place is burning down! Your mission is done!” Silas practically shouted at the thing.


Silas was for once pleased to be interrupted by an explosion, as it distracted the Chris-X. Down he dropped, landing on his back.

Silas slowly got up and saw another fulcrum lift awaiting him, Silas got up, still sore, and ran over to it, shoving the control plug into place. The Fulcrum began to move, “Almost free,” he told himself.

Unfortunately, he was interrupted by a mutated Chris-X, “THE BLOODLINE LEON! THE BLOODLINE! LEEEEEEEOOOOOOOON!!!”

Silas was fairly certain whatever was responsible for this was laughing at him, and he hated it.

Roxy ran as Birkin-4 landed, the mutations having grown out of control, it was little more than a beast now, with a ditto face adorning its head. She screamed, “WHY WON’T YOU STAY DEAD!”

She opened fire, high caliber rounds spraying out from the minigun into the thing, she aimed at the chest cavity filled with eyes, she even tossed the last of her flashbangs for good measure, the beast roared and tried to claw out, but the fury and the hail dug into it.

Roxy was angry, she was exhausted, and she was near the end of this story, she wanted out and she was tired of the boss fights. She emptied the entire magazine, and watched as the Birkin-4 dropped, barely crawling towards her, she dropped the minigun with a loud clunk.

She pulled out her grenade launcher and quietly loaded a 40mm acid round into it. With a thoomp, the acid splashed over and the Birkin-4 monster finally died… just as the elevator landed. Roxy climbed back into the Train-Car and pushed it up to full speed, the train sped away, she collapsed against the back wall. Sherry wiped her brow, and looked to Roxy, “Is it dead?”

Roxy frowned, “It better be, or else I’m finding who is responsible for it and kicking their ass!”

Sherry smiled.

Silas stunned the Chris-X with a shot to its heart. He dodged around another attack, “Why are you after me?” he asked.


“Wait, this is about me marrying Claire?” Silas asked.

The unamused glare he somehow got from the Tyrant confirmed that; Silas felt as if a cosmic joke about some meme was being played on him, he hated it.

Silas pulled off his right glove and wiggled his fingers before the tyrant, showing off his wedding ring, “Already done. Leave me be!” he shouted, at his wits end.


There was a heavy clunk as a weapons case landed by Silas, he looked up and at the top of the Fulcrum was a figure, who whispered to herself, “Go get em rookie.”

Silas tucked out of the way of another attack and opened the case, it was a rocket launcher… he smiled a bit, kicked it up and into his hands, aimed it right at Chris-X’s heart, “Game over. Say hi to Wesker for me you son of a bitch.”

With a pull of the trigger, a bright flash, the Tyrant was reduced to a torsoless pair of legs. Silas took a deep sigh of relief… only one thing left.

The Fulcrum landed, a single door out, Silas raised the rocket launcher, and let the zombies bust the door open… they didn’t matter now. Not anymore, with a pull of the trigger they were blown to pieces and he advanced out, hopping onto a passing train. He groaned a bit, the pain from the evening catching up…

Umbrella Underground Transit System

Still, Silas knew what this was, he entered the front car and saw Roxy, he smiled… and then he saw the “Sherry” of this story, and his face went pale at seeing a little Gabi.

“Uh… Roxy?”

Roxy looked up, said nothing, and hugged him tight. Silas sighed and returned the hug, “We’re gonna have a hell of a story to tell.”

Roxy smiled a bit, “Ain’t that right, full of lookalikes, pain, monsters, zombies.”

“Tyrants in mine, ones who wouldn’t stop shouting about bloodlines?”

“What are you two talking about?” Sherry asked.

Silas stared at her, shocked she sounded so much like the Gabi back in reality. Before he could comment on it, the train shook, Silas looked to Roxy, then to Sherry, “Kid. Stay here.”

Sherry nodded, Silas motioned and Roxy followed him into the back.

Rear Car

Silas gripped the rocket launcher tight, “Roxy… get ready to disconnect the car.”

Roxy quirked a brow, “Why?”

“Cause we’re about to be faced with Birkin one last time.”

Roxy groaned, “I just fought him like 4 times more than I needed to! What could he possibly-”

The car creaked and groaned, and a fleshy growth appeared, rolling flesh tentacles as it pulled itself forward, seemingly metabolizing the train car, a singular eye appeared in its toothy maw, it stared at the two.

“...oh…” Roxy responded, before darting over to the connector for the train car. Silas responded by firing his last two rockets into the eye, the monster recoiled in pain. Silas grabbed a pipe, revved the servos in his metal arm, and tossed it javelin style right into the weak point.

Birkin-5 roared in pain, just as Roxy got the train car disconnected. Silas stepped off and watched as the fire from the exploding Umbrella facility caught up, Birkin could only let out a whimpering noise, right before the flames consumed it… destroying it once and for all.

Silas smiled as he leaned back, “And that Roxy… means we’re home free.”

Roxy said nothing, and just hugged him tight. Sherry soon joined them, Silas was not happy with this.

Outskirts of Arklay Region - Umbrella rapid freight transit

Silas and Roxy stepped out, Sherry holding their hands, the sun was rising, they were in the middle of nowhere sure. But Racoon City, the Police Department, the Sewers and the Labs were all far behind them, the two were sore, but they were alive.

“So… what’s left?” Roxy asked.

“Just gotta hitchhike, and this nightmare ends,” Silas responded, stepping out to the road, he held out a thumb to signal a need for a ride.

A semi truck passed by, in the Driver’s seat appeared to be… Daydre of all people, who proceeded to flip the group off and kept driving. Silas blinked, “Well… she was friendly.”

Roxy though, couldn’t help but feel something was missing…

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Apr 1st 2021 at 1:29:40 PM


Kat: Well, seeing as I showed up this morning, that might be why I'm here. I wonder how I'd get back then...

Kat: Interesting. So do these darkness and fire things function like psychic and aura powers or something?

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"They're quite versatile, yes. With just those two elements, I could, say, throw a hypnotic flare from a shadow and render you asleep before you even notice I'm there.

"Or I could simply delegate the conversation or fight to an illusory double. In fact," they chuckled. " I already did." She faded away in a toasty fizzling of fiery wisps and darkness.

"Osu!" They piped up from around a corner.

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-Kat is thoroughly unnerved.-

Kat: That's... Impressive. So, if I did arrive here because of the date, would I end up back in my own world tomorrow?

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Apr 1st 2021 at 1:43:09 PM

Glimwood Tangle

An Empoleon with various accessories is clambering out of a pond nearby!

.. Something seems a bit off about him, though.

Unova, Entree Forest (Through A Series of Shenanigans)

Daydre wanders through the forest, shouting at the other her all the way.

Daydre: "Look I promise you I'm not whatever evil Ditto you're looking for, okay!"

???: "That's the kind of thing someone who's secretly a Ditto would say!"

Daydre: "Rowan if I ever get like this please smack me"

Rowan: <Er, sure?>

The two Rowans have somehow continued their argument throughout the overseas journey, and thus OU Rowan is only somewhat able to respond.

The trees aid in Daydre's escape, but as she continues moving they begin to thin out. Eventually she's left in a clearing. Across from the way she came is one particularly big and Important tree.

???: "You can't hide from me now..."

Daydre jumps and jerks around as the other her's voice comes from close behind her. ??? approaches slowly. Every step she takes Daydre tries to back away and gradually gets closer and closer to the massive tree at the other end of the clearing. She suddenly has flashbacks to Halloween a few years ago. Her breathing quickens a bit at the memory and she tries to put it out of her mind, but she can't.. Until someone shouts at her from the edge of the clearing.

Ama: "Get down."

Daydre gulps and complies. ???, confused by the very familiar voice, looks around. She relaxes a bit, seeing nothing. Then Ama rematerializes near her and punches her in the face. Reeling back, ??? is about to try and retaliate when Ama steps forward and grabs her by the front of the shirt. Ama whispers something in her ear, and judging by ???'s body language it's something quite shocking. Then Ama unceremoniously tosses her over the ducking Daydre and at the Entree. As soon as ???'s body hits the tree she disappears in a flash of bluish white light.

The other Rowan looks back and forth between the various versions of his trainer and himself assembled here and decides he's not going to die on this hill. Devoid of any other escape ideas he touches the tree himself and disappears in a similar flash of white.

Daydre: "..."

Ama: "..."

Daydre: "Okay so I have several questions-"

Ama looks preemptively annoyed.

Ama: "You're going to ask them regardless of whether I say I'll answer them aren't you?'''

Daydre: "YUP."

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They crossed their arms in thought. "If it was the date, maybe. If it was something else, no. I'm not saying you shouldn't expect to get home, but maybe you should start looking for a way back." They nodded, pleased with their answer.

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-Kat thinks for a bit.-

Kat: Well... I guess I could wait it out today. If I'm not back home tomorrow, then we'll start looking for a way back. Mind if I call my colleague? She ended up here too and I should probably let her know some of this stuff.

Glimwood tangle

-Ivy looks at the Empoleon.-

Ivy: That's an Empoleon, right?

Oliver: Right.

Ivy: What's an Empoleon doing in Galar? Are you okay?

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"Take all the time you need. We're not going anywhere... probably. Arceus knows when this ends." They gestured to themselves.

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That's just how it is on this bitch of an earth
Apr 1st 2021 at 1:59:55 PM

Glimwood Tangle

EMPEROR <HELLO THERE! I am completely unharmed but I thank you for asking!>

... Oh that's what's wrong. He has human hands instead of flipper tips.

Courage need not be remembered, for it is never forgotten.

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